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Smokin N Blingin

06/01/2020 11:42 PM 


Name: SmokeAlias: (He's a dog so all those terms) Smoky, Blingin-SmokeAge: N/A "Only I will know my age~ hehehehe~" Continues to cackle in old man.Size VariesColoration VariesAbilities: Shapeshifting(Can't be anything that isn't of a Canine varient).Pyrokinesis(Able to make and control fire, also works with his other varients of fire). Hell Fire(Fire that burns the very soul, another term for it is Nether Fire). Hellish Miasma(Can make an acidic/poisonous fog. The toxin hyper advances rate of decay which is why it is classified more like an acid than a poison, the fog is obsidian in hue and blocks most vision that dense fogs do.) 


06/01/2020 07:59 PM 

AU Verses (Incomplete for now)

This list will contain a short paragraph on AUs that are not completely related to or not related at all to the Final Fantasy games. If you want to write a plot that doesn't have to do with the FF series, you can pick from this list. For now, this list is not complete, as it says in the title.★The Sky's NOT the Limit (Kingdom Hearts): Vaan was born and raised in Twilight Town, who lived with his childhood friend Penelo after his parents died from illness, Though he's fueled with positivity, he's secretly in pain after the death of his older brother Reks, who lost his life one day to dark creatures. For the sake of his friends, he grins and bares the bad memory, but he's set on finding out more on these things responsible instead of running away. When he hears rumors about there being more than one world, Vaan sets himself into action, and is determined to find a way out. From what he's heard, there was also a boy with a giant key who would come to Twilight Town from time to time, and Vaan believes he holds the answers he's looking for.(More to come later!)


06/01/2020 07:02 PM 

Rules of a Sky Pirate

This isn't my first time roleplaying as Vaan. I use to years back until I deleted him and moved on to different things, but since replaying FFXII, I fell back in love with Vaan and just had to go back to writing him.1. I do para to multi para, and short novella, meaning it's like novella but not as many paragraphs, but more than the average three paragraphs via multi para. I don’t accept one liners (unless I’m doing crack in statuses), as well as semi. I like detail, or as much detail as I know is necessary. If my response lack some detail or sound boring, I apologize.   2. I’ll do any genre besides gore (I made several exceptions though, like Mortal Kombat & Drifters). I really enjoy or would like to do are action, adventure, supernatural, fantasy, slice of life, horror/suspense, and historical. I’m very willing to try to roleplay something else. I’ll try fighting, but if I suck at it, I’m very sorry. Blood and violence is definitely okay since the Final Fantasy games contains them.3. On the topic of romance, though I usually multiship on other websites, I won't do it here. Vaan has the right to say no to a relationship. Also, chemistry is key! No matter who it is, there always has to be chemistry to reach a romantic point. I'm also over 18 (twenty five to be exact); Vaan is 18, so mature content is also allowed, meaning I don't mind rping smut as long as you're not a minor. I'm not here just to write only romance and smut though, so if that's your only intention, then please delete me.  4. God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it. Also, drama shall never be tolerated UNLESS it’s happening in roleplay.  5. AUs are especially encouraged, like storylines outside of the Final Fantasy/Dissidia verses.   6. I accept crossovers as long as I’m familiar with it. I don’t think I can keep up with most of the things that others are interested in, but since I'm talking about verses, I might as well say this now. There are some Final Fantasy games I haven't played; I've seen some of the games I'm unfamiliar with explained, but there's a couple I can't get a grasp on-- like Shadowbringers, A Realm Reborn, Opera Omnia, and others that revolve around the multiplayer online games. I hope everyone can understand this :c   7. I suck at thinking of plot ideas, especially alone so help with that would be the best thing on Earth.  8. I have Discord, so if you want to add me on either one, you can ask for it, but a fair warning: I really don’t talk much out of character. It’s not that I hate you; I don’t talk much OOC in general. So, don’t take this the wrong way. I’d love to be your friend C: So don’t feel threatened, or scared, or put off by this.   9. I constantly get worried about people who don’t take kindly to me either because I’m just normally rping with someone, or because of no reason at all. If you have a problem with me, PLEASE come talk to me.  10. I’m not exclusive, so if there are doubles of a character I’m roleplaying as or with, I’ll roleplay with them because everyone has their own portrayal of a character, and I like seeing that.


