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06/06/2020 06:18 PM 


  These aren't really harsh or too crucial but This is more of a Reminder if anything. More will be added if it's Required which I hope it doesn't come to that. Thank you. - Paragraph or More. When engaging a Roleplay Story with me, I'd like to see some effort in it, even a single Paragraph is fine if that's all you can muster. But try to keep the one lining to a friendly banter such as Status Streams or Comments. - Patience is a Virtue. As many of us and including myself can be busy or distractful, All I ask do not rush me for replies right away. If I forget to respond back, such as 3 Days or more within the roleplay, Please Notify me as a reminder. Suffering from a short term memory, Thanks- This Account is for Engaging Stories only. Keep the Smut or Erotica to a minimum. If the situations call for it, sure, only if the story involves it which is scarce with how Faust been through. I may humor the idea but never will it be the priority within the writing session. Hope you understand. Once again Thank you. 

Trainer Kayla

06/06/2020 02:20 PM 

Trainer Kayla

Name: Kayla TornadoAge: 18Species: HumanHeight: 5'2"Occupation: Pokemon Trainer, not the typical kind, she trains pokemon for others and her own.Typical Line Up: None, she dedicates her time to training random pokemon.Likes: Sweets of many kinds (Chocolate is her favorite), Spicy foods, Salty foods, Training, Up beat attitudes.Dislikes: Laziness


