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01/07/2021 05:28 PM 

Roselle Cousland.

Looks/ect. Full Name: Roselle Cousland.   Nickname/Alias:  Lady, Lady Cousland, Lady Roselle, Rose, Rose-sama or Roselle, Rose of the north.   Meaning:  Her first name mostly means Rose, there is no pure meaning. However, The reason I named her that was for her hair and character. Roses are not just nice to smell and look at. No?  Title: Lady, Warden, or Grey Warden, Rose of the north, occasionally.    Pet Name:  Hot head, Spitfire, Rose, Bud, Bloosem, give some?  Gender:  Female.   Gender Role:  In between them usually, depends on her mood.  Class: Rouge.  Orientation:  Straight.  Real Age:  Depends on the place and time.   Age Appearance:  Roselly is fairly short compared to the normal man, so maybe around seventeen or eighteen?   Birthday:  November 22nd.   Birthplace:  Highever, north.  Zodiac Sign:  Scorpio.  Immediate Family:  Father: Bryce Cousland.  Mother: Eleanor Mac Eanraig.   Brother: Fergus Cousland  Sister in law: Oriana.  Nephew: Oren Cousland  Distant Family:  N/A.  Parenting:  How to say this, they were fun-loving in a way and very strict because of who she is. Second, in line, made her able to take on the throne if her brother perished. Although, they thought she was the better child to do so and so did her brother.   Upbringing:  -Never let someone tell you that a female can't fight, we are equal. -Gentle arts are always helpful when you can't get close. -Respect those that respect you. -Never back down without a fight.  Species: Human.  Ethnicity:   Alamarri and a Fereldan.  Facial Type:  Heart.   Eye Color:  Turquoise.  Hair Color: Red.   Hairstyle:  Her hair is long and straight, never tied up. Some might even think her hair is a weakness when she is moving through the battlefield. While in fact, her hair is good for a distraction. Usually, she left it down, her bangs going to one side, while the other hid behind her ear.   Skin Tone: Fair.   Complexion:  Clear.  Makeup:  Usually wears some dark eye shadow, nothing heavy or noticeable. Her lips are also painted with a gloss, which is the same color of her lip. Appearance:XXXXXXXX   Body Type:  Hourglass figure.   Build:  Her body is well built for someone like her, As a female. She could have gained more strength, but the thing she uses is speed and stealth so she was pretty thin. Long legs made her steps easily.   Birthmarks/scars:  You'll notice her birthmark is not hidden, no one knew why. But, from her hip and up her stomach there is a birthmark.   Distinguishing Features:  Her eyes and hair mostly.  Posture:  Ladylike.  Scent: Roses- With a hint of other flowers.   Heroes: The grey wardens; Duncan, Her father, and brother.   Pets/Familiars:  She has a war dog, Mabari named Rune.  Wardrobe: As her class, she is usually only into light clothing and protective gear. The lighter it is, the faster she can kill or protect herself. Speed was everything, however, that didn't stop her from making her outfit rather revealing either.  For the most part, she wore a simple- or very small top which covered her breasts slightly, revealing a lot of cleavage in the process of her fighting. Then again, people like her rarely cared about people looking at her. Covering her arms was a short sleeved jacket- or long. Whenever the selves were unrolled. The leather made it impossible to close, so she had a belt over it to keep it on her body in fighting.  There was also sculls on her belt, a sign of danger for those dumb enough to engage her. Her pants were simple enough, leather, tight and rather stretchy. The same brown belt going on her hip, crossing over each other and going down her thigh. Her smaller daggers hanging beside the larger ones.  Finally, her brown leather boots, nothing rare about them.   Equipment:  Double edged daggers, smaller daggers, Poison, Bow, and arrows, etc.  Accessories:  Her fathers shield and sword, Mother Amulet, The amulet from the joining as a grey warden, as well as her blood earings, which did actually contain blood in them.   Element:  Fire.   Motivation: Hatred, Revenge was her motivation in the beginning. Near the end, it was love for the people she was protecting and her love for her king.   Priorities:  Everyone is her first charge, never has she thought of herself until the very end. You can't change that about her, ever.   Etiquette:  Since she was close to royalty, her manners well well done. When she wanted to use them that is.   