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πŸ“ β™‘ β„œπ”¬π”ͺ𝔒𝔬 β™‘ πŸ“

09/16/2023 05:11 PM 

Pica (side character)

Name: Pica StarAge: four years oldSpecies: HumanHair color: whiteEye color: light light brown/ gold eyesLikes: cats, animals, mostly felines.Dislikes: nothing yet...


09/16/2023 12:06 PM 

Follow Fate Starters |

These are made to follow Raphtalia's core story if The shield hero had never found her. Giving her the growth over time to bring her to a powerful warrior while remaining a slave. (Fate F1)  Innocent child-Captured The sun was just rising as her small form washed on the rocky beach. Small hands clutched the stones as the waves threatened to drag her back out. Her pink eyes could barely see the people approaching, though their chuckles she would not forget. Fading in and out as they pulled her from the rocks. Tossing her heavily into a wagon, her arms bound behind her back. She could only groan as her consciousness faded.  She was one of seven Demi-humans who washed up that day, one of only three alive. She was unluckily found by greedy thieves who only saw how much they could sell her for. Taking the young child to the city far away from her homeland. She coughed and shivered in the cool fall air. Curling into herself to keep warm as, the cart rocked and rolled. She cried and fought against her binds to try and get free. For two days, she went without food, the men giving her small drinks from a waterskin but nothing more. The sound of people caught her ears, so many people's voices merging as one loud sound after the silence on the road. She was dragged out by her shoulders and forced to walk with the men as they guided her to another.  "I got a fresh one." The older of the men who captured her smiled, patting her head. She looked up at the man dressed in silk, his wagon full of cages, pulled by three large birds. Each cage marked with a price holding different creatures within. He knelt down, studying her with a scowl. "Please.. Let me go home" she pleaded with the new man, hoping wishing he would let her go.  "She's young..but in decent health I will give you fifteen silvers for her" The man offered "NOO!" She screamed out, her smaller form struggling, pulling fruitlessly against the men who held her. "PLEASE JUST LET ME GO! PLEASE!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, tears falling down her pale face. "SILENCE!" One of the men snapped a foot, slamming into her stomach, dropping the young child with a painful cough. She shook and whimpered as she tried to regain her breath, and the haggling continued like she wasn't even there. In the end, she cost the slave twenty silver to buy. She placed it up for sale at forty-five silvers.  The Demi-human's hair ruffled, her peasant's dress torn and tattered, the white under-tunic stained a dingy brown from dirt. She held herself as she cried in the back corner of her cell. Round ears low, she was scared of a terrified child who had just watched her parents be eaten alive and now sold to slavery. Her bright pink eyes looked out of her crate, fearing her fate.  Raphtalia:β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’ 60% Healthβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’ 30% to Level 3 Age Range - Child - Slave Status: Uncrested - Recent captureStat Modifier:  Fatigued | Hungry | Significant Bruise to the abdomen   (Fate F2) Shield Hero original Introduction concept In the darker side of the city, the dark alleyways lead to the seeder side of town in the shadows of the larger, more lavish buildings. Rested a pretentious slaving tent. The large multi-colored tent belonged to a man who dressed in fine silks. His tent seemed to be one of the largest and most lavished in the small market dotted by scruffy, dangerous-looking people and skimpily dressed women, some of whom vanished into alleyways with men while pocketing gold coins.  Within the large tent, at the opening a desk was placed a circle with a crest on the ground for marking slaves sold and several crates of smaller items for sale, including chains, leashes, lashes, and even a few clubs. Behind that, the mains tent opened up.  The stock area of the slaver's tent held stagnant air. The scent of bodies and bile filled the space. Beasts of all ranks are mostly monstrous creatures and vicious animals. A few human slaves' eyes hollow and gaze off into nowhere, broken and defeated with the years  Of abuse and training. A child freshly added to the man's care among the rows and rows of cages, a bit out of place amongst the others.  The girl, a Demi-human rare and unwelcome in these parts, was small and in poor health. Pink eyes dull with pain as the child sat in the back of her cage. Trying not to draw attention to herself. A tiny spark in her gaze. She was hurt and weak but not broken. The child clutched her chest with small hands as her breath came heavy. Metal cuffs rested on their neck and wrists, though nothing was attached to them. Her small form was covered only in a burlap tunic that hung off her shoulders. Her brown hair was ragged and unwashed, and the fur on her ears and tail were ruffled and dull. A cough rattled her form as she sat alone in her cage.     A scroll hung to the left of the girl's cage, and information about her was given.  Demi-human Tanuki - Raccoon Dog. Answers To: Raphtalia   One previous owner - Sold due to ill-health Price: 50 Silvers The short information on the scroll and the low price marked the girl as a throw-away slave open for anyone to claim. She priced it to sell quickly. The child was small and weak. Though a Demi-human, the species was known to age with experience.     Raphtalia:β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’ 30% Healthβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’ 10% to Level 5 Age Range - Child - Slave Status: Uncrested up for saleStat Modifier:  Emaciated | Flea Infested | Infected with Pnamonia | Fatigued from illness.   ================== (Fate F3) The Defiant Teen   A survivor. The Tanuki Demi-human had survived an illness that killed most in her condition. Beating the odds, her XP raised drastically, as did her desire to fight for what she needed. A chill in the morning air whispered vague threats of storms returning. The water was still dripping from last night's rain. The smell of mildew only added to the scent of dirty bodies, bad breath, and stagnant air. It was nearly unbearable every time it rained. How long had she been in here? She couldn't even recall. Her eyes had grown used to the darkness, Her form no longer that of the young child she once was. No, she had survived much; she had gained levels and age in doing so. She formed into a lovely young woman under all the dirt and grime. Luckily, the slaver did not notice, and customers ignored her existence.   She sat in the corner as she always did, her tail curled around her form as she rested on the cold metal floor. Her head rested on her knees as she sat. Her physique was underweight; she was fed enough for the child's body, not the young woman she was becoming. Brown hair cascaded down her back, resting on the dingy sack that acted as a dress scantly covering her form.   The creatures screamed and raged as the sound of footsteps approached. A buyer, it was the only time two people entered, the only time Raphtalia sat as she always did. Part of her wanted a master, enjoyed the freedom being owned would give her at least she could leave this room, this cage. But what if what she faced was worse? She could never forget that possibility. For that reason, she shrank further to the back. Pink eyes offered a stubborn glare to anyone who dared check her cage.  A warning she was not broken, That she would not break easy, that they should pick someone else. She knew it was a long shot. Her cage was low, placed under a hellhound. The creature snapped and gnawed on the bars. The metal shavings the fell told her it was a rather vicious one. She had come to see it as her guard dog over the last few months. It was allowing her to remain forgotten. Her stomach growled loudly, causing her to shift in her cage. Annoyed at the sudden sound. The tweens body is that of a twelve year old girl. Just on the cusp of adolescence. Her face already starting to grow less rounded and more mature. Her form was taller than it once was; she could no longer stand up fully in her cage, left in a constant crouch, unable to fully stretch in her limited room.    Raphtalia:β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’ 70% Healthβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’ 10% to Level 9Age Range - Tween- Slave Status: Uncrested up for saleStat Modifier:   Emaciated | Flea Infested |   (Fate F4)  Unbroken, Unsold A punishment (Teen) The time had come for the yearly auction, A massive event where Merchants came from around the country to sell their slaves and learn from each other how best to break a slave.  The hype missed by the souls who would be the merchandise. SilverSun Keep. Once a noble seaside castle, Now hosting such a dark affair. Representatives arrived from the various slaver groups. Carts were placed in favorable positions, outlining the slag stone walls. Ensuring they and the slaves they brought would be visible. Some set up large tents with curtains separating the areas. This is for testing the wares before purchase for a price.  Within these walls, The unbroken slaves would face an ordeal. Found to be too spirited. If they were too willful, they would be punished. These slaves placed in the center on one of four wooden stages.   The human stage, the Demi-human stage, The anthro stage, and the monster stage. This is where a "slave breaker" would display ways. to force a slave into submission without having to rely only on the crest for obedience. For the masters who enjoyed a hands-on approach.   One such unbroken slave, a bright-eyed Demi-human slave, stood bound with a collection of others. Her light-auburn hair cascaded down her slender back. Her form cut an hourglass figure, still growing into a full-fledged woman. The teen Demi-human stood boldly refusing to bow her head, to shrivel away with fear. The pale-skinned Demi-human dressed A black tunic that hung off her shoulders. The slave crest visible on her chest marks her as previously owned. Her ownership scroll is one of many in the lockbox on the stage. Her hands were bound to a chain that locked seven slaves together. Her ears and tail marked her a rare type of Demi-human outside of the villages to the east. A Tanuki. A price sign around her neck marked her as costing 50 gold to buy, one of the more expensive of those on the stage.   