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Guardian Coven.{MCRP}

04/16/2015 03:52 PM 

Vampire Princess Anju

Anju was born to a douche who name shall forever be forgotten and a lovely Vampire named Miyu Yamano.Anju's Birth was not really expected you see when Miyu found out she was expecting  she could only feel one child  during the whole pregnancy she had made grand plans for her Child.The day Miyu gave birth was a big surprise after having given birth to her older daughter Kisa it was then that they noticed that there was another child within her and so Anju unpredictable birth came to be  Twin to Kisa but different in many ways.Growing up Anju felt like she was her sisters shadow, Kisa was first in everything besides her birth, she was the first to get in trouble with parents,the first to get a boy friend,first to get her heart broken (Twice) and the proud and Joy of her parents as to where Anju was just forgiven anything because she was going trough "The Kisa phase".Long after the birth of her three brothers, things started to change, Kisa dissapeared when she went traveling two of her brothers moved on with their lives following in their fathers steps while  her and the youngest Garrod stayed behind with their mother and it was then that Anju  differences with her mother clashed. She first went against Miyu's advice and became a Model and while being a model she turned wild, alcohol sex parties you name it  and she soon started to seek work in the underworld where her Aunt Sakura had dominion.That was the Last straw for Miyu who gave Anju a choice "Go be a damn Fox or Stay a vampire" what it meant was either she would follow on the Kyuubi's path since that was her Fathers side of the family or stay in the Yamano path as a vampire and future Guardian..Anju did not want responsibilities and she chose the Darkness of the Kyuubi instead after all the kyuubi's did what ever they wanted.Many years later during one of her Hunts for the At the time small Kyuubi clan she met a Vampire named Shade at the graveyard not knowing that this meeting would forever change her life.The two fought the creatures at the Graveyard  while flirting in the mids of all and one thing led to another.What Anju thought would be nothing more than a one night stand turned into her Meeting he who was meant to be her Mate really it was love at first bite you could say.The two were happy and Anju wanted to share the happiness but things didnt go as she wanted she had been away too long.Her father disprove of her getting a mate made a big deal about it and her mother had lost her memory of her children to even  care Anju had no choice but to live her life with out her parents support.Eventually Anju became pregnant and had Triplets,Dark,Nagisa and Yaya and all three were as different as could be. Dark Loved the arts and did not care for anything else unless it had to do with his sisters and parents, Nagisa  was into martial arts and Anju felt she was the shadow one it was this why Anju coddled her the most. Anju having had it tough for having cut ties with her family after meeting Shade and falling for him developed an inferiority complex But Shade's Mother  Minako who for her became her new mother keeps it from becoming an even bigger complex, The woman could easily slap Anju back to reality..with strange stories about motherhood.Soon news reached  her while she was in Atlantis preparing for one of her and Shades Escapades. Her mother was Ill and dying.Anju rushed to meet with her mother and once there met up with a few surprises, Kisa was back and she had a family of her own, she had nieces, and her mother had married a Man named Pharos who looked alot like her father and had three new children Shoryu the first son, Kourin the first Daughter and Seirin the second daughter.They too were vampire and Kyuubi for Pharos was none other than Anju's uncle the older brother of her father .In her Death bed Miyu explained her time was finally up and that although things had gotten bad between her children she loved them very much, as she died she left Anju and Shoryu a parting gift powers as a Guardian a protector of the Shinma realm and this world.Anju Vowed that she would make her mother proud and that she would get along with her other siblings and stepfather/uncle (Sh*t confusing) and she sorta does.Not long after she found out she was once again pregnant again with triplets, Sanji, Yuri and Yuki and although it wasnt so hard to raise her older children this three would prove to her  not every child is the same and that  what you do unto others can easily come back to you.Anju relationship with her new children is quite problematic, With Sanji that boy listens to no advice as he goes around bedding married women, Yuki who for the most part was a frail child and stubborn not wanting to feed often clashed with her over trivial things specially when he end up mating Bayonetta who happens to be his cousin.. (This freaking familyyyyy XD). Then theres Yuri since the moment she could talk they clashed being too much alike and making Anju remember the headaches she herself gave her parents only ten times worst since Yuri hates her family went off and seduced  her cousin Syn whos part of their enemies The Hellchasers among many other things making Anju feel like she sucks as a mother.Species:VampireStatus:Happily Mated to the love of her Life Shade Trickster (XD)Orientation:StraightKids: Yes,6 of them

