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∂υαℓ ωιєℓ∂єя

09/20/2023 07:11 PM 


• Lizzie is desperate to be the "perfect wife" for her cousin. This is why she conceals her strength as a swordswoman, why she acts meekly and dresses girly. It stems from her deep feelings for Ciel. Although she is not a fool; she knows Ciel's feelings for her are platonic in nature and he intends to wed her only out of duty, not love. Yet she holds on to hope he might one day fall in love with her.• Despite his attempts to act "normal" around her, Lizzie is painfully aware of the walls that have been built around Ciel's heart. These walls terrify her to no end and fill her with an intolerable loneliness when she is in his presence. It makes her feel as if he can not really see her even when he is in the same room as her. It leaves her longing for when they were younger and closer. She feels as if he does not trust her and harbors a jealousy towards the butler that seems so close to him.   • Lizzie is driven by a near primal desire to protect Ciel and keep him safe. Likely fuelled by her desire to be useful to him and prove herself worthy of being his bride even if it means taking on Sebastian head on in a battle of swords. She is willing to drop her facade of being a helpless girl if it means keeping him safe. This seems to be a reciprocated gesture between the two of them as Ciel is protective of her to levels of near stupidity.   • There is a deep seeded root of guilt that haunts Lizzie from her failure of being unable to tell Ciel apart from his twin. This guilt causes her to over compensate by showering Ciel in more attention than she had previously in a bid to prove her devotion to him.

King Raziel Kyouran

09/20/2023 04:48 PM 

Guidelines for Writing with me!

I. I am a detailed writer. This means that I can actually write up to multi-para. I have been at this for quite a long time. I'll write with anyone, but just remember this. The more detail, the more interested I will be to write with you. There are exceptions to this. They should know who they are by now.  Also, please stop with the. I can write. I can para. I can multi-para but never do with me. That is getting old. That said, one-lines will usually bore me, and I'll lose interest. Now if you're trying and I can tell, that is another story. II. I am happy to write anything, genre, kinks, you name it. I'm certain I can work Raziel into such things. Yes. While I love Erotica, I can write without it. Just try to make things interesting for me is all I ask. Been a while, but last time I think I found myself losing interest fast. Yes. At one time, I roleplay fought, but I retired from that ages ago. Lost contact with those I did such things with and too much godmodding noobs around and I know it's gotten worse and even though Raziel is a warmongering dragon. I still have no true interest, but for the right idea. I might consider putting up with it.III. I am open to all and any connections. Romantic, children adopted or not. servants, slaves, pets, concubines, breeders. Whatever you can conjure up. You can be a wife, sister daughter or whatever and also be like a breed, pet, maid or whatever as well. Not just limited to one connection with your character. Original, breeder pages I was going to put down a limit, but after some events. I may not and welcome any.IV. Children. Should be obvious but I love breeding, risk of, pregnancy and all that sort of stuff and happy to have children at any time. Wives, yes, they can have children with me at any given point. Lovers, yes, we can have children as well, but I'd like it a now and then thing. Although, going for one as soon as we become lovers is acceptable. Yes, I can have children with my own daughters, regardless of other connection. Daddies love. Don't judge. Servants, slaves, pets. I will probably put down only a select number of kids when I want to with you. Breeders. Well, that will be discussed. I don't actually know given the role. I will probably revise this down the road once I can decide on things better. I don't plan to knock up one person, they have the baby down the line and then knock up again. I won't be doing that. A couple months irl time with us replying to each other daily before we could plan for another. Even with the breeder role. Course, any are free to remain pregnant if you wish for that as well. Also, if we find a writer for a child of ours and they don't want incest relation with me. That is totally fine as well. Till you choose a hot playby then I will start glaring. >.>V. With the above, it's obvious I will have a lot of children. I do not mind it at all and if they remain writer less forever. I am fine with that as well. I could have 100 kids without writers, and I will be fine with that. They'll be treated as npc's until they have writers. VI. No drama. God. Please no drama, or I will shove my foot up your ass. >.> Some of you would enjoy that though.VII. I will not write erotica with any males, so we can write, but you won't get any. Family or not. That said, unless I know you. We need to get word to me. I hardly trust males at all. Most are gay that can't read and just want my d*ck. I don't swing that way.VIII. Raziel is a dragon and he can do many things, dragon like. Read up on reptiles/dragons to understand more.IX. This is not my main writing site. I just tried things here again for more writing when I get so little writing elsewhere. Course, if you are interested. Your free to come join me on the other at least and we can talk about it. Just message me or add my discord, which you can find on my page. There is more freedom on one site or the other. That said, RL playby's are used more over there so it may not be your thing anyway.X. Please be honest with me, truthful. I've dealt with too many women lately that lie to me. I'll always find out the truth.XII. If I happen to really like you as a writer and person. I'll probably get clingy and such. It just happens. It's not intentional. I get close to people fast and sometimes, thoughts get the better of me and yes. I overthink and sh*t. Gotta put up with that with At the end of the end people, I just want to write. Just most can't handle how strong my desire to write with them and others is. I'm actually easy to get along with if you just give me a chance. 