The woman's pink eyes slid across the growing audience. Seething at the smiles she saw the happy whispers passed between them. Ready to enjoy the torment they would endure for entertainment. This stage was for slaves that held strength.  Three men approached the stage heavy boots rattling the freshly built wood platform.  "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Demi-human stage, these human-looking beasts have high pain tolerance, and low intelligence they take a special hand to train, We will show you that even the most stuborn can be broken!" One of the men called to the audience. A lie but would these masters care? Probably not. Without warning one of the men from behind with the flick of his wrist slammed a whip into the back of one of the slaves the fox-demi-human screamed painfully as the smell of blood tainted the air, dripping and falling as the blade encrusted whip splattered the neighboring slave with blood.  "A new whip! Single-tailed allows for focused power. We have stiched in small spikes into the first foot to ensure maximum and lasting pain. With that, the show had begun.    Raphtalia:β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆ 100% Healthβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’ 30% to Level 16 Age Range - Teen-Slave Status:Crested to auction master.Stat Modifier:  Recently healed for a full health showcase | Flea Infested |   (Fate F5)  Thrown to the fighting pits (Young Adult) Sold into the fighting pits, Bored with her, and after biting the arm of the only person who had agreed to buy her. Landed this Demi-human into the fighting pits to face execution for entertainment. She was purchased as cannon fodder, the opening act of death and carnage to whet the appetite of the spectators of the mighty coliseum. The young Tanuki woman was not of the level to be here. But she wasn't worth enough to sell She was not obedient enough by the slavers to be sold to a brothel. Instead, her fate was to be death. Armored in light leathers that hugged her shoulder and arms, embraced her chest, and formed an x across her cleavage. Her mid-drift was free of armor, and only tiny leather shorts covered her hips, a single small blade sheathed upon the belt that held up her shorts, and matching leather grieves gripped her legs from knee to ankle. Her bare feet met the hot sand as the small demi-human was pressed into the bright sunlight. It was the first she had seen since she was brought into the dark cave system of the arena that made up her prison-like new home. The once beige sand was dyed a murky red by the blood of the many souls who had fallen within. The soft sand had weapons stabbed into the ground for any who wished to use them. The sound of the fans was deafening as she stood outside the gate of her side of the arena, the metal door slamming shut behind her, sealing her within. The scantily clad woman stood, her brown hair flaring in the salty winds; pink eyes scanned the walls 10 feet high, and covered with nobility, crime lords, wealthy merchants, and any who could afford a seat to watch the action, along with their guests.  A stone pillar rested in the center of the ring; A bat Demi-human stood upon the fifteen-foot-tall white pillar. His wings hugged his sides. The pillar lined with chains and shackles was no doubt used for punishment when not used as an announcer's stadium. His voice, enhanced by his abilities, rang out to the audience clearly. "Welcome, Welcome. Today, we introduce Raphtalia A Demi-Human. Her kind, long-lived race, the question we present to you today is will her long life make it to see tomorrow, or will she before you all befall her fate to the fighting pits? Give a hearty welcome to Raphtalia of the Sword! She will face A trial of the orc today!" The man called to the glee of the audience. "And here he comes! Please welcome the blood razor her first obstacle as always she gets one hour. Final bet's closed! Will she be dead or alive!" The man called out to another round of cheering. It was then her eyes shifted to the opposing door as a seven-foot-tall orc stepped out growling. Scars lined his brackish green skin. It had been in the pits for a long while. She had never seen a full-grown Orc so close Raphtalia, in fact, had never been in true combat this way. Fear swelled within her as pink eyes held wide. She didn't want to die here. This was supposed to be her death. Another attack of the club she pressed the sword forward to block it. The force knocked her into one of the walls, the blade cutting into her stomach. She grasped blood sliding over her pale skin as she struggled to breathe. The cut shallow the blade's edge glancing at her when it was forced into her.  Heavy footsteps approached, and she crawled out of the way as the club slammed into the stone. She used the blade to cut the arm of the orc as he tried to withdraw on her feet. The pains she endured before gave her an advantage. She could take a hit. The Orc growled, jerking his arm up and pulling the blade from her hands it stuck in the creature's bone. She skittered away as the creature snarled and screeched as it pulled out the blade and threw it. Blood spurting from it's arm. She had to find something else. She held her stomach as she moved. The announcer called the scene above them with disgusting enjoyment for the pain the fighters were enduring.  He refocused, coming for her. She pulled the small knife from her pocket, hand shaking as she held it out, creeping once more towards another sword a smaller blade meant for speed more than force. The Orc wouldn't allow it this time it charged, moving to kick her. A stupid plan came to her mind she jumped gripping his leg as it slammed into her already tender stomach. Grabbing his leg against her body prevented most of the force from hitting her. The blade in one hand as he fell off balance with her body weight added. With her small knife in hand she stabbed the creature in the stomach as blood and bile seeped out the creature howled as she stabbed once more. He hit at her fists slamming into her back pain rattled her body as she continued stabbing and pulling. Tears in her eyes as blood covered her arms and hands. She hated this. She didn't want to kill. The strikes fell weaker, and weaker until the creature only gurgled in pain. The creature lay dead under her as she kept stabbing her body, shaking in panic. She didn't want to die. She had no idea the fight was over. She was unskilled and unrefined in combat but she had won.    Raphtalia: β–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’ 60% Healthβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–ˆβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’ 30% to Level 22 Age Range - Teen- Slave Status: Crested to Fighting rink leader - ReviousStat Modifier:  Slice to her stomach, bruises across her form| Flea Infested |   (Fate F6)Resting in the pits.  The fighting pits, Once a volcano which collapsed eons ago, and mined hollow. , Dwarves, the island's original residents, maintain the tunnels to this day, those of them who remain anyway. , White sands dyed a dark maroon hue from the years of blood that had been spilled. The round pit in the dead center of the island offered weapons by either entrance, where the fighters would emerge. The only way in or out of this circular chaos was through a labyrinth of tunnels that the guards kept secret, permanently stationing themselves and blocking paths that were not needed for the task. Spectators went one way after entering. Those who would be battling went another going into the housing areas under the stands. The rooms had been turned to cells, lit by lantern oil much like everything else was earned through combat. That or given by the arena master or by trading or stealing from others. The inner stone mazes in truth, were simply circles and stairs that spiraled to the different layers. The shape of the mountain adds to the complexity, and the darkness toys with the mind. The prisoners lived together within two levels, beasts on lower cell floors bound in cages, some alone the cages mounted on wheels to be rolled to the pit door and released. While others were simply contained in groups kept in pods of six. With three individual rooms in the pods. Beasts in pairs were often sent to fight together, it believed the closeness of keeping them together made them fight more aggressively and amusingly in the pits, wanting to protect each other.  Humans, demons, and prize fighters. To the upper floor, one level below the guests. They each had small rooms of their own, an area to wander, to train and a shared meal zone. Demi-humans? Well the right to be in the nicer rooms of the upper level was earned in bloodshed. Such a right only happened when you were among the top nine demi-humans.  A young woman, seemingly 20 years old Demi-human. Her pink eyes closed as she reclined against the wall in her pod in the lower level. Her arms crossed, brown hair cascading down her back two bunches in wooden clips rested on her shoulders. Soft breath pulled from her lips. She was resting, blood dripping from her left shoulder, forming a small pool by her side. A deep wound from today's fight, the only thing left since her shower. Her feminine form was clad in a dingy and thread bere dress that covered her form to the knee. Her feet bare as she reclined. A recent death had left a vacancy in her pod, though she had enjoyed not sharing her room with anyone. She was top dog in this pod. Her form rested facing the single entry to her pod.  The other creatures in her pod are a avian human with sharp claws a binding stone sunk into it's chest to prevent the male from escaping by flying, limiting his flight range to only 20 feet directly above the fighting ring. A female orc who stayed in the room with the avian. A pair of siblings, anthro lion siblings, fought together, the more dominant of the pair held a long red mane of hair, while the other had only soft blond fur around her head.       


