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๐“›๐“ฎ๐“ช๐“พ๐“ถ๐“ธ๐“ท๐“ฝ โฅ

05/26/2024 12:40 PM 


I'm going to start off by saying I'm not new on here, and I hate I even have to make these kind of things but I've had a lot of drama happen and it hurts knowing someone can spread lies about me when in reality I was suffering from depression and losing custody of my children. I'm done with people trying to pretend they're my friend just to make me look like the bad guy in the end. Start sh*t with me you'll be blocked.   I'm not here for drama or any childish games, I had enough with people wanting to start something either because they get turned on by trying to make me look bad or they're simply bored, if I find out anyone sends a request to lurk or spy on me will be deleted and blocked because I'm not going to let anyone make me look bad and try to drive me away. I'm not running anymore, if you have a problem with me send a message and talk to me like an adult instead of sulking and having people do your dirty work. That's petty and childish, if you can't fight your own battles then shame on you and go sit in a corner with your thumb up your ass. I'm sorry I'm stressed and I will be petty to make a point.   I'm not here for pure smut or romance, my character may have sex appeal qualities but I didn't sign her up to be everyone's sex object. I would prefer if our characters had chemistry and our roleplay is storydriven. I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm just trying to have fun with no strings attached.   I'm not looking for any relationship outside of roleplay, please do not push to be with the lady behind Italian Beauty.   I'm not here for one liner roleplays, I want to roleplay with people that can be creative and we can just have a fun and exciting story. If you're not creative, then let me just say goodbye and have a fun trip.   I'm mainly on discord due to various reasons, I'm busy and it's the place where I can avoid the immature little sh*ts that want to start drama with me or my character. Just have fun don't kill my fun or try to ruin my reputation.   Don't rush me I won't rush you thank you

แดฟแตƒโฑโฟ แถ แตƒหกหก

05/25/2024 07:16 PM 


I do mostly multi-para+, can do para and short novella, but I will never do one liners unless we happen to have some IC banter going on in status comments.You don't have to match my lengths, but I do ask that you write at least a paragraph at minimum.  I'll write any genre besides super extreme heavy gore, (I have some exceptions to excessive gore, like plots that happen to take in the worlds of Drifters or Mortal Kombat, for example), but I can still write gore. Blood and violence are definitely okay, and since I'm twenty nine and Buguo's definitely of age, I can write mature content. Romance is not my main priority, even though I'm a sucker for shipping, but this isn't the main type of thing I'm after to write; this doesn't mean I'm not open for shipping either. For a relationship to happen, there needs to be chemistry between our two characters, even if they're already acquainted with each other in our roleplay.Buguo's also gay, so I'll only ship him romantically with other men, but that won't stop him from making friends with women. He can be just friends with men too; I love a good friendship between muses! Lastly, I will absolutely not write romance or sexual stuff with minors!  AUs and crossovers are encouraged and loved! I can put Buguo into most verses. I'm also MCRP friendly so don't be afraid to add if you're an MCRPer.   Real life is important; It's everyone's number one priority. If you don't or haven't responded in a certain amount of time, I won't delete you, just to let you know. My patience is unlimited, so you better go take all the time you need to take care of yourself first! To add, I'll also be slow on some days-- unless it happens to turn into procrastination, and ask for your patience in return, but if you can't and decide to delete me, I'll understand.  I roleplay in messages but if we happen to start more than one roleplay, we can roleplay in comments or blogs; I don't mind. I can also write in Discord, if that's better than here.  I suck at thinking of plot ideas, so bare with me! (Also, it doesn't relate to this much but please forgive me for having such bland greeting comments. One day, I'll make a nice fancy one.)  God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it.  Drama shall never be tolerated UNLESS it’s roleplay wise between our characters.

๐ป๐‘’๐‘™๐‘’๐‘›๐‘Ž ๐‘Š๐‘Ž๐‘™๐‘˜๐‘’๐‘Ÿ

05/25/2024 07:37 PM 

Rules, must be signed.

