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12/17/2020 04:46 PM 


Tactics are the individual actions undertaken to achieve a specific objective. This is distinct from the term "strategy," which refers to an overarching plan or roadmap. A common explanation of the difference is that strategy focuses on a long-term goal while tactics are the short-term steps you take to achieve that goal. Example: Terrorists seize control of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant in California and shut down the core coolant systems in both reactors. This knocks out the regional power grid and threatens to trigger a catastrophic meltdown that will spew deadly radiation plumes over the entire southland region.Your Division cell's "strategy" is to infiltrate the plant and get it back online. Your "tactics" are the specific moves made to accomplish each objective - flank and neutralize enemy snipers overlooking the entrance; infiltrate a utility room full of hostages via ceiling ventilation ducts; toss flash-bang grenades to distract the hostage-takers then free the plant engineering team; escort the team to the main power control room; disarm a terrorist booby trap on the control console; and finally, set up a crossfire kill-zone to hold off hostile reinforcements as the engineers get the reactor coolant towers operational again.The Division's approach to tactical execution is unique in that its philosophy and training methodologies offer no standard operating procedures in this regard. Tactics vary greatly from cell to cell, depending on team composition and skillsets, equipment available, and objectives. Initiative, flexibility, and improvisation are often the only common denominators between cells and their tactics.That said, Division agents traditionally focus on developing expertise in all three basic tactical postures: offensive, defensive, and support. But after developing baseline skills in each posture, most agents begin to specialize in one area. When a local cell forms, the agents' various skillsets are often blended into a unique tactical team orientation. This gives the Division an evolutionary resilience as its cells respond to catastrophic situations.


12/17/2020 04:46 PM 


Recruits who pass pre-testing begin full physical and technical readiness training. Bringing a new Division agent up to mission-ready status can be a tricky endeavor, however, given the agency's secrecy requirements. The process is intensive and highly demanding, yet it must not put trainees in situations that arouse suspicion or threaten to compromise their cover. Therefore, most training activities are folded into a recruit's day-to-day life, cleverly disguised as common civilian pursuits.Examples: Unarmed lethal combat instruction may be billed as an exclusive "black-belt-only class" at a neighborhood martial arts studio. Fitness regimens may be high-intensity "gold-level workouts" at a local cross-training gym with special instructors (who happen to be Division trainers). Agents might register for advanced firearms classes at a nondescript shooting range, or enroll in "continuing education" technology courses at their local community college—again, all taught by Division experts and attended only by other recruits or active agents. The Division works with every agent to develop effective, credible cover stories for these activities.To further protect The Division's clandestine status, new agents are brought into The Division's fold slowly. During the first six months of training, each recruit is reevaluated weekly for progress, including mental strength and psychological stability. Most recruits train under top-tier operatives for nearly a full year before becoming privy to The Division's true purpose and mandate.Successful trainees eventually earn top security clearance, and are certified by Internal Affairs as active field agents. However, training continues year-round for the entire length of an agent's service in The Division. During peace time, all agents maintain and improve basic skills - survival, combat, CBRN—knowledge, intelligence gathering—through regular practice and exercise. The principle behind this concept of service has active members devoting non-work hours to training and preparation. To this end, the Division's Support department contracts civilian instructors to provide specialist training and conduct advanced group exercises of varied scope each year. In addition, each local cell of sleeper agents is encouraged to coordinate and conduct regular, self-directed exercises and training sessions as they see fit.


12/17/2020 04:29 PM 

Rules of Engagement for Division agents.

The Strategic Homeland Division's directives specifying the circumstances and limitations under which its field teams may compel compliance by unwilling or resisting subjects, interdict actions by destabilizing players, or engage outright hostile organized forces in combat are broad by design and purposely nonrestrictive.Division agents are not bound by any local use-of-force continuum or policy. They cannot be held accountable by local, state, or even federal laws or authorities based on any legal standards other than those delineated in the continuity annex of Directive 51. In other words, nobody has the authority to stop or interfere with a Division agent in the field other than another Division agent.While agents may compel assistance, coordinate joint response efforts, resolve conflicts or jurisdictional disputes between law enforcement and/or military entities, and demand free passage, they cannot usurp control of entire agencies or functions.

