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12/15/2020 01:31 PM 

Role play Ideas

If any of these peak your interest, just message me the number and we can discuss~1. Rookie and Superior2. Rookie and Felon3. Rookie and the Gang Infiltration4. Rookie vs Bad Cop5. Rookie's first date6. Rookie and the Halloween Party7. Rookie's Drunken Night8. Rookie's First Murder9. Rookie's Broken Heart10. Rookie and the Drug Counselor

Rin Taski (MCRP)

12/14/2020 11:01 PM 


1: I do expect some interaction, I want to be engaged and if you do not interact after getting a greeting I will remove you. I usually am generous and give it a month at the most befire deleting.2: Respect is earned, not a given. Don't disrespect me and I won't disrespect you, I do have a breaking point like anyone and will eventually remove you should I be continued to be disrespected.3: No discrimination is allowed on my page. Homophobes, transphobes, racists, ect. Are not allowed here. this is a safe space.4: I can handle a lot as far as dark themes go, I mean, some of my OC's are proof enough but I will not tolerate self harm or suicidal themes. They are incredibly triggering for me.


12/14/2020 06:14 PM 

apology letter I guess? also a welcome back one :)

Dang, It's been a while since I've went online here^^"I've been busy with school and other stuff, If you know what I mean. My biggest priority was the school projects and activities we had during school. I'll try being more active and stuff, cause I don't really want to disappoint anyone-Oh and I also forgot! To the people who chatted me, I apologize for not responding for like, what? A whole month or so? Anyway, that's not the point, what I wanted to say was, sorry for not responding, I know some of you are probably disappointed or something, but don't fret! I will start being more online now^^ That's all, bye?-

「𝙲 𝚊 𝚕 𝚢 𝚙 𝚜 𝚘」

12/13/2020 04:08 PM 


Alright, so I just have a few guidelines. They should be easy enough to follow, feel free to comment if you agree to them ♡1. NO DRAMA.Self explanatory, I do believe. Unless it's meant for the roleplay, leave any drama at the door,I'm too busy to even care about drama at this point in my life.I'm here to have fun, and escape from my life for a little while.So please respect my wishes.2. LITERACY REQUIRED.I don't care if your grammar isn't always spot on, but I do want to be ableto understand what you are trying to convey.Spelling is a must. If you do not do anything more than something like:"gives u a back masage" for example.then please do not even try to roleplay-- I want to be able to read and understandwhat you are doing-- not that I can't with that, it's just unprofessionaland I'd like some put into these stories we write.3. NO GOD MODING.If we are fighting in roleplay, for the love of god-- please do not do this.It's not fun. It's annoying. Please do not, this will get you an instant delete.4. PLEASE DON'T STEAL MY EDITS.Pretty sure this is also self explanatory; I take time on these when I canand I don't often have a lot of free time.5. UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF ROLEPLAYINGIn real life I work full time as a Pharmacy Technician.I also take care of my dad as well.During the week I will most likely not be active.The place I would be most active is on Discord, if you would like to add me that way.Otherwise weekends are my most active days.(Unless I work the weekend, which is on a rotation.)6. ROMANCE ROLEPLAYS/DATING IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN.I'm not into doing that, I also agreed with my fiance that it would not even be on the table.If my character canonically has a crush on you-- then that is all it is going to be.I will not move my character farther than that at all.I will not ERP/Smut roleplay with you either. It is not on the table and never will be.7. I WILL UPDATE THESE AS NEEDED.These are the only rules I can think of at the moment, if more comes to my mind thenI will update as needed.Thank you!

Necrotic influence

12/13/2020 06:28 PM 

Maybe one of you can explain this to me.

What is the point of picking a canonical character to roleplay, but the sole reason you are choosing so is the race/skin color especially when there is zero information of any substance?   For example a completely new fighting game character being revealed and choosing to roleplay said character solely based on skin color or perceived race of the character.It looks more like an attempt to get on a hype bandwagon before it actually happens and dooming yourself to fail at accurately portraying a character's personality which believe it or not cant be excused with "its an au" IF you do not actually detail HOW the au is different.  Saying "its an au" does not work with anyone remotely competent in roleplaying IF you do not distinguish the differences.  Thats why nomu Deku is a really liked and the best au of deku.  The person took the time to change things from the canon storyline/timeline to actually craft an alternative universe for the au deku.  since so many people on here dont actually read to comprehend nor read anything longer than a status postin short, dont be one of those who use au as an excuse of poor portrayal and dont be one of those who go "OOH, a new *insert race or skin color here* character(who has literally no info on them out atm) I'm going to roleplay that character just because of their race/skin color.  If you're gonna roleplay a character, make it one you like or enjoy.  Don't use superficial reasons such as a race or whatever as a reason to.  It's not a good look, especially when you have no idea wtf you're doing as the character when you know notjingof the character besides what you see in a promo trailer/image.