Hello there, my lovelies. I won't beat around the bush with my rules, and please adhere to all of themIf you do we'll get along just fine.  This is an LGBT friendly user, so please refrain from any homophobia within and on my page, this includes in messages and comments, your beliefs about gay/bi/lesbian and all other orientations is wrong, they deserve love like everyone else too. So please learn to be tolerable.  This user is not a female, surprise surprise, but is roleplaying a female. I am in fact A demisexual homoromantic male, but just cause I'm of the orientation doesn't mean I want to "Date you!" or "Ride you like a parasaur" get over your ego, you megasaurass *Mic drop* Do not pester me for replies, I will reply in my own time when I am good and ready to do so, just cause you are ready doesn't mean I am, I am human too and have a house to clean, animals to take care of, family to spend time with etc. Sometimes when I am online, it is not for roleplay cause some days can be worse than others, and just bear with me, I will get back to our roleplay eventually.  Do not try and control my character in any shape or form, I control my characters actions like you control your own.  I will not engage in Smut/Sexual relations with your character, please refrain from being a slut and go out and get a girlfriend/boyfriend/they friend if you need laid so badly. I will be roleplaying at whatever length I feel comfortable with. Don't be an Elitist or Grammar Nazi. There will be more to come but for now accept these rules

ใ‚ฐใƒ•ใƒผ โ–ช Vaati

05/24/2024 08:26 PM 

I - โ—คMinishโ—ข

โ—คMinishโ—ขBorn of the Heavens, our existence remained that of servitude.      Legend echoed across the waking era, that the Minish descended upon Hyrule, and in the aid of mankind, bestowed a scourge against evils in the form of a blade. When the storm of darkness calmed, it was merely locked away from the world. Peace returned, and with that, the simple 'Picori' as we were titled, weaved their goodbyes. Departing they left a gift: a light without end.          Equipped with unending knoweldge and kinship, the Minish lay low, visible to the eyes of the pure. Remarkable insight wasn't an uncommon feat among our kind, but to utilize in new ways, garnered eyes of the elders. There was much to be learned from both Sage, and Apprentice. And with that came the toll of many bells, tiring away with each chime. A steady hand, and yet the hour never brought forth something new.Prosperity never wavered, and such immense power lay to rest the evils that would dare to tip it.      But evil was not exclusive to monsters. 

ใ‚ฐใƒ•ใƒผ โ–ช Vaati

05/24/2024 08:24 PM 

Profile Simplified

  ใ€ • Para — Novella Selective | Fantasy - Adventure - Dark - Open | Legend of Zelda • ใ€‘   |• Returning Vaati // Clones & OCs Welcomed • |     Portrayal: Full Timeline; Minish Cap Vaati, prior to transformation — After Four Swords Adventures — Not restricted. Vaati's initial personality is that of self-servitude and cruel characteristics. Primary portrayal is adult and mature. Not accepting Ero-rp.   โ–บ Mild Synopsis:  — Once a young Minish—protege to the renowned Minish Sage Ezlo—who became fascinated by the evil in hearts of mankind overtime. His newfound desire for power led him to terrorize Hyrule; cursing his master into a hat, and petrifying Zelda in search of the Light Force. A powerful gift bestowed to humans by the Picori. Vaati is brought to his eventual demise by a hero in green known as Link. —Over hundreds of years Vaati returns a total of 3 times, and with the ability to manipulate the wind he declares himself the Wind Mage. Warped and no longer having any memory of his days as a Picori, he goes on a mindless rampage once again terrorizing Hyrule, kidnapping many beautiful women in the process. Vaati is at first sealed away by the Four Sword, and returns a second time with his eye on a new Princess Zelda. —Following his second resurrection's defeat Vaati is freed from his seal yet again as Ganon plots Link to draw the Four Sword to rescue Zelda, thus freeing the Wind Sorcerer. Vaati is utilized by Ganon's desire for more power, caught up in the cycle of the Gerudo Thief, and is eventually defeated.   โ–บ Things to know:  —This Vaati is more attuned to darker settings and adaptable for timeline continuation, but is open to different plot ideas should you suggest them. Any area of the timeline is fully welcome.—Greetings not required! Feel free to toss a story or discussion my way. Please do not spam my inbox, I will get to replies in order.—Please have patience. Spamming, and seeking ero only will prompt in removal.  โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•โ€•