Guardian Coven.{MCRP}

02/11/2015 01:21 PM 



:: Planet Crasher ::

06/17/2013 02:57 PM 


1) Preference of location. Out of character (ooc) would be appreciated in comments. Which leaves roleplaying to mail. It's easier to keep track of things that way instead of missing a reply that I need to do. 2) This is not my only account. Nor is this my only obligation. If you can not be patient, which I know most people can not be, then you may as well remove me and move on right now. I do not like pressure and I will not be bugged to reply to you. I will do things on my own time. 3) DO NOT mention rape or anything being forced onto someone within our roleplays. I've dealt with the sh*t on levels I shouldn't have been made to do. I wont tolerate it here if I can prevent it. You will be blocked and reported.~Sign with your favorite anime, band, or song when done. Otherwise I know you didn't read this~ 4) Grammar is nice. I like to be able to understand what I am reading. Use punctuation and capitalize your sentences. English is one of my favorite subjects, and while I admit I may not be 100% at it, I at least try. I expect the same from you. This isn't preschool. 5) Length and detail is another nice factor to roleplaying. I will not accept one-liners. They give me nothing to work with. I expect at least a paragraph if not more. Can I do novella? Yes, I can however that does not mean I am going to. 6) You ask to roleplay you If we discuss a storyline, and it would make more sense for one of us to start. Then that person should start so it all makes sense.7) God modding will not be tolerated. I control my character, not you. Understand that clearly or be removed from my page. You do not control Rita, you don't put thoughts in her head or words in her mouth. Don't think just because you may control an element either, that you can control my girl. 8) I have been this character since 2007! So do not give me sh*t about how she's cliche by being vegeta's kid. Back then not many people thought about being his child. Plus; I have put a lot of work into this character trying to make it so she would match up with the actual DBZ storyline throughout the series. She is exactly one year younger then gohan and would've shown up around the same time Future Trunks shows up for the android/cell saga. More to come later-Ritamaru Lee Briefs...


06/12/2013 11:26 PM 

RP starters

  Lilith slowly walked through the town towards her little magic shop placed in the darker area of the shopping district. she purred softly walking along the street as she came to the door of her shop. she reached into her little bag pulling out the key and opened the door. Lilith's magic shop was more then just any old run of the mill shop for magic, there was more to it then childrens tricks and how to's. It was a place for the practice of the Dark arts, A humble trade for potions and ingredience. there were potions in all shapes an sizes, voodoos, hexes, all sorts of enchanted items, love spells, even transformitive potions. To ask for one thing is a one hundrend percent garentee for the requested item, on her counter was a basket marked 'free samples', it was filled to the brim with little potion viles, a humble thank you to the costumer for stopping by and shopping, each bottle had its tag to insure you got a free sample of a desired potion. she stood at her counter waiting for customers to roll in.� As time rolled by, Lilith Made sure to Put up a marketing board to lure in more customers, nothing too fancy, just enough to pop out and catch the eye of a potential customer. The sign wasnt hard to miss. Reading " Liliths Enchantments, potions and spells"� then a great deal of sales and discounts. to miss it would be a unfashinable Choice for the uprising Mage, Witch, and Wizard. It also had promotional signitures of approval by top Casters from over the years. Truely a spectical of a shop.Lilith just got done sweaping and setting up the bell on the door as she waited for her customers to start rolling in(thanks to muma for improving my start^^)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the witch purred softly walking around a little as she walked around the town as she seemed to be looking for something. she walked into the park as her tail flicked around a little and seemed to spot what she had been looking for (your chara). as she approached you she smiled and bowed a bit to you before she snapped her fingers and the two of you had appeared in the witched own magic shop. "hello, and welcome to my little magic shop, you are my 10,000 customer, and as a reward I am going to grant you one wish." - See more at: the witch purred softly walking around a little as she walked around the town as she seemed to be looking for something. she walked into the park as her tail flicked around a little and seemed to spot what she had been looking for, a customer. as she approached you she smiled and bowed a bit to you before she snapped her fingers and the two of you had appeared in the witched own magic shop. "hello, and welcome to my little magic shop, you are my 10,000 customer, and as a reward I am going to grant you 3 wishes." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lilith sat on her shop one morning after having just opened. Lilith was a witch who ran a rather unknown but still interesting little magic shop. The only people who could find it were those looking to have an interesting day. In the shop were quite a number of items large and small with quite a variety of effects. Potions, wands, spell books, and even some cursed objects clearly labeled 'handle with care'. The witch stood there waiting for her first customer for the day.   ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ----------   lilith, a neko witch, was walking out of her shop one night after a late day of work. Locking the door behind her, she began walking her way down the road quietly humming to her self as she did. Making her way down the road and turning the corner she yawned, her eyes shutting a moment, before suddenly running into something warm. taking a step back she looked up to spot someone else she had walked into. "ohh my, I'm sorry."