12/11/2020 09:22 PM 

Vent post.

  You know what sucks?Creating a bond with someone just for them to delete you without an explanation. The worst part about it is they acted like everything was fine when it wasn't. I wish I could make things right with them, I wish I could tell them how sorry I am. I wish I could rekindle and bring that bond back to its flame. Deep within my heart, I know I should just let it go. I should just let it wither away because clearly, they did not care about me. They never have, if they did, they would've not lost me that easily.I just wish I knew why.I wish I knew what I've done to deserve it.Although, what they have done to me was emotionally damaging. I still don't have it in my heart to hate them.My heart is big, when I love, I love deep. If someone hurts me, I'll address it and do my hardest to fix it because I can never give up on someone that I love. 

🌊 Mizuno

12/11/2020 03:06 PM 


Rule #1 ~ Read rules first!Rule #2 ~ No sex unless there is a relationship/plot!Rule #3 ~ No real life drama!Rule #4 ~ Discussion is a must!Rule #5 ~  RP and have fun! 


12/11/2020 01:37 PM 


— PHYSIOLOGICAL  CHARACTERISTICS Extended Lifespan - Despite his physical appearance, Caedus and his species have the ability to live forover extensive durations of time beyond that of most races. In tandem with this, they also retain a relativelyyouthful look for much longer and rarely show any visible signs or affects of aging.  Pure Progress - Much like other species, the Siluran can imprint on their combative experiences, whichallows them to improve their fighting potential with every confrontation. it allows them to adapt and drasticallyimprove on their physical capabilities and fighting proficiency, heigthening their power, speed and endurancegreatly so as they may compete more effectively. In the case of the Siluran, their Ki Acceleration will alsofind heightened levels of improvement.  Bioluminescent Vision - Because of the nocturnal conditions of their homeworld, the Siluran have evolved toadapt into their surroundings with heightened senses of vision through a protective membrane that alsoserves to protect their eyes in extreme amounts of light. When applied to darker scenery, their hues will glowbrightly in an ocean blue coloration, and enhance their sense of vision to peer over long distances and evensense an individual's presence when they are nearby.  Heightened Mental Processing -  The Siluran mindset is capable of processing imagery at an effectively fastrate and perceive any oncoming threats or dangers, much more effectively than most other species. This traitallows them to detect any changes within the surrounding atmosphere, and has even allowed Caedus more ofan awareness in his environment as he's traversing or flying through whatever scenery he finds himself within.  Undetectable Ki - It's noted that the Siluran species, and Caedus by extension all possess an untraceable kisource which ideally benefits him by keeping him hidden away. This allows Caedus to mask his presence withhis occupation and sneak his way towards his opponents without being traced himself. It also serves as a wayof hiding his presense should he wish to remain low and concealed.  Enhanced Healing - Natural Ki Acceleration within the Siluran body amplifies their cellular structure, graintingthem a physiological healing factor that accelerates their rate of recovery three times as quick as other races.It's a proficient healing power that allows Caedus to survive even the most intense of injuries, combined with aheightened protection against mental manipulation. While it does have its limitations, being ineffective againstthe bisecting of limbs or loss of other physical components, Caedus has demonstrated that his healing factorcan re-attach severed limbs if they remain within a bound proximity over a prolonged period of time.  Ki Acceleration - What makes the Siluran a unique species is the profound technique, native only amongtheir kind which allows them to take the potential ki energy from a source and 'charge' the intensity of itsexersion to achieve a multitude of various effects and abilities. While it's typically served the Siluran species inapplication to more peaceful instances, Caedus has yet to deduct the full power of what he wields. His mostcommon uses regarding the potential of Ki Acceleration are as follows:  Instantaneous Combustion - Perhaps his most famous application of Ki Acceleration, is whenhe takes the ki energy within any potential source and charges the tension of its exersion tooften explosive degrees. Varying factors influence the pacing of how quickly detonation isexecuted or the intensity of the blast. typically the size and mass of the source or howeveramount of power is yielded within whatever he catches, this of course serving as the onlylimitation, being the time required to charge the source. This doesn't only apply to livingorganisms however, as Caedus is also capable of charging inanimate objects to intensify theirpower. If a particular source lacks ki for whatever reason, Caedus is capable of transfering hisown ki to achieve the same effect. This source of power, and all relating techniques are oftenexecuted through skin contact, specifically through the tips of his fingers and palms.  Pressure Point Attacks - Another primary method of attack is his pressure point technique thatis typically used throughout his work. Caedus' extensive knowledge on pressure points intandem with his lethal abilities heighten the intensity of his attacks to deadly degrees, hispressure point strikes acting somewhat differently in comparison to typical deliveries of similartechniques. In his case, by tapping into an individual's pressure points, he amplifies the ki withina struck source to a signifcant and often fatal concentration that delivers searing pain throughouta being's system which only amplifies in parallel to the amount of power or pressure one exertson their body. This ability is considered his most lethal technique, in that it can often cripple oreven kill those who've pushed themselves far enough. Caedus has extensively trained toproperly wield this technique, and can effectively pierce any target regardless of their moleculardensity or defenses. It can be said that his strikes hit with a superheated, searing level of pain.The only remedy capable of reversing the affects are healing techniques or replenishing gear. Inthe event that he's successful in delivering pressure point attacks, they can be timed to explodeby his own command at any given point, or combust under pressure as aforementioned.  