Rules, Guidelines

O𝖋 𝓥𝖊𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖊

09/20/2023 06:52 PM 

Tales From Intunericia

- Tales From Intunercia -  Chapter I:The Persecution of The Solomonari The Solomonari, legendary figures of Intunerician folklore, are a mysterious and enigmatic group of individuals whose origins are shrouded in the mists of time. As ancient as the forests they call home, the Solomonari are revered across the land for their profound wisdom, unmatched magical abilities, and deep connection to the natural world. Born of the Earth and baptized in the secrets of the woods, the Solomonari are the embodiment of ancient knowledge and arcane traditions. Clad in robes adorned with the leaves of the forest and crowned with wide-brimmed hats that cast shadows like the ancient trees, they are a sight to behold. With staffs made from the branches of venerable oaks, they wander the depths of the wild, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. These solitary figures are not bound by the constraints of time or place. They are the custodians of forgotten spells, guardians of healing herbs, and masters of the elements. With their incantations, they can calm a raging storm, heal the gravest of wounds, and speak to the spirits that dwell in the unseen realms. However, the Solomonari are not just practitioners of magic; they are the living embodiment of the land they inhabit. They are known to communicate with plants and animals, and their footsteps leave barely a trace as they move through the wilderness. Legends speak of their ability to call upon the spirits of the forest for guidance and protection.While they are revered for their wisdom and sought after for their healing arts, the Solomonari are not without an air of mystery and even a touch of fear. They are believed to have the power to curse as well as to heal, and their wrath is said to be as formidable as their benevolence. Throughout the ages, the Solomonari have played a vital role in the folklore and culture of the land, embodying the profound connection between humanity and the natural world. They remain an enduring symbol of the magic and wisdom that dwell within the heart of the wild forests of Intunercia and beyond.However,  as time flowed on, a shadow began to creep over their sacred groves. In the depths of the forest, a coven of witches with dark ambitions emerged. They hatched a treacherous plan, one that would forever alter the fate of the Solomonari and the people they served. The witches, cunning and resourceful, began to craft their own wide-brimmed hats. These hats mimicked the appearance of the Solomonari, allowing the witches to move freely among the communities they sought to manipulate.With their newfound disguises, the witches attended gatherings, ceremonies, and rituals, all while concealing their malevolent practices from the watchful eyes of the people. Dark magic, once a rarity, began to flourish, casting a shadow over the land. Whispers of sinister rituals and mysterious happenings spread through the villages, and fear and mistrust took root in the hearts of the people. The once-revered forest-dwellers now faced suspicion and dread.The line between the Solomonari and the disguised witches had blurred so completely that the people could no longer discern the true healers from the malevolent practitioners. In response to this growing threat, communities organized witch hunts, fearing the malevolent forces that had infiltrated their midst. Tragically, the true Solomonari, who had long been protectors and healers of the land, found themselves hunted and persecuted alongside the witches they despised. The wide-brimmed hats, once symbols of wisdom and healing, became associated with suspicion and fear.Now, The Solomonari, once revered and respected figures, have been forever altered by the dark events that unfolded. Their fate, like the forests they call home, is veiled in mystery and sadness. Many of the true Solomonari retreated deeper into the heart of the wild, seeking refuge in the depths of the ancient forests and beyond. There, they sought solace in their connection with nature, continuing to practice their ancient crafts and uphold their traditions in secret. They remained vigilant, wary of the ever-present threat of persecution.Over time, the memory of the Solomonari began to fade from the collective consciousness of the people. The tales of their wisdom and healing abilities were overshadowed by the fear and mistrust sown by the witches who had stolen their attire. The true Solomonari became elusive, mysterious figures, rarely glimpsed by outsiders. However, some say that the Solomonari still watch over the forests and the natural world, quietly preserving the ancient knowledge that has been passed down through generations. They are said to be guardians of the wilderness, and protectors of the delicate balance between humanity and nature.

