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Hasty Producer

06/19/2024 07:19 PM 

God modding + metagaming

it comes in many flavors, but we all know the most common ones where nothing hurts the character or the character is stronger/faster/better just because.Before it was branched off into its own thing, Autoing was a part of it, as was metagaming(b): changing your post after the fact.  No, I don't mean editing to fix spelling and all that.  I mean posts like changing what happened in the post.Remember, using posts where you go for example, no matter how much god modders would like you to believe otherwise:"I throw a punch stronger than anything *insert character* has thrown" or "my *insert element* is *random big number to look impressive* times stronger than *insert planet or well known item related to element and whatever it is tied to*"fall under it as well.  It falls under my character is automatically __ stronger than this thing because I said so.  This also applies to items.  Example: This item from my oc's universe is so strong, it makes this item from a canon verse (let's use the infinity stones) look like cheap jewelry.  Now, your character saying it when it's not the case is different from you outright saying it and playing it out as though that were the case.Has seen this one on someone being praised as a great rper: My sword can ignore everything you have and hurt you anyway, oh, and it can also rewrite the laws of the universe so it can affect you/ my sword destroys all attacks made against me when I hit them, but also any defenses made against it, but also can ignore durability, but also can open dimensional rifts, but also harm gods.  also this: My character has infinite money, stamina, strength, durability, magic and will always get stronger than his opponent as long as he doesn't fight someone the same race as him, but even then... he's still stronger.Metagaming: Using ooc knowledge in character. Pretty simple, no? Most people let the name thing slide which, most characters introduce themselves anyway so that parts generally ignored, but knowing someone's oc?  unless they're specifically tied to a preexisting group in a verse your character is also a part of and is aware of existing then, there is no way your character should know anything about it.The following imply your characters never interacted with such I, as a member of Yusuke Urameshi's new patrol team post Yuyu Hakusho should have ZERO clue wtf a demon slayer pillar is as likewise they should not I, a member of the Akatsuki shouldn't know wtf a Quincy is, much like they shouldn't know what an akatsuki is nor what a genjutsu/kekai genkai is. There are clearly some leeways such as cursed technique because of the word technique, but it depends on your verse.

𝙍𝙤𝙘𝙠 𝘿𝙞𝙣𝙤

06/19/2024 04:31 PM 

Monsters world 100th remake

Getting deleted and remaking [email protected]


