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— • • •

07/26/2021 09:35 PM 


A thunderous crack ripped through the clouds, creating a hue of violet to stain the skies for but a mere moment—and from the parted clouds, a silhouette of a woman fell. Her eyes remained focused on the clouds that spiraled up above as she descended with great speed. Despite the dramatic fall from the atmosphere, the look on her face was fearless and rather blank. A few seconds passed, and she was nearing a crash landing. Her white cape fluttered around her in a violent fury, as she crossed her arms over her chest in thought. This was not what she had in mind. “Damn that Gnihtontogi….” She growled while spurting down towards the Earth with increasing speed. Even as she assumingly fell to her doom, she couldn’t help but dwell on the cosmic creature that sent her here. This wasn’t the 10th Circle. It was another of ‘its’ games. Gnihtontogi had yet again sent her to another world where she didn’t belong. The last place the creature sent her was riddled with tests and games of morality. To save or let die. To kill or be killed. There were drastic scenarios, one after another. She already knew that this would be no different. Seconds before crash landing to the ground, the woman did a series of exhibitionist flips and twirls— as if mocking the creature that rudely pushed her into this realm from such great heights. On the last flip, she managed to land on her toes, as subtle as a feather. However, the aftershock of her graceful landing sent waves of dust and gravel to explode around her circumference. A heavy dirt cloud blurred the area, and when the dust settled, the woman stood tall and proud with her decorated hand resting pleasantly on her hip. Her loose silver tresses were still flowing from the whirlwind of energy that emitted from her lithe being. “Can’t kill me that easily you stupid squid!” She shouted at the sky with a raised fist, directing her anger at the opening of the clouds from where she fell. There was no doubt about it, she wasn’t human and possessed supernatural powers which accentuated her significance. Her gaze lowered after a sudden shock ripped through her sensitive senses. “Ugh…” Her composure dwindled as she raised her hands to hold the sides of her head. She could hear it… Scathing screams and blood curdling cries. It was so loud that she couldn’t help but feel disoriented. This was actually a new ability gifted by the cosmic horror, Gnihtontogi— the power of telepathy. Unfortunately, she was still new to this ability and had little control or resilience towards the intensity it came with. The shrilling shrieks nearly brought her to her knees. It was enough to make her feel like her ears were about to burst. What a horrible ability, she thought in the midst of her own agony. Finally, she managed to calm the voices into a lower tone, and shook her head with eyes closed tightly. F*cking horrible. It was then, as she took a deep breath and opened her eyes, she witnessed a village below the valley. Even without using her unique sight, she could see the ongoing carnage and engulfing flames. She put two and two together and realized that the screams came from the village beyond. In the sufferable cocophony of cries rambling on in her mind, she managed to hear other voices… it was different from the pained wailing… it was... voices of evil and destruction. They spewed haunting words that sent chills down her spine. The attackers… they were enjoying the violence and bloodshed and their thoughts were so devious, so dark, so cruel. It was maddening. “Another one of your tests, ay Gnih?” To help the village or just stand idly by? The cosmic creature set her up in yet another one of its morality games. She exhaled, rubbing her head from all the noise jumbled up inside. “Alright, c’mon focus!” She lightly slapped the sides of her head with both hands and shook it off once more. Without another moment wasted, she levitated just a few feet off the ground, as a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy sent her flying slightly above ground and towards the raided village in the valley. (—Con).  

Anubis God of death 18+

07/26/2021 03:22 PM 

Anubis rules and guidelines

here are the rules i do hope you fallow them as well as my rules if you wish to contact me or contact me from the underworld 1. NO grammar police allowed so I am sorry if you don't like that I will not use pucuations role playing is for fun  not school I wont listen to your bull sh*t about the grammar and pucuations 2. NO drama allowed I don't want to see the drama understand good 3. no rushing me I am a busy god I can not put my work down and stop helping souls over your spoiled behavior it just wont happen 4.  though I am Bi i swing both ways but I am 1000000% percent DOMINAT i wont subit no no one  I am the top your the bottom 5. NO foot fetish bull sh*t not into that crap 6. NO children and me romance that wont do though I do save souls and children when they are dying I wont F*** THEM !!! that means shotas or lollies understand 7. i wont role play with people who are married or taken in the romance department I don't cheat more will I start with your sorry ass !8. NO stealing my powers because that wont happen not on my watch 9. if you want to ask personal detail such as size *coughs* you can ask me I message 10 . NO pre made starters I don't do with that' sh*t and I don't allow that to happen not on my watch 


