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09/22/2023 08:19 PM 

Break the Ice(Drabble/sample)

𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐈𝐜𝐞penned by: 𝕾𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖒 𝕾𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖍𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖓featuring: @TricksterGod"I know it's been a while, but I'm glad you cameAnd I've been thinking 'bout how you say my nameYou got my body spinning like a hurricaneAnd it feels like you got me going insaneAnd I can't get enough, so let me get it up" Britney  Spears was playing just blocks away in the lodge of New Alfheim  as Lady Solveig had walked towards the grassy shore to sit and contemplate her current  emotions and trying to  sort them out given her grief  at the loss of her love who  sacrificed  his life to save their people from the Mad Titan Thanos. "I would travel to Hel and back for him, only for him all over again." Lady Solveig spoke softly as she glanced over the ocean of New Asgard. There was an unveiled sadness deep within her eyes and the tone of her voice, she had lost her homes, lost her beloved Alfheim and her beloved Asgard to the mad titan, all sacrificed for his own love. She had lost her beloved Loki only to somehow gain his Variant. Despite asking so many questions, and getting answers from him, Lady Solveig had not only aided in the building of Asgard, but building new Alfheim for the remaining elves had taken up most of her time and priority, however she was grateful to Loki for aiding her in the process she didn't exactly know where to begin with rebuilding their relationship. "You're still awake Alv?" Loki asked as he strode over to the log she was sitting on as she hugged herself, attempting to keep herself warm. Loki sat down beside her, magically producing a blanket and placing it around her shoulders as he glanced out at the ocean. Solveig held the warming green fabric around herself, not responding as she continued looking at the ocean, the way the moon on Midgard shone so beautifully reflecting on the water. She didn't mind This Loki being close at the moment as she didn't want to be alone at this current moment of time. "I know that I am in a sense…not your Loki, But I am Loki." He started explaining as she rested her head against his shoulder. She was at ease as she listened to him closely, enjoying his company and his comfort in a way that words could not describe. "You don't have to be my Loki, just be Loki, be you." Solveig replied, glancing up at him with a small smile as she placed her hand on top of his own, reassuringly as she continued, attempting to explain. "You may not be the Loki that died for our people, but, you don't have to be, you helped build something that I could not have done without your aid and for that I thank you Loki…truly…it means so much to me and our people." She confessed. She noticed that Loki's demeanor changed when she spoke to him rather highly with sincerity before she continued to ask him a question that had been plaguing her mind since he started helping her and their people. "Loki, I have been considering how to propose this for quite some time now. Would you…would you care to go to dinner, with me?" Solveig asked, watching as Loki turned his head to look at her. "You're asking to court me?" Loki asked playfully, partially amused by her attempt, despite the question being rather different for him as typically it was him attempting such a thing and not the other way around. A smile played upon his lips as he admired the woman who he had started growing close to. "But of course, it sounds lovely, Alv." Solveig smiled softly as she grasped his hand within her own, fingers interlocking within his own as she spoke softly. "I'm going to let you pick the place as I was the one who asked…after all, if we are truly in this together, then we should at least attempt to be a team, especially in our romantic life."Solveig retorts calmly, bright green  hues gazing  into  his  own  as  some sense  of  relazation happens to the Loki Variant in almost an instant from her appearance. "You're a Loki too..." He spoke  with  an amused  tone as Solveig merely  shook her head."Yes and no, I'm  a Loki, but I am  my own  person I was adopted  and raised  by  the Light Elves, that is why they call me Alv, I wasn't  raised  by Odin, in fact my people were forming an alliance  through attempting  to marry me off to my timelines Thor, I vanished  and ended up in Asgard and used my magic to make  it as if I belonged  there, the Loki that died saw past all of it and well, one thing led to another  and we were courting...before" Solveig confessed glancing  down  at  the  grass, running her long slender fingers against  the  grass as she finished  speaking. Loki stared at her, before  placing a hand beneath  her chin to have her look at him, seeing  his reflection  within  her evergreen colored eyes like a mirror as he spoke  to  her.  "I promise you Solveig, I will be here for you, always." 

🍓 ♡ ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔬 ♡ 🍓

09/22/2023 07:15 PM 


Name: Rosie Ann DawnAge: 15Gender: femaleHair color: GreenEye color: PurpleSpecies: witchSexuality: LesbianParents: Romeo/unknownSiblings: Milo, Finnian, Ezra, Danny.