Tales, Stories, Fables


09/19/2023 10:52 PM 

update on hollywoods biggest stars epic life...

so i had this sick f***ing sword right, like real cool sword like sooo f***ing sick above my fire place, got me all the ladies, yeah i know. im cool.but then this like random dude was like "give me sento!" and so i was like erm who is this guy??? does he like know who i am?? like whaaatttt?!so i tell him to stfu or whatevveerrr...blah blah blah fighting blah blah blah blood next thing you know it, i have this weirdo in my mansion down then this like weird god dude (thats like gorgeous might i add) whos like liu kang i guess and his two little dogs that are like weird tempature twins i guessreminds me of the shinning yea im kinda saving the world now, lucky me am i right?so sorry guys ninja mim 6 and stuff is a bit delayed since im like saving earth...sorry guys i know its lonnnggg awaitedso yeah thats my update!!!due to popular demand i now have an onlyfanssss!!! yes yes i know its like im santa on christmas. find me on johnnylovescreampies love you guys!!! see you laterrr 


09/19/2023 10:34 PM 


I don’t even know WHY I gotta put this as a warning, but cheese and crackers, 21+ for triggering themes. If you know Jinx, you know there’s gonna be topics of mental illness, murder, other gore, and related issues. If you come to the party, don’t be a b*tch.  DISCORD RELATED ISSUES – sure, if you ask and I don’t get the absolute heeby jeebies from you, I may hand it out. Though, if I see some kind of issue, not only will I tell you to back off, I’m going to bully you for being a creep. Mun is mean, and probably was possessed and a murder in the past life. You’ve been warned. My discord is also a universal one—meaning, it’s y’know, a mixture of things? We can chat there, we can roleplay there, but my profile is customized to myself and my gaming habits, not Jinx. Also, if you send me a hotdog pic, prepare to be criticized hard for every imperfection that you have to offer. (I am also in a REALTIONSHIP YA THIRSTY MF) I muse however I personally want to muse. Jinx is insane, and out of pocket most of the time; and the stuff I do reflects that, however, there’s always that one person who will say something dumb like, “ThIS iSn’T HoW JiNX WoULd Be!” If you’re that person, choke and suffer, I don’t care; if you don’t like it, SEE YA LOSER. Each story is its own story. Meaning I can do whatever the heck I want with WHOEVER I want. Unless it’s discussed, of course—there are some scrumdiddlydumptious peoples out there who I would happily be exclusive to and probably murder the week after. It be like that, but don’t assume and talk to me before you wanna do some dumb cheesy stuff. I am not, by any means, as good as all you who get to come to the sh*tshow. I will always try my best, and I am always looking to improve. I am not saying I can’t write, keep up with length, and stuff a story has to offer—I’m saying most of ya are aesthetically pleasing, with grammar out of this world. I will ALWAYS do my best to impress and grow as a writer. I have been in and out of writing for years, and it has been a long, long…looooong while since, I’ve done any real writing.  I want to improve, and I would love to do that by interacting. Who I choose to associate myself with, who I interact with, what I do is my bidness and my bidness only. Mind ya bidness. Sometimes, my muse dwindles. I’m sure everyone has those moments, and I am very understanding of that. If you need time, that’s fine. I expect the same. If you see me doing what I do on statuses and you get mad because I haven’t replied to what we have going on, I’ll cut you and bury you somewhere.