06/05/2020 07:39 PM 

Writing Sample I

//. Note: my writing samples are not to be used as starters. I like to personalize my starters by making them for each individual storyline, so nobody ever gets the same starter or one that's pre-written. This is sample is mostly for your viewing/enjoyment and my sharpening and practing my skills in character. If they do open up some ideas, I'll be happy to discuss them with you. ^^ enjoy.-----------------------------------------------------------------Sweat rolled down the side of his face, he could feel it trickling down from his forehead and it took all his control not to let even that distract him. He needed to focus or else this could go very bad, very quickly for him. Even the feeling of his own sweat trickling down the side of his face felt like it could throw him out of his concentration. It was hard enough trying to keep himself from panicing and wanting to find another way out of his current situtation. But, again, he had to remind himself that if he didn't go through with this something much worse would be waiting for him at the end of the month. And to make matters worse, it felt like time was just flying by, adding to the pressure on his shoulders. What had he gotten himself into? Clearly he hadn't been thinking at all whenever he made the wager on his own life. Then again, he hadnt' been counting on two of them placing their posionous rings inside his body. That wasn't something he could have known they were capable of because if he had, he might have re-thought his choice of words in hindsight. It couldn't be helped now though and that made it all the more important for him to focus on his training in order to become stronger. Something that was proving to be quite difficult, given that his training seemed more like torture than anything else. And to make it worse, if he wasn't able to calmly focus on his breathing not only could it end badly for him, but he wouldn't be able to breathe with the mask that had been placed over his face. It was hard to maintain his concentration though when he had suddenly become aware of everything going on around him, even becoming conscious of his own body. That made the slightest movement distracting and right now he didn't want to be distracted. He was currently standing on a stone stalagmite that had been made into a rather sharp point. The point of the excersie was to focus his hamon into the soles of his boots so he could stand on the points without any incident. The problem with that was Joseph had had very little prior training to this. Sure, Caesar had helped him out in a few ways and given him some tips on how to channel his ripple, but this was on another level. The training that Lisa Lisa had instilled upon him was much more intense than anything he could have imagined. It made sense, logically, why it was so hard. He only had a limited amount of time and the enemies that they were facing were serious news. But seriously, he felt that this was a little extreme. Why, just one wrong move and he could end up on the wrong end of one of these spikes. That alone was enough to make him nervous and his instructor wasn't being so sympathtic to his concerns either. He hadn't been given a choice but to make it across the pit in order to continue his training, if he was serious about continuing it. So far though, Joseph had only managed to take a couple steps in and to make it worse, his instructor was busying himself with idle things as if to mock his progress. Well, to be far he couldn't really call it progress. Already he had been standing in place for a little over an hour or two. How he was going to make it across the way, he wasn't really sure. Right now it seemed so far away and he was already having trouble keeping his concentration. The whole thing was frustrating to him and he wanted nothing more than to go off on the guy who was putting him through this. Losing his temper though here could also mean sudden death and a nasty one at that. That wasn't something he was prepared for either, so he had no choice to but try his hardest to keep his calm and focus. Okay, stay calm Joseph. You can do this. All you have to do is focus and walk forward, should be easy right? Once you get yourself across this gap, you can rub it in that guy's face that he underestimated you. With a gulp, he allowed his own pep talk to be enought to urge him to try and take another step forward. Taking a careful, quivering breath, he slowly brought his left leg forward to pass in front of his right and take another step towards the other side. The movement felt like it was agonizingly slow though, almost as though he was moving in slow motion. He was taking his time though and making sure that he had his hamon balanced enough to support his weight when he shifted it to his left foot instead of his right. The man across the way had walked along the spikes as if the ground hadn't been made of them so easily. He had made it seem so simple that it almost felt as though the spikes themselves were only an illusion. Of course his first step had been a little bit brash and it had almost cost him his life. That was a mistake he wasn't going to make again, not after nearly losing his foot or even his life in the process. The thought of feeling the pointy end of the stilagmites ready to force its way through the bottom of his boots made him nervous. He'd been lucky that he had still been standing on the edge of the platform before the pit, otherwise making a quick move to reground himself, wouldn't have gone well. It was very likely that he would have lost his balance and fallen to his death. Knowing that had him wondering, just how many people had died here?  As if climbing up that piller hadn't been hard enough this was almost worse than that. But, he would find a way to get through this or else he wasn't Joseph Joestar. Besides, he didn't want to let down anyone that was counting on him to get through this. Lives were on the line here and if he didn't hurry up with this training, they would probably all die at the hands of their foes. That's it! Another step forward...only I have so much farther to go. Ugh, he made this look so easy.  And look at him over there ignoring me, as if I'm not even here!  When I get out of this I'm gonna give him a piece of m---Wrong step! He had let his thoughts get him too distracted, throwing off his concentration and causing him to lose balance. Just as Joseph had moved to take yet another step forward, his focus shifted and suddenly he was able to feel the point of the stilagmite coming through the bottom of his heel. If he didn't act fast then he would be impaled. And if he was lucky the thing would only impale him through his foot and not cause him to lose his balance to suffer further injury. Getting hurt now though would only set his training back, if he was even allowed to continue his training. HIs instructor had made it pretty clear that he had to make it across the pit before he would train him anymore. He didn't think falling in or being injured would count towards that. In fact, it would likely be an automatic fail if he wasn't left there to die. Time was running out though, he only had a second or two to react before the impact was made and he could feel his weight shifting backwards on that heel in his imbalance, hastening his demise. This wasn't the way he wanted to go down! If he couldn't even handle this, there was no way he was going to be able handle fighting back the pillar men. There was something he had learned though from his climb though and that was that if he couldn't balance himself on his feet by walking on these points, he wasn't bad at using his hands. He'd adjusted to doing that well enough to get himself out of a bad situtation then. And with no other tricks off hand, he did the only thing he could think of to save himself from falling onto the spikes below. Just as his weight start to shift backwards and he felt himself falling, Joseph used the moment of momentium he had to launch himself off the spike he'd been standing on. Jumping backwards into the air first, he managed to twist himself mid-air in order touch the point of the stilagmite with his finger tip. At the contact made, there was a spark of golden electricity that passed through his fingertip and into the point of the spike. It steadied his fall and allowed him to jump back onto his feet, completing the flip he'd made to save himself. He staggered at first when he landed with his right foot on a spike. The mistake had set him back at least three steps, which meant that all the progress he had made in the last couple hours had been wiped out. Now the other end of the pit was even farther away from him than it had been. Joseph had more or less put himself back to where he had started, which was frustrating on its own. It was frustrating enough that he was ready to yell and make a scene about it. Again though, he was reminded that if he didn't control his breathing with the mask on then he could pass out from the lack of oxygen. That and he was still standing in the pit, so losing any more of his focus meant that he could end up injured, despite his best efforts to prevent that from happening in the first place. Great, he had been able to save himself from falling in, but at the same time he had set himself back. It just meant that he had to focus harder and through his resolve to get to the other side, he wasn't going to let the set back and his frustration stop him from making progress. That was almost the end for me. I can't let my thoughts get the best of me right now, or else I might not make it out of here, alive. That just means I'll have to focus harder and make progress faster than I was before! I won't let this pit stop me from showing up that guy's stupid face that I am cut out for this! After another five hours after his initial set back, Joseph had finally made it across the pit. It had taken nearly seven hours for him to reach the other side. There were a couple times that even then, he had found himself starting to lose focus again, but determined to keep going forward he didn't let it slip up for too long. When he finally made it to the other platform, his instructor had stood from where he had been seated for the better part of the day, waiting for him. His congratdulations on his success was short lived because as soon as the praise left his mouth, he ended his sentence with news that his training was only going to get harder and more intense from there on. If he couldn't stomach the simple task of crossing the death pit, then there was no way he was going to be able to sustain the rest of his training. That news was almost enough for him to call it quits. He couldn't imagine something harder than that! But he was reminded that the task only seemed difficult for someone who wasn't properly trained in using ripple. It meant that it was likely with time he would be better at control, meaning that walking acorss that pit would be just as easy for him. Still, he dind't like the idea that the tasks would be even more difficult going forward. Yeah, the end result would probably be great but enduring the actual training while he wasn't at the skill level for it to be easy, that wasn't something he was looking forward to. If it hadn't been for the rings around his heart and throat, he might have thought differently about his choice in enduring all this intense training and he was certain that if this man was being serious about it getting harder, he would end up hating him for it. Already he couldn't stand how he had made it seem like Joseph should have been able to complete the first task easily, especially since he had to know that he had little training before all of this. He hardly thought it was fair, but he couldn't really argue with it. What choice did he have? "Harder than that, huh? Well fine, let's just get this over with then. I'll take on whatever you got for me," Joseph responded to the news with his own cocky grin, despite how exhausted he already was. 