12/25/2003 12:42 AM 


Going to try and keep this as short and sweet as possible.Since the DOGS verse is practically nonexistent, the vast majority of interactions with this character are going to be crossovers with other series/verses, and OC's. I don't have a problem with either, but if you're familiar with DOGS and notice that during some crossover that some of Heine's portrayal isn't entirely canon, oh f***ing well. Certain aspects will have to be bent or just flat-out broken in order to keep sh*t kosher and keep the story pushing. Don't complain to me, dude. That's just weird.Then again, if you want a complete canon Heine, you can join my dead f***in' verse and I'll be more than happy to play Heine straight as he's portrayed by Shirow Miwa himself. :)

۞Sife۞ ᛗDivine King of Atlantisᛪ

07/25/2021 04:24 PM 

Tournament of Entropy Semifinals

Jigen v ZypherKei Kei v Sife

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:52 PM 


Name: Aaron KeenerCallsign: VanguardAge: 34Height: 1.80 MWeight: 81 kgNationality: AmericanHair color: BrownEye color: BrownAaron Keener, call-sign "Vanguard", was a First Wave Strategic Homeland Division agent who disavowed the Division.Aaron Keener's personality before (and during) the outbreak is that of high intelligence but also one that shows that he sure of himself and right all the time, regardless of whether he's right or wrong. Keener also possesses a very strong determination and perseverance to ensure he achieves his goals. As his profile states, due to his personable character, he is capable to have other help him either achieve one of his goals or a common objective. Despite this, he still felt a sense of duty to protect the weak and innocent as he escorted a group of civilians out of the Dark Zone and fended off a group of Rikers attacking them. After being denied help and the civilians being killed by the Rikers, Aaron felt a great deal of anger and betrayal from the government as he believed he could've saved the civilians and the First Wave could've saved the Dark Zone all together had the government been more competent and allow the First Wave (as he puts it) "to do their f***ing job". It is then he begins to lose faith in the government and any hope of restoring order in New York City.Following his decision to go rogue and when the Second Wave starts to investigate him Keener's personality has changed somewhat. While he still has his determination and perseverance, his attitude towards the JTF and the U.S. government has changed dramatically. He now believes that rule and law no longer exists and now the only way to survive is by obtaining power. While Keener is still a personable character, he now uses others to help achieve his own goals - regardless of either their lives or the cost themselves.Crimes:MurderTreasonTerrorismKidnappingTheftConspiracyCorruptionDestructionBrainwashingWeapons dealingRogue TerroristAaron attended The Citadel, a Military College of South Carolina, before serving in the military. He served on a tour of duty at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti and has a mild reputation as a "Fobbit", which is a soldier who spends most of his service away from the front line and serving sentry duty at Forward Operating Bases in the battlefield.Keener is noted to combine his military experience and his extensive decision-making expertise to achieve extensive success in the private sector. Upon leaving the military, Keener took up a job on Wall Street as a successful future's trader. Aaron Keener has been labelled to be adaptable and very confident, where he always assumes that he is going to come out on top. This makes him borderline arrogant.Aaron Keener has been divorced twice, and he maintains friendly relationships with both of his ex-wives. One of them has even described Aaron Keener as too much work to keep up with.Aaron Keener has a very privileged upbringing and has never faced real adversity during his youth. However, he has been able to always overcome any obstacle in his life through a combination of his indomitable willpower and advanced intelligence. Keener also has a personable character and can come off as highly relatable and is extremely charismatic, enabling him to get others to work together to achieve his goals.All the above mentioned traits, combined with his intelligence, personable character and his military expertise as well as his high adaptability; had made Aaron Keener a noteworthy candidate for the Strategic Homeland Division, with them labeling him as a "potentially prototypical candidate" for joining the Division.Skilled Tactical CombatantGifted IntelligenceCharismatic LeadershipMaster StrategistSurvival SpecialistMaster of IntimidationMaster of ManipulationFast Technology HackingSHD TechnologiesSHD Intel and ResearchGordon Amherst's TechnologyGordon Amherst's ResearchThe Eclipse Virus BioweaponSuperior Conditioning: Like all Division Agents, Aaron Keener has shown to have the exact levels of physical attributes as any Division Agent or any Hunter. However, due to him being a "prototypical candidate" for the Division, he is more stronger, resilient, faster and coordinated than the average Division Agent. This has contributed to his high confidence and borderline arrogance.Gifted Intelligence: A key attribute that separates Aaron Keener from other Division Agents is extraordinary intellect which is combined with his great decision-making skills and critical anticipation skills. This made him a prototypical candidate for the Division.Financial Analyst: Prior to the Outbreak in New York, Aaron Keener worked as a very successful Futures Trader on Wall Street. Aaron states that this contributed to his critical thinking and how he sees the current situation as a "balance sheet". This helps him calculate and decide who is best to be killed, who is best to be kept living and who is best to be his ally.Master Strategist: By observing the Division Agent's progress, he quickly anticipated the inevitable defeat of the Last Man Battalion and had formulated a plan to employ into action after he had patiently waited for the Division Agents to assault the United Nation's Building, he kidnapped Dr. Vitaly Tchernenko, Dr. Amherst's equipment and with his fellow rogue agents he had departed from the city.Manipulative Charisma: A key attribute to Keener's manipulative success is that he uses the truth and realism to manipulate people. He was able to use this to sway many first wave agents to his side and even establish himself as a high ranking member of the Last Man Battalion. He was even able to sway Vitaly into creating the Eclipse Virus, sway Theo into creating the Rogue Network, sway other many Division Agents into joining his Rogue faction.Tactical Combatant: Like all Division Agents, Aaron Keener is a masterful combatant, particularly in tactical combat. He was able to take on an entire battalion of Rikers on his own all the while protecting civilians from danger, which he inevitably failed to do so. He was also able to engage multiple foes to the LMB as well as Rioters without breaking a sweat. Aaron Keener showed his true tactical combat abilities when he was able to single-highhandedly hold his own against a group of Division Agents.S.H.D. Technologies: Like all Division Agents, Aaron Keener has SHD Technology.SHD Tech Jamming: Unlike most Rogue Agents and all Division Agents, Aaron Keener has specialized EMP technology which is used only by him. It allows him to disable the SHD Tech of his enemies, thus taking away their greatest tactical advantage in any combat situation.Technology Hacking: Unlike most Division Agents, Aaron Keener is capable of rapidly hacking into complex technology systems thanks to the technological developments of Theo ParnellEquipment: PPE and standard equipment.Weapons: Police M4, CMMG Banshee, x4 Concussion Grenades.Tech: Drone StrikerTurret AssaultPulse Jammer and HackerSeeker Mine

