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01/15/2021 04:02 PM 

Not Rules. Just Encouraged Etiquettes. Also, Writing Interests.
Current mood:  mellow

- TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED TO REPLY BACK. - Please be literate to the best of your abilities. I'm cool with Old English syntax though; I'm a fan of Shakespeare and Tolkien literature. If something is confusing due to the way details are worded, feel free to reach out to clear out what details may have caused confusion.- I'm open to either having a discussion of a plot for the story between our characters or jumping right into the story.- I like conflict and not limited to physical ones (i.e. combat). I like the inclusion of stakes―hopefully ones sensible to have in the ongoing plot―so I can feel a sense of investment towards why our characters must keep on interacting and the sense of overcoming obstacles. You know... character developement.- Romance and carnal sessions are optional. They're not mandatory whatsoever.Settings:- Cyberpunk- Dystopian- Futuristic- Medieval- Modern-day- Space opera- VictorianGenres:- Action- Adventure- Comedy- Crime- Drama- Fantasy- Horror- Music- Mystery- Psychological- Science Fiction- Supernatural- Thriller 

β—œ π‘ͺπ‘Όπ‘Ήπ‘Ίπ‘¬π‘«γ€‚β—ž

01/15/2021 06:52 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

1. don't steal from me. I work hard on my edits/layouts. 2. no drama. please, just keep it to yourself.3. I'm not here to date, make friends, or anything like that. I'm here to write and keep things light-hearted.4. my character will be non-monogomous until i say otherwise 5. ooc chat is fine with me but you won't get any personal info from me. no texting my phone or anything like that. 6. messages are for roleplaying and comments are discussions. 7. i will be extremely selective with my add's. 8. I do not mind sexual content in my roleplays, but those will be made in discord or other forms of instant messaging and not on here. (this is NOT  a sexual roleplaying site).9. I am not going to automatically fawn over your character, and if my character does he will laugh at you. 10. I am open to new ideas, but please let me be honest and say that I expect effort on your part, too.11. Literacy is expected but I understand spelling errors. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to fix mistakes so I understand they happen from time to time.12. I am a paragraph/multiple paragraph writer and I write in THIRD PERSON writing so I hope you are the same with that. If not we can work something out.13. If you have a specific length you'd like to be at, mine is 5-10-8-13 paragraphs if I am completely dedicated in a roleplay but that has not happened in years, sadly.


01/15/2021 06:35 PM 

Rules where I'm grumpy and yell at you

MULTIPARA AND PARA ROLEPLAY. not including banter or stream threads. I'm tired of people thinking one sentence is a paragraph NOTHING SEXUAL. this means any sex tends to fade to black. this is my choice, respect it or leave. INTERACTION NEEDS 2 PEOPLE. basically, I won't plot alone, you won't plot alone. I'll only meet you halfway, and if you just ask 'what u wanna do' it's just gonna be ignored.  I WRITE. ask me to rp, you'll get a sarcastic response.  IC AND OOC ARE NOT THE SAME. clearly mark a difference between the two. I take starters that don't hinge on "runs into you". I'm not accepting children because this guy... he really doesn't need spawning capability. Not accepting siblings either because.... it's weird? CHARACTER FLIRTS WITH ALMOST ANYONE. deny him, he stops. flirt back and he'll keep going. HAPPY TO TALK OOC OR IC. just nix the small talk, cuz I hate it


01/15/2021 05:28 PM 


This is not an erotic account. All opening sexually explicit messages will be blocked on sight, no exceptions. Give the amount of respect you expect to receive. Don’t be a d*ck~ Everyone is welcome here. Boys, girls, everything in between. All themes will vary from story to story, so if you have an idea feel free to drop it and we can talk it over. Mature themes are more than welcome. I love dark stuff, and mafia types would be pretty interesting with an alien, don’t ya think? Men are fully welcome to add, and romance is possible. Just know that she is fiercely independent and despises men who tell her what to do. Want to win her heart (or body)? 1. Let her speak for herself. 2. Don’t touch her unless she touches you first. 3. Don’t push gender roles. If you’re a woman and want to win her heart (or body): Literally just exist. She loves women, no matter the role they take. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, yeah?~

Fallen Guild Survivors

01/15/2021 06:25 PM 

Sra survival

short version:The sole survivor of the assault on Li'lepfa guild and the only one of the survivors who was actually there when it was attacked.  She managed to kill numerous attackers before succumbing to her own injuries, but lived due to the amount of drugs in her system at the time one of which caused her heart rate to slow to the point where unless she was moving for all intents and purposes one wouldn't know she was alive.  The drug kept her from bleeding out until a rank and slimy Lon came by and patched her up. 

