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Miles Hart (single)

06/25/2024 10:47 PM 

About miles

Originally I had miles as a wolf but not many were liking him that way so I change him to be human. Regardless of his information it can be changed to fit with anyone.Name: Miles HartAge looks 25height 5'8Weight: 130Hair dark brownEyes bluescars: bullet wounds on shoulder and stomach mostly cover by the tattoos Orientation: bi switchOccupation: police officerSpecies humanPiercings: ears, d*ck and tongueTattoos arms and chestPersonality: caring, funny, stubborn, protectiveLikes: books, keeping busy, surfing, dogsDislikes: bullies, drug dealers, business men, catsBio: after his parents died at a young age he was force to survive in the street. Dealing with gangs, businessmen and prostitute. When he got caught stealing at 18 years old the service worker told him about the money left him. He went to school and became a officer and promise to help those who didn't have a chance to survive in the brutal world.Kinks/limits-Rough sex-Nothing to do with toilet/feet/bondage/master-slave/animal(nekos are welcomed)/-mpreg welcomed (when done right. nothing to do with demon rituals or anything weird like that)

Miles Hart (single)

06/25/2024 10:46 PM 

Ideas for stories

**There are some circumstances where stories can be combine to make into a even crazier story***Romantic side of stories1) the ex lover x ex loverBoth characters dated in high school but family got in the way. They break up to go off to college. They meet back up at 5 year reunion and they are married or single. Old feelings come back from the memories that come back. Now both being in the same town they run into each other, get into arguements blaming each other for what happen and going through the pain to restart there love2) undercover cop and innocentThe cop job is to protect the innocent. The family or job that involves the innocent is being investigated for gambling or whatever and in order the cops to do there job they need the innocence out. Cop gets close to the innocence to get them out only to start getting feelings for innocence as they have to run to stay protected from harm3) the in closetBoth characters aren't out being gay or bi. They are dating girls. At a party being drunk Both characters end up kissing in the bathroom. Making it awkward for them at college or public. Arguments when there alone they end up experimenting when there alone together and not with the girls to learn more about themselves to eventually coming out to the girlfriends4) psych wardFor different species roleplayWaking up in a strange place not knowing how they got there, they have tontry to escape before things get bad. But as they eat the food and recieve medicine they start to lose who they are and get weaker. The place plays with there mind. If they get out they have to go in hiding together. They need each other to be able to surviveFor human roleplayCan be patients, people that work there or psychtrist one character. They get through the craziness together5) sibling stories-There is the step siblings where the parents are getting married and the two of there kids try to get along. Along the way they begin to experiment with other.-There is the already siblings and maybe the old child was the only one that help the other survive the loneliness from there parents working so much or maybe the older is dating the young sibling gets jealous6) teacher x studentCollege- the student always late and the teacher teaches them a lesson by making it difficult to pass the class they really need.- the teacher meets student at club and they make out not realizing they see each other a lot more. Couple of arguments here and there. Lead to them sneaking aroundHigh school-teacher becomes the tutor of the student. Going to there home over the weekends to help then understand only leads to something elseThe darker side of stories1) drug addict x drug addictionBoth in a bad place. They both end up at the same place at the wrong time only to try escape by helping each other. Once they are good distance away they hide out together trying to help each other out. Or another scenario one is the neighbor who finds the other over dosing a lot and finally steps to try to help recover taking the beatings2) the abusive and the anxietyBoth coming from bad relationships they find themselves drawn together.


06/25/2024 08:49 PM 

Stats and Moves

Stats:ATK: 89DEF: 90PWR: 99SPD: 100AGI: 98Attacks/Move Set:Voltic BallVoltic PunchVoltic KickVoltic BlastVoltic BeamVoltic CannonUltimate Move(s):Thunder VoltLightning Volt