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:48 PM 

Rogue Network

The Rogue Network, also known as ANNA is a network created by rogue agent Theo Parnell. It connects rogue agents across the United States, acting as a rogue version of ISAC and the SHD Network. This network was designed as a way to organize the, until that point, a loose band of rogue agents, and to unify them against certain goals.

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:40 PM 

Ryan's dossier

Name: Ryan MarquezNationality: AmericanAge: 35Height: 5'11Weight: 184Hair: BrownEyes: BlueRyan Marquez is a member of the Strategic Homeland Division. Ryan is a perfectionist. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. He hews to the straight and narrow and plays by the rules. That’s true even in the wildest of situations; Ryan always has a guideline to look to and follow.Other Agents joke about Ryan’s demeanor it an affectionate way, as he is highly regarded among those who responded to the call. In the field, however, there’s no joking, as Ryan’s courage under fire is well known. He’s a natural leader, cool under fire, and willing to sacrifice to get the mission done.Weapons: Varies by mission.Equipment: Standard PPE and equipment.Tech: Seeker MinePulse ScannerSticky bombJerry Liu: Lemme tell you, that agent Faye Lau brought in with her is the real deal. [...] Between you and me, you don't see that sort of performance out of every agent. Still don't.Aaron Keener: Normally, I'd do this face to face, but I'm not 100% sure which way you'll jump. You act one way when Ms. Lau is watching and another way entirely when you're off the leash. That's an interesting contradiction. 

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:39 PM 

SHD technology.


