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11/26/2022 04:59 PM 


(WIP)Name: Hunter HeartAge: 18 - 20DOB: August 15thOccupation: Student/photographerGender: MaleTattoos/Marks: noneJewelry: noneHair/Length: black / shortEye Color: purpleFamily: N/APersonality: kind, aloofLikes: photographyDislikes: liesGuilty Pleasures: pastriesHobbies: phtographyOrientation: straightWeaknesses: beautyBio:

{S.S}ShadowSociety{S.S}(Open Roles)

11/26/2022 03:03 PM 

Werecat's lineage
Current mood:  amused

I am in need of werecat's, not the werewolves counterpart of the Twilight kind(though all are accepted) I am looking for more so Teen Wolf based/Lycans based. The character must be a woman, and have a chatty/flirty personality, preferably flirty in the sense of chatty and casual flirtation not sexual like a succubus, and a background in secretary work/assistant work. Thanks. Also, she would come from a royal lineage, not preferred, but she must also know how to turn into a werecat; last name would be "Chatgarou". 


11/26/2022 12:46 PM 

lets keep it fkin simple

Don't rush me. No minors. You get 2 strikes, 3 is an automatic fk off (I have one dislike and it's on the profile.  

Dredge ☨The Dark Trainer☨

11/26/2022 07:48 PM 

Rules, please read.

Just some rules I've got, I don't think there's a whole lot so please bare with me.1. Look, I'll be honest I don't like one-liners or semi-paras. They don't offer me a lot to work with and more than likely I won't be getting back to them anytime soon, please don't send me anything less than a paragraph unless we're talking or discussing ok?2. Just because he's called "The Dark Trainer" doesn't mean he's only going to use Dark type pokemon, there's types he'll use and types he won't and some in between. So please don't assume he'll only have Dark types.3. I don't mind mature themes, they're pretty welcome and I'm pretty open so keep that in mind. As long as there's some sort of story to it I'm down for whatever.4. Don't be rude to others on my list or myself unless it's in character, I understand that characters can be rude but don't take things to far alright?5. Do not rush me for replies, I can't stand that. I'm not on everyday and there will be times where I'm not on for more than one. I'll get to replies when I'm able to! Same goes for me however, I won't be rushing for replies. If you see me more active in stream that's more than likely I'm mobile and that's where I'll be fairly active most of the time.

Dredge ☨The Dark Trainer☨

11/26/2022 07:40 PM 

Basic information on Dredge

Name: DredgeLast: StonewellAge: 23Gender: MaleSexuality: Bi, women preferredSpecies: UnknownHeight: 6'02"Weight: 142 lbsHair color: BlackEye color: Black and YellowBody type: AthleticSkin color: Somewhat paleScar(s): More than a handfulTattoo(s): Left arm death sleeveTypes of Pokemon preferred: Ghost, Dark, FIghting, Rock, FIre, Steel and Poison.Types of Pokemon that are fairly disliked: Psychic, Fairy, Water and Flying.

