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White Mage

09/23/2021 01:58 PM 


Cure is the most fundamental White Magic spell, and the core of a White Mage's discipline, it draws upon the life energy that surrounds us at all times, mixes it with the mage's own magical force, and finally channels the resulting mixture into the target.Put plainly, the spell heals its target, easing the pain and mending their wounds - however, as it involves no more than simply filling the recipient with life energy it is unable to cure any affliction the target would not be able to heal on their own, such as curses or poisons.The spell also exists in higher forms, such as Cura, Curasa, Curaga, and Curaja, each requiring exponentially more expertise in manipulating large amounts of both magic and life energy, Curaja in particular is said to able to treat various afflictions in addition to its potent physical healing, though accounts of the spell are sparse and inconsistent due to its extreme proficiency requirements.

Wayward Creed

09/22/2021 03:34 PM 


Ethan Crowely otherwise known as Fangbanger69 on is a supernatural hunter with extremist views regarding anything supernatural. His inability to care for anyone caught in the crossfire even if they are innocents or fellow Hunters has created a sort of "Do not Hunt with" policy regarding him. He is seen as a black sheep among Hunters, including most Waywards. It is said his disdain for the unnatural surpasses even God45. Born in 1973, Ethan grew up a very, very rich man. Living off of his parents' money and never having to work a day in his life. One October day in 1996, while walking his Corgi with his girlfriend he heard a voice in his head. It said, "Their Will Is Gone." That moment his world shifted. His 'girlfriend's' skin became rotten, meat fell from her bones. She was a zombie in disguise. That marked the beginning of the end for Ethan. After decapitating the zombie and burning the body, Ethan fled, leaving his family behind and old life behind. He met people who were special like him and trained him until he killed them too...(Wip. More to come.)


09/22/2021 11:03 PM 

Skylar information

Name:Skylar Age:23 Race:hybrid Sex:male S.O:gay Sub or dom:switch Likes:coffee,teasing people,cuddling,relaxing,his job at the bar Dislikes:not to many Background:growing up was hard for Skylar his father was a alcoholic and abusive towards him and his mother so his mother up and left his father just leaving Skylar by himself with his father and getting hurt by him father so when Skylar turned 18 he had enough and ended up killing his father without knowing he did since he blacked out so after he killed his father he left to go into the city to find a job as a waiter at a bar then once he turned 23 he got the job as a bartender and he lives alone with his two cats and til this day he is very iffy on who he trust now a days