06/05/2020 06:25 PM 

Alternate Routes

These are possible story ideas when plotting for Faust. Either the Canon way or another, whichever is easier for us both. 1. Canon Timeline when Faust is still with the Reunion and Loyal to his best friend and only friend Mephisto. Before his eventual demise at the hands of Rhode Island. 2. Cloning Method. After his demise, A unknown Scientist took his Blood Samples or DNA to recreate Faust. With this method this'll open new possibilities and allowing Faust to interact with more than just what he was struggling with. Though even as a clone he will just recall his death as if a dream within a nightmare and he awoken up unscathe. 3. Alternate Timeline, With this one, its a open book for him, he could even be a member of Rhode Island group, wandering War Orphan, or not having to meet Mephisto. Anything can happen with this route. 


06/05/2020 06:12 PM 

Story of a Sniper

Faust is a young boy who is part of the Organization known as Reunion Movement. The New Order. As a Infected, he exhibits traits such as Reptilian features, questioning what type of species he is. Though he appears cold and heartless, he is infact a kind and caring individual. This trait begin to surface each time Mephisto, his only friend in the world, begin to spiraling to the path of darkness, essentially corrupting his mind. He bore the intense burden of his friend's actions to protect, keep him safe and above all else will do anything for him. Long ago, he was a war orphan along with Ino, aka Mephisto while he underwent as his real name Sasha. The two promised to each other they'll live for each other and survive. When he found out his friend had been infected, not wanting his friend to struggle through the painful life ahead of him, Sasha also infected himself so he can carry his friend's burdens together. Eventually the two were found by Talulah who intentionally only recruited them to be used as pawns. Originally against this since he can tell Talulah is scheming something but her speech moved his friend who accepted. Not wanting to leave his friend alone he also accepted and both were taken into the Reunion.Back to the Present Time, Faust begin to take notice of the insanity his friend been suffering. Though he'd do anything for his friend but in time he also took notice of Talulah's latest behavior. One day he accused her for not being the sane Talulah he remembered, and even placed his trust in her, only for her to respond she hasn't changed, she is just Talulah. This made him realized she had gone mad and left to attempt to get himself and Mephisto away from the Reunion, the longer his friend stays the more poison his mind becomes. Talulah soon ordered the other reunion members, in particular Frostnova to go and 'relieve' the boy's duties. In terms, to dispose them both. Faust tried several attempts to convince Ino to leave with him, to find a new world, a place without war and strife so they can live together, but Ino was too caught up in his grudge against rhode island and continues to become a Mini Talulah by using his own men for his puppets to use. Finally Faust made a hard choice. He had his squad seize Ino, restraining him, Ino question him this and asked if he is going back on his promise to him, Faust responded he had no more choices left to convince him otherwise, and bid his farewell to his only friend. Not long before stating that if he can only go back in time and undo their decision to join this mess then maybe things would had been peaceful. He soon left to confront the Rhode Island Group as his last and final confrontation. After being defeated he weakly stood up, opening his arms as Sunlight poured from the skies and onto him. Feeling the warmth, Faust closed his eyes and embraced it saying " ... Please.. free him.. from this..madness.. " Then he collapsed and passed away. After his Demise. Frostnova caught to them but she was too late. Preferring to take them both alive but having to tell Mephisto of Faust's Death caused the boy to shatter into a mental breakdown. Frostnova commented that Faust is a True Warrior and He died in Honor. Frostnova soon recruited whatever is left of Faust's Squad into her own to carry on his legacy. Later his weapon was taken up by Greythroat who had befriended Faust and she informed the Rhode Island who Faust really is, leaving them in guilt. Faust fought what he believed was right, and that was to hopefully give Ino a wake up call and put him on the proper path. Greythroat decided to take his Crossbow with him as a momento and memory of a friend she had met on the battlefield. Who was the enemy yet a friend. 