06/19/2024 01:45 PM 

New character idea
Current mood:  creative

(Okay I have an idea for another character I'm gonna write a little story blurb introducing him)The Wardo Circus was known far and wide as the most impressive, and extreme traveling circus in the world, and for good reason. Many stunts seemed death-defying, others just outright impossible and the crowds loved it. But while all the members of the show were talented one stood above the rest and was a crowd favorite. People started coming to this circus for the amazing stunts, but they came back for Lois, the newset addition to the show who had quickly become a rising star.Lois was on the shorter side with the body of a twig, so much in fact that one the 'strong men' in the show had joked about being able to snap him in half when being introduced to the rest of the crew. He was a contortionist, able to move his body in ways that would leave most in the hospital. Able to squeeze his body through narrow openings that seemed impossible for anyone to do so. He had started as a side act but after some encouragement from the ringmaster, and some constructive criticism, about his act not being extreme enough, he started modifying his act. Lois had quickly become the next Houdini, with his act consisting of dangerous stunts, and his act quickly grew and with the ringmaster pushing him more and more, he quickly became the biggest, most extreme event in the circus.There was one thing that all of the crew had in common, they lived for the applause, it was like a drug. The more extreme and entertaining the act, the more applause they got. The juggler juggled knives, axes, and things on fire, those on the trapeze use no nets (even though it was most certainly illegal for the circus to not use them), there were fire breathers, and acrobats who flipped off of high beams, and there was Lois. Lois act consisted of a trap, usually high up, usually surrounded by fire, or sharp edges, or something else that excited the crowd and left them on the seats. In some situations that if he didn't contort his body in a specific way would leave him severely injured. Of course, their were still hidden safety, the more the ringmaster pushed him, the more Lois realized, the applause wasn't worth dying for.That left him in a bad position, the ringmaster was, well for starters he owned the circus and expected nothing but the best from his employees. Which wasn't exactly a bad thing, the problem with the ringmaster was that he expected to much. Lois acts were never enough, never dangerous enough, he pushed the others sure, but nothing like how he did with Lois. The ringmaster insisted he was just looking after his prized masterpiece as he referred to Lois. After all he was what was drawing the crowds in and therefor bringing the money in. And he wanted to disappoint the crowd, as the ringmaster phrased it. The ringmaster was protective with Lois. NO that wasn't exactly the right word. He treated Lois more like an object then a person, like a show dog, yes that was EXACTLY what he treated Lois like. On a tight leash only let off it during show time. At first Lois didn't notice, after all he got full meals, nice clothes and good sleeping accommodations while traveling, plus he was living the dream, what more could he want? Well he wanted to live, and to have full control of his body. After a close call last show he had decided enough was enough and he went to the ringmasters office."Come in Lois it seems like you want to speak with me, I'm busy but I can always spare a few minutes for you."The ringmaster said, almost in a mocking tone, in the way a parent would speak to a young child."It's, it's about my act, it's to much, I can't keep going the way I am, I'm gonna get hurt-" The ring master clicked his tongue, Lois sentence hit a nerve, the ringmaster wasn't paying full attention doing paperwork as Lois spoke, but that sentence but there ringmasters full attention on him. The ringmaster scowled for a moment before putting on a fake smile, being a showman it appeared real, one that looked like he showed a bit of concern even, though that was just an act."Lois we talked about this, the crowd loves your act, you don't want to take it away from them. If you're slipping up you just need to practice more." The ringmaster replied standing up, his tone came off in a singsong tone, like he was comforting a small child, it creeped Lois out, but that was just how he treated Lois. The odd thing was, he didn't treat anyone else the way he did with Lois, with others it was just business, but with Lois, he was possessive, when asked about it before the ringmaster simply had just said he was taking extra care in his special investment, but it still made Lois uncomfterable. And that uncomfortableness made him always just want to agree with the ringmaster and leave. But no this time, this time he needed the ringmaster to him."All I do is practice, I sleep, eat, and practice, anytime were not on the road I'm practicing. But it's never enough for you. I, I've been thinking about quitting-" The ringmaster slammed his hands down on the desk and a sticking smile was on his face, one that was hiding his panic, he couldn't have his prized trophy leave, not after all the money he had invested in him. Not after all the money he was MAKING."Don't be silly this  is your home, it's where you belong. Remember we welcomed you into the crew when no one else did. You wouldn't want to leave after all we've done for you right?" Lois nodded as the ringmaster said putting an arm around Lois, and undertone saying that he owed them for welcoming him."Besides you have nowhere else to go, you told me that when you interviewed, besides you love the applause, now then you should get ready you have another show in an hour." The Ring Master said shooing Lois out satisfied that he had but an end to the conversation and any silly thoughts of him leaving.(I would love to hear any thoughts you have about this little blurb, kind of just did it on a whim so let me know what you thought)

#circus, #oc, #roleplay


06/18/2024 07:50 PM 

Dreakarth, A school for demigods (new server searching for members)

Are you interested in joining a Discord roleplay server that's rich in lore, free of overpowered characters, and active around the clock? If you've always wanted to delve into the worlds of gods and goddesses from any pantheon, then Dreakarth is the perfect place for you. This immersive server offers a vibrant community and an engaging roleplaying experience that caters to your creative needs. If Dreakarth sounds like the ideal roleplay environment for you, don't hesitate to reach out. Shoot me a direct message, and I'll be more than happy to send you an invite to our Discord server. Join us in exploring this fantastical world and bringing your characters to life in a dynamic and well-crafted setting.

Rival Gladion

06/18/2024 07:01 PM 


Name: Suichi Minamino (human), Kurama (Real Name), Yoko (Demon name)Age: 17 (human) 300+ (demon)Gender: MaleHeight: 6'Weight: 160 lbsHair Color: Red (Human) Silver (Demon)Eye Color: Green (Human) Gold (Demon)Reborn as Suichi Minamino. Kurama is a soft spoken, polite and kind young man. A Straight A student and a lover of Plants. He had a unique gift of being able to control plantlife. Even making plants grow from seeds in an instant. He may be soft spoken and gentle. But he is a skilled martial artist and isnt afraid to stand up for his friends. And yes. I do mean he was reborn. In his past life. He was a Fox Demon Thief named Yoko. One day in the demon realm. He got careless and wound up getting caught and killed. Vowing to return one day. Before his death. He sent his own soul to find someone suitable to make him a human. His soul would enter the body of a woman named Shiori Minamino and reborn as a human she named Suichi. Not much is known about his Biological Father, but he does have a step father and a step brother. MHA RP:Name: Suichi MinaminoHero Name: KuramaQuirk: BotanyAge: 16Suichi Minamino was granted to go to UA after Pro Hero, Kamui Woods gave him a recommendation. His Quirk is Botany. It gives him total control over plantlife, in an instant, he can cover a battlefield with seeds and grow plants to gigantic sizes to take enemies by surprise. His most iconic weapon is a Rose. He can send blooms out that can slice foes like razor blades and turn a rose into a thorned whip. He may be a sweet and kind boy. But he does gave a dark story from his homelife. His mother Shiori had married a Hereromorph named Yoko and together, they had Suichi. However, unknown to Shiori. Yoko is a villain. Running a mafia like organization of Thieves. Suichi once accidentally stumbled into a meeting he had when he was young and his father nearly killed him with his own plants. He has a strong hatred towards his father and desires to become a hero to take his father down 


