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09/02/2023 08:44 PM 

ʜᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴs ᴄᴏɴᴛɪɴᴜᴇᴅ °。 ⋆⸜ 🎧

Her shiny Noibat is named Marceline. Adventure time is her comfort show. A big fan of BLAST (Black Stones). //The band from Nana. Closet musical theater nerd- particularly shows like Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Heathers, Hadestown, Hedwig & the angry inch, and Lazarus. Some of her favorite movies are: Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins, Labrinyth, The Crow, The Craft, Edward Scissorhands, and The Addams Family. Loves brown sugar milk tea. Favorite food is hamburger steak. Needs caffeine to function- Coffee, Matcha, and Energy Drinks. Can shuffle. Considers Momo to be her best friend. Admires Ashido's outgoing personality. 

Ayato Romeo Dawn

09/02/2023 04:25 PM 

Ayato Romeo Dawn (WIP)

Full Name. Ayato Romeo DawnAge: 16Gender: MaleDate of Birth: UnknownHair Color: PinkEye Color: BlueSkin Color: WhiteNationality: AmericanBiological Parents: Romeo, ChifuyuChildren: Juno Kennedy DawnSiblings: NoneRelationships: Izuku (Boyfriend)Sexuality: HomosexualIdeology: Liberal DemocratDisorders: NoneReligion: Christianity"Ayato is a very kind hearted and honest person, who want to make his friends and family happy, and have always been looking forward to becomeing a therapist or Doctor since his childhood so that he can someday help people in need and create a better society and community for everyone living around the world, he would eventually settle down in his fathers home where he could care for them both and would eventually find someone very special to him who he began developing feelings for wich revealed himself to be Izuku and togheter they had a son Named Juno, so he decided to ask if he wanted to live with him in his parents basement wich they could turn into a appartment and agreed, and was now living in the basement of his parents, he would then go shopping with his family to buy juno some amazing new clothes and outfits as his son was still just a Baby and needed clothes for the upcomeing winter"


