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Hearts of Darkness (MCRP)

01/04/2021 02:50 PM 

Liam Prime

Full Name: Liam PrimeNicknames: N/ATitles: Prince of PernDate of Birth: October 20thPlace of Birth: New YorkCurrent Residence: New York, USASpecies: Demon, Dragon Blood, Saiyan, Angel and Magical BeingHair Color: GreenEye Color: Light BlueHeight: 6'0"Mother: Karoi PrimeFather: Marcus PrimeSister(s): Hennessey Prime (younger twin)Brother(s): NoneOccupation: StudentSexual Orientation: PansexualRelationship Status: SinglePast Relationships: NoneSon(s): NoneDaughter(s): NonePersonality: Liam is practically the opposite of his cousin Trey. Liam is very out-going and personable. He loves to have conversations with everyone and try to become friends with everyone. He wears his emotions on his sleeve for the most part and is extremely silly and goofy. Liam loves video games and having a good time with his friends, wether it be having a few drinks or playing said video games with them. Dislikes: Liars, Fakes, ConfrontationLikes: Friends, Video Games, Being HimselfVerse: Modern-Adventure-Romance-Fantasy-SupernaturalRP STATUS: OPEN 

Hearts of Darkness (MCRP)

01/04/2021 02:50 PM 


Full Name: Date Of Birth: Place Of Birth: Ethnicity: Hair Color: Eye Color: Height: Birthmarks/Scars:Job:Family: Mother:Father:Sister(S):Brother(S):Sexual Orientation:Relationship Status: Children: Son(s):Daughter(s): 

Thunder Sister

01/04/2021 02:31 PM 

Another writing sample

It was a dark and stormy night in Feudal Japan; as rain poured from the sky and lightning struck through the skies. There were no signs of activity from the demons that lurked around Raimei valley though as each sound of thunder echoed through the air a few animals would scatter about in fear. In the midst of Raimei was the home to the Thunder Demon tribe which had fallen from its former glory upon the death of it’s strongest standing members, the Thunder Brothers. The weather only added to the eerie look of the castle, but what stuck out the most was the large gate that had been forced open and blowing in the wind.      The last standing member of the Thunder Demon tribe, Soten, walked through the halls with her head held high. Her red eyes scanned each area she passed as if she were making sure no one was hiding about to escape the weather. Ever since her brothers died she had been sending demon after demon away with her various traps and tricks. There were a few that wouldn’t let a small child send them away without a ruckus and it showed by just how ruined the castle had become. The small demon knew that it was only a matter of time before she couldn’t protect her home anymore and she had to do something fast to make sure she was protected herself.    Coming to a door at the end of the hall she paused for a moment before taking in a deep breath. With that she slid the door open and closed it behind her and walked to the center of the room where she sat down; her hands balled into fists as she rested them on her thighs. Focusing her gaze at the wall before her she stared at the pike that had been mounted on the wall; the weapon had been broken and although she used it still she always brought it back home and put it in the same spot. It was all she had left from her family aside from the castle and it meant a lot to her. In the right hands the Thunder Pike could do great damage—just not in hers.    Soten found herself growing more and more upset the longer she stared at it. It was a reminder of all that she lost and a reminder of her own weakness. If she was stronger maybe she could have been helping her brothers all along. Maybe they would still be there if she had been apart of the team and maybe she wouldn’t be alone. As arrogant as she was she still knew deep down inside that she was weak  and she had let her family down even in their deaths. She couldn’t even defeat Shippo to avenge them. The child was sure that if given the chance they wouldn’t want to see her again, but Soten had already decided what had to be done.    It didn’t matter if it were just one of them at a time. All she knew was that she was gonna get them back. They would come back and bring their caste to its former glory and all the demons who had messed with her since would live to regret it. Once the two had that settled they would reunite with the other brother and she knew which one she needed for the task. Hiten was the strongest of the three and he wouldn’t take crap from anyone who dared to look down on their tribe. It didn’t matter if he scolded her for her failures or was mean to her as a result Soten was determined to right the wrong that had been done to them.    There was the thought in the back of her head that she would lose her chance at having a friend in the end. If Hiten came back he would without a doubt try to hunt Inuyasha down and he wouldn’t give him the chance to kill him a second time. They killed Shippo’s parents and to bring them back would upset the fox demon and his crew. But they would have to understand she had no choice. Shippo had Inuyasha, a monk, a demon slayer, a human with abilities, and a full fledge demon cat to protect him. She had no one but Kōryū and he stood just as little of a chance at survival as she did.    In the end everyone did what they had to do for themselves. It was the only way to survive.    As she closed her eyes and nodded her head to give herself the okay as the sky lit up and the sound of lightning hitting the ground outside echoed in the room. As she opened her eyes Koryu floated in from of her with a serious expression. Soten smiled as she reached out and held her hand open in front of him.    “I assume you retrieved the item we need, Koryu?” She asked.    “I did. Are we sure we want to do this? I’ve done my research and if he doesn’t agree to help us he’ll kill us, no doubt.” Koryu replied in a strange tone.    Soten nodded her head once more. “We have something he wants so someone will come for it. We’ll get him to bring Hiten back no matter what. Hand the shard over.”   Koryu dropped a fragment of the shikon jewel in her hand. Their plan had worked. Koryu followed Inuyasha’s crew and waited for the chance to take a jewel shard from Naraku’s henchmen to bait the demon there. Soten was nervous about the whole thing because she knew it was a big risk she was taking but she was willing to take it. She was a member of the Thunder Demon tribe too and she wasn’t about to let their name continue to be dragged through the mud because of her. This had to work.    “This Naraku guy will come. Everyone’s obsessed with these stupid jewels, remember? Even Hiten and Manten wanted to gather them. In my hands it won’t be much use so we’ll just use it to get him back. A flawless plan made by me as usual!”   She gave an arrogant grin as she closed her hand and squeezed the jewel shard. Everything was banking on having him come for the stolen shard. They wouldn’t take no for an answer. 

