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๐’๐€๐‚๐‡๐ˆ ่Šฑ็”ฐ

12/25/2020 04:31 PM 


Sachi didn't believe in heaven or hell, demons or angels. After everything she's witnessed in the Homicide Unit, it was painful to hold ๐†๐Ž๐ƒ accountable. Instead, she'd like to think that bad things just happened to good people. Not because of karma, not because of one's past life — it merely was. That is what kept her comin' back. Scene after scene. Death after death.This isn't a story about crooked cops and corrupt law enforcement. For her, it was about ๐‰๐”๐’๐“๐ˆ๐‚๐„ and redemption.headcanon 01. Wakes up a 06:00 AM every morning for a quick jog, even if she drinks or stays out late the night before.headcanon 02. Calls her gun 'Lady'.headcanon 03. Outside of work, Sachi’s personal style is considered quite feminine. She wears makeup but makes it a point to reveal the prominent scar across her right eye.headcanon 04. Her palms are calloused, and she doesn't wear nail polish.headcanon 05. Takes cold showers but hot baths. One is for relaxation while the other is for a clear mind.headcanon 06. Only her employers and family know her address, and only the latter has been there.headcanon 07. Can tell you the make and model of someone’s vehicle just by looking at the headlights. Her dream car is the McLaren 570GT, in white.headcanon 08. She's able to maintain connections between friends and kin, but has never held a stable relationship for more than six months.headcanon 09. Uses ๐’๐„๐— as a coping mechanism. There is a darker reason behind this.headcanon 10. Lives alone with her spoiled Alaskan Malamute, who she occasionally dresses in ridiculous outfits.headcanon 11. Is the eldest of three siblings.  


12/24/2020 08:51 PM 

My Verse

  [Warning: Verse has pure attentions towards Gore and Mature Content, along with Language, Drug Use and Sensitive Topics that people may find disturbing. Disliking the content CAN BE ARRANGED/MODIFIED to your likeness.]     Welcome to ExTech     "Somehow, I just exist and end up being the most wanted being..." - Vlade     Note: Keeping it short and sweet just in case you don't want to read a long run down of the plot.     In the universe of "ExTech". The verse takes place in the year 3000, Japan, Tokyo.A region where cyberpunk is created to it's purest form. This technology industry have been dominating and advancing over humanity to the point where it's a part of everyone lives. The company, "ExTech", became a power house in the Asian regions, only to plan on something more viscious and inhumane...Ever since the 21st century, Japan had two problems.One being Tsunami's, but the main problem being their own population. So, what the CEO of "ExTech" did was to make a deal that the government of Japan themselves cannot refuse.ExTech will be the main technological company in Japan, while it recieves it's own cyber-city, expanding their regions by an enormous scale. A cyber-city known as "Haven". A city filled with opportunities, containing technology that advanced the way of life and ourselves. Yet, as of for Vlade..hes caught in the middle of it.Vlade himself has a unknown power that ExTech needed for their own greed. But for him, he has other plans for this so called "Haven".