Eldritch God

11/25/2022 08:48 PM 

This Fffire - An Atsuma Story
Current mood:  amorous

"Do you know how it feels, to fall from so high up...? At first, it feels very direct. But the longer it goes, the more it feels like you're flying before you hit the ground. But you know what hurt worst? The words they said before you threw me out of that plane."Atsuma had a new obsession today, a nonbinary influencer on social media. He had taken the liberty of reacting, commenting, directly messaging this person at a near constant. Nothing vulgar, just kind words in hopes of being accepted into their circle. It would've been a start for him, were it so easy. Though, one day, it paid off. He got a response back from them, an invitation to go on a vacation with them somewhere exotic. He couldn't remember where, nor did he care where it was. He just wanted to be close to them. All that effort finally paid off, in his eyes. So, he readied himself up and made his way to the private airport, where he saw the one he had pined for so long. Though when he got closer, he was blocked by a larger male, a bodyguard."Keep your distance, man." The bodyguard said. Atsuma begrudgingly nodded before being ushered into the plane, assigned a seat across from the influencer known as 'Umber'. That was the name they went by. He was overjoyed to be this close, and hoped this was the start of something wonderful. Umber decided to spark up conversation."Atsuma, right? You've been...Pretty up to date in my DM's, and activity on my profiles for a while, now." They said."Of course! I'm really your biggest fan. I buy each bit of merch you put out, and have donated generously on occasion. I sincerely love what you do, Umber." He replies, rather eagerly."Yeah, yeah, I know you do. Enjoy the flight." They said, looking over at the bodyguard before glancing out the window.They were waiting for something, until they picked up something on their headset. Gesturing to the bodyguard, Atsuma watching expectantly before the bodyguard approached him and grabbed him."Hey, what are you doing?" He called."It's your stop, bud." The Bodyguard said, pulling Atsuma, who began to struggle nervously, looked over to Umber and called when he heard the hatch open. Already aware of what was happening next for him."Umber, what's happening?! I thought we were going on vacation together, this isn't what you told me! Why would you lie to me?"Umber chuckled at his pleading. "Yeah, a trip to Japan for me, and cold, hard, japanese concrete for you. This is what I want. Rory, throw this f***ing freak out already, would you?"The Bodyguard nodded, despite Atsuma's thrashing, he was finally thrown out of the plane, the bodyguard shutting the hatch and walking off. Umber laughing at the display. "If only I could've recorded that."Of course, it wasn't the end of Atsuma, far from it.He crashed, every bone of his was broken, his head smashed, only for a moment after, his broken body reassembled, the excess blood burning away as he regained mobility and sluggishly stood back up. Tears streamed down his face, though his sobs were abnormal, instead, they were pained fits of laughter as he walked, much to the horror of bystanders that witnessed the display. But their attempts to report the incident were futile, as Atsuma picked up momentum and was nowhere to be found.In a hotel room, sat two bodyguards, Umber's Bodyguards, idly chatting in a room on their phones."Why'd they tell us to hang back?""Man, it's just a talk show, chill out. We got rid of the one freak, they're safe, now.""Alright, I'm going to grab a snack, want anything?""You know what-- Get me one of those breads."The bodyguard nodded and left the hotel room, taking the elevator down to the bottom floor and visited the vending machines. Noticing the concierge didn't greet him when he made his way down and noticing they were nowhere to be seen. Taking out his wallet, making the selections and paying for them, noticing a figure behind him, motionlessly standing."I'll be outta your way, just grabbin' a treat." He said, taking the snacks and looking back.It was the concierge, the sockets where his eyes used to be were gouged out, black liquid oozed from his ears, eye sockets, and mouth."What the f--"  His speech was cut short when black, serrated tendril shot out from the standing corpse and went for him, immediately leaping away and beginning to run to the elevator, rapidly pressing the button for it to open. "F***ing, come on, come on, open!" He said in a panic. His wish was granted, the doors open, only for mangled bodies of policemen to be hanging by tendrils coiling around it, the gaping eyes of ones head were tracking the bodyguard. "" Was all that gurgled out from its severed head, black fluid pouring out of its mouth, it's eyes rolling back."F***--" The bodyguard immediately bolted for the stairs, a cold sweat drenching him, the sensation of goosebumps could not even be expressed properly, he retreated up the stairs in attempt to find the door that lead to the halls of his room. Relief washing over him when he saw the door, and immediately burst through it, only to find himself in the bloodied elevator, the mechanism moving as he tried to stop the elevator, grabbing his phone to call the other bodyguard in the room. When the elevator doors opened, there stood Atsuma, grinning.In the hotel room, the doorknob was being fiddled with before it opened."Bout time you got back, what took--" The bodyguard looked over, only for his eyes to widen in shock at Atsuma walking in, covered in black fluid and blood. "--I-I threw you out the f***ing plane, how?!""Do you know how it feels, to fall from so high up...? At first, it feels very direct. But the longer it goes, the more it feels like you're flying before you hit the ground. But you know what hurt worst? The words they said before you threw me out of that plane." He said, slowly, methodically approaching the bodyguard, holding out his hand, serrated tentacles bursting from the wall, binding the bodyguard with one tendril paying particular attention to winding itself up around his neck in preparation for decapitation."I'm feeling nice, Rory, was it? I'm willing to spare your life if you just tell me one thing."The bodyguard, now being asphyxiated, struggled to speak, barely even straining to nod in agreement to what Atsuma was offering. Atsuma smiling and leaning closer to the bodyguard, his green eyes burning like a passionate flame."Where. Is. Umber?" 

