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01/21/2022 12:37 PM 


So! I did a memory check and with Photobucket backI went through ALL  the characters I roleplayed through these years-Dare I say, I went through so much-Oofles-ALL THE CHARACTERS AND VERSES

Krem Brûlée

01/21/2022 09:43 PM 


𝐈 𝐃𝐎: Multipara & novella. Multishipping or polygamy.  Bantering. Editing for writing partners. Crossovers, including modern verses. Dark, mature themes, as well as comedic. Not everything can be doom & gloom. Discord, on occasion.  Accept puns, the more ridiculous the better.  𝐈 𝐃𝐎𝐍'𝐓: Tolerate transphobia, homophobia, or racism.  Interact with minors or predators.  Ship Krem with Maryden or lesbian characters.  Answer invasive questions directed at either Krem or myself.  Tolerate the fetishization of trans & queer folk. Accept one liners.  Interact with folks seeking only smut or romance. Ship without chemistry.  𝐊𝐑𝐄𝐌 𝐈𝐒: Canonically a transman.  Headcanoned as pansexual. Pretty great. Not a fan of squirrels. 𝐈 𝐀𝐌: Transmasc.  21 years old. An avid gamer of most things RPG.


01/20/2022 10:06 PM 

Behind the scene

I have been through so much, sometimes I get flashbacks of the trauma, but I remember my family and friends I made on here. I'll never give up. I honestly want to thank you guys for everything.I truly am a Fortune Soul. I appreciate you all. 


01/20/2022 10:06 PM 

Background story about Moo!

Moo currently lives with his cat in a "cozy" student apartment close enough for him to walk to school or any other locations he may need to visit. The culture shock of leaving the states to live in Japan has actually helped him transform from living a sedentary life obsessing over video games to actually working towards creating them, which means he just gets out more to talk to his peers as opposed to nerding out by himself like most losers his age.In his previous life Moo enjoyed many American sports, specifically boxing, he never actually participated in any athletic activities in school growing up, but one day while walking home from Fujimi University Moo walked by kawogama boxing gym and it reminded him of back home. He stopped casually to ogle in at the old coach schooling a room full of brutes when out of no where a young man about his own age crashed into him, and sent Moo tumbling back. The truth is Moo became motivated after meeting the the young boxer and became a member of the club himself, even though he was very  aware that no one had any expectations from him his new friend who was a world ahead of him in boxing would tell him to keep on training and eventually Moo became more confident in himself, and although he was late to sport he was really starting to get the grasp of the art and his body was finally not too gamer like.Besides working out and working on his studies, Moo has to go to work in order to pay for rent and food, among every thing else required to sustain a life. Luckily for him by earning his spot at fujimi university they in return granted him a over sees job as a beta tester for fujimi universities VR Department, where Moo has happily taken the responsibility of testing every game the school produces earning himself a living wage and invaluable experiences. thank you for reading !


01/20/2022 07:45 PM 


✦ NAME ✦ elliot fitch, though he's better known to the public as mars moody.   ✦ AGE ✦ thirty-one. baby faced.    ✦ OCCUPATION ✦ author (autobiography + horror novels. one mystery novel he's embarassed of.)  volunteers as a  deprogrammer.     ✦ APPEARANCE ✦ blond hair, blue eyes. six-two. model material. doesn't realize. rare to find him in anything outside of sweaters or suits. thick-ripped glasses when he's not wearing his contacts. busted lips, black eyes and bruises. nobody knows why.   ✦ FAMILY ✦ two older sisters, estranged. dead parents.   ✦ MENTAL ✦ bipolar depressive, bpd, religious and sexual trauma. he's working on it.   ✦ SEXUALITY ✦ complicated. constantly battling the shame that comes with desire due to years of policing his own sexual identity under radical religious teachings. still processing the abuses suffered within that dominion. criticizes his own attraction to others, especially those of the same sex.    ✦ PERSONALITY ✦ new to the game of social normality. still learning what's right and decidedly wrong in certain situations. modest, almost conservative—but hardly a stick in the mud. of few words and big on nonverbal cues. a goofball, once you cut through all his layers.    ✦ USELESS FACTS ✦   - learned about the world outside the compound through contraband. movies and media banned by arlo, the prophet.    - says he can speak to angels. whatever that means.    - a decent skateboarder. ask him to do a trick for you.   - gold over silver. blue over red. rain over shine. pineapples on his pizza.  


01/20/2022 09:28 PM 


Should you have any burning desire to contact me, discord is a way to do so. It is not listed? Is not the fun to find me amongst the cesspools of clones? Haha.