06/18/2024 01:45 PM 


Anti-heroName: Ruisu Tenshi EclipseSex: MaleAge:17occupation: Student hero / anti-hero (secretly)Hero and anti hero name:  Phantom dragon / Phantom Oni (Villain name )Quirk: Phantom Dragon (Mother) , Oni (Father)Phantom dragon: Ability to levetation from dragon limited use shadow teleportation, dragonic eyes let's him see in darkness as well  energy blast normally used as breath blast he channel excessive energy throught his weapon's(He don't have transformation ability like his siblings making hims black sheep of family only some traits.)Oni: Super strenght , ehance enduranceEquipment: Oni mask voice changer, dual Katana's customizedBio: Born from hero mother base out family of dragons quirk's and father former villains clan oni label as black sheep of dragon family not able trasnform only having physical traits mutations between eyes as well ability use energy blast amongs other powers, from his father only physical strenght and endurance but still view of that clan as runt of litter being avage looking but physically fit oni quirk being student hero academy under dragon clans name with strings pulled between his mother and aunt to let him study but secretly sneaking out wanting interupt both heros and villains every chance he get.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Villain(same quirk and equipment)Bio: Son well known Villain clan for brutal strenght and former retired heros dragon related to top hero in forbbiden romance giving birth to him now living as villain after hero group attack his father clan even after they remove and retired from fight being lead by his mother's family for revange of disgrace they gain from secret marriage, He joined villains group use work with his father showing him ropes as well setting him up for revange now as well known villain once while picking fight with hero academy but living as normal person only picking contract from some villains group for help before meeting hero picked his interest.   


06/18/2024 09:28 PM 

Good Advice

[Music will start if autoplay is ON]You think that you know moreAbout being, being lonelyBut I get so lonelyNo one's allowed to hold me, hold meFunny I can't help meI know that that sound's ugly  Throw me a boneGive me, give me something I can useOr leave me aloneIf you can let me, let me get looseI'm not thinking too hardOr not, not at allThere's nothing as depressing as good adviceNobody wants to hear how to live their livesThere's nothing as depressing as good adviceNobody wants to hear how to live their lives You think that you know moreAbout being, being lonelyBut I get so lonelyNo one's around to hold me, hold meFunny I can't help meI know that that sounds ugly Sleep talking letting secrets outBlacked out and walking to the cop crowdThat feel when times ain't call forCrying, but you're thinking too hardThere's nothing as depressing as good adviceNobody wants to hear how to live their livesThere's nothing as depressing as good adviceNobody wants to hear how to live their lives    The Growlers - "Good Advice" 