09/22/2021 05:35 PM 

{ Out Of Character }


ึ„ษจฦˆศถสŠส€ษ› ึ„ษ›ส€ส„ษ›ฦˆศถ

09/21/2021 09:02 PM 

Character Info

Character’s full name: Nadia Lior Adair   Race: Human   Physical appearance   Age: Nadia is a 29 years of age, a bit older than the average age of a college student.   How old does he/she appear: Nadia has a youthful appearance and is often mistaken for someone in their mid to late teenage years, this could be because of her choice of fashion or just how immature she acts.   Weight: Nadia is average in the weight department. She isn't seen as too fat or too thin. She is just a healthy weight for her body type and height.   Height: Nadia is five foot four, so is the average height of a woman. She has a very relaxed posture, one of a person who seems like they don't care much about what is going on around her.   Body build: Nadia has what is known as a rectangle body, her bust and her hips are the same in measurement and her waist isn't defined enough to give her an hourglass figure.   Shape of face: Nadia has seems to have a heart shaped face at least with makeup it appears that way. Her lips are down turned and full, said to be soft to the touch.   Eye color: Nadia has a downturned eyes that are a deep brown color. She upon first glance looks to be either high, tired or extremely bored.   Skin tone: Nadia is fair skinned almost sickly in complexion. She prefers staying indoors unless has a planned event that she must participate in. She lives by sunscreen and will do her best to stay out of hot areas because she burns fairly easy because of how light she is.   Distinguishing marks/features: Nadia's most notable feature is a small beauty mark (mole) under her left eye.   Type/style of hair: Long/ blunt bangs Nadia has long silky hair that is jet black in color with the underside being bleached to a light blonde color. She is known to dye the underside with temporary dye on occasions. She doesn't do much to style it, having naturally straight hair she sees little point in styling it further, however will wear it in a ponytail if it gets too hot. Her hair falls mid waist in length.   Voice: Naida is breathy and usually comes off very bored or condescending when she speaks because her tone is a bit flat in other words monotone.   disabilities: Nadia suffers from narcolepsy and will fall asleep in settings where she feels relaxed without warning and is constantly tired, she sometimes has episodes of sleep paralysis. She is noted to hallucinate when she stays awake too long. She currently takes medication for her disability that suppresses her REM sleep.   Usual fashion of dress: Nadia has the style of an E-Girl, she sticks to dark colors that would be considered witchy or darkwave, but seems mostly to enjoy ironic shirts or ones with a certain aesthetic and are oversized, usually masking her body.   Jewelry or accessories: Nadia often sports chokers of different variety and occasionally sports round glasses for aesthetic purposes. She enjoys grunge chains that hang from belt loops and almost always since the outbreak wears cloth surgical masks with different designs or ones that are black.   Personality   Good personality traits: Naida is adaptable being combined with the fact that she is persuasive. It makes it so she can fit in with any group that she wishes to, and convince them she belongs. Captivating and charismatic this is mostly with her work and how she presents herself to others she has an almost hypnotic and charming aura to her. She is confident in herself, this comes heavily because of how she was raised and the people who stroke her ego. Nadia is creative and passionate, she thinks outside the box, and takes risks with her work. She strives for perfection. This is what makes her photos stick out and gets her attention and recognition.   Bad personality traits: Nadia is seen as aloof or apathetic, this is usually at first glance because of her disorder and resting bitch face. She is very arrogant when it comes to her skill set seeing herself as better than most of peers (conceited/narcissistic) . She can be very malicious, judgmental and callous when it comes to people she feels even a tinge of jealousy towards. She is known to plant seeds of hate in the minds of her friends so that they will dislike those she deems unworthy. (a queen bee complex). She is seen to be very discouraging to her friends, but in a calculated way convincing them that it wouldn't be in their best interest to do things even if it would benefit the person. She is self-centered and selfish, and hates when attention is put on anyone other than herself. She is known to be impatient and inconsiderate when she says she wants something she means immediately to meet her demands, she doesn't care if you're busy or if it hinders what you're doing. She is obsessive over her favorite artists and highly opinionated if you disagree with her views the problem is you and that you're uncultured. She will hold grudges against people over even the most minor or petty of things. She is possessive of people and things (example:if she finds an artist she likes she claims them and if others like them she sees them as posers or just people who are unoriginal and want to copy her.). She is extremely shallow and makes friends and relationships only based on what they can offer her and not because she actually enjoys their presence. (she has very few people in her life she actually likes and is genuine with.) She is unappreciative/ungrateful and feels things should simply be done because she deserves and you owe it to her.   Mood character is most often in: Nadia is usually apathetic or indifferent unless there is a situation that concerns her.   Goals Drives and motivations: Nadia's motivation is simple: it's recognition, she does everything for praise of others. She wants simply to be seen as the best at her craft and adores having her ego stroked.   Immediate goals: Nadia's immediate goal is to stay healthy and keep herself from the outbreak of sickness and pass her classes.   Long term goals: Nadia's long term goal is earn a degree in visual arts and be a well known and influential photographer.   How the character plans to accomplish these goals: Nadia is enrolled in college and in classes to get her degree and already has a hefty portfolio of photographs she has taken and turned in a few have been published by magazines and websites. She has a decent fanbase online who see her as an inspiration for their own work who will actively attack anyone who has a style that even mimics the one that Nadia has chosen.   How other characters will be affected: Nadia's goals and plans would have little to no effect on anyone around her.   Past   Hometown: San Diego, California   childhood/teenage years: Nadia had a pampered childhood, being an only child she was given all the attention she could ever desire and never went a day without getting what she wanted. She even as a child wasn't one to take no for an answer. (it shows how she acts in present day situations.) She was raised knowing she could do no wrong in the eyes of her parents and took advantage of this as she got older. She in her teenage years was officially diagnosed with her disability, she only went to high school for her freshman and junior year, and after that was homeschooled by a tutor her parents paid for. Her family said that it would be in her best interest. During her time in public schools she was able to sink her teeth into people already with her overconfident stride she had people hooked, so despite not being in school with them still she did still have a social life that mainly consisted of partying. She made social links with people at these parties that took place and during them began experimenting with drugs namely ecstasy after being slightly pressured into it by a few of her more hardcore peers. She began using regularly and unknowingly to them had her parents funding to pay for this habit. She became “addicted” to it because it kept her awake and out of that sleepy state she had become so used to. She also during this time had her love of “photography” begin as she began taking photos. She adored the look of the party life and the aesthetic it provided and her photos she took and would post online would get her lots of online attention. She also during this time would take photos of her peers in suggestive situations and labeled it as them modeling for her. Her friends were under the influence so they wouldn't remember or be able to recall what happened and would usually discover these photos taken of them later on when Nadia posted them up from her other alias calling these girls sluts and other slanderous names all while knowing that it couldn't be linked to her or so she thought. (Her actions obviously ruined the social lives of these girls.)   