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About me:
Who I'd like to meet:
"WIP" Born in the early 15th century in Britain samayou was adopted as a infant when he was found in the woods alone next to the corpse of his mother. The man who adopted samayou was a foreigner by the name of Renjiro Kasheki who was once a samurai which is why even though samayou is English he has a Japanese name. Renjiro raised and taught samayou the way of the sword. Renjiro was the right hand of a local noble and the king of Fairmound. Due to this samayou was also trained to become a knight which he did early on due to being a natural at combat and learning the ways. Most of samayous life he lived a normal life even marrying and having a family of his own. Not knowing at all that he was not exactly human. It was not until the angels came looking for samayou after learning of his existence. having no idea what he was against he fought with everything he had but was easily bested by the angels and their supernatural power. Casting their spell on samayou they forced him to slay his own family and destroy the kingdom he had sworn to protect. Filled with guilt samayou could not bare watching anymore. Soon his emotions erupted into rage and his angelic half finally awoke releasing the massive power he had contained inside him. due to his origin being that he was in fact the son of lucifer Morningstar the fallen arch angel. His power was much greater than the angels had ever expected. Fueled by rage he torn the angels apart and erupted into a storm of power which blew the kingdom of Fairmound into nothing but ash. When the dust settled and he finally regained control of himself there was nothing left of his life. Because of this samayou becomes a wanderer driven by the hatred and the urge for revenge on heaven and hell. UNDER CO.
Name: Samayou Kasheki Partner: Eyes: Royal purple Hair: midnight blue Height: 6'3 Race: angelic/human Build:medium toned. The Six Soul Gates � Due to Samayou being a half breed angel his human body cant handle the massive power that comes with his angelic half. Because of this he placed six seals to lock down fractions of his power and his angelic half. With each gate that is broken his power level will sky rocket but at the cost of his humanity and the strain it begins to place on his body. Samayou also takes on a new form with each gate that is unlocked. Flash step � the ability to quickly dodge or change positions in order to strike at enemy. The speed of this can range from supersonic to near speeds of light. The Fallens wings � Samayous angelic wings are one of samayous strongest weapons that is a part of his body. Normally his wings are not visible unless he decides to reveal them or is forced to be revealed from the release of gates. His wings can both act as a way to fly attack or even defend. Samayous wings are stronger than lonsdaleite one of earths strongest and hardest materials. His wings has many powers of their own. They can repel energy based attacks and even fire out a swarm of feathers infused with energy that strike at attackers. His wings can also manipulate gravity around Samayou up to 10 meters around him. The Dark Halo � Samayous strongest and most powerful attack. Due to its power Samayou cannot use it very often and once used he can almost be completely drained of his energy. The attack gets its named from the glowing black ring that forms around a black hole that is formed where Samayou launches the attack. Once released everything in the area of effect will be dragged towards the epicenter of the black hole where it will be torn apart down to the molecular level. Because of the amounts of energy needed to contain the black hole Samayou can only leave the hole opened for 10 minutes before it absorbs so much energy that it can�t be contained anymore and will go wild and destroying everything in its path. Zackels katana � a sword forged by his step father Zackel once a normal katana but then later samayous real father Lucifer Morningstar imbued it with the power of Hell and that of his own power to make the sword a holy relic. Now an unbreakable weapon it has the power to cut through energy attacks and even absorb energy and throw it back in a energy slash attack. The sword can also take on new forms based on samayous needs and will or even his state of mind. Light Matter Energy, dark Matter Energy , and kai energy manipulation � due to samayous age he has learned many forms of energy control ranging from his own unique power of being half angel to that of power that all living things use. Light And Dark matter energies both have their own range of Unique abilities and traits as well. Energy barrier � simply a force field Samayou can form by using his ether kai or his angelic power Angelic take over � this is where Samayous angelic half takes over when ether samayous mental state falls to a point he can�t control his powers anymore or if he is knocked out and his life is in mortal danger. Black Thunder Clap � Samayous dark energy being injected into the atmosphere causing the lightening to turn black. As Samayou injects more power into the air his own body will start to be surrounded by a electric charge that will then draw all the energy in the air and the storm above that is forming to be drawn to samayous location or the point he focuses the power to. Angelic healing � he can heal most wounds and battle damage at a rapid pace. Does use up his power though. Hells divine chains � due to Samayou being the son of Lucifer Samayou can summon hells chains to in trap those who have darkness in their hearts or those that should be punished for sins. They have the power to ether set the target on fire or used to bring the one who is bound by them to suffer their worst nightmares Various forms of basic energy attacks � energy balls, beams , and waves.