Keaton Loire

06/25/2024 04:29 PM 

Naoto Kurogane

Naoto KuroganeAge: 16-19Height: 5'10"Weight: 162Naoto Kurogane in a canon sense is an Alternative version of Ragna the Bloodedge, originating from the BlazBlue Manga, The Bloodedge Chronicles. An easily angered young man who is a proud fighter. His skills allow him to use his own blood to unleash long distance and close range attacks. His Drive Ability turns his hair white and his eyes red showing his power. It also increases his bloods attack power. He will also absorb the blood of his foes to increase his power more, heal health or fuel his special gauge RWBY RP:Naoto Kurogane hails from a distant village, about 20 miles west of Vale. This village is full of people who all share the same Semblance. That Semblance is quite rare, it is known as Bloodedge. Its a Semblance that Grimm fear as much as the Silver Eyes. Its a semblance that admittedly more common than people with Silver Eyes, but rare compared to other Semblances. This semblance allows the person to use their own blood as a weapon. Since Blood is a liquid rather than solid, it can seep into imperfections in a Grimms Armored hide and attack vital areas with ease. Grimm genuinely fear the Bloodedge people to a point where a single person with a Bloodedge Semblance can cause a pack of Grimm to turn and run. Its one of the few reasons why Vale is so safe. The Grimm are too scared to even go anywhere near the village let alone Vale. The Semblance can be passed down from having a child with a Bloodedge member, but it is a 1 out of 5000 chance for a child to be born naturally with it, but if someone has a child with a Bloodedge, that increases to 1 out of 3. Alot of people around the world wish to have a child with a Bloodedge to protect their cities/towns/villages, because 1 single Bloodedge can protect a city with ease. Having a Bloodedge on a team is quite beneficial as well. For grimm with tough armor like a Goliath, if a sword, axe, etc can make a dent in the armor, the Bloodedge can finish it off for making a chink in the armor. Naoto Kurogane is a member of the village. He had been slaying Grimm since he was 7 Years old. He is quite nimble and strong, able to break the armor of an Ursa with a kick allowing him to slay it with no issue. A bit of a smartass at times, but hes genuinely a good person at heart.  


06/24/2024 09:57 PM 

Writing prompt test

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Luna ☪️

06/24/2024 10:01 PM 

Brooke Luna Wright

  Name: Brooke WrightHero Name: Seraph Sentinel (Or Seraph for short) Age: Can be between 20 to 25 Appearance: Look in albumsBackground: Originally From Memphis, TN, Brooke has a mom and 3 older brothers. Her father is not in the picture. Because of this, her family was not in the best financial situation for much of her childhood. However, she still has a very strong relationship with them. As far as schools go, her K-5 life was pretty standard. She was quite the social butterfly which only increased once her quirk manifested. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a hero, so her mother enrolled her in a 6th - 12th school that had an emphasis on heroics. Think UA but in the states. By the time she graduated, Brooke was top of her class.  Personality (during hero work): Angel truly lives up to her hero name while she is at work. She embodies qualities that are pure and gentle, and many of the people she has saved describe her as ethereal. She is kind-hearted, compassionate, and selfless often to her own detriment. Her presence is said to exude a sense of peace and serenity, making others feel comforted and protected in her company. Angel shows a large level of empathy and understanding in every interaction. Her actions and words are often guided by a deep sense of morality and goodness.  Personality (outside of hero work): Brooke off duty is a tad bit different. She is still kind and compassionate. Also due to her quirk, she still makes people feel at ease around her. However outside of work, Brooke possesses a unique charm that combines wit with compassion. She has a quick and clever sense of humor, often using sarcasm as a way to navigate through life's ups and downs with a dose of levity. Her sarcasm and light jabs are never mean-spirited but rather a playful tool she uses to comment on the world around her. She values authenticity and honesty, unafraid to speak her mind or challenge injustices with a sharp tongue and a big heart. Her humor serves as a shield against insincerity and pretense, allowing her to navigate social dynamics with a blend of candor and compassion. However beneath her sarcasm, lies a deeply caring nature. She is generous with her time and support, always ready to lend a helping hand or offer advice with a touch of humor. Her kindness shines through in moments of vulnerability, where she shows genuine concern and empathy for others' feelings and struggles. In all her relationships, she fosters deep connections through her ability to laugh together and share meaningful conversations.  Quirk Name: Angel  Quirk Description: There are two parts to her quirk. The first part of her quirk is her wings. They are large, pearly white wings. She, of course, can fly, but she can also use her feathers to heal people. The size of the feather correlates with the wound she can heal. Small feathers can heal cuts and bruises. Large feathers can heal large gashes and broken bones. The second part of her quirk is the halo that sits behind her head. The specific type of halo is a seraphim halo which she can use as a weapon by gripping it off her head, turning it into a chakram.  Quirk Drawbacks: Because of her ability to fly, she has more hollow bones which makes them more susceptible to breaks. If she takes out enough of her feathers she has difficulty flying, and if she takes out too many then she can’t fly at all. If she is away from her halo for too long then her powers quickly begin to dwindle.