Vine, The Dollmaker

01/14/2021 04:42 PM 

Wholesome headcanons

- Vine is baby. That's all I have to say. You can tell by the way I write him.- Jason has somewhat become a parent figure to Vine. Vine desperately needs one, after all, he lost his father when he was nine and his mother was already dead. He needs a parent figure in his life, and Jason has just kind of taken that role.- Absolutely has a sweet tooth. Let him be baby in peace, okay?- Vine is simple. He sees a pretty light. He looks at pretty light. He cherishes pretty light.- If you ask Vine to repair your clothes, he will make you an entire new wardrobe if you're not specific.- Vine loves sewing. He always grew up seeing it as a child, and so he loves stitching things by hand.- He has a really pretty smile if you look past the stitches and the eye. He's just really pretty in general, even with the messy hair and the face and his nervous disposition.- If Vine trusts you, he will do just about anything you ask him to do. Vine strives to make his friends happy.


01/13/2021 08:56 PM 


Looks/ect.Note for link.First two photos are recently edited, use that to imagine Iris. and no being a succubus dosen't mean all smut or erotica, get you're head out of the gutter! I take fantasy to heart, and all my girls will be more than that. Name: Iris.   Meaning: Means "rainbow" in Greek. Iris was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow, also serving as a messenger to the gods. This name can also be given in reference to the word (which derives from the same Greek source) for the iris flower or the coloured part of the eye.   Nickname/Alias: -Kōsai - Iris. -Chō no akuma - Demon of the butterfly. -Ningen no koibito. - Human lover. -Akuma no yōna uragirimono - Traitor of demon kind.   Pet Name: Give some? I’ll add as I go on.   Age: Unknown.   Date of Birth: Unknown.   Gender: Female.   Orientation: Straight.   Place of Birth: Depends on role-play.   Species: Demon; Succubus, Draph.    Hair Colour/Hairstyle: Iris hair is naturally pink, but when the light hits her hair it will turn into a lovely violet or Iris. As her name implies.   Eye Colour: Sapphire.    Birthmarks: One below her belly button. Usually has to show when she is feeding or using power, or straved even.   Tattoos: N/A.   Scars: All healed.   Equipment/Accessories: -A locket with a red gem in a silver locket. -Hidden daggers. -Katana. -Potions for feeding. -Book of spells.   Habits and Mannerisms: Playing with her hair, looking down at the ground, folding her hands behind her back and rocking on her feet.   Hobbies: Trying out human hobbies for the most, spending time with her pets - Men - even when she has no intention on feeding, trying out different spells, watching Television, Reading books on demon and angels, spending her time in the Velvet room - Demon brothel, club - sometimes, making new ways for gaining food, using her new collar controller on humans.   Talents/Skills: -Speaking different language depending on the place. -Cooking. -Learn quickly. - Photographic memory. -Switch personalities with her foods desire. -Being open to different things during feeding. -Acting innocent or not in control. {When she is in fact very in control around humans.)   Powers/Abilities: -Spell casting. -Creating barriers to keep people inside a place she uses to hunt. -Super Speed - They can move faster than the eye can see, able to appear and disappear in an instant. -Super Strength - A succubus has greater strength than a human and is able to lift a grown man with one hand. -Flight -Wing Manifestation. -Prehensile Tails  -Prehensile Tounge. -Aphrodisiac Saliva. -Kiss of Death - A succubus has the ability to steal life force energy from victims via a kiss. This action usually results in the death of normal humans if the succubus is a novice, but overtime, it can be controlled. -Super Stamina - They can fight and make love vigorously without tire. -Healing Factor - They fully heal from most wounds, including stabs and gunshots. -Lust Empowerment - By having sexual intercourse, a succubus is able to grow stronger and heal faster due to stealing life force energy. -Dream Walking - Throughout lore, succubi have been able to appear in the dreams of men in order to seduce them. Supernatural Beauty - The succubus will be beyond the beauty of a normal human woman and is completely irresistible to men. -Sexual Inducement: Succubi have the ability to illicit sexual arousal within males to make them instantly crave sexual interaction, most likely through touch. -Immortality - As demons, Succubi are immortal. -Shapeshifting - Since they are seducers, they can change shape to match an individual's view of beauty, making it easier to tempt.   Strengths:  -Cooking food. -Learning things. -Acting. -Pole dancing. -Making different ways of catching people, willingly or not. -Spell casting.   