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10/03/2023 10:15 PM 

• Kinks and Turn offs •

On to the tea~ _________________ •Kinks: Domination (not my character being dominat) __ Possessiveness __ Yandere __ Daddy __ People with power __ Somnophilia __ Psycho people __ Chocking __ Biting __ Marking __ Controlling (my character being controlled) __ Size kink __ Age difference __ Taboos __ Dilfs _____________ •Turn offs: Toilet stuff __ Slaves


10/03/2023 10:14 PM 

• Nikki Nakagata •

Few things about Nikki -chan } °Name: Nikki __ ° Middle Name: Chrystal __ ° Last Name: Nakagata __ ° Nickname: Petal __ ° Age: 19 (I can make her up to 24) __ °Body: Short and Petite with a big butt and small breast __ ° Zodiac sigh: Cancer __ ° Favorite color: Pink __ ° Favorite animal: cats __ ° Occupation: Student or Owns coffee shop (depends on the age) __ ° Favorite characters: Suguru Geto, Satoru Gojo, Toji Fushiguro. __ ° Character: she is very sweet and shy. Depending on the person she can be very bratty. She is also helpful and will do anything for her loved ones. Stubborn tho. Oh god save you. It is what it is. __ ° Smoking: No __ ° Family: Nikki's dad left when she was very young. Her mother since then is blaming Nikki for that. Therefore they don't have a good relationship. Nikki's mother is working at a supermarket, after that she usually drinks or hangs out with her friends.


10/03/2023 10:14 PM 

• Nikki's Powers In JJK •

~ The eye monster ~ That's what Nikki was called most of her life due to her powers. The female has the ability to change her eye color to 3 different ones , each one granding her a different ability. • 1st: BLUE When the female turns her eye color to blue, she has an air bending ability. Meaning she can control air ways and the air each self. That also means she can stop someones breathing and even control it. In order for her to do that tho, she has to have touched the person. Even with her pinkie.__ • 2nd: SCARLET When the female turns her eye color to red her ability changes to a liquid bending one. Mostly she can control human blood leading to human body control. In order for this power to work, she had to have taken a look at the victims eyes at least once.__ • 3rd: GOLD Last but not least when the female turns her eye color to golden she is able to summon her person curse spirit named Sitri. Once she and her curse spirit connect she is able to give commands and make him fight for her. Warnings: Nikki is not able to change more than one eye color a day. If she does her eyes starts bleeding and there is a 60% chance if her getting blind. With the golden eyes the biggest problem is that her and her curse spirit don't really go along. Him trying murdering her multiple times so when she is using this type of eyes , a higher up who can control her curse spirit is advice to be close by. In order for Nikki to used Scarlet and Blue eyes she needs to have full vision of the individual she is fighting with.

[ʜʏʙʀɪᴅ ᴛʜᴇᴏʀʏ]

10/03/2023 08:06 PM 

Vroom Vroom! Rev It Up!!

We are a Chainsaw Man based roleplay server, so members may give out spoilers! Not much of a fan of Chainsaw Man? No worries! We also accept crossovers too! Mirrors, Original Characters, and Alternate Universes allowed!   The Server is 18+ however we do not accept anything of sexual content. Anything related to Dark, Gore, and Death in roleplays will be around #Givesaways/raffles included.