06/23/2024 02:01 PM 

Aggravation; Why is it so hard?
Current mood:  bummed

For Context This Is An OUT of Character Blog.​​​​​​why is it so hard to meet another bisexual/lesbian cisgendered women who are okay with polygamory. Like I am ready to date again, ready to love again after my last heartbreak. I have a husband but my relationship with this future woman is separate from my marriage. I also want someone I can write with. Do art and edits with. Someone I can enjoy in rl and in rp. It sucks, I just want that connection with someone. I have tried so many different ways to meet new people but cannot find that new person. Why is it so dang hard? Only people who seem to be interested in males. 😭 I just want to find my future wife. I just dislike things are hard like this.

Queer, rant

Cardinal's Blade

06/21/2024 10:52 PM 

Saw something hypocritical~

One day this community needs to really take the time and have an actual talk about how y'all talk when you think people outside your circle can't see what you say.  Just because you're friends with someone doesn't mean you have to play kissass or agree with whatever they say even when it's flatout wrong or hypocritical of them to.  It does not make you a bad or fake friend to point that out, only people who want to surround themselves with spineless yesmen say that it does.  You can disagree and still be friends with someone so, get that cancerous mindset of they have to agree or they're not really your friend out.  Same with civility, you can be civil and respectful on things you disagree on.Main topic: Alright, running your profile how you want is one thing, but when you demand people accept it while you, yourself have posted bashing others for not running their profiles how YOU disagree with while hiding in your profile hoping none of them see multiple times and speaking in defense of people in your circle who've done the same, it ruins any point you may have had.  It also ruins the point you make when you actively defended a harassment campaign and have deleted the post where someone posted proof of said harassment campaign when you got comfronted on it.  Why?  To protect your friend who WAS the one orchestrating it because he claimed he didn't like the verse.  Do, again do tell others how they need to accept how you portray a character and if they don't like it they can just leave while you've done those in the past?  It is okay for people in your circle to do that stuff, right, but you don't like it when it's the other way around, huh...See, a line you said in your post kind of is hilarious.  You brought up work, but here's the thing.  Your dumb ass admitted to weaponizing your mental disorder at least 3 times against coworkers to get them written up and possibly fired.  See, you doing that crosses a line that no one in your circle is brave enough to call you out on.  Why?  because they know you'd throw a fit and delete/block them then talk sh*t like they've seen you do in the past.  They'd have to face the fact that the person they pretend you are isn't the real you.  You're a liability and you best hope that they never try to bring you in for discovery because they can ask whatever site for your posts and if they give them up?  You're done for.  There's reasons why people used to keep diaries, you admitting to that online made you such a liability and a hiring risk to the point where it'd be so exceptionally hard for you to find work if that ever got out, it's not even f***ing funny.  Lying on writeup sheets are also not legal so, you should be very happy that one of your coworkers you lied about wasn't also on ani on your list when you bragged on here about doing so.  You never know if you're rping with someone you know irl unless they explicitly tell you.I like how you're a "no drama" person, but you support your "friends" who start the drama.  I'm pretty sure throwing what someone tells you in confidence in.their.face as a weapon isn't something you should be supporting, especially when you know it's a sensitive issue.Then there's the issue of people on here blatantly violating the TOS by sending porn in dms in hopes of having ero rps as well as those who god mod every chance they get while complaining about people god modding against them.  There's also the people who will find "slick" ways of modding by for example telling you that your weapon loses to theirs because you didn't say what yours was made of while neglecting to have done so themselves.  If you need to god mod and you brag about "winning" some encounter because you were god modding while acting like you weren't when anyone with basic understandings of the fundamental rp rules and some rp combat experience can see you were blatantly doing so... you need to take some time off and really think about how you're approaching roleplay if you wanna brag about cheating in pretend fights to win said pretend fights... 