Flaws:  -Once a month there is a time when a succubus power is gone, she can’t stop herself from feeding like she could previously, fortunately for others around her they won’t die from it. When her power is gone she becomes weak to scent touch - Even her usual demure would change at the time. To go further and explain, when a succubus offers a contract they can clearly speak how they like and do what they want. None are slaves, but when a month comes they follow every command and can’t stop themselves from getting pregnant either.    -Dealing with stronger races, she hates going near them due to her low rank as a sex demon. In fact, she becomes so wary you might consider her a normal girl at the time.   -Understanding emotions, humans.   Likes: Sweets, Affection, having a partner who is gentle or rough - or both, telling her tales of the time she became a messenger between the angels and demons, being accepted for herself, encouraging her contractor to use her request her of things if needed, using new items on her masters.    Dislikes: Her things being taken from her, being threatened, having bad direction, annoyances, humans being too selfish, her self-confidence being mocked - not really a dislike since she can prove them wrong, bad books, horrible jokes on her behalf, gossip, humans running away from her.   Personality: As a demon or succubus her self-confidence always inspires the people around you. This confidence even persists in tight situations. Iris is extremely independent and have your strong opinion. She sometimes stick to your ideas and opinions and seldom welcome suggestions from others. Most demons prefer to be a pioneer and do things in there own way rather than following others. Due to her limited ways, she tries to always explore ways to do something different. Creative demons are natives that can have an extremely hard time coping with dull and repetitive tasks. Iris can not stand to do the same thing every single day. On her good days she is very focused, determined and diligent in her work. And her dedication to work is endearing. Iris industrious and stretch can stretch herself to any extent to finish the task successfully. While she is consistent in her work and can stay long years on a single project. She is neither afraid to wait nor have the anxiety for it.    Iris tends to live a life at a slower pace. But, she is very patient with her work. People like her have the patience to wait for the results. On a bad not she tends to be very dependent on relationships, very jealous and overly concerned with acquiring wealth in order to make your life more comfortable. She becomes very jealous when someone threatens her for the things close to her at the time. As a demon she tends to be possessive for all things that are necessary for at the time. Iris has always been curious and inquisitive and hence ready to gain knowledge and learn new things. In this case she is a person who will have a book in her hand or involved in an activity which gives her information and updates her knowledge. Being a succubus she may sugar coat things with lies and spread it just to make it interesting for others to listen. She is the master of manipulating things in order to make others follow her shoes.    Note: This is maybe the real personality, not all. There is a lot so I’ll stop here and again, you won’t meet this side of her often because she tends to change it depending on the person she is with.   Character History: Iris is a very rare demon, she has the blood of a demon running through her and a draph. Which made sense, if she knew what she was long ago. As a succubus her body is a lot shorter than a female her age and yet she had a mature body for that to, even so this made her much more famous and liked in hell. However, she was often left out due to her lack of interest in them and overly current status of breeding people like her off when she was considered younger than them and that made her rather nervous about it. The draph nature also made her horns collectibles and hunters, demon or human are often known to cut them off once there bodies have lost there use. After that, they become mindless slaves to anyone touching them at the time. Scents are even stronger than demon or human - in fact they go in heat very easily if they smell someone aroused around them. As a succubus she became more creative with her power, learned everything she could in hell and used whatever she could to buy into the skill. It lasted for a centray at least before she decided to leave hell and venture out into the human world. The queen she was close to at the time frowned on it. Yet she couldn’t forbid her either, Iris was free to leave at that time.    She spent days looking over humans, feeding, learning what they do and how they live… It made her pause, wondering why they hated them so much for just a second. Iris was more attached to these people than the ones in hell. Then again no one was more selfish than a human, but she lived on those selfish desires to and couldn’t complain.  