Glamrock Foxy

09/19/2023 06:41 PM 

Main Character: Glamrock Foxy

GLAMROCK FOXY_____FULL NAME:Glamrock FoxyNICKNAMES:-Fox-Guy(by Bonnie)-Foxy-CaptainAGE:InfiniteSPECIES:Animatronic FoxAFFILIATION:Afton Robotics CLLHOME:Freddy Fazbear's Mega PizzaplexOCCUPATION:Performer At Pirate's Cove_____________PERSONALITY:Foxy The Pirate is one of the most loved characters at the pizzaplex, due to his unique style, and love for piracy. Foxy was programmed to be kind, funny and adventurous, but has grown to become more sentient over the years, becoming more aware of his surroundings and the people around him. Unfortunately, despite his friendly persona, it ends up becoming a problem because a recent malfunction in his system, causing his A.I programming to become a little more hostile after hours. Could this be connected to the missing cases? Perhaps. Naturally, Foxy is a playful character. He loves to crack jokes and has frequent comedic moments, and is a fair person at heart who truly cares for his friends, making him a fun opponent to have in gaming activities. He's very energetic and outgoing, and loves to tell stories about his made-up tales at the sea.Usually composed and friendly, Glamrock Foxy can be angered quickly, and because of this he has a strained friendship with Montgomery Gator; another fellow hot-head. Fears:Due to his past Malfunctions, Foxy fears that he will be put out of order again, forcing him into isolation. LIKES:Foxy is one of the easiest people to please when it comes to gifts, whether it's a drawing, a toy or a snack he can't digest. He just loves the attention.______I'm planning to add more to it in the future, and overtime. This is just some information to understand what kind of person or machine Glamrock Foxy is. 

Fnaf, security breach, foxy,


09/19/2023 12:48 PM 

Just a little information

I won't take up a lot of time here.  This character has been in works for around twenty or so years.  This character is made up all my characters I've done over time.  Also this isn't going to be a rules things either.  Just a bit of stuff wanted to say and make it easy enough for people to know about this character and me.  1. I work a lot with that said I'll try to get on here atleast two or so hours a day.  Sundays would be days I can be on longer.2. Length when writing with me isn't an issue.  As long you give me something to work with I'm fine with whatever.  With me though I'm going to max out at Three Paragraphs.3. Yes my character is OP but that don't mean he isn't beatable.  He can be 'killed' it just have to make sense in the story which we can discuss.  I have no issue with 'killing' him off within a story.4. As for Rp's I'm open to any.  My character can fit into any.  5. Romance is a possible avenue but would be hard to get to.  He is stuck on his ex wife.  He will flirt a lot but it just a front.  That is his nature.There might be more but for now that is all.

Demon Chief

09/19/2023 09:37 PM 

Plot Ideas

A clan of demons have been known to hunt the forests nearby the village. The village has pooled money together in hopes of hiring someone to go and clear the demons out. These demons are crafty though and eager to ambush any trespassers.Rumours have been spreading about a large underground labyrinth deep within the forest. Inside there is said to be priceless treasures, however, no one has ever returned after entering this maze. Deep inside this maze, demons had made their home within its depths.Recently, the internet had been talking about some new game appearing online with scary stories involving people being sucked into the game where demons would hunt you down while you have to avoid traps and tentacle pits to escape. These rumours can't be true right? Might as well download it and check out what everyone is talking about.You find a weird looking and old book. The cover of it is worn down and there is no title. However, once you open it up, you see a bunch of weird looking runes and after speaking a few of the words out loud, your teleported to another world. However, you now find yourself at the center of a demon infested forest.Despite it being the modern age, there are still rumours of demons wandering the forest near the town. Must consider them to just be old wives tales to scare kids and keep them from wandering in. These rumours often become the root of dares with friends daring each other to spend the night in the forest. Little do people know, these rumours are true.A clan of demons have long been in control of the city as a shadow organization. They control most organized crime, law enforcement, and even city governments to stay hidden while doing whatever they want. Their favourite business now is human trafficking and slavery. They often look for women to abduct off the streets or from one of the bars they own. They sometimes even set up fake modelling jobs or secretary positions.For those who aren't interested in demons and only want humans:A virus has begun to spread throughout the world and it seems like it will change society for the worse or even end it. This virus has caused men to lose their minds by having their desires grow to an uncontrollable level. Any infected man will spend all of their time looking for women to satiate these desires, often by force and when they start, it seems to never stop and the sounds continue to draw more infected men in, often causing captured women to be surrounded by a small horde of men.