Influences:  The people working with her maybe, Alister was a big part of that.   Biggest Failure:  We all know this, Her family; The people that died that day, when she left home Roselle was beyond guilty and no one could make that go away. That battle would have been something that killed her, yes. At least she would have done something, instead, she ran off to work on her revenge and new life.   Secrets: Let's see... A secret, Well she has a secret love for dresses and cute things. However, due to her behaviour she has always used her pride and fighting to get out of that. No one ever guessed she liked things like that.  Regrets:  Same as the first.   Worries:  In the beginning, it was her brother, but then she gained feelings for more people. Her worries were scattered to many, her companions. Alister, The people in Redcliff, the world. So many could be the reason for her worry.  Hobbies/Interests:  -Reading some good books. -Writing poems. -Spending time in gardens, with a lot of flowers. -Singing and Dancing.  Skills/Talents:  -Stealing- Rarely used. -Persuading someone into doing something, or making them see reason. -Holding a bow and arrow, as well as daggers. -Knows her way around stuff like herbs and poison. -Picking locks. This could go on, so I'll stop here.   Likes:  Reading, Teasing, Animals, Cute things, Recalling the past, Fighting, Camping outside, Nature, Hot springs.   Dislikes:  Fools, Cowards, Being pushed away over stupid things, Not having a say in something, being ordered on what to do, books being damaged.    Pet Peeves:  Cowardly actions. Weak Attitudes. Anyone hurting someone for no good reason. Animal and Children Abuse.   Closet Hobby:  As she said before, cute things, Dresses- The stuff her mother tried to get her into, but never could or had the chance to.   Powers/Abilities: Find them out, I don't care enough to describe them to you.  Origin: (How did they get their powers?) ---   Source:  --  Ability:  She is fairly good at what she does, in fact. She found a knack for being a rogue from a young age.  Greetings and Farewells:  Good day, Good Even, How do you do? She is rather polite in her way of greeting, when saying goodbye it can differ. Like, May the Maker watch over you, you can't really say what she will say at the time.   Personality: For the sake of being quick, I'll give you the traits of her persona.   Focused One of the major strengths they have is their ability to focus. If a Scorpio-born has decided on something, it's almost impossible to divert them from their path.  Brave The Scorpio-born will never lose their sleep through disruptive times and failures. The Scorpio will take it head on regardless how difficult the situation may seem.  Balanced The Scorpio-born are jovial and passionate, but not immature and careless. They are quite mature and balanced, and you will prefer to remain in the company of a Scorpio as they are interesting personalities.   Faithful The Scorpio-born are trustworthy and faithful. It's great to have a faithful Scorpio around. He will always stand by you if he has promised he would.   Ambitious Power, position, and money are the key motivators for a Scorpio. The Scorpio is an ambitious lot. They will aim for the stars and will ensure that they reach there.   Intuitive The Scorpio-born are lead by their instincts and they take the right decisions at an opportune time. They are so intuitive that they can easily read the mind of other people.   Jealous The Scorpio tend to be extremely possessive and jealous. And the jealousy more often than not disturbs their relationships and affects their peace of mind.   Secretive They find it extremely difficult to trust people and are therefore very secretive. The Scorpio will not let people easily know what's going on in their mind or life.   Resentful The Scorpio are very sensitive and can get hurt easily by negative treatment and comments. So, they will try to get even with those who dared to insult or harm them.  Manipulative Manipulative and domineering as they are, Scorpio-born has a knack for getting things done their way. It might not be for them though, it could be for the benefit of others.   Enneagram: The Peacemaker  Persona/Mask:  That girly, Innocent girl is her hidden persona. To think, she could have been someone who loved dresses, tea parties and everything else. Yet, her pride made her want to do other things.  