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07/12/2024 12:57 PM 

Why Seymour?

I made this account because Seymour Guado is one of the greatest Final Fantasy villains IMO he has a dark past and a sad insistence, but I just don’t feel like there was enough detail given to warrant his dark side.. that being said, I love his snarky edge Lord persona. For example his response to defying Yevon himself as a Maestor “Pretend that you didn’t see them” such great line. (I love this guy‘s voice actor too) I don’t know how good I can do the bad guy character, but I want to try--Seymour is honestly pretty hot too, his nails and hair(?) are the only thing visually terrifying about  him


07/12/2024 03:55 PM 

MHA Villain OC: Kaiser Flame

Name: Kai KatsuragiNickname: KaiserVillain name: Kaiser FlameGender: MaleBirthday: August 3rdBlood type: AB+Height: 5'11"Weight: 215 lbs.Personality: Arrogant, egotistical, very destructiveQuirk: InfernoQuirk Description: His Quirk allows him to shoot fire from his hands and his feet for flying or levitating.Allergies: NoneFavorite Foods: Pizza and PastaLeast Favorite Foods: Anything with beansHobbies: Likes to set things on fire or destroy anything in his way.Phobias/Fears: WaterBest Qualities: Very destructive and very manipulative.Worst Qualities: Being cocky and a bit arrogant.Strengths: Flexibility, strength, speed, and agility.Weaknesses: Hardly any.Stats;Power/Attack: 5 / 5Speed: 5 / 5Technique: 5 / 5Intelligence: 5 / 5Agility: 5 / 5Will of Evil: 5 / 5


07/12/2024 12:44 PM 

🥀 the gatekeeper - poem.

  In honesty and truth—stillness calms the waters of her wistful heart. Remove the clogs, may the currents flush through. When said and done, may it plenish their nature with prosperity and abundance. Then close and lock the gates once more—in finality, may the vehemence of her heart be set free and guard the bushes of berries and gardens of roses, and fields of sunflowers; to the weeds of dandelions, chicory, and daisy; from the valley of pine and hickory to the lush forests of aged sequoias with streams and falls of milk and honey be forever protected.    A representative of her kindness, love and affection, warmth and joy, the beauty of her flaws and scars, to the warmth and comfort in her ever evolving stable mind and body, and the delicacy of her words and demeanor. May the benefits she so begrudgingly reaped be coveted and gatekept, rightfully so.    For she is the ostiary, the hall porter, the doorkeeper, the king, the queen, the judge, the jury and executioner. May she never forget she holds the key to the kingdom. She holds the key. She halls the pass. No one can forge their way into her nirvana. Neither by swindle or force. No one makes way unless she allows it.   What she has can’t be taken from her and what is offered cannot be bribed. What could be given that she doesn’t already have plenty of? To bask in the, still, uncharted valley of her mind, body, and spirit is an understatement to call it a blessing or miracle. She is but a beautiful experience to he or she grateful and dignified. For she is a giver, may she never again be robbed of her generosity, even in fleeting.  May she close and lock the gates to heaven once more when the nature of her becomes poisoned and polluted by those grudgened and takers that never give.


07/11/2024 09:26 PM 

The Sounds of Silence

The Sounds of Silence   1x1 with Til Death Seeing Yuta made the time apart fade away like a bad memory. Finally everything seemed right with the world. He welcomed the familiar touch of the one he loved so dearly. Being apart from Yuta was an utter nightmare. Toge leaned into the touch he longed for all this time. Yuta was really here. He felt his eyes misting over when Yuta asked if was okay. Toge nodded and happily spoke softly. “Sujiko.” This was where he wanted and needed to be.Yuta pulled him close for an embrace. Toge wrapped his only arm around Yuta holding desperately to him. He wished he had both arms to wrap around him but the one had to suffice. “Sorry, I feel like I’m being rather handsy, heh. . .” Toge didn't mind one bit. He was so happy to be here that the evidence was showing on his cheeks. He couldn't stop smiling. Too many times in the hospital did he have dreams of Yuta only to wake and find that they were only dreams. It hurt his heart. Now he closed his eyes and Yuta was really there.“I may have been asking her every other day about how you were doing. She refused to tell me anything.” There was very little to no space between them and Toge didn't mind at all. To hear that Yuta spoke to Shoko surprised him. Shoko kept it a secret to him too. His own expressions showed a surprise of sorts when this was revealed. She had her reasons and Yuta appeared to excuse them. Toge wouldn't get upset over them. Honestly Yuta needed to be assured that everything was okay so he could take care of business. Now Yuta was here so hopefully that was a positive sign.Toge patted Yuta's chest gently acknowledging the concern that would have brought him running back to his side. “Mustard Leaf?” That was generally what Toge spoke when he was asking if everything was okay. He knew it would be impossible for them to go back to the school right now. They needed to have some sort of plan. Toge knew that whatever it was, he wasn't leaving Yuta's side at least not any time soon.He'd only heard bits and pieces as to what was happening. It was like Shoko forbade anyone from talking about Yuta anywhere that Toge could overhear. He wasn't deaf. His hearing was just fine, better than normal actually. He did remember that Yuta told him not to trust anyone or any message from the Jujutsu Headquarters. It was highly likely he was being monitored by them considering how close that he was to Yuta. Toge remained aware that something was happening but the details he'd get from Yuta later. Toge was a capable Jujutsu sorcerer but he'd been critically injured at Shibuya. He wanted to be there if he could for Yuta but that wasn't his call to make.Violet hues searched out Yuta's darker ones. He wished he could convey more adequately what was happening right now in his heart. Since words were weapons to Toge, he did something that could be considered rash by some standards. Toge lowered the scarf that covered his mouth. He stood on tiptoe to press a kiss to Yuta's lips. It wasn't just a peck on the lips either. He lingered there for just a moment enjoying this stolen moment with the one who held his heart.  Inumaki Toge; Laconic ; @silentrunning credit: james kriet