Liquefacation - While combustion occurs at heightened levels of acceleration, more tamperedlevels of his ability allow Caedus to superheat and often liquefy matter at the molecular level. Heis capable of breaking down and melting any substance in record time, by transferring his ki intowhatever he grabs. This has allowed him to effectively pave through any obstances he happensto come across, such as melting through walls and breaking through barriers as well as meltingand disfiguring the anatomical structures of his opponents in battle.  Energy Manipulation - Caedus can harness the abilities of acceleration to transfer and mouldthe power of his own ki into another source to achieve a small handful of abilities. Beyond whathe normally uses in lethal circumstances, he can even charge one's energy to amplify theirpower or even heal and revitalize another individual. He's even capable of healing another'swounds by amplifying their ki ,stimulating their cellular activity to achieve a faster recovery.   — TECHNIQUES Flight - The ability to achieve levitation and full fledged flight through the use of one's ki. Though it's not oftenwhen Caedus taps into his abilities of flight, he can do so anytime when the situation calls for such. He's ableto weave freely through any scenery with little worry, due to his heightened visual processing.  Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy blast, where one focuses their ki energy and discharges the attackas a projectile through multiple executions, often causing varied levels of destructive outputs. Caedus is ableto focus his blasts into spherical projectiles and even deadly lazer-compressed attacks, firing them at a rapidpacing or even charging them for greater damage. His ki notable exhumes an ocean blue coloration.  Ki Sense - Caedus is able to sense and detect the ki of other living beings from over vast distances. He alsohas the potential to sense godly ki as well, as he was capable of sensing the overwhelming godly energy ofhis universe's destroyer god during his years in work throughout Universe 8.  Kiai Shock - Caedus can utilize a variant of the Kiai technique, where he sends a paralyzing shockwave athis opponents, slicing them up at an instantaneous rate or applying pressure point attacks against his foes.Caedus often uses this technique to catch his opponents off guard, or end his targets as quickly as possible.This particular variant is also referred to, as his Lethal Intent attack.  Artillery Construction - Caedus is capable of physically manifesting his ki into a wide assortment of weaponsand equipment to be used in battle, whether for offensive or even defensive purposes. By focusing his energy,it can assume a malleable state which he uses to compress into any weapon of choice, that carries a qualitythat makes it just as potent as the weapon it's imitating. He can also conjure defensive barriers and assume amomentary state of intangibility for brief periods of time. Above all else, his weapons also share the propertiesshown with his Ki Acceleration, in that his techniques can be charged to incredible degrees, sharing a secondfunction as explosives in the right scenario. Among all the weapons that he's conjured, some of his commonweapons have included the following:- Bo Staffs and Naginata- Dual Claws and Shock Gauntlets- Rope Darts and Chain Spears- Swords and Knives- Throwing Cards and Kunai  Advanced Afterimage - Through swift movements, Caedus can replicate a visual image of himself dozens oftimes over to confuse or overwhelm his opponents. These intangible replicants are also capable of deliveringfast paced attacks or jabs on his foes, possibly as a way of tampering with their sense of focus. But most oftenthan not, Caedus prefers to utilize this ability solely as a distracting means.  Sledgehammer - The user cups their hands together and reels back, then slams their fists on the opponent.  Vacuum Survival - Despite his almost human-like appearance, Caedus can survive in the vacuum of space.  Teleportation - Caedus is able to minimally warp the fabric of space to achieve instant transportation acrossvast distances. He primarily uses this as a last resort to evade disturbances, or route out his destinations at amore effective rate. He's also capable of bringing others of his choosing to where he vanishes.  Onyx Sniper -  Caedus affixes his index and middle finger together, and focus energy through to points of hisdigits before dispersing the concentrated energy as a precision laser, that is lethal enough to pierce throughany form of molecular matter and phase through even the toughest defenses to silence its target. It's typicallyused from a distance, as the intensity of the attack intensifies the further away it is from its source. Adding toits lethality is that the attack travels soundlessly through the air, making it difficult to pinpoint.   Last Laugh - It's a counterattack requiring Caedus to endure a selective amount of damage brought onto himby his opponents. The damage that's wrought onto him is converted into kinetic energy and expelled through apowerful piercing jab that delivers twice the amount of pressure back onto his foe. The only drawback is thathis counter only proves successful in close range combat and can only be carried out through short distances.  