Spark(Night Crawler Event)

06/08/2013 10:45 PM 

Starters: Beginning of Sparks Story
Current mood:  accomplished

OOC:Please note this starter is based off of a fanfiction that I'm writing. I hope it works for you. (Date: June 30th 2013 Time 11:30 p.m.) It was raining in the town of Station Square, New York. A Fourteen year old boy named Spark Stevens was being chased by a group of gang members from the gang known as the Night Runners; a Satanic Warshipping gang who gets what they want, when they want it. Spark had no friends and no family. His parents, his sister and his girlfriend was shot and murdered by the Night Runners because Spark refused to join them. The only reason why they wanted him as their ally was the soul fact that inside Spark was special. He possesed a demon tiger spirit known as the Shadow Tiger. The Night Runners wanted to use him for dark and evil deeds but the sad thing about this is Spark doesn't know how to use his powers. Its his emotions that trigger his Shadow Tiger Spirit To transform his body into a half human half tiger. When he is usually in this state he loses control of himself, and his spirit takes over. His other family members like his Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents don't want nothing to do with him because his parents death in their opinion was his fault. As he was running, in his hand he carried a Les Paul Guibson Guitar. This guitar originaly belonged to his father before he died and it was the only thing he had to remember his parents by. As he was running up the city streets he looked back and noticed that the gang members are now starting to catch up with him. He then turned to his left and entered a dark alley, then he stopped as a brick wall was blocking his way. "Ah Fuck its a dead end!" Spark shouted. Spark found himself starring at four members of the Night Runner gang. Each member was wearing a white leathered Jacket that had what appeared to be a figure of Satans head on the front, they also worn black tennis shoes, black jeans, and a red headband with a flame design on it. Two of the members had lead pipes in their hands while the other two carried knifes. "We're going to give you one more offer kid...Think about It for a while if you join us..All of your wild and craziest dreams will come true. That guitar in your hands...We can make you a rockstar. All you have to do is join us..warship Satan! Sell your soul! You can get what you've always wanted! Money... Power...maybe your parents and your girlfriends lives brought back to life.All you have to do boy is join us."he said smirking, then he added,"All you have to do is just say Yes! But I must warn you...Chose your words wisely..It may cost ya." Spark looked at them and thought to himself 'They don't give up do they?' A smile spread accross Sparks face and he asked,"You really want me to join your little shin dig..Your little club for satan warshippers. I was thinking about your offer as I was running. The reason why I was running is because you didn't give me time to think." "So will you accept it or not?"one of the gangmembers asked. "You can take your offer..."said Spark as he dropped his guitar on the ground,"And stick it straight up your Ass!"he the gave the gang member the middle finger straight up in his face. The gang member stood there let's out a short laugh and said,"Kill him!"The gang members started to move in closely as Spark was about to get into a fighting stance.