Atsuma, Yandere, Story, Writing, Sample, Writing Sample


11/25/2022 05:27 PM 

My Ship List

This is a list I created of ships I have done and enjoyed a lot with this character in regards to my significant others.      Leon S. Kennedy  Rose worked with the D.S.O as they fought against Umbrella. She was an assistant to Ingrid Hunnigan as well as a gifted, decorated and talented field agent. She worked beside the likes of Chris Redfield, Rebbeca Chambers and, Sherry Birkin before she worked beside Leon S. Kennedy.                                                                 Dante, Son Of SpardaRose worked with the likes of Dante for a while, being his secretary hired by Morrison; She was also working in the field with Lady and Trish before she was ever hired in to the Devil May Cry business. She is comitted to exterminating demons, given that she likes the human world.   Alucard, Hellsing's TRUMP Card  Rose worked for the Hellsing organization; killing vampires with the infamous Alucard. She enjoyed her work as not only was she working with Alucard to exterminate Vampires; but she was also one of the people he spent time with because she was as fascinating to him as he was to her. The two have a really interesting friendship as Rose isn't exactly human, but she's not a vampire either.                      John Constantine   Rose's relationship with John Constantine was originally just business, however pleasure followed as usual. The two of course have an interesting relationship, given that they're merely friend with Benefits due to their own personal demons and lives. The two are still close to this very day.  Dante, Son Of Sparda  Rose has a very interesting relationship with Dante. As the two grew up together, Dante was always her protector and as she got older, she took the role of his protector, aiding in his various escapes from Limbo. The two formed an very strong bond, as they originally were friends with benefits as they agreed to not get closer to one anotherin case of danger that would possibly lead to death. Rose was a stripper at the Devil's Dalliance and was Dante's regular lay.  Dracula  Rose's relationship with Dracula is very...interesting, given that they both fought one another and she yeilded. He found her strength and determination to be useful to him as he needed someone who knew the modern world. He found her intelligence intriguing as well as her indifference to him being a vampire; he feeds off of her very often with her permission of course. Their relationship isn't exactly romantic, however Rose has a desire to protect him at all costs.  The Joker  Rose's relationship with The Joker is one filled with romance and abuse; given that he's not one to enjoy failure, she often works along side him, being his number two and most trusted hitwoman, of course if he said jump, she'd gladly do so.  Vergil, Son Of Sparda  Rose trained under the likes of Vergil, in return she aided in his escape from the underworld. The two were close friends, both enjoyed discussing literature as well as sword mastery and weapon proficiency; they have an interesting and unemotional relationship, however their relationship is one with mutual intelligence and understanding of one another. They have an Intellectual bond.                                                            Nero,The Young HunterRose's Relationship with Nero is rather different from any other, granted they both love food and of course he knows a secret that no other hunter, or male does and that is Rose will do anything for food, specifically her favorite meal as long as one is willing to either pay or prepare it for her. Nero's relationship with her is romantic, however the two have neither kissed nor been intimate, this is because the two don't exactly know where to start for a fully romantic relationship.  Vergil, Son Of Sparda  Rose trained under vergil, howver the two were inseperable in school as the two were in private school together. They would playfully compete with one another given their talents were outmatched to others; Rose's Intelligence showed when it came to hacking as well as coding, of course it had been Vergil that hired her on to make sure that his security system was unhackable. She was a very huge asset to The Order.   V In 2077, Rose goes by the alias of "R", She is a known Netrunner and Cyberninja that works for Rogue within the Afterlife; she is typically a dancer, along with a waitress and her relationship with Rogue is that of a mother, daughter relationship. Her relationship with V starts out as that of mere friends but as their relationship of course progressed, the two became romantically involved. It is later revealed that "R" was also involved with Johnny Silverhand as she was one of his many side chicks.  sebastian castellanos Rose's relationship with Sebastian is that of strictly business, however it doesn't stop her from flirting with him every once in a while. He has given her plenty of reason to flirt, of course the two often make jokes, or go out drinking and just enjoying one another's company when they feel miserable. Afterall, Misery loves company.    Spike Rose's relationship with Spike is a dangerous thing to talk about; this is because of the fact that she's not human and has caught the bloody poet's eyes a few times over the centuries. Her anger and off the rails bouts of rage are what he seems attracted to, aside from the fact that this woman can handle her liquor and she can throw a punch that feels like a hammer to your face.   Loki Rose's relationship with Loki is a very odd one, given that she's the goddess of Poisons  and Sorrow, while Loki is the god of Mischief. The two often cross eachother's paths, of course given that Rose has a friendship with the likes of Tony Stark and Dr. Steven Strange, Loki acts like he's disgusted by the "Pink haired Vixen." as he calls her, however it is quite the opposite.    Zagreus Given they both are greek Pantheons, the two have a very interesting relationship, given that she's the goddess of Sorrow and, Poisons while he's the god of Rebirth and the hunt. She has more than once found herself staring out in space when in truth she's looking at him and day dreaming. He is kind to her and doesn't treat her like a disgusting goddess like the others. In fact she thinks it is due to the fact that Nyx is her mother and nothing more, however she does not realize that this is not exactly the case.  Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez Rose often works at Urahara's shop, typically helping fill orders and such.She typically workes with Grimmjow, trying to teach him how to control his temper; the two are rather fond of one another, though they have not made moves due to the fact that their species are at odds with one another. Granted Rose is a Goddess and Grimmjow is an Arrancar, the two often battle themselves over their feelings towards one another.  Sephiroth Rose's relationship with Sephiroth is really interesting, given that she worked as a turk and he was a first soldier. The two would often interact outside of work as he would go with Zack and Angeal out to the local pub; where Rose would often go after work with some of the girls. Rose's job was of course to file paperwork and to be on the field with Sephiroth. The two have a mutual relationship as Rose will often fight beside Sephiroth, of course off the filed and on their down time, Rose very often would invite Sephiroth to do things as friends, such as going to the theatre or going to her apartment with Zack and Angeal to play card games. Sephiroth is the only person that Rose ever truly let close.  Harley Quinn Rose has a unique relationship with Harley Quinn, given that the two worked together in the past; the two were so close that their friendship became something else. Of course in Rose's own words, Harley was the one that got away, given that Harley brought out the best in her and aided her in being the level headed and confident woman that she is today. 


