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03/21/2017 04:55 PM 



·         First name: Kaede

o   Last name: Ogawa

·         Age: 26

·         Sexuality: Straight?

·         Home town: Chiba

o   Current location: Tokyo

·         Birthday: 06/26

o   Zodiac sign: Cancer

o   Blood type: O+


·         Occupation: Odd jobs

·         Job types: Construction, manual labor, cleaning, street performing


·         Strengths: Agreeable, loving, considerate, caring, forgiving, friendly, generous, gentle, warm, hopeless romantic

o   Flaws: Clingy, self-loathing, needy, fearful, submissive, timid, crybaby

·         Outlook: Pessimistic, self-doubting

o   Pet peeves: None

·         Likes: Puppies, flowers, chocolate, reading, reassurance, compliments

o   Dislikes: Being alone, having to do things on his own, not getting help

·         Talents: Guitar

·         Trivia: Stutters


·         Hair color: Dark brown (sometimes dyed red)

o   Eye color: Brown

·         Vision: Perfect

·         Hearing: Deaf in one ear

·         Prominent features: Cheek bones, under-eye lines, thin face

·         Piercings: None

·         Height: 6’3”

o   Weight: 134lbs

o   BMI: 16.7 (underweight)

o   Health: Poor

o   Ailments: Fatigue, insomnia, childhood leukemia


·         Trauma: Domestic violence

o   Fears: Developing cancer (or another disease), making decisions on his own, thunder

o   Psychological disorders: Dependent personality disorder, illness anxiety

·         Coping mechanisms: None

o   Response to distress: Crying, clinging

o   Response to grief: Crying, depression

o   Emotional type: Reactive


·         Family: Hana (mother), Nobuyuki (father), Mari (sister), Aki (brother), Makoto (brother), Jun (brother), Rika (sister), Ayano (sister), Takuya (brother), Hiroto (brother), Miyu (sister)

o   Relationship: Complex

o   Birth order: Oldest

·         Relationship status: Divorced

·         Relationship style: Clingy, obsessive, submissive

·         Closest friend: Mari (his sister)

o   Relationship: Enmeshed


Childhood: Kaede was the oldest of 10 children in a family who, due to their large amount of children, lived in poverty. He was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of eight and took two years to recover fully. Because his parents were so busy trying to take care of all of the other children, he was often left on his own at times when he needed people around. His younger sister, Mari, was his main caretaker and developed a very deep relationship with him.

Domestic abuse: After turning twenty, he married his high school girlfriend, Naoko. While they got along very well before marriage, after they moved in together their relationship became strained. Before moving in, Naoko had intended to be the sole money earner since Kaede was unable to work due to fatigue. The financial stress and his complete dependency on her became such a stressor that she eventually became emotionally and physically abusive. After four years of marriage, Naoko requested a divorce.

Present: Unable to move back home after the divorce, Kaede was left homeless and unemployed. He moved in with his sister for a little while, but eventually had to live on the streets when she grew exhausted by his neediness. Now twenty-six, he has been chronically homeless for two years and lives in a homeless camp. He does odd jobs when he can, but mostly sticks to street performing. 



03/21/2017 04:49 PM 

Character Information


·         Name: Yuu () Isozaki (磯嵜)

o   Pseudonym: Hibiki ()

·         Age: 37

·         Gender: Male

·         Sexuality: Gay

·         Home town: Tokyo

o   Current location: Tokyo

·         Birthday: 7/24

o   Zodiac sign: Leo

o   Blood type: O positive


·         Occupation: Photographer, drug dealer

o   Status: Popular


·         Strengths: Passionate, Enthusiastic, Helpful, Extroverted, Assertive

·         Weaknesses: Egotistical, Patronizing, Possessive, Controlling, Dominant, Petty, Vindictive

·         Outlook: Confident

o   Pet peeves: People not listening, Criticism, Resistance

·         Likes: Rain/Fog, Plants, Money, Obedience

o   Dislikes: Dogs, Whiny models

·         Talents: Photography, Shooting, and sewing


·         Hair color: Black (naturally), varies

·         Eye color: Light brown (naturally), varies

·         Prominent features: Short stature, young face, expressive eyes, extremely healthy hair

·         Piercings/Tattoos: Ears pierced, angel wings on back

·         Height: 4”11’

o   Weight: 90 Lbs.

o   BMI: 18.2

  • Health: Average


·         Trauma: None

o   Fears: Lack of freedom

o   Psychological problems and states: God complex, Egotistical, lack of empathy, controlling, anger issues, possessive

·         Coping mechanisms: Abusing others (Verbally/Mentally), drugging people

o   Response to distress: Turns on others

o   Response to grief: Shuts down

o   Emotional type: Reactive


·         Family: Mother, Father

o   Relationship: Not important, though he is an only child, he is not close to them.