Finances (Optional): Nadia comes from a family of wealth, her father is a well known lawyer in the area and her mother a journalist who often documents the cases that her husband covers giving him good publicity in the public eye.   Present   Current location: Wherever plot needs me   Currently living with: Nadia currently lives in a dorm on campus with a roommate that she is only slightly fond of. She isn't used to having someone in her living space so often gets aggravated when her roommate misplaces something or doesn't clean up after herself.   Occupation: Amateur photographer/college student   Finances: Nadia still lives off her parents finances despite no longer living with them anymore. They support her lifestyle and send over various checks so she can get the latest equipment and other supplies she deems a necessity.   Family Mother: Clara Bettencourt Relationship with her: Nadia adores her mother and is very close with her. She admires her mother's handwork and her craft and sees her as an inspiration to pursue her dreams. Father: Nathan Adair Relationship with him: Nadia seems to respect her father, but isn't very close to him (he focuses a lot on his work so they don't interact often) Siblings: N/A Relationship with them: N/A   Sexuality/relationship position: Nadia is heterosexual, but doesn't mind occasionally messing around with a female or two if they are her type. (this is very rare) She desires a man who will dominate her body physically all while worshiping her with his words. She comes off as having a bit of a god complex needing the praise of the other party to feel satisfaction, because she knows it is a privilege to sleep with her. She dreads submissive partners, she feels if she wanted someone submissive she would have been with a girl. She is also quick to discard someone who no longer entertains her or gets too clingy or attached.   Spouse/lover: Nadia doesn't have a romantic partner or love interest, (she hasn't had a stable relationship for years and seems to be still hung up on her ex though she'd never admit it.) She does however hookup on occasion and finds herself having “crushes” on people she finds physically attractive, however these people mean little to nothing to her.   Children: Nadia has little to no interest in having children with anyone she has big dreams and feels a child would set her back.   Favorites (Optional) Color: Naida is fond of the color olive Least favorite color: Nadia doesn't really dislike any color. Music: Nadia is into whatever is trendy and moody, catch her vibin' to the typical edgy playlist she makes usually filled with songs that others recommend to her. She however will claim she found the artists and show off how amazing her music taste is to others. Food: Literature: Nadia doesn't really read all that much, but when she does she tends to read poetry books and will be sure to share the ones that she thinks are deep. Form of entertainment: Photography is her passion be it taking selfies, to landscapes. She loves taking photos of whatever fits her current aesthetic. She loves partying/clubbing she loves lively people and stupid decisions.   Expressions: Mode of transportation: Although Nadia has the ability to drive she will usually take an uber when she needs to travel or rely on others to pick her up. Most prized possession: Nadia's most prized possession is her camera, she will rarely let others touch it.   Habits (Optional) What does he/she do too much of? Partying! She should be taking her classes seriously, but has yet to grow up, despite her age. What does he/she do too little of? Studying, she is the type to procrastinate on everything, putting it off to the last minute and usually using her disorder as an excuse. Peculiarities: Hallucinates when isn't on medication, Heavy sleeper (because of disorder), Has a preference for guys with girlfriends (mostly just enjoys ruining relationships.), Obsession with horror films and other things she deems scary, Perfectionist when it comes to her photos, Teacher's pet in a seductive way (if the teacher is male), loves caffeinated drinks (mostly sodas mainly the fruity ones)   Self-perception How he/she feels about himself/herself: Nadia views herself in a very positive light, perfection if you will. She has been raised to believe she should do no wrong no matter what horrible things she does, she finds it baffling when others tell her she is being rude since this is what normal is to her. One word the character would use to describe self: Manipulative. What does the character consider his/her best personality trait? Her best trait would be her creativity, she is a self-proclaimed visionary and happily will take creative freedoms to make her works come to life no matter the risk it puts her in. What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait? Her worst trait would be her lack of empathy, she finds it extremely hard to relate to others and often makes light of serious situations because they don't concern her. What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic? Her eyes, she says that they tend to attract the most attention to her, most finding them sexy or intimidating. What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic? She dislikes that she doesn't have a defined waistline and often thinks that she should enhance either her other assets or corset train to make it smaller. How does the character think others perceive him/her: She believes that most people find her to be fun to be around and idolize her in some way and those who don't are just jealous. What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: Not much of anything she sees herself pretty perfect honestly yeah a minor issue with her waistline but that's about it.   Relationships with others Opinion of other people in general: Fun to mess around with, they keep her entertained. Does the character hide his/her true opinions and emotions from others? Nah, she's a shallow person and isn't afraid to show it, though she will deny being shallow. Person character most hates: Hates, that's a heavy word. She doesn't hate anyone and those she does dislike she just focuses on sabotaging their lives in some way or another. Best friend(s) (Only if Applies): N/A (Her best friend would probably be a dealer) Love interest(s) (Only if Applies): She isn't into anyone in that way, but does have an ex that she has feelings for, however the two of them will NEVER be together again cause Nadia is a cunt and he hates her. Person character goes for advice (Optional): She will usually go to her parents typically her father for help since he is a lawyer and would have the best advice to keep her out of trouble. Person character feels responsible for or takes care of (Optional): F***ing no one, eww take care of yourself. Person character feels shy or awkward around (Optional): F***ing no one, shy/ awkward I think not. She is very confident. Person character openly admires (Optional): She doesn't openly admire other people. Person character secretly admires (Optional): She admires other photographers and those who pursue the arts. Most important person in character’s life: Probably her mother, she looks up to her mother and it was her mother that inspired her to follow her goals.


