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09/06/2020 04:44 PM 




09/06/2020 12:59 PM 


1: Do not send me a message if we aren't friends, if you sent me a add and messaged me you lost any chance of being added. Do not send a add again if I denied you once, you do and you get blocked.2: I will be busy and if I don't reply back, send me a message to see if I'm busy.3: I prefer to discuss than wing it.Will update the rules later.


09/05/2020 08:44 PM 


Muse writes all the way from slice of life themes to horror and psychological while Honoko has a particularly dark backstory found out through writing with her.Literacy. While I'm not going to criticize over small grammatical errors, at least try to make your responses legible.Please don't take the things I've worked upon.Two paragraph minimum with no maximum. However please don't feel limited by my responses, type what you feel is best. We're here to have fun and create stories with one another.I'll try to be thoroughly active at least a few times a week, there will naturally be delays. To try and avoid this, simply ask for my Discord if you want swifter responses from me.Storyline drama is the only acceptable kind.Rp/Rl.And last but certainly not least, have fun! Isn't that why we're here?


09/05/2020 04:19 PM 

Necro Uchiha

Daughter of Madara UchihaAge: 19Village: Otogakure ( Hidden Sound )Affiliation: Akatsuki /no teammate yetBeast dog: Cerberus ( pic in photo album)Date of birth: September 11 thZodiac Sign: VirgoHeight: 169.5 cmWeight: 45,7 kgBlood type: O negativeAbilities: Eternal Mangekyou SharinganFavorite foods: Dango, Ramen, Onigiri, Yakizakana, SashimiHobby: Get in the troubleAssignments completed: 5 D- rank, 18 C- rank, 47 B- rank, 53 A- rank, 11 S-rank.

Vine, The Dollmaker

09/04/2020 07:02 PM 


I haven't felt the need to state any rules prior but in case anyone tries anything with my character, I want to have proof that I've previously said something about it.1. I do not write romance for Vine. He is heavily traumatized by everything he has endured. Even if he did feel some sort of attraction, it would not be a typical form of attraction and he'd likely never act on it.2. I also obviously don't write any form of erotica as well. I just don't write that kind of stuff, and especially not with Vine.3. Writing lengths is not necessarily a problem, as long as I have enough to work with. Even if it's only a few sentences, as long as you give me enough to write a decent reply with, I don't mind.4. I am fairly active on all of my accounts, including this one, however I can take a day or two to reply. It's mostly just pointless anxiety, but it can take me a bit, and I hope you can respect that.5. Vine is a sweet thing, but don't forget Vine is a killer first and foremost. He may be sweet most of the time, but he can get angry, and when he gets angry is when he starts getting the urge to kill.6. I don't mind if you don't know much about Vine, he is not a well-known creepypasta. That being said, I do have various blog posts discussing Vine's past and phobias in case you want to learn about it.Note: These rules can change at any point. Rules 1 and 2 will never change, but I might take some of these out or add more at any later date. 

Sinful Traitor

09/04/2020 07:50 PM 

Death becomes her

Corpse lotus' last statement to the organization: rewritten by Kyla, original version much too harshA disaster of an excursion, the forward team was wiped out by the monsters.  They underestimated the monsters and paid for it.  This is why I have time and time againdemanded for more experienced hunters to go babysit the newbies during lair cleansings, but hey let's listen to her father because he cleansed several nests of dragons alone and she has never done it alone is what you idiots thought and died for it., but let's not tarry on such a failing of listening of reccomendations.  As leader, I am disappointed in your actions and disregard for my advice.  To the Sagruas, I expected more of you, especially knowing that they were heading into undead territory, something I have explicitly banned all newbies from doing unless accompanied by a minimum of three sagruas.  You all can do better, and you know it.    I expect all of you to heed my words more in the future, I have the most successful missions out of the lot of you.A/NSagruas - members of the organization for at least two years