Down But Not Out - Caedus is able to momentarily trick his opponents, into believing that they'd delivered apotentially lethal attack onto him. He gains their attention by way of pointing elsewhere, to the direction wherehe actually is as he rebounds with a powerful counterattack of his own. In place of where he was before, thefallen body appears to take form of a charged explosive that only amplifies to damage Caedus delivers in turn.  Hell on Earth - In battle, Caedus can utilize the capabilities of his stealth and Ki Acceleration to plant an arrayof scattered, silent mines across the field. Because they are comprised of his own energy, they are unable tobe detected by outside sources and are set to explode either by pressure, or when he commands it so. Theyare opportune in catching opponents off guard or setting up for distractions.  What's Yours, Is Mine - Viewing a technique in battle, Caedus has the capability of replicating said attack toadd into his arsenal. The only hindering factors being that the copied techniques are simplified variants to suithis structure and style, as well as the executed attack being slightly weaker than its source. It's likely however,that he can perfect an ability that he's dedicated to learning and level it to an even playing field.  Fearsome Hand of Fifty Two - Caedus charges his energy into a punch and strikes the ground, sending aparalyzing shockwave that ensnares the opponent within his vicinity. He then races forward and delivers adevastating knee strike that sends his adversary skyward. After materializing in the air, Caedus swiftly sendsan elbow strike down on their back which brings them back down. He appears a good distance from his foe,firing the piercing Onyx Sniper technique to send them reeling a fair distance. As they're just about to get up,they find themselve surrounded by fifty two levitating, kinetic cards that home in on the downed individual in aclimactic explosion, all while Caedus stands with his back turned and hands resting in his pocket.  We'll Have to Dance Another Time - Typically used on a downed opponent as a somewhat flashy finishingmove of sorts. The downed opponent is bent to their knee, when they catch sight of two charged explosivesrolling into their vicinity. All that's seen is their shocked expression before the detonaters are ignited with anincredible explosion, with Caedus facing opposite and walking away from the blast. — TRANSFORMATIONS Ascension State - Similarly to other transformational abilities, the Ascension State drastically grants Caedusa significant boost in his physical capabilities, greatly heightening his strength, speed and durability to greaterlevels. Though he doesn't seem to change much aesthetically, his body is shrouded in a fiery, white aurora. — GEAR  AND  EQUIPMENT Inhibitor Gloves - Caedus wears a specialized pair of finger-less gloves, that were given to him as a gift byhis adoptive family after he had rediscovered his latent Siluran abilities. They were enhanced through themagics of the shamans within his circle, so as to withstand the potential of his power. These gloves serve assuppressors on the destructive capabilities of his power, and work to properly harness and focus the intent ofhis ki acceleration as it's used in combat. They are able to regulate his temperature to prevent his hands fromoverhearting when using his abilities, and are even breathable enough to keep his hands from sweating.  Traction Boots - Caedus dons a set of customary boots similar to those worn among the Ashen Guild. Theywere designed with soles that ideally muffle any sound he makes while moving, serving to mask his presencewhile performing his usual tasks. His footwear comes equipped with an assortment of survival gear as well ashidden artillery to catch his opponents off guard.  Utility Belt - Worn around his waist, is a belt that contains his essential equipment, such as emergency rationsthat he can eat at any given time, as well as medical equipment and other survival gear. He often carries thesein the event of extensive journies for suvival-based purposes. But aside from this, he also carries a nifty arrayof additional weaponry that can catch opponents off guard.  Longcoat - His primary piece of clothing is the longcoat that he consistently wears, which keeps him hidden indarker scenery and serves to conceal his intentions and movements from those he's facing. Caedus tends tokeep his hands hidden within his pockets as a means of charging up his abilties before striking, and the attireitself hides his heat signature and vitals from any knowing eyes or technology.   — WEAKNESSES Hazardous Potential - When Caedus rediscovered his latent abilities, his lack of understanding stems fromthe unfortunate mishap of being unable to achieve the training necessary to harness or unearth what he couldhave achieved with his power. While the gloves he wears serve to focus his power, this doesn't mean that he'sable to control what he wields. Resulting of this, he must always wear his inhibitor gloves, as he's unable toproperly hold anything without the object or source in question exploding from the exertion of power.  Healing Limitations - While Caedus does possess a natural healing factor, it does have a limiation in extremesituations or scenarios. Damaged organs for example will recover at a slightly slower progress than wounds tohis body. On top of this, his recovery doesn't cover severed limbs or physical components and the only way hecan heal injuries of such severity is by having the separated components within a bound proximity to allow forhis acceleration to perform its extensive recovery.  Combative Prowess - Though Caedus is formidable in terms of raw strength, his fighting style doesn't seemto rely on power like other traditional fighters. His line of work primarily affixes his abilities to a more speed andagility based approch when he's fighting his opponents. He prioritizes quick and lethal strikes to quickly finishhis adversaries and doesn't like to compare pure power during confrontations. This naturally places Caedusas a speedster based fighter in battle.