Tony Tony Chopper

12/17/2020 03:58 PM 


Rules There are a few rules I should lay down.1. I'm fine with discussions in messages, but once we start the Roleplay, please keep OOC and IC separate by speaking out of roleplay in comments.2. Please reply within one month of me sending a greeting or starter, even if it's just to tell me you're busy or might not be able to post for a while. If you remain silent for too long without telling me anything, I'll have to remove or block you to filter out the friend collectors.3. Chopper is a reindeer and as such, won't be attracted to humans. That's not to say lifelong bonds can't form, but romantic roleplays will be limited to deer and deer-like characters, at least for Chopper.4. Please don't ask me to change Chopper to suit your interests. If you feel uncomfortable interacting with someone from a fantasy or supernatural setting, just tell me upfront and we can work something out.5. Even if a roleplay dies out or you lose interest, please tell me. I'm open to discussion on Discord.6. When you add me on Discord, please tell me upfront who you are from this website. 


12/17/2020 01:31 PM 

Some information for Wander

As I said on my main page I imprinted my own personality on Wander, this is all based on how I interpret him as a character.His skill level with a sword is below average, it's like he's never really used one until now to kill the colossi, his much more skilled with a bow. He's a decent if not great show when he's hunting or aiming for a specific place one a colossus like the eyes which can be difficult to hit when moving.Personality wise Wander is a bit on the reserved side to me. He doesn't talk a whole lot but not because he's shy but more he just doesn't want to or feels a need to. Wander is also a bit blunt, he doesn't like dancing around subjects very much. And as I said he can display yandere tendencies, only if my writing partner is okay with it, he can be possessive and protective depending on the environment. If it's the Forbidden Lands then most likely protective behavior otherwise he's more possessive and clingy. Outside of that Wander is caring towards people he's close to like Mono and his horse Agro.


12/17/2020 01:24 PM 


1: You add you greet and vice versa.2: I do want to write and be engaged in stories. I'm usually generous with time and give a month before I delete someone. I don't delete when I see there is a reason for absence.3: Respect is earned, not a given. It's not that hard to be decent and respect boundaries. Show me basic respect and you will get the same thing.4: I do have a limit on dark themes. I can stomach a lot but I draw the line at self harm and suicide, those are very triggering for me and can stress me out. 


12/17/2020 04:40 PM 

Things to know (ooc and ic)