็†Š็Œซ Red-Hot

12/24/2020 11:06 PM 

Things You Should Probably Know
Current mood:  accomplished

-{1}. I am a paragraph/multiple paragraph roleplayer  - I will expect that whomever I am speaking with has at least a basic knowledge of english language, and if not that's fine as long as I can read and understand what you're saying. All I'm asking is for some effort to be put forth in your literature, and no net-speaking - that is the easiest way to put me on edge and to keep me from replying. Keep in mind that I'm not trying to be a "grammar nazi" or anything but it's 2020 so I hope people have a better comprehension about writing. Like I said, NOT expecting perfection, just effort.-{2}. Do not steal any edits, layout info, or over-all design of my character or layout designs. I have modified and edited everything on this page to my liking. I have, of course, left the original credits on for obvious reasons. I don't make money at all from displaying these images or portraying my character. I'm simply the writer behind a beloved muse created back in 2008 and counting.-{3}. I am not always going to be online as sometimes life gets hectic and I may have to step away for a few hours or even a few days depending on what is going on with my life at the moment. Please respect that I will be unavailable during certain times of the day/evening and I will do my best to get back to the people who are waiting for my return.-{4}. I will NOT tolerate drama here - I have been in the middle of drama in the past and have created enemies out of people whom I thought were close friends. Please know that I am wary of getting close to anyone unless it's in roleplay. That is possibly the only way you'll get close to me, and I am taken in real life so there's that, too. Please keep that in mind, I don't want anyone's feelings hurt but I want to put everything on the table and let you know the circumstances.- {5}. Please be patient with replies as I am busy a lot of the time outside of roleplay. I know we're all busy at some point and respect that we need to be away from the computer from time to time so please respect mine as well and it will be given in return.- {6}. Shipping our characters will only happen if there is real chemistry between us and we have discussed our possible connection between our characters. (I will accept yaoi/incest characters such as Sasuke or Itachi in certain situations but only upon request. I won't outright suggest it unless the other person is comfortable with it)).-{7}. NO GOD-MODING OR MIND CONTROL UNLESS PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED AHEAD OF TIME. I can NOT express how ANNOYING it is when someone steps out of line in a roleplay and automattically gets a hit or super power that makes them god-mode powerful and able to kick my character's ass without putting effort into making the plot interesting.Please keep in mind that I don't often fight anymore because it just tends to lead to drama and break-ups between friends. I've been retired from fighting since 2016 and I haven't had any trouble but if you ARE interested in a fair fight just let me know and we can discuss the details. 

โซRinโซ โ„ณadam of ฮพuclidean โ‚ฏiscord

12/23/2020 07:48 PM 


Tartarus is a realm of darkness and discord.  Those who travel its borders know not to seek peace here.  Those that have tried have since been lost to madness.   The expanse is vast and the settling mist holds unknown horrors.  The mist alone can enter the body and mind, changing the hosts' perception of reality.                                         Has the exit disappeared?  Is it possible you've gone mad?  Maybe, suddenly, you don't want to leave anymore. Perhaps you'll stay forever.   Keep your senses and you might find what the mist is hiding.However, you just might wish you hadn't.

Sabaki Tenshiro

12/22/2020 02:33 PM 

Blade-Heaven wolf

Base form utilizing tenro The Tenrô which translates to "Heavenly Wolf" is a Nodachi. It was named Tenro because its brightness is just like the real lupus constellation in the sky. Tenro is one of that the swordsmith Muramasa forged. Its curve and cut are things of beauty. It is approximately five shaku (equivalent to five feet) long and it cannot be broken, cracked, bent, or dulled. It has no problem cutting through steel weapons or solid iron. Many warriors have strived to obtain the sword, but have failed because of its evil nature. It appears that the human blood that Tenrou craves for amounts to as many as ten to a hundred thousand people. Inside Tenrou is the spirit of the First Aka No Ou, and  Kido's direct ancestor, who was absorbed into the spirit of Tenrou.first skill-sealing:Using the blood with his his target he can seal away the skills of his foes.  Second skill: Tenrou unleash 3rd skill: byakku4th: Seinbon5th: suzaku6th: Seiryuu Final skill: Kouryu- Four Gods Simultaneous Attack

ษŸษŸ๐•Ÿ๊“’ ๐•ฆ ษŸษŸ๐•Ÿโ„

12/22/2020 03:01 PM 

My Terms

Upon adding/accepting you agreed on one thing. You will accept a dark and gory story. I can lighten the load but it will not be completely off the table.  I get to people when I can, sometimes I'm fast, sometimes I'm slow. It depends on my work.  My muse will set off triggers so I do ask that prior to our stories you let me know what they are so I can make it more comfortable for you. I like to make this fun, not bring up traumas. I'm a decent guy.  Smut is always on the table, not because I'm a sex-crazed maniac but because we deal with sex-crazed maniacs.  If you see me goofing off on stream, either join in or ignore it, it never stops. More terms will come but I'm trying to get this profile together so here are the basics.  