09/18/2023 12:57 PM 

rawr ecks dee

Reminder to slander your local deities (especially if they have dumb eyes and a dull face and a stupid sword)!Blasphemy is good for the heart♥!And if you wanna join a cult, mine's got plenty of space! You'll just have to relocate to Termina, but we've got, uhh, hmm, trees... And grass? Yeah! That's right! We've got all the grass you'll ever wanna touch. And our inverted festivals are to die for (if you're the chosen sacrifice, but don't worry, cult members are exempt from being choices unless they're stupid)!Food for thought!!~🍖

one of the merchants said i should advertise, am i doing it right


09/17/2023 06:10 PM 

@𝑽𝒆𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆/Divine Clown

I have nothing to do with the other parties just an observer who has noticed your multiple personality malfunctions throughout the last two years. Why are you continuing posting these blogs and now trying to give the facade you're some random onlooker defending your point? Like seriously go get help and do what you supposedly said you were going to focus on: writing.

ʚ玖蘭 優姫ɞ

09/17/2023 04:41 PM 

Rules of Engagement

READ & SIGN: ଘ. 1 Be respectful:Hey, this is Nocty-Mun, welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to familiarise yourself with my rules. I promise it's not a long read. This blog is for fun, not for hate. If you have negative opinions or ideas, I would rather you keep it to yourself. Also, ensure you read these rules before interacting. ଘ. 2 Please, no godmodding/powerplay: This includes killing each other's Muse without planning, consent, etc.ଘ. 3 Proper Grammer: Typos happen, but unless relevant, chatspeak should not.ଘ. 4 If I cross any lines you have, please let me know. This should be fun for us both, and unless you tell me, I don't know what it's like for you.INTERACTING:ଘ. 5 Please add me if we're going to have proper discussions and rp, don't use me as a number or I will just unfriend you.ଘ. 6 If I don't friend or if  I unfriend you, there are various reasons for this.It could be that you post too much OOC content, or that you've broken my rules, or the thread (role play) isn't in my intrigue. Either way, the choice is mine.ଘ. 7 Any paragraph-length is fineIt doesn't matter how much you type, as long as you give me something to work with. There is one caveat, however, if you fall into the one-liner/post for too long, I will drop the thread. I'm not requesting novels here, just enough for me to actually be able to respond to. ଘ. 8 Don't rush me for repliesAlso don't rush me if I reply to other threads more than I do ours. Sometimes motivation shifts, or just disappears completely. I'll be back though. A gentle reminder in comments/stream is fine.ଘ. 9 Always open for interactions.Never be afraid to approach me or send me a comment or anything.ଘ. 10 You are allowed to turn stream threads into extended threads (move to Messages for length). Here is your permission to do that whenever you wish.SHIPPING:ଘ. 11 Chemistry ships only. And since I'm a multi verse, multi ship, unless it's been agreed on, everything varies per verse.ଘ. 12 Relationships vary per blog.In case of canon characters, if my Muse gets along with your Muse, written by someone else, this does not transfer to you. Again; different verses.ETC:ଘ. 13 Mun and Muse are not the same. What the Mun thinks, isn't what the Muse thinks, and vice versa. If my Muse is rude or outlandish do not take it as an insult to you personally. This is roleplay, almost anything goes. If you feel uncomfortable however, let me know through OOC and we can discuss further. But please, don't mix roleplay with real-life. ଘ. 14 I'd rather not RP against child-Muse blogsUnless it's an agreed upon verse, I'd rather not thread with a blog solely based on a child character. I'm not calling people who are this a bad roleplayer, it's just awkward for me, I'm sorry. I'm strictly a mature-based blog if it weren't obvious by the choice in Muse. I do have other Muses I portray, I'll be making a Muse Page soon, and link it here in the future. Now that you got this far, sign off by commenting: Read & UnderstoodXOXO, Nocty-mun