09/01/2023 07:48 PM 

OC: Leocadius Drakenvale

Name: Leocadius DrakenvaleAge: 25Race: Draconic Descendant (Human/Dragon HybridAppearance:Leocadius stands at a proud 6 feet 2 inches tall, his lean, toned muscular body a testament to his physical prowess. His lightskinned complexion is a canvas for his otherworldly features. Silver hair cascades down his back, shimmering like moonlight, while his golden eyes gleam with an inner intensity that seems to hold the power of storms. His presence is both striking and enigmatic, commanding attention even in the most crowded of places. His unique appearance, marked by silver hair, golden eyes, and a hint of his dragon heritage, captivates the attention of all who encounter him.Weight: 180 lbsSexual Orientation: HeterosexualOccupation: [ In training.] Guardian and Warrior of the Royal FamilyLikes:Reading: Leocadius has a voracious appetite for knowledge, finding solace in the pages of ancient texts that offer insights into history, magic, and the secrets of his lineage.Thunderstorms: The crackling energy of thunderstorms resonates with his affinity for golden lightning, offering a sense of unity with the elements.Strategic Games: He enjoys games that challenge his tactical thinking and strategic planning, reflecting his calculated approach to challenges.Loyalty: Leocadius deeply values loyalty and camaraderie, a reflection of his past experiences and his unyielding commitment to those he cares about.Dislikes:Bullying: His profound empathy for the weak makes him despise those who exploit their power to torment others.Injustice: Leocadius is driven to confront injustice, and the sight of the powerful preying on the powerless ignites a fierce determination within him.Indifference: He finds indifference to the suffering of others intolerable, considering it a betrayal of one's humanity.Deception:  His preference for transparency and honesty makes him harbor a deep dislike for deception and manipulation.Personality:Leocadius's personality is a complex tapestry that weaves together intelligence, emotional depth, and playful mischievousness. His sharp intellect is evident through his analytical thinking and quick wit. This cold rationality surfaces when focused on challenges, revealing a calculating side that weighs options meticulously.Beneath this exterior lies a kind heart, extending genuine empathy and support to those he cares about. A mischievous streak adds vibrancy to his character, infusing interactions with playful banter and clever pranks. His sense of humor is multilayered, embracing wordplay, irony, and subtle jests.His perceptiveness goes beyond the surface, uncovering human nuances that surprise others. This skill sometimes manifests as a perceptive humor, involving light teasing and innuendos within his inner circle.A strong sense of justice fuels him, igniting his disdain for bullies and his unwavering desire to protect the weak. This upbringing also fuels his frustration toward the weak who fail to stand up for themselves. He embodies principles of defense, balanced with a discerning perspective on those who shirk their own empowerment.Leocadius's tragic past casts a shadow over his journey. His village fell victim to monsters orchestrated by an enigmatic mastermind. A calculated raid led to the loss of his parents, the disappearance of his brother, and his own resilience in the face of tragedy. A fateful encounter with the highranking adventurer Sir Alaric saved him, leading to mentorship that fostered his rapid growth.As he uncovers the mysteries of his lineage, Leocadius's path intertwines with his missing brother's fate and the enigmatic mastermind's plans. His quest for truth and justice propels him toward confronting his own heritage and an uncertain destiny.Abilities:Golden Luminance: Leocadius can summon and control bolts of golden lightning, radiant and powerful, to strike down his foes or illuminate his path.Draconic Resonance: His dragon lineage grants him the ability to attune to natural energy sources, empowering his lightning in the presence of storms or charged environments.Aurelic Tempest: He can unleash a mighty storm of golden lightning, creating an electrical maelstrom that devastates enemies and reshapes the battlefield.Backstory:Leocadius Drakenvale's past is etched with tragedy, shrouded in mystery, and fueled by an unbreakable will. The village he called home once thrived in harmony, until that fateful day when it was plunged into darkness by a calculated raid orchestrated by monsters. These creatures, from various races, operated with unnerving coordination, a testament to an unknown mastermind lurking behind the scenes. Their brutal attack seemed too calculated, too methodical, for mere instinctdriven monsters.This shadowy puppeteer had a singular goal: to unearth the elusive Dragon's blood, a substance rumored to be the source of immense power. Yet, this villain was chasing a mere illusion. What remained of Leocadius's family held the true secret, unknowingly carrying diluted traces of Dragon blood within their veins as descendants of these ancient creatures.Leocadius's family paid a steep price for this bloodline legacy. His parents fell victim to the monstrous assault, while his younger brother disappeared without a trace – kidnapped and spirited away by the very creatures that had razed their lives. Leocadius, still a young boy, fought valiantly but lacked the strength to rescue his brother. In the direst of moments, a contingent of royal guards arrived, led by a highranking adventurer named Sir Alaric.Sir Alaric was struck by the sight of the beaten yet unyielding boy. Leocadius's unwavering determination and selflessness left an indelible mark on the adventurer. Impressed by the courage displayed by the young survivor, Sir Alaric took it upon himself to adopt Leocadius as his own ward, recognizing potential within him that transcended the norm.Under Sir Alaric's mentorship, Leocadius's latent strength began to blossom at an astonishing rate, a development attributed to the dormant Dragon blood coursing through his veins. Unaware of his lineage, Leocadius's remarkable growth captivated Sir Alaric, leading him to wonder if he had stumbled upon a prodigy. The seasoned adventurer nurtured Leocadius's talents, honing his combat skills and strategic thinking.Leocadius's connection to Sir Alaric extended beyond mere mentorship. His guardian's high rank granted him access to the royal family, where he interacted with children of similar ages. This proximity to the royal family provided him with not only advanced training but also a network of companions who would shape his journey.Throughout his upbringing, Leocadius remained oblivious to his true heritage and the fate of his missing brother. He believed his sibling had been claimed by death during the village's tragic downfall. Unbeknownst to him, his brother lived, a captive of the enigmatic mastermind who orchestrated the very tragedy that had shaped his life.Character Arc:Leocadius's journey revolves around mastering the harmonious fusion of his golden lightning affinity and his awakened dragon abilities. Through challenges and discoveries, he grows not only in strength but also in understanding of his own identity. As he comes to terms with his lineage, he evolves into a beacon of hope, wielding the power of the elements to protect his loved ones and reshape the destiny of his world. His path toward selfdiscovery intertwines with the mysteries of his past, leading to an inevitable confrontation with the enigmatic mastermind and the ultimate reunion with his missing brother.