05/23/2024 11:56 PM 

Location: The Meat Caverns

Once upon a time it was just normal old blue-rock and glowy Waterfall. The first Royal Scientist since the Barrier's erection, however, craved decaying human meat. As it could no longer be found what with the abject lack of humans around Underground this former Royal Scientist took it upon herself to genetically modify a fungus to look like meat and smell sickly-sweet like rot. The taste is questionable. It infested Waterfall rather quickly, the air thick and red with its spores to this day. It was created to only grow in what was once Waterfall, but it's starting to adapt to other regions--New Home in particular. Residents are advised to burn it when they find it there. The Ruins are more or less safe from it. For now, it hasn't adapted to the cold, and it takes a mere ten minutes for the chill to destroy any spores lingering upon one's person. Hot Land is similar -- it's too hot, but they can weather the heat long enough to be transported by passers-by to New Home. The Laboratory has a disinfectant system: as soon as you step in, you're locked in a room to be sprayed automatically before you're allowed to enter the Lab proper. You also need to have clearance to be able to enter the Lab. It's unknown as to whether or not interloping WDGs, CSSs, As, or other staff members from alternative universes can bypass this security or not. Of course, anything that can teleport or create portals can, regardless.



05/23/2024 02:15 PM 

OC info

Name: Jin YunAge: 23 Sex: MaleHeight: 6’1”Weight: 198 lbsBuild: Mesomorph, muscularJin was born to a Korean father and Japanese mother and spent much of his time growing up between both nationalities. His father instilled a hard work ethic into him at a young age by making him work on the family farm. At the same time Jin had tendencies to procrastinate or slack when he could. He never was a talkative person and only his closest friends knew much about him. When Jin isn’t working out or doing hard labor, he could be found just simply relaxing or putting off the work he still needs to do. He wasn’t ever a fan of the limelight and oftentimes finds himself discrediting himself or not taking credit for the work that he does. -Technique - Velocity - This technique, when activated, increases a target’s moving speed by a measurement of 5 and a rate. This can be 5 inches per second, 5 miles per hour or any combination of type of measurement by a rate of time. So if the target was moving at 10 miles per hour and technique activation happens, increasing the target’s speed by 5 miles per hour the target would then instantly be moving at 15 miles per hour. A target can be anything with Cursed Energy so it includes, Jujutsu Sorcerers, Cursed Spirits, Cursed Tools and even inanimate objects that have been imbued with Cursed Energy. This also can be more specific like a swing of a sword or even a punch can be accelerated. Requirements for activation is a gesture, typically a point or a finger snap and the target must already be moving. Once activated the target will only accelerate in the direction that they were originally moving when the technique was activated. It is only a flat increase to speed and the target can slow naturally or by another force. Basic activation can only increase speed, not slow it down.