Spark The Hardcore Shadow Tiger RP Blog The beginning

∞ Ðeath's ℒegacy ∞

06/05/2013 02:33 PM 

A New Companion {Kitty}

It was one of those increasingly rare days were she was in her human form. She was walking the busy streets of Japan, looking around with mild interest as she continued her never ending quest to find her brother, Death. She must not have looked too scary with her gun and two five foot Katanas crisscrossed on her back for the locals and foreigners alike called greetings to her, which she bowed her head at but rarely uttered a word. She probably looked like a cosplayer, which explained why no one didn't question her weaponry. As dusk approached, Akito shifted to her Wolf form, taking shelter in a fairly clean alleyway for the night. She slept lightly, always staying in tune with her surroundings. By morning, she was up and moving around on the streets, once again human. Taking a shortcut through an alleyway similar to the one she spent the night in, Akito found herself blinking from the early morning light. The street she was now on was empty save for a small bundle of black and white fur on the side of the street a few yards from where Akito stood. Curious, Akito went to investigate, walking silently to pause beside the bundle of fur. It was a kitten, its head bent down, nose nearly touching the pavement. The kitten was huddled pathetically with its tail wrapped around its tiny paws tightly. The kitten's dominant fur color was black, making it hard to really notice the dirt and grime that made its fur spike out in every direction. At first, Akito thought the animal was dead for she couldn't tell if it was breathing. No sooner than she had the thought when the kitten looked up at her, its blue-grey gaze meeting Akito's teal ones. It tilted its head a little to one side, than opened its mouth and spoke. "Have you seen my owner, Miya?" To say that Akito was shocked to hear the kitten speak would have been an overstatement. Seeing as some of her forms could talk, it didn't surprise Akito to hear the kitten say more than just a 'meow'. What caught her attention was that the kitten smelled and looked just like any normal cat, albeit there was far more intelligence than a normal cat in the kitten's eyes. "Sorry, no. I have only been around here for about a day, and I haven't really spoken to anyone." Seeing the look on the kitten's face, Akito added, "What happened to your owner?" The kitten gave a small huff of sadness before responding. "He... disappeared a while ago. I'm still looking for him, but I can't seem to find him... and now I don't know where to go." "Well, if want, you can stay with me until you find your owner. I travel a lot, though." The change in the kitten at Akito's words was nearly instant. Jumping to her feet, the small kitten hopped around excitedly, eyes bright and ears pricked up as far as they would go, all the while watching Akito. The kitten's behavior reminded Akito of herself when she was younger. "That sounds like fun! I would love to hang out with you, miss-san!" Akito lifted an eyebrow at the 'miss-san', but all she said was, "Just call me Akito." "Okies! I'm Kitty." "Kitty, huh? Easy enough to remember... You hungry, Kitty?" "Starving. Wez going to eat?" The hopeful look on the kitten's face made Akito smile. "Sure, but first you need a bath." Kitty's ears went back and the tip of her tail twitched. "Aww, man. Do I have to?" "Yes. Come on, I'll get a hotel so you can wash up." Akito turned back the way she had came from, a huffing Kitty tagging along beside her. A couple minutes later, Akito found herself assaulted by nonstop chatter from Kitty. But once they reached the hotel, Kitty stopped talking; at least in front of people she did. After giving Kitty a bath and towel drying her now soft and clean smelling fur, Akito ordered two dinners for the both of them in the hotel. Kitty went back to chattering about random stuff between mouthfuls of food, to which Akito made a comment or asked a question here and there when one was needed, but she was only half paying attention. The other half of her attention was still searching for the presence of her brother. The only time her attention went completely to Kitty was when the hyper cat accidently knocked over her half drunken bowl of sweet milk; to which Kitty ran around the room in a panic thinking the milk was possibly spoiled.