09/01/2023 07:42 PM 

*// final resting place.

    Worthy.  Barnaby had said she was worthy…    Levana stares into the dying fire crackling in its hearth, thoughts idly passing.  Scattered around her on the floor are piles of papers and rough-bound books.  In her lap is an old newspaper article, its headline reading ‘WEALTHY HOMEOWNER FOUND DEAD IN BASEMENT.’  She sighs and glances towards a door on the far wall, situated near the staircase leading up.  Burned into the dark walnut is a sigil resembling a skull flanked by two scythes.  She rises, paper haphazardly drifting to the floor, and moves closer, hand extended.  She stops when she can touch the mark and traces its shape.  A faint glow remains with it when she finishes.    A deep voice carries through the silence.  “Vana.”    She whips around, eyes wide, only to breathe another sigh when the source of the voice came into view.  “Dualtaigh…  Don’t scare me like that.”    “Heh…  Sorry.”  A hulking form saunters into view, his boots thudding heavily with every step.  His smile sits like a crack of white against deep brown skin tinged with green.  “What are you doing anyway?"  Honey-colored eyes peek over Levana’s shoulder and then to the armchair surrounded by the scent of old parchment.  His brow quirks.    "I was just… going over the manor records.  Trying to piece together some things.”    “Like?”    “Well… like what led to the deaths of all the previous owners.  There’s a common theme.  No matter how old they were or in what state of health, they died in the basement.”    “You mean down there?”  Dualtaigh points to the door behind Levana, and she nods.  “So they all died during summoning."  Levana nods again.  She knows this – has known it for quite awhile – but until recently could not bring herself to fully admit it.    "There is no doubt in my mind anymore.  The summoning killed them all, and for some reason… Barnaby thinks it will not kill me.”  She turns back to face the glowing symbol.  Dualtaigh scratches his head and hums in thought.    “You’re doin’ right by a lot of people and spirits, y'know.  Maybe you won’t die because… when you summon Him, it’ll be for the right reasons."  He can sense Levana’s uncertainty and places a hand on her shoulder.  "Why don’t we go down there together?  Just… to see what it’s like.  Maybe that’ll assuage some of your fear."  He dips his hand into the pouch dangling from his belt, pulls out a rough-looking crystal, and reaches around to present it in front of her.  She stares at it for a moment before picking it up and turning it over in her hands.        "You went all the way to Brazil to get me a Sacred Seven?”    “I did.  Now let’s take that downstairs and see if we can sort some more sh*t out.”    Levana closes her hand tightly around the crystal and traces the sigil on the door until its glow lights up her face.  A click echoes behind the door, and she pushes it open, only to stare down into darkness.  Dualtaigh gently nudges her, and she braves the first step… and then the next, and the next, muttering prayers of protection under her breath.  When they reach the bottom, dust rises around their feet.  A short distance away is an illuminated circle etched into the ground.  The floor opens in the center of it, giving way to an endless dark drop.  A thin veil of milky white energy covers the top.  “That… is a deep portal.”    The crystal vibrates in her hand, and she holds it close to her chest.  Its properties attach to Levana’s latent energies and pull them to the surface.  The air around the portal clears of darkness, and the faded sigils around the circle’s exterior glow purple.  Dualtaigh steps up behind her and places his hands on her shoulders again.  She takes a deep breath.  “What do you feel?”    “Reinforced,” she replies after a moment’s contemplation.  She steps closer, fear giving way to burning curiosity.  Was this how He claimed all the others?  But she had Dualtaigh to pull her back if need be…  Another step, and her foot brushes against the edge of the circle.  A deep gust of wind blows up from the portal, howling in her ears, spiraling around her body.  A gravelly laugh fills the room, gently ascending from the hole.    “I WONDERED WHEN YOU WOULD COME.  NEVER HAVE I FELT SUCH CLOSENESS TO A HUMAN.  YOU WALK THE LINE, GIRL.  YOU KNOW DEATH AS VERY FEW IN LIFE CAN.  NEVER DOUBT OUR PACT.  I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR SUMMON.” and no one in this world makes it out alive.