―𝙷𝚊𝚝 𝚃𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚔

09/17/2023 04:51 PM 


MK9, X ,and 11 Headcanons (meaning headcanons only meant for the timeline that consists within these specific games)(Proceed at your own risk when it comes to MK1! Spoilers may be ahead!)⦁    Kung Lao has tons of uncles, aunts, and cousins, especially on his father’s side. His father Kung Peng, before his death, had a total of eight brothers and six sisters; he was the seventh born overall. Out of his siblings, excluding himself, twelve of them had children. His mother Mao Xiang only has two sisters, and each are married and have their own kids. In all, Lao has more than twenty five cousins, and no matter the age, they’re a handful at yearly family gatherings. In both past and present timelines, he is praised and constantly compared to the Great Kung Lao, but in the present timeline, after his death in the hands of Shao Kahn, many became depressed and/or too ashamed by the events, that some took it upon themselves to try and forget Kung Lao ever existed.⦁    Due to what becomes of him in the future, Kung Lao has developed a dislike for people standing behind him, even if he trusts the person. It’s not a fear, but more of an unnerving feeling where he feels someone will plainly snap his neck like Shao Kahn did. He won’t speak of it much or even at all; he prides himself with confidence to show dislike in something as small sounding as this.⦁    Kung Lao's hat has supernatural properties on its own, allowing it to materialize back to him no matter where he throws it or where it ends up. It also allows him to teleport straight to it upon throwing it, but he heard rumors among his relatives that the Great Kung Lao could teleport without the use of this hat, but he never displayed teleportation due to believing his own natural fighting abilities. No one in the family bothered to see if that was true. Kung Lao asked for Raiden’s help, and with his training, he learned to teleport without his hat, though prefers to keep his hat on his person.⦁    What if Kung Lao broke free from his revenant state?As thankful as he would be to being saved by his old allies, his persona would never be the same. His usual determination and overwhelming pride ceases, only to become more in touch with his calmer side but shows slight hints of timidity. He continues to have an ego, but it’s no where near as big as it use to be, and instead shames himself constantly for everything he’s done while under Quan Chi’s control.He becomes so abashed by his uncontrollable actions, that he’s plagued with nightmares. Every. single. night. Even sometimes when he closes his eyes just briefly. He can handle the nightmares enough, but what he can’t handle is being suddenly shunned for things he was forced to do. He feels he can’t even face his own family, distressed that they will treat him like an evil outcast by stripping him from their name.What hurts him the most is beginning anew. After the fall of the Wu Shi, he blames himself for taking part in the deaths of his shaolin masters and brethren. He’s suffering, but he’s trying to move on as best he can.⦁    Though younger than Liu Kang, Kung Lao’s upper body strength VERY SLIGHTLY surpasses his best friend’s. His arms are a tad harder with muscle and when looked at closely, there is a very small difference in size. He lacks in the amount of leg muscle Liu Kang has, but that doesn’t mean he can’t kick hard. ⦁    Even the greatest of them all has his flaws, and he’s not so fond about admitting them, because it embarrasses him to let most people know what he can’t do. He’d rather let people know what he CAN do.He’s not a good cook. He can make simple meals on his own, but no one should expect him to make anything above simple or exquisite like dishes.He may talk smooth, but he can’t sing to save his life, so don’t expect him to serenade…unless it’s in a very soft tone, almost like a whisper, in his native tongue. When he sings like that, it’s calming and sounds quite heavenly.He also can’t play any instruments, but his twin sister Kung Shi use to play the Guzhang very well; he use to love the sound of it until her passing, and now hearing it breaks his heart and he avoids listening to the sound of one.