Alignment:  Mostly good, with the moody side of her changing that every now and then.   Comparison:  I'm not sure, but I've always seen her as a rose. There beautiful from the version of them, but they also have thorns. Some are even dangerous to one's health, in other words poisonous.   Symbol:  I've been wondering myself, A rose? I've said this before I'm sure, but the other thing she could be is a panther. For the stealth, black fur and such.   Vice:  Pride.   Virte:  Kindness.   Background. The outpost of Highever was originally a bannorn and was held by the Elstan family, who was a secondary branch of the then-freeholder family of Howes. During the Towers Age, Bann Conobar Elstan was murdered by his wife, Flemeth, thus ending the bloodline. Sarim Cousland, the captain of Conobar's guard, took the lands and title. The Couslands declared their independence from Amaranthine, starting a war that lasted thirty years. When the war ended, Highever won its independence and possession of half the land that had once been southwestern Amaranthine. Highever became a teyrnir during the Black Age. Previously, the Couslands held only the minor title of Bann. During the lycanthrope plague, Bann Haelia Cousland[1] or Mather Cousland[2] according to other sources, gathered the lords together under the Cousland banner to drive the werewolves out of their lands, thus earning the title of Teyrn. Calenad Theirin was born in Highever in 5:10 Exalted as the third son of a poor merchant. He left at a young age to become a squire, but returned during the Unification of Ferelden as a Teyrn. The contemporary ruler of Highever was Teyrna Elethea Cousland; She fought the soon-to-be-King Calenhad in an attempt to maintain Highever's independence, and so when Calenhad's army reached Highever, Teyrna Elethea led the local banns against him, but lost against the future king. After Elethea's men were defeated, Calenhad asked her to swear fealty. She did, thus allowing the Couslands to retain the teyrnir in Calenhad's new kingdom.[2] In the beginning of the Storm Age, the Couslands conspired with Warden-Commander Sophia Dryden in the Grey Wardens' attempted rebellion. The rebellion was betrayed to King Arland by politicians before it began, and the king's guard ambushed their meeting place, with the rebels barely managing to escape. The Couslands were not so lucky, however. King Arland executed the Cousland Teyrn and a number of others, and then sent soldiers to Soldier's Peak to stamp out the remainder of the rebellion. During the rebellion against Orlais, the Couslands opposed the Orlesian rule. However, Arl Tarleton Howe of Amaranthine supported the Orlesians and this resulted in several bitter battles between Amaranthine and Highever. Eventually, the Couslands manage to capture Harper's Ford and hang Tarleton Howe for his treachery. Unlike his father, Rendon Howe was part of the rebellion like his uncle Arl Byron Howe. Rendon and Bryce Cousland fought beside each other at the battle of White River, becoming two of the fifty rebels who survived the defeat. Thereafter, Arl Rendon Howe was a great friend of the Couslands. Arl Howe later betrayed the Couslands, using the chaos of the Fifth Blight as his route to power. Teyrn Cousland had called together the forces of Highever and Amaranthine, intending to ride with Howe to support King Cailan against the darkspawn. However, upon arriving at Highever, Arl Howe told Teyrn Cousland that the Amaranthine forces would be delayed for a few of days. Not one to keep the King waiting, Teyrn Cousland sent the bulk of Highever's forces ahead to Ostagar under the command of his eldest son Fergus Cousland, intending to leave with Howe's Amaranthine men once they arrived. After Fergus left the castle, Howe's forces took advantage of the Couslands' weakened defense and made a surprise attack during the night, killing the teyrn, his wife Teyrna Eleanor Cousland, and Fergus' wife Oriana and son Oren, as well as most of the other inhabitants of the castle. Though Fergus was left as the rightful heir to the Teyrnir of Highever, Howe then declared himself the new teyrn. Eventually, however, Duncan will rescue the human noble from the surprise attack on Castle Cousland in exchange for joining the Grey Wardens. Following the end of the Fifth Blight, Fergus Cousland will inherit Highever and become the next Teyrn. Fergus will also be given control of Amaranthine, which he presents to the Grey Wardens.  Roselle theme song: Way back home.