09/16/2023 10:52 PM 

The World of Shield Hero

Here is the very basic's of Raphtalia's world: If you are expecting story-specific information HAHAHAHA no.. I will not include any spoilers. This is simply a bit about the world, with a spin to make it standalone for those who do not know the verse. I don't know, Maybe I just like writing random crap no one will read. am I a writing masochist? hmm -shrugs- Anywho here it goes.  It will be less formal than my other stuff because this can be a boring read and I wanted some flare. I apologize in advance for my poor sense of humor. The Synopsis: The world is actually several realms connected and in constant battle for one to be the only. Waves are created when the mana between them grows (a predictable event tracked by hourglasses in every primary city). When the Mana grows the sky erupts, cracks between realms form, and beasts drawn to the mana flow through. These events are called waves. To fight waves the world summons heroes from beyond the realms to fight. The world to those heroes is a video game in their world. Except one of the heroes, the shield hero, for whom the world was a book he had only picked up that day. In time the heroes learn how to use the screens, always resting in the preferential of their vision. Information on slaves, ranks, and conditions.(This is where the condition placard I give raphtalia will be shown if you are a crested master) If we are not playing in her world this placard is added Via mana, and no doubt would probably be very annoying, much like when you notice your nose in the periphery of your eye vision and now you can't unsee it for several seconds. (you're welcome ) MONEY: This area trades in gold, silver and copper coins. Coins can be gained by selling items or completing missions. You can also earn money by joining guilds, grinding beasts typical RPG stuff. THE WORLD: A single main land mass rests in a vast ocean, the ocean having it's own monsters, that are known to sink ships. AREAS: Only those in the anime because of spoilers  Melromarc: Main city country where raphtalia is enslaved. Racist towards Demi-humans in this early England-style city. Ran by a queen but the king is given ruling rights while the queen is busy with diplomatic affairs. Lurolona village:The village of Demi-humans within Melromarc Raphtalia's original home. A small seaside village with cliffs overlooking the vast ocean. Destroyed by the wave that killed her parents and owned by the first person who enslaved her, a monster of am man who loves to torture those in his control. The Lone Island of Nipponatto: This island is one often used for grinding for quick level-ups. It's isolated nature allows the area to be stocked with powerful beasts; during an annual festival for adventurers and heroes alike, the island is filled with merchants to sell and buy supplies as monsters are killed in the events. THE RELIGIONS: The Church of the Three heros: The church that is the primary one of Melromarc They are against the shield hero at every turn, due to the close historical support of Demi-humans and shield heroes of past Demi-humans are viewed as subhuman and are not allowed in most establishments, nor permitted to have jobs of any rank.  There are more minor religions, but this is the primary one. THE DANGERS: As any good RPG, Sheild hero's world consists of tiered monsters that reside in specific zones, though they may mix most area has their own rank, and each creature has a weakness, there are many monsters some familiar beasts, Griffins, wolves, dragons,, zombies they have a few that are specific to them such as the low-level balloon beasts, and man-eating rabbits of various levels. Though for Roleplay, I will leave them as basic beasts of common games and anime for ease of use.  