卂几匚丨乇几ㄒ ㄖ几丨

10/03/2023 07:41 PM 

Ancient Oni

Akuma Ankoku is a legendary Japanese warrior who could harnest the power of the Oni. A being fueled by rage, anger, and pain. He led Japan to victory when they were inslaved by Russia thousands of years ago. He took down litteral armies in anger to free japan. Though when he did he also destroyed many parts of Japan, parts that would show human civilizations before the earliest known today. This made others mad, specifically the team of 7 warriors who were under him. They had other abilities of Yokai, none as strong as his. Then they began a spell that intrapped him in a tomb in a mountain. Though ordinary humans built a sort of shrine around him, engraved japanese words in the walls, telling his story. There he lays until these words are said "The child of the ancient Oni, the warrior savior, Ankoku." Human Height: 5’3”    Oni Height: 8’5” Orientation: Bisexual Abilities: Oni transformation (Transforms into Oni form) Hulking strength (Very strong) Super intelligence (Becomes smart, specifically about taking down opponents) Smoke warp (Able to create smoke for various reasons, even warping with it, and becoming it) Shadow shift (Becomes a shadow) Weapon manifest (His smoke lets him span any weapon of his liking) Super regen.

ᴬʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵘᶠᶠᵉʳᶤᶰᵍˀ

10/03/2023 07:03 PM 

🌈🍭 ⛓️🪚🌈

I'm still waiting for that release date of the Lollipop Chainsaw Remake because I'm psyched to see my Boys and my favorite Zombie Slayer with their updated models.    

Ayato Romeo Dawn

10/03/2023 05:51 PM 

New Character (work in progress)

(Will work on him when i get home from work)

ᴬʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵘᶠᶠᵉʳᶤᶰᵍˀ

10/02/2023 09:14 PM 


General Rules/Boundaries for my Blog/Page to note:   1. You've got to act your age when you RP, let alone interact in general with me. I only write with people in my age range(35+), anyone younger is blocked. (Best example and way to prove your age to me: If you don't  know what Forever Knight is let alone the plotline without using your search bar, then you're far too young to be on my Page/Blog's "Friends" list.)2. Don't be a d!ck. To the writer or the character, More so in regards to the character unless I (the writer) approve so. To Me as The Writer, please if your on my friends list and you're having a bad day, just please, take a step away to cool off and clear your head,  and then come back to talk to me and/or remove me, and/or even block me if you feel like. It's okay. Heck, you don't even have to talk to me to block me. Just do what you got to do if I effect your mental health or trigger you as a lot of my character themes can be triggering due to the topics...Thus Dead Dove: Do Not Eat.3. Be patient. Life is life, everyone can be busy with work and what not. But if it has been a few days, just poke me over DM's or heart my statuses as that generally gets my attention. 4. No one liners, at least three sentences. I honestly expect people to take their time as I'm only active and respond or RP when I feel like I am up to it. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing the muse at the time and that's okay. It's not the end of the world. 5. I RP in 3rd person. Never 1st.5.1. I only write Novella, so if you don't like reading a 9+ paragraph starter, don't add me and don't seek interaction from me as on a good day I can go 14 Paragraphs long. 5.2. Alecto is the pureblooded biological daughter of  Alastor. This does make My character very powerful. She is a over 1000 year old Demon with superior strength and durability; centuries of combat expertise; and centuries of magic study. If your character is of human origins (even mutated/altered), and you choose to have them fight my character, please accept the fact that she is more powerful as a base. We can discuss the fight, methods by which they might be able to get the upper hand, and scenarios in which she would take a hit or lose, but I am not going to under-power my character and it is going to be tough to do damage to her.6. No God Mod or trying to control my character in any way shape or form. Unless I approve it and you've discussed with me prior to our rp. 7. My page is Selective - that means that before we interact, I will check out your page to make sure that we’re a good fit. If I choose not to interact with you, please don’t take it personally. I have my reasons for being selective, and I choose to be selective so I can keep my roleplaying space fun and comfortable for myself. Please don’t let that stop you from inquiring, though!8. My page is Single Ship and I ship Alecto with 𝑹𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝑰𝒏 𝑷𝒆𝒂𝒄𝒆;/ 592417. 9. If I've blocked you, it's because I'm not interested in your character or seeing your page online. So, do yourself a favor and just click off if I've blocked you. 10. Just have fun, and if you can't and wanna get mad just for the heck of it please do yourself a favor and click off from my page and rules, thanks.  11. I don't join discord servers, so please don't ask me to. This is mostly because most rp based Servers just don't feel like a second home and I'd feel as if I'm betraying my friends for joining other servers. Thus, it's simply a no go for me as I'm better off without meeting "new" people. 12. I usually  crossover with comics, like ones from  Marvel, DC and various  others like Dark Horse and Vertigo. I honestly have zero  interest  in anime, haven't  since I  was fourteen and I don't write kid friendly crap, I'm an adult writer, not minor friendly due to the themes I write. so you'll be barking up the wrong tree there, Georgette.I'm more of a Rated R type writer that hits on extremely hard topics  with  extremely detailed and graphic Gore. No Glitter exploding Clows here, Sammy. 13. I have  been  roleplaying since I was fourteen, I got into  it by talking to rpers back on MySpace as well  as  having the support and approval of my mother at the time as she helped me with a majority of my first MySpace account. Url, display name  etc. I have  had the support of my parents since  I  was  a teenager regarding this hobby as it also aided in me winning most of my schools writing competitions and I have  been  through a variety of creative writing  seminars. I  know  my worth as a person  and  as a writer. I'm  very picky regarding who I  write and interact with. 14. I typically use my discord to screen people and make sure that they're serious about writing with me and make sure that there's no bad pomegranates on my friends list. ( I couldn't help myself.)   15. Now I have to add this because honestly people seriously need to read my basics post I posted on my MAIN account and linked to my Alts. To get a better explanation  regarding  my rules and who I  am  as a REAL person who has feelings and emotions and if you can't  respect that at all, kindly go outside, smell the flowers, touch the grass or go to the beach and pound sand. I'm here to wind down and write when I feel like it, not deal with strangers online who are miserable in their real lives. 16. Just a general thing I've always said as "if you like me, cool, hate me? cool, I don't care." Translates to : You can Like me, You can even Hate Me, I don't care. Your opinions and thoughts regarding me don't matter to me as much as they appear to matter to you. It's almost the same as the quote by Dr. Seuss "I don't mind and you don't matter."  Which I think mine sounds a bit better.  Mun Note  : I will not respond to blogs directed at me from people NOT on my list. This includes people I've blocked.In general for those blocked; Please respect that I don't view your blogs by not viewing mine if I asked.(which I did ask as I asked you to leave me alone) If we "agreed"  on leaving eachother  to their own  Vices then please stay in your lanes as well and do as I ask by leaving me the hell alone, don't  view my blogs, don't talk about me or to me via blog posts as I don't read them, just move on, stop caring  about  me and what I do as I don't  care about you or what you do and focus  on your own DAMN characters and write.In general for interested parties;  Just  shoot me a request and I'll  gladly  get back  to you.  My rules are public  specifically serious and interested writers who are here to write as well. I don't care about numbers or an online reputation as none of that means a damn thing to me. It's  who someone  is  as a person, how they portray themselves publicly and privately. It's  their morals and how they act/ react to things that potentially make or break any chance of interaction for me.  Credits:  Oh Snap! Profile Layout and It's the Climb Blog Layout by High Times used since September 27th 2023  Time: 5:30 AM   across all my 12 accounts on here and my 10 accounts on Image Credits:  For  a majority of my 12 accounts goes to @stylishashell and myself @Ljosalfar  (My Main account here, and yes this is going on all my other rule blogs on all 12 accounts).   These Rules  Were Penned By: 𝕾𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖒 𝕾𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖍𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖓Rules Posted: 10/2/23 at 9:27 PM  