𝒴𝑜 𝑜 𝓃 𝑀𝒶𝑒 𝓇 𝒾 𝓃

09/01/2023 03:02 PM 

𝖱𝗈𝗅𝖾𝗉𝗅𝖺𝗒 𝖱𝗎𝗅𝖾𝗌 & 𝖱𝖾𝗀𝗎𝗅𝖺𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇𝗌

 *:・゚✧ Hello!  *:・゚✧I hope you are having a fantastic day!  (。◕‿◕。) I ask anyone interested in starting a RP visit this blog before sending me a message or comment to ensure we are on the same page.My requests are simple:  Please refrain from sending RP starts without discussing a prompt with me first. I know many people on the site are okay with picking up a roleplay off the bat, but I prefer to have a general plot in mind so I can give you the best responses--I'm just not always the best with starting a RP on the fly. I have a blog post with some prompts laid out, but I'm more than happy to consider any prompts you have in mind!   I only accept literate RP requests; I will not respond to random RP starts or script RP. Reply length should be at least semi, though para and multi para are preferred.   That said: Once we begin I don't mind if the quantity of your reply is occasionally less than mine, but I do ask you match the same effort in your responses.   I am okay with mature and NSFW themes, just let me know if that is the direction you'd like to go in!   Please respect my life outside of the site and I will respect yours: I am a student and I also work full time, so I may not always be availble with prompt replies.   If you send me a message with a random RP starter, you will be deleted as a friend and blocked.      

𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕆𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣

08/31/2023 11:55 PM 

List of Servants!

This list is meant only for people who desire interactions with a specific servant.Do not feel the need to go through and pick one if I added you or you have no knowledge about FGO.Servants with a "<>" are servants I personally really like playing as.The servants in this list are separated by alignment.Lawful Good - Amakusa Shirou Tokisada <> Arjuna Alter Artoria Pendragon (And her variants) Bedivere <> Charlemagne <> Chiron Florence Nightingale Gareth Gawain <> Gilgamesh Caster Gilles De Rais Saber Henry Jekyll and Hyde Jason <> Jeanne d'Arc Karna <> Nitocris <> No Name Assassin Oberon Vortigern <> Sakata Kintoki <> Solomon Tristan <> Lawful Neutral - Achilles Arjuna Avicebron <> Cú Chulainn (And his variants) <> Diarmuid Ua Duibhne <> Hector Lancelot Saber <> Leonidas Oda Nobunaga Richard I Thomas Edison Vlad III Lawful Evil - Charles Henri Sanson First Hassan Grigori Rasputin <> Hassan of Serenity Hassan of The Cursed Arm Hassan of A Hundred Faces Hijikata Toshizo <> Morgan Le Fay Neutral Good - Alexander/Iskandar <> Boudica Geronimo Medusa (Child) Napoleon Bonaparte Odysseus Robin Hood Sherlock Holmes Sigurd Tawara Touta Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Zhuge Liang True Neutral - Asclepius EMIYA <> Fergus mac Róich <> Fionn mac Cumhaill <> Gaius Julius Caesar Hans Christian Andersen Mandricardo Okita Souji Sakamoto Ryouma William Shakespeare Neutral Evil - Li Shuwen (All forms) Medea Okada Izou Sasaki Kojiro Chaotic Good - Astolfo BB Beowulf Chen Gong Child Gil <> Gilgamesh (Archer) <> Medusa Miyamoto Musashi Nero Claudius <> Oda Nobukatsu Siegfried Chaotic Neutral - Arash Ashwatthama Demon King Nobunaga Jaguar Man Mordred Orion (Artemis) Romulus-Quirinus Senji Muramasa <> Super Orion <> Chaotic Evil - Alcides Angra Mainyu <> Antonio Salieri Asterios Caligula Cú Chulainn Alter <> Edmond Dantès Edward Teach Emiya Assassin EMIYA Alter Gilles De Rais Caster Goetia James Moriarty Jeanne d'Arc Alter Lu Bu Mephistopheles Nitocris Draco Mad - Lancelot Berserker (Lawful Mad) Heracles (Chaotic Mad)

Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order

𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕆𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣

08/31/2023 11:51 PM 


1. While this is a Multi-Character account, please, do not feel like it's necessary for you to pick any characters, when I add you, I'll offer ideas myself. The list I have is simply for people who are already fan of FGO and want interactions with a specific servant.1.5. If you add me but have no idea what FGO is or who to choose, do feel free to just say so.2. If anything I do ever bothers you, do just tell me.3. I generally send reminders after two weeks or so from the last message you have replied, but if it just so happens that is annoying you, since you are away for any reason, do just tell me.4. I do not write any erotic content.5. If I say no, it's a no.6. Status stories and message stories are fully separate unless we both agree otherwise.

rules, Fate/Grand Order

' ᴘʀᴏᴅɪɢʏ.ᐟ

09/01/2023 02:10 AM 

001 .ᐟ

ooc - guidelines. yes, we all hate them but they're needed.   -- ooc. heyo! and welcome to my profile. the only personal stuff i'm going to say is that i'm over the age of eighteen and if you aren't, probably should back out now. i'm from the United Kingdom so i'm most likely way ahead of you guys. i'm always open and friendly to everyone so please don't feel like you can't just casually send me a message whenever you'd like. discord will be given out if wanted. patience is warranted - my health and real life comes first, so please don't rush me for things.   -- character. not new to hawks, wrote as him prior. just giving it another go and see how it works out this time. open to all storylines, i try to keep him canon but with my own little headcanons for him. i'm up to date with both the manga and anime so probably not spoiler free i'm afraid.    -- non canons / oc's. isn't a rule but i just want you non canons and oc's to know you are highly welcomed and encouraged to interact with my hawks. i will never ignore you, ever. as an oc writer myself, i know it sucks for the canons of this verse ( yes, it's happened to me quite a few times, still to this day ), to straight up ignore your greetings. so please, don't feel scared about adding me or interacting.   -- relationships. my hawks is bisexual - don't come at me with your reasons why he isn't. if you aren't accepting of that, then please leave. you aren't obligated to be here, that's fine. hawks leans more towards females. always on the look out for main characters, especially the pro heroes. chemistry shipper, straight up. and no, i don't want burnt again.   -- storylines. like mentioned in another point, i'm up to date with both manga and anime currently so open to any of the storylines from either of them. please don't send me weird random starters - if you know, you know. i prefer to discuss but banter in messages are fine too. au's, gore, violence etc is fine too. i don't mind taking hawks a little darker.   -- writing. whilst i prefer to write in multi paragraphs, i'm fairly adaptable. i don't mind if i've sent you three paragraphs and you send me one. i'm not selective either so as long as you can keep the storyline going, that's more than perfect with me. quality over quantity.