12/22/2020 03:36 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

I am very sad to say this but I shall not be on everyday for I have holidays. I shall try to be on as much as possible and hope everyone understands I can't discuss roleplay at this very moment. On Janurary 6th I shall be on more frequently. Have a nice day everyone!!

Sabaki Tenshiro

12/22/2020 02:41 PM 


Abilities pre-angel-Full strength heightened 5x (500 lbs)Magnified sensesMagnified speed (48 mph)Reaction time unknownDetection range: 5 milesDefensive skillsBone Blade counterBleeding howlHardenHealingOffensiveBone smashSavage strikeLycan enhancedFull strength heightened 5x (500 lbs)Magnified sensesMagnified speed (600 mph)Reaction time unknownDetection range: unknownDefensive skillsBone Blade counterBleeding howlHardenHealing enhanceOffensiveBone smashSavage strikeGained skillsWater manipulationBlood senseInjury detectionCrafting enhancementsCounter masterySpirit formSpirit force 25%Super sensesSuper strengthSuper speedSpirit detectionPurificationAura manipulationLaw and judgment awarenessTruth awarenessConceptual manipulationProperty managementSkilled craftsmenAstral awarenessSpirit shiftingPhasingAngel formSpirit detectionPurificationAura manipulationLaw and judgment awareness/manipulationTruth manipulationProperty managementHigher-Dimensional Manipulation,wind Manipulation,Dimensional Existence, Non-Corporeal, Acausality Power Nullification Divine Regeneration -Capable of recovering and preserving his existence by maintaining his ability to think and remembering his own form, even if it is conceptually erased and sent to the nothingness beyond all stories and layers),Teleportation,Time Travel (Can willfully manifest in various layers of existence, both higher and lower, adapting his own existence to the atmospheric pressure of higher worlds)Spatial Manipulation Fate ManipulationVoice manipulation, Plot Manipulation  (Can manipulate the events of multiple worlds. These worlds are both higher and lower and contain infinite possibilities events as well as their fate and plot, encompassing higher dimensional structures alongside countless spiritual / mental realms, as well as nothingness devoid of space and time entirely he thus can draw power from these realms.) Astral ProjectionNon-Physical Interaction Reactive Evolution Adaptation, Cosmic Awareness Shapeshifting,Causality Manipulation (Controls the flow of cause and effect in the world of pieces, seeing its denizens as pawns on a game board and events as chess moves),Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2. Can manipulate the concepts of the Human Domain, which are visualized as physical objects on his level of existence, and create several concepts on the level of a higher-order world, such as gravity, out of his thoughts)Nonexistent Physiology (Type 2. Exists as an entity of nothingness at the core of his being, with his physical form being constructed and defined solely by his thoughts)Abstract Existence 4th Wall Awareness Light Manipulation, Acausality  Truths ResistanceMind and Soul resistanceMathematics Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Law Manipulation,Probability Manipulation,  Information Manipulation,  FlightAstral manipulationAstral stateSaint formTime manipulation Total power immunity transformation Telepathic directional manipulation manifestation 

