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05/23/2017 01:48 PM 


I am in character most of the time and will talk OOC by using //, otherwise, assume it is Yumi talking.

This is not a pure erotica account! I do like plot, drama, angst, all the sort.

Please be literate! I will not respond to those who make no sense and give me nothing to write back.

I am not a number! You add, you talk!

Taboo, gore, horror, psychological themes are all okay, even without speaking!

All verses are adored and loved~

If you have any questions, please do ask!

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Augmented Queen

05/23/2017 01:05 PM 

About Six

Using the idea of Six from AvP for ps3, and I'm more into the mature sort of literature. Yet I will not shy away from the gorey hunting Xeno's are known for.

Six is augmented for safely breeding more Xenomorphs for Wyland Yutani, and her body can adapt to breeding female subjects or being bred in a way that the host may enjoy. However if you would prefer a chest burster she is willing to accommodate.

She is capable of understanding human speech and can mimic the ability to speak however it would mostly be broken without proper practice. She of course will be natural in using snarls and squeels. 



Tyrell ϟSon of Lightningϟ

05/23/2017 12:06 PM 

Throughout The Years

Ages 0-4:
Throughout these early years his Anima and Magic were growing within to decent levels to where he'd have to be trained soon in order to keep these two forces under control, however he during these ages did not understand what was going on. During fits of rage he would cause items around him to lash out and be tossed across the room and even breaking windows.

Ages 5-9:
These were the training years where he trained with his mother and father in the ways of both Anima and Magic to keep them under control however thanks to the training they had slowly started becoming more potent than before. This meant that any fit of rage would cause far more damage than his earlier years, to counter this he was trained to meditate each morning after waking up and each night before bed each meditation session lasting an hour to two hours long.

Ages 10-15:
These years were spent overseas training as each culture has their own means of life they also have their own ways of channeling Anima and Magic thus providing new experiences and means of channeling this two forces, during this time Tyrell had also learn a second element which was wind. This was also the time Tyrell had brought home a mysterious egg after training, though away from home he'd often visit when permitted from his teachers. Those visits were hunting with his little sister and showing his mother, father and sister what he's learned while away. Most of these skills were with weapons of many from short swords to war hammers and bows to staves, he focused more on the weapons at this point early on so they may stick with him throughout the years.

Ages 16-20:
Years spent at home and abroad for weeks at a time these were focused on training himself and honing his skills mainly with Lightning and Wind forced and shaped with both Anima and Magic, experiments were done far beyond the castle walls to train far from the ears and eyes of the locals. He had fallen unconscious countless times due to exhaustion however his trusted stallion Nightmare was there to protect him, he's become somewhat addicted to learning and unlocking more secrets that both Anima and Magic had to offer.

Ages 21-27:
His Anima and Magic had increased dramatically through the passing years enough to allow him to train more and for longer periods of time, due to being away from civilization for days, weeks, months and years aside from his family he's become uncomfortable if surrounded by large numbers of people be they human or elf. This however does not mean he would never attend social gatherings or greet the people of his kingdom should they approach, he would visit his family daily however his training would call for more distance from those he loved and cared for since these new spells were far more dangerous than ever before.

Ages 28-33:
These years were spent in complete secrecy meaning he had no contact with the world around him including family.

Ages 34-37:
Reappearing to the world from suddenly vanishing from it all together he returned home to seek out his family reassuring them he was still alive, though he had not aged much experience in the ways of Magic and Anima were apparent in his eyes. He could summon creatures like no other and call storms at will, returning to the castle he sought to live as he once did among his people in hopes to regain the life he had once lived. His once dull golden hues now seemed to glow bright and his body more study and hardened from the secret years spent away from all.


The Celestial

05/22/2017 11:57 PM 

Full Character List

Gyukou no Yume- Main character of Legends of the Unknown. A hybrid of Dragon and Oni with a sad, complicated past, and a somewhat airheaded personality.

Anko Kirai- A maid that is incapable of emotion due to pure trauma. Unflinchingly loyal, and can tell the difference between intent and wording.
Anri Lowell - 2 versions of this character exist. A rather normal human girl with a not-so-normal personality, and an egotistical, omnipotent goddess. The latter I am more familiar with.
Ventus- Embodiment of the element Wind, he's a skilled assassin for hire with a load of snark.
Volkner Greil- Similar to Anri, there's 2 versions. A human with extreme physical ability, but lack of social skills, and basically Satan, but chill.
Shinya No Yume- Gyukou's ancestor, and one of the 7 Ancient Heroes of Quazeris. By far the strongest, he's best summed up as a deconstruction of a Mary Sue.
Rozenkreuz-Kei's ancestor, and another ancient hero. A rather selfish man that made the usage of magic on Quazeris a thing.
Ayrik Geneolgia- A chivalrous axe-wielder with a love for battle. An excellent leader to boot.
Veknar Geneolgia- Ayrik's ancestor, and one of the 7 Heroes. Known for spouting lines such as "I am the hero of justice!" a lot. An oddball that uses a greatsword.
Kei Yazame- Known as the Alpha Mage, he's thoroughly studied and mastered every form of magic there is. The reincarnation of Rozenkreuz, however he is humble.
Zion Nemuru- Avatar of the Celestial, Zion practically embodies the sin Sloth. Extremely apathetic and lazy, but due to being a Celestial Avatar, revives endlessly and can easily achieve godlike feats.