— • • •

07/25/2021 02:37 PM 

★ As it goes~

She stood on the pinnacle of a skyscraper, staring deep into the sky. It was the tallest building in the city- the closest to the starry heavens. Cool breezes brushed against her and could have easily pushed her over, but she maintained perfect balance on the tip of the lightning rod. Parting her lips, she whispered to the stars.  “I never had a chance to apologize, maybe it is undeserved but it clenches my soul… and I hate that squishing feeling. Who would have thought it would be a splinter in my side for so long? Sucks to admit it, but no matter how much I tried to push it down, it somehow always came afloat. Its time to let the guilt and the unnecessary burdens go. I now know what I am and of my natural destructive nature and I’m sorry that you got caught up in my scathing current. It wasn’t my intention, perhaps my curiosity played a big role. My love was real, I can admit that. Nonetheless... Its time to let go.” Spoken like a prayer, she smiled and slid off the building- rhythmically skating down the side of the glass walls with effortless maneuvers.   

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:33 PM 

Rogue Agent in area...

Rogue Status is a status reserved for Division agents who have disavowed the rules of SHD. These agents must be hunted down, and either killed or apprehended according to the degree of their crimes.Rogue Status is given to any agent who breaks protocol. When this status is given to an agent, their wristwatch will change from orange to red, and they will have their connection to the ISAC Network severed. At this point, they still retain the functionality of their watches, as they still provide a HUD overlay and basic functions. Any Division agent has a standing order to deal with Rogues should they come across one.The BTSU has developed a countermeasure to ensure that any agent they are working with does not receive the automatic Rogue designation when they break the rules.Reasons to be marked as rogueFailing to prevent civilians deathWent off mission/objectiveAllied with other rogue agents or hostile factionsKilling civilians or other agentsIllegal torture and execution of prisonersStealing suppliesKidnapping civilians

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:28 PM 

Rogue Divison Agents.

Rogue First Wave agents are determined to take advantage of a city in chaos, these traitors to the Division are willing to kill their own to take what they want. Rogue Division Agents are former Division agents who disavowed the Strategic Homeland Division for one reason or another, and has either lent their services to another factions, or are working on their own, both cases working against The Division itself.For an agent, to turn their back on The Division is to commit treason against the United States federal government; yet, it is the freedom and relative autonomy with which agents operate that gives them the potential to turn renegade. The most prominent and dangerous of these rogue agents is Aaron Keener.

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:24 PM 

ScanTek and ECHO

All Division agents wear ScanTek contact lenses that let ISAC project an augmented reality heads-up display (AR-HUD) directly over the agent's field of vision. The AR-HUD is synched to the real-world environment, highlighting and identifying all relevant objects scanned by ISAC's field sensors. The sensors are calibrated to recognize threats and watch for a number of signal sources.In this manner, much of the tactical field data processed through ISAC Brick and the SmartWatch can be transformed into visual indicators and readouts. And since these indicators are projected directly over the scanned targets, the agent gets instant visual feedback. Hostile forces glow red; allies are marked by health-scan bars that glow green. AR directional markers are seen hovering in the air, leading to the next objective.Connected wirelessly to ISAC via the agent's SmartWatch, the ScanTek lenses feature curved LED technology for the display surfaces. They also employ micro-piezoelectric sensors that generate power from the micromotions of saccadic eye movements. These tiny eye twitches charge the embedded energy storage module as needed. The associated AR processor conducts multisensor data fusion in order to display relevant yet clear data appropriate to the wearer's situation.The Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay (ECHO)ISAC can collect and assemble data mined from local devices and sources such as smartphones, surveillance cameras, satellites, drones and computers. This data can then be rendered into a "point cloud" (a set of data points in space) that recreates events as 3D holographic images frozen in time and projected onto the agent's AR-HUD lenses. The images include audio of certain events, and sometimes identifying information about an event's participants.This technique is called ECHO and lets agents not only gather intelligence but actually "see" critical evidence. The image segments replay in spectral orange hues and serve as useful resources in mapping out environments as well as tracing hos-tile movements, missing persons, or hidden caches of supplies and equipment.

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:21 PM 

Smart Watch.