05/23/2024 07:02 PM 

Artorias' description

Name: Sir Artorias Aliases: The Wolf Knight, The Abysswalker Race: Human Gender: Male Affiliation: The Four Knights of Gwyn Homeland: Lordran  Appearance: Height: 6'5" (196 cm)Build: Lithe frame, imposing, yet agile.Hair: Long, jet black cascades.Eyes: Piercing and intense blue eyesScars/Markings: His left arm is visibly broken and unusable, often hanging limply at his side. This limits his abilities considerablyArmor Description:Abysswalker Helm: A fearsome helm with a visor that partially covers his face, adorned with intricate designs and a jet black plume.Abysswalker Armor: Dark, weathered plate armor with a tattered blue cape. The armor is heavily scarred from countless battles. Background: Artorias the Abysswalker was one of the Four Knights of Gwyn, known for his unflinching loyalty and unparalleled prowess in combat. He was tasked with defeating the Abyss, and ventured into its depths to stop its spread by defeating Manus. In the battle, he was defeated. He sacrificed himself to defend his faithful companion, Sif. In the process, his left arm was shattered, and remains limp and useless to this day. He was consumed by Manus' influence, a thrall to the Abyss.    


05/23/2024 12:34 PM 


I'll keep this pretty short and sweet. These rules will be pretty straight forward and simple. I also reserve the right to change these at any given time as I see fit if/when I need to add, or remove any rules.  General code of conduct. Don't be rude, racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. I reserve the right to block/delete anyone I see fit for my own comfort and mental well being. Treat me as you wish to be treated. [In character some leniencies will be given as it is due to the character's view andmay not be the view of the one playing that character, but if anything happens in a story I am not comfortable with I will let you know. Any are of course welcome to do so with me as well. Please, if anything in the roleplay makes you uncomfortable let me know. I will adjust. I just ask the same courtesy.]   Do not steal anything from my profile/account. I code my own layout(s) and draw all of my own images. I may use other images for POSE reference, but that is all. Every image I use is drawn by me unless otherwise stated in the caption.    I will not rush anyone into replying to me in any shape, or form. Please give me this same courtesy. I work an on-call schedule for work so I may be on at any given time, or be gone for long periods of time. Sometimes I just pop on to check things, but will nt have time to reply to anything. For this reason I keep my online status hidden.   On the topic of art, please don't ask me for free art. Especially if we have yet met and not even spoken before meeting, or just barely started talking to one another. I only draw for friends for free and that is sparingly. If you would like to inquire about commissioning me for art you are welcome to do so. Please don't complain about my prices though. If you can't afford it, that's ok, I get it, but I'm not going to change the price just because you do not have the funds. Art is a luxary, and time cost money. Please respect my time.   I Periodically remove people from my friends list. This is not out of malice, or due to no interaction of any sort. This is purely out of if I find our characters incompatible for roleplay. Especially if we don't interact on top of that. It is in no means of being mad, or disliking anyone. I apologize in advance if this is an issue for you. 

Queen Bery

05/22/2024 10:55 PM 

Things You Need To Know//Rules&Guidlines

#1. I don't like one liners, but I don't need 3 paragraphs of useless word vomit~ #2. I'm not here specifically for erotica, however..#3. Don't rush me. #4. Don't expect me to reply within YOUR time frame, you will be disappointed*****I don't really like picking a genra but I will insta-block pervs   common desency is required, I have a consience♥