❅ ❅ ❅

01/07/2021 01:24 PM 

Long list of rules for 2021
Current mood:  accomplished

RESTRICTED SECTION "RULES AND GUIDELINES TO KEEP IN MIND."a rediculously long list of rules. Sorry but I need words.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW THESE TO A 'T' BUT PLEASE KEEP THEM IN MIND AND TREAT OTHER'S THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED. I DO NOT TOLERATE BULLIES, DISCRIMINATION, HARASMENT HOMOPHOBIA, RELIGIOUS HATERS OR RACISM ON MY PAGE.THE DRAMA FROM BEFORE WON'T BE ACKNOWLEDGED OTHER THAN BEING BLOCKED WITH THE OTHER'S THAT HAVE BEEN PILED ON MY BLOCK LIST. IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME GO AWAY! 1. Keep past drama in the past. It's a new era - turn over a new leaf and forgive our differences. The past is the past, you can't change it or re-write it, it is what it is. Let it go and move forward.2. Do not steal from my page. Everything you see is either coded or edited by my own two hands. Please show some respect for what doesn't belong to you. Honestly, if you see something you like and want something similar for yourself just ask, and I will probably be able to find something like that for you instead of stealing or redistributing it for yourself.3. I take no credit from the art or different codes and coding on this page. The rights to the franchise and layouts goes to their original owner. I do not make any money nor do I adhere to copyright cliams for this page.4. I do not deal with outside drama. I am here to write and make friends on here. I am back after a long hiatus and am hoping to move past the melo-drama from before.5. If my character is in a relationship do NOT approach me with the intention of courting me into sexual based roleplays. PLEASE respect the privacy and intimacy of a relationship and LEAVE IT THE F*** ALONE.6. I will not always be permitted the internet and it is important to keep in mind that everyone's lives fluctuate from time to time and we need to be aware and adaptable to these changes of being online and offline. Be more tolerant of each other's needs about being online and responsive in a timely manner. Just don't leave me hanging for  3 months or you'll likely get deleted and branded as a mute in my eyes.7. Do not control my character -she/he is mine and mine only to do with as I please. No mind control, auto-hit, or god-moding in fights (I don't normally do battles anymore without some reason behind it).8. Status roleplays do not count as actual roleplaying, but I like going back and forth with cute content on the stream (I like cuddles).9. No information about personal emails, addresses, or phone numbers will be given at any point in time. I will not disclose this information for personal reasons and will only disclose to a rare few that I have gotten close to over a decade ago. Only those are permitted to have it.10. I don't mind minor spelling errors and grammar mistakes. I am not an grammar nazi though I do prefer para/multi paragraph writing in the third person and with complete sentences and proper punctuation. I don't know when I got so demanding from my friends list, but here we are. 11. For the love of Goddess, please make an effort when you're interacting with me. I do NOT want to end up being the ONLY one coming up with ideas for the roleplays. It's a written collaboration which should be distributed equally if not more than the other is willing to dish out. There ARE exceptions to the rule, but those are few and far in between.12. Okay, so I have added you or you have added me - it doesn't matter, you will either hear from me within 2 weeks or I will hear from you. Either way, you have 2 weeks to contact me (if not I pull the plug and delete you automatically for not contacting me. I understand being away but if it's more than 2 weeks and you havent responded, you're gone. I want to reserve my friends list for someone who actually wants to write with me).13. I'm going to start speaking my mind about a lot of things and some people might not like some of the things I say. The only thing I can say is treat others the way you want to be treated. That is always my golden rule, and it's so basic a third grader can learn it.14. Please remember that this is a hobby and to have fun. It's no fun anymore if people are so serious about "rules" and dictating everyone else into boxes that look like old, boring, and barely house broken if they aren't careful with the company they keep.15. Messages are for roleplaying posts and comments are for discussion and out of character comments.16. I do not mind talking out of character - actually , I adore getting to know people and forming good bonds and friendships with others. I'm not hard to get along with and I'm a very likable person. I made a lot of friends in the past on here and I'm looking to re-connect (especially after covid and being cooped up since last march. Yes I have been in my home for about 8 months now and it's driving me up the wall so I decided to come back to roleplaying).17. I do not roleplay with minors. If I find out you've lied about your age to appeal to me, I'll block you instantly. 18. Do not come at me expecting straight erotica or you'll be deleted too. I don't do straight smut and it gets boring after a while. Let's do something exciting for once ! I'm down for almost any kind of roleplays these days since there are few people who actually roleplay anymore.19. Please make sure to sign the rules with a gif picture of your favorite band, anime, or favorite season.20. Please remember to have fun, it's not meant to be something serious. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY YOUR STAY HERE!