05/22/2017 10:34 PM 

About Kouen and Powers

uDespite being so headstrong, brash, and impulsive Kouen is very brilliant. Able to read several different languages as well as the Torran language. Battle wise Kouen has mastered swordsmanship ever since he was 9.  Kouen has 3 djinns that he fully controls. The first djinn Agares, the gravity Djinn. Agares lets Kouen fully manipulate and shape the earth as he pleases. The second djinn is Astaroth, the djinn of terror and manipulation. When In this djinn Equip whatever his weapons touches burns and gets blown away. He also can conjure a flame dragon and fully ignite his weapon. The last is Phenex (yes spelt right) allows him to heal himself or allies wound to full, even if it's an open gash.



05/22/2017 10:41 PM 

Powers & Ablities


The Rot: The only thing life guarantees is death, and death is rot. The power is tethered toward the aspect of death, which exists in all channels and planes. Itís associated with the dark, and takes appearance of the same terror. In itís weakest usage, it is capable of preventing the use of limbs, eroding precious metals, and nullifying healing factors. When used with the dark force it takes the appearance of shade, of darkness, capable of eroding from contact/impact.


The Dark: The dark, predecessor of the light. Able to manipulate its shade, along with forming constructs, and using force to smite foes. The darkness exists in many ways, itís reach spreading across all aspects of life, while the user summons it from a dimension full of dark force. Able to use this power to travel to different dimensions, locations, and to enter the tower of babel from anywhere. Many things are exiled, forsaken to the dark to eternally torment. Pity. Also capable of leeching/stealing energy, and when smothering an individual it is capable of ďsilencingĒ them, able to cut off ones connection to divinity, other forces, and their godly/magical blessings. It is often used along with the rot, and dark magicks/hexes that _____ uses.


The Corrupt: The influence of dark, and rot is more than just in rotting away oneís shell, or changing the shade in the room. Darkness exists in balance with light, it exists in all aspects in life, and it dominates the hearts of men. Capable of influencing a area, or even a person with ITíS will. Itís common usage is smiting, locking down an area with its influence, falling to the command of _______. This power Is usually used in her hexes/curses.


Supernatural Physiology: The force has shown to be evasive, if nothing else. Graced with danger intuition, tied to her being a cosmic being, thus she was cosmically aware of events involving her. Her speed isnít something calculated, you could argue itís vanishing, or teleportation, because these are also used along with her speed to make her seem even faster. Her strength is uncanny. Due to her being an embodiment to the dark, to the rot, it can be argued that her strength comes due to her physical presence decomposing, but she still shows supernatural strengths on the level that her appearance shouldnít have. Highly resistant, if not immune to dark attacks, and feeds off of attacks born of malice, of hatred, and violence. One as wykked as she best be careful from Almighty magicks cast forth by Yahwehís children.


Wraith: A power tied to the dark force that all life is tied to. Capable of twisting, transforming, being blessed, kissed by the dark. A manifestation of power would be true. Terror would be the territory. Seemingly formless within this state, the strength of ones hexes and curses increase ten fold, along with her connection towards the dark, and the rot, also known as death. Her form is seemingly formless, possessing passive intangibility within this form, but at least one part of the calamity is solid.

Sword of Damocles: possess all the properties, and the alignment of ______. One could say it was made from the calamity. Sword is capable of being used in a nature that makes it more of an appendage, not needing to be wielded to do ones bidding. It is usually used as a conductor for ones own power. providing stability within ones execution.



05/22/2017 10:10 PM 

Master Requirements for slave it goes for same sex rps as well




r-Shibari (Rope Bondage)

-Leather Cuffs

-Leather Straps


-Silk Scarves


-Armbinders (Covers the wrists and up)

-Monoglove (Covers the hands and up)

-Bondage Sleeves

-Bondage Mittens or Paws (to keep character hands from messing with any of the restraints or make a task harder for me to do =3)

-Ballgags, Bitgags, Ring gags, Pumpgags, Lockable gags (gags with a lock in the back to keep character from taking it off),

Tapegags,Mouth Stuffing, Tentaclegag, Snakegag, Cleavegags(any kind of scarf or rag), or any other sort of gag-Blindfolds (Leather with buckle, Latex piece, Silk, Cloth, etc.)

