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Magically Delinquent

08/15/2022 11:31 PM 

— ∘♡༉ Guidelines ∘

∘ 99% of the time i'll be in character.∘ 0 out of character drama tolerance.∘ quality over quantity. obsessing over word count is lame.∘ english isn't my first language. sorry.∘ ace is blunt and kind of a jerk. buckle up. ∘ not interested in smut. ace is ace.∘ banter and random starters preferred over plotting.∘ slight canon divergence.∘ ace is a certified troublemaker.∘ discord available upon request.

♡= ˣ ʟ ᴜ x ɪ ꜰ ᴇ ʀ |✰

08/15/2022 08:59 PM 

You are uploading your defaults wrong! | PSA

Have you ever noticed insanely bad quality pictures when searching Aniroleplay for a new potential friend? JPEG's are artifacted hideous disasters and most people on here upload pictures that are plagued by that file type. If you choose to use a JPEG it will look like the default has rainbow freckles scattered all over it. I advise using the PNG file type. To get this you will need to run your chosen picture, if it is not PNG, through a PNG converter. The quality of your default will be undeniably improved. The default however may still be blurry and the only fix for that is to buy a premium membership. 

Helpful, Tip, Artifacts, Bitches


08/14/2022 05:20 PM 


1.) Literacy is required.2.) Multi-shipping account.3.) Minors will be denied.4.) I only roleplay on here.5.) Semi-paragraph up to 2 paragraphs are my writing lengths while roleplaying.6.) Messages only.7.) Mature themes are accepted, but there are themes/kinks that I WILL NOT DO.Feet, Watersports, ABDL, DDLG, Breeding/Pregnancy, Wax-Play, Knife-Play, Blood, Inflation, Farting, Sniffing, Vomitting, Burping, Whipping/Flogging, and Branding. 


07/25/2022 05:04 PM 

Sonic The Hedgehog OC

Name: ZoreaNickname: Zor, Little Z, and RookieAge: 16Gender: MaleSpecies: HedgehogTrademarks (outfit): White Gloves with golden ring-like accessories, green and white shoes, and a small kerchief on his neck hiding a scar they received from the fight with Infinite. In their quills they have tied one of Sonic's quills onto theirs, it is a reminder of his friendship with Sonic as well as something more power wiseOccupation: Former Resistance fighter (During Sonic Forces Era), Currently providing intel to the new resistance.,Alignment: HeroAbilities: A far weaker version of Chaos control, which he needs Shadow or Sonic to perform, Spin Dash, wispon control especially in weapons, enhanced agility and speed, and a mild control on the chaos emeralds (Still needs Shadow or Knuckles to ensure he doesn't explode)Strengths: Determined, Understanding of one's faults, Kind heartedWeaknesses: Often too kind that it can lead to trouble (Gullible), too stubborn to listen to orders when they directly go against him.Weapons: Mostly Wispon-based weapons, however, he has been known to tinker with swords.Likes: Reading, tinkering with metals and small tech, being around friends, and protecting those who need himDislikes: Evil Doers, Infinite (He is his own separated evil), Cold environments, and being lied to.Hobbies: Painting even though he is not good at it, building devices to help people protect against bad guysAllies: Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Alexander, Abaddon, Tails, Espio, Blaze.Enemies: Eggman of course, Infinite, Chaos, and really just about any evil peopleFamily: Currently really only sees Sonic and his friends as familyRelationship: He has stated no comment at this timeBIO: He started off as a simple boy in a nearby town, he had heard of Sonic and the others, and while he enjoyed the idea of joining them, he really just did not have the time to go out and save the world from Eggman every day. Until Infinite attacked, on that day his friends and family ensured he got out of the town safe and to the Resistance HQ. Which he joined as soon as he got there. (this is still a WIP biography feel free to ask questions as needed) 


08/13/2022 09:59 AM 

A Scarlet Scorned, Pt. 1.