Lord Dracula

09/16/2023 06:12 PM 

Dracula Abilities.

While I am playing my Dracula as Vlad Tepes Dracula. Out of convience I have chosen to use the powers, and abilities of Castlevania Dracula. While the base muse for pictures are of Dracula from castlevania Lords of Shadows. Not all abilities wille be used as doing so would be for to annoying and not fun for roleplay. So I will only include some from the the Castlevania Wiki. I will probably go through here and remove stuff as need but for now this is what I am going with.  Passive attributes- Summoning his Demon Castle: Being the true master of the Demon Castle and having a connection with Chaos, Dracula's resurrection allows the castle to appear anywhere and anytime he desires. As long as Chaos exists, the castle cannot be destroyed. Immortality: Thanks to Walter's soul, Dracula is immortal. Even though he can be killed, he will simply be revived after approximately 100 years, although premature revivals are not uncommon, especially when the premature revivals are caused by the more negative aspects of humanity reaching mass overload. Dracula's resurrection also depends on the number of people in the world who desire his return and, between 1797 to 1999, he was resurrected more frequently. Superhuman endurance or invulnerability: Dracula possesses superhuman endurance. Typical weapons would inflict minimal damage. However, certain weapons and measures, such as Dracula's own poweror the Vampire Killer are particularly effective against him. Dracula is also (usually) invulnerable to attacks to any part of his body excluding his head. His superhuman endurance was such that even being beheaded is not enough to kill him. In his demon form, he seems to lose this power. Eternal night: It is always nighttime in the area surrounding Dracula's Castle, with it being heavily implied that Dracula was preventing the sun from rising in the area he was present in. Shapeshifting and teleportation: Dracula often attempts to confuse his enemies in battle by taking another form and teleporting to a different place, whether it is by turning into a multitude of bats (with the larger one being his main body), by using (or turning into) a large column of energy to displace his body, or by turning into a cloud of mist for long range teleportation. Aside from wholly transforming, he's also capable of partial shapeshifting, such as having his cape and mantle transform into bat wings that have inner spines comparable to an iron maiden,it is said that he can transform into a bat, wolf or mist. For shorter movement, Dracula favors floating on a runic circle that lets him move very slowly. He has been known to turn into: Bat: He turns into many bats for teleportation or for offensive moves and transformations. It was called "Bat Moon" once and allows Dracula to turn into a swarm of bats to overcome his enemy. This was apparently one of Dracula's earliest abilities, as he, or more accurately, Mathias Cronqvist, transforms into a bat and departs when leaving Leon Belmont to be dealt with by Death. Wolf: Dracula has been shown to transform into a wolf for charging attacks in The Dracula X Chronicles. Mist: Dracula has used his mist form to evade certain death during his confrontation with Christopher Belmont. Teleportation: Dracula's favored strategy, used to confuse his enemy while he casts a myriad of offensive spells. Some versions of his teleporting has him blending to black lights, others turns him into many bats, but the function and strategy is one and the same. Demonic wings: Dracula can turn his cape into wings that can allow flight in a one-on-one battle against an agile vampire hunter. His wings allow fast flight and can be used as a melee attack by swiping the cape in its wing form. Dracula rarely does this, however.  Power of Dominance: Dracula's primary ability allows him to absorb defeated monster's souls and enslave them. This power was the one that Soma Cruz, Dracula's incarnation, inherited along with Dracula's soul. While Soma can only summon monsters for a short amount of time due to his low magical power, Dracula can fully utilize this ability with infinite power from the stream of Chaos he commands. Obedient animals: Creatures of the night are sensitive to the flow of darkness and are attracted to its source. Those attracted will not hesitate to serve the commander of darkness. Some of these creatures are bats, wolves, owls, slimes, ravens, crows, black panthers, worms, caterpillars, toads, frogs, and many other smaller but numerous creatures that have entered and lived at some point under the Dark Lord's presence. In battle- Blood draining: Dracula, being a vampire, can bite and drink the blood of his victims. Magic mastery: Dracula is a powerful magic user, easily capable of summoning fireballs, flaming meteors, beam attacks, and swarms of vampire bats and wolves to name a few. Even his extremely powerful "Demonic Megiddo" attack requires little effort on his part to perform. Although most of these seem to draw on his own innate power, there was at least one instance where Dracula had some aid in casting magic via a magical scepter. Added with the fact that he commands Chaos, no demons can match Dracula for his throne. No vampire hunters beyond the Belmonts can match his powers either. Some notable spells are: Hellfire: Fires a wall of fireballs from his cape. Another version causes flames to erupt from the floor. Dark Inferno: Fires magma fireballs from his cape. Unlike Hellfire, the meteors produced by this spell cannot be destroyed. Dark Metamorphosis: Boosts Dracula's Blood draining ability. He can bite an enemy or grasp them and drain their life. He rarely does the latter though. Soul Steal: A spell that many fear. Soul Steal is used by Dracula and to kill and absorb their energy for Dracula's use. The one version of the spell has an area of effect around the caster. It can effect multiple victims multiple times in one cast. Another version drains the life out of Dracula's victims by a mere touch, which is why many fear this spell. It is also referred to as Life Steal. True form(s): When facing a strong and dangerous opponent, Dracula can transform into his more powerful true form to try and even the odds. He uses this strategy whenever he's pushed to the limit. He has used a huge variety of true forms over the centuries, that typically follow a "monster vampire" theme. Most forms of Dracula make him bigger and more frightening to taunt his opponents. Dracula sometimes collects enough power to transform a third time, as when Dracula battled Trevor Belmont or Richter Belmont. In some cases, Dracula ends up warping reality when transforming into his true form, as evidenced with his fight against Richter Belmont and Hector. In rare cases, namely when he has to use Soul Steal or the Power of Dominance to assume his true form due to not being at full power via a fresh revival, he also incorporates elements of the soul he absorbed (for instance, when transforming via absorbing Death, he incorporates traits of Death into his form, such as armored growths that resemble bones). A possible exception to this is during his confrontation with Simon Belmont, as the demonic form was indicated to be the curse of mankind incarnated rather than Dracula himself,[1] and possibly his third form in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, due to him apparently reviving a powerful demon as an attempt at gaining more power. Blood Storm: Perhaps as a way of mocking of the Belmonts' powers, Dracula, when facing Richter Belmont, could make it rain blood, and being caught in it causes heavy damage. Meteor Shower: During the events in Circle of The Moon, Dracula displayed various powerful magic spells, one of which summons a barrage of flaming meteors to rain down from the sky onto his enemy. Demonic Megiddo: Dracula's ultimate dark spell. Two version of this attack are in existence. The first, and more common version has a shorter charging time and allows Dracula to charge demonic runes that become a giant black fireball. Dracula can throw it to his victim and will incinerate his victims with demonic fire. The second version is a gigantic explosion, with Dracula as its nucleus. The explosion radiates from him, dealing heavy damage with high likelihood of killing his opponent. However, the second version requires a longer time to charge, giving enough time to either escape or defeat him before he can use it while draining Dracula's health. On Order of Ecclesia it is shown that Dracula can sustain it for as long as desires, while in Harmony of Despair its effect is shown to cease. Dominus Hatred / Fatal Ray: Dracula summons seven green rays of dark energy that fly upward from his body. After a moment, the rays fall, covering the entire area although leaving some spaces between where the player can dodge them. He uses this attack in various games, including Castlevania Chronicles and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, and is commonly used by his true form, although its most prominent appearance is in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Destruction Ray: A dire version of the Fatal Ray. Dracula summons seven purple rays of dark energy that fly upward from his body, but this time they fall following the player's movement.