I kinda feel I should make this so people know what they are getting into with me and why I do some of the things I do.1: What's your rp length?A: I like Paragraph themes to multiple paragraphs. I can actually do Novella if given the motivation or time, but I don't get much motivation to do Novella length.2: Why does the story seem bland?A: I've made many characters and most had little to no interest from people. Imgaine doing all that work on something you care about just to get shrugged off and have no one take interest. I got tired of people not taking interest or just shrugging me off. So I just decided to make something decent (possibly half-assed) and just see if I get enough interest or not.3: What if you don't get enough interest?A: Honestly, delete and try again. No point keeping a character around no one is keen on.4: Why not play something canon?A: Not part of a rp community. I don't like making canon characters if I don't have someone to tag along with me or I can tag along with to join the group. Plus if I did it solo, I would be overwhelmed on picking which character to pick canon-wise because I like a good portion of characters. Plus it doesn't benefit me picking if groups are tight knit on who they allow in. Why make a canon when they won't let me join their canon group?5: What if your story doesn't fit my character's verse?A: Just talk to me and we work something out. That's part of writing a rp. I can be very creative if you actually talk to me and give me the chance. I don't like having multiple accounts, especially if they sit idle for so long 'cause the verse I played in died due to dumb reasons. Eventually, if I get enough interest from that genre/verse/timeline, I will make an idea for a branch-off story to fit in the situation. Think of it as a filler for an anime or side-story for a game. You all watch plenty of fillers (*Cough* Naruto, One piece and bleach *Cough*) Just think of encountering my character as a filler arc for your verse or a side story.6: What's your age?As my page states, I am 30. I am over 18 and usually prefer to converse with those over 18 as well. Not for the rp aspect, but because I like dealing with mature people who are more open to talking things out instead of screaming and stomping out the door like a drama queen.  7: What's your approach ooc and ic?Ooc, I will try to be friendly as possible. RL brings enough negativity in life and sadly people in the rp community bring a lot of negativity too. Either with the elitist mindset or pointless drama. I don't want to bring either of that to the table. I want people happy and in the best of health. You don't have to necessarily tell me about RL, but just know I still hope you are happy. ♥ Ic, I play more cold and selfish but not necessarily evil (unless a plot is discussed to try something along those lines). My character doesn't get a long with people unless they financially benefit him due to his backstory. Think of him as a Tsundere. Despite being cold, once he warms up to you, things might slip here and there to show you are valued to him.8: Do you have favorite canon verses for rp?A: Yes. The following in no particular order1: Rwby2. Final Fantasy (Any)3: Sword art onlineSome more I will add as I go.9: What type of rps are you into?A: I am open-minded to all types of rp as long as both sides are alright. Please don't force me into a scenario I don't like and I will make sure not to put you in a scenario you don't like either.10: Do you edit for others?A: Only if I am close to them or they've proven they are sticking around for the long haul. I hate making edits just for someone to up and delete their character next day. 11: Do you prefer to jump into a rp or discuss something?A: It depends. If they have no information of their character, then discuss so I know a bit more. If they have enough info, I am happy to jump in or discuss, pending their preference.12: Why don't you approach people in character?A: Honestly, I feel uncomfortable doing so because 1: There is a person behind the character. 2: I like them being introduced together through a rp. Talking to someone in character before a story makes me feel they are already engaging in a story together. I end up feeling awkward approaching in character because I like to talk to people ic and ooc.Will probably add more as I go.