    Blue eyes of are hawks upon a great living portrait. Such a perusing pair belongs to a fair-skinned woman with long flowing vermilion hair. The visitation of breeze is making such a myriad of elegant strands sway about, though also bestowing bitter kisses upon her complexion akin to a battered shrew.   The torn brown rags embracing her ravishing form are far from bespoke to exude her beauty. An unfortunate wench who dragged herself out of a great abyss of untold abuse, clawing and clinging onto what slim precarious ledges of hope she can find to be higher and no longer in such an incarcerating pit of deep despair. Back in the world of the living, robbed of her right to a good life and aching for the greatest of redemptions the likes which are worthy of a timeless song to then be passed onto future generations. That is the countenance Lady Eden is presenting at this very moment.   Sultry sapphires are hanging between peace and rage whilst ever so mindful of the mural of malice miles ahead. Nigh-hundred strong, they are atop a long wall of high earth that is smothered by a curtain of snow.   Each monstrosity has a fortress for a tough complexion with thick matte rock-like hides with a mixed palette of ivory, black onyx, and muddy silver. Great antlers of either stags or beetles, even shaped as symmetrical pairs of tall rocks jutting out like steeply-leaning towers, are on top of their oval-shaped heads resembling a shark, that is if each is made out of masonry. On both talon-like feet, they tower as fully-grown brown bears with burly legs. Two pairs of glowing red eyes are on each creature. Together, they make a sinister swarm of fireflies.   Fortified by dark powers, they are a deadly blight for even the greatest of armies in this world. A hungry storm bred as unholy attrition to unmake a nation. To any who has never been embraced by the pangs of war, even scared stiff at the mere thought of harming another folk whether out of self-defense or for personal gain, behold and cower upon this moment worthy of letting blood bask in the blizzard. A scene from a nightmare though stillborn as an ongoing and agitating prelude.   To meet them without a single ally is daft at the very least. Madness must be conquering this maiden all too well. What prompted such foolishness as a lonesome lady before a flock of ferocious fiends? ‘Tis quite silly but simple, really. She was scorned. Severely so.   She can take much agony, a masochist in her own right. However, far worse than being in the heart of the prolonged devilry at work is drowning in the crushing depths of impotence to protect those she dearly cares for. To watch them be torn apart as food and comforting tools for monstrous lust was to let rivers of thorn and broken glass flood her nerves and lightning and acid passionately pervert every fiber of her being, her heart. Her senses going mad and her tortured screams from being an abused toy for demons herself are fleeting compared to those who she failed to keep safe.   Many were gutted like a live game still breathing and flopping around. Plenty enough as well, mainly other women such as her, were each treated as a bound and drugged courtesan about to be thoroughly explored and exploited for countless nights by a league of seasoned torturers and ravagers. Almost all were promised through such demonic dedication to never see daylight ever again.   Nothing would make her feel better than to exact vengeance on their behalf. Dedicate the coming slaughter to the fallen and the fouled. To finally cleanse this world of such frightening filth would be a miracle for the ages. At least, a triumph against of this evil of this caliber will be grand act of penance for her failure that could alleviate her ailing mind and heart.   Lady Eden takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Slim fingers stride softly on her dirt-ridden face from temple to her jaws. Through this gesture, a polished helm with a long silver plume like that of a horse’s tail comes into being. It conceals well those lovely eyes of hers and a most elegant visage despite sullied by earthly mess and bruises. She presses the down on the top with an open palm to ensure it is secured enough.   Her raggedy clothes start to burn away by a great bush of flame that is unnaturally darker in its bonfire glow, almost red as blood in its bizarre brilliance. For a moment, she is left bare a new, a glorious gift for ravagers, exposed from shoulders to toes. But soon, a scarlet steel ensemble is embracing her goddess frame. This construct is making a loud metallic crunching and shuffling as it is conjured into completion, perfect to enfold this beauty and negate much of the harm her way. Streaks of its tarnished bulk glowing like that of steel during a dedicated smithing session. Smoke darker than blood is rising out from each luminous streak.   The armored Aphrodite begins to march ahead. Her posture befits a proud queen, one foot gracefully gliding after the other. A blanket of pale mist is soon covering her ravishing steel-embraced person. Much of this mesmerizing murk on her back is acting like an outstretched cape gracefully bespoke for a royal bride. It too has the majesty of a bright nebula of red and orange stars. The large strip of this cosmic curtain is effortlessly dragging onto the rugged earth behind her like soft fingertips on porcelain skin.   Several seconds after, indulge in another deep breath. Each sip and snarl is soft and sultry. At her third draw to maintain a peaceful center, she can hear the mountain itself growling about. The great choir of war-demons is singing something guttural, gleeful and ghoulish her way. Their exposed rows of fangs have a few red smears from a previous prey, even nuggets of flesh stuck between the crammed crevices.   Praise the return of an old adversary, an inconceivably beautiful one at that. She better brave the coming hour as a fierce warrior or become their meal, or much worse, an enslaved wife to many hellish husbands. At the fourth pronounced breath, the open strip of a window before her eyes is veiled by something translucent and glass-like, conjuring and crunching into being as a visor.   To arms, lone maiden. Free into the dim-lit noon a slender steel conjured into existence a quick strip of blood red smoke on her right hand embraced by a gauntlet. Grip it well on the hilt. Let it bask in the free air while held on an incline to her right. The metal it is made of predates even this marble of life and death. A fabled tool to weave catastrophe if wielded properly. Pair it with her prowess for combat and the talent for sorcery akin to the miracle of gods, and a spectator, friend or foe, will be left in eye and mouth both agape in awe from her art.   Tens of the rock-like behemoths crouch forward. They let a knee and a curled knuckled kiss stone or snow. The cold air around each kneeling creature swirls quickly until coated in a shell of roaring gales. They produce another short sharp song. A proclamation of pleasure and a stern warning. How fond it is, this renunion.   Eden feels rather honored. Many of them, if not all, are so eager to play with her. Hunched down, the kneeling bunch is sprung down and ready to make miles of a gap be yards to inches through their incredible strength and agility. All are agitated with thrill to play the part of proud predators to this prettiest of a lonesome prey. A goddess who long fell from grace.   O, she will writhe. She will fight. And if her wrath is done right, she will smite them all out of sight. Dame, dare not stall.Stay true this stroll.Answer the great call.Thine longing to cull. ~ ♡ Stay Tuned for Part Deux. ♡ ~  