01/13/2021 08:09 PM 

Rules I guess..
Current mood:  blah

1.) Semi-Para - Para only, only special people get the Multi-Para out of me.2.) I have a life outside of roleplay. Don't bother me.3.) Don't assume my character's gender. Rude.4.) I am not trying to sleep around. I actually like a good plot.5.) I probably don't want to sleep with you if you are taken.6.) I probably don't want to sleep with you if they don't care.7.) I probably don't want to sleep with you...8.) If I do sleep with you, cool. Might happen again some time, might not.9.) Don't control my character.10.) I'm terrible at making choices. Don't ask if you don't want a smartass remark.11.) Yeah.. I just don't care really.12.) These rules might change. Might not.13.) I have no ambition and suffer from depression. Fantastic combo really.14.) You don't need to sign these rules...15.) ... but if you do you might get me to smile a little...


01/13/2021 03:57 PM 

Guidelines, I guess.

Many of you are probabaly wondering why I gathered you here today. Well, it's pretty simple. If you're actually taking the time to read this, then you probably aren't the problem. But, to keep things civil I'll keep it simple. Some people have gotten very disrespectful regarding my character recently, so we are going to go over a list of what I am allowed to do, and what you are not allowed to do. What I am allowed to do:1. I am allowed to write and not write with anyone that I so please.2. I am allowed to have romance, or not have romance with anyone I please.3. I am allowed to alter my character from story to story for different experiences.4. I am allowed to alter his role in a relationship.  This is a big one. Because of edits I have made recently it seems that the nature of Juno has already been decided for him by the masses. Despite popular belief, he is bi-sexual and he is a switch. His role in a story varies depending on who he is with. Most of you have not seen him in romantic situations. Believe it or not, he can take the initiative. What you are not allowed to do:1. You are not allowed to tell me the role my character will play in the story.2. You are not allowed to tell me who I can and who I can not write with. 3. You are not allowed to tell me how he will speak or the mannerisms he will or will not use. I know the stutter can be distracting at times, but please understand that it is a very important part of Juno.4. You are NOT allowed to message one of rp partners and curse them out just because I have a romance story with them. (I'm really, really sorry about this, Alois).With all of this said, I just want to be clear with my current partners that if I have not raised any of these concerns with you, then you have nothing to worry about. I have no problem with stating my discomforts.And one last thing.Ladies, please hear what I am about to say. It is okay to enjoy Yaoi and BL and all that stuff, but please do not fetishize a sexual orientation. I recieved a couple messages after one of my edits from a woman sexualizing what was supposed to be a sentimental post. It would never be okay for a guy to message something like that to a girl, so please don't think it is okay for a girl to message something like that to a guy.Okay. If you made it this far, then thank you ♥ I know it's a little out of the blue and uncharacteristic, but these are things I have been dealing with for some time and have started to get on my nerves. Thank you for your time ♥

π“π‘πž 𝐎π₯𝐝 𝐖𝐨𝐫π₯𝐝

01/13/2021 02:57 PM 

Malekith The Witch King

Personal InformationName: MalekithRace: Elf (Druchii)Gender: MaleAge: 6,000+Occupation: King of Naggaroth  Biography: Malekith, also called the Witch King, is the monarch of Naggaroth and the ruler of the Dark Elves or Druchii as they refer to themselves. He is the son of the Phoenix King Aenarion, the greatest Elven hero to have ever lived. Malekith is ancient and powerful beyond mortal reckoning, a being who has lived for thousands upon thousands of years, gathering a great treasure trove of magical power that few can rival within the world.  Long ago, this mighty lord of the Elven race sought to claim the Isles of Ulthuan by sheer force of will, cruelty and bloodshed, but the Flames of Asuryan denied his right to rule as his father's heir and left him scarred by fire and twisted with hatred. Near death, Malekith was taken away and healed by his mother, the sorceress and consort of Aenarion Morathi, and removed to the lands of Nagarythe to recuperate and plot his seizure of power. While there, the horrifically burned Malekith was encased in a suit of magical, black full plate armour, the plates of the suit fusing themselves to Malekith's own tortured flesh. To the brow of the great horned helmet placed over his head was welded the Circlet of Iron, and with his body transformed, Malekith took the persona of the Destroyer and now sought to reclaim that which was denied to him. In the years since, Malekith has led many great wars against the High Elven usurpers, but each time has been undone by cruel fate or the incompetence of his craven underling.  Yet the Witch King is immortal and knows he will outlast those who foolishly believe themselves his betters. The day is fast approaching where old debts and insults will finally be paid, and Malekith will do anything within his power to hasten its arrival. Malekith firmly believes that if he can't rule Ulthuan, then no one else will.