12/16/2020 12:27 PM 


t h e    b a s i c s . NAME: Baguette du Fromage (but pronounced wrong on purpose) NICKNAME(S): None, yet. AGE: 24 SPECIES: Imp demon, and also Mime. p e r s o n a l . MORALITY: It’s hard to tell where her moral compass is pointing, but she is a denizen of Hell.  RELIGIOUS BELIEF: The big guy up there (not Lucifer, the ~good~ guy) sucks. SINS:  lust / greed / gluttony / sloth / pride / envy / wrath VIRTUES:  chastity / charity / diligence / humility / kindness / patience / justice PRIMARY GOALS IN LIFE: To establish among the denizens of Hell the superiority of Mimes. Also, to collect every cute plush toy, trinket, and so on available. Which is impossible. New cute things are being made all the time.  LANGUAGES KNOWN: She isn’t supposed to speak, but she knows the common languages on the go. SECRETS: The altar she has in her closet is something she keeps as under wraps as possible. Also, when she’s totally and completely alone among friends who she knows won’t record it for blackmailing purposes (also see: no one), she’ll break contract and speak. Really f***ing loves clowns.QUIRKS: Will do (almost) anything to acquire cute things. Avoids alcohol, always.  SAVVIES: Eavesdropping--if it can be called that. Sometimes people just blab to a mime. Not like they’re expecting the supposed-to-be mute f***er to tell their secrets. Is generally good at being a Mime. p h y s i c a l . BUILD:  slender / scrawny / bony / fit / athletic / curvy / herculean / babyfat / pudgy / obese / other HEIGHT: 4′8″ WEIGHT: Undisclosed. SCARS/BIRTHMARKS: None. ABILITIES/POWERS: Working on developing her skills in the powers of Advanced Mimery--currently, she only knows how to create invisible walls that actually block physical objects. Basic pyrokinesis.  RESTRICTIONS: Sometimes the Wall Trick doesn’t work. f a v o u r i t e s . FAVORITE FOOD: Cheese FAVORITE DRINK: Wine FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING: P i n e a p p l e FAVORITE COLOR: Mime colours (black&white) FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE: French Cafe music  FAVORITE BOOK GENRE: Cheesy romance novels FAVORITE MOVIE GENRE: Anything with mimes in it FAVORITE SEASON: None? FAVORITE CURSE WORD: She’s fond of flipping the bird. FAVORITE SCENT: Baguettes, fresh out of the oven f u n  s t u f f . BOTTOM OR TOP: Middle of the road. LOUD BURPER OR SOFT BURPER: Soft. SINGS IN THE SHOWER:  Yes / No LIKES BAD PUNS:  Yes / No.  โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ General๐Ÿ“ She isn't actually mute--she can speak. However, she is contractually obligated to Not Do That.๐Ÿ“ Contractually obligated to who? Who knows?๐Ÿ“ She does birthday parties. Any kind of parties, really.๐Ÿ“ In true mime fashion, she is for the subjugation and-or eradication of clowns.๐Ÿ“ She lives in a rather run down apartment building, but she actually puts effort into keeping her place Decent.๐Ÿ“ Unless you hate cute sh*t. The place is decorated to an extreme with cute, sh*tty carnival prizes and cheap bargain store trinkets.๐Ÿ“ There may or may not be a closet in her room housing an altar.๐Ÿ“ An altar upon which may or may not lay a bunch of maimed and mangled plushies and toys in the likeness of famous clowns, jesters, and harlequins.๐Ÿ“ She is steadily working towards learning "Advanced, Esoteric Secrets of Mimery." Whatever those are.๐Ÿ“ The sole imp in a conspiracy to turn Lu Lu World into a Mime's paradise. First step: actually getting hired there. Difficulty: extreme.๐Ÿ“ A lot of her free time is spent in front of a mirror, trying on different Mime make-up styles. She has yet to settle on one she likes.Combat๐Ÿ”ช Basic pyrokinesis; par for the course.๐Ÿ”ช She's good with a knife--throwing knives, in particular. An ex taught her everything they knew about the "art" of knife throwing (basically, "you want the pointy end to hit the target, here's how to do that 99% of the time").๐Ÿ”ช She keeps her nails both painted and sharp. In a pinch, they're like six tiny daggers that are conveniently attached to her hands!๐Ÿ”ช Sharp impy teeth for ripping the throats outta her enemies.๐Ÿ”ช The only Advanced Mimery skill she's good at is making an invisible wall that actually blocks... Some things. Physical things only.



12/16/2020 02:30 PM 

Gloria Maies (Original)