To Hell and Back

10/02/2023 06:13 PM 

Dom the fire demon

Don't send people ero starters without making sure they're okay with it.  Kthnxbai~Also, you don't need to bring up your character's d*ck in a f***ing starter especially dedicating 3 sections of the starter to it?  Bro... get help.  That sh*t reeked of desperation.IDK if you know this, referring to your d*ck as your meat is some sh*t dumbasses do.  Kindly, stop being a little bitch boy and crying about people "playing games" when you're playing games by using how you worded your profile as an excuse to send people ero when they agree to roleplay with you.  Like how your bitch ass wants to say for people to tell you if they're a guy irl (which they have no obligation to do) and if they are that there'd be no ero?  F***ing ask people if they want ero in the roleplay you little bitch.  You can keep crying about the games and People "not being worth your time" when you send unwanted ero starters to people and are surprised they delete you or don't bother responding to you.and yes I have the starter you sent to her, try me and I WILL post it.  I could honestly give a f*** less what the "no drama" people on here think, look at my miscreant album.  "People" who decided to send ME ero from the jump without checking or even discussing with me FIRST.  Like quite a few on here, I personally do not mind it, but for me it MUST be discussed.  Unlike Quite a few of the anti-ero people here, I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say I don't do it or dislike it because like many of them, I DO it offsite, but unlike SOME I don't do that sh*t in public threads.  That's this little thing called courtesy, I suggest you and others like you learn it.Note: You know who you are with your weirdo diaper stuff, you too you giant tiddy obsessed weirdos

DBZ Kara Vale

10/02/2023 02:51 PM 

DBZ Kara Vale

Hey there! The names Kara Vale I'm an open AU writer in the Dragon Ball Z verses, my character is nothing but a side character who has a unique ability to heal which she keeps a secret. If you wish to add me feel free I'm up for crossover/mains and lovers. My character is shy and a bookworm just to give you an insight. 

卂几匚丨乇几ㄒ ㄖ几丨

10/02/2023 08:53 PM 

MHA Story

Akuma Ankoku, or Koku is an offbeat but good-natured student of MHA’s class 1-A. He was raised by a japanese family who used to be royal quirk holders. They held the quirks of the Yokai. A type of quirk that manifests in ways of the yokai in japanese legend. Every few generations would be blessed with a child that had the strongest of these quirks, The Oni. As Koku grew up he always wanted to be a hero, though he was always homeschooled. He often worked twice as hard as most kids, though when it came time he was accepted. Now he is a pretty quiet, sometimes rude an arrogant, but good willed hero. Human Height: 5’3”    Oni Height: 8’5” Orientation: Bisexual Abilities: Oni transformation (Transforms into Oni form) Hulking strength (Very strong) Super intelligence (Becomes smart, specifically about taking down opponents) Smoke warp (Able to create smoke for various reasons, even warping with it, and becoming it) Shadow shift (Becomes a shadow) Weapon manifest (His smoke lets him span any weapon of his liking) Super regen. Enrage (Red chaos magic forms around him, boosting his power, but lessening the time he can stay in control. The drawback of having such power is that the more he uses it, the more unstable, deadly, unpredictable, and dangerous he becomes.   

卂几匚丨乇几ㄒ ㄖ几丨

10/02/2023 08:48 PM 

Original story

Akuma Ankoku, or Koku is an offbeat but good-natured art student who created a comic called "Oni Hunter." He aspires to be a graphic novelist. He is horrified to learn that he is transforming into an Oni, a monstrous creature that attacks anything living, slaughtering them. Koku had a painter girlfriend named Darcy, which he accidentally killed, and can't remember any of his alter ego experiences. Koku is a generally quiet guy, trying to help those he cares about. He can be fairly arrogant, however, and often worries about hurting his loved ones. He is also shown to be quite protective of his friends and family, as shown when he transforms whenever those he cares about are in danger. In his Oni form, he is shown to be highly aggressive, attacking anyone who is in the area. Human Height: 5’3”    Oni Height: 8’5” Orientation: Bisexual Abilities: Oni transformation (Transforms into Oni form) Hulking strength (Very strong) Super intelligence (Becomes smart, specifically about taking down opponents) Smoke warp (Able to create smoke for various reasons, even warping with it, and becoming it) Shadow shift (Becomes a shadow) Weapon manifest (His smoke lets him span any weapon of his liking) Super regen.  