01/07/2021 01:23 PM 



Angel Of Miracles

01/07/2021 11:54 PM 

Rules and info

To be honest I don't want to limit anyone too much.1: I only respond to third person.2: If you have a story in mind, don't be afraid to shoot it my way. You don't have to do that whole greeting phase thing if you don't want to. If you start in character (see 3.)3: For in character greetings, Raphael hides from those who want to expirment on him. So in character greetings can only happen via visiting him at his home. Or some place where he can learn more about the world, this will make it easier for me to place him and give him reason to be in said location.4: Don't try to force Raphael to want your character via character control. Effects such as spells or succubus/incubus like is fine.5: Generic auto hit and other common rules go here.----------------------------------------------------------------Special info:- Light based or divine or other angels will draw out a special reaction from Raphael.- Anything evil may be prone to drawing out his monotone side and getting attacked.- Raphael's abilities tend to fail on anything not aligned on the good or evil scale. Type neutral is his weakness.- Will literally pamper and spoil your character if not told to stop.- Will do or fetch almost anything in his abilities including telling secrets if it involves obtaining more knowledge about the world.- Does not need sleep or to eat. but can eat if he really wants to.- Adores any chair that rocks by a fireplace.- Loves telling stories of past history as well as other worlds he's been to.- Has a habit of going a few hours to days without moving or showing signs of life.----------------------------------------------------------------For those who want that special kind of bonding. Read below for all the info you need.- I won't go straight into this. There has to be some bond/messages between us before I consider it. And not everyone I talk to will get this treatment. I'm invested in stories and want to see what others bring that can help me improve even further in my own ability. That's why on the rules above I'm refraining from setting too many limits.- If it does become availible through our time together and your kindness, Raphael is a top. He will not take it up you know where. But he will do other things especially if it makes your character happy and he thrives on that. So there may be times he keeps them pent up and teases for a while before letting them release. If you want to know all he does, you'll just have to add and find out.- As long as the story doesn't devolve to just only that stuff then I won't be against it.

Daughter of Dibella

01/07/2021 02:24 PM 

Other Oc's

I will add to this shortly. I have other ocs that I can use in tandem with Yonetta or separately. 

Daughter of Dibella

01/07/2021 02:20 PM 


This page is plain so that I can get some rules established here. Hey, how are ya! So if you're glancing at lil ol' me here, it means you know what Skyrim is, you like tiddies, and/or you know Dibella is the goddess of love and thus are thinking norty thoughts. Well all that is okay, but I need to make it pretty clear here that, while erotique interests are implied here, they are neither mandatory nor should they be expected. In fact, please make a note that Yonetta may not have any interest in your character and nothing will happen. It all depends on chemistry and if you're just here for tiddies, you may be somewhat disappointed.Please also note, I am not an expert on the Elder Scrolls and I think that's just as important for you ES experts. I know enough to give you a fair and reasonable roleplay with my knowledge of Skyrim and some of Oblivion being the most keen. If that's a deal breaker for you, I understand. I know enough to really give drive and dignity to the character.Lastly, see its not too long, Yonetta is a flighty and immature person due to her upbringing and whimsical spirit. This character is not meant to be terribly serious. I'll just put a fine point on it. This bitch is the luckiest person alive and that's really where the majority of stories are gonna go. Like stupid lucky. Like the definition of 'dumb f***ing luck'. If you find that too annoying, I may not be the writer for you. However, I am mature and will do darker themes so long as this guideline is understood. We can write all the blood magic, necromancy, evil things your heart desires, but this idiot has a barrier around her that somehow prevents her from ending up dead or eaten by monsters.That's it, really. We can discuss anything you like and I'm very open minded. I"m here for fun, a good laugh, and a fanciful shagging now and again. 


01/07/2021 01:46 PM 

Outta' Character (ガイドライン).

01. IC-banter / spontaneous starters > discussion. But either way, I'm chill.02. If we're interacting and you don't know how we should proceed next, just let me know. We can brainstorm together or change it up completely. Writing should be fun, not stressful.03. My profile is public so everyone can stalk me. That being said, I ask that you don't steal my code and edits. I'll know if you did. :angryface:04. Liking your status counts as a damn greeting, a'ight? If you have something to say first, just put your big boy pants on and hit those comments.05. Muse can be a promiscuous flirt, please don't take it seriously. Dealing with murderers an' sh*t all day really takes its toll. 06. I'm selective with Discord.07. I want a role filled and I'll help you make the character. If you're interested, hit me up. Also, selective with this. (Warning: dark themes ahead.) 