⚡ѕнιяι ~ ѕнσ¢кιηg вєαѕт⚡

08/30/2023 06:19 PM 

⚡ Writing Sample .⚡

The Dungeon of Pemuan, The main tunnels lit only by the blue glow of the Lunabeetles and their crescent-shaped Lures meant to capture insects and small creatures of the dark floors, dotting the way between torches waiting to be lit. Their light sporadically but reflected off the crystals on the walls, offered enough light to move by. The tunnels held the footprints of many explorers who had come before. A few corridors hidden with spells, traps, or architecture had yet to be fully explored. The creatures of this tower: No healing potions work upon any beast whose bloodline belongs to the tower, cursed by the mages of times long passed. Even in death, they would remain as they were, pain and agony dancing through them from their wounds as their bodies remain on the cusp of death, unable to pass on their spirit crystals split to be claimed by their killers. A horrible life for anyone or anything. The dungeon is a pillar of power, created by twenty powerful mages wanting to make it a prison of eternal torment, the closest thing to hell man ever created. Eternal torture for any being thrown within, creatures bred and lived in the walls. Making the tower ever more deadly. Beasts, monsters, and beings continued existing, evolving as their brethren beyond the walls faced extinction. Over time, its true purpose was forgotten as years turned into centuries. It had become a fun place for adventurers to explore. Boldly, people now wandered and found themselves within the caverns. Few made it beyond the lower levels to challenge themselves and get stronger and gain rumored items. The first five of the ten floors belong to hordes of creatures from years of breeding and cross-breeding that keep most busy, too busy to bother traveling further.Those special few who make it to the sixth floor are given a break. The sun's illumination but a distant whisper in the small window of the cavernous forest. The light only lasts a few hours each day, and only the tallest of trees get to drink up the sun's heated rays as they crowd out everything else in a cruel battle of survival of the fittest. When the sun's light vanishes, A unique species of mushrooms release their own glow. The first stage of this area shifted into its lowlight state. An ethereal field of soft blues and gentle pinks and purples, fungus, flowers, and insects give off a light glow, each with its own hue. The cave rapidly grew colder but never too cold for comfort, just enough to clear the humidity of the short day hours. This level held neutral and gentle creatures that attacked anything without purpose or reason. The largest predators were the wolves and three cats that hunted often. But avoided large animals. The area is much safer than the ground level, harboring powerful creatures meant to kill and destroy all. Drakes, Orcs, and other creatures patrol the layers in dark hordes.For years, this has been her home, The apex creature of the dungeon. This place was covered in vines and overgrowth; a savvy adventurer would point to camping spots and rock circles for fires. Rocks and decayed trimmed branches used for setting up a camp and some discarded items such as canisters, Elemental runes long since out of mana, weapons, and gear left abandoned and claimed by the forest laying useless and half-buried. Signs of the original prison lay all around, including shackles and keys. This level was once where prisoners were teleported. With their guards in tow before blood is taken and getting assigned to the higher or lower levels/ This was supposed to be her prison; Time, the immortal creature, was horrible at gauging. She had taken this place as her home. The woman, a rare beast, was banished after being captured after the war between the East and West. She excelled here, flying through the levels and growing her power. She killed those who strayed into the areas she considered her hunting ground, feeding on the flesh of monsters and mortals. The red and purple dual-haired woman and the dungeon forgotten to time, those who entered did not escape, the smell of fresh blood a draw for many beasts. Unlike any other beast, she was the only resident with a human form. One eye that of a dragon, the one she killed to claim her spot as the apex predator of the West. This is her prison, her home. Waiting alone amongst the beasts to meet one worthy of her time, one who could survive both her and the beasts, who could use their blood unbound by the prison to break the seal and free her once more. 


08/30/2023 09:05 PM 

Hana Tanaka

Nicknames: Taka Gender: F Species: Human Age:18 DOB:12/21 Hair&Eyes: Height 5’ Weight: 120lb   About: Hana is a special intellectual, in certain situations she can be unstable and become sadistic. The reason she is like that because her parents were brutally murdered with a knife right in front of her at the age of 10. Although her little brother only being a few months old  Now being raised by her aunt, they all assumed she was normal.    In secret , she goes out and hunt. Hunts anyone who she deems bad. Becoming a serial killer that some like and some who’s says nobody should be allowed to judge.     In general, Hana is a loner who does not get along with most people, staying by herself at most times buried between a book or practicing her fighting skills. Hana also loves spending time with her brother.   she is a gentle one, something Hana does not like to admit herself!    Her family consists of her aunt, and her little brother, Saito , 9. Who calls her Taka (Depending on the rp he is dead or alive cx)   Rp settings: Slice-of-life,romance, action , Only fantasy that deals with guns/games/zombies etc., drama.

♰ MaryJane ♰

08/29/2023 09:24 PM 

My rules ❦

Don’t get on my ass about not responding quick enough, most often I’ll respond within a day’s time. I would never leave anyone on read so don't worry. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Don’t make the roleplay all about kinks and sex, makes it very boring and not entertaining.  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Don’t ask to do erp with me if you are a furry/some form of animal, or if you are underaged.  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Don’t give me a one sentence response, makes me bored quick. At least spice it up with some details. Three to four sentences are good enough if you don’t usually write a ton. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Do tell me all about your character(s) I’d like to hear all about them!  ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Do be creative with your replies. You don’t have to write an entire novel but like I said before, tiny replies are super boring. I’m always willing to compromise but never on One-liners. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Do let me know if you’re gonna take a break or if you just want to stop roleplaying with me all together. I’d rather you be upfront than for you to just disappear. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Do have fun! It’s roleplaying, not a 9-5. If you take it way too serious it just turns it all into a snooze fest. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ Do discuss things/plots with me before we get into things. I don’t normally just dive right in. ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯ (Please, please, please read all of this first!)love you!  Mj ❦

Hopeless Romance

08/29/2023 06:43 PM 

Rulebook Signature

Signing this means you have read the Rules.Thank you for signing and acknowledging my wishes .Please sign your name or your main character list name if you play a multicharacter account.


