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I will remember your Heart, when men are fairytales in books written by rabbits.

119 years old

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July 03 2024

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Verses: high fantasy, the last unicorn, dungeons and dragons, elves, medieval fantasy, yaoi, bl, omegaverse,
Length: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Slice of Life,
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About me:

Profile Picture is made with Picrew and somewhat-heavily edited by me.

If you add, would appreciate you message first. Random starters generally ok.

18+ Only Adds!

Name: Avalon Elara

Age: 100+

Gender: Male

Orientation: Gay

Species: Unicorn beastkin

Personality: Shy and timid yet curious, lonely, kind, affectionate, innocent yet wise.

Likes: Living and being a part of nature, the forest and the ruins he lives in, practicing magic and his other abilities, Spring flowers and laying in soft grass under the sun, frolicking and dancing beneath the full moon, reading the ancient elven writings on the ruins and in any ancient tablets and scrolls he finds, a good story, learning about the world beyond his home, shiny crystals, rocks and gemstones.

Dislikes: Death, Destruction and Pain, anyone who would do harm to him or the forest and animals that he cares for, being alone.

Occupation: The Last of his Kind...?

Home/Location: Crumbling Elven Ruins within an Ancient Overgrown Forest

Abilities/skills: Healing magic that can heal even grave mortal wounds and terrible illness, Purification and Poison Antidote magic, Can teleport to any spot he can see (limited range, can tire him out when used too much), Simple light orb spell, can talk to animals, can take on a full-unicorn form, can also sprout feathery light wings to also escape when needed however it's not an ability he has much practice with, and is actually prone to crashing at times, is also able to sing and plays a flute.

Description: Just a little over five feet tall, slender with a pale complexion, long silver-white hair and white eyelashes, amethyst eyes and crystal amethyst horn, has amehtyst hooves and white fur down his legs starting from mid-thigh, long whispy lion-like white tail with long wavy white tufts of fur at the end, usually wears a thin white silk loincloth.

Bio/Backstory: Once Upon a Time, in an ancient elven city, the King and Queen welcomed a son into their family, first to be born to them, and so would be the crowned prince... tragically however it was not to be, as their child was born frail and would begin dying as soon as he was but a week old... Desperate to save him, his mother and father sought out ancient and forbidden magic to restore his fading life, and... would come across a great and terrible spell that would grant their wish. His parents carried him to a sacred grove, where the guardian of the forest lived, and the one who also guarded their very Elven City... the last Unicorn in all the land...

There in the most sacred of places, his parents carried out a great and terrible sin... binding their Guardian's lifeforce to their only son, forever changing him into a half-beast, he would live-however in doing so, his family and entire people were doomed... the very gods would not ignore such a heinous and terrible crime, and so everyone Avalon would have ever known paid the Ultimate Price, in exchange for him to be allowed to live...

Now left all alone in the sacred grove, this poor half-unicorn infant would be cared for by the spirits and faeries to ensure he would grow up to be the new guardian of the forest... tragically however, he would be a Guardian of None... for all the elves and unicorns were now dead in the forest... and he would be the Last.

Who I'd like to meet:

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