06/05/2020 02:39 PM 


I'm just going to put this out here Hello and Welcome! There are some Regulations I want to put out. Just to make things easier 1) I am a very friendly person to get along with and I do most genres. 2) I'm in character most of the time 3) Yes I want to roleplay. Why else would I be here? 4) throw discussions my way and we can get started! 5) I do accept random starters too 6) I'm not a smut roleplayer. If it ties with a story, I'm okay with it. 7) DO NOT bring your drama to me. Unless you are needing someone to hear you out that you believe no one else will listen to. I will listen. But no bullsh*t 8) I'm not a friend collector 9) we all have lives out of here. So please, I ask for patience as I will for you

โœฆ ๐’ฎ๐“‰๐’ถ๐“‡ ๐’ž๐’ฝ๐’พ๐“๐’น โœฆ

06/05/2020 02:03 PM 


General Roleplay Stuff. You know the deal.- Para - Multi para. (Sweet spot for me is 3 paragraphs but I can match most people).- 3rd person Literate preferred. (Example: "Looking at him in shock, she rushed to his side frantically. "Are you alright!?" Her voice was harsher than normal, an expression of worry overtaking her features.") - I enjoy a little bit of plot discussion. It doesn't need to be extensive but just something to get us on our way! - Any verse is fine by me, let me know your preference. Completely original AU is also fantastic. Let me know your skin preference too. :)-  Detailed fighting/sparring is actually not my favorite RP to do but some fighting for story is fine.- Mature themes are perfectly fine but lets make it relevant to a plot, hm?- I don't date people through RP. Any relationships that may happen will be exclusive to THAT one roleplay.- I live in Japan and so my time zone is probably very different from yours. Please be understanding and patient with replies!I'm very friendly. Feel free to send a message my way~

Rukia Uchiha

06/04/2020 10:09 PM 


BASIC CHAKRA NATURE: FIRE: USEAGE = Destruction capabilities- fire is the best nature if you want to destroy something. It spreads by itself and since burning can ignore durability, its the most effective in killing something.LIGHTING: USEAGE: Destruction & Movement Capabilites- It can stimulate the user's nervous system..enhancing their speed,reflexes, and reaction time. It can severely cut and pierce anything it touches.WATER: USEAGE: Versatility Capabilies- A User can summon it to flood the any area. Encase enemies in it. Create a geyser of it to shoot the user upwards. Shoot down enemies with it. It has much more versatility then any other nature and can be used for just about anything.ADVANCED CHAKRA NATURES:FIRE+LIGHTNING= PLASMA- a ninja art formed by mixing fire nature and lightning nature together. There are two basic battle techniques that are used in Plasma Style.  The first battle technique, channeling, allows the user to focus the plasma in a specific weapon,such as a sword, or body part. Using this technique allows for almost infinite possibilities when fighting. The second battle technique revolves around manipulation. The user moves the plasma around to form shapes or attacks. In this way, the jutsu of the user have a more specific form, instead of the free-style form of channeling. For example, a ninja might manipulate the plasma around him to form a missile, which he could fire at an opponent. Or, one could shape a shield of plasma to dissipate incoming attacks.FIRE+WATER= STEAM- gives the user the ability to create clouds of vapor that are actually boiling hot. They can control geothermal upwelling and also manipulate the steam into forms allowing for potent and painful illusions.LIGHTNING+WATER=STORM- Despite its name,this attribute doesn't allow the user to control storms..but instead it can manipulate beams of electricity which flow like water. FIRE+WATER=MIST- the ability to use water then fire chakra to heat up water so that it evaporates into the air to create a thick mist that blinds and confuses the enemy. 