The Forgotten Soul

01/06/2021 11:08 PM 

ʀօʟɛքʟǟʏ ɨռʄօʀʍǟȶɨօռ

•——————————————————————————•   [C]Activity [IC]So, I am quite a busy bee since I am a working student, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any downtime. There are some days when I’m not doing anything at all and I can respond pretty much the entire day!   [C]Timezone [IC]I’m not too picky when it comes to time zones- whether you are one hour ahead of me or fourteen, I’m sure we can work something out :)   [C]Responses [IC]As I mentioned above, I am quite the busy bee sometimes so I might not give a response right away. Please, do have some patience. Role-playing is a hobby of mine that I enjoy which means it isn’t a priority in life, but it is something I like doing. This being said, I am also very patient with responses. All I ask is at least one response a day, but if you are busy feel free to let me know! If I don’t get a response within a week, I will check-in. If I don’t respond within a few days, feel free to message me.    [C]Genres  [IC]I enjoy pretty much anything, but I do favor some genres over the others. My top favorites are fantasy, adventure, romance, supernatural, and medieval. If you have one in mind and aren’t sure if I’ll do it, feel free to ask.   [C]Fandoms [IC]Whew, this is a big one. I am apart of many and I'm sure if you ask, I will more than likely be apart of that fandom.   [C]Plots [IC]I have a few plots in mind, but I love to hear others! I also do like making plots with people, so please come with an open mind.   [C]Pairings [IC]For pairings, I will do BxG most of the time, with me being the girl. On some occasions, I will do GxG.   [C]Literacy [IC]I have a few years under my belt, so I’d consider myself a pretty decent roleplayer. I’d place myself somewhere along the lines of literate-advanced literate.   •—————————————————————————•   [C]Rules: [IC]1. No necrophilia or pedophilia, please. [IC]2. Romance is allowed between characters, but you can’t force it, it must happen naturally. [IC]3. Let me know ahead of time if you aren’t comfortable with things such as gore, cursing, etc… [IC]4. Please, no godmodding, Mary Sues, and Garry Stus. [IC]5. Privacy is very important. I will not be sharing any serious private information with you, so don’t ask. If you wish to share yours, I can’t stop you, but make sure that it is not very private information such as where you live. I want to keep the role-play as a safe environment so please keep anything that is really private to yourself :) [IC]6. I do Multishipping and Multiple Storyline Characters. [IC]7. Multi-Paragraphs are preferred, but there can be exceptions. [IC]8. If you have anything special in mind that is fairly reasonable, just let me know! [IC]9. Since I am 18+, I will not do romance with ANY minors. Friendships are fine, but nothing more than that.  [IC]10. I do ask that you are at least semi-literate and have good grammar/punctuation. If English isn’t your first language, that is completely understandable and that is an exception. :)   •—————————————————————————•   [CB]Summary [IC]So, overall, I believe that I’m a somewhat reasonable gal and I’m always open to making new friends. I really do enjoy chatting with people and I don’t mind the occasional OOC chat. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me a message or comment below. Thanks for reading! :)

Little Cutie💕

01/06/2021 10:46 PM 

Rules (please read)

These are some rules that will help show what I am comfortable with and what I'm not comfortable with, Please try to follow and respect them. 1.) I do 18+ roleplays, but only if the person is at the consenting age and mature enough to handle it.2.) No one-liners, I write in a paragraph way so I do not enjoy writing out a big starter/reply only to get back one line as a response. 3.) Pick up your end up the story, I hate being the only one that comes up with idea's and/or having to basically force the story to keep going.4.) If you do not like my character or like how I write her, that is your opinion and you have the right to not like her. But do not send nasty and hateful things about her, she is my own made up character and she is the way I like her. If you do not end up liking her, then you may just leave.5.) I have pretty bad anxiety, It is easily triggered whenever someone leave me on read or doesn't reply for a long period of time. Yes, I understand real life stuff happens and its hard to be online all the time. I won't ask for any details of course, just a simple message saying you will be gone for a little while or however long it might be with be fine. This way I'm not worrying maybe I did something wrong, or you're upset with me, or whatever.6.) I am no ones fill in, plain and simple. If we start talking and/or roleplaying, I don't expect to be ignored (Mostly when you're clearly online and not busy or anything like that) up until you decide you have no one else to talk to and I just happen to be here.7.) If I ever start to bother you or anything, I would appreciate if you just told me upfront about it instead of lying and avoiding me.  8.) I honestly just come on here to roleplay and to make friends, it helps me relax and actually enjoys it.9.) I do not deal with drama or any of that sh*t, the first time I see or notice something starting I'll give a warning and if it continues I'll just block you and even report if it comes down to it. I'm 100% against that sh*t and won't put up with it.10.) Please do not send random starters, I prefer to discuss everything before starting to write for a story.11.) naturally, I am a very clinging and needy person. But only with the people I really consider friends and trust, so if we become close I’ll easily get attached.12.) DDLG is a big part of my character, so I will probably discuss the topic with you to put into the roleplay. You can either agree to it or not, but heads up I’ll probably ask.