07/10/2024 05:44 PM 

PKMN Trainer Jade

Bio: Born in Viridian City, Kanto. Jade and her parents moved to Nuvema Town, Unova. Her first Pokemon was a Snivy. She and team of Pokemon team beat the Elite Four and became Pokemon Champion of Unova. She is now going across the world to face different Pokemon Trainers.Personality: Friendly and cheerful. Jade can be mean to those who uses Pokemon for weapons, tools, or treasts them harshly. She loves her Pokemon with all of her heart and they love her in return.PKMN Team:Name:SerperiorGender: FemaleType: GrassLvl: 100Move #1: SlamMove #2: Leaf StormMove #3: HeadbuttMove #4: Hyper BeamName: PikachuGender: MaleType: ElectricLvl: 100Move #1: ThunderboltMove #2: Iron TailMove #3: Electro BallMove #4: Quick AttackName: DragonairGender: FemaleType: DragonLvl: 100Move #1: Water PulseMove #2: Dragon PulseMove #3: Ice BeamMove #4: Iron TailName: EmpoleonGender: MaleType: Water/SteelLvl: 100Move #1: Hydro PumpMove #2: Aqua JetMove #3: PeckMove #4: Metal ClawName: GlaceonGender: FemaleType: IceLvl: 100Move #1: Ice BeamMove #2: Quick AttackMove #3: ProtectMove #4: BlizzardName: BraviaryGender: MaleType: Normal/FlyingLvl: 100Move #1: Brave BirdMove #2: Wing AttackMove #3: RoostMove #4: Steel Wing


07/10/2024 04:35 PM 

The Sounds of Silence

The Sounds of Silence   1x1 Till Death Toge took the note in hand from Yuta. He held it as though it was the greatest treasure ever. He knew his beloved Yuta would have to leave him soon. Under his facial bandages healing lips moved but no sounds came out from them. Yuta had a job to do and so did Inumaki. He had to focus on getting better. It felt as though his heart was being ripped from his chest in the process.“Don’t. . . believe anything you hear from the Jujutsu Headquarters. Not a word from anyone you don’t trust, okay? I’ll see you soon. . .” The slightest touch from Yuta sent his senses reeling. He knew he wasn't going to see him for a while again so he'd have to relive this memory repeatedly in his mind. He could see the love and concern in Yuta's eyes. He wanted to just let him know he was going to be okay. He'd only have faith in Yuta and nothing those old farts had to say from Jujutsu Headquarters. He returned Yuta's squeeze with one of his own watching him slip away only for now. His arm extended, reaching for him even after Yuta was gone. That night, Inumaki's pillow was wet with tears.~*~The time passed at what appeared to be a snail's pace. He focused his energy on getting better and adjusting to life with only one arm. Being under the age of 18 with only one arm was a challenge that he was going to rise to meet. Shoko had brought in therapists to try and help him adjust while his throat was healing. He was soon at the point where the pain meds were only on an as needed basis. Inumaki had the strength of character and the power of will not to use them unless it was absolutely necessary. He needed to be clear headed and not in a drug induced haze. All the while, he kept that paper close to his heart that Yuta had given him. He was going to be there without question.The day came that Shoko was ready to cut off the bandages. “Now, I want you to be careful, Toge. Don't push yourself alright?” He had his dressings regularly changed and his progress monitored by Shoko. Once the last bit was snipped off, he moved his jaws up and down reaching for his lips with a gentle touch. There was no scarring there. His only scars were where he'd had his arm severed by Sukuna’s domain expansion. “If you feel like you can, then please say something.” She instructed.“Salmon…” The word came out softly at first. It had been so long since he'd said ANYTHING. He was grateful for the ability to speak again. He spoke again. “Salmon…” It was even stronger this time. His eyes twinkled with glee.Shoko was so happy to see Toge in such good spirits! “You're doing far better than I even imagined!” It was encouraging to see life in the middle of this darkness following the Shibuya Incident even though there had been so much death and destruction. Toge's progress was enough to make everything better.~*~The day finally came that he was well enough to leave the hospital. Shoko had actually bought him a new outfit that he could wear on his discharge. The fact that he was one of Gojo's students was part of what endeared him to her but he was just so innocent. He stood beside the bed pulling the top of the shirt up to cover his mouth as he often did before any of this went down. He actually hugged Shoko with his one arm when she came to tell him goodbye. “Salmon.”He'd heard so many bad things and many about Yuta he ignored. He never allowed anyone to know he heard them when they gossiped outside his door. He was exceptionally good at playing dumb. He acted like he hadn't heard a thing. Given that he was the pride of the Inumaki clan, his bills were taken care of without issue. They'd even made a generous donation to the hospital because they saved Toge's life.It didn't take long for Toge to get to the right place at the right time. His heart began to beat faster. He hoped beyond all hope that Yuta was here. Yuta would surely be here. Inumaki didn't trust the Jujutsu hierarchy but Yuta he trusted with his life.  Inumaki Toge; Laconic ; @silentrunning credit: james kriet