Rules, Bio

๐‘€๐‘œ๐‘œ๐“ƒ ๐ŸŒ™

06/03/2020 11:26 PM 

Genderbent Moon's Official Information
Current mood:  adventurous

Name: Moonshine "Ray" Matsuri. Age: 18 [Depends on each rp] Height: 5'0 Body type: Moon has a feminine like a form. Which he often gets made fun of for. It's hourglass-shaped and he often hides his hips by wearing oversized jeans. Personality: Moon is pretty easy-going. He's social but he often gets afraid of attaching himself to people after his parents died. He's sweet, caring, and loyal to those he cares about. He also has a hard time being abrasive or sticking up for himself, so-- if there are people verbally harassing him-- he won't do very much about it. He grew up being thought how to be polite and take "the higher road" so it's unlikely that you'd see him engaged in any drama or fights. Not unless he's forcefully dragged into it. He's also a hopeless romantic and often daydreams! Sexual Orientation: Gay Position: Switch [Usually prefers being the bottom but will top if asked or prompted.] Appearance: [I have a whole album you can check out. Go ahead!] Brown hair, brown eyes, feminine like features.  

sorry about your ass.

06/03/2020 01:57 PM 

merc rules.

* i tried to keep this short, i really did. but some people just don't know how to act.โ˜„๏ธ / first and foremost, i've a very busy schedule out of character and can't always be here. i ask for some patience and understanding when it comes to sporadic replies from me. rest assured replies will come, it just may take a day or two. possibly even longer if i'm exceptionally busy. i'm much more active on discord even when i have to be away from the site, but it's only available to those who ask privately for it.โ˜„๏ธ / secondly, my profile will always be blank. if this offends you or puts you off in any way, don't even bother reaching out to me. i'm here to get some in-depth connections going, not to make my profile pretty.โ˜„๏ธ / i am always in character during interactions unless otherwise specified with the following marking of ' // '. please know or learn the difference between ic and ooc. when i am speaking out of character, you'll notice i'm a very peppy and outgoing individual! cloud is...decidedly less so. if you can't differentiate between something i say to you as cloud and something i say to you as myself, i will delete you. likewise, i'm not here for drama. if i catch even a whiff of bullsh*t, i will also delete and block you.โ˜„๏ธ / this account will be multi-ship until i decide otherwise. that being said, my iteration of cloud is rather inexperienced in the relationship department and isn't going to be ready and willing to jump into something. your character is going to have to work long and hard to win him over. my preferred ships are cloud/zack, cloud/sephiroth, and cloud/aerith. but i'm more than open to trying out something i never have before!โ˜„๏ธ / i'm currently playing through the remake. i haven't finished it yet; while i don't mind spoilers and am very familiar with the original, keep in mind if you're talking about something that happens in a later chapter of the remake, i may not know what you're talking about.โ˜„๏ธ / for those of you in other verses outside of final fantasy vii, cloud is set on the fictional world of gaia. magic exists, as do monsters, beasts, ghosts, etc. don't take things too literally or seriously. this is rp, after all; we can all do what we want with our creativity.