𝕯 𝖆 𝖓 𝖎 𝖊 𝖑

12/11/2020 11:20 PM 

DANIEL (Blood In Roses)

Daniel is one of the main characters in Blood In Roses. He first appears in the first season, and sometimes will make appearances in the second season. He is potential romance option if in the game; however, his ending depends on the choices you make, thus you will get a good ending with him or a bad ending.------First Name: DanielLast Name: BrickendenAlias: Danny, DanAge: Unknown, however, appears to be in his mid twenties.Birthday: (This information will be given out in our story.)Gender: MaleOrientation: BisexualSpecies: WerewolfRelationship Status: ....Commitment issues.Residence: Hotel Libra Sincera, Reichdole.------Personality:Initially, Daniel appears to be cold and a man of few words. He is generally focused and logical, but has a side of himself that is unexpectedly clumsy. He is prone to getting lost easily in the Hotel Libra Sincera because of his poor sense of direction.Daniel always has an enormous appetite and loves to eat the food that his childhood friend, Jack, makes. He is often teased in a friendly manner by Jack for those reasons, but has enjoyed his company since childhood.Daniel is passionate, protective, and genuinely cares about the people he holds dear to him. Fear of harming others causes him to isolate himself in the forest during the period of time where he becomes a potentially dangerous wolf. He despises himself for his lack of control when he fully transforms, but is encouraged by Jack to view his strength as a powerful gain.Likes: Daniel loves Jack's cooking and will eat anything he makes. He also loves cats, which is seen when interacting with Spade; he brings him treats and will pet him from time to time.Dislikes: Daniel isn't a big fan of violence, but feels like he doesn't have much of a choice. The reason behind that is a spoiler... you'll have to ask Daniel this question yourself.------Powers & Abilities: Daniel, as a werewolf, has the ability to transform himself into a wolf. There's no time limit to his transformation; however, he becomes more aggressive and potentially dangerous upon the arrival of the full moon. He possesses incredibly strength and speed, and tries to hide his identity from vampires, including the Vampire Brothers. ------Backstory/Background:Daniel will tell you what you want to know. I can't spoil anything, otherwise our roleplay won't be as curious and fun. 

𝔇𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔔𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫

12/11/2020 09:13 PM 

REUPLOAD - Hotlinking to Google Drive Files

Create Google account/gmail Log in your gmail Hover to dotted pattern icon on the top right(usually next to your email avatar) and click on it to reveal more menu, then click on drive On new page, find the '+ new' icon on the top left corner(under the drive logo) and click on it It will reveal pop up menu, click on 'upload' (red box), choose the file you want to share and then upload After it finishes uploading, right click on the filename you've just uploaded on your google drive list, and then click on 'get link' option (red box) it will reveal pop up menu, first click on word 'restricted' (red box 1) after it shows more option click on 'anyone with link' After it's done click on 'copy link' (red box) You will get the link for your file on google drive, all you need to do is copy and paste-ing the underlined part on the draft to transform it into hotlink that you can use to directly linking any file from your google drive, check the image bellow(I will provide the draft on the bottom of this blog post and some code for displaying image and playing music) That's all.. got any question? feel free to ask me directly or post comment down below, cheers!(´。• ᵕ •。`) Draft for hotlink   Draft for Music Player <html><body> <audio autoplay controls loop> <source src="direct link to the file here" type="audio/mpeg"> </audio> </body> </html>   Draft for Display Image <img src="direct link to the file here"/>  

