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09/12/2020 10:58 PM 

role plays allowed and not allowed

 romance  slice of life  fantasy  supernatural  ero  smut  role plays i do not do gore anime theme role plays anime show base game base no master or misstress no foot fetishes no abusing her NO shota or Lollies allowed 


09/12/2020 10:53 PM 


NO one liners allowed  muilt para only   i will not role play with someone who is taken or married with someone else only single people only can add me  no random starters allowed  you add me you send me a greeting  if i add you i will send you a greeting   no mutes allowed  if you are packing extra you can only have a normal size you know what if you want to do romance with emma  if you are a futa you must add details and no lack of details got it. she will not be taken from just anyone if you want to date her we have to talk and see if they will work out before it happens  she is not human she is a goddess just so you know  NO gore or killing not into that sh*t  details later on in blog in what type of role plays i will do in a seprate blog 


09/12/2020 01:08 PM 

Rude characters

Playing a character who is rude? Cool, more power to you, a variety in traits in personality is always good.  Issues arise when a person who for example dislikes being cussed at decides to have their character do just that.  Getting upset out of character because someone responds in kind to your character's actions in character is kinda weak.  You should never treat in character actions and banter as ooc attacks upon yourself.   Recently i dealt with someone who upon my character asking his a question immediately went to calling my character a bitch and was rather rude.  Did i get upset over it in or out? No, that character clapped back at him.  Now, the person who started got all in his feelings ooc and blocked me when he got clap back for his rudeness and called out over his lack of knowledge in character.  That's someone who cannot roleplay a rude character because they're too sensitive to handle the hits back when they decide to be rude.If you rp a rude character, remember, detach yourself from the character, a character clapping back at yours isn't an attack on you, if you cant handle people being rude to your character... at all, skip the rudeness, and most importantly... dont be fragile and crumple easily ooc wise when pressure is put against your character for being rude. 

schwarze Zerbrechlichkeit


09/11/2020 10:53 PM 


Bringing back an old character gotta get this series going again it's been dead for way to longso the name is belldandy and I'm a first class goddess and the jewelry I wear are power sealers to block my full potential of my powers. I am looking for mains but I also welcome crossovers as long as you think a story plot will work. I am an AU and I do write multipara so feel free to add me. I'm still working on my bio and character 

Kuro [MCRP]

09/11/2020 09:46 PM 

[Fighting Game] Kuro

Full name: Kenith "Kuro" JacksonBirthdate: May 15thBirthplace: North AmericaHeight: 188 cm (6'1")Weight: 99.8 kg (221 lbs)Blood type: AFamily relatives: Unknown mother & fatherLikes: Boxing, traveling, boobs.Dislikes: Hardasses, puzzles, gunsHobbies: ParkourFavorite food: PancakesForte in sports: American footballFavorite music: EurobeatFighting style: BoxingPersonality:Kuro is often a serious, loner type who at times can be very stubborn as well as difficult to deal with due to this. He takes most things he does seriously, and is often quiet and to himself when not around people he likes, though is more talkative towards those he dislikes talking with remarks of disdain. He can often cause altercations of violence if people push him too far, though this is only when people "rub him the wrong way". He is a responsible person, most of the time, and takes his responsibilities seriously. He also respects those who are strong in their own ways. He can be rude towards those who use positions of power to wish for respect and has no problem telling such people how he feels.The more lighter tones of Kuro's personality are his love for women's breasts and his love for boxing. He wishes to be the strongest fighter in the world, and used to idealistically think that it was strongest without using other styles, until he found out about grappling, locking and submission martial arts to which he now roots himself in training in those styles to counter them, showcasing that he learns from his own mistakes. He cares about those he is close to, and is shown to be much more talkative to them, though he can also be very stern still. He isn't one to sugar coat things and knows his strengths and weaknesses. There are also times when he'll act arrogantly, though only towards those who he thinks are "full of themselves".Powers:Power Punch - Kuro has incredible punching power, so much that he can hurt larger characters than himself with ease.Fast Punch - Kuro can unleash multi-attack punches with high-speed that are seemingly faster than the eye.Translocation - Kuro can move at high speed around the battlefield.Fighting Style:Kuro is a pressure-based boxer who relies on agile footwork to move in and out of his opponents range while applying fast and powerful punches to his enemies. His fighting style is highly orthodox, thus many of his moves apply basic, suped-up, combinations from boxing such as his powerful one-two straight, jabs, and such. He is all about throwing combinations, and striking with powerful punches.Music:Power of Sound - Ace