06/20/2024 07:45 PM 


0. I expect that everyone reads these rules. I will interact with you / continue all interactions with you under the assumption you did the minimum when/ after adding me and read this. From the moment these rules are post if you feel blindsided by anything that is this then that's on you for not reading these. (Note: I made these rules a decent time after I made the account. This note is to pretty much let those who are just now seeing them for the first time despite having interactions and or stories going know that if you are blindsided by any of these... PLEASE talk to me! I'm happy to have a conversation and try to find a solution that works best for both of us.)1. I work a lot. So please be patient and I will get back to you. Though also I'm an idiot and completely forget things. I will get there eventually on pretty much anything. Though if you want somewhere to give me gentle reminders or I'm more active... Ask for my discord.2. Please keep any and all romce and dating to RP only. OOC/ RL I am more than happy to be your best friend, joke around, be playfully flirty ect. But an actual romantic relationship is strictly RP ONLY.3. Time for the rule I'm most worried will anger the most people... Multiship vs single ship... My preference is single ship, but I do understand that there are a good amount of romance and multiship writers out there. I want to write with as many people as I can while denying as few stories as possoble. SO.... My comprimise to this is both simple and harsh... I will engage in romantic and shipping based stories with people who are multiship, BUT be aware that if my chatacter gets into a relationship with someone who shares in my preference to be single ship then ALL stories and writing involving any form of shipping, romance, ect. end immediately and I will have my character be faithful to their single ship partner.To me this the most fair and balanced compromise, I know this could potentially cause some hurt, and that is why I'm making this clear here and now.4. Please keep OOC drama away from me. In character drama, sure why not, it's role play and if that drama is agreed upon or allowed between chatacters then go off. Though I've seen too much OOC drama turn into such horrible and cruel things and wish to never be apart of that.

Bullied Magical Girl

06/20/2024 04:56 PM 

Character Info

Note for gender: For SFW rps, he will just be female, but he will be "Packing" for erps. Keep in mind hes always sub.Powers/abiltiies:Blood Magic: He can manipulate blood and flesh, which depending on the amount, can become a weapon or a shield. He always needs direct contact when manipulating blood, unless its his own blood, which can be activated from a short distance.Due to his nature, he normally only uses his own blood for his attacks.

Hasty Producer

06/19/2024 07:19 PM 

God modding + metagaming

it comes in many flavors, but we all know the most common ones where nothing hurts the character or the character is stronger/faster/better just because.Before it was branched off into its own thing, Autoing was a part of it, as was metagaming(b): changing your post after the fact.  No, I don't mean editing to fix spelling and all that.  I mean posts like changing what happened in the post.Remember, using posts where you go for example, no matter how much god modders would like you to believe otherwise:"I throw a punch stronger than anything *insert character* has thrown" or "my *insert element* is *random big number to look impressive* times stronger than *insert planet or well known item related to element and whatever it is tied to*"fall under it as well.  It falls under my character is automatically __ stronger than this thing because I said so.  This also applies to items.  Example: This item from my oc's universe is so strong, it makes this item from a canon verse (let's use the infinity stones) look like cheap jewelry.  Now, your character saying it when it's not the case is different from you outright saying it and playing it out as though that were the case.Has seen this one on someone being praised as a great rper: My sword can ignore everything you have and hurt you anyway, oh, and it can also rewrite the laws of the universe so it can affect you/ my sword destroys all attacks made against me when I hit them, but also any defenses made against it, but also can ignore durability, but also can open dimensional rifts, but also harm gods.  also this: My character has infinite money, stamina, strength, durability, magic and will always get stronger than his opponent as long as he doesn't fight someone the same race as him, but even then... he's still stronger.Metagaming: Using ooc knowledge in character. Pretty simple, no? Most people let the name thing slide which, most characters introduce themselves anyway so that parts generally ignored, but knowing someone's oc?  unless they're specifically tied to a preexisting group in a verse your character is also a part of and is aware of existing then, there is no way your character should know anything about it.The following imply your characters never interacted with such I, as a member of Yusuke Urameshi's new patrol team post Yuyu Hakusho should have ZERO clue wtf a demon slayer pillar is as likewise they should not I, a member of the Akatsuki shouldn't know wtf a Quincy is, much like they shouldn't know what an akatsuki is nor what a genjutsu/kekai genkai is. There are clearly some leeways such as cursed technique because of the word technique, but it depends on your verse.