Growlers, doing me, whatever, music sharing, lyrics, no fuqs given

Midgar Merc

06/17/2024 12:53 PM 

Other Fates Starter 1

FF 7 Starter

Midgar Merc

06/17/2024 12:16 PM 

Another Ending

The day was no different from any other day for the blonde haired leader of Typhoon, tasks and errands needing to be done even out in the open for all to see with the risk of bounty hunters coming after the reward on his head.  Having decided to go to the Wallmarket of the Sector 6 Slums it would be there he would take notice of the hand that appeared to materialize out of no where to attempt stealing a meatbun from a local vendor.Having seen the source of magic Cloud ran after the thief and found her trying to hide within a trash can, this woman soon being revealed to him as a celestial being who was there to cause mischief for her own entertainment. After their first meeting Cloud had come to know the one named Chiro on a more familiar state before eventually coming to fall in love with her.  Travelling between his own world and hers Cloud spent much of his time with the horned being which caused attention of her energy in the world of Gaia through the findings of Professor Hojo.Capturing Chiro and using her celestial power Hojo was able to create the ulimate being using the monsters known as WEAPON, fusing the giants together to create a single version of them in his own image to control.Unable to defeat such a threat Cloud put himself before the woman he loved to protect her from a powerful blast made by the fused WEAPON which had the potential to destroy the pair in an instant.  At that moment of taking on the blast however Cloud heard a voice he had never heard before, a spirit from the lifestream who referred to herself as 'the goddess of life' spoke to him giving him the choice of obtain a power to take on the beast however with this he would be granted eternal life to match the life expetency of the celestial woman.Without hesitation Cloud agreed to the power offered to him which he used to defeat the overwhelming enemy as well as its creator.  Since that day Cloud had come to realize just how important Chiro was to him which in turn gave him the courage to ask her to marry him.Having said yes to his proposal it appeared life had made a big positive turn for the man who went through so much since his teen years of going to train through Shinra, but on the day of his wedding his tendency of having bad luck kicked in.  The woman he loved turned down his proposal and disappeared to her world that same day.Months had gone by since the wedding leaving Cloud to concentrate on his original goals of leading the team to take over Shinra Corp.  One day Cloud went off on his own without giving much information to the others, his goal was to find a way to take away the eternal life that was given to him as a forever life without Chiro in it was pointless and outliving his group only to forget them over the course of time was not what he wanted.Having found the information he needed in the City of the Ancients Cloud returned back to Midgar to find the the group had called upon Chiro to help find him due to them being worried with how long he had been gone for.This return rekindled their affections for one another and ended up right back where they were before her disappearance.  Over time the two were almost inseperable and their love was almost unmatched by any other across Gaia, the two eventually having a daughter together name Aurelia.Shortly after the birth of their daughter news was brought to Cloud of Chiro's father demanding to have his grandchild in his own dimension to train as his own, this angered the blonde and an argument erupted between the two parents.  With a mere claim of their minds being too different on the matter by Chiro both her and Aurelia were taken to Chiro's home world against his will.Many attempts were made to enter her world to see his family but each attempt was a failure as something was preventing him from entering, as if a barrier was placed between their two worlds to prevent him from jumping across them.  With how the argument ended Cloud assumed it was her that placed the barrier when in reality it was her father after obtaining what he wanted.Years having gone by and more failed attempts were made of trying to reach his daughter Cloud had become a much colder man, his care from the group did not change but his smile never returned to his expression.  Having made his decision with the knowledge he gained from his travel to the City of the Ancients Cloud was able to make himself mortal again with the expectation that the family he had wanted to have back was forever out of his reach.

Rival Gladion

06/16/2024 06:05 PM 

Zero the Jackal
Current mood:  bored

Name: Zero the JackalAge: 17Height: 3'4"Weight: 80lbsSpecies: JackalFur Color: Black with long white hair and white markings in his fur, and white chest furEye Color: Heterochromia, (Left eye: Yellow, Right Eye: Blue)Distinctive markings: a Scar over his right eyeZero the Jackal was once from an Egyptian themed desert area of Mobius, but at some point in his life, he and a bunch of his Jackal friends banded together and became a Mercenary team. The team was 7 members, the Leader was Zero himself. One of his last missions was to take down the one known as Shadow the Hedgehog, sadly his crew got wiped out by Shadow leaving one final showdown between Zero and Shadow, whom he lost to hard and gained a scar over his eye. He too was slowly dying, but a certain man would come by and find him and would take him back to his lab where he was experimented on and had a red gem attatched to his chest. This powerful gem known as the Phantom Ruby gave Zero a set of brand new powers and dawning now a silver mask, he became a new being. Calling himself Infinite. These new powers made him unstoppable. Even taking down the one known as Sonic the Hedgehog. Eventually Zero would help Dr. Eggman take over the world of Mobius and he couldnt be happier with himself. Finally living up to his title of the Ultimate Mercenary, until a pest would start getting in his way. Actually giving him a challenge. This pest even freed Sonic the Hedgehog from his prison. But at the time he didnt see it as too much of a challenge. He had already defeated this Hedgehog before. He believed he could do it as many times as he wanted without breaking a sweat. But little did he know, Sonic and this pest (Note: The Pest i refer to is the Created character in Sonic Forces) became nearly an unbeatable team. Defeat after defeat would get into Infinites head. Upon his defeat, Infinite would be laid out unconcious and Eggman would forcefully take back the Phantom Ruby from Infinites chest before being discarded like he didnt matter anymore. Almost a year later, Zero would wake up from the events and would barely remember anything of the past. Just remembering his name, and that he was a mercenary. He doesnt even remember Eggman. Only hearing whispers of his name wherever he goes and feeling anger and hatred towards him, but isnt even sure why. But he figured if he would eventually take down the Doctor, he could be worth quite alot of Rings. And if anyone recognizes him as Infinite, or hears that name, hes prone to having some very bad flashbacks that he doesnt understand at all and these visions seem to frighten him. A sort of PTSD effect.Personality wise, he is a bit of a loner. Feeling like a mercenary without a crew should remain alone, though kinda likes to be apart of crowds or having some company. Though you wouldnt really get him to admit it. Kinda Tsundere in a way.