🍓 ♡ ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔬 ♡ 🍓

09/22/2023 07:11 PM 


Name: Milo Lee DawnAge: 19Gender: MaleHair color: PurpleEye color: PurpleSpecies: NekoSexuality: Pansexual {Beta}Parents: Romeo/unknownSiblings: Rosie, Finnian, Ezra, Danny.

🍓 ♡ ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔬 ♡ 🍓

09/22/2023 07:07 PM 


Name: Danny Butter DawnAge: 15Gender: MaleHair color: BlueEye color: BlueSpecies: HumanSexuality: Gay {Omega/bottom}Parents: Romeo/unknownSiblings: Rosie, Finnian, Ezra, Milo.


09/22/2023 01:16 PM 

Solveig's Rules

General Rules/Boundaries for my Blog/Page to note:   1. You've got to act your age when you RP, let alone interact in general with me. I only write with people in my age range(35+), anyone younger is blocked. (Best example and way to prove your age to me: If you don't  know what Forever Knight is let alone the plotline without using your search bar, then you're far too young to be on my Page/Blog's "Friends" list.)2. Don't be a d!ck. To the writer or the character, More so in regards to the character unless I (the writer) approve so. To Me as The Writer, please if your on my friends list and you're having a bad day, just please, take a step away to cool off and clear your head,  and then come back to talk to me and/or remove me, and/or even block me if you feel like. It's okay. Heck, you don't even have to talk to me to block me. Just do what you got to do if I effect your mental health or trigger you as a lot of my character themes can be triggering due to the topics...Thus Dead Dove: Do Not Eat.3. Be patient. Life is life, everyone can be busy with work and what not. But if it has been a few days, just poke me over DM's or heart my statuses as that generally gets my attention. 4. No one liners, at least three sentences. I honestly expect people to take their time as I'm only active and respond or RP when I feel like I am up to it. Sometimes I just don't feel like writing the muse at the time and that's okay. It's not the end of the world. 5. I RP in 3rd person. Never 1st.5.1. I only write Novella, so if you don't like reading a 9+ paragraph starter, don't add me and don't seek interaction from me as on a good day I can go 14 Paragraphs long. 5.2. Solveig is half Light Elf and half Asgardian "Alv" is what the other Light Elves call her. She was taught by Freya how to use and weild magic along with Loki. This does make My character very powerful. She is a over 1000 year old alien with superior strength and durability; centuries of combat expertise; and centuries of magic study. If your character is of human origins (even mutated/altered), and you choose to have them fight my character, please accept the fact that she is more powerful as a base. We can discuss the fight, methods by which they might be able to get the upper hand, and scenarios in which she would take a hit or lose, but I am not going to under-power my character and it is going to be tough to do damage to her.6. No God Mod or trying to control my character in any way shape or form. Unless I approve it and you've discussed with me prior to our rp. 7. My page is Selective - that means that before we interact, I will check out your page to make sure that we’re a good fit. If I choose not to interact with you, please don’t take it personally. I have my reasons for being selective, and I choose to be selective so I can keep my roleplaying space fun and comfortable for myself. Please don’t let that stop you from inquiring, though!8. My page is Single Ship and Alv is shipped with ᚺꓦᛊðᚱⳘᚢᛩᚱ /591803. 9. If I've blocked you, it's because I'm not interested in your character or seeing your page online. So, do yourself a favor and just click off if I've blocked you. 10. Just have fun, and if you can't and wanna get mad just for the heck of it please do yourself a favor and click off from my page and rules, thanks.  11. I don't join discord servers, so please don't ask me to. This is mostly because most rp based Servers just don't feel like a second home and I'd feel as if I'm betraying my friends for joining other servers. Thus, it's simply a no go for me as I'm better off without meeting "new" people.  ((More rules if shıt comes up that makes me need to update))These Rules  Were Penned By: 𝕾𝖆𝖑𝖊𝖒 𝕾𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖍𝖆𝖌𝖊𝖓   

anger management

09/22/2023 12:47 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

Rules will be posted soon....