07/09/2024 08:31 PM 

Arcanthal roles

FULL NAME: King Eragoth BrystionROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: BrystionCURRENTLY AGED: Twenty years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Tom Glynn-CarneySPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION: Ruler of Arcanthal + dragon riderALLIANCE: ArcanthalPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Determined, Headstrong, Stubborn, Resourceful BRIEF BIO: Eragoth is the current ruler of Arcanthal and the fifth ruler of the kingdom. He is the great-great-grandson of Cyneas Brystion allowing him to possess the ability to ride dragons much like his father, King Daxion. He came to the throne after the sudden death of his father when the council felt the king was no longer fit to rule due to their inability to control him to their will bringing him to be murdered in the cover of night and the young prince to be crowned king soon afterwards despite his mother's wishes to wait until he reached his twenty-fifth year of age much like it was the tradition of the kingdom.   QUOTE: "I wish to spill blood on those who want to say I am unfit to rule. This kingdom is mine by blood right I will prove to be a better ruler than what my father was." FULL NAME: Malendith LarcathROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: LarcathCURRENTLY AGED: Forty-one years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Matt SmithSPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION: Lead council member of Arcanthal + dragon riderALLIANCE: Arcantha and DraconiaPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Smart, Headstrong, Villainous, Resourceful BRIEF BIO: Malendith is a high-ranking member of the council and as well as a dragon rider. Having come from Draconia upon the request of the former king to sit in his council, Malenidth worked in the shadows to eventually gain the throne for himself only to be undermined by his other council members when they made Eragoth king instead claiming they could control him better than they could his father prompting him to reveal that the prince's brother, Elyrion was born outside of Daxion's marriage making the prince now deemed a bastard earning him to be banished from the kingdom thus bringing Malenidth closer to the throne if no children of Eragoth's is sired.  QUOTE: "You cannot live your life in fear; otherwise, you will forsake the best parts of it.." FULL NAME: Lirienne BrystionROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: BrystionCURRENTLY AGED: Thirty years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Olivia CookeSPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION: Dowager queen of Arcanthal ALLIANCE: ArcanthalPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Ambitious, Intelligent, Loyal, Resourceful BRIEF BIO: Lirienne was the queen of Arcanthal during the reign of her husband, King Daxion. Though the marriage was one of arranged they had a happy one as their union brought forth the heir to the throne Eragoth thought their happiness was short-lived when the king began having numerous affairs after the queen had a miscarriage during her second pregnancy just mere months after Eragoth was four months of age until she did fall pregnant again and gave birth to a second son only for that child to die shortly after birth only after it was taken away to be examined unaware that the king had switched the dead child with the bastard child he sired with another woman bringing the queen to think Elyrion was truly hers. QUOTE: "I have to believe that in the end, honor and decency will prevail." FULL NAME: Melthar HalendilROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: HalendilCURRENTLY AGED: Forty-nine years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Viggo MortensenSPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION: Commander of the kings' guard ALLIANCE: ArcanthalPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Humility, Inner fortitude, Strong willed, Resourceful BRIEF BIO: Melthar is the current commander of the king's guard and the right-hand man of the king. Nobody knows the real truth about his origins as he was raised in Elaria under the watchful care of an elven family when his family all died from a mysterious matter. He eventually left Elaria for Arcanthal in search of what may have happened to his family claiming he had lived there his entire life to keep his elven family safe only to eventually join the king's guard instead and rise high in the ranks soon afterward when King Daxion saw his potential. QUOTE: "If by My Life or Death, I Can Protect You, I Will much like I will protect this kingdom."