Sabaki Tenshiro

12/21/2020 07:52 PM 


BackgroundBorn in the year 645 he was known was as a lycan-unlike that of his brothern types he was more classified as a medic. At this point both he and kido shared a singular body and form he was trained under specialized combat skills and medical practices by his addapted brother. By the earth of the 7th century the foundations of the sins were established and chaos started to reign after Lucifers banishment. It was around this time a war broke out among vampire and werewolf kind. However do to distinct connection lycans have to werewolves he was dragged into the war as well. Fighting off 3 werewolves and vampires at once the 4 archangel stepped into assist. However not without a price. They said to the young lycan "This war bought unfathomable chaos. This world life source is now at risk. We will handle the war. However you young cub. You are to travel north. Fix the life source. But be wary there will many who appose." Confused as his brother knew this day would come. He approached him said "Kid, I'm afraid this is where we part ways. Were your going is the only place I'm authorized to go. You take care." As his brother walked off he waved his hand "Remember your training and dont worry I'm sorry we will meet again.." In tears he left and reinhold wanted to go after him however he had a task to do. When he arrived northern from his town there was a cave and in the cave a tree with long thick branches that spoke with him through his mind. "Who are you" it asked "why have you come?" The lycan introduced himself and told his story. He spoke of the Angel's who sent him and the brother who left him. The tree let its guard down allowing him to pass. However towards the top he saw eyes and a set of wings. "My my you say the others sent you?" The voice asked. The lycan ignored which implied a yes. The voice caught on. "I see you need focus. I am sandelphon. I'll by you time if necessary." It was only a matter of time before those of shadow realm. Tir na nog and fallen angel would find it. However when they did the angel made short work of them. It took only a few hours for him to restore life to the world. However the angel needed to stay to guard the tree as the a new task was given. A women with gold hair and mid-evil dress had appeared. She was introduced as Beatrice potonari a witch of truth. Thus the task was made clear "Guard the women with your life. Her blood is the key to unlocking this trees power. It can not fall into enemy hands." By this time was already year 800 and he had been completed the first task.During the 50 year break when the both gods were silent and the first task was done the lycan took training under the witch and learned powerful magic that would allow him to bend the laws truth to his whim. In short. What is seen at a false altered world would no longer affect as he would see though all realms and timelines which would span an infinite possibilities. He would then reverse that power onto others and pinpoint all movements. Thus countering them accordingly. And as such all words become a finite flaw that can take any form or force and absorb any skill gaining that property. It was then he took the witch to isolated cabin far from any town with a golden river flowing right by it. He believed she was safe, and for a while she was. Until the second war. After the first war had ended all clans and tribes came to a truce and not meddle in each others affairs if the resources would be supplied. The agreement was made and but then in the year 875 the second war started on count of the witch they claimed her power reformed them the world. Granted they werent wrong. However, they found us in a matter of days when it should have take years at the least. The tracked her scent. He had killed more vampires then any other race that day. Even though he had failed to guard her completely the witch died through a piercing through the heart. However he succeeded in guarding the tree. For that reason he was given a chance at redemption and told the same words. "We will meet again. You did well. You were suppose to protect them from getting my blood. Even it meant my life. You succeeded. For that you did well. However..its a ashame I wont live past this day." Just as he promised her to live on he was killed through the very ambush that caught Beatrice off guard. He was now bleeding out. His clan allowed him to live 2 days without a head in doing all his physical abilities would be heightened to utmost limits his healing factor was stated to be enough heal that of the weakened in which tree of life which had power to support all the humans on earth. Reincarnated form-second lifeYears later in the year 1230 he had continued a similar path but instead he had met s ok met some one by the name of "eclipse". They lived peaceful for a good while as he was at this time a crafter. Who was allied with both masemune and muramasa. It was only about 200 years later after the case of the of black death  200 and after he traveled that he had contained its remains in pure black diamond ring and gave it to eclipse as a wedding gift. This ended its calmity. However years later war broke out among the tokugawa shogunate and the neighboring countries. He failed to meet the conditions of war. However he took no side. In the final battle both he and kido had there first encounter in year 1600 facing off with not only each other but mitzunari ishida. In that final confrontation they shredded ishida but Shinra was slightly stronger. After eiyasu won the war the merged to begin gathering materials this was the start of the year as a crafter how ever their crafting knowledge was basic it was then they he was taken in by lady ishtar and daughter crafting for 8 years. During the final years the god nuadha had ruled and began a war which was quickly bought to end due the sealing materials made after Nuadha lost his arm. By then the tuatha was eliminated and to make sure that the warrior ishtar sent him away however remains of the black death were evolving. None the less once he found eclipse the merged two had gotten married and had two daughters and a son by 1613. However due to their reputation they all had died of sudden ambush at the start of 1810. As people suspected his family causing the pandemic and had exicucuted Beatrice. She was reincarnated for being a witch however litte did they know her spirit was implemented in 3 books and handed to the lycan before her death. She had already had a children before her death and but her words were plain as day "Protect these books. Guard them with your life until you find the one with my blood but more importantly live not just me but for us both."3rd reincarnation Despite this in 1995 he was split into two beings however for a long while he was completely unaware of this fact. Until much later, in the year 2000. Faint memories and visions started coming In and this memory began to anger the man while on bus to school. His eyes changed color and senses were heightened for the first time. Though he was did not know the change until it was pointed out. He could detect blood from miles away at age 5 and angrier he got the stronger his senses and reflexes became. However by 2008-10 he got involved with the wrong group. As the body he was in was weaker and slower then the average human. In fact it was stated 10 year old were stronger then him. However the group began to bully him and some tried to abuse him. He restrained his rage for all about a month. It was then those bullying him each wound on the floor in a pile. The man then lost all control of his senses. He was was completely afraid. When he came to his senses. The very man was in a critical condition and the who had tried to abuse the reincarnated man ended up hospitalized and sued however like the others he had no memories of fighting back. Just the fear he felt. In 2012 a prophetic vision came to him of world being in chaos and since the situation years he was able to detect spirits and the divine alike. Harness this skill to the max he gained spiritual awareness and thus could access long lasting healing skills again. By over the course of many years he not trained in close combat harness his body movement to the max gained a sense of divine power. Thus making him the first human to utilize self movement aka ultra instinct. By harnessing this power to the to even more extents of its limits he became the Angel of judgement. The only angel with permission to engage in combat. However he prefers not fight. 