----------Quotes----------"You've made your impact. I'll make mine too.""Standing around won't get us anywhere! COME ON ALREADY!""YOU'RE telling me to keep it together? Pfft..."----------General Information----------Name: Gloria Maies First Name meaning: NoneLast Name meaning: Storm-Nickname(s)/Title(s): The Wraith of Blades-Race: Half-Orc -Age: 25-Height: 5"6-Weight: 101 lbs-Date Of Birth: 8/12-Gender: Female-Preferred Pronouns: She/Her-Backstory: Gloria hails from the continent of Bellum, a land that once florished and thrived enough to rival that of Gale. However, disaster would strike when a full-scale invasion was held by the nation of Cloyx, having been funded by the kingdom of Celia and launching an attack with the goal of completely taking over the equally resourced continent. The takeover effort succeeded and Bellum fell under the control of the Cloyx Empire, with Gloria being one of the very few souls to escape and make for Gale in an attempt to start over. She now works under the code name Dark Axe for a group of other Bellum survivors known as Black Crow, who's self-appointed mission is to exact revenge against the Cloyx Empire.-Personality: Gloria is a violent, apathetic and insecure woman who has made it a habit to never show weakness. She hates the idea of being taken advantage of, and hates the thought of befriending someone even more after what happened in Bellum. She refuses to trust those who get close to her, but despite this, she has a metaphorical wall of emotion and hurt up that makes her vulnerable to even the slightest showings of kindness. She can be befriended, yes, but never expect it to be easy.-Appearance Information -Skin Color: Green-Eye Color: Yellow -Hair Color: Brown -Hair Style: Long and straight leading down to her upper back-Body Type: Muscular and fit hourglass figure with a good amount of curves-Clothing: Gloria adorns herself in a purple hood and facemask, along with a short sleeved bra-shirt that bares her midriff along with brown fingerless gloves and boots.----------Statistics-----------Strengths: Gloria is a brute for a mercenary, most of her strength coming from her Orc heritage and giving her a natural edge over her enemy. She is also incredibly smart due to her training as a mercenary, having clean cut knowledge on acts such as espionage, infiltration, assassination, and much more. -Weaknesses: Gloria isn't the most durable or fast person, and often relies on her quick wit and natural strength far too often to make up for a lack of control, durability, or speed.-Talents/Skills: Gloria is a coveted thief, assassin, and brute fighter on all accounts.-Weaponry: Gloria uses a long, blunt wooden pole-staff and a black-steeled shortblade.-Magic: Gloria knows no magic.-Stats (Out Of 10)-Strength: 8/10-Speed: 5/10-Intelligence: 7/10-Agillity: 5/10-Dexterity: 3/10-Perserverance: 4/10-Relationship Information -Romantic Orientation: Biromantic -Sexual Orientation: Homosexual-Status: Single -Family: None-Friends: None-Enemies: The Cloyx Empire -Love Interest(s): None-Alignment: Lawful Evil -Affiliation(s): Black Crow


12/16/2020 02:29 PM 

Erus Fernos (Original)

----------Quotes-----------"Erus. That is my name."-"I'd prefer my actions only be known if they must for the greater good."-"I am nothing more than a man carrying a burden."[BC]General Information-Name: Erus Fernos -First Name meaning: None-Last Name meaning: None-Nickname(s)/Title(s): Er-Bear-Race: Canine-Torjin-Age: 24-Height: 6"6-Weight: 136 lbs-Date Of Birth: 8/19-Gender: Male-Preferred Pronouns: He/Him-Backstory: Erus was adopted and trained as a monk under a man who raised him when his real parents abandoned him at birth. He had grown to become a well-renowned hero in the village he lived in, and was once known for besting every single fighter in that village at the age of 15. However, disaster would soon strike as a regiment of soldiers marched upon his home and took the life of his master, sending Erus into a fit of rage and causing him to murder as many people in that regiment as he could. He was only able to take down 5 of them until being forced to retreat, running away from his home and finding solace amongst the land as a wandering bounty hunter. Now, he travels the world in search of two things: Revenge on those who took his home and his master, and maybe, just maybe, the truth of who his birth parents are and why they left him behind.-Personality: Erus is a reserved but caring person to all, having a heart to help anybody whenever he can but keeping it under a veil of thick skin as to avoid coming off as vulnerable. Erus rarely smiles unless he hears an actually funny joke or somebody ends up tickling him, and he has been trying to ease his way back into properly interacting with others.----------Appearance Information-----------Fur Color: Brown -Eye Color: Yellow-Hair Color: Brown-Hair Style: Short and messy that goes down to the length of his neck-Body Type: Mesmorph with toned muscles-Clothing: Erus wears a black hood over his head and a cut off sleeveless black blazer with yellow accents. He also has on a pair of black and yellow gauntlets and a combat skirt that splits down the middle, while also wearing no footwear.---------Statistics------------Strengths: Erus is a man who fights with a style that is built off of tranquility and control. He uses his training as a monk to overpower and outsmart his enemies, along with using a newfound aggression in his fighting style to keep his enemies on their toes and under pressure while never losing control himself.-Weaknesses: Erus isn't a very strong fighter, nor is he the most intelligent. He simply looks and waits for openings, not usually taking the time to calculate his opponents moves and more often than not striking on instinct.-Talents/Skills: Erus can enter a state of natural calm and stay in it for upwards to 30 seconds, which completely de-stresses his body and gives him more mental and physical balance while he fights.-Weaponry: Erus uses three weapons: A double edge chain-link spear, a large axe bladed polearm, and a throwing glaive that doubles as a melee shuriken.-Magic: Erus knows no magic.Stats (Out Of 10)-Strength: 5/10-Speed: 8/10-Intelligence: 6/10-Agillity: 8/10-Dexterity: 9/10-Perserverance: 4/10-Relationship Information -Romantic Orientation: Heteromantic-Sexual Orientation: Asexual -Status: Single-Family: None -Friends: Sae, Maliya-Enemies: The Organization That Killed His Mentor-Love Interest(s): None -Alignment: Lawful Neutral -Affiliation(s): Claymore Cross 