-Hoods (Leather, Latex, etc. Mostly used to blindfold but any purpose is fine)

-Lockable Restraints (locks on Clothing, collars, blindfolds, gags, restraints, harness, cat/dog/rabbit ears, on anything to keep character from simply taking it off if able to)

-Tape Bondage

-Suspension Bondage (Hanging in air by restraints.... Shibari Suspension preffered but shackles, leather cuffs, leather straps, or anything that comes to mind works as well =3)

-Bondage Statues (Bound securely by restraints, contraption, or hardening substance and set up for display for a ball or convention, welcome to drug to keep entirely still unless you trust your contraption/restraint(s) well enough ^^)-Concealed Bondage (InPublic- Best hidden during Halloween bound with a trenchcoat, costume, or other clothing hiding the ropes or restraints, health hazard mask, animal mask/muzzle, or something similar to cover the gag, or in a costume or wearing some mask to cover them)

-Public Slavery (It is common for sex slavery and nudity and sexual play can be public. Slave parks, Bondage Conventions in hotels or Clubs, etc)

-Bondage Furniture - Leather, Iron, Wooden (Bondage chairs, tables, X-crosses, bondage horse {Upside down V shape}, or any other furniture that I forgot to mention and you're welcome to invent different furniture in the Rp to your liking ;D)-Water Play (for Torture or Cruel Gameplay)

-Ballgags, Bitgags, Ring gags, Pumpgags, Lockable gags (gags with a lock in the back to keep me from taking it off), Tapegags, Mouth Stuffing, Tentaclegag, Snakegag, Cleavegags(any kind of scarf or rag), or any other sort of gag-S&M

-Treated Rough/Cruelly (Hair yanked, punished for the smallest things, etc. While either the Master acts like a bitch or is sadistically sweet.... enjoys torturing or humiliating their slave)

-Harsh Names (Mutt, Sissy, Slut, Bitch,F***, Sh*t, "Dolly", so on and so forth)-Torture (No matter how sadistic, cruel, wierd, or humiliating)

-Whips (Cat-o-9tails, Flogger, Crop Whip, Paddle, etc)-Unordinary Punishments (No matter how sadistic, cruel, wierd, or humiliating)

-Piercings-Branding (Labeling your slave somehow or another with a tattoo or a burning hot iron rod that has initials or a symbol to present me as your property)

-Slave Training (Obedience Training, Cum Endurance, Pain Endurance, etc)

-Pet Training (Treated like dog to test characters ability to obey whatever task commanded or simply to be humiliated)

-Humiliation-Forced Sissification (Use chloroform or drugs if need to make character pass out, or inject me or drug me with a sedative out to change outfit and such.... may need to restrain me afterwards as well)

-Impossible Games (Inevitable/unavoidable punishment for losing)

-Feeling Helpless


-Pet Training-Anal Plugs/Tail Plugs-Dildos/Vibrators-Strap-ons-Milking for cum (Forced anally or orally a liquid at a constant rate to make characters cum nutritious (Same idea towards Tentacles and Plants force feeding me a liquid to make the cum, sweat and everything else nutritional for the plant or creature))

-Tentacles/Plants-Tentacle Caves/Lairs/Forests/Jungles



05/22/2017 10:05 PM 


Rules 1. If I add you or you ad me lets talk or Rp 

2. If I send you a starter I expect you to reply 
3. I Rp in messages only sometimes in Comments if you ask 
4. If your on my friends list you must talk to me or i'll delete you cause i'll do a deleting spree every other day 
5. Don't make me a number
 6. If you comment my photos I'll comment back
 7. I'm a para Rper no one liner starters 
8. If we Rp let me know which character you wanna Rp with 
9. If we RP make sure you make complete sense of it 
10. If the Rp is boring I will tell you 
11. If you have a question about the Rp or one of my characters put ooc and tell me what it is that you want 
12. Do not control my characters actions 
13. I Rp in IM sometimes but not all the time 
14. No damn god modding I hate that
 15. Respect my character and I'll Respect yours 
16. Don't flirt with one of my characters that are taken 
17. no F***in Drama 
18. Don't cheat on my characters if I find out your getting blocked and deleted.



05/22/2017 09:49 PM 

Characters info
Current mood:  animated

Name: Bubbles
Age: 23
Sex: Herm
Occupation: Tattoo Artist 
Orientation: Bisecual
Race: Tiger

Drugs; Only smokes weed

Name: Vinny Santiago
Status: Single
Age: 25
Sex: Male 
Orientation: Gay
Position: Seke 
Occupation: N/A
Race: Italian/French
Drugs; no

Name: Spidaris Andrews
Nickname: Spider,spidy,Black Widow
Age: Unknown 
Sex: Male 
Orientation: Gay
Occupation: Male prostitute 
Race: Russian
Position: Uke 
Status: Single
Drugs; Yes


➖△ U R A➖

05/22/2017 09:15 PM 

Round 2: Santos De Rosa VS Raiyuu Konosuke


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