12/20/2020 03:42 PM 


1.) I only roleplay with select people. 2.) Para is my limitation currently. 3.) I have a life outside of roleplay. Note.) I'll probably add more as time goes on.

๐”น๐•–๐•๐•๐•’๐••๐• ๐•Ÿ๐•Ÿ๐•’ ๐”น.

12/18/2020 10:50 PM 

Guidelines | Rules

Admittedly I don't even know where to begin with this because I suffer from really bad writers block on a near constant. So lets leave numbers and familiarites behind for just a moment and kinda go with what comes to mind.As such let's start out with a basic one. I write with at least one paragraph. Anything more is fine, anything less however I won't bother responding to because I will probably end up with a lot of people to reply to and I would rather deal with my bigger replies.I guess in a continuation to that last rule I'd like to state that I have a life. I may or may not respond to you because I am working, being a parent, or I just flat out am limited on my time here. If I don't respond to you and I recieve message after message as to why I haven't responded to you, I will block you imediately.I loooove the erotica genre, mostly in part to my hypersexual desires in real life which are basically limitless haha. HOWEVER that does not meant I am here to write just that. I like a good old fashion story line that doesn't involve sex. And sorry to all you fukkbois out there but, I don't wanna just have sex right off the bat unless it's something discussed beforehand.Another rule I would like to clairfy with y'all is that I do not like my character being controlled in the least. I will write out my own characters actions. Thank yoooouuuu.I am also not here to be considered a number. If you are just looking for adds and don't bother to reply to me I will block you. Simple as it is.Anywho. I can't think of any other rules at this very moment and my ADHD is not allowing me to remain focused on writing out more rules.. Sooooo if I  think of anymore down the highroad I will add them later on. When or if I add them I will defintely let everyone know through the posts.Ta ta for now. Muahhhhhhh!!