09/22/2023 12:02 PM 

This and that

Lucas' employers <---(click! :P )Lucas can't get drunk or high and nicotine doesn't effect him. He still enjoys drinking wine for the taste and will sometimes opt for brandy instead depending on his mood. He also smokes to keep his mouth busy while dealing with his nagging cravings.Lucas fidgets often due to his insatiable thirst. He lives in a constant state of need. Depending on how long it's been since he's fed he feels anywhere between a slight nagging feeling to a sensation of nausea that comes with an extremely dry throat. His thirst gets out of control very rarely (during times of capture for example). When Lucas starts to experience cravings he'll start itching at his neck and his jaw will twitch. He'll also dry gulp air and pick at the threads of his clothes. He's always sticking things in his mouth like toothpicks, pens, and handles of silverware, and will sometimes suck on pennies. Sleep doesn't come easy to Lucas. He spends most of his nights pacing back and forth while reading graphic novels (he's a big fan of The Sandman and The Watchmen), sketching comics and scribbles in notebooks and on napkins (On napkins if he's at a bar or a restaurant), and journaling using his vintage tyepwriter. He's kept all of his journals from the moment he was turned (the 15th century) up until the present. He's retyped all of his handwritten journals and has considered releasing them under a pseudonym as works of 'fiction' for the heck of it.Before Lucas was turned he and his family were peasant farmers living in Russia. He was turned by a vampire who took pity on him after they attacked and killed his family and their livestock. Lucas and the family cat (named Feodor) were the only survivors. Lucas eventually accidentally killed Feodor when he lost control of his hunger for the first time. Since Lucas killed Feo he's been afraid to own a pet. He's presently considering getting another cat, albeit very apprehensively. Lucas has very "dark and moody" tastes when it comes to décor. His Manhattan penthouse looks like an oddities museum. His walls are painted black and most of his furniture is upholstered in velvets of various jewel tones. He likes to collect house plants, wet specimens, taxidermies, and other 'strange and interesting' little bits and bobs. Over the centuries Lucas has managed to maintain his Russian accent that has eventually become swirled with a New Yorker's dialect.Lucas has keept a pretty stoic outlook over the years. He'll flutter between a neutral state, extreme boredom, and existential exaustion. Very rarely is he down on himself and his "situation". If he feels frustrated he will actively engage his employers, practically begging for work.Lucas is an 'enforcer' for a few different mafia families. He's very well respected for his work sending 'messages' to people who have wronged the families or who owe debts. Fully embracing his true nature, Lucas doesn't wear contacts to hide his red eyes. He wears them with pride, but will usually say they are due to a 'genetic defect' when questioned about them by 'mundanes'.  For the most part Lucas will feed on people who 'won't be missed'. He primarily targets drunkards, junkies, sex workers, and the homeless. He never, ever goes after the targets he's given for his jobs, but has to feed soon after carying out assignments since the very scent of blood starts to tip the scales for him. Even being around someone with a minor scrtach makes me start to feel the 'itch'.


09/21/2023 04:13 PM 


PlayabiltyI have broken the Cannon (and some change of fates points into Fates), Which are all joinable plot points that may (or may not) help us build a story again. We do NOT Have to use these jumping points. They are suggestions, nothing more, and some will be added and changed as time goes on.I am ALWAYS willing to discuss, and there are also a few opening blanks in my blogs if you just want to roll into it.I will also accept relevant random starts so long as they are functional. If they are not I will reach out. .(Fate 1) lvl 6Alone in the cage, she suffered the fever that would have killed her, gaining. Four levels, putting her at level 6. The child sits alone in her cell as she did before, underweight and ragged. She waits for a buyer. She appears 5 years old.(Fate 2) lvl 8A fight with another child tossed in her cage forced her to fight for the meager food offerings. The pair struggled together for months until the blond fox demi-human was purchased, leaving Raphtalia alone again. The struggles for food pressed the girl's level from 6 to 8. She now appears 10 years old(Fate 3) lvl 9It's been a long while now. The slaver, sure this child was not going to sell and is a waste of space, has decided to sell her at a discount at the next fair.(Fate 4) Lvl 11She didn't sell at the fair. A beating followed that left her body broken and bruised. She was left with the fair owner, a monster of a man, aware of what she was and how she levels, who started throwing her in cages with monsters and forcing her to fight for entertainment.(Fate 5) Lvl 14The fights have gone well. The raccoon dog draws a crowd with her battles. A surprise as she was not supposed to survive all of them. She is becoming a slave of the blade. Though some offers to buy her, or even jus rent her, have started to come in.(Fate 6) Lvl 16Raphtalia has suffered much and survived it all. She still holds to the second enslaver; no one has bought her, though a few have rented her for the night. The fights are often now, she has been moved to a monster pit. She is drawing a large audience now.(Fate 7) lvl 20A powerful warrior, She fights with speed and efficiency her skills with the blade is traveling. She is a lovely woman who is often painted with other beasts' blood. She is given some privileges now and allowed to wander the pits. The slave crest won't let her leave anyway.(Fate 8) lvl 25The waves have become a problem. The heroes are struggling, calling upon adventurers, warriors, and even battle slaves like Raphtalia to help with the one arriving soon. Raphtalia is called to the front lines, and the Slave crest ownership is transferred to a military commander.(Fate 9) Lvl 29The waves have stopped. A curse upon the land and a giant turtle wanders, crushing villages easily. Called again, Raphtalia battles the spirit turtle. Joining the small party that ventures within. She pairs well with the group, leaving her home realm and being pulled into another.-Warning Season 2 Spoilers - (Fate 10) lvl 1Child again, a prison locks her down with some of the party and a new hero. She is weak, though she will work hard to regain her levels, much to her irritation.(Fate 11) lvl 10Escaping the prison was not so simple. She was separated from he group she arrived with after the portal rejected her. Imprisoned, she is bound again in a new world she doesn't understand. Alone once more, she is transported to a new hell.(Fate 12) lvl 11With the help of others in the cargo hold, Raphtalia could break free of the transport and, much like the others caught, ran. She would not be caught again, she decided.(Fate 13) lvl 50She made it to the city. A scene was unfolding as someone was becoming a hero. Hiding in the crowd, she watched. As a familiar face, the same who had been at the portal that rejected her. To her surprise, the blade chose her, appearing in her hand when he reached for it. The blade was too large for her, and the crowd turned against her. She ran. Her body changed as she moved. Pain danced through her. Her Slave crest burning off.   -I will only post what is in the anime if you want to discuss further plot points. It will be in private. I will not post light novel or Manga information publically I am a nice person, after all- 