09/21/2021 02:24 PM 

โ˜… Irresponsible One.

For the first time in a long time, she trembled.  Is this what defeat feels like? She searched for answers as the fog in her mind grew dark and heavy. Moments of her sanity began to slip away into chilling numbness.Meanwhile,  The villagers ran for their lives during this bleak twilight hour. Blood curdling screams and cries dominated the soundscape of the entire village, as the ground crackled and rumbled below. The tremors ripped through the streets, swallowing all in its path.  Staggered land caused buildings and homes to crumble and fall— Ash and dust polluted the sky— Shrieks of agony and terror were gradually faded out by the sounds of violent eruptions.— Metallic black spikes of various sizes and shapes speared upwards from the cracks in the ground, impaling the unfortunate with sharpened jagged edges that branched outward- extending and multiplying in thorny waves. The behavior of this black metal phenomena was unusual- piercing and coiling around objects and people in a manner most vile.  Helpless to it all, she held her face in her palms and wept where she knelt. Her area was sturdy and unharmed, while destruction ensued around her. There was nothing that could be done, other than to wait out the uncontrollable and relentless lashing of her power.   

Mala ultro adsunt

09/20/2021 08:49 PM 


  MISFORTUNE COMES UNINVITEDAs his drakkars glided on the gentle tides of Lake Eitrivatnen, Jarl Jafnhar watched the blood sky over the horizon. Weeks of war had churned fires and death, projecting a thick crimson across the firmament. This did not concern the Jarl. He sailed forth with the utmost sense of confidence and pride. In one month, he had led the Vikings to victory in the Battle of Ilkarya’s Barrier, destroyed the Wardens of Lion Wastes, and became the ‘Bone Crusher’, the first Highlander Jarl in Viking history.Crushing the Knights of Eitrivatnen would be child’s play. Isolated from all, and lacking the supplies to feed everyone, the fortified port was no longer a haven for the Knight legions that had sought refuge there. It was now a death hole that needed a little spark to implode.Jafnhar knew he had the means to become such a spark, but a loud crash caught him off-guard. Underwater barricades set by Badefol, Knight Commander of Eitrivatnen, had destroyed some of his ships. The Knights would need more than a few wooden pikes to stop the Bone Crusher though. From the harshest winds of Njord to the cruelest tides of the divine Aegir, the Jarl’s trireme had survived much worse.Jafnhar reached the shoreline and pierced the Knight defenses rapidly. He and his warriors moved to Eitrivatnen’s barracks and clashed with Commander Badefol. After an easy fight against the wounded Knight, Jafnhar tossed Badefol on the ground and brandished his mighty blade Caladbolg. That was when a sinister voice rose from the shadows and whispered, “Mala ultro adsunt.”The Jarl shivered. Vortiger, here? Impossible! Almost a decade had passed since their last duel, but Jafnhar could still feel the twinge of the Black Prior’s blade gashing his thigh. Invigorated by his thirst for vengeance, the Highlander stepped away from Badefol and faced Vortiger.Their blades clanged loudly. Their fight lasted what felt like hours until the Black Prior staggered for the first time. This was the opening the Bone Crusher needed to fell his opponent. He slammed his blade to break Vortiger's guard, but the man stood tall behind his massive shield. How could that be? No one had ever resisted the mighty blow of Caladbolg! Out of rage, the Jarl rushed at the Black Prior, but an immense pain suddenly struck his chest. Vortiger's longsword had shattered his clavicle. A thick darkness seeped in and shrouded the Highlander's eyes...As all fell silent, the Black Prior lifted his kite shield and sent the Bone Crusher to the grand Halls of Valhalla.A DARKNESS GROWSDespite Jafnhar's defeat, the Knights did not welcome Vortiger as their new savior. Many legions in Ashfeld were still bearing the scars of the Black Prior’s deeds under Apollyon’s rule, and they wanted to see Vortiger face the Lawbringers’ judgment.The man was jailed in a dark cell with a young thief named Aguri. A quick glance at Vortiger made the thief pray for the Gods’ aid. She was no warrior but knew all about the Black Priors, the unruly Knights who would draw out the ‘true wolves’ for the Blackstones. Her fear grew as she witnessed a strange hawk fly to their cell window, and the Black Prior spoke to it in Latin.Then Vortiger girded his bracers, and she noticed something very startling in his eyes. The absolute absence of fear.Suddenly the walls of their cell started to crumble. As Aguri cowered in a corner, she heard the weakened