Etro’s Soldier

01/04/2021 02:28 PM 

Lighting and FF 7 crossover sample

‘What is this warm feeling?’   Lighting thought to herself as she reached up to touch her forehead. She didn’t remember when she had fallen asleep, but she knew she wasn’t awake by the dream that she had. She was there at Serah’s wedding clapping along with their friends and congratulating the couple for finally being able to get married. Through it all Serah had given her the warmest of hugs and thanked her for taking care of her for so long. Was that why she had the warm feeling?   The last thing she remembered was her and her friends fighting against Bhunivelze for the fate of all the souls she was sent to save. They won the fight but just as they were all moving on to this new place her memory started to grow fuzzy. She remembered Serah reaching out for her and then everything went dark. Had Lightning done something wrong? Maybe it was some kind of punishment for her sins and going up against a god, but none of that mattered. As long as they were safe.    She opened her eyes only to be met with a beautiful flow of green moving around the empty space she found herself in. The ex-Soldier didn’t know what was going on but as she reached out to touch it she felt at peace. Maybe that was the price to pay for the others to live a happy life. Lightning must have had to give up her life for the world she tried so hard to save. It was a price she didn’t mind paying in the end. At least now she could rest easy and not have to worry about carrying such heavy loads anymore.    Heavy lids closed on aqua colored irises as she let out a sigh of relief. This was for the best...   Just as she had come to terms with what she thought her new reality was Lightning heard a deep growl. On instinct her eyes shot open and she grabbed her gunblade which had been in its usual location. Her eyes landed on the creature that stood before her; drool falling from its mouth and it stood ready to attack. Lighting wasn’t sure where she was or what was going on but she was wearing her Guardian Corps uniform and she had her gunblade. As the creature pounce for her she quickly held up her blade causing it to bite down on it before she pushed him back. As she stood up a few more came from the rubble she was in.    “You picked the wrong person to make a meal out of.” She stated simply as she prepared to take all four of them on.    As her fight with the creatures began the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard running toward her. Judging by how heavy they were Lightning could guess they had light armor on and weapons on their person. “This noise is coming from this way. Possible trespasser. Be on guard.”   Lighting didn’t know what they were talking about but she didn’t wanna stick around long enough for trouble. 