✱ ⋮ N 1 X

09/21/2023 03:53 PM 


"Hey Nik, Things are slow here so i'm checkin in. I... wanted to say sorry for yesterday. I was a complete ass. Can I make it up to you? Grab a couple pies as a peace offering and talk? I know things have been rough. But I care, you know? Family sticks together. I'll be back tomorrow night. And please step away from the tech long enough to eat something! Heh. Talk soon brat. Love you."How many times had Nikki listened to that voicemail? As if it provided anything beyond cruel reminders. She'd dozed off playing it again. Blues cracking from the intrusive sound of beeping from her console. N1X's comm line was ringing. Dark circles accenting tired annoyance. Sitting upright with a groan she reached forward, aggressively tapping the screen to answer."What've you got for me?" she snapped into character with ease. The man on the other end scoffing. "Took long enough, where the hell you been?" Nikki's eyes rolled, combing fingers through petal tresses. "Busy. Where's the fire, Dull?" Dullahan. A fellow member of Facade who had government insiders. "Take a look." Her monitors would blink. Notifying the arrival of new messages.With a hum her hand would pull it towards her. The data projecting from the screen in a bright interactive interface. Fingers swiping and sifting through it diligently. "What am I lookin at, Dullahan? Cause all i'm seeing is another suit up sh*t creek." Dull would laugh smugly. "Look at the photos." Another swipe and a trio of images would pop up. "No way.." That was-"The commander in chief, himself. Seems he got a little too cozy and let somebody slip off with classifieds that might catch your interest." Her brow lifted with intrigue. "You mean...?" Tension gripped her. "He's putting out big creds for their retrieval. Figured you'd like to take your chances. Snag a nice payday and a copy for us?" Nikki couldn't chance missing out on a lead."Deal. Send the deets."Another notification blinked, Dull chuckling on the other end. "Already done. Have fun with the feds, Nixie~" Snickering she hung up with another harsh tap. It was time to work. Pressing behind her left earlobe a cable loosened. Nikki pulling it up and plugging it into a port on the console. Light blues glowed with electric vibrancy. Downloading the data to her neurolink.Nikki didn't miss a beat. Retracting the cable as her eyes rolled back. Thanks to the benefits of her technopathy and modded, slightly illegal, rig she didn't require a drastic setup to go diving. Her body became still, near lifeless beyond breathing, slumping back against the chair. A chamber at the back of the workshop hissing to life. The capsule opening with a whir before a black metal boot met the floor.Nix stepped from her station, eyes matching Nikki's as diagnostics were ran. "Systems optimal.. Everything loaded to capacity.. Data transferred.. Good." Walking to the console Nix gazed down to Nikki's body. "Man.. I need a haircut." She'd input a code, fully arming the garage's security. A precaution she took every outing to prevent interruptions."Showtime." Nix quicky left the garage. Double checking the data Dull sent. Seemed the crook in question was hiding out in Chicago. According to Dull's sources. "What a pain.." Complaints aside the droid would take flight, jets carrying her off to sniff out her quarry.