11/25/2022 05:26 PM 

Writing Sample

There is no exquisite beauty…without some strangeness in the proportion. The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results-Albert Einstein This was very much the same thing for the Goddess of Sorrow. Wanting to try doing the same thing with different results; There was something rather exciting with every single time she did so. It wasn’t something that she’d normally express, there would be times within her club that people would get into fights, and she’d get in the middle, even going so far as to banning them from the premises. Achlys herself prided herself in her club, in her new alias and in the life she had in the modern world. She enjoyed the massive cathedral and the music of Metal and industrial. She loved watching those who worked for her enjoying themselves and having fun with their roles, she enjoyed the Nuns, the Priests, the Angels and the devil’s having a blast. She watched closely as the angels and devils danced in cages and on the poles, making sure that they weren’t touched, grabbed or anything, she had made it her prerogative to ban anyone from the premises that would attempt to use date rape drugs among other things on the females within the club. There was a major difference if it happened to her as she wasn’t mortal, oh she’d pretend and then it was play time with the man who attempted to do so. She wasn’t just the goddess of sorrow, she was the goddess of poisons and she knew that the homemade lotions and perfumes she created from the deadly plants would instantly kill any man that touched her, this was why she would cover herself in deadly nightshade and apply her nail polish made with rattlesnake venom and her lipgloss infused with black widow venom. She was lucky that she knew how to hide bodies, she wasn’t one to be touched, not unless she beckoned to you with welcome arms, and if she didn’t, if she wore these deadly items, then you were a goner.Being a femme fatal had it’s advanteges and she took them every chance she got. Much like that of tonight, when some macho man who thought he could bed any of the female patrons in the club, had come her way, he was tall, fairly muscular with black hair and bright piercing blue eyes, wearing a pair of blue jeans, a black T-shirt and a pair of work boots; and this man was eyeing her up and down, as if she were a piece of cake, just waiting to be gobbled up. Rose wore her favorite outfit; A black PVC dress with a short skirt, Demonia high heels and her favorite magenta pink faux fur jacket, long hair down as she drank her usual drink of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and vanilla coke as she sat at the bar, after talking with the bartender she had hired. She hadn’t noticed the man behind her until he sat beside her, watching her before ordering his own drink, just jack Daniel’s on the rocks. His piercing blue eyes stared at her before he decided to muster up the courage to speak to her, and this was when the pinkette would gage the situation as to whether or not he was a piece of garbage or if he wasn’t. And tonight Rose was going to find that not every guy that comes into her club is a piece of garbage. The bartender kept a close eye on the two, even though he was working, and he listened to their conversation which went like this: Patron: “Hello there, I’m sorry if I’m interrupting you, but I was wondering if you’d like to dance after we drink?” Rose: “Certainly, hey Mitch, I’m going to go dance with this fine gentleman.” She mused as the bartender gave her a nod as he took their glasses and put them to be washed. The two started to dance as the song Eternally yours by Motionless in White played. Rose enjoyed herself with the male, as they chatted a bit more, she found that his name was Mike and he wanted to be a bouncer for her club and that he was supposed to be there before they opened but had run late due to construction work. She couldn’t help but smile as she spoke with him; She couldn’t help but admire his honesty as they continued to speak. “So, why do you want to work at my club?” She asked, tilting her head to the side as they danced and swayed to the music. He gave a small smile as he suddenly responded. “Well, this club is like a second home, and you guys are always good to my sister, so I figured that I’d be here and be like a protective brother, ya know?” He asked as Rose gave a small nod of her head. “So, you’re Sapphire's big brother, Mike huh?” She was amused as she continued to dance with him on the dancefloor. “Yeah, she says this place is great and the people here are like family, so I figured that I’d ya know, apply?” He was honest, Rose would give him that, and he was obviously kind and worried about his little sister, so of course Rose had to think about what she was going to do next. She liked Mike and she possibly intended on keeping him around, if he was really interested in the family atmosphere that Rose gave within her club. ”Alright, come up with me to my office, I’ll have you sign a couple papers, you know, the usual, background check, all that.” she was very adamant on keeping it strictly business, and she saw Sapphire eyeing the two of them as she handed out drinks from the bar. Sapphire came over and of course looked between Rose and Mike. “Mike, why are you here?” She asked in a whisper as Mike gave a smile towards his sister. “Well, I’m getting a job as a bouncer. Gotta do something to protect you lovely ladies, right?” He asked, chuckling as Sapphire rolled her eyes at her brother. “Fine, but don’t embarrass me, this place is like family, and Rose is awesome, she’s the best boss I’ve ever had, so be polite.” Sapphire scolded her big brother who only chuckled more and glanced at Rose. “I think we’re doing good sis.” He mused as Rose gave a smile. “Yeah, he’s in good hands Sapphire, don’t worry.” Rose admits as she nods up towards the stairs beside the dj booth. “Let's discuss business and what you can offer to Lip Service.” The two spoke for at least three hours, of course the interview was nothing but professional; and the two obviously enjoyed each other's company. The two had a rather formal interview before he left and Sapphire came into the room to ask Rose a serious question. “Are you really going to hire my brother?” she asked honestly, as Rose gave a shrug of her shoulders. “Only time can tell, and Mike’s rather pleasant, I like him.” she admits honestly, which causes Sapphire to ease up, her shoulders slouch in a relaxed manner as she smiles. “Good, I’m glad; he’s going to be ecstatic if he gets the job.” Sapphire responds as Rose faxes over the documents, requesting the background check and such. “He should be, if things come out clear, which they should be, your brother will be our second bouncer and I won’t have to be the harsh boss that I am all the time.” she admits as Sapphire nods her head. “I know, you do things to protect us girls and the other patrons, you’re our hero, but you don’t have to be doing it anymore, because two bouncers is better than one right?” Sapphire asked as Rose gave a nod of her head. She enjoyed it but at the same time loathed it, and didn’t want to do it anymore. The pinkette looked at the paperwork as Sapphire sat down in the chair in front of the mahogany desk. Rose glanced over at Sapphire from the top of the papers and suddenly decided to ask her a serious question. ”Is your brother really single?”