warriors of Eitrivatnen screaming in terror. Their leader was away on the battlefield, and Daimon, the Samurai Daimyo of Westhold, was attacking the harbor with his vast army. Vortiger gripped his silver blade and shield, then stepped into the red haze as explosions rained from above.The young thief stared after him. She realized Vortiger feared nothing because he was fear itself.A myriad of hawks obscured the crimson skies for a brief moment. Then more Black Priors revealed themselves in the crowd, and slaughtered all the Samurai. After more than a decade of silence, the Black Priors of Vortiger won the Battle of Eitrivatnen for the Knights, and blessed the walls of their new home with the blood of their countless victims.A PATH OF AGONYKnight Commander Badefol had left Eitrivatnen to the hands of his best lieutenants while he hunted Jafnhar’s followers in Lion Wastes. He had not expected the Samurai to attack his harbor so quickly. He should have known better – after all, was not Daimon ‘the Scavenger’ the one who would always chase easy victories in weakened territories?He knew in his heart that without the Black Priors, Eitrivatnen would have been lost to the Samurai. No matter how hard Badefol tried to tame Vortiger and his Knights, the Gods had decided otherwise. But he still planned to call the Lawbringers in due time to bring these wolves to justice.Badefol battled harder in the vast fields of Westhold, hoping for a quick victory against the Samurai. But Daimon had one last ace up his sleeve...a secret alliance with the Vikings. As the Commander watched the Viking warriors charge, he knew the end was near. Even with the Black Priors on their side, they could not last against one large army, let alone two.For the last time, Badefol underestimated the Black Priors. As a flock of hawks appeared in the dusty horizon, the Knight Commander caught sight of rolling ballistae and trebuchets bearing the Black Prior banners. At first, Badefol was filled with hope, but as the machines drew closer, a fresh horror overwhelmed him.Nailed onto these rolling structures were hundreds of corpses; Vikings, Samurai...dead bodies from the battlefields, but not just the enemy's dead. Even Knights were trussed up. Badefol's comrades were stretched out and displayed as grotesque, bloody dolls on the war machines.Both Samurai and Vikings froze in horror. No one in history had desecrated their own dead with such sickening derision. As the true masters of psychological warfare, Vortiger and the Black Priors used the enemy’s shock to their advantage. They charged through the red fog with fierce precision, and triumphed against all.Yet Badefol was not done with Vortiger, the man who had desecrated their dead. He locked eyes with the demon and drew his sword. Forget the Lawbringers, this beast would be Badefol's. But it was not to be. Vortiger disarmed the Commander, stabbed him through the heart, and whispered in his ear the last words Badefol would ever hear.EPILOGUEReinforcements from Beaufort Stronghold came too late. The Black Priors had already reconquered all territories around Eitrivatnen. A month's long siege and the Knights had never once lost Eitrivatnen.Rhoswen the Warden was the first to arrive in the harbor where she witnessed the horror of what it had become. Not only Badefol, but hundreds of Knights, Samurai, and Vikings were impaled, dismembered, or hanged like vulgar scarecrows.“They shall fear us, and we Knights shall rule,” the Black Prior whispered as he appeared at Rhoswen’s back. The Warden replied nothing. She knew the darkness had already grown too deep in these Knights’ hearts…

๐ˆ๐ซ๐จ๐ง ๐Œ๐š๐ง

09/20/2021 06:33 PM 

Stark Multiverse

>>Yo! I had some time on my hands, so I decided to make this lil' compendium. Herein, I list and describe the various alterations of Tony Stark, either of my own creation or that are canon to MARVEL. Whenever I write a crossover that I like, I'll update this list to reflect that specific version of Tony. As always, it isn't required to read this to write with me.Earth-111796 (Personal)Earth-199999 (MCU)Earth-616 (MARVEL Prime)Earth-TRN517 (Superior Iron Man)Earth-311 (Lord Iron)Earth-42777 (Emperor Stark)Earth-61112 (Age of Ultron)Earth-FF711 (Final Fantasy VII)Earth-MHA99 (My Hero Academia)


09/20/2021 06:26 PM 

Updated Character data (9/20/21)
Current mood:  accomplished

Character doc 9-20It's still incomplete but the doc will updated as I get to it ^^


09/20/2021 06:25 PM 

Come join my friends server
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Come join my friends Severe everyone is welcome You can also share it out and send it to everyone snd your friends anywhere


09/20/2021 04:32 PM 

Shining Bright as the Sun. Glowing Red with Fire.