12/16/2020 02:28 PM 

Mikhail Aegis (Original)

----------Quotes----------"All I do is in the name of those I've lost.""Peace can only be attained through the shedding of blood.""I've lost too much to stop now. And I refuse to lose anymore."----------General Information-----------Name: Mikhail Aegis -Nickname(s): Mik, Brighteye-Race: Orc-Age: 28-Height: 6"4-Weight: 231 lbs-Gender: Male-Backstory: Mikhail was born and raised on the battlefield, having been trained by his parents and the regiment that trained them to become a warrior and follow in their footsteps without fail. At the age of 23, Mikhail was sent into his first battle alongside his parents and a group of soldiers that he had spent a full 5 years of his service training. However, the group were ambushed on entry, and Mikhail was forced to watch as his parents and the group of young soldiers were murdered right in front of his eyes. This sent Mikhail into a state of tranquil sorrow, leaving him a shell of his former self and a man now without purpose.-Personality: Mikhail is a reserved, quiet, and contempt soul who under his thick skin and demeanor of sorrow can be compared too as a gentle giant or even a teddy bear. The man has a heart of gold which he keeps under wraps at all times, and simply wants nothing more than to one day forgive himself for the deaths of those he lost in that battle and finally find true peace within himself.-Appearance: Mikhail has brown skin and black eyes accompanied by black hair tied into a ponytail by a brown tie. He wears a set of titanium-grade military issued black and purple armor along with a set of black  combat pants and a purple waist tassle. He also has on a black cloak with brown fur coated over his shoulders and black combat boots along with two black rings attached to the pants that reach to under his knee and his thigh.----------Statistics-----------Strengths: Mikhail is both extremely fast and extremely strong, using his trauma and his fury as a stepping off point to fight harder, faster, and stronger without any sense of restraint if needs be. -Weaknesses: Mikhail can reach his limit very very fast and has a sense of anger that tends to send him over the edge, often times making him a hazard to those around him regardless of if their friend or foe. His severe case of PTSD coupled with his less than great temper puts him on the lower end of intelligence when it comes to fighting as well.-Abilities: Mikhail personally counts his rage as an ability, by which that means he can use it to buff himself up in terms of raw strength, speed, and dexterity. However, he can't hold onto it for very long and the aftereffects can tire him out greatly.-Weaponry: Mikhail uses a large black greatsword which he calls "Christbound".-Magic: Mikhail knows the following forms of magic: Fire, Earth, HealingStats (Out Of 10)-Strength: 10/10-Speed: 8/10-Intelligence: 7/10-Agillity: 5/10-Dexterity: 5/10-Perserverance: 8/10----------Relationship Information-----------Romantic Orientation: Heteromantic -Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Family: NoneFriends: NoneEnemies: Those who murdered his parents and soldiers Love Interest(s): noneAlignment: Lawful GoodAffiliation: Storm Militia Corp.