05/22/2024 09:09 PM 

AU Timeline Overview/Choices

Three significantly different "Eras" in time with different character focuses that can be interacted with. Bunny's Era has him as the one I'd be writing as, whereas the two Eras after I'd mostly be writing as Fuse. Interacting with a past Era and then a future Era may result in x or y remembering your character depending upon Resets, but Chara will likely have told Fuse stories about Bunny Era encounters or point out that they've met before as Chara consistently remembers everything. Bunny's Era Gaster-Chara Alliance: wherein the soul of the long-deceased first fallen human, out of boredom or a bid to increase the longevity of their ghostly existence, decides to grant the Royal Scientist the only two abilities they can still impart: Reset and Remember. They share so much in common, after all! They were murdered, he was being murdered, so why not see if he can succeed where they failed (avoiding a fated death flag)?Except he makes the same-but different mistakes and gets murdered again. And again. Sometimes his experiments get him, yes, but more often than not he ends up pushing his boyfriend's buttons a little too much. Then he starts doing it either out of curiosity (how many bad ends are there?) or spite (well, now he's just going to f*** his dear assistant up on purpose and make the guy miserable until he breaks - his grumpy, depressed face looks almost as cute as his guilty face).It becomes so ingrained to that point that when he finally tries for a good end it doesn't work out. Granted, it probably has something to do with how he even tries... Banishing every other soul into a different dimension except for his and his boyfriend's for no apparent reason isn't exactly the best way to propose. Fortunately he made a button to reverse that and gives his boyfriend the choice.It's a very messy break up. Chara decides to make the same deal with Sans and regales him stories about prior timelines. (They eventually become besties, really.)  Double Trouble Era Courtesy of Gaster's constantly getting himself killed and saving his ass by Resetting, he and Chara are the only ones with real memories of his era; Sans' are secondhand, and no one else even remembers Gaster existed, let alone anything that happened when he did. Which in essence means that at this point the only one who really remembers anything is Chara.Which is all well and good, because Sans is a little less f***ed up that he otherwise could be, though he never really succeeds in mending his relationship with his brother--much to Papyrus' confusion. After all, from his perspective, Gaster never existed, there had never been any wedge worked between them, and, hell, Sans hadn't even left Snowdin to go anywhere. His brother's attitude and behavior are a complete and utter mystery to him. Just the other day he was totally different...?It's a year of trying to adjust to all the differences until Frisk falls and joins the rest of the monster children--and humans--in the Ruins' Orphanage, run by the old Royal Couple. They kill everyone, and move along to Snowdin where they are summarily slaughtered when they try pulling that sh*t on Sans. Of course, this means they reload from their last Save Point. And, of course, Sans notices, thanks to Chara, and proceeds to Reset.Problem: Chara's Save Point is stuck a year prior to Frisk's fall. Any time he Resets, they have to relive the same goddamn year over again, albeit with differences as they try different ways to stop the inevitable Ruins slaughter whilst also keeping Frisk from Reloading or Resetting. A challenge, since they remember everything, too, but also have to wait out that entire year to try again. Every. Time.It's a convoluted mess during which, after every Reset, a teeny-tiny piece of Gaster returns from the void all twisted up and wrong. Eventually there's enough to coaslesce into a drippy husk of his former self and even those year luls in between trying to figure out the Frisk Situation become sour.They eventually figure something out. Unfortunately it includes Sans having to secretly kill and contain every still-living fallen human's Soul--with Alphys' assistance after he manages to convince her--in order to be able to quickly use Frisk's to break the Barrier, which leaves them no longer able to Reload or Reset. Unfortunately the process also gets rid of Chara.Sans thinks it also gets rid of Gaster, but the non-existent scientist simply can't leave the Underground. He doesn't have the data to put on his face, let alone visit someplace he's never been before. He doesn't have the pathing!  Surface Era Papyrus goes on to become a daycare worker--which really isn't much different from his prior occupation Underground; same with Undyne. The old Royal Couple get to see the Surface again before they finally fade away to dust. King Asriel tries to forge some sort of alliance with the local human government. It becomes very noticeable that some monsters (those that lived in Snowdin and the Ruins) are better able to adjust than other monsters (those that lived in the more lawless, hedonistic region encompassing Hot Land through to New Home).Unfortunately Sans is, at heart, part of that lawless group, despite his brother's honest attempts at making him a better guy. He ends up working at a chop-shop seeing as all of his qualifications mean nothing unless they're on a certificate provided by a human institution after many expensive years at human schools and he becomes very good at carjacking.He does try to go legit once or twice, but he doesn't have a food handling license and humans are way too easily scandalized... BP can't really get anything going, so even gigs are a bust.Alphys helps him out sometimes - her business ventures are very successful. She even drags him out to classy li'l cafes sometimes when Undyne is busy.