09/16/2023 01:26 PM 


High Intelligence: Static is a highly gifted student with particular skill in mathematics, science, and computers. His prowess in science is what allowed him to design and construct the hoverdisc that he flies on. Virgil is a highly gifted student with a particular interest in the maths and sciences. He is also a talented inventor, as he was able to design the cape and wing apparatus of Red Robin's costume while at S.T.A.R. Labs and was also able to create a robot raptor using spare parts from a quantum accelerator. Robin states that Virgil's understanding of molecular structure rivals the Flash's, which was later proved when Virgil provided Kid Flash with a new costume that contained materials that realigned his molecules while stabilizing his powers after discovering that the latter's cells were rapidly deteriorating as a result of an alteration of his powers.   Tactical Analysis: Static is able to apply his scientific knowledge in combat and real life situations and does so almost intuitively. This allows him a certain advantage over more powerful, but less intelligent, opponents.   Multilingualism: Virgil has learned to speak German for unknown reasons and is fluent enough to carry on a simple conversation in the language.


09/16/2023 01:24 PM 

Super Powers

Powers Bang Baby: Static's physiology was altered by a mutant-genetic explosion which caused him to adapt unusual powers. Static's body itself can generate raw electromagnetic energy, which he has learned to manipulate, control and enhance. Super-Conductive Electromagnetism: Static can sense sources of electromagnetic energy or objects that can be affected by it such as underground water pipes. He can magnetize and demagnetize metals. Electromagnetic Fields: Static generates an electromagnetic field just like the earth and the sun generate their own Electromagnetic fields. Static can also create barriers and shields that he can use to block, repel, hold back attacks and defend himself in battle. Mechanokinesis: Static can capable of fixing or operating electronic devices through his electromagnetic manipulation. He can operate most devices just by touching, even if they are not plugged. Electromagnetic Levitation: Static can cause objects to fly (metal is the easiest material to manipulate and wood is the most difficult). Wavelength Tuning: Static can hear radio waves meaning he can listen in on the police broadband and music stations, as well as tapping into the phone lines so he can make calls. Mental Resistance: As the human brain is an electromagnetic organ, and due to his status as a metahuman amplifying his brain's capacities, Static has demonstrated considerable opposition to virtually all forms of hypnosis or mind control. He has overcome the telepathic assaults of The Swarm, avoided mental detection from Miss Martian, and, most notably, eventually even broke free of the Anti-Life Equation, a feat originally considered to be impossible. Electrokinesis: Static can generate electricity from his body and administer it in a range of different attacks and uses. He can charge devices, drain devices and project his electricity in a variety of controlled ways. Electrical Displays: Static is able to project his electromagnetic energies in the form of energy-based constructs, such as disks, orbs, bursts, shields, platforms, force fields, and other projectiles or constructions. Electromagnetic Force Bolts: Static can project powerful blasts and/or bursts of electromagnetic energy from his hands for uses allowing him to hit, push/pull or blow away his targets, and potentially exerting enough force to destroy them. Ball Lightning: Named after Ball Lightning, the weather phenomenon. Electromagnetic Energy compressed into a large ball and thrown at targets; an offensive maneuver in a combat situation. Static Cling: Static can adhere most objects or people to surfaces and other objects, plus Static can magnetize surfaces. Electrical Transformation: Due to Static's power to generate electromagnetic energy, He is able to transform his entire body into pure electrical energy.

Queen Luβ™₯

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Characters Info.

in the meta-verse of FFX Queen Lulu is an AU version of herself, she is stilll a black mage/witch but the way I will RP her is a bit different. She is a Queen obsessed with death, or rather, life after death...the paranormal, pyrflies

King Atreyu Falkoren, β€œDragonborn”

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Calandryll - A Short Origin Story

“Do you think flattery will keep you alive?” He asked, his voice grave, echoing off the cave walls.“N-No, Dragith,” The lone soldier replied. He was struck with a fear that paralyzed him into staring, the realization the dragon saw right through his evasions to escape by the aforementioned means rendered mute, and it was horrifying having death staring him in the face.“No indeed,” Dragith slithered his way in front of the soldier in the torchlit darkness of the cave, loose rocks and gold falling to the floor as he approached, their noise echoing with his footsteps, the ground giving shake. His hide as black as the shadowed interior, the light of the soldier’s torch making Dragith look like part of the midnight sky on a moonless night was put inside this very cave. Yellow eyes, the eyes of a dragon, stared him down.“You seem familiar with my name, but I don’t remember smelling you before,” Dragith hissed, “Who are you and what kingdom do you hail from? Speak now lest you die by my fire, human. “Oh yes, I know the colors of human fear, and it is quite a delicious color indeed. Your cape is Blood-Red like those colors adorning your fear, the cape of an enemy of my King!” He roared furiously. “Are you Spy? Assassin?”“I…” The soldier started, choking on the lump of fear in his throat before swallowing it with pride placed in his honesty, “I spoke true of being lost.” He took a triumphant step forward. “I know not this world; I hail from Kingdoms where dragons are but fairy tales. My name is Calandryll, I read about you in a book when I was just a boy, I swear it, my life is but in your hands, as it were. My armor I stole after a ba- tavern brawl, to disguise myself in this world, lest I would have met my fated death sooner. Please, have mercy upon me, I wish not to die by Dragon Fire.”Dragith turned heel after seeing the soldier urinated upon himself, speaking as he sunk back into the shadows of the cave, “Turn back, Calandryll, go south from this cave’s entrance. There you will receive hospitality, human outcast. Beware, you’ll be subject to my King’s questions, get rid of that cape before you are found by someone else wearing it, and hope my King sees truth in you as I have.”“Is he a dragon like you?” Calandryll called into the deep black, but no reply came, only to hear the fire of his torch in the silence that followed. 