They’d been traveling, trying to find a safe new home for the surviving Skrulls under Carol’s protection. A Kree attack had taken them by surprise. Flying through space without any needed protection, Carol engaged in combat with the Kree vessels. She’d given them one warning, but they hadn’t listened. Carol pushed away those thoughts that asked if they’d been friends of hers when she was Vers, she was sure there were other Kree soldiers that were in the dark like she had been. Too late Carol realized that she’d been drawn away from the ship.She spun around to see another Kree vessel arrive, dwarfing Mar-Vell’s ship. Carol pushed herself, flying to reach it in time, leaving a line of light in her wake. Even as she kept pushing, she knew she wasn’t going to make it. Talos and the rest of the Skrulls were going to die.That was when a great bird of fire appeared, engulfing the Kree ship but leaving the other one completely untouched. Carol kept flying, not knowing what this was. When she came to the fire bird, she found at its center a red-haired woman, seemingly human. She seemed familiar to Carol, like she’d seen her before somewhere.“Who are you?” the red-haired woman asked.“My name is Carol. What are you doing here?”“I could hear them. The people on that ship crying out for help. Their thoughts were so loud that I couldn’t not hear them.”Now Carol knew where she had seen that face before, she was Jean Grey, one of the X-Men that had become famous after fighting an ancient mutant in Egypt. Now how she was in the middle of space, moving just as freely through the vacuum of space as Carol herself.“It’s not habitable,” Soren said as she looked up from the instrumental panel.“Damn,” Carol muttered. It was so close. It was the right distance from the star, it had magnetic fields, the components for water and life were there, but something hadn’t happened that needed to happen. There was no way the Skrulls could make this their new home.“I can help,” Jean said.“How?” Talos asked. “It has what we need but it would take millions of years before it’s in a state where we can live there.“Trust me,” Jean said as she walked for the airlock.Carol turned and followed Jean. “What can you do?”Jean paused. “You weren’t on Earth when it happened,” Jean said mostly to herself. “I merged with a power, one that destroys and created life. I think I can jump start life on that planet and since no one lives there I don’t have to hold back.”Carol stopped Jean and looked in her eyes. Then she saw it behind Jean’s eyes. Every Kree knew the stories of the Chaos Bringer, and that had included Vers. It was a terrible cosmic power that killed and brought life in equal measures. She’d heard about the destruction of the D’Bari homeworld. It was in Shi’ar territory, but there had been fear it would turn into Kree territory.“The Chaos Bringer? But how can it be inside of you?” Carol asked.Jean smiled as she thought back to a fond memory of a life that she’d never be able to revisit but was still precious to her. “I prefer Phoenix.”Carol landed on the surface of the planet. Jean was standing there, clothing plastered to her body as it rained, the first rain to ever land on its surface.Jean turned to face Carol and gave a smile full of pride.“I did it.”Jean and Carol took shelter in a cave. It was on a planet for away from the new Skrull home world. They were searching for more hidden Skrull survivors to give them the option of going to the new home world, if they wanted. While the two women could easily travel through space, it was more comfortable to rest on a planet or in a ship.Tearing into a pack of food, Jean sat down across from Carol.“Did you leave anybody behind on Earth?” Jean asked. “Someone you loved.”“I did. Did you?”“Yes. Do you miss him?”“Her, and yes.”“Sorry,” Jean apologized for the assumption. “I miss him too.”Carol and Jean’s eyes met. They both understood. They had each had a love that they’d cared for in their past lives, as their old selves, the versions of them that belonged on Earth, but both women had changed. Earth was no longer where they belonged, even though affections and fond memories might remain, there was no going back to what once was.As they sat there, hands found each other. No one else in the universe could understand what the two women had gone through, knowing that there was at least one other person that had gone through the same made all the difference to them.Their eyes met.Something was born.There was a story of two goddesses, both from the same backwater planet. Each had come in contact with something from outside their world and instead of being destroyed, each was reborn as something else, but only made great by the woman at its core.One shone as bright as a star. The other burned with the cycle of life and death.Side by side they traveled the cosmos, protecting those who desired it and striking down those who needed it.They were the Phoenix and Captain Marvel.There was the reality of two women. They held each other close when they had a moment together. Each had the other’s back. They tried to do good with the powers that they had. They found solace in knowing that neither was alone.In the depths of space, sharing a moment where they were alone in the truest of true senses, they kissed.They were Jean Grey and Carol Danvers.