∞ Ðeath's ℒegacy ∞

06/05/2013 02:32 PM 

Bioline Part 3: A New Path

With the end of the first Belkan versus Advent war, things died down considerably for Akito. She lost contact with her friends Phoenix, Blackheart, Jedah, and Sephiroth during the war. All traces of them disappeared as time went by. Even Sage disappeared shortly after the war. With a sense of loss of her friends, Akito took to traveling more often, not really heading toward any certain location. Another friend of hers, Roan Mayfall, faded from sight as well, but not before he and Akito had fun in having a quick spar in the Hall of the Advent Empire; the spar turning into trashing the Hall when Roan tossed Akito into a suit of armor, which made a domino effect on the other suits of armor, knocking them all over. The noise of the many falling suits of armor caused enough noise to shatter every window in the Hall. Deciding that it was best to leave before anyone realized what happened, Roan and Akito quickly left the Advent Empire, neither getting into trouble. Things went downhill for the Advents. Sephiroth Elite retired from the Advent Lord position, claiming Sefirosu Oblivion as the new Lord. Not much happened under Oblivion's rule and when he disappeared, the Advents fell apart with no clear leader to keep them moving forward. Most went into a sort of hibernation, waiting for the day where the Advents would arise once more. The last time Akito visited the Empire was to challenge Oblivion, but got no response. The place was so dead, in fact, no one responded, so Akito turned away from the Empire and went her own way. Most of her traveling went to finding her beloved brother, Death, who disappeared after Oblivion became Advent Lord. During her travels, Akito found and befriended a talking black and white kitten named Kitty. Ten years went by with no sign of Death, but Akito didn't give up hope that one day she would find her brother's lair and make sure he was well. Shortly before she lost contact with him, Death and Akito had spoken; Death telling Akito how betrayed he felt when the Advent Lord title was not passed on to him and he feeling distaste for his kin for not acknowledging him and what he had done for them. Akito took a wild guess that Death made himself scarce because of the title thing. She was near a non-descript little village in her Were form (which she had taken to being the whole ten years, only occasionally turning human to interact with people) when Jenova's Call caught her attention. Curious, Akito took off in the direction of the Northern Crater, wondering what was becoming of the Advents now. It was obviously a new Reunion, one who would be under a new Advent Lord. Akito had her doubts about how long the Advents would stay active, but she kept them to herself. Events tended to repeat themselves when mentioned. This she experienced firsthand in her past.

∞ Ðeath's ℒegacy ∞

06/05/2013 02:29 PM 

Bioline Part 2: A Cherished Past

On her travels, Akito had made many alternations to how she reacted to others. At first she didn't care to make friends or look for a new family to care for. But then she started meeting people, and gradually opened up. Three of the first friends were Sephiroth; Angel of Hell, Blackheart, and Jedah. Akito became friends with all of them, taking up the habit of teasing and annoying the hell out of them for the sheer joy of it. Another she met was Seru-phim Phoenix. They became fast friends. It was during their first battle that Akito missed her old life. The thought, however, was short lived and when she was defeated, Phoenix gave her a gift; a baby phoenix named Aerama. Aerama usually stays hidden on Akito's travels or association with anyone. Soon after meeting Phoenix came Sephiroth Elite, and then to the Jenova cells being awakened within Akito to become one with the Advent race. Two main reasons that Akito had joined the Advents was to belong in a 'Family', and the other being that she had hopes of getting stronger. Indeed, she did get stronger, but only by being defeated by various opponents and making mistakes did she get stronger. A dispute between Jenova and Akito nearly got Akito out of the Advent rank completely when she was in a battle with Sage Yazu. The dispute ended the battle, leaving the victor unknown. Thanks to Sage, Jenova was saved from Akito's evil form's lethal claws when Akito assumed she was being called a traitor. Elite made his appearance and gave Akito two options; leave or fight to the death. At the time, Akito agreed to the first option, disappearing into her own flames she had summoned. However, she did not stay away for very long, coming back in the form of theBeast. Some time after the battle between Akito and Sage, Akito exchanged some words with Jenova. She regained her position in the Advents to help out a brother in need, but she tends to avoid the others. Akito has been in a couple of wars involving the Advents, but none were very promising, but Akito did manage to acquire a few new abilities. She skipped the Belkan War to instead help out aforementioned brother with a mission. Between the time when Akito escaped from Deepground and made her first three friends to the Belkan War, she has fought and trained with her big brothers Sefirosu Oblivion, Sage Yazu, Advent Death, and her friends Phoenix, Blackheart, Jedah, Sephiroth, and Hozumi Kaguya.