11/25/2022 05:24 PM 

Rules Etc.

RULES No drama, hate, gossip, competition or Immature behavior. I have dealt with it in school, and I don't want to deal with it in roleplay. No Bigotry, no closed minded people, no minors or minor aged characters. I'm not interested in pedophilia or pedophile behavior. If you want to write a minor in a relationship with an adult- do not come around me. Grammar and proper Punctuation, I want people who remember how to write drafts and how to edit their writing before sending it. No copy pastas and, please don't send me a half a s s e d reply or starter that is a self insert for a verse rp either. English speaking writers only. As I am from the US, I would rather write with people who are literate in English and know the language. I am not always active, I have more than one account, so I might be on one more than another. I have a life, I have a family and have chores and work, my life does not revolve around roleplay, our interactions or you. I Multi-ship, if you don't like that, then don't add me, like at all. I don't tolerate people well, Sometimes human interactions can drain me and burn me out within a couple hours. I am a 25+ account, this is because I would rather write with adults around my age than with people younger than me. I am not a creep, sorry not sorry. Depending upon the verse, I write a lot of triggering themes along with using explicit and adult language and situations. This account is not an E r o/ s m u t place. Keep that crap away from me. Obviously no God modding or controlling my character. No, I don't write pvp, I am retired. I write fighting scenes against a wave of enemies that my partner and I will encounter. If you cannot be civil with me, if you cannot keep any issues with me you have between us, then please don't bother adding me, I don't need or desire to be surrounded by fake and flaky people. If you don't like me, then just don't add me. I'm here to write, not deal with insignificant drama that could easily be ignored and handled like civilized adults. If you don't want to act like an adult, don't add me. I have discord, however I make it clear that I only add people after knowing them longer than two weeks. This is due to drama with a girl who verbally lashed out at me while playing victim and twisting s h i t around. I don't play games like that. If you are seeking attention, gratification, popularity, competition or drama, do not add me. I am not here for that. Take as much time as you need to respond, just give me the same treatment and we'll be solid. I only write in third person and in character. Do not send me messages asking me if I would like to Role play, ship, or messages where your character invades my characters personal space, this means touching, grabbing, etc. This will get you blocked. I hate children/ minor characters, don't come at me asking for my character to adopt yours. Kids realistically are costly, needy, dirty, selfish and annoying. I just don't like adults who write as kids and put them in dangerous situations as my characters typically are put into dangerous situations and I just don’t feel like having kids tagging along and dying on my character. I have an intense hatred for people who assume things and start rumors and lies for clout. If you’re here to clout chase or gain popularity points then we’re not gonna get along and you’re not going to have a good time.  I write drafts, I have an editor/ reader who spell checks for me, I put in a lot of work in my writing and I make sure that there's minimal errors on my end.  If you want a connection with my character, then either you work on it or you give me time to work on it on my end, don't go behind my back being like "She doesn't want to rp with me, lol" while I'm LITERALLY bending myself backwards working on informatrion YOU should work on yourself.  I respect that you're a Straight Female and I'm not your type, please respect that you're not my type.  If I am civil and Nice to you, it means I see you as a person, Please treat me with the same respect.  Yes, I write LGBTQ+ and Straight Characters, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM HERE TO BE FETISHIZED. You do this and pull an Entitlement card on me, I will block you faster than you can say FEAR TURKEY. I only write with English speaking  writers or writers whose  primary  language  is  English. This is very much  due to language  barriers  from other countries.  GUIDELINES Selectiveness: I am semi-selective on who I RP with, don’t take this as thinking that I dislike you or your character, it solely has to do with personal taste and opinion. Grammar/punctuation: I really prefer to have proper grammar in the posts that I read. I don’t expect anyone to a perfect grasp on it, but at least know the basics of it. The same goes with punctuation, this is even more important than grammar. Reading a long post without dots, comma’s and quotation marks to break up sentences and spoken words is a real hassle. OC Friendly: OCs are perfectly welcome and encouraged even, my only request is that you actually have a well written, grounded and detailed OC, having an OC that fills in the same character in different fandoms is just not interesting to me.  Canon Friendly: Personally I’d love to interact with canon characters, regardless of who they are. But at least play the character properly to their known characterization, AUs (Alternate Universes) are fine. RP Starters: Starters are typically posted through messages, while it is preferable to discuss a setting and theme first through comments, I do not mind random RP starters so long that they have a clear setting; location, day of time, weather (if outside), etc.  RP Threads: Once a starter has been made and I have replied to it, reply to the response that I made. Don’t send the following post in messages, this can be very confusing, especially because I like to read up my last post before your reply. I have no limitations to RP length, posts will vary in length depending on the situation but at least try to keep it to one paragraph.  Metagaming: Don’t do this, seriously, do not do this. Nothing irks me more than having metagaming in a roleplay. Metagaming is when you OOCly know things your character should not know, yet have your character know.  Godmodding: Same as Metagaming, do not do this. Godmodding comes in many ways, but prime examples are; having your character be invulnerable to any kind of attack, no matter how powerful. Or having your post assume something that my character would do, such as “He looks at her with fire in his eyes, he can see her shrink in fear before her”. Don’t force-ship: I am not particularly interested in shipping my characters with those of anyone else, on the rare occasion that I do means that they are a special exception due to specific reasons between me and their player. I also hate people who go out of their way to attack others because they don't write the ship the way they want. No NSFW RP: While adult themes are allowed, don’t expect anything lewd to ever happen in any of the RPs.  Adults Only: This is obvious, If I think your character is underage by how they look, I will deny you. I'm not sorry for this at all. It's mostly to protect myself and this is why I'm selective AF. Aside from adults writing minor aged characters and shipping with legal adult characters.  