09/21/2023 03:52 PM 

Slave Crest

  Basic Slave Crest ○  Original crest placement for uncrested slaves: A mana paint is applied to the chest, and mixed into the dye is a drop of the master's blood; the Crest is painted by the slave owner, and a drop of the paint is placed on the scroll of ownership of the slave, binding the pair together officially.    ○  Master exchange process: The original master must draw a complete circle around the slave credit in their blood, releasing the slave and deactivating the Crest. The Crest will turn grey and in a receptive state. New master must place a drop of blood in the center of the Crest. The scroll will automatically update the new name burning into the scroll    ○  Receptive crest state: A master's death, or a masters release will turn the Crest into a receptive state. A dangerous place to be for a slave, the Crest grayed out, a single drop of blood will lock them back into a contract.    Receptive state duration:  The Crest will stay receptive for 3 months. If no new contract is made, the scroll of ownership will shrivel and dust away the Crest, leaving the slave free.        Slave Crest functions. Basic functions of a Slave crest Auto punishment: A natural penalty of a mana shock for disobedience. Auto entered conditions; 3 lines for Masters to enter personalized conditions.  1. Cannot attack or assault her master while incapacitated/sleeping2. Must obey masters orders within 30 seconds. 3. Moving for more than 2 miles from the master's location without permission. 4. Any Attempts to remove Crest by force5. Cannot contradict master words without permission6. Cannot lie to her master7. Condition left blank for Masters personal preferences. 8. Condition left blank for Masters personal preferences. █████▒▒▒▒▒ 50% Pain for crest disobedience.    An activated punishment: Formed by a snap of the master's fingers while the master is thinking of the slave's name will trigger a mana shock.Pain levels are set upon the acquisition of slaves. █████▒▒▒▒▒ 50% Pain for Crest Activated punishments.    XP Share: This will be set at binding of contract, how much XP is given to the slave and how much XP is given to the master. XP is used to determine leveling and aging in a Demi-human. █████▒▒▒▒▒ 50% Earned XP to Contract holder.    Other Slave Crests: A corrupted Crest happens when someone other than a master tries to remove the Crest and is unsuccessful, or more than one master claims a slave.    Incomplete crest removal: corrupted Crest The slave crest turns blue, and an X runs through the center.  The master will be informed of the attempt via mana pulse and telepathic message. This will alert them their slave has attempted to escape. Their Crest will be locked active indefinitely and allow activation by anyone who offers blood to the Crest. The disobedience consequences are automatically raised to 100%, causing debilitating pain in seconds, and will cause death after 10 minutes of non-compliance.    Multiple masters assigned: share crestSlave crest turns blue. To assign a partnered master, the current master must draw an X with their blood across the Crest, and each additional master must put a drop of blood in the center of the Crest. Xp share will only apply to the primary master, however any master can activate punishments, and commands will be tied to the same punishments as the original.    Fighting arena crest: battle crestSlave crest turns red. A master is no longer assigned when a crested slave is sent to the fighting pits.  The slave is bound to battle. The arena crest will force the slave to fight any opponent set to them in the ring and will dictate a pain level for failure to fight. The pain is deactivated once they draw blood from their opponent. Every kill lowers the amount of pain for delays in fighting. The battle crest becomes deactivated once the slave is removed from the fighting arena, entering a receptive state.   The further she gets from the arena's zone the crest slowly fades when reaching 10Miles, it is completely inactive.  Concealed CrestCrest glows white when activated but is invisible most of the time. and is placed by high-level mages an expensive modification. The Crest a high-level one that holds no distance limiter the master scroll of holding can send new orders remotely. The Crest is invisible except when a command is given, or the master speaks the slave's name.   Crest-related Purchasable items:  ○  Crest Guard: A leather shield was worn on the chest of a former slave to prevent accidental blood from falling on the Crest and binding it to another. The item is illegal, though some areas sell them, and the handy can undoubtedly make them themselves.  ○  Assessment Crystals: Assessment crystals can be bought to check the stats of slaves that are not your own. They are sold and rented mostly at or during slave auctions or sales. These crystals only work with creatures who wear a slave crest.  ○  Crest cleanse elixir: Crest cleanse elixir requires a drop of blood from the original master to activate, and once poured over a slave's, Crest will lift the slave crest curse. If the wrong drop of blood or no blood is used, the Crest will become corrupted. The elixir is expensive and rare due to the plant that is used with it being over-harvested in years past, as well as the murdering of masters by slave families to free family members; getting your hands on a bottle requires a royal seal and permission, or bottomless pockets in the black market. 