07/09/2024 09:26 PM 

Draconia roles

FULL NAME: Elyrion BrystionROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: BrystionCURRENTLY AGED: Nineteen years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Ewan MitchellSPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION: Banished prince of Arcanthal + dragon rider of DraconiaALLIANCE: DraconiaPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Hostile, Headstrong, Resentful, Resourceful BRIEF BIO: Elyrion is the second son of King Daxion and the younger brother of the current king, Eragoth. Born under the impression that he was in line for the throne as the second son it wasn't until the king's death it was revealed he was indeed not of his mother's son but of another woman making him not only the king's half-brother but also a bastard making his claim to the throne no longer possible. At least that was the claim of the royal council because of a man named Malendith Larcath brought to the king's attention prompting the young prince to be banished to Draconia. There he plotted his revenge to see his brother burn and the throne his by creating an army with the dragon riders living in the realm.QUOTE: "That throne is mine as my brother is not fit to rule. He's weak just like our father was and I will watch him burn with the fire of my wrath." FULL NAME: Aurielle LarcathROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: LarcathCURRENTLY AGED: Thirty-one years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Emma D' ArcySPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION: Lady of Draconis + Dragon Rider ALLIANCE: DraconiaPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Proud, Headstrong, Anger prone, DeterminedBRIEF BIO: Aurielle is the wife of Malendith Larcath and the current lady of the realm's biggest castle, Draconis which she runs with an iron fist while her husband is sitting on the council in Arcanthal and is a dragon rider much like her husband. Coming from a long line of dragon riders herself, it was natural for her to marry into a high-ranking family when she was arranged to marry Malendith and their union brought forth two sons whose names are Vespera and Baelenorn while also having three other sons from a previous marriage named Isendur, Haldren and the eldest, Jaldan. QUOTE: "The only thing that could tear down the house of the dragon was itself and soon the kingdom will see what Draconia's dragons can do." FULL NAME: Jaldan RithandorROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: Rithandor + LarcathCURRENTLY AGED: Sixteen years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Harry CollettSPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION: Dragon rider of DraconiaALLIANCE: DraconiaPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Brave, Determined, Loyal, Intelligent BRIEF BIO: Jaldan is the firstborn son of Aurielle Larcath through her first marriage and the eldest of three siblings whom all share the same father. His father, Cethorin Rithandor was killed in a battle just before his youngest sibling Isendur was born bringing him to gain a step-father named Malendith Larcath and two half-brothers named Vespera and Baelenorn. He rides a dragon Ignatius who hatched from an egg when Jaldan came of age to and has an eager taste to fight in the upcoming war but is often denied by his mother in attempts to keep him safe. QUOTE: "This kingdom was created by the fire of our dragons and it will continue to fear their power." FULL NAME: Haldren RithandorROLE STATUS: OPENHOUSEHOLD: Rithandor + LarcathCURRENTLY AGED: Fourteen years of ageSUGGESTED PLAYBYS: Elliot GrihaultSPECIES: HumanOCCUPATION:  Dragon rider of DraconiaALLIANCE: DraconiaPERSONALITY TRAITS: -- Strong, Loyal, Kind, Resourceful BRIEF BIO: Haldren is the second son of Aurielle Larcath through her first marriage and the middle child of three siblings who all share the same father. His father, Cethorin Rithandor was killed in a battle just before his youngest sibling Isendur was born bringing him to gain a step-father named Malendith Larcath and two half-brothers named Vespera and Baelenorn. He rides a dragon a young female dragon that goes by the name of Mishyca as she was one of the few dragons that took a long time to hatch from her egg when he came of age to choose his dragon however though he rides dragons he has a different approach to war whereas he chooses to try to solve conflicts with politics rather than swords and fire like his older brother who chooses to fight. QUOTE: "We don't have to win wars by burning and killing but with politics and communication. We can live in peace one way or another."


07/09/2024 07:11 PM 


A)Final Fantasy1.Final Fantasy XIV (All Expansions)2.Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy & DLC3.Final Fantasy XVI & All DLC4.Strangers of Paradise Final Fantays Origins5.Dissidia Final Fantasy Series6.Final Fantasy Type-07.Final Fantasy VII Remake8.Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII9.World of Final Fantasy 10.Final Fantasy XIV Eorzea Academy Manga----B)Other JRPGs1.Kingdom Hearts (Whole Series except mobile gamnes)2.Tales of Berseria3.Nier Replicant4.Nier Automata---C)Danganronpa1.Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc2.Danganronpa 33.Danganronpa Goodbye Despair4.Danganrompa Ultra Despair Girls5.Danganrompa V3 Killing Harmony----D)Playstation Games1.Gravity Rush Series2.Ratchet & Clank (PS4)3.Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart----E)Dragon age1.Dragon Age Origins2.Dragon Age 23.Dragon Age Inquisition & DLC---F)Fate1.Fate Stay Night (2006)2.Fate Zero3.Fate Apocrypha4.Fate Strange Fake5.Fate Samurai Remnant & DLC 16.Fate Extella Link7.Fate Extra Last Encore--G)RWBY1.RWBY Vol 1-92.RWBY Chibi3.RWBY Grimm Eclipse4.RWBY Everfall----H)Other TV Shows1.Code Lyoko 