shiolia, editing, tutorial, trick, layout


12/11/2020 08:05 PM 

Other Character

=====================================================================“I never envisioned myself protecting a Key for the rest of my days but let the Lord’s will be done.” =====================================================================Name Caleb ObadiaAge 15ResidenceWestland, New Zealand (Former)Jordan (Current)FamilyAmaris Obadia (Mother)Eamon Obadia (Father)Affiliations Keeper of the Key that leads to the Holy Grail=====================================================================“It was very hard to adjust from a normal life to one of a hermit.” =====================================================================BiographyCaleb was born in Westland, New Zealand and lived with his Parents on a decent sized Pasture. Life was pretty mundane for Caleb as he lived a pretty normal life. One day however his normal life would come to an end. On his Thirteenth Birthday his Parents would reveal to him that they were the holders of a Key that would unlock a Treasure Room containing the Holy Grail. At first he thought it was a game till he could tell that his Parents were serious. The Key became sought after by an unknown group and it forced them to go into hiding. They had obtained the Key as an inheritance being passed down from one Family to the next.The original owner was an Ancient Grandfather of his Mother who had acquired the Grail after seeing the obsession for it’s power consume his Leader to the point of death. After that incident he felt it would be better if it’s fate was never in the hands of Human’s again. He trusted that God would use the Grail for the right purpose. A room was built for the Grail as he made a passage that only a true seeker could uncover. The location of this place was in the hills of Jordan. After hearing all of this Caleb agreed to never tell anyone about the Key and swore to protect it. He would do his best to make sure the Key stayed in safe hands. When Caleb was Fourteen their location had been discovered and his Parents gave him the Key and told him to run and not to look back. Caleb did exactly what his Parents told him and took off, never looking back. He knew his Parents would stay loyal in their protection to the Key and not give any info on it’s whereabouts so they were most likely killed. A while ago Caleb had a converstations with his Family about where to go if if something were to happen and that place was the hills of Jordan. It was the least likely place anyone would expect him to be. When he arrived in Jordan he created a small Home for himself in the side of one of the Mountains. It was a very different life for him. At times it could feel very lonely. There was a Town a little ways away that he would do any needed trading. He did his best to keep as low a profile as he could choosing Clothes that matched the area and a face cover to try and hide his idenity. At times he would think about what the future would hold. Could there be someone worthy to seek the Grail or would those of Evil intentions try and get hold of it? Caleb knew it was pointless to think about Tomorrow and to focus on the current Day. Personality Caleb is a rather shy individual who keeps to himself and tries to stay out of public eye. He was not always like this as he used to be more outgoing and enjoyed conversations with people. Caleb is fearful of someone noticing him and trying to retrieve the key from him. He is passionate about serving God and is willing to risk his life if it means keeping things of God safe. He still enjoys some leisure activities such as reading, hiking, fishing and swimming. The conversations that Jaden has are enjoyed by him but he makes sure not to give too much away that would put him in danger.=====================================================================“My Mother told me I would do great things. I hope to make her proud.” =====================================================================Likes Watching the SkyAnimalsKind PeopleServing The LordThe MountainsDislikesGreedEnvyArroganceNosy PeopleSandstormsHobbiesBirdWatchingFishingHikingSwimmingReadingCookingStrengthsNavigationInterpritingKeeping a Low ProfileReasonably quickDecent amount of KnowledgeWeaknesses FrailOpen CombatEnduranceConfidenceDecision MakingFearsThe Key ending up in the Wrong Hands SandstormsBeing DiscoveredHopes That the Key stays in the Right HandsGod will guide him to the Correct PathSkillsNavigatingInterpretingBuildingDecent CookHiding=====================================================================“I hate Sandstorms. They make everything feel closed in.” =====================================================================Physical Attributes Height5'2Weight 102 lbHair color BlackClothing Kuffyeh, Thobe and SandalsWeapons Anything he can get his hands on whether it’s Gun or Knife.=====================================================================“This Key must not fall into the wrong hands.” =====================================================================

The Warner Brothers

12/11/2020 06:31 PM 

RULES! (are boring)

Yeah, yeah, rules are a pain in the neck, but even we have a few lines we won't cross! So let's get a few things straight!1. NO EROTICA!We're kids, man! Ninety-year-old kids, but still kids! Don't be disgusting! When we flirt, we're doing it for laughs! We don't even know what we're doing half the time! And Wakko doesn't know what he's doing any of the time!2. Mature themes? We'll talk.Just because we won't cross that line doesn't mean we won't cross others. You want to do a Bendy and the Ink Machine kind kind of story where our cartoon mayhem is lethal instead of just annoying? Sure! There's a thin line between comedy and horror, after all! Want to do something a little dramatic and really pull at the heartstrings? We can do that, too! We're not heartless! Wakko's appendix-less, but that's another story.3. We're politically incorrectWe've been doing our thing since 1930 and we don't plan to stop any time soon. It's all in good fun, so don't get your undies in a bunch. Wakko..."Hey! Howcome you keep pickin' on me? I don't even wear undies!"Goooooodnight, everybody!-----Oh, yeah. One other thing. Don't mention the reboot. The reboot never happened. It was all a bad dream. Reboots are just a myth. Go about your day, citizen. Nothing to see here."It was just swamp gas!"You tell me not to make fun of you anymore and then you say things like that, Wakko. It's just like you're asking for it!