Etro’s Soldier

01/04/2021 02:27 PM 

Writing Sample

What a pain.    That was all Lightning could think as she watched her group of friends sitting around a fire hauled up inside an abandoned building. They had become l’cie now which made them enemies to Cacoon and left Serah, her sister, behind in a chrysalis state just to avoid being captured by the Guardian Corps and here they were hanging out like friends on a camping trip. This whole thing was really beginning to tick her off and if anyone knew it they would only complain about her bringing down the mood. Snow was going on about how he was going to save Serah, Sazh was talking about the possibility of their focus, and well Hope was sitting between Fang and Vanille with a sad expression.  Such a situation would be a lot for a kid to take in so she understood—even if she didn’t show it.    “Tch. I’m going on ahead. Catch up when you’re done here.” Lightning finally said as she closed her eyes and pushed herself off of the wall she had been leaning on.    “Light,” Snow began as he took a step toward her and reached out. “We should stick together if we’re going to complete our focus and save Serah.”   Lightning glanced back at him with her usual expression painted on her face. “Then stick with them. I’ll leave them in your capable hands, Mr. Hero.” She said sarcastically before waving her hand in the air and heading for the door.    Hope quickly shot up and attempted to follow after her only to be grabbed by Vanille. She smiled at him softly before shaking her head no in an attempt to get him to stick with them. It wasn’t like he hadn’t followed Lightning around before, but things were dangerous for them now. With the fal’cie attacking them as well as their soldier threats walking around with a group was probably his safest bet. It was probably better for all of them, but Light needed to be alone. She wanted to clear her mind and regroup on things.    As she walked through the icy planes she scanned the area with her eyes. Every inch she passed by and ever corner was one she made sure was clear of enemies. Considering she was once apart of the Guardian Corps she knew just how quickly they could catch up to their targets and she didn’t want to be one that got caught in an ambush. This whole ice maze was the result of Snow being reckless, as usual, and setting loose his Eidolon. Though it wasn’t the first time that is caused such a mess there was something about the area that had been bugging Lightning.    Occasionally the air would be filled with a stream that held a greenish tint to it. Lighting couldn’t really tell what it was made of or where it was coming from, but she knew it was foreign. Nothing even an Eidolon could have produced it. What made her even more curious by it was the fact that when she touched it she felt a sudden since of relief and ease wash over her. An unfamiliar voice was carried with it, and from what Lightning could tell it sounded like a soft female voice. “The end is coming. Beware the one winged angel...Cloud will help you,” that’s what she heard her say at least.   The others in her party couldn’t hear any voice at all. Lightning couldn’t tell what the girl was trying to warn her about, but she did know one thing. She wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of her protecting what she was starting to grow attached to. Her companions had become important to her and she wouldn’t let anything happen to a single one of them. That included the idiot who was hell bent on marrying her sister when this was all over. Lighting wouldn’t tell them how she felt nor would she show it but the feelings were there. As the stream of green passed by her and this time Lightning decided to follow it.    Maybe it would lead her to the girl that was trying to warn her or maybe it would lead to something more sinister. It didn’t matter because wherever it was leading her she would handle the situation. She was so focused on figuring out what it was and who she was that she forgot the mention of a “Cloud”. 


01/04/2021 01:42 PM 

Regulations. ( Read before adding. )

  Upon requesting. Please do not repeatedly send me friend request, if you've been denied the first time, then that is my answer. It is within my rights to accept, deny, or block for the sake of my mental health. If you're here to cause problems, I will not accept you onto my list. Your pettiness will be ignored and will not be given a reaction. I'm way too old to be dealing with children.   Speaking of age, writer is their late twenties and will NOT be accepting adds from minors. If I find you're a minor, I will not interact with you for my own comfort zone. I may explore dark themes that might not be appropriate for your mind set. ( It will include death, gore, and maybe some language.) If you're sensitive to those things, I may not be the writer for you and I REFUSE to restrict my creative process for people anymore.    I also won't accept you if you post heavy NSFW images, I get discomforted when I see lewd and I cannot have that on my streams.   My muse is taken/established with a close friend: It will never change unless stated otherwise, if you came here lookinig for a ship, you will be declined. My muse is content where he is and Zeref does deserve to be happy. Please do not give me sh*t that a canon 'cannot' be with an OC.  If there is proper chemistry and the storyline flows really well with each other, then yes, it is possible. Do not take it as me being an 'aniti-Zervis.' I do like Zeref with Mavis but that ship has a lot of problems within itself and I am NOT desperate to have a Mavis. Do not force things on me and respect my wishes and my ship partners wishes. Also, always keep IC feelings, IC. Do not reach those feelings to me OOC. I'm not looking for a relationship in RL or online. I'm happy where I am at, if it happens, it happens but I am not looking right now.  Mun is also female behind the muse. I know, right? A girl playing a male muse, how strange! Not really, believe it or not. There is plenty of females who play guy characters and there are guys who play female characters. Gender to me does not concern when it comes to role play. If you enjoy that character despite they're the opposite of your gender; that is YOUR business and not anyone else's. I'm not here to judge anyone. If you judge me by playing a muse that is the opposite gender then you do not have to follow me. I will not get mad, however, it will be disappointing that you will not role play with me based on that. I believe in gender equality and that all genders should be respected. Besides, is it really that strange? That's like saying male authors can't write female characters or make them. :/  Stop judging people for what they do based on gender.  DO NOT REQUEST ME TO MAKE YOU AN EDIT! I don't really edit anymore, if I do, it's for myself. I will also not teach you my tricks, so do not bother asking me. The answer is no, tired of people taking advantage of my kindness, usually when I edit for someone, I hardly get a thank you or they do not credit or use.   My Zeref is ALSO an AU. If that turns you off from writing with me, then feel free to not add me or delete me. I am not going to restrict my creative writing process with anyone. Do not dictate me on how I should portray my muse. You should mind your business and focus on your own muse instead of telling me how I should do things.