·         Relationship status: Single

·         Relationship style: Possessive/Controlling

·         Closest friend: Jun Takashima (Model), Whoever gives him what he wants

o   Relationship: Acquaintances


·         Who is he?: Yuu did not experience any trauma, and had a very normal childhood. His parents supporting his dream of being a photographer, and through hard work he became successful.


He is extremely egotistical, and craves praise and worship. He has been in several unsuccessful relationships, of which all his partners left. He is extremely controlling and vindictive.



Character development sheet credit goes to:  <<this quality roleplayer.



03/21/2017 04:41 PM 

The rules.

These are my rules, if you do not like them, you don't have to keep me on your friend's list. There is the delete button. I rather not have any drama of people saying, "You are not rping Sweden right! He is not like that! blah blah blah!"


My Sweden is straight. I will not accept any Yaoi rps.


My Sweden still calls Tino "wife" still but he means it in a friendly way and not anything romantic or erotic.


Not one for erotic since not many interest him. But if he is interested, he will show it in his own ways. If he is not loved back, he will understand.


Please respect me and my choices and let's all be friends alright?


NO ONE LINER RPS! I cannot stress that enough. You have to at least try when you are rping with me otherwise I will get bored and lose interest.


 1 Comment  |    


03/21/2017 04:36 PM 


1) The basics: No rushing, no god mode, and no drama lamas!

2) No requesting me to play a character for you or asking for a futa. I like Bora the way she is.

3) I am willing to make Bora fit in the universe that fits her, but she is more Post-apocalyptic, steampunk, Superhero, Sentai, modern, scifi and fantasy noir (Think Buffy, Angel, Supernatural). 

4) I am Genderfluid in real life and I like to roleplay Bora the same way. Fair warning I am a male genderfluid.

5) If I do not hear from you in a while I will delete you (unless it reasonable haitus) or if you just flat out ignore me on purpose I will block you.

6) Do not like any of these above then please do not waste my time.



03/21/2017 12:12 PM 

Disclaimer, please read!

If I have not personally informed you yet, I think everyone should know I have a severe phobia of blood. In person it makes me pass out, like even scrapes. I literally cannot. And when reading about it, especially in detail, I will vomit or feel very ill. Thusly I cannot have it in RP. It should go without saying death also freaks me out.

For this reason I likely will not be accepting Vampiric RP partners, because the concept of them as a whole freaks me out really bad. Sorry if this is an inconvenience for anyone! ; w ;

If possible I would appreciate it if anyone who has read this comments so I know they are aware of my feelings on the subject, unless I have personally addressed this with you, then there is no need!


Female paradise

03/21/2017 11:44 PM 

Kukiko Hidemi.

Kukiko Hidemi.

Name meaning:
Kukiko: Snow child.
Hidemi: Superior, excellent.


Short bio:






03/21/2017 08:43 PM 

.::Cerberus Techniques & Abilities::.
Current mood:  accomplished

===More Coming Soon===


Myoko S&L

03/21/2017 03:13 PM 

~rules~ must read and sign

1.  Do not control my character if you do I will not reply to you at all I will delete and block you. 

2.  Romance/Erotic: 

Like in real life you have to actually get to know the characters first before romance and erotic. 

If the characters bond if they have a strong bond yes we can do romance and erotic.

 I request if that ever happens, both partners must put taken by rai or by who ever wants rai.  

Most have Loyalty after bonding.
If there is no loyalty  there is no realtionship. 

If you want to be a man whore then so be it Myoko. 

 doesn't need you to be in her life. 

3. Please keep real life and roleplay separate from each other after all this is roleplay. 

yes, I do take roleplay romance a little serious but It in character it just rp I don't do real life relationships with people online.

 I do not give my number out, I do not repeat do not give skype or oovoo information out either.   Again this is rp not real life info ok?

 If I am asked for these things you'll be deleted obviously you didn't read my rules or you don't care. 