12/10/2020 10:42 PM 

Ari Yoshihara Starter

A mysterious woman in all black stepped into the bar, her hood covered her face and her lavender colored tail stood at attention along the middle of her back ending in a curled stance. Her purple and black ears were popped through her hood, twitching as people laughed and slammed their drinks on the table. She appeared to be on a mission, quickly turning her ears to a new sound when the last wasn't what she was searching for. She slowly made her way to the middle of the bar and stood there. Head barely lowered, her hands directly by her sides. Her slender body stood poised, she had caught the attention of almost every man in the bar. "HEY!" the bartender barked, "no weapons allowed!" He motioned for his two burley men to grab her. Swiftly she lifted her right hand, her palm facing the bar-keep. One by one she lowered her fingers until only two remained upright. "I seek two men." She began in a low, determined growl. "I will refrain from using my weapons," her ears twitched to the right. "However," her ears twitched to the left. "You must allow me safe passage as I grab my bounties." Her index finger was now pointing toward the far right corner. Her head lifted and the bar-keep could see her cold green eyes and sinister grin, her eyes were locked on her target."Break anything and you pay for it," he stated nervously. "If you can do it without using your weapons then I don't care what bastard you take."Upon receiving permission she pounced clear across the bar, the two men who had been cowering in the corner now began to flee. "Let the chase begin," she shouted in excitement. Looking over she found a couple of men eating a pork dinner and drinking some mead. She grabbed the knife, "can I borrow this?" Without waiting for a response she threw the knife at the second target, piercing his left arm and pinning him to the wall near the bar-keep."Hey, I said no weapons." He yelled irritated. "I said I wouldn't use my weapons," she laughed as she ran toward the entrance. Surprising everyone with her speed as she reached the first man as he clutch the doorknob. Sweat dripping from his brow he jumped back, trying to create a two foot space between them. She wiggled her finger back and forth while she clicked her tongue...   "You should have known better," she began as she took a step forward. "You two shouldn't have killed that girl." She took another step toward his shaking body. "You two shouldn't have raped her either." Another step, "did you really think you'd get away with it?" Another step, "did you think no one would care about some slut?" Another step, "she had a family!" Another step, "she was a MOTHER!" She roared, her energy changing. The feeling of pure hate filled the room causing unease to pass through everyone, "she was a wife!" She took one last step toward the man that was now on the floor, "death will be all too kind. In fact, if it was up to me I'd make you suffer a fate so harsh you'd wish death would come." She picked him up by the tuft of his shirt, "unfortunately her family only wishes to see you dead."As she finished she shoved her dagger through his heart, smiling sinisterly as she heard him gurgle and sputter on his own blood. Once his body went limp she threw him out the door, "time for the next one."Once she finished off the second man she fetched her phone out of her back left pocket on her black jeans. She quickly dialed a number and pulled the phone to her ear. "Oh, honey, are you done already?" A man's soothing voice blasted through her speaker."Yes, dad." She replied nonchalantly. "This one was very satisfying." "OK, sweetie." He paused a moment, "Chizuka says to leave them there. She'll have someone pick them up," another pause. "What else does she want?" She had a cold tone in her voice. Rolling her eyes she could only assume it was something stupid."Ari, be a dear and go to the forest near Lunear Falls." He paused one last time, "apparently there's something there of great value.""What is it?" Her curiosity was peaked. It wasn't often she was asked to do a second mission so soon after the first."A fairie," tapping noises could be heard along with a giggle. "If rumors are true I want her." Click!Ari scoffed as she stared her phone down, 'did he just hang up on me?!' She put the phone back in her pocket. No that had to of been either Aña or Chizuka. Stupid cunts always being rude. A sigh came rushing out of her lips while she shook her head, 'I'm so going to enjoy a nice chocolate sundae and a milk bath when I get home.'