12/16/2020 02:26 PM 

Maliya Tarius (Original)

----------Quotes------------"Tonight, love, yer' gonna learn."-"Hey, look. Jus' because it won' be easy don't mean it's impossible. Nothin' good neva' came from no work."-"All I want is to be known as the best, and I WILL accomplish that!"----------General Information-----------Name: Maliya Tarius -First Name meaning: None-Last Name meaning: Optimistic, Loving, Funny-Nickname(s)/Title(s): Cloudwalker, Mali-Race: Halfling -Age: 21-Height: 3"9-Weight: 89 lbs-Date Of Birth: 10/3-Gender: Female -Preferred Pronouns: She/Her-Backstory: Maliya was once the leader of a group of archers that wandered the world in search of glory, fame, and the perfect life for the average adventurer. However, she had lost this luxury when she was stabbed in the back by that same guild who thought of her as expendable and as a worthless leader, leaving her to die out in a frozen wastes up north. This all changed she was rescued by a band of sky pirates known as the Cloudwalkers and released herself out into the world after 6 months of being on their side, now devoting herself to finding her old guild and making short work of those who betrayed her. -Personality: Maliya is a gold-hearted, temperant sweetheart who wants nothing more than to explore the world around her and become known as one of the greatest sky pirates to ever live. She has an easily inflatable ego which can sometimes get in the way of her actual softer personality, and with this comes a more flirtatious and loving side of her which she claims to have "no control of". She also has a scottish accent which she both loves having and loathes, as it sometimes makes her hard to understand or gets her made fun of. This is all coupled with her not having the greatest of tempers, having a fairly obvious contempt for being called short or having herself made fun of in general. ----------Appearance Information------------Skin Color: Tan-Eye Color: Black-Hair Color: Dark Maroon-Hair Style: Short, messy length with a long braid down the back-Body Type: Short, pear-shaped hourglass body -Clothing: Maliya wears a small black feathered hat with a long sleeved dark blue bra-shirt and skirt. She also has on a pair of black boots, dark blue fingerless gloves, and white baggy pants. She has black painted nails and a light blue index ring on her right hand to accompany her clothes as well.----------Statistics-----------Strengths: Maliya is fast and hard to hit as most halflings, as her former training as an archer and training as a sky pirate has led her to learn how to be nimble and quick on her feet. With this, she can also outsmart the average enemy with a quick wit, often coming out on top if her opponent doesn't know how to go about their fight. She also considers herself to be a better healer than a fighter, and is always ready to save a life regardless of the situation.-Weaknesses: Maliya isn't very durable or strong, often relying on taking pot shots on her enemies and keeping a distance unless neccessary to fight up close.-Talents/Skills: None of note -Weaponry: Maliya uses a triple-bolted crossbow with one trigger and an attached scope, along with a grip and flash muzzle that she got from the Cloudwalkers.-Magic: Fire, Ice, Healing-Stats (Out Of 10)-Strength: 4/10-Speed: 7/10-Intelligence: 7/10-Agillity: 5/10-Dexterity: 5/10-Perserverance: 4/10-----------Relationship Information-----------Romantic Orientation: Panromantic-Sexual Orientation: Bisexual -Status: Single-Family: None of note-Friends: Sae, Erus-Enemies: Cloyx Empire, her former guild of archers-Love Interest(s): None-Alignment: Lawful Good-Affiliation(s): Claymore Cross, formerly a Cloudwalker 


12/16/2020 02:23 PM 

World of Jiฤochฤ (Original Fantasy Verse)