Every Division agent wears a Smart Watch. This remarkable device serves as the hub of tactical field awareness. It has the basic functionality of a military-grade PDA plus much more. When linked to the powerful transceiver worn on the agent's backpack, the Smart Watch is the agent's direct pipeline to ISAC and the encrypted SHD Network.A list of primary Smart Watch capabilities and linkages includes:Communication, peer-to-peer and wideband.Data collection and analysis.Enhanced situational awareness and AR enhancement.Electronic Aggregation Pulse ScanTek contact lenses.Drone controller interfaces.This wrist-worn device gives Division agents the ability to communicate with fellow field agents and HQ: scan objects and identify field targets; hack communication systems, electronic locks, and computers; and scan themselves for injury with the watch's built-in Medical Evaluation app.The Smart Watch's Autonomous Agent Technology suite contains a special sensor that measures physical, chemical, and biological elements in the environment. It also provides connectivity to large-scale Division assets and agency-wide systems such as the Long-Range Communication Array, the Advanced Super-Computing Unit, and the Emergency Medical Unit.The single most iconic and identifiable piece of kit an agent carries, the watch - with its signature glowing orange outline - serves as a means of communication between agents and as the nexus for most all of an agent's personal functions and technology, including projecting an augmented reality heads-up display (AR HUD) for various features and points of data. All communication is done via the Smart Watch and a communications relay device, known as an ISAC Brick, typically attached to a field agent's backpack, which will also glow orange.Unless otherwise abandoned or stolen, all Division agents wear their Smart Watch on their person at all times. This includes inactive agents, though it will not glow orange for those not on active duty. An agent will know they are activated when their watch begins glowing orange; when that happens, they are expected to drop everything and respond immediately, answering the call of duty without fail. Typically, civilians will not recognize an inactive Smart Watch for what it truly is.When an agent goes rogue (or their tech is otherwise maliciously compromised), their watch will glow red instead of orange

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:17 PM 

Isac, and Isac Brick

ISAC (Intelligent System Analytic Computer) is a highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) entity available to all active Division agents equipped with an SHD Tech transceiver. Accessible via the SHD Network, ISAC serves as the critical backbone of all Division activities.ISAC's assimilative intelligence provides key field-operation services to every agent including but not limited to communications, real-time analytics, remote data collection and retrieval, weather telemetry, and inter-action with assorted other technologies. It can even go as far as reconstructing the events of a scene by using ambient data gathering to generate an ECHO hologram of the event. It communicates to the player through a computerized voice with short, clipped phrases. When not speaking with other characters, ISAC is an agent's go-to source for information at any time. Its main function is to keep the communications of the Strategic Homeland Division and the Division agents secure.ISAC can sort and analyze field sensor information to provide tactical support; relay alerts and updates; identify human targets or contacts via biometric markers; and set waypoints to strategic objectives.A note of origin: ISAC is The Division's advanced version of CALO (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes), a project developed by the Pentagon's famed DARPA unit (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) that eventually led to commercial applications such as various virtual assistants.The ISAC Brick is the name given to the communications relay device attached to a Division agent's backpack. This device acts as a relay between the agent's Smart Watch and the ISAC Node for the region.

Directive 51

07/25/2021 02:09 PM 

SHD tech and network.

SHD Tech (pronounced “Shade Tech”) is a shorthand for "Strategic Homeland Division Technology".One of the Strategic Homeland Division's biggest advantages in the field is its revolutionary smart technology. Linked together into an intelligent grid by the SHD global satellite network, SHD Tech provides high-value, real-time intelligence for Division agents engaged in field operations.Developed either exclusively by the Division's Research & Development department or adapted from military or commercial technological prototypes, SHD Tech is actually a catch-all term for all proprietary assets and systems employed exclusively by the Division and its agents. These include some of the most innovative augmented reality (AR) systems ever developed for policing or military actions: pod launchers, turrets, seeker mines and portable stations, to name a few.SHD Network is the agency's core technology. It links numerous dedicated assets directly controlled by the Division - drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), AWACS airplanes, and telecom satellites - and piggybacks their output onto existing civil, commercial, and military networking structures (cellphone towers, WiFi hotspots, NASA and GPS radionavigation satellites, and so on) to create a seamless global web of connectivity and data.This redundancy ensures the SHD Network's reliability in case of catastrophic emergency. This reliability is crucial: the network connects agents in the field to Division HQ and to strategic government decision makers. 


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