06/19/2024 01:45 PM 

New character idea
Current mood:  creative

(Okay I have an idea for another character I'm gonna write a little story blurb introducing him)The Wardo Circus was known far and wide as the most impressive, and extreme traveling circus in the world, and for good reason. Many stunts seemed death-defying, others just outright impossible and the crowds loved it. But while all the members of the show were talented one stood above the rest and was a crowd favorite. People started coming to this circus for the amazing stunts, but they came back for Lois, the newset addition to the show who had quickly become a rising star.Lois was on the shorter side with the body of a twig, so much in fact that one the 'strong men' in the show had joked about being able to snap him in half when being introduced to the rest of the crew. He was a contortionist, able to move his body in ways that would leave most in the hospital. Able to squeeze his body through narrow openings that seemed impossible for anyone to do so. He had started as a side act but after some encouragement from the ringmaster, and some constructive criticism, about his act not being extreme enough, he started modifying his act. Lois had quickly become the next Houdini, with his act consisting of dangerous stunts, and his act quickly grew and with the ringmaster pushing him more and more, he quickly became the biggest, most extreme event in the circus.There was one thing that all of the crew had in common, they lived for the applause, it was like a drug. The more extreme and entertaining the act, the more applause they got. The juggler juggled knives, axes, and things on fire, those on the trapeze use no nets (even though it was most certainly illegal for the circus to not use them), there were fire breathers, and acrobats who flipped off of high beams, and there was Lois. Lois act consisted of a trap, usually high up, usually surrounded by fire, or sharp edges, or something else that excited the crowd and left them on the seats. In some situations that if he didn't contort his body in a specific way would leave him severely injured. Of course, their were still hidden safety, the more the ringmaster pushed him, the more Lois realized, the applause wasn't worth dying for.That left him in a bad position, the ringmaster was, well for starters he owned the circus and expected nothing but the best from his employees. Which wasn't exactly a bad thing, the problem with the ringmaster was that he expected to much. Lois acts were never enough, never dangerous enough, he pushed the others sure, but nothing like how he did with Lois. The ringmaster insisted he was just looking after his prized masterpiece as he referred to Lois. After all he was what was drawing the crowds in and therefor bringing the money in. And he wanted to disappoint the crowd, as the ringmaster phrased it. The ringmaster was protective with Lois. NO that wasn't exactly the right word. He treated Lois more like an object then a person, like a show dog, yes that was EXACTLY what he treated Lois like. On a tight leash only let off it during show time. At first Lois didn't notice, after all he got full meals, nice clothes and good sleeping accommodations while traveling, plus he was living the dream, what more could he want? Well he wanted to live, and to have full control of his body. After a close call last show he had decided enough was enough and he went to the ringmasters office."Come in Lois it seems like you want to speak with me, I'm busy but I can always spare a few minutes for you."The ringmaster said, almost in a mocking tone, in the way a parent would speak to a young child."It's, it's about my act, it's to much, I can't keep going the way I am, I'm gonna get hurt-" The ring master clicked his tongue, Lois sentence hit a nerve, the ringmaster wasn't paying full attention doing paperwork as Lois spoke, but that sentence but there ringmasters full attention on him. The ringmaster scowled for a moment before putting on a fake smile, being a showman it appeared real, one that looked like he showed a bit of concern even, though that was just an act."Lois we talked about this, the crowd loves your act, you don't want to take it away from them. If you're slipping up you just need to practice more." The ringmaster replied standing up, his tone came off in a singsong tone, like he was comforting a small child, it creeped Lois out, but that was just how he treated Lois. The odd thing was, he didn't treat anyone else the way he did with Lois, with others it was just business, but with Lois, he was possessive, when asked about it before the ringmaster simply had just said he was taking extra care in his special investment, but it still made Lois uncomfterable. And that uncomfortableness made him always just want to agree with the ringmaster and leave. But no this time, this time he needed the ringmaster to him."All I do is practice, I sleep, eat, and practice, anytime were not on the road I'm practicing. But it's never enough for you. I, I've been thinking about quitting-" The ringmaster slammed his hands down on the desk and a sticking smile was on his face, one that was hiding his panic, he couldn't have his prized trophy leave, not after all the money he had invested in him. Not after all the money he was MAKING."Don't be silly this  is your home, it's where you belong. Remember we welcomed you into the crew when no one else did. You wouldn't want to leave after all we've done for you right?" Lois nodded as the ringmaster said putting an arm around Lois, and undertone saying that he owed them for welcoming him."Besides you have nowhere else to go, you told me that when you interviewed, besides you love the applause, now then you should get ready you have another show in an hour." The Ring Master said shooing Lois out satisfied that he had but an end to the conversation and any silly thoughts of him leaving.(I would love to hear any thoughts you have about this little blurb, kind of just did it on a whim so let me know what you thought)