06/01/2020 05:05 PM 

The Will of The First, Zodiark’s Command

The youthful Elezen laid silently, staring up at the endless sky above. The sun beat down on his battered and soiled body. His grimoire in shreds.. his garbs, tattered.. the breeze began to blow gently over his still figure. A brief smile cracking upon his fatigued lips “Grandsire.. pray.... guide my soul... ascend me... to... sanctuary....” his hues welled up as his consciousness began to fade out “My Scions.... someday..... forgive me....” he utters out as his vision grows dark, the world around him muting as his figure itself showed little life.   It would take a miracle for Alphinaud to be saved from his fate, he had no one else around. With his grimoire torn, none of his Carbuncles could be summoned. Time was running out for the young Elezen, as the land too began shifting to correct its natural Aether. Soon enough, the Aether of the land began to attach itself to Alphinaud’s still figure... in which.. the very soul of the Archon himself began to use his own Aetherical presense, protecting Alphinaud from the realm claiming him “Exarch.... time is nigh... the land will claim my grandson, ere long!”

FFXIV, Final Fantasy XIV, Alphinaud, RP, RolePlay

𝘐𝘰𝘳𝘪 𝘠𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘮𝘪

06/01/2020 01:06 PM 

Rules aka Common Sense 101
Current mood:  indifferent

I. The sh*t that wont fly with me.001. Racisim? - I dont give a f*** if your White , Black , Latino or Asian. We're all equals in this business if you have a problem with the color of someones skin then obviously you aint the right fit for me. 002. Character Assassins? - I dont give a f*** what your 100 year old grudge is with someone who probaly dosent give a damn that you exist. Do yourself a favor and learn how to let that sh*t go. Being angry over someone elses f*** ups is like drinking poison expecting that person to die as a result of it, pointless.003. Mirrors / Alt Replacement - I know exactly how people roll around this sh*t hole. I'm not having any of that trash on my friends list. You want to get to know me? Like the old saying goes. "Be your own legend".II. The sh*t I'm open to write with instead.001. All Roleplays Welcomed [ Action , Adventure , Romance , Slice Of Life Preffered. ] 

Guidelines,Who gives a shit really

Vine, The Dollmaker

06/01/2020 11:46 PM 


ust something I thought to write.1. Though Vine is 19 in my writings, his mental age is usually that of a twelve-year-old, except for how he talks. He talks very sophisticatedly for his age, but his mental age is much lower than his real age. This is thanks to the trauma he endured at such a young age. He was deprived of his childhood, so his mental state suffered and became that of a child, almost as if to make up for the childhood he never really got.2. Vine, though a sweetheart, is still ruthless when killing. Jason, who has observed Vine killing before, often describes it as he becomes an entirely different person. His personality completely flips from his normal sweet self to a cold-hearted killer. Though they all kill without mercy, it still freaks them out how different Vine can turn in a matter of seconds.3. Vine is a fairly messy killer. Though his method of murder, turning people into dolls, would generally produce no blood, they always struggled, so when he's stitching smiles into their faces or taking their eyes out he can get covered in blood. He also has a tendency when he's angry to just chop a person into pieces to let out his anger. It scares the others sometimes, and he is subsequently one of the worst in the mansion to get angry.4. Vine doesn't really talk about his trauma unless forced to. Slenderman knows because he Slenderman, he knows everything about all of them. He's briefly explained a small portion of it to Jason, though it was enough to make Jason understand how Vine ended up in the state he has.5. Though Vine takes good care of his hair, it always seems to be a tangled mess, no matter what he does. He can't get his hair any better, though he can easily help the others with their hair. Vine often does Sally's hair for things like tea parties.6. Vine actually enjoys wearing skirts and dresses and wears them around the mansion from time to time. It makes sense given his normal personality is fairly girly. The others don't really question it as it makes him happy and they know it can be hard to get him hin a happy state sometimes.7. Though almost all of them don't know what he's been through, they do understand he suffers from a lot of mental problems. He's had more than a few breakdowns or psychotic episodes in front of them before. They've learned how to avoid most of these episodes, though sometimes they come at complete random.8. They are all also aware of his eating problems. They try to get him to eat more but are often unsuccessful. In the years he's been there they've barely gotten him to eat more food than when they arrived. They hate seeing him as skinny as he is, but they can't seem to do anything about it. 