07/08/2024 11:17 PM 

The Sounds of Silence

The Sounds of Silence   1x1 with Till Death Despite all he'd been through, Toge's physical pain melted away. He could see the hurt in the eyes of his beloved Yuta. He was so relieved that he was actually here. He assumed this had been some drug induced dream because of all the pain meds he'd been given. He would close his eyes and Yuta would be gone, right?He felt Yuta's hands grab the one he had left and squeeze. He was really here! He felt such relief that words were inadequate, not even if he could say anything anyway. His throat was so badly damaged it was going to take time to heal. He knew that but he wanted nothing more than to fall into Yuta's arms and wake up from this terrible nightmare. They were just sleeping again in the dorm at school. He squeezed back with the only hand he had left. This was no bad dream. This was reality.He listened as Yuta told him about being in Africa. Gojo was covering all his bases apparently by getting in touch with Yuta. Toge was glad that he did. Ideally he'd loved to have seen Yuta under better circumstances but the notion of seeing Yuta again had given him the will to live. Gojo had a backup plan in place that brought Yuta back to Japan. In his mind, he silently thanked whatever gods that had keep Yuta safe and brought him home.Yuta's head resting on the bed beside him made Toge's tears flow again. It wasn't agony. It was a relief that the one Toge loved with all his heart was here. Yuta meant so much. He was so strong. Toge saw Yuta's handsome face turn to face him. Toge wanted to make it all better for him but he knew that wasn't going to happen right now. The guilt for being away was so heavy with Yuta. Toge's weary face reflected no anxiety. It was only love. Yuta had important work to do. Toge liked to think he was enough reason for Yuta to want to come back home to Japan.“Promise me you won’t push yourself any further right now. Your throat. . . It needs to heal, Inumaki-kun.” The pleas of his heart, Yuta did not fall on deaf ears. The touch of Yuta's hands on his one reached through to his soul. The look of love and concern on Yuta's face spoke volumes. Toge couldn't speak. The damage to his throat because of all that happened would take time to heal. He knew that. Toge freed his only hand bringing two fingers to his bandaged face where his lips were. It was a gentle tough to not damage anything. He touched Yuta's lips with his fingertips. That was his promise to Yuta he would rest. Coupled with tears in his violet hues, Toge had wished that their reunion was on better terms than this.He would stay here and focus on healing so Yuta could do what he needed to do. Toge knew that their time would come. He was an eternal optimist. He'd also made plenty of jokes about being so short nothing could hit him. He tried smiling beneath the bandages so Yuta wouldn't worry any more.  Inumaki Toge; Laconic ; @silentrunning credit: james kriet