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₩ł₮₵Ⱨ Ø₣ ₱Ⱨ₳₦₮Ø₥₴

Sep 1st 2021 - 5:08 AM

Greetings and salutations!~
Thanks for the add, really appreciate it.
Its a pleasure to make your acquantice.
If you're up for it, care to disccuss a story between us perhaps?

Aug 17th 2021 - 9:21 PM

Definitely.  :)  I'll try to have my next response finished before tomorrow evening.

I'm doing all right, thank you.  ^^  Been a bit busier today.  Lots of chores and things to do before I go on vacation.  I'm heading out of state with my partner and sister early Thursday morning to visit a longtime friend.  How about you?  Are you feeling any better?
Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

Aug 17th 2021 - 12:28 AM

Absolutely.  And if ever something doesn't work or make sense, let me know that as well.  I hope you like your reply.  :3
Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

Aug 16th 2021 - 11:41 PM

Oh yeah, it'll definitely work for us! Thank you again for getting it together. :D

If at any point something comes up that you feel like you wanna discuss with me, don't hesitate to let me know.  ^^  I'll  start work on your reply really soon.
Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

Aug 16th 2021 - 10:57 PM

Ahaha~  Glad to hear it!  Levana's pretty heavy on the concept of equality, and she's a real sucker for people in need... She definitely won't appreciate anyone bringing violence to her doorstep.  lmao

Awesome!  Please take all the time you need.  :D
Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

Aug 16th 2021 - 10:18 PM

Perfectly reasonable, all things considered.  Good luck to the folks trying to get at him while he's in Ghost Veil House, cuz they'll be automatically kicked out if their intentions are bad.  Levana takes her role as 'lady of the house' very seriously.  And I'll leave the answer to that question for later in the role play. ;3

Exactly.  I've only had it work on rare occasions, and they were all with people I was already extremely close with OOC.

If you don't mind, I'd be much obliged!  :D
Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

Aug 16th 2021 - 9:18 PM

Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

Thank you hun.  :)

Ahh, so that works out perfectly!  I like the idea of her finding him hurt and bringing him home.  It lends a few questions to the story already, like: what was strong enough to injure him that badly, and;  how will she deal with the angels that come knocking at her barrier trying to get her to give up Samayou?  I'm already sensing some moral dilemmas.

Awesome.  /thumbs up;  I don't knock the pre-planned ship route, but it's really hard to do that with a stranger on top of the character being demi.  lol  You just can't force the chemistry.  So I'm glad we agree there.  ^^


Aug 16th 2021 - 8:27 PM

Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

out of character ━

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.  I hope you feel better soon.  :(

Well, I was just kinda pondering over how a Nephalem would feel about someone doing what Levana does.  She's a licensed exorcist, spiritual healer, and paranormal investigator, so she has frequent dealings with the supernatural.  Nephalem and fallen angels are real rarities among the phenomenon though, either because there aren't a lot of them or because they keep themselves well-hidden.  But if Samayou is a wandering Nephalem and not causing problems, he would be welcome to stay at The Ghost Veil House (Levana's home) while he's passing through the area.  It's a neutral ground and safe haven for wandering creatures seeking sanctuary.

As for what kind of role plays I do, I usually throw in multiple genres so as to not limit myself.  My only real boundaries lie with romance/smut, battle sequences, and grimdark stuff.  I don't mind fighting in the RP, but if our characters fight, then I'd prefer to discuss the outcome beforehand.  With romance/smut, I do not plot that out at all.  I like to see if things develop organically.  I will only write smut with my ships, and if for whatever reason a situation arises where sex happens outside of a ship, I'd like that we fade to black.  I avoid grimdark at all costs, even with the nature of this character and her dealings.  Tacking on endless angst and negative things is just not my style.  I like there to be fluxes of mood, some good things, some bad, some conflict, but it all creates a balance, y'know?  Are you okay with this?


Aug 16th 2021 - 7:18 PM

Not yet CORPSES. Still, we ROTDEATH twitches my ear. "LIVE," he says, "I AM COMING.

out of character ━

You're welcome!  It's lovely to meet you.  :)  I'm doing okay; a little under the weather, but still managing fine.  Yourself?

We can definitely discuss a plot.  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.  I'm actually wondering how a wandering Nephalem would feel about the kind of space Levana inhabits.  :)


Jan 4th 2021 - 3:26 AM

Greetings from the snow kitten known as Yuki-Onna. Sorry this is a little late. I am now just getting chatted started with everyone. Yes this is a scripted message but I’m only doing it because it feels like the best bet in order to get chatter going with everyone. If you want to get a story going I am more then interested. If you need to discuss we can or wing it either works for me. The only requirement I ask is that we keep the time era of the story in the feudal era.
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