06/16/2024 05:22 PM 


A spoiled brat is perhaps the best way to describe Roxanne. She comes from a line of goblins who had grown accustomed to being the pets and playthings to those of high status and power. It started with a wealthy and greedy king who had taken a liking to a particularly curvy goblin. Now, Roxanne doesn't belong to anyone in particular, however she grew up with wealth thanks to her mother's position as a wealthy man's toy. Being given anything she wants — whenever she wants it. This gave her plenty of bad personality traits, now turning her into a rude little short stack that expects to be doted on the way her mother was.Problem is...her mother was obedient. She did whatever her owner wanted. Roxanne...isn't exactly that way. No, she's much more happy making demands and having others bending to her will. There's also a deep loathing for authority. She cannot stand anyone who thinks that they are better than her(even if she may find it somewhat attractive) and has no trouble voicing her dislike of them. This had effectively and swiftly ended any contracts she'd make with those who fancied her. She isn't too bothered by this, however. She knows she'll eventually find the one for her. Until then, it's simply a matter of trial and error. Having a love for the dark and disturbing, she does have a preference for more dangerous men, especially considering she's something of a masochist, no matter what her prickly attitude may suggest. That being said, she's not terribly picky in terms of appearance. As long as they can give her what she wants, then she's happy. She's not a fan of expensive jewelry, finding them boring...though she is quite a big fan of sweets. Especially all things chocolate, such things often bringing a more bubbly quality to her persona.

Hasty Producer

06/16/2024 09:25 PM 


still a wild bean, huh? :D


06/15/2024 03:19 PM 


Name: Kay SugimotoAge: 31 Sex: MaleHeight: 5’11”Weight : 168 LbsBuild: Mesomorph, slender Orientation: heterosexualPlace of birth: (Anywhere) Marital Status: Single Current status: AliveLocation: (Anywhere)Kay considers himself a prisoner of his own mind, trapped in a perpetual maze with no end, a prison of his own making. But no matter how hard he tried to, he can’t resist wandering those corridors seeking that exit. To free his mind, to look above the maze and see it all. Kay was born to a Japanese father and American mother. They divorced early on and he spent a lot of his time between both parents. His father became an alcoholic but never laid a finger or abused Kay. Despite that, he’d get hammered every night and bring a new woman over to drown his loneliness with. His mother was depressed, aimlessly wandering from job to job, home to home till she met a man. Kay hated this man. He was abusive to his mother but never touched Kay himself. Kay wasn’t even a factor in his mind. The first dead body Kay saw was when he was still in high school, his stepfather’s body. His mother spiraled for a time but seemed to come out of it better. By this time Kay had joined the police force as a low ranking officer straight from flipping burgers. Breezing through the academy with flying colors. Death still seemed to find him even as a traffic cop. Perhaps he was cursed, but he learned to compartmentalize, to block off parts of that maze within his mind. The irregular hours he was made to work along with the trauma that followed him didn’t allow for him to get much sleep, he developed insomnia. Anger issues began to arise and he couldn’t go one night without some sort of drink. Smoking was only used as an excuse to take breaks but he developed a mouth fixation and addiction to nicotine. The higher ups took notice of how he was able to compartmentalize and his persistence. These seemed to be key to make a good detective as they quickly promoted him and immediately had him on homicides and missing persons cases. Kay, while unable to view the maze of his mind from above, could do so with these cases. He could see the pathways and he was persistent enough to wander them, to follow them to their conclusion. But he was still cursed. 

𝙁𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚 𝙎𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙠

06/14/2024 11:26 PM 

A New Z Fighter - Android 16


06/14/2024 06:58 PM 


K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid Follow at least the basic rp rules Don't add unnecessary fluff JUST to make your post longer. Respect the lore and I'll respect yours.  Don't expect to ignore or bypass lore/character stuff just to make your own character appear better than it is, I will actively ignore any of those attempts.  Explained in 4 I WILL post void stuff that breaks the rules at my discretion.  Those of you who claim to be myspace vets know exactly what that means so, you have far less reason to be shocked if it happens to you. I will laugh at you if you get upset over in character stuff.


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