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Eiji Aponte

01/22/2022 03:51 PM 

About Eiji
Current mood:  excited

Name: Eiji AponteAge: 28 years youngGender: MalePronouns: He/HimHeight: 165.1 cmWeight: 56 kgHair: Purple/PinkEyes: VioletBody Type: Slim/SlenderAbout EijiEiji is a demon hunter. 


01/22/2022 01:39 PM 

At the bottom of the night

It was the night in Truce and the Kingdom of Guardia. Everything was so quiet and peaceful since Crono with his friends defeated Queen Zeal and Lavos. The question is, how long will this last? Crono doesn't know, and probably nobody else knows.Hands placed behind his head, the redhead hero was lying down on his bed, blue eyes gazing up at the ceiling of his house. He was thoughtful. He was thinking about his friends and how they were doing. Not only his friends of the present but from the past and the future as well."I wonder how Ayla, Frog, Robo and Magus are doing. I'm sure they're fine and enjoying their lives. I miss them, so I think I'll pay them a visit."Crono said, talking about his friends.The hero would then get up and gets off of his bed, stretching his arms up. He goes downstairs and makes his way to the door, opening it to then closing it when he is out of his house.Starting to move, he goes for a walk around his hometown. Everyone is sleeping at this hour, nothing other than owls could be heard.Arriving at where the Millennial Fair previously was, Crono sat down on a bench, placing a leg over his other one while extending his arms to both sides, then leans his back against the bench and his blue eyes focus on the place."Everything started here."The flashbacks come to Crono as he remembers how he met Marle. It was funny how they met each other, with both clashing each other. That would make Crono chuckle, as finds that funny now. Then he remember what happened next, with Lucca's invention. And that was when everything started, the journey through time, meeting new friends from different timelines, fighting enemies as well, saving the world from Lavos."It was a fantastic experience and adventure. I wonder when I'll have another adventure like that. I can't wait!"A bright grin curled his lips, getting up from the bench and then moving, making his way to the trees. There, he decided to train. He placed his left and dominant hand on his katana grip to unsheathe it. Moving his arms while gripping tightly his katana with his hands, he does some slashes with his katana and then proceeds to spin his body, always gripping his katana firmly, doing a Cyclone.Stopping a bit to take a small rest, he grabs a bottle of water and opens it to bring it to his mouth, and then drinks."Huh?"Suddenly, he saw something strange from afar, something that got totally his attention. It was like a light of blue color was lighting up the forest. Crono decided to go to give it a look.Arriving at the place, Crono's blue eyes gazed down at the light that was there on the grass. Slowly, he stepped forward towards the light, being careful. His worried expression on his face could be noticed, and he had a lot of questions for himself. What is going to happen? Is it something dangerous? will it take him somewhere else? Too many questions, but he would never know if he doesn't do something.Crono knelt in front of the light and then decided to place a hand on the light. Once he touched it, the light turned into a black hole and swallowed Crono into it."WAAAAAAHHHH!!!"Crono has no idea what awaits him, but looks like he'll have a new adventure at last. The question is, where will Crono go now?TO BE CONTINUED...


♥ϻαϩσсħιϩτιс κιττεη«

01/21/2022 10:32 PM 

Things to know

- I have a lot going on irl so I only do para and semi para. I can't commit to much more than that.- I prefer random starters. Story discussions take too long, but if you have specific questions for me about my character, please feel free to ask.- Rp in messages only- Don't get mad or offended if I don't respond right away. Real life comes first! 