01/06/2021 10:47 PM 

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Hello there, this section is specifically for hearing from the person behind the profile! If you are uninterested; though I suggest you read it, you are free to skip right over. You’re still there? Wonderful! Alright now don’t be too concerned I will not be chatting about me long, this is a little heads up area about life schedules and my interpretation of the lovely character chosen. Far warning ahead this profile was created as a simping love for the blonde urge and the small urge to see my hand at roleplaying him. So nothing will be canon about him emotionally, at least not in my mind but he will appear mainly canon unless asked otherwise. Alright so for starters I’m not male, I’m female but I prefer playing male characters and as usual my preference for sexual orientation follows through. I’m straight so Katsuki will be Gay, no debating sorry. As for that I’m plenty old enough to play all kinds of role plays though I don’t often partake in pure smut and will be keeping it that way. My schedule is very strange for working hours since I work a full time job like most adults, the pandemic has not slowed me down however. Due to this I have set days off which are usually when I’ll reply, I work three on one off two on and one off. If I find the time on a working day I will reply but I can’t promise, so I will be quiet three to two days out of the week for the most part. This is a fair warning I’m giving to ensure no one feels I’m neglecting. Now onto more detail of Bakugou Katsuki from my perspective. Firstly he’s gay, second I play him with massive head canon essence. Some common others not so much but none that aren’t easy to work with. Let’s get into the head canons shall we? •Bakugou can cook -I’m a firm believer that he can indeed cook, though he will put up a stink about it he doesn’t hate it. This will be a form of affection for him, he doesn’t cook for just anyone. •Deaf Bakugou -This isn’t one I will use every roleplay if asked not too, but I firmly believe his quirk must be damaging his ear drums. He also wouldn’t just tell anyone, so it’s collectively a secret. •Touch Starved -Though some believe his family is abusive; mainly his mom, she’s not, that's just rough affection. And in a sense that’s his way of showing it as well, but living in the dorms and on his own when older no one seems to want to be too close to him. This creating a touch starved boy •Vulnerability and Trust -He’s not used to being vulnerable so it certainly will take a while for him to open up to you. But once he does, it's all over. You have his trust, don’t break it cause you’ll never get it back if you do. •PTSD Bakugou -Moat don’t believe it but even the most angry hard individuals can’t get past trauma easily. How could a monster that no hero seems to be able to stop from invading your body while people crowd around and record or take pictures not be traumatic? It is, and he has trouble getting past it, or to mention when he’s kidnapped all over again and once again left pretty much helpless. •Gay but not proud -This is definitely something personal, though I portray him as gay he has been semi conditioned to believe it’s wrong. Thus he’s not quick to fall for someone, admitting that, or accepting that part of himself.

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01/06/2021 09:07 PM 

Double Standard Much...
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Let me ask you question..Do you see any difference between these pictures Wait, don't answer that, I dont wanna know. I am here to share my opinion because whenever I post new blog on my other profile it won't be fvcking enlisted on new blog entries, for what reason? simply because they blocked my profile from public view few minutes after it's created, I didn't even use any revealing picture. Don't get me started on 'contacting the stupid admin', I've done everything to get it restored completely, and they don't do jack shIt about it. Hah, must be busy drowning themselves in all the ads money they get. I stopped caring for while until I see crap like this. You're free to call me whiny bItch but I am just here to reveal the fact.If this site admin really wants to keep this site all 'family friendly' then maybe they could have at least done it properly, but naah the admin of this place does not have enough brain cell to achieve that kind of simple task, they keep deleting my picture although there is nothing revealing about it in mere seconds after it's uploaded and yet they let other people basically uploading the fvcking similar picture without having to worry about getting deleted.Some people might be saying things like 'You have been saying this for long time STFU already...'  No, I ain't gonna do that, especially since that picture is artwork I CREATED MYSELF with my own hands NOT image I stole from fvcking google search.. it's something I cherish, something I want to proudly display yet this site admin has the audacity to just erase it for reason of violating site term of service while they let other picture exist in VERY Similar kind of image.The other thing I want to point out that somehow my profile got deleted because I provided link to explicit content on my profile which probably sounds fair.... EXCEPT IT'S NOT, because I saw people sharing link to album that shows p0rnographic images before and somehow THEY GOT FREE PASS... I don't have the evidence for this one because the link disappeared in time... yeah it's bulletin post... don't believe me? It's your choice.Before you accuse me, NOT I HAVE NEVER REPORTED ANYONE'S Picture here, I am not that fvcked up on the head that I would falsely report other, I am merely observing and behaving myself according to this site standard, although it pains me to see this site treating me unfairly, I won't make me doing stupid thing like having other people page taken down by mass reporting from different profile.Like I said, I am here to say nothing but FACTs.So yeah, feel free to call me bitter because I freaking AM bitter and salty. I don't care if the image gets deleted after I post this one, this post will stay up, just a proof how poor this site management is. I am still expecting someday there will be better site, similar to this one in terms of profile layout... because In my personal opinion it is the only good thing about this site.