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  SCORPIO || Eight Astrological Sign    -   -   -   “I’m not staring. I’m just thinking and you happen to be in my view.”   -   -   -     ~BASICS~   First name: Scorpio    Last name: None   Nickname(s): You can call him anything, really.   Age: His age is unknown, however could be billions of years old.   Birthday / Horoscope: 1st November / D’uh, Scorpio   Gender: This Scorpio is a Male, there is a female and a non-binary Scorpio as well, though. But this one is a male.   Species: Celestial Spirit   Residence: Celestial World / Land of Stars   Relationship Status: Scorpio is single at the moment, but used to be with a Mortal before she passed away.    ---------------------- ----------------------   ~PERSONALITY~   Personality: Scorpio is a powerful Spirit. Dark, moody, real, and quite intimidating to some people. In many ways he is the most unique and dramatic sign, and one of the hardest to do justice to in a written description. Scorpio is intuitive, passionate and self confident, he will often know all your OC's secrets before they know much, if anything, about him. He is undyingly loyal, and becomes easily jealous and/or protective— of course, that only depends on how attached he is to the person.   Scorpio loves to be in control; what he doesn't learn from the OC directly he'll pick up from reading between the lines, and you'll soon realize that in many ways when he's in control of the relationship, all without seemingly lifting a finger. He is highly secretive and subtle; he will often prefer to give only a limited view of what's really going on inside himself. And trust me, you do not want to force him to open up- that is the last thing you wanna do.     Likes: Scorpio likes many things, but if I had to list some things, it would probably begin with music. Music is one of the top five things that he adores and/or likes the most. Scorpio loves solitude. Don’t get me wrong, he likes affection, especially from the ones he cares the most about, but he also needs his space; time for himself.   No matter how painful it may be, Scorpio appreciates the truth. He doesn’t care what happened; how he will react; he needs to know the truth. No lies.   Dislikes: As mentioned before, Scorpio hates insincerity. He hates the heavy feeling that builds up when he doesn’t know what’s going on, especially when it comes to finding out that the person had been lying to him. That’s a good way to lose Scorpio’s trust.   He loathes it when people push him to open up, especially about things that are meant to be locked up behind chained doors. If Scorpio says no, then it’s no.    Fears: Scorpio doesn’t have many fears, however there is a fear that can be quite within most people; Scorpio has people that he holds dear and often fears being betrayed by the ones he’s put his entire trust in. He hates the thought of being unaware of something, anything that could potentially hurt him in the future, and most importantly, having his insecurities and/or sensitive information being revealed, especially to unwanted people.   Favourite colour: Scorpio likes dark colours, but doesn’t mind lighter ones. Black is one of the colours he likes most.   -------------- --------------   ~APPEARANCE~   Height: 6” 4   Weight: 220 lbs   Build: Scorpio is very healthy, believe it or not. He works out everyday; he is nicely thin and muscular. He loves keeping a healthy diet, although he does enjoy sweets every now and then, but who doesn’t? Scorpio has a few scars hidden under his armour, which were inflicted on him during the war and past battles.   --------------- ---------------   ~POWERS & ABILITIES~   Powers:    Harenkinesis. In relation to his scorpion theme, Scorpio is known for employing sand-magic as his primary means of combat. He is shown casting such magic through the use of his scorpion-like stinger or hands, using them to produce sand which is focused to assault opponents at mid-to-long range. Scorpio is shown to be able to shape large amounts of sand in various ways, such as a tornado.    Umbrakinesis. Scorpio is part of the water signs group, thus he has some control over water, but he cannot create it out of thin air like he can with sand. There has to be existing water nearby in order for him to use that power, he can hit opponents with great force, usually done via giant waves of water or through variations of beam attacks.   Abilities:    Swordsman. Scorpio may be a spear / Halberd warrior, but he is also quite skilled with swords, he is very quick with his attacks. He is very strong and vicious during combat, hence why I would tell you to watch yourself. Also, he loves to use his good looks for a source of distraction.   --------------- ----------------   ~BACKGROUND / BACKSTORY~   Backstory: That’s for you to find out, Reader.~  


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Other Characters

Elton Williams  Elton joined the Army at the age of Eighteen. When the Outbreak occurred he lived in Boston with his Wife Anna. When Anna was pregnant, Elton got called away on Military Orders. Concerned for the safety of his family he asked Marlene to promise him that if something were to happen to him to just assume he was dead and not to come looking for him. During his assignment most of the people he was working with went insane and he needed to stop them from doing something that could devastate many lives. He had to hide away till it was safe for him to return to his family. It was a long Fifteen Years till he felt things had died down enough for him to stop living anonymous and return to his Family. When he got back to Boston he could not locate his Family. He eventually found out that Anna had died after giving birth and his Daughter had disappeared. He was devastated as it seemed all that work to assure his Family’s safety had been for nothing. Visiting an old friend, he was told about how the Fireflies had sent a girl named Ellie with some Smugglers out west. The description of her sounded very much like his Daughter. Knowing it may be a long shot, he decided it was worth it. It took him Four Years but he finally found a place in Jackson, Wyoming that was run by a man named Tommy who had been a Firefly in the past. He hoped that he could tell him where he could find his Daughter who was hopefully still alive. He was surprised to learn that Ellie had been living in Jackson with Tommy. Receiving a suggestion from Tommy to talk with his brother Joel before contacting his Daughter, he decided to take his advice. He hoped to learn a good amount about his Daughter and why they traveled so far away. The talk started smoothly till he told Joel who he was and the talk got more intense to where Joel decided to go for a coffee break. Hearing a woman outside he looked out the window to see who it was. He came to the realization that this was his Daughter. As Joel and Ellie talked, he learned more about how his Daughter’s immunity was going to be used for a vaccine. It turned out that she had to be killed to create it. He couldn’t blame his Daughter for wanting to help people as he would have wanted to as well if he was in her place but he also couldn’t blame Joel for what he did as if it was him in Joel’s shoes, he would have done a similar thing. On one hand he was grateful to Joel for saving his Daughter but on another hand very angry with him for something else he had done that he heard about when he was talking with Joel earlier. As the conversation went on, he heard that Ellie was trying to forgive Joel for what he had done. At that moment he felt fear as he didn’t want to put more on his Daughter. She was already trying to forgive someone who had been like a Father figure to her, now she has to deal with her Father who she had not heard from in almost Twenty Years? Thoughts started going through his head of her getting sick from all the stress she could go under. He could not do that to his Daughter. It would be better that she live without him than to be overburdened. He left through another exit in Joel’s house. It took him a while to decide to go back and finally meet his Daughter. She deserved to know the truth. It was time to set off for Jackson and finally see his Daughter.  

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