SυɳႦυɾɳ ☀️

01/21/2022 08:45 PM 


  Ice. Cold. Solid. Unbreakable. What a strange thing for someone that usually shone as brightly and with the same warmth as the sunlight itself, to think about. However, that was the only word that came to her mind if anyone dared to ask what she felt. Her violet optics no longer held their brightness. They were as dull and listless as the eyes possessed by a doll. The rain that splattered against the window pane of the room she had claimed and even the presence of those that came to see her, did not rouse her. It was as if she had become completely empty. Numb. All she could do was sit lifeless and stare at her hands lost in her labyrinth of thoughts.   "I noticed you left the funeral earlier than everyone else." Tanjiro's voice was gentle, as if he feared that if he spoke too loudly she may just shatter into pieces. She flinched slightly as he dabbed at the red, puffiness beneath her eyes.    Though she did not speak, she only stared at her floor. Completely aware of where Tanjiro, Zenitsu and even Inosuke were situated in the room. Tanjiro sat to her right, fretting over her. The box with Nezuko contained within sat within her view upon the floor. Zenitsu was seated to her left, she could feel his waves of unspoken concern with the same vigor as if he had spoken them. Inosuke...he was the quietest of the three now. He leaned against the open door, eyes trained on the dark hall as his hand loosely held the boar mask he treasured.   "....I....couldn't watch them lower him into that hole..." she struggled to find the words that barely burbled up as a whisper. Hot tears burned her eyes and the delicate flesh around them, raw from tears already shed, "It was too final, a goodbye."  A sob broke from her as she threw the weight of her body against the softness of the bed. The pillow became a tissue for the tears that ceased flowing despite how badly she wanted to will them from existence. To will the entire situation from existence. The three boys exchanged uncomfortable glances before she felt the weight of their bodies dissipate from around her. A hand touched her shoulder. "If you feel up to it, come find us later, okay?" She remained silent allowing the darkness before her eyes to swallow her whole rather than face the pain. She had not felt pain like this since the day Giyuu returned without Sabito from the Final Selections. Like a piece of her heart had been torn from her. Unfortunately, she had actually witnessed this piece being torn away by that bastard, Akaza.At various intervals she had heard the patter of feet and sensed the presence of people coming and going from her room as she hovered about consciousness. Violets peeked out from the pillow. The person before her nearly caused her to fall from her bed. He was placing some folded fabric upon her table next to Mochi and tea, left by Mitsuri and Shinobu. There was a flower she recognized as being left by Giyuu on the desk as well. What was being left did not surprise her, rather how much the boy leaving it looked like Rengoku. His eyes were wide with shock as he quickly bowed to her. "I didn't mean to intrude. My elder brother left the for you at the manor." He affectionately tapped it with his hand. The sadness clear in his eyes as he spoke, "He spent many nights awale making this. It was time it was returned to you."Ah. Senjuro. This boy was Senjuro. Nikko tried to force a smile but only managed to look more broken. "Thank you, Senjuro." He nodded his head before showing himself out. Her violet optics never left him. Even after he had left they lingered upon the doorway before she forced her aching body to her feet. Curiously she stared at the fabric. A card was haphazardly attached with a blue ribbon. Hesitant hands took the note with shaking fingers.   To my kohai,   For your birthday. Now our haori will match but yours will shine with a symbol that embodies your honest energy.   Rengoku.   The first lingering hints of a tearful smile tugged at the corner of her lips. She fingered the fabric beneath her fingertips.