🍓 ♡ ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔬 ♡ 🍓

09/21/2023 12:10 PM 


Name: Niko DarAge: 30Gender: MaleSpecies: Charizard (blue fire)Sexuality: StraightHair color: BlackEye color Blue.Personality: Sweet, with agreessive traits.He's doesn't have normal fire, he has blue fire which can be more dangerous.

🍓 ♡ ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔢𝔬 ♡ 🍓

09/21/2023 11:40 PM 


Name: Ezra Ambrose DawnAge: 16Gender: MaleHair color: WhiteEye color: PinkSpecies: Human, but psychoSexuality: Bi with a female lean {rough and top}Parents: -------Siblings: Rosie, Finnian, Danny, Milo.He can be sweet, but during sex it depends...


09/21/2023 01:49 PM 


Skin tears, bones fracture, the two fight tirelessly beneath the cloudy dark sky, with knuckle-burrowing fists, bone-crushing kicks, and an absolutely undeniable resolve. A god who decrees mortal existence to be a fallacy, a besmirch upon immortal whimsy; the homicidal half-dead god of hulking stature, Zamasu. Opposite stands a mortal who’s traumatic rage touched divinity, he will not allow the fall of mortal-kind; the future warrior of hope, Trunks.Upon a fleeing tactical retreat, a volley of light-orbs rain from the palm of Trunks’ outstretched hand. Zamasu’s bulky form forces himself through the exploding barrage with maddened intolerance. His mangled, half dead face abruptly in Trunks’ heavy-browed visage. Teeth gnash, a purple rotted fist smashes into the maw, Trunks spirals down below with an elongated hollar "naaaaaahhh!," the land bursts like a geyser beneath his colliding back. Zamasu cries out with righteous anger “FACE YOUR DIVINE JUDGMENT!,” and with thunderous sonic boom, barrels to the earth, his jaw cracking into Trunks' booted heel. The man leaps off the stunned cranium of his godly opposition into a bevy of skyward flips —until he was prepared to show his hand. “JUDGE THIS, NRAH!!” A golden beam bolts unto the planet with an air searing echo before the brutish god is whiplashed into the earth below!The smoke and debris blinds Trunks, he tries to rigorously swing the dirt and dust away because he can feel his foe’s god-ki, but without eyes on the corrupted deity, Trunks might as well be in bloody waters with a hungry shark, blindfolded. Thunder booms and scarlet lightning erupts from the cloud of destruction, it sprouts through the atmosphere like the roots of a tree. Trunks barely avoids the attack, dodging one-two-three-fou-"NGHH!!" his cheek singed black by a solitary streak he can’t account for. Enough to distract his half-closed line of sight, enough for Zamasu to capitalize with a titanic punch thrust below the ribs. Spittle flings from the agape lip, a hole bursts through Trunks’ denim blue jacket, a twisted grin of satisfaction stretches along Zamasu’s half-rotten face. The god raises Trunks’ limp body high into the air atop gigantic fist like a trophy to be paraded about, unto the errant arrogant humans, their final hope defeated.“Now, Trunks, how will you compensate for your mortal weakness?!" Zamasu spits with potent venom upon his sharpened tongue. "For the sin of existing in my presence?! For the blasphemy of TIME TRAVEL! FOR THE INSOLENCE OF WIELDING DIVINE POWER!!”While Zamasu’s egotistical word fall on deaf ears, another’s emanated Trunks’ subconscious. Don’t be ashamed of your anger! It said. “Who... Gohan?” It’s okay to hurt. “Not... you, a memory.” It’s okay to feel the rage! “I’m trying.” Harness it! “I’m trying!” Use it as a tool! “I’M TRYING!” You’re doing it, Trunks, don’t be afraid! “I’M NOT AFRAID!” Let it go, let it all go!Suddenly eyes of white explode with glowing rage, Trunks body burns, every muscle bloats and swells before abruptly constricting, compacting the explosive power inside. His enflamed golden aura takes on a more serene appearance, and a divine blue energy envelops him within. Both hands clasped together, Trunks hammers away a bewildered Zamasu’s arm, and runs his fist all-the-way through the gargantuan deity’s gut with mortally deadly impact. After a nausiating huff, Zamasu cackles, “AHAHA! IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE FOR ME?!”Trunks pulls his sword from the scabbard, and it emanates with a spiritual power that gives even the god pause, he tries to react but it's too late. The blade is plunged into his neck and further down the torso. For the first time in his life, the Zamasu feels the chaotic hopes and dreams of the very mortals he condemned, boring into his very being. Fanged maw cries out in agony, hollaring “WHAT… IS HAPPENING TO ME…?!”“You’re dying." Trunks responds with little flair as he hovers just above Zamasu. "That blade sticking out of your heart, it’s made up of energy flowing in from every living thing in this world. It’s the power of mortals fighting for each other, the power of believing in something bigger than just you. I compacted it and made it sharper, more deadly if its hidden. It kills everything. And everyone.”“EVEN ME… A GOD?”“Yeah, even you.” Trunks wrapped his fingers around the hilt of the sword as he slowly ascended. “Now disappear, FOREVER!” The swordsman roared and his sword grew and grew, until Zamasu could no longer contain its physical presence, nor could he deny its power. The body of the god dissipates, and so too does the sword. Trunks turned his back on the dying god. Heavy brows furrow, a faint shake of the head. “No," he said with disappointment. "This isn’t the one.”A dark, festering energy sprouts from the ground behind. It curls and spreads, corrupting the very atmosphere. “DAMN IT!” shouts an angered Trunks. “HOW CAN THIS NOT BE THE ONE?!” Zamasu still lived, not in body, but soul. His soul eat the sky and plagued the world in darkness and twisted laughter.“Every time. I disintegrated his entire being with that attack, but why can’t I imagine destroying his soul?!”“Maybe your muscles aren’t big enough?” A feminine voice abruptly rings in Trunks ear. He can only gather a stuttering, “H-HUUH?!”  ——— PART 2 ——— On grassy plains far from West City and civilization, Trunks woke hovering just off the ground, blue eyes wide. His curious gaze falls over to his right, where a fair young woman with violet eyes and white hair, a braid running down her right shoulder stood. Her clothes are purple and silky, yet uniformal with gold piping and angular symbols. She leaned over, a comforting expression over her pale countenance. The halo around her neck was familiar to Trunks, he’d seen it before on someone else with similar attire. She reaches out to him, the pad of her blueish-white index finger slides gently along his bottom lip. When she holds her solitary digit up, Trunks notices blood trailing the appendage.“Apologies for the interruption," She kindly acknowledged. "I think your image training may have been exceeding your current limits.” Her gaze shoots up, over his opposite side. “Do we really need him? I have warriors with far bigger physiques, they get SO many views on GodTube.” She cheerily proclaimed.“We?” Trunks interjects with blinking perplexity.“We.” Voiced another at Trunks’ other shoulder, a tall male figure and the other individual with a halo around his neck, of pale skin and white hair with a particularly curious curl at the top of its vertical length; Whis. His similarly immaculate attire implied high status, the truth couldn’t be more accurate. Whis, the Attendant angel of the God of Destruction for Universe 7.“Now, now, Kusu. Bigger isn’t always better. Experience is invaluable after all.” Whis addressed his eldest sibling; Kusu, the Attendant angel of the God of Destruction for Universe 10.“I don't mean to interrupt but how did you find me?” Trunks cut in. Whis gives the comparatively younger man his regal attention, nose slightly upturned. “A query not without merit." He smiles, it's the kind of smile that tends to warm one's heart and ease their comfort, the genuine kind. "As Kusu mentioned, your image training was proving quite strenuous. Mother nature doesn’t often agree with Saiyan energy spikes, even half-Saiyans. Really, finding you couldn’t be any easier if you held a red neon sign. I imagine the root of such strain is related to your transition into this new timeline?”How did Whis know, how could he be so glib, Trunks ponders with quiet annoyance. His hesitation to reply told the angel more than had he simply fibbed. Trunks was a troubled soul, which may make him amiable to their grand cause. “I… it’s not that I’m ungrateful for this second chance but…” He didn’t want to say, because it felt ungrateful. “The truth is I feel like an outsider here, and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t stop thinking about how I could have changed things in my timeline. How I might saved it and EVERYONE if I did ANYTHING differently.”Whis takes a mental note of Trunks increasing tone of voice. “And?," the angel asks, "have you found an irrefutable method of saving your previous timeline?”“Hnnno!” Hands wound into frustrating fists. “I’ve gone over it a thousand times, but based off the resources I had, I can’t imagine a way of stopping Zamasu after I kill him. Everyone was counting on me and I let them all down. Now I’m here and everything feels meaningless!”Trunks words weigh heavy, even on an angel who has seen it all before. “I see. Well then, allow us to bring meaning back into your life.” Whis announced and all the angels from every universe in unison walk into sight, their staffs held in hand as they encircle the half-Saiyan. Whis took lead, all others stood behind. As Trunks is indeed a Universe 7 being, Whis felt it appropriate he mainly be the one to address the mortal and the situation at hand.“Planets throughout the multiverse are being destroyed at an exponential and quite frankly, unbelievable rate. In short, we need you and your expertise in inter-dimensional travel to find the culprit.”“What, me? But that would require me to time travel. Didn't you say that was forbidden?”“Under normal circumstances, it is. This, as you can surmise, is an extenuating circumstance. Countless worlds are being destroyed, thus countless timelines are being created. The number of which is unprecedented. Universal collapse is an imminent potential danger. If universal collapse by some miracle does not occur, it will surely still garner the attention of the Omni-Kings. Need I remind you what they are capable of?”Trunks remembered all too well, and it could be read all over his disgruntled face. Trunks had seen one Omni-King at work before and it cost him everything. “The Omni-King ...erased my timeline, my world.” Heavy brows furrow, eyes glistened, nervous perspiration sheened.“Yes. If the Omni-Kings were to find out about this predicament, we may find ourselves amidst multiversal obliteration. A reboot should fortune prove even an inkling in our favor.”“Really?” The idea of a reboot caught Trunks' attention, his gaze shot right up. Whis felt it neccesary to dash any inappropriate expectations to better understand the gravity of the situation.“Nothing as it was would exist.”Trunks silently cursed himself for even entertaining otherwise. He knew better, he was just desperately grasping at straws and he was privy of it. There was nothing left but to ask about the details. “Why me? Isn’t this something you or a God of Destruction should handle?”“We have neither the time or the luxury for such an investigation. A God of Destruction and their Attendant are closely monitored. Should we prove suspicious, we ourselves will become prone to investigation. The Omni-Kings will find out about the disturbance and the multiverse will be no more. This must be handled as quietly as possible, with a scalpel instead of a bludgeon. Discretion is of the utmost importance to save the multiverse. Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing. What will you do now that it is here, I wonder?”Part of Trunks doesn't feel like he's ready for this kind of mission. Amidst his doubts, there's a voice whispering in his ear, don't be afraid. He whispers back, “I'm not afraid." And his blue eyes look to the angel, Whis, with newfound determination."This time, I’m going to save everyone.”  DRAG✪N BALL      HOLY CRUSADER OF HOPE      THE FIGHT FOR FUTURE PERFECT  