π“π‘πž 𝐎π₯𝐝 𝐖𝐨𝐫π₯𝐝

01/13/2021 02:48 PM 

Kroq-Gar Last Defender of Xhotl

Personal InformationName: Kroq-GarRace: Lizardman (Saurus)Gender: MaleAge: Unknown.Occupation: Saurus Oldblood  Biography:Kroq-Gar, the Last Defender of Xhotl is an ancient Saurus Oldblood, last of the Saurus warriors from the ruined temple-city of Xhotl.The spawning that brought Kroq-Gar into the world produced a handful of other Saurus, each marked for greatness. With instinctive battle-cunning these warriors were unsurpassed by any of their kind, and each possessed an innate dominion over the native beasts of the jungle. Kroq-Gar’s spawning coincided with the rearing of a brood of mighty Carnosaurs, and he claimed the largest and most ferocious as his own. Kroq-Gar had served his temple-city for only a few centuries when the Great Catastrophe occurred. Although Kroq-Gar and his spawn-kin fought many epic battles and destroyed entire armies of Daemons, the never-ending onslaught eventually caused the defenders to take refuge within their temple-city of Xhotl. There, the magical barriers of the Mage-Priests saved them for a time, but eventually collapsed. Taking advantage of a surge of uncontrolled energy, Daemons manifested themselves inside the temple-city, butchering the Slann before Kroq-Gar could ride to their aid. So the full power of Chaos swarmed over Xhotl. Although his temple-city was in ruins, Kroq-Gar and the surviving army fought their way out. Buoyed by their own rage and the last blessings of their Mage-Priests. En route to their freedom, they sent many Daemons back to the abyss. For centuries thereafter, Kroq-Gar carried on a running battle in the jungle, the last army of Xhotl dwindling around him. By the time the Elves enacted their Great Ritual, only Kroq-Gar and his ageless Carnosaur Grymloq remained. It was the great Lord Mazdamundi, High Slann Mage-Priest of Hexoatl, that summoned Kroq-Gar to his temple-city, choosing him to lead the great Saurus armies that remained. Mazdamundi gifted Kroq-Gar with the ancient artefact known as the Hand of Gods, with which he could sear the flesh from his enemies’ bones. Since that day, Mazdamundi has assigned Kroq-Gar the sacred task of exterminating those creatures not part of the Old Ones' Great Plan. Over his long existence, Kroq-Gar has fought many wars — leading the armies of Hexoatl, or joining other hosts to aid them in battle. There is no continent upon which Kroq-Gar and Grymloq have not fought, but for the last defender of Xhotl, the battle is not yet over.