𝒯𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜 𝒫𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐞

01/04/2021 12:23 PM 

Questionaire [WIP]

1: What decision would the party have to make in order for you to consider splitting off from the group?"Making rash decisions, putting reason to the wind, and the like. "2: What do most people think when they first see you?"I suppose that depends from person to person and scenario. If you were to quote an old friend of mine "vampire jesus" were his initial remarks. I suspect levitating out of a coffin could leave such an impression."3: How do you imagine the way you will die?"Hm. As near-impossible as that feat may be for an opponet, or opponents, I suppose the way I have 'lived' most of my life: covered in ichor and blade in my hand."4: What is your greatest achievement?"Although I can not take the entirety of the credit, putting an end to several of Dracula's conquests with the aid of the Belmonts."5: Are you willing to risk the well-being of others in order to achieve their goal?"This is not a particularly well detailed question, I must say. Does this imply physical well-being? Mental? Maiming? Outright murder, perhaps?" A slight pause. "While I did not harm him, I went into battle with the resolve to incapacitate if neccesary when a Belmont once intended to resurrect Dracula." There was quite a bit more to the story, but for the sake of the question he left it at that.6: Do you have any biases for or against certain races?"At this point I expect to garner either disdain or terror when crossed paths with the typical townsfolk type. Rightfully so. As far as they know, I may just be yet another blood sucking night-terror ready to drain them of life. For this reason I tend to keep a low-profile when I must travel amongst the living."