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A peek at an alternative incarnation 'cuz why not

If I didn't get attached to the manga dragon backstory,well, I'm equally attached to this haphazard mess thatI've had in reserve for--according to the profile in a siteI cannot name here--one year, six months, one week,one day:( And I've been too lazy to draw my own things. Please don't kick my shins for using AI :(I'll doodle them myself at some point, swearsies!!) (And let's pretend I didn't mispell singular in the edgy one.) 


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• Lizzie is desperate to be the "perfect wife" for her cousin. This is why she conceals her strength as a swordswoman, why she acts meekly and dresses girly. It stems from her deep feelings for Ciel. Although she is not a fool; she knows Ciel's feelings for her are platonic in nature and he intends to wed her only out of duty, not love. Yet she holds on to hope he might one day fall in love with her.• Despite his attempts to act "normal" around her, Lizzie is painfully aware of the walls that have been built around Ciel's heart. These walls terrify her to no end and fill her with an intolerable loneliness when she is in his presence. It makes her feel as if he can not really see her even when he is in the same room as her. It leaves her longing for when they were younger and closer. She feels as if he does not trust her and harbors a jealousy towards the butler that seems so close to him.   • Lizzie is driven by a near primal desire to protect Ciel and keep him safe. Likely fuelled by her desire to be useful to him and prove herself worthy of being his bride even if it means taking on Sebastian head on in a battle of swords. She is willing to drop her facade of being a helpless girl if it means keeping him safe. This seems to be a reciprocated gesture between the two of them as Ciel is protective of her to levels of near stupidity.   • There is a deep seeded root of guilt that haunts Lizzie from her failure of being unable to tell Ciel apart from his twin. This guilt causes her to over compensate by showering Ciel in more attention than she had previously in a bid to prove her devotion to him.

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