08/13/2022 08:38 PM 


  Drama is a no go. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is a no go and if I do have to explain it, then I’m just going to delete you. I don’t want anyone coming up to me about what this person said and what this person did. Thanks.  There are days I will go silent. I have what they call persistent depressive disorder and it’s worse during the winter time or even during sh*tty weather. If you can’t give me the time I need to recover from this then please, there’s a door.  I usually give people a good amount of time to respond to messages. I’ll give you a poke to see if everything is alright. If by some chance you don’t give me “I’m busy”, “sorry work is being a bitch” “I’ll be on in a few days” kind of deal, I will terminate the story and move on. People have this sick problem not letting others know that the story isn’t working out for them.  I have a child who’s in the toddler stage and I work two jobs. Granted my main one I’m allowed to sit on my ass while I wait for customers, I might not respond quickly. I try my hardest to.  There’s a solid difference between real life and make believe; know it. Our characters might have chemistry but we will only have friendship in real life. And, if you think you can make me swoon to you in real life, face it. It’s not gonna happen. I don’t mind straight smut off the bat, but I do hope we can later on get a good story in. We all have sudden urges that take over us and I get it but I’m not just here for the smut, I want a juicy story with real feelings behind words.  I’m discord friendly and that’s where most of my conversations or even roleplay happen because I get the notifications quicker. I’m mobile most of the time. So, if you want somewhat quicker messages, either send me your discord or I can send mine. No big deal. I will tweak my character a little to fit most if not all settings and verses. Now, I will not change how she looks or act by what YOU want. She has manners to a degree but she’s mainly rude, blunt, and sexual all around. If I feel the need to change how she looks, I will but not by your request.