四楓院 夜💕Byakuya

01/03/2021 04:13 PM 


I. Despise drama from outside of the role-playing, please, I can't stress this enough by asking you nicely.  Dealing with judgmental, cyberbully, Arrogant, harassment, and immature action will remove you. It's ignorant. Keep Role-play and Real separated, please. Drama role-play is acceptable. No! Real! Drama involves! It stays out! Don't judge the character I'm role-playing by at times. I don't physically have the mind power to know you're strict with the search types of topics. Please, communicate and let me know. No response, then I will leave you be. II. Becoming friends? Surely ^w^. I'm very respectful, understanding, friendly, and careful. I can be vigilant when it comes to asking for my information suddenly, such as Phone numbers, FB, without not knowing each other first, and long as I don't get involved as it's none of my business. Mind my own business and mainly focused on getting to replies, edits, doing stuff. I couldn't care less if I have someone on my list that you hate. Currently here to get along. I'm not here to pick sides. I've study how people play their dices, nevertheless don't test my acknowledge.  III. About my Personality: Please do not take me personally!: Nice, respectful, loyal, honest, friendly, care, like to talk things out, understand, and laid back. Will not tolerate bullsh*t, judgment, Rl drama, Arrogants, miscommunication, cyberbullies. I'll do my best to avoid it if possible. I'm here for role-play entertainment, fun, built good memorize, and respect, not dealing with 6th graders. IV. My RP skills are exalted at best and, not to show it off as I'm trying to be respectful. It can be slothful when my days come from being unmotivated. To inform you, if you are strident at me, I don't care and will ignore you. I'd role-play 9/2008-present years. I'm a role-player known as RP Community.:​ I do Paragraphs, Multiply through Novella in Organization & Message. Crossover is welcome.  Do role-play on my statues wall more? Please don't start any Real drama. Role-play drama is acceptable. If there a story-plot you displease about, please inform me as I don't mind re-discuss.  Greeting & Chat welcome.  I accepted people that act like an adult and don't start sh*t or sexual role-play. However, received these unnecessary issues shall be forbidden. V. No Controlling my character. About Edits & Layout, yes, I do edit and layout for a close relative.  VI. Here for Thrilling Time: I'm here for entertainment stories. Here is some genre list that I'm here for: Adventure, Action, Thrilling/Suspense, Science Fiction, Slice of Life, RP Drama, Horror, Creepypasta, Fantasy, Video Game, Spar/Fighting, Anime, Drama. Not Interest is Romance, Smut.  VII. I do have a LIFE! Being online 24/7 isn't going to happen all the time. Please understand that I have responsibilities outside of role-playing. Occasionally try to be online to reach for your replies ASAP. Apologize for the absent delays, please, do not RUSH ME. I do respect everyone's absent delays. Please do the same for me.  VIII. My Where about: The retirement can occur if verse dies down, dealing with circumstances outside, etc. Usually, return when the series picks up or either the life settles down. Going on a hiatus for the emergency, otherwise, dealing with the situation from outside. Only give out a small brief notification when I will return.  IX.Thrilling Entertainment! For entertainment battle, single, or double battle? If so, those performances are welcome through statues, messages, and organizations. Otherwise, do not tolerate god mods, auto hits here, etc.  X. About the Relationship: Currently taken in role-play and real life. I'm very loyal. I'm laid back and here for friends and fun.  XI. About Grammar: Insist you to used grammar & literate ( Sometime Literate). It goes for spelling to your best abilities. Understand when it comes down to making an error typo and do your best. Don't accept perfectionist. I'll do my best. RP Community is all about having fun. Using unnecessary grammar will be ignored.  XII. About Joining Organization: I am concern about whom I'm joining, exceptionally when it comes to those that expect you to know when their no rules. For now, I will be asking, which is none of my concern but to avoid any situation. I will join the discord group. I will be more careful. XIII. I'll accept Friendship: If you wish to be a partner, that's fine. If you wish to gain this honor, I have to fully trust you to know that you're not going to start drama isn't my problem. I'm here to role-play, not get involved with someone you hate. It's none of my business.  XV. I've known my Role-play Guidelines Code Conduct, use to be in a group way back on Myspace. The RPer has taught me the valuable meaning of RP. I know my limits of what I'm allowed and can't do. Therefore don't treat me like I don't understand.  HTTPS://THEUNOFFICIALOFFICIALRULESOFROLEPLAY.WEEBLY.COM/GENERAL-RULES.HTML

Hanako CO.

01/03/2021 03:53 PM 


Name: Ashlyn BrigandiaOccupation: Staff at Hanako CO. Ashlyn is well studied on her lore. She has a knack for brainstorming solutions or battleplans to deal with resolving the needs of their customers.  Race: HumanPower:  As a child Ashlyn's eyes were blessed by the Fae. This granted her 'sight' into the minds of others. In truth, all she can do is hear thoughts. Temperament: This is a woman that loves to be amused and finds people fun. As a result, she has a tendancy to bully out of affection. Then again, she can also be a bully if she doesn't like you. Ashlyn can often seem cold or as if she's over reacting due to the way she's also noticing your thoughts in a conversation. She knows this makes her come off as rude, or invasive, and so she will consider those who accept her to be an extension of her family.Apperance: She had red, straight hair that is often pulled back and bangs kept cut above her eyes. Her hues are a green-yellow and her skin is pale. Sparse freckles cover beneath her clothes.

Hanako CO.

01/03/2021 03:36 PM 

Hanako CO.

Welcome to Hanako CO.!What is Hanako Co.? Great question! Hanako Co. is a non-religious afficiated organization that deals with abborations! That is to say, we deal with apparitions, demons, sprites, soot spirits, mandrakes, and anything else that is a departure from the normal, expected, and is unwelcome in your life!Do you have any wacky or unsettling experiences and want to see if we're the service for you? Counsilations are completely free so make your case today either by contacting us through any of our social media and online ads or calling our office today!

Hanako CO.

01/03/2021 03:23 PM 


Name: Ayahi HaraOccupation: She is the 'spokesperson' for Hanako CO. As it's such a small company, this job description covers everything social. Ayahi answers phones, vets job offers by meeting with anyone requesting their services, runs their online ads and social media, and attends anything meant for publicity.Race: Human/Sunshine Girl. Sunshine girls are said to be decendants of Inari and are linked to the sky. Power: If she prays she can dispell rainy weather, bringing about pleasant sunshine for a small area. This rain can become worse in the surrounding areas as a cause, come back at an unpredictable time, or in the event it completely disappears, takes a price on her.Temperment: Ayahi is a kind person. She wants to see the best in everyone and she wants to be a hand that can be offered to lift others up. In part, this is why she joined Hanako CO.Through this job she can directly help supernatural entities and indirectly help people.Apperance: Ayahi is a small, large chested woman with hair she dyes auborn in color. Her skin is peachy and her eyes are a warm brown. She has no peircings, not even the standard two for ears, and has a sensible yet cute style.

Wᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ Pʀɪɴᴄᴇss ▫

01/03/2021 11:34 PM 


Here are a few simple rules I like to go by. 1. I write para to multi-para. So roughly thats anywhere between 1-3 paragraphs. I can, however write semi if needed and I keep one liners to Discord. 2.  I am not crazy on literacy. If you do your best that's all that matters. I, myself, have messed up time to time and probably will somehow with you. It happens. No one is perfect and if you think you are perfect we have no business interacting. I don't put up with snobbish people I know there's a lot of them in the Naruto Verse and other verses.3. I won't add or talk to you if you are strictly looking for sex. There's a whole other verse out there for that. Go find it.  Rptavern / Roleplay Tavern4. I ship Erza with chemestry. She is BISEXUAL.  She is a single and not interested. I am sorry but I'm not looking for a online boyfriend or a girlfriend or f***boy. I don't want to hurt anybody on Aniroleplay as a result of my roleplay, I try to be as clear as possible as to how I see things, but how is one to know that others are not taking it more seriously as in, perhaps they are not playing a character at all?5. Discord. The all mighty Discord. I have one as stated above briefly, yes. I won't give it out freely. I would like to discuss and write first before I decide whether or not to give it out.  There may be an exception. If I truly like you I might just go ahead and give it to you randomly. 

French Brat

01/03/2021 12:49 PM 

My Character

Basic Info Name: Cosette M. LeeAge: Depends on rp, 6-12Height: 4'3Weight: 46 LBSHair: Short, blonde Eyes: Bright blueEthnicity: Half French, half Korean Scars: A small one on her knee Disorders: Several undiagnosed learning disorders (Optional)Social Class: Very wealthy / High classQuirks: Always fidgets, tries to touch everything, always has her teddy bear with her  Personality (WIP)  Cosette tends to be a bit spoiled and demanding, but she tries her best to be sweet to those around her. She's clumsy and comes off as airheaded and dumb (well, because she is) to most people who meet her. She's clingy and gets very attached easily, often follows people around like a lost puppy, and gets jealous easily. She is very picky but passionate  Backstory Coming Soon                

Kuro [MCRP]

01/02/2021 08:09 PM 

My Characters

Kenny "Kuro" Jackson [Multiverse Character]Ban [DB Character]Specialties: There are certain specialties I give my character to give them a differentiation between one another, similar to a power system.Balanced - Means they have no huge strengths, but also no huge weaknesses, and can fit with any situation pretty well.Speed - Means they rely on agility, quickness, raw speed.Skill - Means they rely on things such as percision, technical expertise, and tactics.Power - A specialty in power. Things like superior strength, explosive force like explosions and such, things of that nature.Defense - Means they rely on sheer durability, being able to last for long periods of time, and or defend and counter as necessary.

Tim Drake Leader [TT]

01/02/2021 02:19 PM 


1.) I rold play Robin from the New Adaventure of Batman series, And Titan Titans as Tim Drake. Cause I refuse to rp Damian wayne, also It make more since when Red X comes in and calls Robin a kid. Cause I believe Jason Todd would be Red X saying that to Tim, not D*ck Grayson. Jason was the second Robin, Tim was the 3rd.  2.) My length I type is Semi to Multi para, depending on how much I am in enjoying the storyline. Romance will only happen with female characters, Like Raven, Starfire, and Teenage Barbara, Zatana, and few others. Sexual Rp of any kind must have story build up around it.  3.) Romance will only happen with female characters, Like Raven, Starfire, and Teenage Barbara, Zatana, and few others. This is a mature account, and violence, drugs, crime, romance, even sexual situations. However everything must have a storyline built up, it's more fun that way. 4.) I do not mind crossovers at all and matter fact I welcome it, just as long as it makes sense.  This is not the Teen Titans Go  Robin, He won't be idiot! 5.) I won't be adding MCRP Accounts, I don't want to go through all the characters to rp with someone and choose person I can't even rp with just because you are in RP relatiuonship with that character with someone else! I For one Don't want to be added to your many Bucklists of boyfriends/ Girlfriends that you might have on there!

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