09/04/2020 04:10 PM 

CHAPTER 1: Escape From Home


Konoha's Flower

09/03/2020 06:14 PM 

Rules Read and Sign Thank you

🌺 I shouldn't have to put this but please don't try and control my character. This would be your only warning.🌺 As for mature themes please let it have a storyline with it. I refuse to do straight Mature themes. The same goes with romance. If that isn't your thing then please let me know and I can take it off the table.🌺 If someone is taken then I automaticlly take romance off the table. I just have respect for partners.🌺 All my romance rps are sepreate from each other. I will rarely ship with someone and if I do it has to have a lot of chemistry between the two and has to have a lot of story.🌺 Please don't pester me for replies. I am on another site as well so I can be a tad bit slow. At least could you give me 3 days to reply. If I don't reply give me a comment to respond. More then likely I have forgotten or I got my sites mixed up. Thank you for understanding.🌺 Please try and use correct spelling. No text talk.

𝔸ngel 𝕄ay ℂry

09/03/2020 12:04 PM 


1. I am always in character nd thus Discissions don't happen. You have an idea then write it with me. 2. I am above the age of 18 and thus- I do not write with anyone under the age of 18 years old. 3. I only write semi to multi Paragraphs. 4. There are times I simply don't want to be bothered writing with people so I work on my profile. Don't get me wrong, I am not ignoring you I just do not wish to interact at that particular moment in time. 5. I write in graphic detail on a good day, Please be patient. 

𝕄edusa ☥ 𝕀ncarnate.

09/03/2020 11:24 PM 

Character information.

𝐃efinition of 𝐍aga: (in Indian mythology) a member of a semidivine race, part human, part cobra in form, associated with water and sometimes with mystical initiation.𝐂haracter 𝐈nformation; 𝐍ame: Prince Skollig.𝐍ame 𝐌eaning: Skoll (pronounced roughly “SKOHL”; Old Norse Sköll, “One Who Mocks”) and Hati (pronounced “HAHT-ee”; Old Norse Hati, “One Who Hates”) are two wolves who are only mentioned in passing references that have to do with their pursuing Sol and Mani, the sun and moon, through the sky in hopes of devouring them.𝐀ge: Fifty three years old.𝐆ender: Male alpha.𝐒pecies/𝐍ationality: Greek/Egyptian.𝐅amily: King Bazatius(Father/Alive), Queen Erasyus(Deceased), Princess Rasme(Twin sister/alive),Dasethon(Little brother/alive).𝐏ersonality: Tries to stay away from people unless he is needed. However if coming acrossa stranger in his lands he will try and force them out without causing harm. If injured he will helpthat person if he knows them or not. 𝐃isabilities: He deactivates his voice using a carved rune because in weak willed individualshe can compel them to do what he commands-Accidentally or otherwise. (02) His venom isn't deadlyin the least and can be used to block pain signals and calm his victim down. However it is quite addictivein nature and thus he tries to limit it. 𝐀bilities: (01) He can use portals and smaller spells he was taught by Medusa at a young age. (02) He is a mix of a Kingsnake and Anachonda meaning his tail is mainly used to squeeze the life out of a victim/prey. (03) Due to being Medusa's vessel he can petrify a person ifinsanely enraged he has little control over it and if upset his hair will shift into small snakes. (04) Skilled at usinga sword and bow most of his weapons are dipped in a cobra toxin and he does carry the anti venom just in case of accidentally harming a innocent person. 𝐑esidence: Rome/Egypt or a warm climate as the tribe does move areas every so many yearsto stay hidden. A Naga/lamia's blood can prolong a mortal's life which made them sought after just likemermaids. 𝐅act: The females of his species are slowly dying from a curse/disease inflicted on themaround sixty years ago. The women will start showing signs at the age of eight often the more stripeson they're faces show how progressed it is becoming. Skoll's blood helps ease the pain and also prolongsthe life of a lamia another reason he does not leave his kingdom. He is determined in finding a cure wantingto save his twin sister's life.𝐒exuality: Bi-sexual.𝐒tatus: --single/no mate.