08/12/2022 10:53 PM 


Heyo it's your friendly neighbor baji I'm here to drop some rules . I'm very friendly and downto earth person .• don't spam my dm with messages . I will not respond to you .• I don't do drama I will block you without warning.• I don't accept smut or furry accounts. • please be creative when role playing I encourage it ! I love a good story . • please and do not accept ask for ship I won't do it unless I can fully trust you .  

Mesphito Crimson

08/12/2022 07:36 PM 

Back Story

Mesphito Crimson was the only child to his father, Marshall Crimson, and mother, Serenity Crimson. His family was pretty wealthy and highly successful in the fields that they worked in. His father was a successful owner of a Real Estate company building homes for cities, states and wealthy celebrities. His mother was an owner of a luxury car dealership and she sold high valued cars to people that could afford the pricing. In school, Mesphito would get perfect grades in all subjects to the point he skipped from elementary school to middle school at the age of 8, then from middle school to high school at the of 12. He graduated top of his class by the age of 16, making him the youngest high school graduate of his city currently.Mesphito started college at the age of 17 to get his bachelor and associate degrees. He graduated college at a the age of 21 at the top of his class. He decided to go to medical school afterwards to get his surgeon license a year later. When he decided to start medical school, he was very prepared. He knew the medical field required a lot of focus and patience and both of those things he had. As days passed, he was becoming more focused in his class and learning different things. When it came to his big exam to graduate, he remained highly focused and passed with a perfect score. He earned his medical degree as he smiled happily. He was now an owner of three degrees.One day, he decided to open a business, a business on what everyone likes a lot, candy. Mesphito went to his father to ask him to build him a store at a location he had in mind. He told his father that he would pay him every month until the store was fully paid for. His father agreed to the terms and Mesphito showed him the location of where he wanted the store to be built. Marshall was inpressed that Mesphito picked this location for the store. He presented his father the architecture of the building and his father looked over it. He told Mesphito it would be finished in a few months.Mesphito smiled then he hugged his father before going home with his father. Once home, he began to put in an application to work as a surgeon at an elite hospital. Days later, Mesphito received a call for an interview that day. He accepted the time of the interview and gather the neccessary things he needed. Once he got everything, he began to get himself ready to go to the location for his interview. Arriving to the interview moments later, he parked his car in the parking lot and turned off his car. Taking a deep breath, he started to become nervous as then he gave himself a pep talk. Unbuckling his seatbelt, he grabbed his folder contqining his resume and other important paperwork then he got out the car with his keys in his hand. Putting his kes in his pocket, he locked the doors to his car then closed the driver side door.Walking over to the hospital, he knew that it would be the start of his journey in the medical field. Something he always wanted to do along with own his business. Upon arriving inside of the hospital, Mesphito asked the male at the front desk about the job interview location. Getting the location from the male, he smiles as he thanked the male then followed the directions to the interview location. He arrived to the interview location after a couple minutes then he signed in and sat down in a chair. One by one, people was walking into the back then they start to go get interviewed. Some people came out happy that they have the job while others came out sad that they didn't get the job. Suddenly, it was Mesphito's turn to get interviewed. Standing up, he felt a bit nervous, but he remembered his pep talk from earlier. He walked into the room and saw the person that was going to be interviewing him.Mesphito looked into the eyes of the interviewer and smiled respectfully while shaking the interviewer's hand. Sitting in a chair, the interview process began. He answered questions with confidence and while continuing smiling. He knew interviews seem to be imtimidating, but he was showing that he wasn't going to be intimidated. The interviewer was impressed that Mesphito didn't crack under pressure and he loved the respect shown as well. Askking for a resume, Mesphito presented the interviewer with the folder containing the resume and other things. The interviewer was impressed by what was showing, including the degrees that was in the folder. The interviewer told Mesphito that he also qualified for another position as well. Mesphito was shocked then he said he would take the surgeon position until he was ready to take the other position.Hearing that he got the job and heard his pay, Mesphito stood up and shook the interviewer's hand. He gather his things and walked out the room with a smile upon his face. Leaving the hospital to go back to his car, he pulled out his phone and called his father. When his father picked up the phone, Mesphito told his father that he got the job as a surgeon that he will be working at night while doing his own business during the day. His father was happy and told his mother. Mesphito got in his car and started his car then proceeds to drive home. He was extremely happy that his dreams are finally coming true.Months passed and Mesphito's father told him that his store was completed and by this time paid his father over half the money to pay for the building of the store. They went to the store to check it out/ When they arrived to the store, they got out the car and walked inside the store. When they was inside, Mesphito looked around and saw that everything was perfect just like he wanted things to look. Walking over to his father, he hugged his father then thanksed him. His father asked what kind of store it would be. Mesphito smiled then answered his father that it would be a candy store and a bakery. 