Limitless Sky

07/08/2024 02:03 PM 

Rogue Saber

Class: Rogue/Stray SaberTrue Name: Kiso YoshinakaAlso known as: Asahi Shogun, Kiso Jirou Minamoto-no-Yoshinaka (木曾次郎源義仲), The Bearer of Infinite Faith, Warrior Saber (Musha no Saber)Personality: Yoshinaka could not overlook the Taira clan's tyranny during the Genpei War, but while he said that the reason he fought was to stand up to the Taira in the name of all of Japan, the truth was more selfish: he simply wanted a peaceful future where he and Tomoe could be together. There is nothing he wants in a world without her, and nothing he desires but to be with her.In Fate/Samurai Remnant he is single-minded in his pursuit of Ushi Gozen, and cares about nothing else going on in the Waxing Moon Ritual besides defeating her. According to Yoshinaka, it is the role of the Asahi Shogun to stand against the darkness of oni. The reason for his obsession with slaying evil oni is because of Tomoe being a good oni; it is because of his love for his wife's good nature that he detests evil oni operating from the shadows.Backstory:Also known as Minamoto-no-Yoshinaka (源義仲), he was a late Heian period figure who was childhood friends with Tomoe Gozen. When Tomoe's oni horns began to grow in Yoshinaka was the only one who was not scared of her; in fact, he told her to be proud of her strength. In addition to Tomoe Yoshinaka also had two other wives, Lady Fuyuhime and Yamabuki Gozen. Yamabuki was also childhood friends with Tomoe and Yoshinaka.During the first phases of the Genpei War Yoshinaka fought for Shinano branch the Minamoto clan, against the Taira clan. He led the the Shinano Genji to an overwhelming victory at the Battle of Kurikara, and secured the city of Kyoto. Yoshinaka claimed the position of Asahi Shogun, but shortly afterward his cousin Minamoto-no-Yoritomo ordered him killed. On the battlefield Yoshinaka ordered Tomoe to flee and survive, and he was killed by the forces of Yoritomo's sister Minamoto-no-Yosh*tsune and brother Minamoto-no-Noriyori on Yoritomo's orders. Tomoe gave birth to Asahina Yoshihide after his death.Abilities:Yoshinaka wields a long sword enveloped by the sun's rays. He charges forward with dauntless courage and excels at breaking through enemy formations.[11] Yoshinaka has many abilities which use fire.Yoshinaka boasts great strength, capable pressing down Jeanne d'Arc in a sword clash or kicking her away. During their second fight, Yoshinaka resorts to activating his Noble Phantasm after fighting Jeanne in close range combat for a while. Jeanne claims that she must finish him before she gets overwhelmed by it. She succeeds, however, she claims that if the fight continues she might even lose.Yoshinaka was able to resist Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro's mind control on seperate ocassions with the exception of one route, where he was eventually overwhelmed by his Spell. Although it is unclear if it was due to affinity or a Saint Graph trait, Yoshinaka was still able to fight back somewhat his orders. After Yamato Takeru and Miyamoto Iori fight him for a while, the former eventually breaks Yoshinaka's sword and frees him from Tsuchimikado.Kiso Yoshinaka possesses his own version of this Noble Phantasm, known as Oṃ Arolik Svāhā: Asahi Shogun (旭将軍オン・アロリキヤ・ソワカ, Asahi ShōgunOn Arorikiya Sowaka). The mantra of the bodhisattva, Avalokiteśvara the principal deity of Gichū-ji, the temple where Kiso Yoshinaka himself was buried is chanted as a slash of gleaming sunlight blazes forth. It is also known as the Avalokitevara Sun Sword. In the Tale of the Heike, Kiso Yoshinaka was called the "Shogun of the Rising Sun," but there is no evidence of him using power similar to that of this Noble Phantasm. It could possibly be a special technique that he obtained after becoming a Servant.Press the Attack - Kurikara Pass (勇往邁進・倶利伽羅峠ゆうおうまいしん・くりからとうげ, Yūōmaishin - Kurikara-tōge) is a Noble Phantasm belonging to the Saber-class Servant, Kiso Yoshinaka. It is inspired by the story of the great Taira army's defeat. Numerous raging bulls with lit torches attached to their horns rush in from all directions, trampling enemy forces. The sounds of war horns, drums, and the cries of the bulls cause the very air to tremble. The area is instantly transformed into a hellish land of darkness and existential confusion. Yoshinaka claims this power is the divine protection of the god Hachiman, but it is functionally a Reality Marble.(Yoshinaka and his wife) 

Fate/Samurai Remnant, F/SR, Character Info

Limitless Sky

07/08/2024 01:49 PM 

Zheng Chenggong

Name: Zheng Chenggong (Tei Seiko in Japan),  Mingyan, Damu (Both are courtesy names)Also known as: Koxinga (Kokuseiya in Japan), Zheng Mingyan, the Unyielding General, Fukumatsu Tagawa (Japanese)Personality: Zheng is friendly and approachable. Despite this, he knows what has to be done to achieve his goals. He killed his cousin for power, men, and land, and killed people who threatened the military order. He doesn't want to send men to die, but as long as not too many of them do he will continue toward his goal. The only death he has mourned recently was his mother's suicide five years ago. He will go to any lengths for the Ming.Zheng gets along well with his Servant, Zhou Yu. In fact he did not use a Catalyst to summon him, but rather got Zhou Yu through a compatibility summon.Backstory:A dashing and vivacious warrior with a heroic appearance. He is a general, also known as Koxinga (Pinyin: Guóxìngyé), who is highly respected by the Longwu Emperor of the Southern Ming Dynasty. He is the son of a Ming merchant and a Japanese mother.Both a military commander and a Magus. Courtesy names Mingyan and Damu, he was a child of mixed blood born to the Chinese Zheng Zhilong and Japanese Tagawa Matsu. Because his family helped raise Zhu Yujian, the Prince of Tang, to the throne of Emperor of Southern Ming, he was given the imperial surname "Zhu" and thereafter referred to as Koxinga, meaning "Lord of the Imperial Surname."Zheng Chenggong has entreated the daimyo Tokugawa Yorinobu for aid in the Ming's fight against the Qing. Yorinobu revealed the existence of the Waxing Moon Ritual to Chenggong and allowed him to compete in lieu of sending reinforcements. He provided a manor built on a Spirit Font in Akasaka for Chenggong to stay for the duration. In return, Yorinobu asked that Chenggong disrupt the plans of the shogun, or someone close to him, involving the Ritual.In 1661, 10 years after the events of Fate/Samurai Remnant, Zheng would go on to fight, and eventually defeat, Dorothea's father Fredrik Coyett in the Siege of Fort Zeelandia. It's possible that Dorothea teamed up with her father against Zheng.Abilities:Zheng Chenggong fights with a staff. He claims that he only dabbles in Magecraft, but has a variety of Mystic Codes such as paper talismans that set up bounded fields and stones used for telepathic communication.