🍓 ♡ ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔬 ♡ 🍓

10/02/2023 08:17 PM 

Merlion (Archie's lost son)

Full Name. Merlin WrenAge: 20Gender: MaleDate of Birth: UnknownHair Color: GreenEye Color: GreenSkin Color: WhiteNationality: Native AmericanBiological Parents: Archie and DianaChildren: NoneSiblings: NoneRelationships: NoneSexuality: GayDisorders: NoneReligion: PolytheismMerlion is the son of a king of the kingdom on Durvan. His father knows about him and is going to meet his son. Merlion was wondering around in a nearby village where he grew up with his mother Diana. He never knew his mom took him away from his father. She told him, "You're father doesn't care for you. And he likes men more than me." Merlion grew up only knowing that and not much about his father. Until the day they met, Merlion's mother was gone for the day and his father found him, explaining everything, and that's when Merlion felt comfortable telling his dad that he was also gay and that his mother would never understand. That's when Archie and Merlion decided to go live with each other, having the father son relationship in Archie's kingdom. Merlion was happy to find his dad.

Ayato Romeo Dawn

10/02/2023 02:26 PM 

Kingdom of Haven (Work in Progress)

(Work in Progress)

Would You Kindly?

10/01/2023 11:29 PM 

About Jack

Jack is the protagonist of Bioshock. He is a young man who, prior to his unwilling arrival in Rapture, was a passenger on an airplane  that crashed near the lighthouse that provided entry to the underwater city. During his journey through Rapture, Jack comes across a number of gene-altering substances, known as Plasmids, that he uses to empower and protect himself. According to the passport he used to board the plane, his full name is Jack Wynand and he is twenty-four years old. Jack is the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan and Jasmine Jolene, Ryan's lover. While pregnant, Jolene suffered some financial difficulties and decided to sell Jack, as an embryo, to Dr Brigid Tenebaum on behalf of Frank Fontaine, without consulting Ryan. Jack was to be Fontaine's back-up plan if he was ever forced into an unfavorable situation by Ryan, which happened during Rapture's Civil War.Jack was "born" and "grown" by the scientists of Fontaine Futuristics, including Dr,Yi Suchong and Brigid Tenenbaum. According to Audio Diaries by Dr. Yi Suchong, who was responsible for Jack's development, Jack, by the age of one, weighed fifty-eight pounds and had the "gross musculature of a fit nineteen-year-old", thanks toLot 111  Dr. Suchong also reveals in another Audio Diary that he was responsible for the mind control imprinting that Frank Fontaine requested.Jack's similar genetic structure to Andrew Ryan meant that he would be able to use the city's bathyspheres that were in lockdown, be resurrected at Vita-Chambers, and the Automated sercurity  of Rapture would not be as effective against him.Sometime in 1958, before Fontaine faked his own death in a shoot out with Chief Security Sullivan's  forces, Jack was smuggled out of Rapture in a bathysphere and sent to the surface as a sleeper agent, living out his pre-programmed life as Jack Wynand where he had memories of being born in 1936 and living on a farm in Overlook, Kansas with his "parents". Jack boarded a plane in 1960 supposedly visiting his cousins in England. However Frank Fontaine "activated" him using the trigger phrase "Would You Kindly", when the plane passed near Rapture's location in the North Atlantic, Jack hijacked it using a gun that was smuggled onto the plane in the form of a present gifted from home, forcing it to crash land at the coordinates of the Lighthouse, the main entrance to Rapture.BioshockDuring the events of BioShock Jack arrives in Rapture in a Bathysphere taken from the lighthouse on the surface. In the beginning, he explores the different areas of Rapture under the guidance of Atlas, who speaks to him through a short wave radio. Jack's main objective, at first, is to find a functional bathysphere that will return him to the surface. Atlas promises to help him if in return Jack will save his trapped family in Neptunes Bounty . This proves to be more difficult than it seemed at first, as