Mesphito Crimson

08/12/2022 07:36 PM 


Basic InformationFirst Name: MesphitoMiddle Name: EnriqueLast Name: CrimsonDate of Birth: March 23Age: 25Occupation:  Candy Store Owner (daytime) / Surgeon (night)Likes: Having fun, drinking (socially) and seeing people smileDislikes: Seeing people sad and idiotsFavorite Foods: Hambugers, French Fries and saladFavorite Dessert: Ice creamFavorite Treat: CandyPhysical InformationSpecies: HumanAppearance: HumanHeight: 6' 5"Weight: 185lbsEye Pupils Color: Midnight Blue (looks black in certain angles)Hair Color: BlueHair Length: ShortHand Size: LargeGlasses, Contacts or Both: BothLeft Handed, Right Handed or Both: BothClothing Style: Casual wear, Suits and Hospital UniformSexual InformationSexual Orientation: PansexualGender Preference:: Men and womenLikes: SecretDislikes: Scat, golden showers, whatever not okay withFavorite Position: ManyLeast Favorite Position: NoneDom or Sub: Dom

Johnny Storm

08/12/2022 06:35 PM 


1. This is a roleplay account. I will chat, but I am ultimately here for roleplaying.2. I prefer messages for rp and ooc for comments.3. My character and I are straight. That does not give you invitation to send a message doing my character right off. While I might engage in a mature rp or two that doesn't just give you permission to do that or grow any extra man bits.4. Mature rps will be done with those who are 18 and older. This protects me and it protects you. 5. My character may not have an overall partner because I do lots of personal rps.  If you view that as cheating you don't have to rp with me, but you have been warned.6. Do not control my character. If you feel the need to bring something to my character's attention say something like, if (Character)  looks over to his side he would see a shadow amongst the darkness. 7. Please no godmoding. 8. Details please. I para to semi multi para. Please no one liners. I will not respond to a one liner rp. 9. Literacy is a must. Please no text talk in rp. 10. No body swapping.11.: No mind control. 12. No toilet rp of any kind. 13. I know I have to set rules, but mainly I want to make this as fun for you and me as possible. Following my rules or boundaries will help us accomplish that. So if you understand please sign below.


08/12/2022 04:36 PM 


•  i do not roleplay with people soley looking to get their rocks off • i am semi literate and prefer to have partners who are willing to match my length• i do not tolerate people trying to control things too much , my character , the story , over powered stuff etc . • my character is a S U      B    within any er/o scenes and if needed we can discuss limits and everything else in private as i do not disclose that info publicly .  

ꊯꁲꌅ ꏳꁲ꒒꒒ꑀꌅ

08/12/2022 04:18 PM 

Main Index

Welcome, feel free to pick your desired content below and enjoy!   out of characterGuidelines [read]About the Writer [read]Story Preferences [wip]Wanted Roles [wip]Plot Suggestions [wip]   personal loreSperos Village [read]Caller History [read]Drafting a Contract [read]Notable NPCs [wip]Metanoia [read]   contracted friendsRulo [wip]Clovis [wip]Mahar [wip]   snippets and drabblesFine Print [read]

Squall's Sanctum

08/12/2022 09:35 PM 

Interaction Requirements

I'll keep this brief.1. I've been here a lot over the years. If we have bad history, keep it to yourself. I'm not interested in further issues because people twist happenings.2. My replies on my time, your replies on your time. Everything off this site takes priority for me. That said don't add me just to add me. Interact in some form.3. Discussions are a must. If you're not willing to break character to discuss, GTFO.4. Para and up. Multi para is highly preferred.5. Generally Dorian is for the modern day, Roland for medieval. With a good enough discussion I'm willing to bend this.6. Respect, patience and an open mind will get you far with me.7. I'm picky. I may stop replying if I feel you can't keep up.8. No more Discord.

