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32 years old

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June 24 2024

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Characters: Bowsette "Koopette"
Verses: Mario, cartoon, anime, crossovers
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Any, Fantasy, Open, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural,
Member Since:June 15, 2024

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About me:
The Rise of The Queen
Over the cast ocean horizon. To a world that is camouflaged and outstretched by an unknown force. Locked away from outlanders. A place where two kingdoms have ruled in prosperity. The Fun'Gi and Terrapin Kingdoms!
The Fun'Gi Kingdom: A place that was once ruled by their beloved King, King Stroph. Passed on his legacy to his one and only son, Prince Muscarr.
The Terrapin Kingdom: Ruled by none other than Don Koopa. A very large being with a fierce expression that never seems to change despite of things. His children consisting of: Fichael, Toriel, Bront, and his beloved daughter Koopette.

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Who I'd like to meet:
First off. She's my favorite oc that I've created with a twisted story. She isn't necessarily tied to Bowser by any means. At least with my take of "Bowsette".
Her father, King Don Koopa, married her off to who was suppose to be a very powerful ally. A king of the Fun'Gi Kingdom (Ghost Toads for more imagination. Kind of like the Dry Bones). Unbeknownst to what the kings true nature was. Took the pride and malice in to ripping Bowsette's (aka Koopette) shell off. Causing a horrendous scar on her back. Trying to cause her to bleed out to death. But what he didn't take in to calculation was her unbound....Uncaged rage. Koopette herself. Used all of her power that she had hid away from her own people. And murdered her new husband. The council of the Fun'Gi witnessed the loss of their king. But not in fear. But with relief that they were free of him. By the solemn vow that they had made. No word was to be spoken that their new found queen was the culprit. So they announced that their "beloved king" was murdered in the dead of night. To protect their queen. Koopette in general is a very spicy...ornery woman. She does have a solid pure heart. Has a mouth on her and is straight to the point. Her two most prized possessions are her beloved Chompy (Chomp Chomp) and Mugu (a very overgrown crocodile that thinks it's a dog). Very tomboyish when she's not doing her duties. Piranha Plants are her friends. Doesn't have to use magic flowers or mushrooms to perform any abilities. Enjoys coffee and sour candy. Dislikes pink

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Jun 21st 2024 - 11:39 AM

Hello how are you?
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