#circus, #oc, #roleplay


06/18/2024 07:50 PM 

Dreakarth, A school for demigods (new server searching for members)

Are you interested in joining a Discord roleplay server that's rich in lore, free of overpowered characters, and active around the clock? If you've always wanted to delve into the worlds of gods and goddesses from any pantheon, then Dreakarth is the perfect place for you. This immersive server offers a vibrant community and an engaging roleplaying experience that caters to your creative needs. If Dreakarth sounds like the ideal roleplay environment for you, don't hesitate to reach out. Shoot me a direct message, and I'll be more than happy to send you an invite to our Discord server. Join us in exploring this fantastical world and bringing your characters to life in a dynamic and well-crafted setting.

Keaton Loire

06/18/2024 07:01 PM 


Name: Suichi Minamino (human), Kurama (Real Name), Yoko (Demon name)Age: 17 (human) 300+ (demon)Gender: MaleHeight: 6'Weight: 160 lbsHair Color: Red (Human) Silver (Demon)Eye Color: Green (Human) Gold (Demon)Reborn as Suichi Minamino. Kurama is a soft spoken, polite and kind young man. A Straight A student and a lover of Plants. He had a unique gift of being able to control plantlife. Even making plants grow from seeds in an instant. He may be soft spoken and gentle. But he is a skilled martial artist and isnt afraid to stand up for his friends. And yes. I do mean he was reborn. In his past life. He was a Fox Demon Thief named Yoko. One day in the demon realm. He got careless and wound up getting caught and killed. Vowing to return one day. Before his death. He sent his own soul to find someone suitable to make him a human. His soul would enter the body of a woman named Shiori Minamino and reborn as a human she named Suichi. Not much is known about his Biological Father, but he does have a step father and a step brother. MHA RP:Name: Suichi MinaminoHero Name: KuramaQuirk: BotanyAge: 16Suichi Minamino was granted to go to UA after Pro Hero, Kamui Woods gave him a recommendation. His Quirk is Botany. It gives him total control over plantlife, in an instant, he can cover a battlefield with seeds and grow plants to gigantic sizes to take enemies by surprise. His most iconic weapon is a Rose. He can send blooms out that can slice foes like razor blades and turn a rose into a thorned whip. He may be a sweet and kind boy. But he does gave a dark story from his homelife. His mother Shiori had married a Hereromorph named Yoko and together, they had Suichi. However, unknown to Shiori. Yoko is a villain. Running a mafia like organization of Thieves. Suichi once accidentally stumbled into a meeting he had when he was young and his father nearly killed him with his own plants. He has a strong hatred towards his father and desires to become a hero to take his father down 


06/18/2024 01:45 PM 


Anti-heroName: Ruisu Tenshi EclipseSex: MaleAge:17occupation: Student hero / anti-hero (secretly)Hero and anti hero name:  Phantom dragon / Phantom Oni (Villain name )Quirk: Phantom Dragon (Mother) , Oni (Father)Phantom dragon: Ability to levetation from dragon limited use shadow teleportation, dragonic eyes let's him see in darkness as well  energy blast normally used as breath blast he channel excessive energy throught his weapon's(He don't have transformation ability like his siblings making hims black sheep of family only some traits.)Oni: Super strenght , ehance enduranceEquipment: Oni mask voice changer, dual Katana's customizedBio: Born from hero mother base out family of dragons quirk's and father former villains clan oni label as black sheep of dragon family not able trasnform only having physical traits mutations between eyes as well ability use energy blast amongs other powers, from his father only physical strenght and endurance but still view of that clan as runt of litter being avage looking but physically fit oni quirk being student hero academy under dragon clans name with strings pulled between his mother and aunt to let him study but secretly sneaking out wanting interupt both heros and villains every chance he get.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Villain(same quirk and equipment)Bio: Son well known Villain clan for brutal strenght and former retired heros dragon related to top hero in forbbiden romance giving birth to him now living as villain after hero group attack his father clan even after they remove and retired from fight being lead by his mother's family for revange of disgrace they gain from secret marriage, He joined villains group use work with his father showing him ropes as well setting him up for revange now as well known villain once while picking fight with hero academy but living as normal person only picking contract from some villains group for help before meeting hero picked his interest.   

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