Which is fine I don't need people like you on my friends list anyway. 



I know alot of people work I am one of them.

 I am on when I can. 

 I reply when I can. 

If I feel like your rushing me to reply to you please do me a favor remove me. 

 I won't respond to impatient people. 

I have a life outside of the computer. 

I will live it and do it no one else is going to pay my bills for me but me so be patient or remove me now to save me time. 

Fighting or sparing:

Please do not auto hit. If you do I am done roleplaying with you everyone has weakness no one is unbeatable. 


I am not a number you add you talk. I add I talk if I don't get nothing for a real your removed I am here to roleplay not be ignored. 


I am a novella and muilti roleplayer. 

I go into detail to make it easier for who ever I am roleplaying with know what going on.

 I add good and evil female characters into the

 roleplay to make it fun I hope there are decent roleplayer out there who can do the same. 

If not we can discuss and work around it. Be warned I don't do one liners I don't do no details if there isn't any details in the roleplay I won't bother replying back. 

Also please do not use I found you. I hold your hand. That annoying I won't reply to that either. It like writing a book please us he or she, hugs him or her. Much better  that way. 

Last but least please read and sign my rules ! Then let discuss 


Integra & Seras

03/21/2017 12:35 PM 

Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing

The great granddaughter of Abraham Van Hellsing that is now the head of the Royal Order of Protestant Knights (now known as simply the Hellsing Organization). Integra was taught from an early age about the occult and supernatural. Her father took great care in her schooling, teaching her about various creatures and how to stop them. He wanted to make sure Integra was ready to take hold of the Organization on her own, which served great purpose. Sir Arthur Hellsing died when Integra was only twelve years old. Her uncle Richard attempted to take her life, in hopes that the Order would be left to him instead of the young girl. In her escape from her murderous uncle, Integra sought out the secret weapon of the Hellsing Organization, the No-Life King, the vampire Alucard, who in a past life was the dreaded vampire Dracula taken prisoner by Abraham Van Hellsing. Now with tethers and loyalty to the Hellsing family and a slight blood offering from Integra, Alucard protects the young heir, destroying Richard and his men that came for Integra.

From then on, Integra ruled over the Hellsing manor with help from her trusted butler, Walter Dornez and her vampire servant Alucard. This quick maturity has formed Integra into a strong independent woman that’s not above taking matters into her own hands. Though hard shelled and cold at times, humor is not lost on her and can be very sarcastic and sassy, especially to those that believe themselves to be in a position over her. She is very patriotic to the crown and takes all matters with the Queen very seriously. She also cares very deeply about her men and their dedication to the Hellsing mission.



Hellsing, Integra

Integra & Seras

03/21/2017 12:34 PM 

A Brief History of the Hellsing Organization

The Royal Order of Protestant Knights (Now formally known as Hellsing) is believed to be created by Abraham Van Hellsing, the same professor that was made famous by the novel from Bram Stoker. The Royal Order was created some time after the defeat of the dreaded vampire Dracula, whom Abraham took in as a prisoner. Dracula was subject to many test and experiments, most of which would change and shift the old vampire’s form and mind. Van Hellsing was creating the ultimate monster, which would now have twisted loyalties to both the crown and the Hellsing family.

At the death of Abraham, the organization was taken by his son, leading the way for the Royal Order being a ‘family business’. The main story of the ‘Hellsing’ series is when the Order is being led by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the great granddaughter of Abraham van Hellsing. At this point, the Order is a full-fledged army that serves under the Queen with the mission to stop all things supernatural, extraterrestrial and satanic from harming the public. The main trump card of the Order is the vampire Dracula, now newly named as the No-Life King of Vampires, Alucard. At his side is his fledgling and Draculina, Seras Victoria.

The Order is a source of controversy, their methods being the main concern. Many feel that the methods employed by the Order, such as the use of Alucard, brings too much collateral damage and unnecessary casualties. Controversy was only further added when in an attack on the manor ended with the death of most of the soldiers, and members were replaced with paid mercenaries.

The main enemy of the Order is known as Millennium. An organization formed sometime around the second world war by members of the Nazi Party. Millennium is almost like a parody of Hellsing, employing the use of test subjects, experiments and monsters to form their army. This army comes back full force some years after the war with intent to fully destroy Hellsing and their trump card Alucard.


Hellsing, Integra, Seras

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