Squall's Sanctum

08/12/2022 09:35 PM 

Dorian's Info

The Lockwood Family first appears in recorded history around 1215. The origins of it were around the Magna Carta, and it was at that time Dorian's family first intermingled with Astaroth, the Duke of Hell. Ever since the first unholy union, the Lockwood family has been seen throughout history in various forms. And it's Dorian's turn to change the world.Born September 15th to Reginald and Rosalind Lockwood after a troublesome gestation, Dorian Lockwood was an exemplary child. Wise beyond his years and with a kind, scientific mind, Dorian graduated high school at the age of twelve and began his medical studies. However, the male was not normal. Born with piercing golden eyes and knowledge of things he shouldn't possibly know, Dorian caused no small amount of suffering. It was theorized that Reginald was actually Astaroth in disguise, returned to father another child. It would explain quite a few things about Dorian, really, to one well versed in demonology. Dorian can, at will and for a price, tap into the Collective Unconscious and the Akashic Records. With this he can read the emotions and thoughts of anyone he chooses, and view all possible events and knowledge, past, present, and future. He uses this great gift to lead the Foundation now that his parents are gone.The Foundation, as it's commonly called, is a prestigious institution with the sole goal of improving the lives of humankind. Dorian's personal focus is on technology, medicine and bioengineering. The man is a walking miracle at 23, and is known as the Father of Nanotechnology. Various, previously uncurable diseases have already been eradicated and Dorian is now working on several other projects.Despite his great wealth and status, Dorian's personality is governed by unwavering altruism and his belief that all humans have some inherent goodness. Dorian is approachable and easy-going, and often holds meetings with the general public to better grasp their needs. His attitude belies a quiet strength that masks the pain of loss and the emotional scars of abuse. The man already had passion, skill and devotion to his cause, and after an arranged marriage fell through, it became an obsession. Saying he needs a vacation is a severe understatement.   Through his mixed blood, Dorian has manifested several unique powers. Most commonly, he uses psychic powers to do what needs to be done, whether it be creating psionic shields, bursts, telekinesis, or pyrokinesis. He is still manifesting abilities, however, as he is a young and budding Esper. Due to the mix of angelic and demonic power in his blood, Dorian also has intense, latent, magical power. A teacher in these arts would be needed to train him, though.


08/12/2022 05:30 PM 


General InfoName: CherryAge: 17 and olderDate of birth: May 4Gender: FemaleSpecies: KitsuneSexuality: Bi with a male leanBirth Country: JapanHometown: Kyoto AppearanceHeight: 5’7Weight: 167 LbsEye color: BlueSkin color: PorecilenShape of face: diamondDistinguishing features: freckles, slenderHair color: PurplePiercings: None unless you want her to get oneCharacter traitsPersonality: Attractive, Cheerful, Creative, Curious, Flexible, Forgiving, Gentle, Honest, Kind, Childish, peaceful, nerdy, needy,clingyLikes: Beaches, sun, stars, nighttime, Butterflies, Flowers, dressing up, games, taking care of others, love, affection, cuddlingDislikes: Extreme hot/cold weather, boredom, heights, clownsGeneral attitude: CaringGeneral sociability: good-naturedRelationshipsParents: They died a few years agoSiblings: Only childChildren: None but is hoping to have someFriends: …Best friend(s): …Love interest (if there is one): …OthersOccupation: ...Current home: …Favorite types of food: CastellaFavorite types of drink: Royal Milk TeaHobbies/pastimes: Dancing, gardeningPets: Lovebird named MoonTalents: She’s very flexible Favorite colors: Aqua, Bright blue, teal, Amer, coral pinkFavorite type of music: hip hop


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