Ghaleon Nohara

01/21/2022 02:04 PM 

the beginning
Current mood:  artistic

The mornning sun begins to rise sinding the small village into a state of awakining the birds begin chirping and sining ther joyious songs. the light hits the eyes of children and adults alike knowing the work of the day must be started so they dont fall behind knowing that winter wasnt that far away the shop owners and the smiths begin to get dressed and make there way to begin. as for one Ghaleon he was know in the village by every one and not a soul hated him but they have grown to know his habbits and accepted him for who he was . Ghaleon finaly awakens to the souns and bright lights shining into his eyes as he sleeps slowly opening his eyes his Glaicuer blue eyes glowed with in the sun light his black hair messy with the style of a slepping bear . Ghaleon sits up and stretches as he looks out his window a sheer shock set in " God dman it !! " as he shoots up out of bed he runs trowing on a Dirty shirt and his pants that he had slept in running outside and slamming his door as he does he tripps and stumbles twords the roadcatching his balance he could hear words frome the other villagers as they were all like family to him by now ." well good mornning hope you slept well " another well it looks like you havent changed one bit " sayes another laughing as Ghaleon waves still bouncing frome step to step trying to get to the smiths house to start the day tho the day was half over already. Ghaleon runing down the street not paying attintion to the next street a cart pops out and clips him in the side causing him to spin he stays on foot and keeps running with a wave to signal he was sorry " F***  f*** F*** !!!!" Ghaleon says as he can see the house he makes it to teh door and it was open Breathless he pokes his head in hearing a laugh from an elderly woman " he is outside already working you might want to hurry " Ghaleon bows his head " i am so verry sorry i didnt mean to over sleep again i was just up late and ..." the Elderly Woman just laughs. " trainning again hu ? you might want to take it easy at lest one day its not like we are in danger of anything here. we are just a small village and nothing too specail here  they couldnt get from a bigger place it better quanity " Ghaleon takes a few stepps in his medium frame seemingly towering over this lady " i know but you cannot go life with out being prepaired i have seen and heared many stories that there are kingdoms taking lands like they own this whole world i just wont let that happon to us ." with a smile Ghaleon nods to the women giving her a pose just being silly . she laughs and shoowes him out the door to get to work .           As Ghaleon goes out to the smiths anvile he starts in heating up the iorns to start forging the sowrds the Old man shakes his head and walks up to Ghaleon as he is working " you do know we start whenn the sun rises right ? how else are we to make money to survive if we allways get started so late ?" placing a heated iorn in the cold water hearing the sizzle of the steam " i am verry sorry i have been trainning alotthat is my fault compleatly "  Ghaleon says as he walks twords the old man with a heavie sigh the old man holds out a paper his eyes wer a bit soft almost like he was worried about something tilting his head Ghaleon takes the paper and starts reading it " The war is starting to get to close to our Villages in these parts we must gather together and start deciding on what to do we can fight for the little we have or abandon it and let it go all to what ever side lays claim to it first this is not an easy decision i know but we have neer had to worry as we do now . it seems that ever one that thinks highly of himself can just up and  raise an army as i wright this letter we can feel the fighting going on miles away . we do not have an army but we do have some strong youths that are all prepared to stand with us weather we fight or flee . on friday we will hold the meeting to make the final decision  right at sundown " Ghaleon reads outloud his eyes bouncing back and forth as he reads the final words his eyes meet the old mans ." so ...what does this mean ?  " the old man shakes his head and shruges his shoulders i dont know but the handful of us that will have to fight if it comes to it will be in the making of the decision " noding Ghaleon swallowes hard  he has planed for this trainning his swordfighting skills tho he has never killed anyone befor he knows soon it might come to it.The sun starts to set as Ghaleon and the old man starts to clean up and get ready for the meeting with the others to mak ethe final decision on what to do about the armys that are fighting for land in the area as they get there they sit down at the table Ghaleon notices that there wa only a handful of men that stood there the paniked voices shouted to flee and some yell to stay and fight this is where they were born and raised and dont want to lewt it go so easly calling them on the other side cowerds the old smith clears his thought and takes a deep breath as he wasnt a small man " we have so many things here to fight for but if we do what are the handfull of you going to do agenst a batallion of heavily trained soliders ? thing this out resonably what we have hear is houses and familys that we can save and rebuild we cant with no one to help rebuild " as the old smith points to each man counting and than folds his arms closing his eyes his voice was deeper and stern " there is twenty five of us in this building ....the best we could hope for is if twelve of us actualy get close enough to kill at lest one of the soliders each  befor we are overwhelmed it should be obvious we need to flee " a uproar frome thoes who want to fight but quickly calms down as they know he was right the fire flares in the pit behind them as they all come to an agre4ment to gather what they can carry and they will flee to the north over the river bridg and than start a camp a few miles away from the road as to not make any trail to where they were going as Ghaleon got home he started to pack what he could and should need laying a long sword beside his bag noding and than sitting down on his bed looking out the window feeling the cool night air on his face he sees in the distance the faint glow of fire " that seems a little to close i might need to scout the area and see how close that they are we might not have as much time as we think to flee" as Ghaleon stands up putting his hooded cape on to help him  stay out of sight for if they are able to see him he could get away easly .         Walking to his door placing his Sword on his hip silently moving like a shadow behind trees and bush as he got to the hills that the light was behind he over looks and sees an endless amount of soliders a wave of helplessness set in stricken with fear he watches a while seeing them start to get ready for something snaping out of it he knows that he must get the people out of the village he rushes to go back but as clumbsy as he was he tripped over a Root sending Gravle tumbling down the hill alerting the Soliders . the soliders start yelling and pointing to where the Gravle fell from and sounding the Horns to give chase . Ghaleon hearing the army he runs to the village as quick and fast as he could yelling to flee " every one GET UP AND RUN  THEY ARE HERE THEY ARE HERE AND ON THERE WAY NO TIME TO FAULTER GRAB WHAT YOU CAN AND FLEE NOW !!!!!" Ghaleon yells rinning the bells to wake the villigers trying to save all he could befor the army could get close enough to do any harm. most of the people were fleeing twords the bridge Ghaleon helped some of the people that needed it fallowing up the rear was the men that wanted to protect the people they fallowed lastly to the bridge to