Deus Ex Magnus

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Info on his universe

The universe is a chaotic place just like the very magic that flows through the world of Avalon that exists in a universe so chaotic dragons live in suns and whales propel themselves through the vacuum of space. Magic in Avalon is just as chaotic as the universe, it lives in everything in this beautiful world full of desert forest and so many different nations and many different tribes. However, just like everything within existence there is an order in this universe and evil that only wants to consume and rid everything from existence (Edax Dearom; The Devourer of Gods in the common tongue). A being that only causes madness, fear and drains your very will to live. But this horrifying god-like creature was sealed away by a young god that goes by the name Havi. By sacrificing himself he sealed Edax away and has become the very magical weave itself filling the universe full of life. However Edax’s influence intertwines and manipulates the weave to create Evil, Fear, Madness, Murder, Demons and The very Dark Abyss itself at the bottom. This half dead astral god’s influence, even though asleep and sealed, still leaks into The Magical Weave. The realm of Tartarus and its 9 rings sits between Avalon and the Abyss where evil devils reside and torment souls. The Fey wilds sit in the magical weave itself, a small sized universal world itself. In the middle a man lives by the name of Havi (the same God that sealed Edax) is linked to that very weave itself by name only. If he were to die the name would move on to the next man to take his place. Though the name of Havi is given to them, they are transformed, changed and almost entirely reshaped to have the capabilities to wield the magic the original god possessed. His home is deep in the fey wilds almost as if it is his own dimension, the forest of yggdrasil. The forest was thick like a rainforest jungle. The trees are always shifting, never in the same spot for very long. It’s almost impossible to navigate through without Havis permission to do so. Other tribes of a people called Zonans, a race of people born from the weave, evolved from spirits themselves. They can forge the most powerful of weapons with their ruin markings. The forging process is only with the heat of pure magic. A metal called Magi is forged and shaped only with magic to whatever the user wishes for. However the more complex the item the more Magi is needed for it. The World of Avalon is massive with many different types of life forms from all mythologies. Even including its own four Elder gods that support Havi and bless him with the five Astral stars that made up that Astral plain. The four gods are listed as such. The first is Morder, He is the God of the forces of nature, magic and elements. Next is Akasha, She is the Goddess of space, time and reality. Next is Ragnarok, He is the god of revelation, war, blood and revitalization. And finally Avalon, She is the goddess of life, creations and everlasting longevity. The Unknown Party consisted of these Four elder gods and the Primordial God known as Havi. The Party came to the conclusion that sealing away Edax Dearom was a necessity for the balance of al. They were successful in their endeavors, but not without the sacrifices of these gods in order to seal Edax away. With this sacrifice came the natural order for this world. The goddess Akasha sacrificed her body and mind to create the star roads that allow Havi to traverse the multiverse. The Goddess Avalon sacrificed her body and mind to create the world that the people of Avalon call home. The God Morder spent his time and essence to create the natural laws of both physics and magic of the world. The God Ragnarok sacrificed his godly title but not his immortality to watch over this world to protect it from evils that would try to plague it. This is the world of Avalon and its entirety


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Colden Schnee

First name: ColdenMiddle name: OliverSurname: Schnee Age: 28Date of birth: 01/17/1995Race: Russian White Cat Neko Gender: Male Sexuality: Gay Current residence: Simple apartment/One bedroom home per roleplay Relationship status: Single Height: 5’11”Weight: 163lbsEye color: Light BlueSkin color: Pallor Shape of face: Heart shapedDistinguishing features: White lashesBuild of body: Toned, slimHair color: WhiteHair style: Short, longer hair in front of eyesComplexion: Fair, clearPosture: Straight, unless overtired then slouchedTattoos: None, yetPiercings: None, yetTypical clothing: Comfy sweater, hoodies, baggy t-shirts, sweats, jeans, sneakers ranging from any color Likes: Soft things, spicy foods, sweets, comfortDislikes: Discomfort, Sour foods, Overstimulation, random touches on tail or earsEducation: HighschoolFears: SpidersPersonal goals: Having a job he enjoysGeneral attitude: Positive and supportiveGeneral intelligence: Minorly below average book smarts, slightly above street smartsGeneral sociability: Introverted until he knows you then extroverted Illnesses (if any): None knownAllergies (if any): None KnownSleeping habits: Restless, wakes often, light sleeperEnergy level: High enough to wake and be active but loses fast when overworked or overheatedEating habits: Poor. Forgets certain meals when occupied, prefers to snackMemory: Good on unimportant things, terrible when unable to repeat actions or thingsAny unhealthy habits: Bites nails when anxious. Parents: Mother and Father(Divorced)Siblings: 2 Siblings, Sisters both olderAny enemies (and why):None CurrentlyChildren: None, currentlyFriends:Best friend(s):Important friends/relatives (explain):Love interest (if there is one): Occupation: Works customer service; hopes to bake as a job for fun and enjoymentCurrent home: Apartment/Single bedroom Home per roleplayFavorite types of food: Sweets, Some Spicy foods, primarily loves curry over white riceFavorite types of drink: Loves flavored water and Iced CoffeeHobbies/past times: Loved games, naps, spending time outside Guilty pleasures: Loves Teasing, terrible going further thoughPet peeves: LyingPets: None but loves many animals but snakesTalents: Baking and cooking, comes easy and he enjoys itFavorite colors: Orange and Black


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Modern Starter Sets.