𝐞𝐝𝐠𝐲 𝐛***𝐡

06/01/2020 04:12 PM 


Blackout, the vigilante of the senses!Quirk:Sensory ManipulationWith an electromagnetic shock to the nervous system, this quirk can pinpoin select nerve endings and channels to completely cancel out their connection to the brain. This can be used to blind, numb, deafen, ect. They can also stimulate the nerves, resulting in a sensory overload that can cause seizures and such. The downside is that only a few people can be manipulated at once, and depending on the amout of manipulation per person, can quickly drain the stamina of the user. The user also has to be within 30 feet with no obstruction to their target in order to properly transmit the electromagnetic waves. January is a vigilante with no solid morals, choosing this way of life purely for fun alongside his usual college student lifestyle. He had villain-like qualities sometimes, but is overall working for good.

Cᴀɴɴɪʙᴀʟ Pʀᴏɢᴇɴɪᴛᴏʀ

06/01/2020 03:31 PM 

Racial Abilities & Traits

.sweet{ width:300px; height:auto padding:40px; box-shadow:border-box; margin:15px auto; border:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); } .sweet br{ display:none; } .stext br{ display:block; } .sbody{ background-color:#fff; background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0.95); width:375px;padding:30px; outline:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); } .simg{ width:100px; height:100px; border-radius:100%; border:5px solid #b03c5d; margin: 0 auto 5px; } .title{ font:35px "Abril Fatface", serif; text-align:center; margin-bottom:-3px; font-style:italic; color:#222; text-shadow:px 2px 0px #fff, 3px 3px 0px #b03c5d; } .text{ font:9px Calibri, Sans-serif; text-transform:uppercase; color:#666; text-align:center; border-top:1px solid #cc6889; padding-top:5px; letter-spacing:1px; } .stext{ margin:50px; text-align:justify; font:10px Verdana, ssans-serif; line-height:14px; color:#333; } .stext a, .stext b, .stext strong{ color:#b03c5d; }   Racial Abilities & Traits [Special Disclaimer] Okay! So when it comes to Durian his abilities aren't the main focus. They are namely here to describe what he can accomplish with his techniques. Some abilities won't have techniques, and can just be used as he sees fit. An example would be regeneration, and even telekinesis which can both be used without needing a special technique involved with them. This is my first time doing such for an character of mine, so I hope it turns out well. [Arcosian Abilities] Biological Armor: Like all of the Arcosians Durian is able to grow his own armor, or clothing that can even be removed as he wills it. This armor is both light weight, and durable allowing him to fight without much worry. Able to commit himself in battle as his armor naturally negates 25% of the power from energy based attacks. In the case of physical attacks a total of 10% of their over all power is negated away from him at any given time. Suppressing Transformations: Arcosians have the innate ability to restrain their power by creating layers of transformations. Durian has 2 transformations that are known at this time, but also has hinted at being able to gain more as his power grows. Yet when asked about his original form he seems to have forgotten just what it happened to look like, or even what it could've been altogether. Telekinesis: While more famously used by those of Universe 7 the Arcosians of Universe 14 have also been known to utilize physic powers. These powers can manifest in numerous ways, but Durian has seen using only telekinesis so far. Literally moving, or rather throwing objects about with his mind. Going so far as to control, or manipulate weapons during combat if need be. [Namekian Abilities] Mystic Abilities: As a member of the Dragon Clan Caste from the Namekian species Durian is able to utilize a number of abilities that they call magic. While he has yet to to test how far these powers go he was told by his father that some members of their species are able to create Dragon Balls, or relics similar to them if need be. Even healing his possible if one were to focus, and practice the art for long enough. Mutant Spawn: Like others of the Dragon Clan Caste Durian is able to birth mutants of his species that act as his children. They are produced via eggs, and hatch after some time. Their power level varies, but it is usually based on the power level of Durian himself. Only able to survive temporarily if they don't find a constant source of ki to support their fading life spans. As a base form they all appear to be actual Namekians with several bone like plates of bio armor growing on their bodies. Even horns, or the occasional tail can be spotted growing from them. Fusion: The Namekians are able to fuse with others of their species in order to become more powerful. The memories of those being fused are merged along with their skills, personality traits, and even the emotional connections of the others evolved. This is a permanent fusion, and can not be broken aside from using special means to do so. [Personal Abilities] Ki Manipulation: Durian like many other warriors has the ability to control, generate, and shape the energy known as Ki. It can be used to craft a number of highly destructive techniques, or even for healing. The most basic abilities being to use it for flight, or simply strengthening ones own physical abilities. Umbral Ki: A special, or unique type of ki that is black in color. It has an odd property of draining the ki of others, and funneling it into the wielder on contact. It is stored within the users heart, and can even be converted from ordinary ki in order to increase its volume. Elemental Ki Conversion: The ability to convert ones own Ki into an element of some kind, thus it can add various effects to techniques. Durian currently has figured out how to convert his ki into the forms of electricity, and wind. Normally using them to shift his form, or change the environment around him in order to control the battle field. template by (c)sweetener