๐ž๐๐ ๐ฒ ๐›***๐ก

06/02/2020 03:05 PM 

Jan's crappy bio

Surprisingly enough, January Everett isn’t an angry person. Not angsty, or mean, or really emotional. Despite his music taste and choice of dress, he’s really just a down to earth guy who uses the aesthetic as a sort of vent. If all your negative emotions are turned positive by a punk lifestyle, then what do you have to be upset about?He isn’t your main character, or your antagonist. Not even the knight in shining armor. He’s the mellow guy next door, someone to chat with and maybe share a smoke. Being supportive just comes with the personality, and he's a walking care package. If anything, he does seem a little scary at first, being covered in piercings and having red contacts, but his talkative demeanor while most likely break right through the ice.Now, you must be wondering, how is he so nice? Doesn’t he have his own problems? Surely, if he were a normal person, he would have struggles of his own, right? Well, you’re partially right. He does have his own problems, though they aren’t brought to light that often. Jan chooses to hide the things he mulls over in order to deal with them on his own. In particular, he's dealing with some internalized homophobia, something he’s grown up with that caused him to hide his sexuality. Very rarely will you hear him talk about this, though. Even if he’s friendly, he isn’t one to trust easily.Jan came from a normal lower-middle class family, not spoiled and privileged, but also having enough to eat and a safe household. His parents weren’t the best at what they did, but they tried, and January still loves and respects them for their effort. Of course, he has his small traumas like everyone, but nothing major enough to affect his everyday life. That is, until highschool. In his junior year Jan found himself in a somewhat abusive relationship with an older man that he’d met online. He isn't weak minded, nor is he weak physically, so he was able to get out of the situation after a few weeks. The time he spent under the man still affected his way of viewing people, so he tends to not take his relationships as seriously as he should, hurting his partners in the process.This brings us to the present, where Jan has begun his adult life as an engineering major at some small town college. He’s a flirt, frequents parties, and is pretty ambiguous about his sexuality. It’s obvious that he prefers men, though. After completing puberty, (finally), he still finds himself a bit short, standing at 5 foot 6 inches. A fresh dye job of dark purple hair, a few piercings, a hidden tattoo or two, and you have yourself a punk brat who’s not going to stop annoying you till you get off the bathroom floor of some frat house and join him in his dorm. His hobbies aren’t many, but he plays some video games, does some painting, and (oooh, surprise) plays the flute. Weird, right? Blame the geeky band kid phase that he learned the lamest and most high pitched instrument. He has a skateboard and guitar, though he doesn’t have the slightest amount of knowledge on how to use them. And, of course, he has a beat up PT Cruiser in tribute to Micheal Mell and his ever growing love of musical theater. Forget being a petty PA kid, though. January lives the life of your generic e-boy wannabe with a nic addiction and too many jean jackets.   

Lol yooo

06/02/2020 02:27 PM 

Damn!!! I suck. :P
Current mood:  anxious

Hello Again!  Welcome back to yet again another one of my ludicrous blog posts Y'all! Woot woot!Dear friends, I am well aware of my lack of replies and my total disregard of consideration towards you all as my role play partners, I'll be roleplaying a lot more now that I have edited my profile and have a few pictures of my character already.   To do list: Reply to all the homies Find/Edit a picture of my OC with his friends (y'all) Further customizing my profile / styling the f*** out of my blog. Thanks for your patience, and hope to roleplay soon. xoxo.  


06/02/2020 03:37 PM 

Cammy White

Height: 5'1" (155 cm)Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)Eye color: TurquoiseHair color: BlondeBlood type: BMeasurements: B86๏ผW57๏ผH88PersonalBirthdate: January 6/1974Birthplace: United Kingdom United KingdomFighting style: Shadaloo fighting techniques (Shadaloo), Special Forces training (Delta Red)Likes: Cats, cake, collecting fighting data, Chun-Li, her sisters (the Shadaloo dolls), Sakura, Delta Red, Guile, RyuDislikes: Everything when she's in a bad mood, sympathy towards her, soupsOccupation:Shadaloo Assassin Or MI6 Delta Red Operative Affiliation(Can rock either side)Shadaloo Delta RedSkills: Knife-throwingAlignment: Neutral Good/Evil depending on the version of Cammy

Smokin N Blingin

06/01/2020 11:42 PM 


Name: SmokeAlias: (He's a dog so all those terms) Smoky, Blingin-SmokeAge: N/A "Only I will know my age~ hehehehe~" Continues to cackle in old man.Size VariesColoration VariesAbilities: Shapeshifting(Can't be anything that isn't of a Canine varient).Pyrokinesis(Able to make and control fire, also works with his other varients of fire). Hell Fire(Fire that burns the very soul, another term for it is Nether Fire). Hellish Miasma(Can make an acidic/poisonous fog. The toxin hyper advances rate of decay which is why it is classified more like an acid than a poison, the fog is obsidian in hue and blocks most vision that dense fogs do.) 


06/01/2020 07:59 PM 

AU Verses (Incomplete for now)

This list will contain a short paragraph on AUs that are not completely related to or not related at all to the Final Fantasy games. If you want to write a plot that doesn't have to do with the FF series, you can pick from this list. For now, this list is not complete, as it says in the title.โ˜…The Sky's NOT the Limit (Kingdom Hearts): Vaan was born and raised in Twilight Town, who lived with his childhood friend Penelo after his parents died from illness, Though he's fueled with positivity, he's secretly in pain after the death of his older brother Reks, who lost his life one day to dark creatures. For the sake of his friends, he grins and bares the bad memory, but he's set on finding out more on these things responsible instead of running away. When he hears rumors about there being more than one world, Vaan sets himself into action, and is determined to find a way out. From what he's heard, there was also a boy with a giant key who would come to Twilight Town from time to time, and Vaan believes he holds the answers he's looking for.(More to come later!)

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