set up an ambush all Twenty five men  were there on each side of the road out of town silently waiting untill the sounds of marching and horns blowing the men started griping their wepons tightly. as even the birds went silent the whistle of arrows sounded and like a rain of fire consumed the village seting it all ablaze the fire danced along the houses and farms that the people worked so hard to make as the army go into the town who ever was left behind unknowing of what was going on were slaughtered in there homes or trying to flee their bloof mixed with the flames and scent of death filled the air. the men shouted its time to fight but there were only a totle of six men atill there willing to fight ghaleon looks to the other men " We need to go ....there is no winning this we just need to back up the people and see as many over the bridge and than cut it so it gives them a chance " his Glaicuer Blue eyes shook worriedly knowing they will all die as the other men start to leave to go to the Bridge Ghaleon gives a sigh drawing his sword and fallowing the army nipping at his heels . the last of the villigers were half way over the bridge as the army rolled up on them catching up quicker than any one could have ever thought possable arrows fly and hit the men that was trying to keep the innocent people safe now down to two on this side of the river standing there Ghaleon and the old smith stand at the beginning to the bridge Ghaleon looks at the old man " go ...cross the bridge and get to the people you may be strong but they will never survive if all of the men willing to fight die here you know im right so just dont try to argue just GO !!!" as he yells and charges the army with his sword drawn not giving the Stobbern man a chance to think of anything but what he was told to do. as Ghaleon go to the army like a flash his sword cut through many men sending them to the afterlife spining and avoiding the arrows that was shot at him. slicing up cutting another man accrost his chest cutting the man down. as time went on Ghaleon was pushed back so fat he was almost on the bridge himself tired and bloody his blood mixed with thoes he has slain his cloths torn and his sword broken from use his vizion was failing due to his eyes covered in blood and sweat swaying back and forth not once did he ever fall to his knees the army stops as they surround him one man walks close to Ghaleon as he was to tired to even hold himself up and than looks back at the pile of bodys that he has slain and than back to Ghaleon " boy you have slain many good men and some not so good are you sure you are willing to die here ? there is so much more of life you could enjoy if you would just move " Ghaleon looks at the man with a breathless expression on his face snaking his head as he looks at the General that was talking with one quick motion slashing around making the General move back giving Ghaleon the space that he needed to cut the bridge rops as it falls into the water with a splash finaly he collapses on the ground bearly breathing blanking out going into a comatose state .a few days goes buy as the army took control of the village and all the resorces that they had. what had seemed like a few moments but it was in all reality months as Ghaleon hears voises and voices that al seemed unaudible and blurred in his mind as he felt the burning of his cuts and bruses hsi eyes slowly opend as only one eye shown any images he relised that he was covered in bandages and chains. his right arm was free to move but his left was all bandaged up . a soilder sees Ghaleons movement and stirring and starts calling for the general of that part of the army to tell him that their captive was awake and didnt die . Ghaleon sits up as much as the chains would allow him his eyes percing as it never left the one guard that stood in the door way. the guard readys his spear in his hand and grips it tightly as if he was in fear for his life  he knew what this man did by him self and knew even wounded he would be a challange for any singular man to handle ." you best just stay there and stay still or i will have no choice but to put you down " the guards voice was shaky trying to seem like he wasnt scared but not doing a good job at it . as Ghaleon looked to this man his left eye was bandaged up his right eye misty but not moving " i  am in no condition to fight and i have no sword why are you so scared " with a sigh Ghaleon lifts his right arm up to show how unconsurned he really was with this one guard " pluse ....if i wanted to kill you would allready be dead ...." as Ghaleon slowly blinked his eye percing the guard making him evn more shaken than he allready was untill a hand lands on the guards shoulder making him jump the General walks in " you can go now i can handle this from here on you needent worry from this point on " the guard was a tall man not verry stout but not with out the shape of a man that has seen war. Ghaleon starts to talk but the general inturupts him holding his hand up " no need to talk now is the time you just need to listen and not act so rash . as you know what all happond you have killed many of my good men i was going to finish you and your village off but i thought there would be a better way to deal with you . a man with the talent to kill fifty men heavily armed and an army behind them with no fear is something that is rare to come by in this day an age wouldnt you agree ?" the general folds his arms standing there at the foot of the bed that ghaleon was laying in and bound to " i am not a man that is easy to impress but you have made it a point of interest. since you have been recovering i have sent word about what happond to the king and i am letting him decided your fate i hope you dont mind the chains i cant take the chance of you escapeing and or killing any one else in my army." ghaleon made a shift making the chains rattle in a flash the general drawed his sword and placed the tip of it to the side of Ghaleons neck it was at the best and most accuret movement that if he was serious he would have severed Ghaleons head off his shoulders shocking Ghaleon " so this is your options the Gallows or you will surve this army it is your choice but i do hope you mak eup your mind soon i am a very busy man and also verry impatiant " pushing the tip of the Sword into Ghaleons neck talking teh general lets Ghaleon know there is no other way eather serve or die the only two ways blood trickles down Ghaleons neck to his shoulder knowing that there was no other way he needed to at lest try to save the people of his village but with no wepon and locked up it was almost impossable to do here. " i want my village to be safe  and returne to there homes to rebuild and live free like they used to they are a small group of people but they are good people if i have the kings word to let them be i....i will have to join ....this army ..." in the middle of Ghaleon telling the general he was inturpted by the sound of a sword being put back into its sheth as the general pulls out paper and a pen starting to wright a quick letter " yes yes your village will be under the protection of our king as long as you are of use to the king altho there will be soliders staying in that village of yours " the general hands the paper to a man outside teh door and starts walking away with a smug smile on his face " rest up will need it  it will be the last rest you will get for a long time " as the general left he noded to the soilders at the door allowing ghaleons chains to be unlocked and he was free with a sigh sitting up looking down in sorrow mumbling to himself " what have i done if i fail in anything they will all die my life will doom all of my friends how could i accept that could i have been so rash to accept that ...."  