Adam Epstein

06/01/2020 12:09 PM 

Adam Epstein

This will be a writing space for details related to the newest revision to my character Adam Epstein. More details to come.Powers & Equipment TL;DR: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Mind Reading, Remote Viewing, Hostile Environment Suit.US ADAM Project Specimen 303 (Known by alias Adam Epstein,) is a super human from Earth. Epstein was created using artificial DNA in a secret underground facility at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Along with the other 302 creations of the ADAM project, Epstein was designed to be a soldier for a secret power elite that controls the world. However, Epstein rebelled during his adolescence and destroyed the facility, along with all the research that was studied on him and the other children of the ADAM Project.Epstein stands about six feet tall and weighs around two hundred pounds. Created to be athletic, Epstein easily develops muscles, and is built like a very fit healthy man of his age who engages in regular intense exercise. He has a handsome yet somber rectangular face decorated with short blonde hair and radiant green eyes. He has scarring from repeated injections on his arms during his childhood.


05/31/2020 03:03 PM 


Please read carefully and send a greeting via PM when you have finished1) On DramaI have a zero tolerance policy. If I see it, even in your status updates, you will be blocked.2) On RomanceI write Todorki as bisexual, and thus am open to both hetero and homosexual ships. I love Original Characters. All potential ships must be part of the discussion before story begins. However, doubling is required for CanonxOC romance.3) On StartersRandom starters sent with no discussion beforehand will be ignored. Discussion is mandatory. Please disclose any triggers you may have, so I may grant them the respect they deserve.4) On Original Characters and ContentI love OC's, I love AU's, bring them on, I can't get enough.5) On Multi-Character RoleplayI love people who play more than one character, but prefer you use one as a main 'face' for your account. I too write multiple characters within story, should that interest you. 6) On LGBTQ+ ContentYou must be friendly towards the LGBTQ+ community. This is non-negotiuable. Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia, Racism and Misogyny is the fastest way to being blocked.7)  On Posting StyleI am not picky. If you are capable of using basic, non l33t style writing, I will be content. My posting style can sometimes run long, but do not feel the need to match my paragraph count. I often act as GM for my roleplays, and as a result, my posts are often longer than my partner. If you make an effort to show you read what I wrote, that is more than enough to make me happy. I try my best for multiple replies a day, but my minimum is one post every other day.  


05/31/2020 01:13 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

It sucks but I gotta have a few rules!! 1. Please respect me and my characters! 2. Please don’t spam me with messages! I will reply in a timely manner! 3. I don’t ERP but only with people I am close to or that I trust so please don’t beg me to ERP if you just added me! 4. Please don’t ask me to do anything with you that isn’t roleplay! I will block any creeps! 5. Read and sign these simple rules to follow! 6. Have fun 7. Please no random starters I would like to discuss a plot before we get a starter sent out. (Adding a new rule since it was brought to my attention.)