∞ Ðeath's ℒegacy ∞

06/05/2013 02:22 PM 

Bioline Part 1: Humanity and a New Beginning

Seven years ago, known as Sonya then, Akito had been anything but a normal pre-teen even then. She had often been silent and never really bothered with anyone unless they were friends or family. She rarely got into any fights with anyone, and trusted no one but family or friends. The part of her non-normal pre-teen life was that she had an unnatural attraction to the dark, preferably when the moon was visible. It didn't matter if it was full or not; only a small sliver visible contented her as she would walk around at night. A favorite thing of hers while walking around was to scare people out of their minds with weird animal noises that sounded nothing like a human but the real thing. At these times she would pretend she was a character from a fantasy book, movie, or game. After all, they weren't real... Right? In one night, everything changed dramatically for Sonya... and her view of life. In a few months she would have been 13, a true teenager. This was the time they decided to take her and to condemn her to a life of Hell. She was just getting back from one of her nightly strolls about the neighborhood when a scream penetrated her victorious thoughts on scaring a few people from a nearby abandoned mall parking lot. Her mother's scream. Not even bothering to open the gate, Sonya had cleared the four foot fence surrounding her house and raced inside the house through the back door. A weak cry came from upstairs, and Sonya bolted up the stairs without much thought to her own safety. When she finally reached her parents' room, she stopped dead in her tracks in shock. The door was wide open, revealing three masked burly men and a whole lot of blood. What had stopped her dead was that the blood staining the carpet, bed, and a bit of the walls was her parents' recently slain bodies. The man closest to the door suddenly found himself being attacked. Surprisingly, a swift kick to the groin put him out of the fight almost immediately. However, the other two were warned, and within seconds had her under control by knocking her out. Soon after, the three men took her to and through the Shin-Ra building and entered Deepground, with the means of getting extra pay at having brought another guinea pig. From that moment on for six long years, Akito remained in Deepground to be experimented on with doses of Jenova cells. During these six long years is when Sonya, now known as Akito because of the name change the mad scientist who experimented on her gave her, began to distrust everyone except for a trainer named Seth. It was Seth who helped her to open up a little. To her, he was the only friend in that hated place she considered Hell. It was Akito's sixth year when the results of the experimentations finally kicked in and took effect. She had just got done with an advanced training session with Seth when she felt the first slice of pain to transforming. Thinking that she was merely sick, Akito went to her room and went to lay down for a few when pain seized her completely and she fell, writhing, to the floor. The first change took about twenty minutes to complete a transformation of utter, painful hell that was worse beyond the experiments themselves. Through the pain, Akito could feel her body going through the change. The bone structure of her human self seemed to melt and reform. The spine, leg and arm bones elongated so that if she were to stand up on all fours, Akito would stand at 7' 3" easily. Her skull and jaw stretched to that of a muzzle. Tendons, muscle, and skin stretched to keep the new bone structure covered as it grew. Deadly sharp fangs and claws sprouted from humanoid teeth and nails. A four in a half foot length of spine pushed its way from the tight curl of the human tail bone, instantly being covered with thick muscle and skin. As her skull changed shape, her view as a human vanished to be replaced with a very keen predatory sense of hearing, smell, touch, and sight. Her eyes turned from an amber to a pitch black with a steel colored band marking where the pupil was. Within the last minute of the transformation process, short, velvet-like blood red fur spread across Akito's new body. For a few more minutes she lay panting, the pain finally receding from her body. After the minutes passed, she got to her feet a bit shakily and noticed that she felt quite at home walking around on all fours. She looked over her own shoulder to glance at the whip-like tail and the blood red color of her fur. Akito walked over to the mirror hanging on the wall above her dresser on the far side of her medium-sized room. She had to bend her head down low to see her reflection in the mirror. Looking into the mirror, Akito jumped back, stumbling onto her bed in the process from startling herself by her own reflection. She went back to the mirror cautiously, hardly believing what she was seeing. In the mirror, her steel banded black eyes stared back at her. Not even an inch of all her teeth were covered by her top lip, and when she lifted the little bit of flesh covering the roots of her teeth a devil-looking dog creature seemed to snarl at her worse than when the flesh covered the teeth roots. While growling at her own reflection, Akito noticed the single silver loop in her left tattered looking ear. For some reason it held a significance, but Akito couldn't guess what that significance was. The Beast's mind suddenly flared without warning, taking over Akito's mind. It wanted revenge. And it wanted out of its cage to freedom. The Beast focused its thoughts on the three men who had murdered her family. Akito tried to control the Beast, but it moved her new found body without her consent, ripped the door off its hinges a little too easily than Akito had hoped, and loped down the hall to the main lab where Akito knew where the three men would be. The creature hesitated at the many censored door to the lab and then it shredded through it with little difficulty with its nails and teeth. The next couple of minutes were jumbled and confused as the Beast took total control over Akito and annihilated every living thing in the lab, including the three men who captured Akito in the beginning. Computers and tanks were smashed, wires ripped apart, bodies spilled blood rapidly, and shots from the DG soldiers who appeared to stop the Beast. This only succeeded in enraging it further, destroying the lab door completely as it lunged through the door again to decimate some very unfortunate soldiers on the other side. The Beast ran towards Deepground's only entrance and exit, destroying everything in its path. This was the creature's plan of escape to get its host to the surface to survive. And it succeeded in executing that plan. Even to this day, Akito can not call up those last moments of memory. The only thing she remembered is waking up in a side street of Midgar in her human form.