House Of Companions

12/18/2020 07:47 PM 

Explination and rules

Those who see the account my notice what I have said in the headline on this account. It's just that usually people are selective on who they talk to, strict on rules, randomly blocking, and this site is becoming a mess due to a couple of things happening. I know it's not everyone here so I am willing to try some people when I work my mind up to it. But the otherhalf of me really don't want to go through all that. I just want to have a good relaxing time and be around people I can trust. But if I do build myself up to accept randoms, here are my rules.- I made these only to entertain my special friends. So don't assume if I accept you, I'd want something from you.You don't have to go out of your way to try and impress me. I'm only iffy on people's motives and moods here. So if you can show you'll be a friend and we'll be talking/rping for months to come then I'll be happy with just that.- You can look but don't touch. Only my special friends have that right. The rest of you will need to build up a friendship first. Not with me, to the characters. See H.O.C. blog to figure out how this work. It will only be viewable to friends.- If you greet me in character without fallowing the H.O.C. starter or something similar to it, you get a response from a character based on your own character. Like a character in a war will have a action based companion choosen, or one who can't cook may get one who specializes in home care. You do not get to choose at this point who you want. So be sure to choose first if you prefer IC, then greet with the character in mind so I know who you approaching.- These are companions, not lovers, or any kind of pegi 18 material characters. They stay by your side at a cost, and nothing more. If you want something more, you'll need to work for it. So don't come in expecting to get served right off the bat or have someone worshipping you. I'm not intersted until you give me good reason I should be.- I stick between semi - two paragraphs. I ask at the minimal you are semi. I can't go above this.


12/18/2020 04:36 PM 


-I'm a very open and flexible person, So feel free to ask any questions that are needed!-Please let me know of triggers or things that make you uncomfortable, and I shall try and avoid it as well as possible.-I'm always open to OCs or Canon Characters of any kind, so don't be afraid to request if you can be a character!-I only do Roleplays of the following Genre's:FantasyRomanceActionAdventureDramaCrossover-I personally will allow smut and 18+. Tell me if you're not ok with this and I shall avoid it.-If I do not know of the character that your roleplaying as, Please give me some background information before we start as I'll do the same thing for you.-I only roleplay with Semi Literate to Literate roleplayers, And that means 3+ lines or more when roleplaying.-I have a life (somewhat), so please dont barrage me with messages if I'm not here.-If you ever need somebody to just talk to and aren't in the mood for Roleplaying, I'll be here.-Please don't take control of my characters unless I allow it. It can get very annoying.-Don't be overpowered and be able to dodge every attack and kill in one shot.-If anything in the Roleplay bothers you, Please tell me.-Please don't be rude towards me OOC. I wish for respect as I hope that you wish for the same.That's pretty much it. Like this post if you read everything!

c y r y x

12/17/2020 11:24 PM 

Anime movies that I recommend
Current mood:  calm

I don't really watch that many movies. But I do have some anime movies that I think have very good graphics and storyline.ๅ›ใฎๅใฏ/Kimino Nawa (Your Name) - The graphic is just very good with an also good storyline, most people think of this as a sad movie but personally, I think of it as Inspiring and has a really deep meaning for love. It's really complicated I can't even describe.ๅƒใจๅƒๅฐ‹ใฎ็ฅž้š ใ—/Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited away) - Both the storyline and graphic are very good, I don't remember much from the movie since I watched it a long time ago but I still remember some of the important events from the movie, also thinking about rewatching it.ๆ˜ ็”ป ่ฒใฎๅฝข/Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) - Besides the good storyline this is sad, I wouldn't say this has a bad graphic but probably now the best out of the list. I can't really describe this one since it's talking about complicated problems which are not my thing but after all, this is a really good movie.Still have some but can't really put it on the list. Sorry, I'm bad at describing but I've done the best I can. Well anyway, those are some movies that I recommend watching, Ja matane!

anime, anime movies, movies, recommendation


12/17/2020 04:54 PM 

Activated and deployed..

Once activated, a Division agent outranks every government agent and official in the United States, excluding the President and entire federal agencies

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