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Daniel Kun *Married*

01/04/2021 10:35 PM 

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WTF did you block me for?

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3 am (Drabble)

It was built in her soul. She was as wild and free as the stalions that roam the fields. Stubborn, head strong, beautiful, and jaded all the same. These things not only made her difficult, and hard to tame, but in some ways...To the select few that got the chance to really know her, to break through her tough exterior..."It made her precious, and rare."Life wasn't always crumbled notes out of some tragic love story for her. It wasn't always a angsty movie bound to a dreadful ending. Anger and resentment swirled around in her heart quite often and for good reason, but sometimes...Sometimes, she let her hair down. Every once in a while she touched based with another side of herself. A side she almost forgot, but loved more than any other. One lost but never to far out of reach. This side was hopeful, greatful, kind, and easy going. This was a part of her that was broken in the right way. It allowed small things to lift her spirit, and people to nudge her heart. It caused moments of happiness....Such precious moments.Tonight was one of those rare times for her. As shown by the way she danced around her room. Swaying about as she proceeded to pack for a trip she planned to take. A pair of beats headphones over her ears, programmed to play a playlist of her favorite tunes. Some of the songs including hits by The cure, Matchbox 20, Simple minds, Queen, Guns n Roses, and even some more modern bands like Breaking benjamin, Linkin park, Three days grace, Icon for hire, and 3rd eye blind. Music being something almost as important to her as breathing.Her music taste almost as impressive as her style, although to both she was clueless, simply because she was authentic in everything she did and liked. Honesty woven into and branded in her soul. The current song was one relatable to her current mood. It blasted through the head set, and she sang along like a carefree child. Her free spirit bursting through in a more pleasent and vulnerable way. She was afterall, still a teen right? Who said she had to be serious all the time? And normal?... Everyone knew that it was over rated. So just for a few moments she let herself relax. Voice echoing as she sang along to one of her favorite songs. "Alexa play 3 am by Matchbox 20!" She called out between a small laugh. Tossing a folded up tank top into the suitcase laying open on her bed. On her way back to her dresser she began to sing as if nobody was watching,and of course, the time on the alarm clock on her night stand turned to 3 am in the morning. [♫"And she only sleeps when it's raining...And she screams and her voice is strained.And she says... BABY!It's 3 am and I must be lonley!When she says BABY!Well, I can't help but to be scared of it all sometimes,and the rain's gonna wash it away, I believe it...Yeah, she's got a little bit of something, god it's better than nothing, and in hercolor portrait world,she believes that she's got in all.She swears the moon don't hang quite as high as it used to...."♫]3 a

Hearts of Darkness (MCRP)

01/04/2021 02:50 PM 

Liam Prime

Full Name: Liam PrimeNicknames: N/ATitles: Prince of PernDate of Birth: October 20thPlace of Birth: New YorkCurrent Residence: New York, USASpecies: Demon, Dragon Blood, Saiyan, Angel and Magical BeingHair Color: GreenEye Color: Light BlueHeight: 6'0"Mother: Karoi PrimeFather: Marcus PrimeSister(s): Hennessey Prime (younger twin)Brother(s): NoneOccupation: StudentSexual Orientation: PansexualRelationship Status: SinglePast Relationships: NoneSon(s): NoneDaughter(s): NonePersonality: Liam is practically the opposite of his cousin Trey. Liam is very out-going and personable. He loves to have conversations with everyone and try to become friends with everyone. He wears his emotions on his sleeve for the most part and is extremely silly and goofy. Liam loves video games and having a good time with his friends, wether it be having a few drinks or playing said video games with them. Dislikes: Liars, Fakes, ConfrontationLikes: Friends, Video Games, Being HimselfVerse: Modern-Adventure-Romance-Fantasy-SupernaturalRP STATUS: OPEN 

Hearts of Darkness (MCRP)

01/04/2021 02:50 PM 


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