𝕯emonic 𝕮hronicles

09/26/2019 11:07 PM 

Project Eve

Name:Evangeline "Eve" Kyuubi  Alias: Prototype 00918 Age: Unknown "Appears 18" Status: Single Orientation: Straight Info: Eve appeared one day out of nowhere wearing nothing at all and tackled the young Raziel who was barely understanding his Time powers at the time calling the 15 year old father something that shocked him then freaked him out since he had never even had a girlfriend or the time for one. He took her to his apartment (Not by choice) and got her some of clothe and asked her questions and thats when he noticed three important things number one the girl had no memory except that he some how was her father, She was speaking in Atlantean which meant she was not arround human much or at all and last that it all meant she was from some future where he was her father. He felt lost he could barely take care of himself to take care of her but the problem was soon fixed she dissapeared right in front of his eyes. Like him at a time in his life she was time traveling as her emotions went haywire it wasnt until a few years later that he once again came across her (she tackled him and called him father yet again) she was the same Eve with memories of that first encounter she told him her name and that she would say with him forever until her other self was finally born. But the truth of the matter was that Eve was not a normal Kyuubi for that matter she was not really Raziel's daughter, when Sakura met the child she noticed it fast but still had her doubts a quick D.N.A Scan Revealed that Her D.N,A was a perfect match to Raziels.. too perfect which meant only one thing she was a clone of Raziel what its called an imperfect clone because she was a girl. Sakura never informed Raziel of this since it gave him hope of one day having his own family and he seem Happy so she lied and said she was his daughter but that his mate was probably not born yet which was why she couldnt say who it was. Eve is very naive, like a small child she gets easily amused and easily bored but she is also quick to learn, she keeps away from most kyuubi members only going wherever Raziel goes it was this way she Met Zhane who became Uncle Zhane as far as she was concerned and later on Met Keisha whom she admires and although Keisha's way of talking tends to confuse and fluster her she loves Lust Fairy like if she was her Big sister...She does keep away from her when Thanatos is around she never liked him.Eve has grown into her powers still not knowing the truth of what she is after having been captured and experimented on she had no choice but to let go of some of her childish ways as she had witnessed Raziel Violent powers and feared one day she do the same as him and not wanting to hurt anyone even if they deserve it as her father would say she opted to better herself.She soon was able to learn more about her time powers not only from observing and listening to Zhane on the matter but because her Mother Akemi Homura was adamant she learned specially once her brother was born something that confused her as she was expecting her younger self to be born.Homura then explained to her that Perhaps in this time line she was just going to be born because she was already there something that was both hard for her but also meant she would still be around to make memories with a brother she originally did not seem to know.Although she does not feel a connection with Homura like she does with Raziel and her brother Orion she loves the woman very much so regardless of time lines or blood connections for her Homura is her mother simple as that