Long, long ago, 2 gods, one male and one female, both ruled over an endless, expansive sea of nothingness. Both of these gods had control over one aspect of the universe, and these aspects were the land around them and the people that lived there. One of the gods, the male, created the land while the female created the people, and this shaped itself into the world today that is known as Jiฤochฤ. After Jiฤochฤ was created however, these two gods disappeared without a trace, leaving humanity to fend for themselves and create the vast, expansive world they live on now. The continent that most of Jiฤochฤ inhabitants reside on is known as Gale. After the gods disappeared, humanity began to thrive all by itself without the help of these gods, and in turn had began to worship the world around them as if they were the gods themselves. These worshippings would eventually turn into full-on religions under a specific name: Claymores.--Races of Jiฤochฤ--Jiฤochฤ houses the likeness of 9 races, all with their own unique and different features to boot. The following is a list of every race in Jiฤochฤ:-Human -Goblin-Halfling-Elf-Half-Elf-Orc-Half-Orce-Aeroborn (dead souls marked by the wind to return to a new body, identified by a mark on the right side of one's face.)-Torjin (Animal people)-Dryad (Plant people) --World Rules Of Jiฤochฤ--Magic exists in Jiฤochฤ, but it is used more as a life force than as a power. The way magic works is that magic is a refined and more powerful version of an element. To use magic, one must sacrifice some of their life force to empower their element and make it stronger, but you can always recharge it by simply not using it and sticking to an element. One should see magic like a shield around the person that they can absorb to use as a power boost. Everybody is born with magic, but the amount of magic one has at birth differs from person to person, leading to a reliance on fighting styles and elements, and therefore leading to the existence of Claymores. One cannot gain more magic than they already have at birth, as the only way to theoretically do so would be too absorb the life force of someone else, which is seen as taboo and an absolutely deplorable thing to do by a large portion of the world.--Claymores--In a Claymore, everyone specializes in certain element. The following is a list of all 10 Claymores that exist around Gale: Claymore of Ignis: FireClaymore of Altum: WaterClaymore of Ventus: WindClaymore of Gladio: StoneClaymore of Fulgur: LightningClaymore of Glacius: IceClaymore of Lux: LightClaymore of Tenebris: DarknessClaymore of Cerebrum: PsychicClaymore of Mettalicus: Metal--Rules Regarding Claymores--While affiliated with a Claymore, one can only use the specific element that their Claymore is associated with. However, it is possible to switch Claymores with a cost. One could be targeted and hunted by their previous Claymore after switching, therefore making the act taboo throughout Jiฤochฤ. There do exist specific weapons for a Claymore, all being the same element but with a different look, special abilities or different stats.

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Please be patient with me: I have a bad habit of leaving Aniroleplay for many reasons. I work at an office and I tend to take care of my grandparents when I'm not working so I tend to be very drained most of the time. Roleplays: I'm game for roleplays and if you have an idea, don't hesitate to let me know! I don't mind roleplaying in comments or messages and I do semi, para, and multi-para. I also don't mind a little banter in-stream comments! Muse: I will almost always be in character when responding. You will know when I am out of character! If there's any confusion, feel free to ask for clarification! Audience: Please note that I will not roleplay with anyone under the age of 18 (Preferably 21) for my own comfort and safety. My muse may be young, but I am not. Thanks in advance for understanding! Ships: I am open with a ton of ship dynamics for Tanaka! Since in the anime/manga connections had already been established, not much is needed plot-wise for a connection. Just let me know and I'm sure we can work something out! Lastly: Let's all have fun! This is a drama-free zone and I'm here to portray this lovable doof! So let's get to banterin' yeah!

๐ŸŽตChild of Two legendsโ„

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Facts behind his story.
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The story behind on how this OC character came to be from the idea of the person behind the muse of Ren Jinguin in which his rp story was created a few years back, from his muse love interest with the rper of the adult Viktor Nikiforov.  In which they had a children but he decided to just had one child Name Ryu, who was born during the time Viktor was in competition as the story goes so far but it can be modified according on the love interest changes on Ren if his with the young version of Viktor or the older version.Ryu's personality is much like Rens with his flirtatious, smooth talker with the ladies and gentlemen and he has Viktors determination, and perfection in his music, and has his Viktirs silver hair. Ryu has the light blue eyes from Ren, and his talent of bringing out the burning passion from peoples heart with his song.

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