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Just a street musician (music soothes even the wildest animals...I think) with an unusual blood type so rare it's only comes about once every hundred years or so. (Char is straight. Sorry guys)

19 years old


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July 13 2024

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Orientation: Straight
Characters: Mango
Verses: OC (Any place Mango can be Isekai'd.)
Playbys: The best street musician in town.
Length: Multi Para
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural,
Member Since:June 12, 2024

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About me:

Mango is quite the street musician as he plays a variety of instruments. From a violin to a guitar to even a flute. Having learned at an early age and strove forward to better himself. Having been put out on the street at the early age of thirteen by his step father after his mother died.

Mango could care less about the creep. He was glad to be rid of him as he lived for his music and freedom. Between his music he has one other special aspect of himself. Mango has an extremely rare blood type that is sought after by vampires. As his blood is so rare it can sate a vampire's mightiest hunger with but a drop or two. Strengthening said vampire by three fold. In addition if said vampire is under ties of another higher vampire.. that bond is severed.

Mango is unaware of the rarity of his blood as he focuses more on playing his instruments. Mango is a lover of animals. At the same time he has a resentment of people. As most people had stepped on him.. kicked him when he was down...and worse. He has built walls up around him and tends to keep to himself.

Mango's play was said to be even magical by some as he had stopped two gangs from fighting just by playing for an hour. After which the two gangs all went their separate ways without any violence. One person who heard his playing said it was like he had a flying guitar. As well as some of his songs can even lull some into a dreamy butterflies in the tummy feeling like state. Giving even the most popular and talented of idols out there a run for their money.

*** For MYA purposes he will have a Quirk unknown to him. Holding his breath causes a time stop. For as long as he holds his breath.

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Jun 15th 2024 - 12:54 PM

Hello & Thank you for accepting my request ~
I have a small greeting starter that can start us off if you'd like it?
 It becomes more detailed as story progresses. 
I also don't mind discussions, if that's more your cup of tea.
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