Mun Vs Muse: If you have issues differenciating the mun from the muse, don't add me as If we're close I will tell you about myself irl, however if you decide that I am my muse, bye, see ya, the clown make up and the outfit are at the door. Busy Vs Procrastination: Generally I am busy as I have a life outside of this hobby, I don't play games and I certainly am not here to do so with people. I don't always rp, as I am a gamer.  Relationships and RP: I'm looking for platonic relationships irl, I'm not interested in romantic relationships, this is because I am in a relationship irl with two fellow rpers, so if you assume that our relationship in rp is cheating, don't add me as we both view rp as fantasy and if you fall inlove with me irl, that's your own problem.  Personal Info: Yes, I'm 29, going on into my 30's. Yes I am in a Poly relationship, yes I am comitted to my partners, Yes I suffer from Bipolar, ADHD, OCD, PTSD and Depression, Yes I am physically disabled. Yes, I am a RP myspace Veteran (2004-2009), Yes I am mixed race but am white passing due to my european heratige. Yes  I am Demisexual, yes I have trauma which is why I am on the asexual spectrum, No, I don't use my mental issues, Race, or my physical issues or class status as an excuse to be a s h i t person. No, I don't view anyone as less than a person or a human, I think it's gross to be xenophobic and Phobic in general. Go easy on me: I am a caffine addict, I get hyper when talking to others, Coffee literally runs through my veins. I was raised to be blunt and brutally honest and speak my mind and have my own opinions,  I try to get to know my writing partners and see if we mesh well before roleplaying, this is very much due to what I was taught by the RPERS before my generation.  I'm a real person behind the screen: I have feelings, I lash out verbally and I will treat you how you treat me. I don't like people who don't see me as anything other than competition because I'm far beyond that s h i t. If you have an issue with me, take it up with me civilly, but don't act like a f u c k i n g child. I'm NOT Straight and I am NOT Female:  I don't consider myself female, I hate people putting me in a box, depending on gender, race, orientation or how much money I make etc. Personally, I don't do the whole gender thing, I go by They/Them because sometimes I feel female and sometimes I feel male. I write both sexes, this is why I go by they/them. I hate people who think their superior to someone else, if you can't accept my pronouns and  misgender me, you can f u c k off. I don't consider myself straight either, I may lean towards males more than females, however this doesn't mean that I don't value women or men and I don't see them as a man or woman, if you're trans I consider you the gender you want to be viewed and I respect your pronouns and your name. Because you're a f u c k i n g human and deserve to be treated with the respect. Just remember to treat me with the same respect. I'm Pagan: My deities are Hades and Persephone. Please be respectful, don't try to convert me to christianity etc. I don't do that with paganism, as I beileve that everyone is free to believe whatever they want, however if you can't be respectful and can't understand boundaries don't add me. This is a Hobby for me: It's the same with video games, reading and playing gitaur. their hobbies, don't treat it like a job, don't give me deadlines, Time is precious, however my views on time differ to yours. I don't take kindly to pressure.  This is purely fantasy: Don't get attached to me. If you get attached to me, that's your own fault and your own problem.  Like me or don't like me:  If you like me, cool, if you don't like me, cool. I honestly don't care, it's your opinion as I'm not here to be liked or to be popular, hell I'm just here to write and have fun. my main focus is writing and interacting as the character, not chit chatting, not discussing.  Interactions: I prefer writers who introduce their character in character and being descriptive while you set the scene, don't just ask me if I'd like to rp, don't even bother with me because you'll get the response of "that's why I made the account." I prefer people who set the "stage" and introduce their character by describing their appearance and their attire before extending their hand and being like "My Name is ____, what is yours?" I don't discuss, I'm old school. If you have an idea write it out, write a draft, give a proper character introduction, or don't bother adding me, that simple.  Boundaries: Don't ask me about my traumas or assume. Don't invade my character's personal space. Don't ask me for private information( I.E Name, location, phone number, email). Don't make fun of me, make up stories, gossip about me or attempt to harass me, like at all, if you do I will consider it as cyberbullying.  Original Verse Inspired by These Verses Vampire  the masquerade Devil May Cry Bayonetta  Demon The Fallen  American  Gods Hellblazer  The Sandman verses I am not interested  in  Anime/manga (Naruto, Chainsawman, death note etc.), BLEACH, GUNGRAVE and HELLSING are my bread and butter though.  RPG(Persona, kingdom  Hearts, Final Fantasy etc.) Webtoons (all of them)     Genres Supernatural  Comic Video  game  Horror Gothic Fantasy Greek Mythology Modern Historical   Themes: Modern, Cyberpunk, Supernatural, Noir, Heaven and Hell, Crime syndicate/ Gangs   Settings: Night City, Seattle, Santa Monica, Deseo City   Locations: Club/ Bar, City Streets, coffee shop, Penthouse, Karaoke Bar   Seasons: Fall/Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer   Weather: Sunny, Snowy, Rainy, Hail, Windy   Triggers: alcohol/ drug use, Adult/ explicit Language, Violent themes    Rating: Mature To Adult   Age Range for RPing with me: 25+   writers notes  character is Demisexual with a male lean. character is the greek goddess Achlys, Daughter of Nyx. character can be part of the following verses: The Percy Jackson series,HADES, Hercules(Disney and live action television show), Xena: Warrior princess, Disney Descendants and crossover into the Ricean territory of literature. Character is of my personal portrayal from the tabletops: World of Darkness/ Demon The Fallen/ Vampire The Masquerade and Cyberpunk. Character is a goddess and is over the age of 18. No, I don't write Lewd, No I don't write s m u t/ E r o. this character is a serial flirt, she flirts with both men and women, however it's just part of her business as in making and keeping her clientele happy.   Headcanons  It is a known fact that Achlys loves cockroaches and spiders, in fact she has some as pets; she has a tarantula named Charlotte and a cockroach just named Roach. Her favorite fabrics are leather and silk, in fact she very often wears the two together in her attire. Her favorite colors are Black, Purple, Blue and Grey. Her aesthetic is that of Bubblegum Goth or Bubblegoth. She likes music such as Metal, Rock and Industrial. Her favorite meal is a cheeseburger with jalapenos, ghost pepper sauce and a side of onion fries with a glass of jack Daniel’s and coke. Her favorite movies are horror and gore fests, though she will gladly sit down and watch Legally Blonde as a guilty pleasure. She Will never admit it but she has degrees in Law as well as Business and Economics.