Jack Frost

09/20/2021 01:18 PM 

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Rules coming soon as the page is still a bit under co. 


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The Snowgrave route (SPOILERS)

I also play the versions of Kris and Noelle from the secret route from Deltarune  Chapter 2 (Snowgrave Route).An explanation of the route will be put here.  The Weird Route can be taken by making/continuing a save file into Chapter 2. Once the player reaches the Cyber City in the Library Dark World, have Kris proceed through the city as normal, up to the point where they meet Noelle. Once the player gets to Noelle and has her join their party, they must backtrack to the door leading to Spamton's shop. On the way to the door, the player must start killing every single enemy in their way using Noelle's Ice Shock spell. After checking the door, the player may continue through the City, still using Noelle's Ice Shock to kill every enemy. The player will know they are on the route once rooms become filled with enemies and no cars appear. After reaching the room with the Ferris Wheel poster, the player must do these things in the exact order listed: Kill enemies running around with Noelle's Ice Shock. Optionally, you may either interact with the Ferris Wheel poster or ignore it. If you choose to interact with it, you must choose "I will ride with you" when given the prompt. After that, choose the "Noelle will ride with me" prompt. Interact with the only NPC in the room and say "We're something else" when the prompt appears. The NPC will stop Kris when they walk away. Choose the "Get it" option over and over until Kris obtains the Freeze Ring. Equip the ring on Noelle afterwards. (Kris forced Noelle to kill the NPC in question.) When the player arrives at the room with two long car roads, they have to visit what would've been the Dog Dumpster (the area where the player can encounter Toby Fox on his car) only to find the easter egg doesn't play out as usual, it skips straight to the dumpster. Spamton will talk to the player from the dumpster and tell the player how many encounters remain. If the player is on the right track, Spamton will say "4 left". The player can always backtrack to kill enemies if this requirement is not met. Upon reaching the second Annoying Mouse puzzle, Noelle will ask how Kris is going to solve the puzzle. The player must choose the "Proceed" prompt over and over until Noelle freezes the puzzle. The same process happens with the third Annoying Mouse puzzle, with Noelle automatically freezing the entire puzzle without the player forcing her to.  pon getting to the Berdly encounter, the player must choose "Proceed" once it is prompted. In the fight, Noelle gets a new spell called Snow Grave, which is explicitly labeled "Fatal". This spell normally costs 200% TP, rendering it impossible to use, but the Thorn Ring brings the cost down to 100% TP. In order to end the fight in a way that continues the route, the player has to use Snow Grave, despite Noelle's insistence otherwise. Ending the fight in any other manner resumes the normal plotline. The player will no longer be able to go back to the Normal Route after this point. They may use mercy on the few encounters within the Queen's mansion, as by the time Berdly is frozen the route is locked.In the scene in the hospital, there is an interaction between Kris and Noelle that is different from the normal route.* (Come on, it... it was just a bad dream...)* (Even so, it was so real, I can't get it out of my mind...)*(...That voice, telling me what to do.)* (A voice unlike Kris's...)* (...a terrifying voice...)* (...)* (Kris...)* (Recently, there's been something... different... about them.)* (Why hasn't anyone else noticed it...?) * (I... I have to figure it out.) * (Why Kris is acting so strange...)* (Why they keep coming... to the hospital...)[To see you.]* H-huh!?* K-Kris... how long have you been standing there!?* Phew, you... haha, you really scared me, you know?* (Keep it together, Noelle...)* (There's nothing to be afraid of...)* (After all, a dream is just a dream, right...?)* (... the-then...)* (Then why did their voice just now... sound...)* (S o t e r r i f y i n g ?)[Because it wasn't a dream.]  (IF NOELLE'S WATCH IS UNEQUIPED BEFORE THE BIRDLY FIGHT AND EQUIPPED ON KRIS IN THE DARK WORLD BEFORE TRIGGERING THIS SCENE.)* (After all, a dream is just a dream, right...?)* Kris...?* W h y a r e y o u w e a r i n g . . . m y w a t c h ?* W h . . . w h e n d i d y o u . . .[In your dream.](IF YOU PRESS RIGHT AT ANY POINT AFTER THE FIRST DIALOGUE OPTION.)* D - D o n ' t c o m e a n y c l o s e r !