☫Elain☫Limitless Ancient🐉

09/11/2020 07:07 PM 

Day Two

Sife-SipherMerlin-HellgatesBlue Knight-Elain

Genteel Elegance

09/10/2020 08:06 PM 

BNHA Verse

BASICS:Aisha will have a version of geokinesis which is a control of earth. In her earlier years she will only be able to control basic ground. As she gets stronger she will be able to control metals, minerals, sands, pretty much anything that is formed of the earth. Because of her lack of strength originally she will be a part of class 1-B. It won't be until the attack on the students that she is able to truly pull out her abilities. It will turn out that it had been fear of her own strength that held her back which the teachers had suspected but could never find the way to draw it out. APPEARANCE:Her appearance will remain the same. Long lilac colored hair, golden eyes, and leopard spots along parts of her body. STORY:About the same as every other BNHA student. Came to school to find them being attacked. Her family is of a high class nature, her mother having had an incredible chlorokinesis quirk, while her father had had a geokinesis which is believed to have gotten him killed when she was only a baby. While she had been just an infant, it is believed that the knowledge of his death by his own quirk is what makes her scared to use it to it's full extent. (However, if the story goes on long enough there will become hints that he was not killed by his quirk and may still be alive. If you want to have a part in this part of her story, we will have to talk it over.)


09/10/2020 04:36 PM 

Rules and basic info

Rules:1. I do not rp ero. Admittedly, Kakegurui is known for its suggestive themes in that department, but as an asexual person irl I just don't write that.2. I will not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, or any hatred towards LGBT characters or people outside of rp. I understand if it is in rp because not every character will be accepting, but outside of rp, I won't tolerate it.3. I am a busy person. I am a student and I run three other accounts besides this one, so I request that you be patient. Being a student full-time and juggle four accounts on here and three accounts on a different rp website, I don't have all the time I wish to devote to my accounts.4. I am also a bit slow on replies simply for the fact of my anxiety. Some days it acts up, and it can inhibit me from getting to replies in a timely fashion.Basic info on Midari:Name: Midari IkishimaAge: 16Sexuality: LesbianGender:  FemaleHair color: There is a debate about whether it's purple or black. I've always said it was purple, but some people believe it is black.Eye color: In the anime, it is a gold color, but in the manga, it is a purple color.Height: 5 foot 7Relationship status: Crushing on Yumeko JabamiSchool Year: Year 2 Sazanka ClassClubs: Beautification Squad President, Student Council


09/10/2020 11:05 PM 

Better Description of my Character.

Name: Alena DawnAge: 16-20 (Age ranges depending on roleplay)Personality: Alena is a very caring person, but has a cold side of her that can be extremely bitter. She normally doesn't show her bitter side, but if triggered she can. She tends to keep her walls up due to past events and traumas. She is normally pretty blunt when giving advice, and she can be mysterious at first, but becomes calmer and developes her own personality, which she can be playful, funny, and outgoing. She isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in, and will stand up for others. Appearance: (I know I made of said this before, but it's my profile picture.) Alena has purple hair, she's fairly tan, and has purple eyes. She's 5'2", and weighs aproximately, 150 pounds. She's more of a girl to wear black than pink. Note: Everything up above works for both MHA roleplays and normal roleplays, below is about to be her MHA character roleyplay.Past: Alena grew up with her grandparents due to a past event of her father being a villain, and her mother running away when Alena was two. Growing up Alena always swore her quirk was a curse, although not many people don't know about her father being a villain, she prefers to keep that a secret, even UA doesn't know about it. She has had a couple relationships in the past that had only lasted due to the trance her quirk gave off, once the "magic" worn off they would leave her. For one relationship she was in a very toxic relationship that lead to physical and mental abuse till she was able to safely end that one. Quirk: Siren's voiceDiscription of quirk: Her quirk allows her to be able to draw people into her song making her very useful for distractions, majority of the time she uses hand to hand, due to the fact her downfall of her quirk is she loses her voice for a period of time. If she pours too much emotions into a song she can give a ear piercing scream with her song.  

𝓛iterate 𝓡𝓟 𝓖roup

09/10/2020 04:30 PM 

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball RPGS

Roleplay groups

𝓛iterate 𝓡𝓟 𝓖roup

09/10/2020 04:26 PM 


RWBY RPGsName: Frozen ButterflyLocation: DiscordAdmin: Weiss SchneeAges: 17 and upActive RPs: 3Reply Length: Multi-para and aboveMirrors: AllowedOCs: AllowedAUs: AllowedCrossovers: AllowedRole Applications: NoLink:

𝓛iterate 𝓡𝓟 𝓖roup

09/10/2020 02:01 PM 

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon RPGSName: Senshi Wars IILocation: DiscordAdmin: Selentis MoonAges: 17 and upActive RPs: 3Reply Length: Multi-Para and UpMirrors: AllowedOCs: AllowedAUs: AllowedCrossovers: AllowedRole Applications: NoLink:

Roleplay groups

𝓛iterate 𝓡𝓟 𝓖roup

09/10/2020 02:01 PM 

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho RPGs:

𝓛iterate 𝓡𝓟 𝓖roup

09/10/2020 01:59 PM 

Naruto RPGS

Naruto Roleplay Groups: 

Roleplay groups


09/09/2020 11:01 PM 

Role plays i do

family themeslice of life fantasy supernatural mild ero mild bondage  mystery Role plays i wont do anime tv shows lolli and shota yuck tights gore killing harmful abuse drugs mafia 

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