Andrew Ryan notices the intrusion and cuts off access to Neptune, keeping close tabs on Jack and setting Security Devices and Splicers on him from then on. Jack is forced to detour through Medical Pavilion, encountering the deranged cosmetic surgeon J.S Steinman. After killing him, Jack meets Brigid Tenenbaum for the first time. She implores him not to hurt the Little Sisters, and gives Jack a way to rescue them, although Atlas advises against it, as he believes that they are monstrosities that have a higher reward when harvested (it becomes your choice to save or harvest them).When Jack finally reaches Neptune's Bounty he makes his way to the Smuggler's Hideout  where Atlas's family are allegedly trapped in a submarine. Jack is supposed to meet Atlas there, but when he enters the control booth to open the submarine, Andrew Ryan makes his move, sending a wave of Splicers that force Atlas to flee and destroying the sub, apparently killing Atlas' wife and son. Jack escapes through a tunnel to Arcadia, and Atlas informs him that their new objective is to put an end to Andrew Ryan.Jack makes his way through Arcadia, the Farmer's Market, and Fort Frolic, facing numerous obstacles. In Fort Frolic, Jack makes the discovery that Jasmine Jolene was Ryan's murdered lover, although he does not realize the significance of this at first. While trapped at Fort Frolic, Jack is forced to work for Sander Cohen and assassinate his former disciples for one of Cohen's deranged works of "art."Eventually, Jack reaches Hephaestus, where Atlas asks him, "Now, would you kindly head to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch? It's time to finish this." Ryan had set up strong defenses, but Jack eventually breaches them and enters  Rapture Central Control only to find that Ryan has set the entire complex into self destruct, which will also destroy the city. Jack enters Ryan's office and sees the "Would You Kindly" board upon which Ryan has connected all the evidence about Jack's true past. Jack finally encounters Ryan for the first and last time in a scene during which Ryan proves that Jack has been a slave under the control of Atlas the entire time, saying "A man chooses, a slave obeys." Ryan forces Jack to kill him, and he takes his Genetic Key  to shut down the self-destruct mechanism. Finally, Atlas reveals his true identity as Frank Fontaine and thanks Jack for handing the keys to Rapture to him, before betraying him, trying to kill Jack with the city's security devices, but Jack is led to an escape route by Tenenbaum's Little Sisters. Jack enters a vent only to have it collapse under him and is knocked unconscious.Bioshock 2In BioShock 2, Jack has seemingly become a man of legend among the Splicers left in Rapture. Even Sofia Lamb looks upon him positively, seeing his lack of free will as a boon and inspiration for her to begin her Utopian Experiments. Simon Wales believes Jack to be a god, mentioning how he killed Andrew Ryan. In Siren Alley, paintings of Jack's activities in Rapture can be seen, with subjects such as the plane crash, Dr. Steinman, and Jack's wrist about to be injected with a Plasmid. In one of Frank Fontaine's Audio Diaries, set directly before the beginning of BioShock, he mentions "I've got a hell of a surprise for Andrew Ryan. Long time comin'. And right about now, I expect the prodigal son is bookin' his flight…"Several Splicers can be heard mentioning Jack. In the Atlantic Express  workshop, three Splicers have a conversation around a burning barrel as Subject Delta approaches. One of them speculates that Jack is "highballin with all the can-can girls" on the surface and in possession of the nuclear warhead seen on the submarine in the "Sad" and "Bad" endings, which he will use to destroy the city if anyone "gets lippy". Another states that he saved the Little Sisters and went up "happy ever after." This is a reference to the first game's two possible endings. Brute Splicers can also be heard referencing Jack; when idle, they mention their refusal to have children out of fear that they will suffer the same fate as Andrew Ryan. As in the first game, Jack's name is never mentioned in dialogue.


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