01/21/2022 12:37 PM 


So! I did a memory check and with Photobucket backI went through ALL  the characters I roleplayed through these years-Dare I say, I went through so much-Oofles-ALL THE CHARACTERS AND VERSES

Krem Brûlée

01/21/2022 09:43 PM 


𝐈 𝐃𝐎: Multipara & novella. Multishipping or polygamy.  Bantering. Editing for writing partners. Crossovers, including modern verses. Dark, mature themes, as well as comedic. Not everything can be doom & gloom. Discord, on occasion.  Accept puns, the more ridiculous the better.  𝐈 𝐃𝐎𝐍'𝐓: Tolerate transphobia, homophobia, or racism.  Interact with minors or predators.  Ship Krem with Maryden or lesbian characters.  Answer invasive questions directed at either Krem or myself.  Tolerate the fetishization of trans & queer folk. Accept one liners.  Interact with folks seeking only smut or romance. Ship without chemistry.  𝐊𝐑𝐄𝐌 𝐈𝐒: Canonically a transman.  Headcanoned as pansexual. Pretty great. Not a fan of squirrels. 𝐈 𝐀𝐌: Transmasc.  21 years old. An avid gamer of most things RPG.


01/20/2022 10:06 PM 

Behind the scene

I have been through so much, sometimes I get flashbacks of the trauma, but I remember my family and friends I made on here. I'll never give up. I honestly want to thank you guys for everything.I truly am a Fortune Soul. I appreciate you all. 


01/20/2022 10:06 PM 

Background story about Moo!

Moo currently lives with his cat in a "cozy" student apartment close enough for him to walk to school or any other locations he may need to visit. The culture shock of leaving the states to live in Japan has actually helped him transform from living a sedentary life obsessing over video games to actually working towards creating them, which means he just gets out more to talk to his peers as opposed to nerding out by himself like most losers his age.In his previous life Moo enjoyed many American sports, specifically boxing, he never actually participated in any athletic activities in school growing up, but one day while walking home from Fujimi University Moo walked by kawogama boxing gym and it reminded him of back home. He stopped casually to ogle in at the old coach schooling a room full of brutes when out of no where a young man about his own age crashed into him, and sent Moo tumbling back. The truth is Moo became motivated after meeting the the young boxer and became a member of the club himself, even though he was very  aware that no one had any expectations from him his new friend who was a world ahead of him in boxing would tell him to keep on training and eventually Moo became more confident in himself, and although he was late to sport he was really starting to get the grasp of the art and his body was finally not too gamer like.Besides working out and working on his studies, Moo has to go to work in order to pay for rent and food, among every thing else required to sustain a life. Luckily for him by earning his spot at fujimi university they in return granted him a over sees job as a beta tester for fujimi universities VR Department, where Moo has happily taken the responsibility of testing every game the school produces earning himself a living wage and invaluable experiences. thank you for reading !