05/31/2020 04:30 PM 

Das Reglement

                               Leviticus 19:18 - “‘Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD."   --------------------------------------------------------------------- A Little About The Mun: ------------------------------------------------------- Writers Alias: Loyal Blue Pronouns: They/Them (this is as close as I will allow anyone to get to me). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------These are My rules, Please respect them.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   1. I stay in character, this also means that I want to keep  my real personal  life separate  from  the fantasy/ role-play life so if someone wants my discord they HAVE to work for it because I'm not as trusting of others online as I once was. 2. I am a mixed writer,  as in i write every single length you can think of, and I do try to keep up with my writing partners.3. I do not tolerate  Drama, Gossip,  Rumors, hearsay,  Hypocrisy, Ageism, Sexism, Xenophobia  or  Homophobia in any way, shape  or  form; if it doesn't  hurt you then it does not concern all. 4. I  reply  when I feel  like  it, on my own time  and  at my own pace. I am  not  here to  cater to you; I am just  here to write  and  enjoy the company  of those that I  write  with and can be kind of a dorky loser with.  5. I role play  specifically  for my enjoyment; I prefer  to write  with  people  who  understand  that  replying takes time  due to real life being  a priority  and  if that's  a problem  for  you- don't  add me.  6. I deny more than I accept because  I just  don't  want  an large amount  of people  on  my list that don't  even try to interact,(Having a large amount of people on my list also makes me prone to go through anxiety attacks)  so I do not write with a lot of people as too many can actually overstimulate me socially as well as intellectually7. I write an AU Kurt Wagner as a Demisexual.   8. I only write with those 18 years and older as I am above the age of 18. In general I write SFW with those who are interested and NSFW with people who get to actually know my muse as well as the mun.   9. I multi-ship Kurt and I happen to be LGBTQ+ friendly as long as others are friendly to me; I don't tolerate entitlement or petty drama.   10.  Just have fun, don't take role-playing with me too seriously and please be respectful to me as an person.  11. Whatever Kurt says or does, does not reflect me as the Mun. Matthew 7:12 - "So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets."      


05/30/2020 02:25 PM 

Poem collection

Behold!  - My collection of love-notes from my precious bro' Kyou ♥ Go ahead! call me faggot, whatever you want!I know what I am, I know what I love!My Sweet Sugarplum Cinnabon, writes me a poem whenever a girl dumps me. You may say; displaying these beautiful tokens enhances my failure, but I don't see it like that. these are my greatest material possessions. My greatest treasures. ♥  _______ #1  I'm a soft guy by skin,and a mean one at heartso if you touch my bromateI will tear your world apartbecause he's the best brofriendthat I've ever hadI love him more than flowersand I think he's really rad~#2.  I think I'm spoiledI'm addicted to your loveYour loving is something spectacularThe caress of your soft hands and the softness of your smile can brighten my dayLike Shakespeare's work this love is timeless#3. I've been thinking this for awhile now.It's the way we interact.The way you treat me isn't how you treat friends.Maybe I'm wording that wrong.Are we soul mates?Are we meant to always be together?Some would say that's a dream but this is our reality.#4It's an amazing thing to receive this kind of gift.A gift like none other.Something ever so priceless.Love, can't be bought but can be learned and earned.Love is something that is destined.You're more likely to stumble upon it than to find it.I found this love by accident.I found myself with your heart by accident.After all that excitement, I was elated by your actions.This love is worth the heartache.#5You touch himSo damn saintlyFor such a sinnerBrushYour lipsTo the underside of wristsWhere arteries criss cross likes mapsLeading you anywhere and everywherePress your palmFlat to his chest andFind religion in the wayHis heart rises to meet your hand again andAgain and again in aSong only audible to you.#6The way thesunlight danced on his skin,and starlight in his eyes,he knew he'd never wantto look awayHe'd rather havea body full of scarsand a head full of memories,than a head full of regretsand perfect skin.#7Never look directly at the sun.Instead, look at the sunflowerWho drinks its beauty in with his faceAnd like it he becomes.His glory the sameStrong, true, and goodYou know he is a source of joyEven if he's misunderstoodHis beauty, his worth, his meaningWhile fragrance there is none,He is perfect,My sunflower.


05/29/2020 11:49 PM 

Appreciate The Art.