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My stipulations for writing with my fine a s s .

1. You must be a legal adult. This means that your character must be a legal adult as well.2. You must not be associated with 금사과 /iMPERFECT🔑REPLiCA on here or discord, like at all. If you are then don't talk about her to me, she's a serious Trigger for me as she has lied about my character and me as a writer because she sees me as competition and someone in the way of her being "popular" Oh, she's also talked crap about my mutual friends as well as being an all around trashy person outside of rp. If she knows we're talking, she wants to know every detail of what we have spoken and what I have said in regards to her.. she is a control freak and has threatened a lot of my friends on here to the point that they have left. That's all I am going to say on the matter because people on here enabled her toxic behavior and let her get away with hurting others she feels are competition for her to get laid or get a boyfriend/ "husbando".3. You must read my rules and accept them, sending a request means that you accept my rules and my stipulations. In general...I would like to meet Anyone who isn't associated with or is the account holder for 금사과 /iMPERFECT🔑REPLiCA. 


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Blog Directory

Here's a way to access all my blog posts :)As far as fandom plots I will not have plots for every fandom I am in as some I don't have plots for though I will add those we make up together to it.A) Information 1)Fandoms and Verses I Role Play 2)Rules (Please Read)3)Characters I role play as from various fandoms and versesB)Plots1)Original Plot Ideas2)Little Nightmares Plots3)Danganronpa Plots4)Disney and Fairy Tale PlotsC)Maps1)Into The Fantasy World Map


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Into The Fantasy World Map

We don't need to use this map. It's optional but I thought I'd make it. I'll add to it as time goes on but feel free to make suggestions.A)Calidum Solem - A desert-like area which people survive by fighting. They have been given several decades of drought. A king lives here who looks for his bride to be.A1)Sol Altus - The City made of stone which the king and several people live in.A2)Temple of Fire - A temple in which the fire god causing the drought has been at. Those that worship him have been living at.A3)Cavern of The Undeserved - A cavern in which people have been killed constantly by what lies within.A4)Palgathan - A city for people whose relatives that worship the fire god have been forced to live at. They don’t worship the fire god and have been researching a way for its destruction.A5)Horizon’s Fall - A town for merchants that is by the ocean. They have boats to and from Aqua Alta. An old lady who works at the lighthouse is there.A6)The Coliseum - A place where people fight each other to earn moneyA7)The Searcher’s Guild - A place for people who search for people of interest. They have been looking for the ‘God Slayer’.A8)The Praetorium - An enemy nation that wishes to take over the world has set up camp here. It is said to hold an ancient evil.—-B)Aqua Alta - A seaside area which people survive through fishing and fighting.B1)Piratae Portus - A seaside city which is mostly known for fishing and pirates. There are pirates which have become good and there are pirates which are evil.B2)Satasha - A place where the evil pirates stay and where the water god is worshiped.B3)The Last Stand - A place where a person once killed the earth god. A town has recently been put over the area with a statue of the person responsible for its defeat.B4)The Lost Souls - A place where those deemed unable to be saved stay. They worship the earth god due to them being abandoned by society. They have been altered physically by the god.B5)The Summoner’s Guild - A guild used for summoning creatures but makes them able to be controlled.B6)The City of Toria - A city where beings of darkness reside. They are shunned by society due to misunderstanding.—-C)Silva Silvarum - A forest area which is home to many species. Fairies, Creatures of Darkness, and people live in peace.C1)Silva Urbs - A city made from pieces of the forest. They do not allow technology or anyone who uses fire in the area.C2)Fairy Fields - A field where fairies have been working to overthrow the leader of Silva Silvarum. Their Queen, Titania, is leading the charge to take over it.C3)The Thunder Plains - A place where the god of thunder resides. He judges all who go near to see if they are fit. He only wants his people to not be killed.C4)The Coil - A place where an ancient evil resides. One which was frozen 4 years ago.—D)Glacialis Agri - A icy area where all live in fear of creatures and the gods. Yet they worship their own god. One which is unknown to all for now. Outsiders are not allowed in certain portions of it.D1)Camp Ice - A place where the ice goddess is worshiped. Many of Glacialis Agri are against her.D2)Camp Falcon - A place where outsiders are not allowed unless given permission. They do work for the king of Hiems MaliD3)Hiems Mali - A city made of stone which the king rules all. Many people are thrown in jail for being ‘Heretics’ by underlings. Many he doesn’t talk to.—E)Lost Wasteland - A place where not many stay as it is rather difficult to survive there. However many people have made it work somehow.E1)Hawken Nest - A place where many adventurers stay and live. They work with each other and survive.E2)Fields of Crystal - A field made of crystals which is tough to get through yet adventurers made it work.E3)Crystal Tower - A tower where an ancient evil resides.