π“π‘πž 𝐎π₯𝐝 𝐖𝐨𝐫π₯𝐝

01/13/2021 02:40 PM 

Eltharion The Grim

Personal InformationName: Eltharion The GrimRace: Elf (Asur)Gender: MaleOccupation: Warden of Tor Yvresse  Biography: Eltharion the Grim, Prince of Yvresse and Warden of Tor Yvresse, is one of the greatest of all Elven lords. Many times has he achieved what would have been thought impossible. It was Eltharion who was the first of Ulthuan's generals to dare an assault on Naggarond itself and live to speak of it, and he who finally brought about the defeat of WAAAGH! Grom. For his valour in that battle, Eltharion was elected Warden of Tor Yvresse and, though he is a dour ruler, the people of that fair city love him dearly. Eltharion's early rule was split equally between scouring greenskins from the land, and overseeing repairs to Yvresse's network of waystones. In the first task, Eltharion was aided by the nobles of his realm, who rallied to his banner with an enthusiasm not seen for many long generations. In the second, he sought the assistance of the Loremaster Belannaer. Though Eltharion had successfully stabilised the waystone of Tor Yvresse, he felt that luck had guided his hand rather more than judgement in that task, and he did not wish to see ill-fortune or rashness on his part destroy Ulthuan. With his realm thus secured, Eltharion took his blade overseas; not to the chill shores of Naggaroth in the west, but east to the lands of the Old World and beyond. Yvresse had but barely endured the onset of one Waaagh!, and Eltharion swore that no other would reach Ulthuan's shores. Atop his Griffon, Stormwing, Eltharion swept through the Badlands like a wind of blades.

π“π‘πž 𝐎π₯𝐝 𝐖𝐨𝐫π₯𝐝

01/13/2021 02:28 PM 

Kholek Suneater

Personal InformationName: KholekAlias: Suneater, Herald of The Tempest, Living MountainRace: Dragon Ogre (Shaggoth)Gender: MaleAge: UnknownOccupation: Champion of Chaos  Biography:Every eight generations, when the malevolent moon Morrslieb waxes full in front of its benign cousin Mannslieb, a terrible storm rages through the crevasses and chasms of the Worlds Edge Mountains. Jagged ridges are silhouetted like the broken teeth of some titanic beast as lightning flashes and thunder roars. Before a great chasm that splits the mountains like a gigantic axe wound, hundreds upon hundreds of Northmen kneel in the pelting hail and snow, chanting sonorously as their captives are sacrificed and hurled bodily into a cavernous lair. Then, as the storm reaches its terrible climax, a terror from the prehistory of the world bursts forth with a roar that shakes the roots of the peaks themselves - Kholek Suneater awakes, and all the world trembles at his wrath. Kholek is a Shaggoth of tremendous age. He is one of the first-born kin of Krakanrok the Black, father of the Dragon Ogres. Kholek was present when the terrible pact with the Dark Gods was forged, pledging their race to an eternity of servitude in exchange for immortality. The sagas tell that Kholek’s part in the bargain was such an affront to nature that the sun hid its face behind a bank of stormclouds and has never looked upon Kholek since that fateful day. True enough, Kholek’s coming is heralded by roiling black thunderheads. Where the Herald of the Tempest walks, a raging storm blots out the sun. Like all Dragon Ogres, Kholek is energised and enlivened by the power of lightning, roaring with triumph as crackling bolts of pure power play across his ancient and scaly body. He wears great plates of brass as his armour, the better to attract the tempest’s kiss, encrusted with the patina of age and blackened by soot. In his shadow march the mountain tribes that worship him as a primal god of destruction.

π“π‘πž 𝐎π₯𝐝 𝐖𝐨𝐫π₯𝐝

01/13/2021 02:05 PM 

Rolayn Du Gwelon

Personal InformationName: Rolayn Du GwelonRace: Human (Bretonnia)Gender: MaleAge: 26Height: 5'11"Weight: 187 lbs.Occupation: Questing Knight  Biography: Born the fifth son of Reynard Du Gwelon, Rolayn was raised as all his siblings were, as a knight of Bretonnia. His house, descended from those noble knights who cast off the madness of Merovech in the year 835, or 1813 by Imperial Calendar, serves the lords of Lyonesse, their holds and peasantry fixated on the borders of the cursed Dukedom of Mousillon. Here, in their service, do the knights of Gwelon stand guard against the evils of this land, their duty to liege and Lady in Bretonnia. However, in the year 1541, 2519, a plot was discovered in the halls of Gwelon. It would seem that in their desire to watch over the lands of Mousillon, evil, in the form of accursed vampirism, had infected their very household. In a battle that saw the house of Gwelon tear itself apart, Rolayn would do battle with those members of his home that had given into the promise of eternal life, and ultimate damnation. When the dawn rose, and the last of the parasitic creatures had been slain or driven off into the darkness, only five members of Gwelon remained. Rolayn, his uncle Ducair, two cousins Albard and Thommas, and older brother, Leolair, would be the surviving men of their house, each carrying the shame of their traitorous kin. Upon that day, an accord would be made between the men, that, while Ducair, the eldest of the survivors, would remain to rebuild their hold in Lyonesse and explain their failure, the remaining sons would each forsake their claims upon the land, and seek forgiveness the only way they knew how. Atonement would come in The Quest for The Grail, and though it would be unlikely that any would gain the personal favour of The Lady, even the slightest chance of atonement could not be turned down, no matter the danger, no matter the challenge, they could not fail. Thus, with the honour of their lineage at stake, the men would set out, each upon their own quest to seek the fable Grail.  

𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒑𝒆𝒓

01/13/2021 09:01 PM 

Abilities & Statistics of the Witch

I'll keep this brief with small summaries for the abilities and what not.  Beyond-Dimensional Existence: Meta-World beings exist beyond the realm of humans, including all its dimensional space, immaterial and material physics, space, time, causality, possibilities, transcendental realms and its concepts. Beyond-Dimensional Manipulation & Higher Dimensions: Meta-World beings are capable of affecting Fragments that exist in the Sea of Fragments, as well as creating their own Catbox that can house Fragments as well. They are not limited to also being able to control the Higher Dimensions of the First Layer, moving freely up and down them and affecting everything in them as well as nonexistent voids. Plot Manipulation: Game Masters and Witches can control the plot of the Lower Worlds and even higher layers. Choosing to write as they see fit to control the narrative and all of its causality, inescapable by beings who can’t transcend to the authority of the initial plane it was written. Cutting entire scenes out from the plot of a lower world and preventing the story from progressing past that point. Fate Manipulation: Game Masters and Witches are capable of altering and controlling the Fate of all within the Gameboard and Lower Worlds. Either as an irreversible ending or leaving their fate up to complete chance. Causality Manipulation and Resistance: Game Masters and Witches have already transcended the cause and effect of the first layer, making them immune to its logic errors (unless incurred by themselves.) This allows them to also control cause and effect in Fragments as well. Mind and Soul Manipulation: A Witch is able to control and ascend the soul of those they meet, Voyager Witches in particular can even bring lower layer beings to higher layers without needing to ascend their souls. A Game Master can bring the soul from a Lower World and embed them in created husks. A Game Master can also manipulate the mind of pieces on their board, making them do things they normally wouldn’t do. Conceptual Manipulation: On top of the Truths, Meta-World inhabitants can create concepts by thinking. Because concepts of the First Layer are visualized in the Meta-World, higher layer beings also have total control over those concepts.Nonexistent Physiology: Meta-World beings exist as an entity with nothingness at the core of their being, with their physical form being constructed and defined solely by their thoughts.Acausality: Meta-World Beings exist completely outside of the First Layer and are unrestrained by the limitations of the Human Domain, including fate, time and causality. Such concepts can only be imposed on them from even higher beings.  Law Manipulation: A Game Master creates and manipulates the laws of their Gameboard, such as Beatrice creating the Anti Magic Toxin rule on her gameboards. This includes being able to control the laws within a Fragment or within the First Layer.Power Nullification: Even a higher layer being who enters a Gameboard is forced to obey the rules of the Game Master or Territory Lord. A Territory Lord, and Game Masters of their Gameboard, can nullify powers if they go against the rules of the board. A Game Master reserves the right to forcefully eject even qualitatively superior entities from their Game at will. Permission to attack the Game Master, granted by that same Game Master, is needed for it to even happen. Reality Warping: Territory Lords can shape their Gameboard in whatever manner they see fit, and change whatever narrative or things exist in their Gameboard at will. Possibility Manipulation: Meta-World Beings are capable of collapsing possible outcomes and different outcomes in a Fragment into a single result through power of observation. Essentially deciding what reality is ‘true’ and what ‘isn’t’ all with just their thoughts. This process also includes manipulating the possibilities and probability. Immortality: Characters in Umineko have several different layers and types of immortality, but all Meta-World beings share the same regenerative immortality: As beings who define and construct their physical forms solely by the size and type of their thoughts, they assure their existence through a will to live and ability to think. Even if they are conceptually erased from existence, it’s possible for them to redefine themselves through a will to live and return, Even from the nothingness of their core. It is impossible to conventionally touch let alone kill a Meta-World resident unless their true forms exist on the same layer. However, one can kill a lower layer (or ‘avatar’) manifestation of a Meta-World entity in their reality. But as long as the true selves exist, they can always return.  