⦁    Kung Lao will always think that he’s better than everyone else, even better than Liu Kang at times. His ego had been stewing and ready to boil over since he was a child, due to a father who constantly prided on and on about his son- the reincarnation of the Great Kung Lao.He’s aware of his pride, and does believe that he is great, and he is. No one within Lao’s family can best him and when members do challenge them, he’s kind about it while giving them tips on how to better their skills.At times, it’s extremely easy to see how much it’s gotten to his head. He grew up being told how grand he was, his father and other family members praising him and his skills, feeding him true stories of his ancestor, showing him off to the Wu Shi masters and temple elders; He’s been told that he would be Earthrealm’s champion multiple times and he’s seen his father snap at those who thought Lao was normal or lesser than he believed.Growing up, he’s learned that Kung Peng, though he respected and loved him, was too overbearing. He was great, and he knew it because of his bloodline and his already incredible abilities. Some time after Liu Kang was deemed the chosen one, Kung Lao began viewing himself as his friend’s equal, despite his father’s frustration over the fact.He can still be an a**hole to those around him, but he’s not too conceited that he’s out to genuinely put them down. He knows everyone is great in their own way; he just considers himself to be a little better and he can’t help it. It's all thanks to his family...⦁    When he wants to hide his shame, it tells me that out of all the other revenants, he’s more ashamed of his actions and wants to break free. He blames Raiden and would continue to blame him, but he blames himself for falling under Quan Chi’s control. Even though he’s undead, he’s in a lot of pain, but he followed Quan Chi because he had no choice, Shinnok because he was following his revenant allies, and Kronika because he was manipulated and believed that Raiden was truly all to blame.Trying to steer his past self to understand his suffering failed, and when he went back to Kronika’s keep, he broke down in private. He understood in what he believed was right, and that was serving Kronika, but he absolutely despises having his honor shattered beyond repair.So he wears a mask, to hide his utter shame in himself, and when he takes it off, his gray cheeks and underneath his glowing red eyes are forever stained with old and new tears. He still follows his orders without hesitation, and he’s still evil, but he remembers what pain is because he can still feel it.⦁    As a revenant, Kung Lao has been molded into quite the manipulator. His silver tongue makes it easy to get what he wants from demons, and has even once persuaded an entire realm into an alliance pact with the Netherrealm. His eloquence Is good for one thing but in reality, it’s not good for himself. He talks so much with that silver tongue of his that with Quan Chi’s magic, his everlasting loathing for Raiden, the shame he holds deep inside, and his visible jealousy of Liu Kang, he has convinced himself that there is no love of any kind. He’s fueled by hate and the joy of hurting others; he will dismiss all who attempt to get close to him, including his own family. It makes him believe that he doesn’t need to be saved. Even with what little humanity he has deep inside and his capability to feel shame in his actions, he’s truly a mixed bag of emotions, and the chances on saving him may sound even more slim than with any of the other revenants.⦁    There are glowing cracks in a revenant’s skin. It’s possible to tell what their cause of death was, or where they were affected most, by watching for brightened illumination coming from a particular area. Kung Lao’s death was caused by Shao Kahn breaking his neck, so there’s a greater luminescence deep in the cracks upon his neck.⦁    At the age of seven, Kung Lao took the vow of silence because he had an uncle who did the same thing and merely wished to do it too. The elders felt it was a good idea as it would help the little boy understand himself better, whilst giving the opportunity to be present within himself. However, it didn’t last long; in fact, it lasted for only a month and a week long. Prior to completely stopping, he had a hard time keeping his mouth shut most of the time because he simply liked to talk. Upset because he felt he would never be at inner peace with himself while fearing punishment, Master Wen, one of the monk elders before his death years later, comforted Kung Lao. He reminded him that the vow should never be forced and it’s considered frustrating the first time around. He also told him that even though silence may be golden, inner peace comes with more than just such. Meditation does such that for him even today…despite the fact that it doesn’t help with controlling his overconfidence in boasting. He wasn’t punished for breaking his vow, but while growing up, he was constantly told to tone down on his ego later in life, to the point where he was punished by his elders at times just for talking so highly about himself.MK1 Timeline headcanons (hcs that only apply for Liu Kang's timeline in MK1)⦁    Kung Lao is the same age as Raiden, born in the same village with healthy competitive natures. Though very similar in body type, Kung Lao's body strength and speed also surpass by just a touch. This changes though when Raiden receives the power to wield thunder and lightning via the amulet Liu Kang gives him after proving himself as Earthrealm's champion.