Fantasy Rps 18+

09/03/2020 02:26 PM 

Roth Crestspire

Name: Roth CrestspireRace: HumanGender: MaleAge: 30Height: 6 feet tallClass: AlchemistSpecialization: Bombs, Mutagens, Daggers and Poison useA traveling alchemist after his home was destroyed in a strategic move done by the kingdom to keep their enemies from advancing by torching the crops there he decided to pack up and just leave after being compensated for his lands. He had learned to from his grandmother but didn’t get much use out of it as he figured he’d travel the lands and help people out as best as he can. Roth isn’t he confrontational type but will fight if he needs to using a mix of his bombs and mutagens only really using his daggers when he gets desperate 


09/02/2020 08:31 PM 



ᴱᵐᵒᵗⁱᵒⁿᵃˡ ᴛʀᴀᴜᴍᴀ

09/02/2020 06:54 PM 


OOC: So, these can change at any time and I can add to them. I know I may sound strict but once you get to know me you'll understand.1. Romance: I love a good romance and Yuuri isn't exclusive to Viktor either, but I do ask you to try to get to know him some before dating him. He is a ball of anxious nerves, so take your time with him and show him you care. Remember that Yuuri is a Japanese boy, they are usually shy.I am a single shipper, once he's seeing someone he's off the market.2. Trigger warning:So if you are reading this BEFORE looking at my profile or completed profile, then let me warn you I take my Yuuri to some dark places... Hints to Suicide will be made and could likely be described. Note that I am not killing off Yuuri, but with the pressure of growing up in Asia, and his mental illness he has hit a low and lost the desire to live at some point. So if this bothers you, please let me know in discussion or even in the comments below. I don't want to trigger anyone.3. Roleplay:I write and prefer writing to be in third person. Please let's be on the same page and use Quotations --> "" for dialog/speaking to separate from the action or anything else.I only do para to multipara, no less than five lines. Save oneliners for the status stream.4. OOC:It isn't often that I'll be OOC, only for discussion and just the occasional update, but you'll know!Know that if you are dating Yuuri, it is only RP not RL...Note that this isn't my only account, so please bare with me~5. Erotic:Okay, you have to have Yuuri comfortable with you and need to be at least be dating him. The story must naturally lead up to it, no forcing the story into the direction. He's not confident enough to just put out. 6. MCRP:I will not be picking a character, so you best have one of your own characters in mind when you approach me for the discussion. 7. Literacy:I am not a grammar Nazi, but please, just please! Give me periods! Separate your sentences! It's hard to get it read properly when it's all one huge sentence, it's not like I'm asking for perfection, just a period. Is it too much to ask for?7. Greetings:If you do greet, please give me more than. "Hey" or small talk. Just get to the point. We are all here for rp, so skip the personal questions...

Sinful Traitor

09/02/2020 06:37 PM 

Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" Yoxon information of public record prior to "charm"

Name: Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" YoxonAge: 16Species: HumanHeight: cmWeight: kgSex: FemaleBlood type: ABRelatives: [redacted for their protection]Birth Place: Moxici citySexuality: LesbianOccupation: Monster hunterspecialization: Predatory humanoid monsters, immortals, and psyonic monstersTitles: Dark Lotus, Midnight Rose, Corpse lotusSkills:investigation, articraft, archery, singing, dancing, and acting 

Sinful Traitor

09/02/2020 05:47 PM 

Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" Yoxon's information of public record post "charmed"

Name: Chicomecoatl "Chiyo" Yoxon Age: 20 Species: Human Height: cm Weight: kg Sex: Female Blood type: AB Relatives: [redacted for their protection] Birth Place: Moxici city Sexuality: Lesbian Occupation: Knight Titles: Bloody Lunar Rose, Darkest Rose, Sinful Rose, Tuscany superb, Knight of the flower moon Skills: currently unknown, but believed to be the same as before being charmed.

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