08/29/2023 03:23 PM 

Koharu Sato

Nicknames: Haru, Ms.Sato, Sato Gender: F Species: Human Age:25 DOB:06/20 Hair&Eyes:Pink Height 5'6 Weight: 120lbs Occupation:Teacher About: Koharu is a 25 year old Teacher, who always teaches her students with lots of love. She is a sensitive individual and cares a lot for people and animals all alike. She could hardly hurt a fly, she is very motherly and cares for students as if they were her own.   Rp settings: Slice-of-life,romance, action , non-fantasy ex. magic, creature, etc. only zombie's ok, drama.


08/29/2023 03:09 PM 


Kaede Age: 22 Weight: 140lbs Height: 5'3 Hair:  Eyes:  Bio: (Kaede is a oc that is based on SAO type of setting) Kaede grew up in a suburban neighborhood, with her two parents. Although they were never home, always working.  At school, it was nothing different for her, she had always self isolated herself , due to always being bullied and degraded. But Kaede didn’t care, she carried on as normal. At 18 years old , after graduating high school , the game SAO came out on gear but only for BETA.  Kaede had earned enough money to buy, the didn’t minute she had bought it, it changed her whole world.    Kaede completed the beta and was the strongest one to best the game. She was ready for its release.    After being trapped in the game, she didn’t carry a group, she didn’t talk to anyone, even when people were freaking out the first time, she just walked away the minute she had the chance. Alone was her name.    She would take money to do little jobs for people out of pity. But never dungeons. It just wasn’t her style. She preferred to be alone.    Kaede lived on like this for a year , being level 90 , with the best gear is all she wanted , maybe somebody will complete the towers and win the game to leave. But she knew it would require a team , not even she can do everything alone.    Kaede doesn’t even know anything about friendship or love , just herself. All she had was herself.    Kaede can be played during SAO time (completing the game with a group (npc rp) or a single partner) or after SAO (different world)


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Kaya ito

Age: 18 Weight: 100lbs Height: 4’11 Hair: black hair Eyes: purple eyes  Backstory : Kaya was born in the mid feudal century of Japan. Raised by her family and surrounding village.  Although she never felt alone , there was something off about her. She was born the smallest and continues being the smallest person in her village. Yet, they never held her back for it. When she was of age to start picking up swords or learning how to sew, cook, clean or even simple farming techniques . Kaya did not have the capability to do it. You would think it’s because she is young being only 6 years old but everyone around her village was that age when they started to learn. Either they were talented swordsman, farm workers or  house workers.    However, Kaya always tried her best to become a warrior, like her brothers and father but was always too weak to handle a sword. Too clumsy to make clothes like her sisters and mother. In the end, Kaya’s mother thought at the suitable age, it’d be best for her to just get married, in order to be taken care of..    However, Kaya did not want that. Kaya wanted to be strong, capable, and reliable. Kaya wanted to be more. By the age of 9, every afternoon she sets off into the wilderness to practice picking up heavy things, holding heavy things, anything to build her strength. Kaya even had learned basic knowledge for sewing, cooking, cleaning, and farming.   Eventually at the age of 16, when it came to defending their villages, Kaya was capable enough to join her village in fighting demons and/or bandits alike. Everything was finally going well for her. Everyone loved how happy she finally was despite her past challenges. Her family was proud. Her brothers and sisters , wanted to be like her.    Then on a gruesome,rainy night, at the age of 18, Kaya was coming back from her daily training, being stronger then ever. She was excited to tell her father that she slayed a wandering demon on her own. But what she came into sight was her worst fear ever.    Kaya’s entire village and family was murdered by a group of of bandits who released demons upon them and overpowered the people. Kaya became disturbingly distraught over the scenery before her. She screams and cries in agony, a sound she has never made before. Therefore unleashing a strong magic, something Kaya has never seen. Something that is talked about in children books. Magic. As she looks upon her glowing purple hands and gave a smile of agony, vowing she will put a stop to all of the violence going on in this world. 

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