"Fear...radiates from you. It's beautiful, but not yet finished. I am Stefano and now you are my art."      Writers Notes: I am  writing  this  not only  for those of you  who  are  curious  but for those who  seem  to  merely  view and never  add, or those who send requests only  to cancel  them later. Notations:  I write mixed lengths, I  don't  have  just  one; I  find sticking to one boring, much  like  verses. Sticking to one just  seems  like  a waste of a character.  I do not reply  to comments as I focus  more  so on status and message conversations. What to expect: My Interpretation of Stefano Valentini  is that he  charming  and  full of Allure, a successful  War Photographer who suffers  PTSD and Bipolar and goes through  many mental break downs due to his erratic Psychotic  behavior. He is a high functioning  Psychopath who  kills for his art due to  his  own  perception  of  death from  the incident  that had taken  his eye. He not only dislikes criticism  of  his work, but being lied to. My version of him is alternative universe version  as in he is still  alive. Verses:   The Evil Within, Saints Row, Far Cry. Do not know  what  these are- google, bing or use whatever  search engine you use to research them. Genres: Action, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Slice Of Life, Video  Game, Crime, Survival , Horror. Themes: Real life Situations, Parody, Dark. Guidelines:  No God Modding. Do not send  me "Hello", "Do you want to rp with me?" etc. As the first thing you  decide  to use as an ice breaker.  Give me something  substantial that catches my eye. Instead try this: Greetings, My Character  is (Name), From the (series) verse. I am a (Writing Length) writer. Etc. A proper  Introduction  is everything.  Do not attempt to control Stefano in any way, shape or form as I will block you.   Do not request intimate contact with Stefano instantly  as I am not here for that.              The Rules: 1. Writer is over the legal age of eighteen and thus will not interact  with  minors or characters  that are the age of a minor. 2. What Stefano  says or does; does not reflect  me as the writer in any way shape  or form. 3. I Multi ship and I currently  ship Polyamorous wise; don't  like it? Do not add me as you are  obviously  as boring as  you  are closed minded. 4. Do not ask me about  real  life, this is a hobby and  I  simply  have  no desire  to  be your friend.  5.  I am always  in character, so do not complain  if you  do  not  like my portrayal; as I am not writing  Stefano  for  you  or anyone  else  on this site. I am writing  him purely  for  my own enjoyment  and  because  I  personally like him as a character enough to write him.  Triggers:   Kidnapping, Torture,  Death, Mutilation, Corpses. (Those who truly  wish  to write  with  me it is agreed  upon  that there is a safe word  if you're not comfortable  with  our  roleplay and something  disturbs you.)Adult Content: Now, what do I mean  by mature  content? To put it matter of factly; I  only  write  with  those that are the legal  age  of eighteen and above due to the violent  themes, strong language  as well  as in detailed actions  of Stefano. I do not  hold  back  with  this character.  What I do : I let you  know  in status stream if something  is  going  on in my life if it is an emergency or if I happen  to  be busy.  I try to treat everyone  equally  on my list, however  there are some I refuse  due to how they treat others publicly  in stream.  I block  people  who  do not follow  my rules, let alone  their own- no one likes a hypocrite.   I let you  know  ahead of time  if I have  an issue  with  you,  that way we can resolve  it and go back  to  roleplaying  or whatever  it was we were doing. If it cannot  be resolved, I will  unfortunately  remove you.  What I do not  tolerate:  Name Calling Accusations Bullying Attempting  to cancel others Petty Drama Rumors Lies Shade Throwers Verbal  Abuse Guilt Tripping/ Manipulation Harassment Assumptions Professional  Victims Entitled  Peons  Ignorance  These things will  get you blocked  faster than  you  can say "Daddy no". What I expect from  my  writing partners: Honesty Civility Patience Integrity  Maturity Forwardness Compassion  And  Empathy These things will  earn you  my respect and the opposite  willget you blocked.           To cut deep into  the  flesh and get down to business: I expect  you  to  act like  a civilized, mature and  honest individual with  an open mind and not someone  who  is so weak  mentally  that  they attempt  to  tare others down  who  are  merely  comfortable  with  themselves, the way they roleplay, let alone whom they associate with or even interact in character with in public. If you  cannot  be 50% with  me, do not expect  me to be 50% with you.  Do not make  assumptions  when you have  never spoken to me, nor added me as it shows your lack of respect.  Do not steal  from  me in any way, shape  or form, respect  me as a writer, and  you  will  receive  it in turn. Do the complete  

ʟᴏʀᴅ ᴢᴇᴀʟɪᴀɴ ☾

05/29/2020 04:36 AM 

Guidelines. Follow them.

RULES  - No OOC drama. -Yes, I use foul language frequently. If you don't like that, find someone else to roleplay with.-If I see real life, unnecessary drama within your stream more than once, I will delete you.-Muse is not nice, just so we're on the same page.-I have a Discord, you can add me there if you'd like so, please ask for it or maybe I might post it within stream every now and then.- "I" the "mun" am friendly OOC, but sometimes I will bounce back and forth without warning if we are chatting through Discord. Please let me know if that confuses/bothers you so we can be on the same page at all times.-I will not change my muse for you, don't ask.-Don't edit our muses together without my consent unless we are already good friends then do whatever the hell you want.- Make your posts readable and comparable in length to my own. Don't leave me with -nothing- to respond to.-Rps are in messages only. Comments may be used for disucssing/chatting.-Basic ass ending but let's seriously just have some fun.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.