The Quirkless Hero

05/22/2024 05:38 PM 

Adell Corona

Name: Adell CoronaAge: 18Height: 5'9"Weight: 130 LbsHair Color: RedEye Color: BluePowers: Fire magicGeneral Story: Adell is a Martial Artist who hates demons due to his family being cursed by them making them demons themself. Using his Martial Arts, he would fight demons to find the one who turned his family into demons. At some point during his training, he learned that he had power over fire and would train with his flames using his martial arts to make devastating special attacks. Moves such as Lions Roar which is a concentrated beam of flame that becomes more Plasma than flame. And his ultimate move, No Way Out which he forms a barrier of flames around him and the foe/foes he is facing. While locked inside the ball of flame, he would began to assault them with rapid attacks as the ball of flame rises in the air. Finishing by spinning the foes and tosses them as the foes bounce around inside the ball and adell would jump out and slams the ball of flame back to the ground causing a devastating explosionMHA Story:Adell is a student of UA. His quirk is a Fire Based quirk he calls Flame Fist. Sure the name is misleading cause he can use flames for more than this fist. He can fire beams of flame at foes as well as punch and kick flames for long distant attacks. But being a martial artist since before his quirt activated, he mostly uses his flames as weapons when he punches and kicks. A very outgoing and eager boy, especially if someone challenges him, he loves having a good time with friends. His hero name he chose is Crimson Calamity. He can lose control of his quirk at times and becomes a larger, more fierce version of himself that is dubbed the Crimson Calamity, much like how sometimes Tokoyami can lose control of Dark Shadow. But if his friends gather and talks to him. He can calm down, or he wll quit when his nemesis before him has fallen or dies. Fairy Tail verse:Adell Corona is the brother of Flare Corona, they were both raised in the Sun Village with the Sun Giants. He always had an affinity with Fire magic but it wasnt until he became a teenager and left the village where he learned the art of Flame Devil Slayer Magic. Making his fire attacks 10x stronger. He is a very capable fighter and learned many attacks from his time training with the Flame Devil before his passing. Over his years of training and taking odd jobs as a wizard for hire, he wouldnt know of the adventures his sister had. Especially her time in the Raven Tail guild. Had he known, he probably would have destroyed their guild before their time in the Grand Magic Games. But now Adell had joined the Fairy Tail Guild and often butts heads with Natsu over being a Fourth Fire User in the guild. Plus his magic is Devil Slayer magic so he often thinks that he is supposedly one of Zerefs Demons coming to watch him.

3' ๐“–๐“ธ๐“ซ๐“ต๐“ฎ๐“ฝ๐“ฝ๐“ฎ

05/21/2024 04:03 PM 

Goblette Starter for Female Goblin Character
Current mood:  curious

**The Goblette Heidi, who was the 8th princess of the Goblin King; Rolb decided she wanted to hunt 'pears' alone purposely sneaking off from her group. The Goblette would be only 3' ft. Heidi was the shortest Goblin in her village. Yet, it didn't stop the fiesty Goblette and her fiery decisions. Heidi walk along the deep path but she jump seeing her first 'hooman'. Heidi remembered so many warnings and scary stories her father and the elderly in the village told to her. Heidi poked the male's face.** Squishy... Is it dead? Will papa want to eat this tonight..? **Heidi watched the hooman guy rest before she sat down in front of him. While waiting Heidi didn't catch herself falling asleep as well.**

random starter, starter, roleplay


05/21/2024 10:35 PM 

Ace Attorney OC: Phoenixia Wright

In the year of 3016, Phoenixia Wright has worked her way to become the greatest defense attorney like her ancestor, Phoenix Wright. Phoenixia will defend her clients til the bitter end and will do whatever it takes to fight for the truth.

Crimson Midnight

05/21/2024 09:52 PM 

Love & Truth

Things of note with Truth the character is that she is never loved, taken or the sole partner of any other character. It is an actual character build of the woman chosen by the writer. Truth is the final girl everyone wants partnered up but is always left utterly and bitterly alone in the end. A bittersweet finality. Truth is alone in the end. 

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