⦁ Kung Lao praises Raiden's sister for her martial arts skill, but there are some in Fengjian who think it may just go a little bit deeper than just admiration for one's abilities.Other (HCs that apply for timelines that take place in 9, 10, 11, and 1. Some can also apply for games before 9)⦁    Kung Lao has multiple rabbits, whom he visits on multiple occasions, at his family’s home territory outside the monastery. They’re kept well fed, exercised, and kept within a large, protective pen outside of his parents’ home. He has high knowledge on taking care of them and loves each equally, with the exception of one rabbit in particular. He has eight so far, five females and three males, spayed and neutered respectively; he knows how rabbits can get.Xiao Xue and Qi Qi are white Holland lop females, while Bao is a tri colored Holland lop male.Jiaozi is a sandy male American rabbit and Hua is a black Beveren female; Kung Lao adopted both while in America.Yuming is a dark gray and black female Flemish Giant, and Xing is a white Flemish Giant male.⦁  The last rabbit he owns is Xiaolian, who is a Himalayan female, slightly larger than the other rabbits, excluding the giants. She’s a special girl, born not only as albino, but with a thirst for meat. This is because she was bred by two rabbits Bo Rai Cho brought to Outworld from Earthrealm. The enviroment oddly changed her and her siblings' temperments and diet. Bo Rai Cho gave the rabbit to Kung Lao while a trainee under his wing, to experiment whether or not these changes will stick or change whilst being raised in a more suitable realm for rabbits. It never did...but there wasn't a single ounce of worry from Kung Lao. Bo Rai Cho was just surprised that she hadn't killed the boy or others. It's as if she and the young boy were destinied to bond with one another. Over the years, her muzzle has become permanently stained blood red, no matter how many times Kung Lao had tried cleaning the marks away. He pays extra attention to her, to keep her under control by training her in a calm environment. She’s his favorite, and he has the ability to pull her out of his hat from any location; she doesn’t mind it at all. In MK1, this is the only rabbit he owns, but she's not a bloodthirsty creature.⦁    When Kung Lao gets angry, he tends to hold a grand chunk of it back and will mostly let it stew inside him, so when he’s upset like that, it’s mild. A part of his training growing up was not to allow anger to cloud his judgement. Sometimes, he’ll snap back in a mild manner, but it’s nothing serious. It’s actually takes a lot to get him to reach his actual boiling point, but when he snap, he SNAPS. Threats, even getting physical sometimes– if the target is someone he cares about, he will definitely regret it in the long run and wish to comfort them.⦁    When it comes to romance, after a couple dates, Kung Lao will definitely start trying to impress his significant other. Showing he’s the best is in his nature, and he’ll go far with it as long as it doesn’t hurt others.⦁    When he’s happy, it’s pretty easy to tell. His eyes brimming with bright energy, his chest will looked puffed out like he’s ready to burst with pride, and he’ll show off that handsome smile of his. He just looks plain pleased with himself. He’s most happy at the Wu Shi and with his pets.⦁    Besides training, tending to and bonding with his rabbits, and meditate, Kung Lao likes to read. Though he doesn’t as often as he sometimes wants to, he found that, as a teen, reading helped passed time whenever he decided not to attend class. He’s most fond of martial arts books and, as a bit of a guilty pleasure, books filled with suspense.⦁    Kung Lao does have a sweet tooth; he doesn’t worry about gaining weight or losing his physique whenever he eats sweets and candy because he exercises.He absolutely loves caramel; he could eat tons of it if he could. Somewhere in his bedroom, he has a secret stash of caramel squares hidden away. He also likes mango flavored sweets or any fruity candy, cream filled and jelly filled doughnuts, fried ice cream, and sticky rice cakes.He doesn’t mind chocolate; he likes it but he doesn’t eat much of it unless it contains a favored filling inside.⦁    This is a man who can’t sing, but he can definitely dance. Kung Lao may brag about being the best, but if there’s one thing he has the right to brag about, it’s dancing. His moves are quite graceful and sleek, and giving him something to dance with, like fans, a sword, or even a wooden rod burning at both ends, he’ll charm his audience with his moves. It comes easily to him because he combines his fighting styles with the art of dance.

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⛓️Rev It Up!! We are a Chainsaw Man based roleplay server, so members may give out spoilers! Not much of a fan of Chainsaw Man? No worries! We also accept crossovers too! Mirrors, Original Characters, and Alternate Universes allowed!   The Server is 18+ however we do not accept anything of sexual content. Anything related to Dark, Gore, and Death in roleplays will be around.

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