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The Meeting

As Ayami sat there in the bar, watching the others talk to one another about the usual things. Such as turf wars, or how someone had bad mouthed HOMRA. Though that was mostly what Misaki talked about. How he had kicked some person's ass for bad mouthing HOMRA.  Just thinking about that made a soft laugh escape the sky blue haired female's lips as she leaned back on the couch as she sat there watching them. Though when she had felt her phone vibrate in her pocket, she couldn't help but to pull it out and look to the text message that had been sent to her.Her eyes narrowed slightly due to the one that had actually texted her. Saruhiko. She was exactly expecting him to text her back, nor reply to the voice mail that she had left him before the others came back from whatever they were doing. Blue oculars continued to stare at the text message that he had left her and she couldn't help but to stifle a chuckle as she glanced up from her phone over to Misaki.Ayami knew damn well that if Misaki knew that she was going to go meet up with Saruhiko, well he'd throw a fit and more than likely go off to find him. "Hm.." looking back to the text message, she looked to the one part that held Misaki's name in it. From: (---)Saru.I have no interest of returning to that dirty place, 'the bar.' Instead, you should meet up with me,in the center of town by the second large television.And while you are at it, bring Misaki with you. We've much to discuss.After re-reading the text message, she quickly tapped the screen before sending a reply back to him;Heh.. That sounds like a good place to meet up.. I'll be there... and... I'll bring Misaki along with me. As soon as she sent the reply back to him, Ayami stood up from the couch. Stretching as she did before walking over to the bar as she looked to Izumo for a moment before looking to Misaki."Hey.... Yata.." keeping her eyes upon the chestnut colored haired male she quickly grabbed onto his arm and started leading him out of the bar. "We'll be back Izumo~! I just got a message that someone was bad mouthing us again~" she said as she glanced over to the bartender for a moment only to turn her gaze ahead of her. Ayami knew well enough that if she had simply used that excuse then Yata wouldn't question where she was dragging him off to.Hell, she was sure that if she had simply said that she was going to go and kick someone's ass for bad mouthing HOMRA then the skater would more than likely follow after her without any questions. He did love kicking others asses when it came to HOMRA.{Posting Order;AyamiMisakiSaru } 

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The Angel of Rage vs. The god of Irateness.

Simple rulesNo AutoingNo God ModingNo Power ModingMay the fight be fair. Good Luck 

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Gekido no Tenshi vs. Castiel

RulesNo AutoingNo God ModdingNo Power Modding

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I am not much for rules, however there are a few I will go by.Fighting:*I am starting a new thing where I only fight in blogs. I am trying to make a form of a comeback from several years of not doing much. However, I think it would be fun to display my fights no matter how rusty they may be.*No autoing*No god moding*No power modingGeneral:*Its simple, dont piss me off we get along.*If you dont reply within several days I might either send you a message wondering what happened or just simply delete.*Try and be para to multi para, I see no reason why I would bother myself with something so boring as a one liner.


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1. Hello there, hope to RP soon. 2. I'm not asking for the whole "you-add-you-send-the-starter" bit, at least talk or say 'Hello' and we can discuss a storyline. If I randomly feel like deleting people and I see no reason to keep you, you'll be deleted without a second thought.3. I'm up for any type of RP; They tend to get very gorey too with Nice's line of work. For sexual RPs, hey, if it happens, it happens, babe. Don't come straight up with sex. 4. I normally RP Multi-Para or Novella, I'll accept anything, BUT one-liners. GTFO with that shizz. 5.I edit pictures sporadically, so if you end up in one...;D I just thought of you while editing it. Think of it as a compliment.  Also, don't steal the pictures. Just ask and I might still have the original laying around.6. Don't steal Nice. You could try and RP as her, but I don't think you'd do her any justice. 8. Hehehe...I didn't put a seven. 9.That's pretty much it. Don't be a douche, unless it's your character, and we should get along nicely.

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