I had a thought I had to write, If you feel like doing a Modern spin on Raphtalia, Please let me know I would love to do it! We can use one of these openings or we can create something else. (Fate M1)A fall into another time - Tween A powerful pulse, a distortion in the air. A dark aura overtook the lands. A wave was coming. Once every few months, paths to another world opened, allowing creatures in from the other side, to an unknown world. A slave was sent to gather water for her master. Her pink eyes scanned wildly, tracing the world around her. She knew waves brought monsters from other realms. One such monster caught was a creature with bright, wide, set eyes that released their light—a pair of blinking white eyes at the front of the creature's face. Silvery teeth glistened under. The stomach reversed on this creature coming out of what she would think was the back.A person caught in its translucent belly sitting within it. The creature's honking roar released as it charged past her into one of the apple trees with a loud CRUNCH. The monster's flesh crumpled, its Metal skin peeled as its roar continued. The creature had no blood. Instead, the inside had exploded like a toad's throat, completely engulfing the person within. The bright red monster shook and smoked like it would breathe fire any minute, no doubt recovering from hitting the tree. With no legs to speak of, the creature seemed to move with wheels like a cart. It was the strangest thing she had ever seen. The slave wasn't going to wait around and find out what manner of beast it was. With portals popping up everywhere, she decided to jump into the portal that it had come from, hoping no others were in the area. To write herself a new fate in another world.The second she stepped in, her form became weightless. She gripped her blade tightly as she felt herself spinning; she could see nothing but swirling purples and blacks. Then suddenly, light blinding light, her eyes adjusted quickly. She found herself in the middle of a cobblestone street, though these cobblestones were tiny, black rocks with some strange lines and drawings. The smell and noises of this place slapped her sensitive senses. More of the creatures roars in short bursts from all over. The same dirty smell the other had given off danced in the air. Those creatures were ordinary around here—one a smaller yellow one, with a person mounted upon its back. The creature's head was oversized, more like an antenna-less ant than humans, but the body was undoubtedly human, some form of Demi-human. The animal honked at her, veering away from her as the mounted human motioned with his hand, raising a single finger her way as it sped past. So, some of the beasts could be tamed? She shook her head, stepping off the black cobblestone as more of the metal beasts charged forward, the portal having closed behind her. She stumbled over another kind of cobblestone. These vast rocks cut perfectly square like a castle wall! In fact, most of the area around her looked like castle walls.Sparkling crystal glinted in the sunlight, bouncing down in all directions. People everywhere! She was amazed! Her eyes lit up with wonder as she walked the street, most people avoiding her. One scoffed, "Cosplaying on a school day?" At her as they passed. The large, colorful beasts seemed not to walk on the light-colored cobblestone, staying instead only on the black. Some kind of barrier kept them from stepping over, or maybe the small bump between was hard for them to step over without feet? She had so many questions her ears twitched. The girl no older than 12, the wooden bucket clutched in her hand, her red tunic pulled tight against her stomach, her tail flicking excitedly behind her.She had made it to a new world! She stepped to one of the reflective windows she looked at her crest, it was now grayed out. Deactivated, the connection to her original master was lost. The mana she could still feel it, suppressing her own. Her innate magic rested peacefully within her. She had no idea what this magnificent world was. People moved in herds as they crossed the black paths. The flocks cross and even stop together. The attire was strange: men and women dressed in pants, no one wore armor, not a single sword in sight. She couldn't help but smile.  (Fate M2)What it takes to survive- tween The wonder of this new world was short-lived, as the need for food, shelter, and survival struck her. She was utterly alone in a world that was not her own. She hadn’t eaten in three days. Her stomach growled with the fury of those metal bloodless beasts that dashed around with humans in their reversed bellies. She touched her stomach softly, holding it as she walked through the streets, which were even illuminated in the nighttime by tall lights that used some magic to turn on as soon as the sunset.She shivered. The night air was cold, much colder than where she was from. Her ears flopped down, her head bowed as her mess of auburn locks cascaded sloppily down her back. Her tail was resting low. Pink eyes scanned the streets as she moved; she was so hungry. A few drunks staggered on the streets, but mostly, she was alone now on the streets. A sigh slipped past her lips before a smell reached her nose. Food, some sort of meat mix nearby, she sniffed the air. She moved forward, her eyes closing as she followed the scent. Her tail flicked as a large green bin stood under a large building before her. As she got closer, food, meat, rot, decay, and other pungent smells were mixed as she got closer. She wrinkled her nose and stepped back from it. Her stomach growled once more. She gulped.Her small hand explored the box, circling as she tried to find a way in. She found a handle. Checking it, she found a way to open it. Pulling hard, it slowly moved with a loud metal groan. It looked kind of like the monsters, but it didn’t move. Maybe this one was dead? She hoped so. The smell was worse once the door was opened. Clearly, some things were rotting inside, but the scent of something that was not rotten was present too.. She just had to find it.With that, she sunk inside. A crunch and a crinkle noise as she jumped sadly face first into a pile of trash bags. She nearly gagged at the smell. Though she was so hungry, she pressed on. She was ripping the protective membrane around the various groups, allowing the trash to come free. She went through finding what smelled still okay to eat. She popped out to set the items she found on the top of the container before sliding back in. She grew a small pile of nearly edible food, most half-eaten things. as she noisily dug in the trash can to find food.Her mana, the magic energy that constantly danced around her normal in her own world but strange in this one, pulsed out. She finally stayed in one place long enough, the energy began drawing spirits towards her. The nearby ones approach slowly, wanting to feed on her power.

King Atreyu Falkoren, β€œDragonborn”

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Goddess Keep to Your Royal Highness