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Limitless Sky

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Name: ChiemonAlso known as: The Avenger of FlamesPersonality:Chiemon is filled with resentment and hatred for the Tokugawa because of the massacre at Shimabara. This event heavily traumatized Chiemon, and he constantly has nightmares about it. However his wish for the Waxing Moon is not to get revenge, but rather to open the gates of hell and reunite with his dead family. He willingly walks a bloody path in pursuit of his long-held desire. Chiemon does not approve of Lancer's efforts to save him from his path of vengeance, feeling that there’s no point in trying to help or protect him as he is already bound for hell. It is also for this reason that he hates being shown any kind of kindness or affection.He also has a deep personal hatred for Miyamoto Iori because of their similarities. While neither he nor Iori are suited for the peace of the era, Chiemon embraces his desire for violence and conflict while Iori suppresses his own similar desires. It is specifically this disguise that Iori put on that disgusts Chiemon.Backstory:Chiemon is a survivor of the Shimabara Rebellion led by Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. If the Edo period can be defined as a time of peace after the Warring States period, Chiemon is someone discarded by that era.Chiemon was taught magecraft by Mori Souiken. While he is a survivor of Shimabara, Chiemon was in fact not a soldier in the rebellion. He was far too young to fight, being only a young child at the time. He saw his mother be captured by soldiers while his father was viciously struck down trying to protect him.Abilities:Chiemon was taught the basics of magecraft by Mori Souiken. Despite only being a single-generation magus, he's quite effective, so either he has natural talent or one of his ancestors was a Magus. He uses fire magecraft and fights with a ruined flag.In the Entreat the Darkness route, Chiemon uses Lancer's Noble Phantasm La Pucelle himself, the flames manifesting from his Command Spells while Lancer is nowhere near him. Its suicide effect kills him and Lancer together.(Chiemon and Lancer) 

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Limitless Sky

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Miyamoto Iori

Name: Miyamoto Iori SadatsuguAlso known as: The Seeker of the Limitless Sky, Sword Demon (by Caster)Personality: Iori's personality is a mix of profound talent, intellectual prowess, and a deep conflict between his values and the era he inhabits. According to Musashi, Iori possesses remarkable talent but is born in an era that does not fully appreciate his abilities. Iori's differences from renowned swordsmen like Musashi are not due to a lack of talent, but because he could not adopt the same inhuman level of indifference Musashi exhibited. He values rationality, wisdom from his time, and deeply respects tradition.Musashi acknowledges Iori's intellectual prowess and admires his ability to adapt to new ideas, reverence for traditions, and a longing for peace. However, Musashi considers Iori "too kind" due to these qualities, as he witnessed that teaching Iori in the Way of the Sword had brought him suffering. Iori's participation in the Waxing Moon Ritual is fueled by his desire to prevent unnecessary bloodshed and to defeat those with evil intentions before innocent lives are harmed.As observed by Musashi, despite his passion for battle and the way of the sword, Iori struggles to find contentment in the relatively peaceful era he lives in, echoing an inner conflict similar to Kirei Kotomine's. Both Iori and Kirei grapple with desires that clash with societal norms and notions of goodness. They attempt to maintain a facade of tranquility in an effort to conform and seek happiness, despite the apparent futility of their efforts.Notably, in the broader context of his personality, Iori is described as a “lady-killer” by Takao Dayu, hinting at his charisma or charm. Arjuna considers Iori his sole friend in the World of Fate/Samurai Remnant, but feels that another personality might be hidden behind Iori's smile, watching with intense and fiery eyes. His father Musashi says that Iori would’ve been happy if he had chose a humane path but he chose the sword and threw it all away.Backstory: Iori was born in a small, port town. As a child, the town was raided by bandits known as the Yagorou Gang and everyone was killed. Because the bandit leader happened to like kids, he spared Iori, taking him in as a servant boy, but Iori knew that the bandit would eventually kill him too once he got bored. Shortly after this, the bandit group encountered a mysterious wandering sword saint, who went on to wipe out all 84 men singlehandedly.Afterward, Iori was adopted by Miyamoto Musashi. From that point on, Musashi trained Iori in the way of the sword. On his deathbed, Musashi admits to Iori that he took him in with the intent to train him into a worthy opponent, not out of love or compassion, but Iori was too kind, being born in the wrong age.Shortly after his master's death, while visiting his grave, he encounters a wandering samurai who went to pay his respects. The man recounted his battle with Musashi, leading Iori to realize that the man before him was Sasaki Kojirou, the only man who's blade Musashi feared. Iori then asked to become Kojiro's disciple, to which he agreed. While under his tutelage, Iori learned Tsubame Gaeshi Hiyoku no Dan.At some point following Musashi's death, while going through his master's possessions, he and Kaya happen upon the Crimson Codex. The Codex goes on to teach Iori the basics of magecraft, specifically jewelcraft.On one occasion, Iori tried to avoid eating to gain enlightenment, but ended up passing out from hunger.Abilities:As Iori is Musashi's star pupil, he can easily fight other human enemies such as villagers or even squads of ninjas. However, he is still an ordinary human, and is utterly outmatched by most Servants. While Iori may have a slim chance of survival in a confrontation with a Servant if he were willing to face certain death, various factors come into play, including the potential fame boost that a Servant could possess. Arjuna says that Iori has the lethal skill of a Kshatriya.Iori uses the same Niten Ichi-ryū sword style as Musashi, though Musashi died before he could pass down its secrets. He switches between five sword stances based on Musashi's Book of Five Rings. These stances were invented by the Iori in the World of Fate/Samurai Remnant, while Ioris in other worlds don't use them. While he initially only knows the Earth and Water Stances, he develops the Wind, Fire, and Void Stances as the story progresses. By the end of the story, he is capable of defeating Musashi in a battle of pure swordsmanship.  Earth Stance: A one-sword style used for defense and counterattacks. Water Stance: Dual wielding with extreme speed, allowing him to fight multiple enemies at once. Wind Stance: Wield a single sword and magecraft together. Best for fighting nonhuman enemies, from monsters to Servants. Fire Stance: A dual sword technique that, while slow, boasts powerful destructive force. This stance shows its true strength in difficult situations, growing faster and fiercer as HP decreases. Void Stance: A vigorous technique that uses lightning fast iai strikes to cut down any enemy in its path. Though this stance boasts great power, it leaves a greater opening between attacks as HP decreases.

