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03/23/2017 06:13 PM 

Private files

Name: -classified-
Nickname: give me some! also looking for a cool sounding alias
Hometown: -classified-
Age: -classified- (but seems like a teenager) 
Height: -classified-
Weight: -virus detected-
Gender: female
Eyes: pink
Hair: white
Species: human
Occupation: assassin for hire
Personality Traits: quiet and serious when first meeting people but might open up to a few people she takes a liking to

Likes: dealing with machines and computers,fantasy stories
Dislikes: failing,being touched,large crowds
Weaknesses: -classfied-

Goal: die without failing a mission once

Background:-classified- (need to think of one,any ideas?)


G.ᴏʟᴅᴇɴ B.ᴏʏ

03/23/2017 02:27 PM 


--Please note that none of these are serious and all of these have come about because of conversations I have with my friends. Keeps things interesting and fun.

Times Jack's house has been broken into: 6  

Times Jack's stuff has been stolen: 4  


Pre-Fall Jack smoked a lot and when he ran out, he would often come up with a bad excuse to go to the clinic so he could bum one off Angela.


Queen of Hell(18+)

03/23/2017 11:06 PM 



She was just a normal girl,going to school,had a job,had a loving boyfriend,until one day she was kidnapped.She was taken to a lab,where she was forced to undergo many experiments.One day,the experiment succeeded.She was better than before,smarter,faster,stronger,sexier.She was a metahuman.Although she loved and reveled in the changes,she hated the people who did it to her.One day,she escaped,vowing to track them down and kill them.She knew she couldn't have a normal life ever again,so she took on a new persona.She is now Jinx,crime fighting badass,but not a very do gooder.She's an assassin for hire,so if your her target,you better pray she ends you quickly.
Related image


Maid Rental.

03/22/2017 06:25 PM 

Fukumi Kuroda.

Fukumi Kuroda.

Name meaning:
Fukumi: beautiful, To blow.
Kuroda: Black Rice paddy.

Catnip, Grass, Nature, playing around when she has free time, Her master, Finishing her chores without being yelled at, Not being punished, People touching her tails or ears.

Bullies, Dog demons, Being bossed around by anyone other than her owner, Blood, gore, Fighting, her claws not being sharpened.

Fukumi has always been the quiet maid, in fact she hasn't really spoke much since she was a young kitten. Why? No one really knew, she just didn't seem that interested on speaking to them unless she was interested on something. However, the one thing you'll notice is that she is very sweet and clingy when she is interested and she goes into heat a lot to. Although, don't mistake her for a slut. She can be playful, but not that playful.



03/22/2017 04:08 PM 

//Dance For Story
Current mood:  confused

     //Okay, I am creating a story on my wattpad account and I need some help. The main character is a musical performer that performs with her male friend. They play a keyboard duet, dance, and each sings a song. I have a few ideas in mind but I need some help on deciding. Here is for the keyboard duet:




     Song (Male then Female)



Tell me if you agree with any of these. I would really enjoy your help.


Night Stalkers {MCRP}

03/22/2017 05:14 PM 

List of Characters

Below are the list of characters. To see what they look like, refer to albums. If you are interested in a character, message me, and I will supply the information on them.

Ryu Kysura - Atlantean/Dragon Hybrid.
Draven "Scythe" Sorel - Shedani (Human Ninja)
Croix DeMorieve - Half Demon son of Hephaestus
Zane Aquinas - Corrupted Fallen Angel
Kaervek Umara - Dark Fae (Rage Demon/Ice Fae Half-breed)
Spite DeMero - Nephilim
Malice DeMero - Nephilim



03/22/2017 04:55 PM 

My Rules

1) I roleplay Liechtenstein as a more older lady, 18 or 22, who is a little more mature but still having her pretty small breasts and youthful looks and adorable personality. I also rp her a tad more independent than she normally is. If you do not like this, then don't bother keeping me around.

2) I am not really one for erotic, but I can do still do romance rps. If there is erotic involved and you manage to get my character into a relationship with yours, I expect loyalty, I will return this loyalty.

3) I do Semi, Para, and Multi Para up to 2 paragraphs. I will not accept one liners at all. Sorry. I do not do Novella roleplays either. I do not have the attention span to read more than 5 paragraphs.

4) No treating me like a number. There is nothing that annoys me more then being a number.

5) Let's all be kind to each other. Be nice to me and I will be nice to you. ♥


kissed by shadows (MCRP)

03/22/2017 03:31 PM 

RP Rules

Rule 1: you dont like something you message me about it you dont comment or post on stream. posting on either one of those will result in you unfriended and blocked

Rule 2: i will not tolerate drama. you want to do that sh*t do me a favor and run along and find someone else that wants to deal with that sh*t

Rule 3: you ever at anytime lie to me about something and i find out about it you will be deleted and blocked this follows up with rule 2

Rule 4: i usually end up doing a lot of replies a day as in the 20-30 range so do not rush or bitch about them please and thank you if you have a concern message me and we can talk it out

Rule 5: i will only keep you on my friends list for (1) week unless you say something to me about going to be gone or something along those lines

Rule 6: i understand that people have real lives i do as well RL COMES FIRST AT ALL TIMES



♂ ℬeauty & ℬrat ♂

03/22/2017 09:47 PM 

Earth Style: Invincible Rejuvenation

Full Name:  Suna Mū KazeGawa

Alias: Invincible Rejuvenation

Village: Iwagakure

Primary Style: Earth Nature, Medical Ninjutsu

Secondary Style: Summoning Jutsu

Giant Drill-Beaked Bird
Giant Cerberus
Giant Rhino
Giant Ox
Giant Crab
Rashomon - Single, Triple, Quintuple 


Fłωeя 🌼 Pωeя

03/22/2017 07:58 PM 

✪ R u l e s ✪

🌷 I don't know if people find her to be as fu-ckable as Peach or Rosalina, but whether you do or you don't, I don't give a sh-it. You're not fu-cking Daisy, not unless you wanna be kicked in the d*ck with a kick that's possibly as powerful as her punch. And by that, I mean it'd be enough to send'ja to space. Bowser done learned that sh-it the hard way.

🌸 Do not add if you do not roleplay. The problem isn't the fact that you have a life outside of this site, the problem is with you adding me and not sending me anything. This isn't facebook. You friend collecting will not be tolorated. I will not be a part of that sad little void that you feel the need to fill a sad little void in your life because you weren't as popular as motherfu-ckin' Kristina with the bigass silicone titties, that is most likely than not hurting her back like hell now.

🌹 I will do darkened themes, as most of the fan made storylines I've seen for her have a darkened tone, as well as crossovers.

🌻 Para is possible, but multi-para is preferred.

❀ If you want to write, I assume you had something in mind. Don't expect me to have something in mind instantly.


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