In that sense, it is impossible to truly ‘kill’ a Meta-World resident, but it is still possible to permanently incapacitate them by forcing them to stop thinking, such as by introducing them into a situation that they can never mentally recover from.Dimensional Travel: Voyager Witches can travel up and down the infinite ladder, and The Game Master/Territory Lords can travel freely anywhere on their Gameboard, from its highest layers to the Lower Layer.  Reactive Evolution: Meta-World beings, Voyager Witches especially, spiritually and metaphysically adapt to higher and lower layers of existence. They can adapt themselves even when moved from the lowest to the highest point of any given layer. Irrelevant Physical Characteristics: Meta-World beings exist outside the concept of speed, distance, weight and mass. It is unwarranted to measure their speed, strength, durability and all other characteristic factors on a mathematical scale: Since they do not require physical dimensions to move or manipulate objects, applying a measurement (which is inherently based on the idea of physical constraints) is impossible. They are transcendent of such concepts and can only be physically/metaphyiscally/conceptually wounded by characters of similar scale. Further more, Witches, especially Voyager Witches are their own independent conceptual walking universes. Existence Absorption: A Voyager Witch is capable of ‘eating’ another Witch and absorbing their existence into their own. As every Voyager Witch is their own conceptualized walking universe, absorbing another Witch will combine their existence with their own until they become one being. Strong enough Witches can resist this as well. Full Control over Lower Layer Concepts: Time, life, and death are inclusive to a being’s transcendence over another Layer. Featherine wrote Lambdadelta’s death. The Game Master is capable of stopping, fast-forwarding or rewinding time in their boards. The same can be done with Fragments. Conceptual Existence Regeneration, Resistance, Evasion, Resurrection & Immortality Negation: With the Truths, a Meta-World resident is capable of turning these into conceptual weapons. The Red Truth cuts down anyone and denies their existence, right down to the last concept and aspect of their being. Regardless of whether the opponent is physical, spiritual, or conceptual, evasion is impossible. This includes means by teleportation, time reversal, revivals, inheritance, physical barriers, mental quarantine, conceptual inheritance, and all concepts of evasion or endurance. The Blue Truth works similarly, they only take more time to deny a target and can be cut down by the Red. The Golden Truth embodies the traits of both and can use both at any time, as well as even negate the Red Truth entirely. Conceptual Resistance: Because even when a being is conceptually erased and denied the right to revive, their will can prevent themselves from their final aspect - their metaphysical will from being erased. Meta-beings also can resist their existence being slowly denied by the Blue Truth, as well as resist their beings having been absorbed into another.Other abilities for Bernkastel include : Existence Erasure (Can claim one has 'died' with the Red Truth and they will always be erased until their final aspect is gone), Time Manipulation (Has complete control over time. Time Rewind, Time Looping and Time Stop of such a scale that even beings that exist outside of the concepts of space and time are still binded by them), Darkness Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Psychometry, Cloth Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Illusion Creation, Curse Manipulation, Transmutation,  Petrification & Soul Erasure (Witches can erase souls and turn bodies to glass just with a focused stare), Body Puppetry, Invisibility & Intangibility, Blood manipulation, Organic Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Smoke Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Summoning, Telekinesis, Teleportation,  Telepathy, Disease Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense souls and magic),  Deconstruction (With a stare, can turn others to dust and erase their souls), Weather Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Regeneration Negation ,  Durability Negation , Forcefield Creation , Subjective Reality , Spatial Manipulation , Size Manipulation , Stealthy Mastery (Can adapt her soul to hide herself) , Power Nullification (Can revoke titles of Witches and deny beings from entering the Meta-World), Power Bestowal (Can turn others into Witches), Absorption (Can absorb the existence of others into herself, rewriting them and making them part of her to where even their metaphysical will won't exist), Duplication, Abstract Existence , Ressurection (Can ressurect others who are erased including herself) , Non-Physical Interaction , Avatar Creation , Cosmic Awareness, Fusionism , Quantum Manipulation , Information Manipulation , Life Manipulation , etc.  

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