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Disney/Fairy Tale Plots

A) Aladdin1)Jafar Wins - What if Aladdin gets killed and Jafar takes over agrabah. What would you do?2)Role Swap: Hero/Villain - What if Jafar was a misunderstood hero and Aladdin was the villain? What would happen?–B) Alice In Wonderland1)Into Wonderland - What if you were forced into Wonderland? What would you do?2)Alice is Evil - What if Alice was evil and actually harmed Wonderland by being there? How could you stop her?3)Queen of Hearts Backstory - What if the queen of hearts was actually once good but became evil because of some unknown events? Go through these events and the aftermath!–C) Beauty and The Beast1)Beast Loses - What if Gaston actually won and became a tyrant of the city? Who would rise up to stop him?—D) Cinderella1)Stolen Wand - What if the evil stepmother got the wand. What chaos would unfold?2)Taking Her Place - What if our characters are forced to take Cinderella’s place at the ball and stay with them? Could we save Cinderella? Could we try to reason with the stepsisters?—E) Incredibles1)Syndrome Wins - What if Syndrome actually won? What would happen?2)New Heroes - What would happen if new heroes arose and stopped Syndrome? How would that affect things?—F) Monster’s Inc1)Human Turned Monster - What if our characters ended up in Monstropolis and became monsters upon appearing in there? What would happen?—G) Mulan—H) Peter Pan1)Hook Backstory - What if Hook was once a good person? Go through his backstory and how he becomes evil…2)Peter is Evil - What if Peter tries to kidnap people and make them live there? How would things happen?—I) Pinocchio1)The Consequences of Pleasure Island - What if you learned what happened on pleasure island and wanted to stop them and free the kids?—-J) Pirates of The Caribbean1)Davy Jones Wins - What if Davy Jones won at the end of ‘At World's End’? How would that change things?—-K) Rapunzel/Tangled1)Gothel is the Evil Queen From Snow White - What if as our characters try to rescue Rapunzel we learn of Mother Gothel’s past as the Evil Queen of a nation that mysteriously disappeared?—-L) Sleeping Beauty1)Maleficent Backstory - Learn Maleficent’s backstory and how she became evil2)Maleficent Won - Maleficent won. New people try to stop her now. What will happen?—M) Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs1)The Apple - What if she didn’t bite the apple? How would things work out differently?—-N) The Hunchback of Notre Dame1)Frollo Won - What if Frollo won? New heroes rise up to stop his tyranny…2)Frollo Backstory - What if Frollo was once a good person who didn’t hate gypsies? Learn what happened to cause his corruption and hatred towards Gypsies…—O) The Little Mermaid1)Ursula Backstory - What if Ursula was once good? What would happen to make her evil?—P) The Nightmare Before Christmas1)More Kidnappings? - What if Oogie Boogie kidnapped more than Santa. What if he kidnapped every holiday mascot? How would that change things?—Q) Toy Story1)Human to Toy - What if a human got turned into a toy and learned that they were alive? How would that change things?


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Little Nightmares Plots

A)Little Nightmares 21)The Wilderness: In The World - You’ve landed on the island. What will you do?2)The Wilderness: Trapped - You’ve been captured by the hunter. How will you escape? Do you want to escape?3)The School: Bullied - You’re heading through the school and get bullied. What will you do? Will you fight back? Will you escape? How will you deal with the teacher?4)The School: Controlled - You learn the kids are being controlled. What will you do?5)Hospital: Escape - You’ve entered the hospital after getting wounded. What will you do?6)The City: Escape - Can you escape the thin man?7)The Cycle - Can you break the cycle? Can you save Mono?8)Into The Game - You’re trapped in the game. Can you escape it?—B)Little Nightmares1)Stuck on the Ship - You have been trapped on the ship. What will you do? Can you escape without being killed?


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