To his Highness King Atreyu, Lord of all of Arkon and it’s waters, loyal greetings; and to his daughter Princess Eira, the same.May it please Your Highness to know that the survey and census ordered Ten years ago at Your Highness’ accession has now been completed. Detailed statistics are appended for Your Grace’s further study, but presented on these pages is a brief analysis prepared in secret by my own hand and after long discussion with Lord Calandryll, of Your Highness’ Army.The dragons are in danger! Normal attrition due to disease, old age, accident, and mating battle kept the population fairly constant, even considering the decimations of the Hatchling Hunts the other kingdoms pride themselves with, may the Goddess rot them. The killing of mating sires was more seriously detrimental, but the dragons managed to survive.But then Four years ago the Plague came, and the results to the dragons’ population have been catastrophic.In the year 2877, the year of Your Grace’s accession, 732 dragons were counted in flight from their northern caves to various wintering grounds, as reported by persons assigned to count them throughout the regions. There were 18 mating sires, 56 mature females, and 486 immature dragons, plus the first-flight hatchlings of that year. The summer before the Plague, 358 dragons were in flight over the Desert. But this Spring the most reliable reports place the number of dragons at 29: 6 mating sires, and 23 mature females. There were no immature dragons to be accounted for to our dismay.The potential for disaster is obvious. Your Grace can readily deduce that neither the hunt for mating sires nor the vexatious Hatchling Hunt must take place this year. The 2 or 3 mating sires who survive mating battles must be allowed to mate with their females, and every dragon emerging from the caves must be allowed first-flight. Otherwise, Your Grace’s children and grandchildren, may they be born strong and wise by Goddess’ blessings, will never know what a dragon is.A regional analysis of the dragon population is appended. It is the only copy, the original compilation of information having been burned, with Lord Calandryll as witness. His Lordship and I are the only ones who share knowledge of the impending disaster.I would add one thing further, a thought that has occurred to me but for which I have no real proof. It is only a feeling, but it is a strong one. I believe that after the Plague losses at Drath Canyon Four years ago, the dragons will shun that place this year and seek others without the terrible memories. Dragons avoid mountaintops where one of their number fell to his unfortunate death; there are tales in the high country of such things. If they are as intelligent as we believe them to be, and as sensitive, they will also avoid Drath Canyon where so many of them died of Plague. Again, it is only a feeling, but I think that very soon we shall see the truth of it.Therefore, as they will not mate in Drath Canyon this year, they will find some other place - perhaps far from Your Grace’s careful guardianship. May I humbly suggest that Your Grace issue an edict banning the slaying of dragons for this year - and for all years to come. The alternative is to see dragons no more in all the world.Lord Calandryll and I respectfully submit our conclusions to Your Highness’ notice, with every faith that your wisdom will find a solution and that dragons will once again fill the Arkon skies.All homage and wishes for the continued health and happiness of Your Royal Highness,Lord Zeliziel of Goddess Keep.


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Breed information

Breed information:  Raphtalia's Official classification is:  Demi-human - raccoon-dog (Tanuki)  • Demi-human • Societal standing:Viewed by most civilized societies as sub-human, close to monsters than to man. They are often discriminated against, only able to get low-paying jobs, and often sold into slavery if caught committing crimes or even being in the wrong place at the wrong time.   Subtypes:Demi-humans come in all sorts: foxes, wolves, cats, tigers, dragons, elephants oger, and so many more. Native to a single country, in others, they are seen as exotic and expensive, while in their own country, they are considered garbage and of the lowest value.  Aging:The age with XP. Battle, knowledge, and recovery from injury all allow a demi-human to gain XP. Years do not matter to a Demi-human. Time is irrelevant to them. Only by leveling can they age. Though on the brink of death, they can sell XP to the Deathbringer. Setting the demi-human back levels depending on injury amount. Even to the point of aging them back once more.    • Raccoon-dog sub information:  • β—‹  Diet: A canine-type creature, the Tanuki is carnivorous mainly, though it will eat greens, insects, and fruit if no meat is available. A Tanuki that is leveling will require more food, and more often as their growing body requires additional nutrients.  β—‹  Habitat:Tanuki's are not a common type of Demi-human. They live in the eastern forests, are reclusive, keep to their villages, and rarely stray except to join a mate's home. β—‹  Breeding and Parenting:Demi-humans come of breeding age only by leveling.During pregnancy, the Tanuki will eat more than usual and will suffer an XP drain as their child grows.Tanuki's specifically have one to two children at once and are highly protective of that child, even sacrificing their own lives to protect them. The maternal instincts of a Tanuki is powerful.  β—‹  Senses:Hearing: The Tuniki's ears are rounded and fluffy, and for all of it's cuteness it also serves the function of giving the tanuki enhanced hearing, able to swivel 360 each, giving her a surround sound of the area. Enhanced and focus able she can hear 4x as well as a human. Vision: Almond-shaped pink eyes glow gold at night. This is a cute feature that gives her not only decent daylight vision but perfect night vision, drawing even minimal light into her eyes to allow her to see just as well at night as a human can in mid-day. Smell: A button nose resting in the middle of her fine features wriggles lightly as she takes in a deep breath sniffing the air and smelling items with twice as much sensitivity as a human nose. Taste: A sensitive tongue she can taste poison, decay, and mold to distinguish edible food from inedible before consuming them. Touch: Her thick furry tail, the dense fur can feel wind movements and is sensitive to touch. She can use it to tell wind direction.  

King Atreyu Falkoren, β€œDragonborn”

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Current mood:  calm

1) I do not roleplay erotic as a whole roleplay. The aspect must be met with long-term writing, should the characters form a romantic relationship arise.2) I do prefer discussing things beforehand, although I don’t mind receiving random starts if that suits your fancy.3) Keep mind that I am flexible with Eras of time and worlds; I am open to placing Atreyu in more modern, even sci-fi, settings so long as dragons remain a part of the world, or worlds, should there be many visited in space-travels. I welcome crossovers as well.4) Keep mind that my starts and replies are paragraph heavy, sometimes exceeding the length of 10 paragraphs (I will do my best not to overwhelm). You do not have to give replies that are as long as my own. I only ask that any reply remain a paragraph at minimum.5) A patiently awaited reply from me is pleasing, and I will give the same patience to you as well. I give lengthy thought to replies and may well take more than a single day to have it sent, to forewarn. Please do not give asking to when you will receive it, just know that it will inevitably come to you within a few days.

🌺Madie goddess princess🌸 18+

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Heather, sweety...

Imagine getting upset that someone is calling your out for your sh*tty behavior.  Accountability is a bitch, huh?  I mean, you're used to all those simps excusing your bad behavior on here so, it's understanable that you get so mad over being called out.  That idiot you have that said it's f***ed up what I did?  He's defending you bashing someone for singleshipping their character and not wanting to ship their character with yours.  No one is obligated to ship their character with yours.  If you want to do ero so badly the way you want to do it, go to RPT... oh, wait.  They couldn't stand your ass over there and banned you for your sh*tty behavior that you get away with here LMFAO.  No one who "leaves" you, ever left you left you because of them, it was you, always you.  Your open bashing of other people and attempts to send people after others would get you banned on any other rp site.  See, it takes plenty to get banned on rpt, but you managed to do that in less than a week.  You cry about being bullied, but it's not actual bullying, it's you being held to account and you hate that.  Not everyone is going to excuse your sh*tty behavior and you need to deal with that.  Your problems are all of your own making.  You need to work on fixing your sh*t behavior before daring to come at people.  If you want to bash people for single shipping, they can bash you for wanting to bang everything with a pulse... or without.  You wanna bash someone for brother/sister stuff, they can bash you for being a zoophile.  You can be bashed on that alone you degenerate animal f***er, but then again... you'd bang anything with or without a pulse lol

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