01/20/2022 07:45 PM 


✦ NAME ✦ elliot fitch, though he's better known to the public as mars moody.   ✦ AGE ✦ thirty-one. baby faced.    ✦ OCCUPATION ✦ author (autobiography + horror novels. one mystery novel he's embarassed of.)  volunteers as a  deprogrammer.     ✦ APPEARANCE ✦ blond hair, blue eyes. six-two. model material. doesn't realize. rare to find him in anything outside of sweaters or suits. thick-ripped glasses when he's not wearing his contacts. busted lips, black eyes and bruises. nobody knows why.   ✦ FAMILY ✦ two older sisters, estranged. dead parents.   ✦ MENTAL ✦ bipolar depressive, bpd, religious and sexual trauma. he's working on it.   ✦ SEXUALITY ✦ complicated. constantly battling the shame that comes with desire due to years of policing his own sexual identity under radical religious teachings. still processing the abuses suffered within that dominion. criticizes his own attraction to others, especially those of the same sex.    ✦ PERSONALITY ✦ new to the game of social normality. still learning what's right and decidedly wrong in certain situations. modest, almost conservative—but hardly a stick in the mud. of few words and big on nonverbal cues. a goofball, once you cut through all his layers.    ✦ USELESS FACTS ✦   - learned about the world outside the compound through contraband. movies and media banned by arlo, the prophet.    - says he can speak to angels. whatever that means.    - a decent skateboarder. ask him to do a trick for you.   - gold over silver. blue over red. rain over shine. pineapples on his pizza.  


01/20/2022 09:28 PM 


Should you have any burning desire to contact me, discord is a way to do so. It is not listed? Is not the fun to find me amongst the cesspools of clones? Haha.


01/20/2022 07:21 PM 

Profile Info

<p>  Boiling down to it this profile isn’t an action and fighting based profile, I love My Hero Academia quite a bit and action is alright but I love focusing on the softer sides of things. This roleplays will be centered around more everyday things, a slice of life roleplay in a way. If you approach with a good idea or wish to add a little of other things; and I do allow other things but not as the main focus, just ask!    I work a full time job. I am making this profile as a simple hobby to do when I have the itch and desire to write, so replies will vary on when I get to them so as long as you bare with me I can get to things when I’ve got time.    As for Tamaki the only changes I’d say as the writer I’ll be making is his sexuality and age, he’s out of high school to allow for further progressed roleplays and old enough to have established a home/career. As for sexuality I have him liking men over woman, I do enjoy Yaoi roleplays overall but it also helps thin out the overly sexual roleplays a tad by just a bit. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.</p>

ɖɛʟɨռզʊɛռȶ ֆքʀɨȶɛ

01/19/2022 11:47 PM 

Sensation of Burning

Summoned.(  Ready to make a contract? )Crime.( Not just setting forest fires. )Fireworks.( Festival games, street performances and more fun~! )Blizzard storm.( Lost and cold.. )//Message if interested in writing - feel free to present any other ideas ♥

⋅ʚ hεανεηsεητ. ɞ⋅

01/20/2022 12:24 PM 


1. RL > RP. I have a full time job, mood disorders, and other hobbies, and I admin a couple of Discord roleplays so this is generally one of the last things I'll be getting to, so bare with me. Sometimes I get slow. I promise I'm not forgetting about you. But I may need space sometimes. I don't appreciate when people pester me and it will result in removal if it happens too frequently. 2. Consent is key! For shipping, smut, violence and gore alike. I am open to a wide array of plots and ideas but I don't like heavy topics thrown onto me without discussion and approval. I'm not really one to make a lot of rules so this should be it unless I feel the need to add more later. I hope I don't have to make more. Anything else I have should be general rule of thumb. Obvious sh*t that doesn't need referenced or said.

⋅ʚ hεανεηsεητ. ɞ⋅

01/20/2022 12:24 PM 


Under construction!

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