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Status: Single
Here for:Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body type:Athletic
Characters: Shadow
Verses: Sonic the hedgehog
Length: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Anime, Comedy, Mystery, Romance,
Member Since:June 15, 2024

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About me:
Roughly fifty years ago. A space colony known as ARK orbited around the blue marble itself, planet Earth. The Ark was created and owned by a very talented yet unfortunately wicked genius. That man was known as Dr robotic. The great grandfather of today's mad genius Dr EggMan. The ARK was a colony of machines and the scientific experiments designed to be weapons. Many failures until the mad genius finally succeeded in creating the world's ultimate life form. Shadow the hedgehog. Shadow as edgy as he can be yet had a soft spot for Robotics granddaughter... Maria. A sweet girl who took to Shadow instantly. The two quickly became inseparable friends. Shadow silently depended on her until a horrific tragedy follow. As the ARK was raided Shadow and Maria attempted an escape only to have Shadow trapped into a pod and shipped to Earth. Is last bleeding memory was the sight of his precious Maria fading away with the echoes of there promise forever engraved into his mind. Fifty years later, Dr EggMan released Shadow from his Frozen slumber. The hedgehog promised a wished to the doctor with attentions of destroying humanity. Yet ultimately saved the world with the help of Sonic and friends. Sacrificing himself as shadow fell into the Earth's atmosphere with a satisfying smile. Keeping his promise to his dear Maria many years ago to give the people of Earth a chance. Somehow surviving Earth's atmosphere which in return left him with a little amnesia. Temporarily anyways. What's the next move for the ultimate life form? Only time can tell. Chaos! Control!
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