Deltarune, Snowgrave


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Character List

Kris Dreemurr:  Kris shares several properties with the human children from Undertale, including a similar name to Frisk, and similar clothing to Chara. Like Chara, Kris enjoys chocolate, and takes chocolate kisses from Toriel's room without permission. They also enjoy drinking hot chocolate at QC's Diner. The other characters have mixed opinions of Kris. Some call them a "creepy kid," others see them as nice. In the Dark World, the others see Kris as a "leader." Ralsei and, eventually, Susie follow their commands in battle and follow them around the overworld. Susie and King refer to them as a "quiet person." Their side of their shared bedroom is strikingly bare, including the shelves that the books now in Toriel's classroom must have previously occupied. They have a history of not waking up on time. When they were younger, Asriel sometimes carried them to school. According to many of their neighbors, Kris has always been mischievous, pulling dark pranks such as covering themselves in ketchup and claiming it was blood. For example, Kris has the option to keep flushing the toilet before or after going to school, with Toriel replying: "You did not put a bath bomb in the toilet again, did you?" However, her view of the pranks seems to be as a minor annoyance, or even endearing, considering the fact Toriel sounded like she was at most a bit annoyed with the behavior. Townsfolk also appear to be surprised to find Kris voluntarily engaging them in conversation. If enough characters are talked to before returning home, several characters remark that Kris looks sick, strange, or pale.Ralsei:  Ralsei is a kind-hearted Darkner who appears amiable and optimistic towards his teammates. Ralsei often displays signs of affection towards Kris and Susie, due to their willingness to help him fulfill the Prophecy. Unlike Susie, it appears that he dearly hates violence and prefers to solve most conflicts with pacifism. Ralsei is also too trusting of others, an example of which can be found in the fight with King. After King is defeated, he feigns surrender to the party. Ralsei trusts him and heals him, after which King immediately betrays and attacks the party. Ralsei enjoys baking cakes for his friends and seems quite flustered when revealing his actual face in front of his allies.Susie:  At school, before entering the Dark World, Susie appears as a bully. She acts very rude and aggressive toward other students, insulting them and even threatening them with physical violence, such as "eating [one's] face." She does not have any friends and appears to be convinced that everyone hates her. Susie may, however, use this as an excuse to act rudely. When she enters the Dark World, Susie beats up every enemy she meets and is uninterested in being a Hero of Light, even saying to Ralsei that the end of the world is "none of [her] business" and that it "might be kind of fun." When Lancer compliments her on her villain performance, she becomes excited about finally meeting someone who appreciates her as a "bad guy." After joining Lancer's side and forging a friendship with him, she starts to have fun and be more caring to him. To avoid killing King and hurting Lancer's feelings, Susie changes her ways and obeys Kris's orders, though somewhat reluctantly at times.Lancer:  Lancer is very childish and generally immature in his behavior and speech. He delivers his lines with a near-constant smile on his face. He is easily preoccupied with childish games and pursuits, and likes hiding things and irritating people. He generally assumes that the party naively follows instructions on signs he writes. He has a poor sense of direction and gets lost in mazes quite easily. He can be easily intimidated by strong enemies like King Round, although he remains calm and jovial while doing so. Lancer values and idolizes his father, King. He tries to project a tough facade in imitation of him, hoping to be designated "son of the month," and caring for his father's well-being and approval despite being neglected. Aware that his father's subjects don't like him and only put up with him due to King's orders, he seeks real friendship and gradually becomes an ally to the party despite his initially hostile role.Noelle Holiday:Noelle is friendly and cheerful, but also very timid, and sometimes has trouble saying what she's thinking. She apologizes often, and stays quiet about her feelings, such as her possible crushes, or her distaste for Berdly, out of fear. Her father says that "everything scares her," and describes her as "defenseless." According to him, she has a fear of humans hiding under her bed. This was made worse (or started) by Kris's repeated attempts to scare her when they were younger, including at least one time they hid under her bed.Queen:  ueen is a relatively nonchalant person, who seems to be calm towards her goals of world domination. She is willing to compromise and make a truce with Kris during their time in the city. During said compromise, she acts quite friendly towards them. But she still proves to be capable of fighting as seen during her battle. After she is defeated, she tells Noelle to "Choose The World That Makes You Happy." She appears to speak in a monotonous robotic voice, evident by her capitalizing every letter in her dialogue, as well as either neglecting the use of punctuation marks or putting them in rather weird places, for computer-y effects like imitating a text template (e.g. You Have Been: [text]). She seems reluctant on controlling people she likes, and would rather they willingly go along with her plan, to make them happy. She is also prone to giving people pet names and fun adjectives.

Deltarune, Undertale


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Kahโ€™Haigne Physiological Data

Name: Kahโ€™Haigne (Pronunciation: Ka-heyne) Race: Kahโ€™Razโ€™Thรผn Height: 7ft 7in (2.31 Meters) Weight: 275lbs (137.5 kg) Breast size: 38DD Tool Length: 14.5in (36.83cm) Seninal volume produced: 3-6 cups (720-1440 ml) Eligible for breeding: YES Number of offspring Sired: 0 Number of different species bred: NA

Character Sheet


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