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The Sounds of Silence

The Sounds of Silence   1x1 with Til Death It was as though hell itself opened and every evil spirit was running free. It was a war or so Geto had declared. Gojo had entered Shibuya to try and stop this madness but Geto had been waiting for him. To have their strongest sorcerer sealed away meant that they were starting at a disadvantage. Inumaki Toge was small in stature but he wasn't to be counted out by any means. His cursed speech power could be used somehow.He dodged and weaved throughout Shibuya getting into and out of tight spaces that only he could fit. He was alone right now, although his thoughts went to Yuta. With Gojo neutralized, Yuta could easily fill in the gaps. He might even be stronger than Gojo. Inumaki thought that might have been his own personal bias there but facts were still facts. Hopefully Yuta would come home soon. Inumaki knew he had to make it through so that he could see Yuta again no matter what the cost.Finally he made it to his destination. He had throat medicine in one hand and a megaphone in the other. Itadori would be looking for a way to get in to save Gojo. It was only logical given that Itadori was a powerful Jujutsu sorcerer in his own right. These altered humans were going to be a problem but it wasn't anything a dose of cursed speech wouldn't cure. “Inumaki! You're here!” Itadori shouted.“Salmon! Salmon!” He called out to acknowledge the other. He leapt over a slab of concrete and pulled out his megaphone. “Get BACK!” He shouted into it pointing the megaphone at the altered humans. He started to cough afterward, sending a spray of blood over the megaphone and down his lips. He watched as they parted just as they were ordered. He watched Itadori run inside the station. He'd done his part to make sure that the rescue of Gojo could be continued. Once Yuji was inside, Inumaki stumbled off into an alley near the station.The back of the megaphone was still in his hand. He staggered in great pain to find a safe place to take that throat medicine. The cap was ripped off and he started to drink. The taste had a distinct copper taste all because his throat had been filled with blood. This had been the most blood he'd lost with the use of his cursed speech on such a profound level. He was weak. This made him glad nobody saw him.Sitting on a step near a service entrance for the station, Inumaki rested his head against the building. No one saw him. So he assumed he was safe. He assumed incorrectly. The sound of shouting woke him. He had no idea just how long he had been unconscious. He had taken the full bottle of throat medicine so he knew he was tapped. What happened next was a blur.The darkness became more profound as Sukuna used his domain expansion. Inumaki was far too close to the edge as Sukuna used his power. The domain expansion severed Inumaki’s arm. The excruciating agony caused him to call out using his voice. His damaged throat filled with blood again. Along with the shock from losing his arm, Inumaki Toge lost consciousness.~*~He felt arms around him. Someone was carrying him. There was fear in the voice of the one carrying him. One eye opened to see Panda holding him and running toward the nearest ambulance. The bear’s fur was colored crimson with Toge’s blood. “You hold on, you hear me! I don't want to be the one to tell Yuta you didn't make it!”Even in the midst of blood loss and shock because of losing a limb, the thought of Yuta kept him going. Panda was with him right now. Panda had found him. Toge was going to make it.~*~He had been bandaged up and multiple transfusions had been able to stabilize the young Jujutsu sorcerer. He knew he was safe and could focus on his recovery. His eyelids had fluttered shut when he heard his name. ”Inumaki-kun…”His head turned in the direction of that voice. Yuta was finally here. Inumaki's mouth was bandaged to ensure the healing of his throat. He was given nourishment through an IV until his throat could heal. His eyelids opened. A silent tear raced down his cheek. Relief raced over him. He didn't speak because he couldn't. Surely the eye contact he had with Yuta would be all that was needed.  Inumaki Toge; Laconic ; @silentrunning credit: james kriet

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