01/20/2022 07:21 PM 

Profile Info

<p>  Boiling down to it this profile isn’t an action and fighting based profile, I love My Hero Academia quite a bit and action is alright but I love focusing on the softer sides of things. This roleplays will be centered around more everyday things, a slice of life roleplay in a way. If you approach with a good idea or wish to add a little of other things; and I do allow other things but not as the main focus, just ask!    I work a full time job. I am making this profile as a simple hobby to do when I have the itch and desire to write, so replies will vary on when I get to them so as long as you bare with me I can get to things when I’ve got time.    As for Tamaki the only changes I’d say as the writer I’ll be making is his sexuality and age, he’s out of high school to allow for further progressed roleplays and old enough to have established a home/career. As for sexuality I have him liking men over woman, I do enjoy Yaoi roleplays overall but it also helps thin out the overly sexual roleplays a tad by just a bit. Any questions don’t hesitate to ask.</p>

ɖɛʟɨռզʊɛռȶ ֆքʀɨȶɛ

01/19/2022 11:47 PM 

Sensation of Burning

Summoned.(  Ready to make a contract? )Crime.( Not just setting forest fires. )Fireworks.( Festival games, street performances and more fun~! )Blizzard storm.( Lost and cold.. )//Message if interested in writing - feel free to present any other ideas ♥

⋅ʚ hεανεηsεητ. ɞ⋅

01/20/2022 12:24 PM 


1. RL > RP. I have a full time job, mood disorders, and other hobbies, and I admin a couple of Discord roleplays so this is generally one of the last things I'll be getting to, so bare with me. Sometimes I get slow. I promise I'm not forgetting about you. But I may need space sometimes. I don't appreciate when people pester me and it will result in removal if it happens too frequently. 2. Consent is key! For shipping, smut, violence and gore alike. I am open to a wide array of plots and ideas but I don't like heavy topics thrown onto me without discussion and approval. I'm not really one to make a lot of rules so this should be it unless I feel the need to add more later. I hope I don't have to make more. Anything else I have should be general rule of thumb. Obvious sh*t that doesn't need referenced or said.

⋅ʚ hεανεηsεητ. ɞ⋅

01/20/2022 12:24 PM 


Under construction!

♥ 𝙎𝙤𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙖 ♥

01/20/2022 12:09 PM 

Charlotte Virtanen

General InformationFirst name: Charlotte VirtanenNicknames: Lotte, CharleyAge: 16 and olderDate of birth: 4/23Gender: FemaleSexuality: BisexualRelationship status: SinglePowers/abilitiesPowers: Nightmare, Ani-gravityDescription of Nightmare: They can make anyone’s nightmare come to life. It gives them long black claws for hands and feet, super strength, and speedDescription of Anti-gravity: They can control how much gravity something has.Weaknesses: They can’t sleep without waking up from nightmaresPhysical AppearanceHeight: 6’0Weight: 156Eye color: YellowSkin color: IvoryScars: Burn mark on their cheek.The shape of face: OvalBuild of the body: SkinnyHair color: WhiteHairstyle: Small ponytailTattoos: NonePiercings: Bridge piercingIs seen by others as Shy, caring, protectiveCharacter traitsPersonality: Caring, Protective, Shy, Cheerful, Gentle, Intelligent, LovableLikes: Poems, Chocolate, Abandoned buildings, Family, Writing, horror moviesDislikes: Fire, Falling, Greed, Closed spaces, BeesFears: FireHealthMental illness: PTSDSleeping habits: They barely sleeps at allEnergy level: Very lowEating habits: Eats a bit of something every so oftenMemory: Not too goodRelationshipsParents: DeadSiblings:Lumi Virtanen (Sister) (Alive)Kristiina Virtanen (Sister) (Alive)Friends: ...Best friend(s): Kristiina, LumiLove interest: None at the momentOthersOccupation: assistant librarianFavorite types of food: StrawberryFavorite types of drink: Orange juiceHobbies/pastimes: WritingPet peeves: BulliesPets: Boa constrictor named BaileyFavorite colors:  Black, purple, violetFavorite type of music: Calming


01/19/2022 11:10 PM 


Candice Catnipp (キャンディス・キャットニップ, Kyandisu Kyattonippu) is a Quincy and a member of the Wandenreich's  Sternritter with the designation "T" - The Thunderbolt.Appearance:Candice is a tall and well-endowed young woman, with long, light-green hair. She has blue eyes, prominent eyelashes and thin, lightning bolt shaped eyebrows. Her attire is a heavily modified and revealing variation of the regular Sternritter's white uniform, consisting of the typical double-breasted jacket, which she keeps tied up to reveal her midriff and unbuttoned, as well as removing the fabric on the sides, to display her cleavage, and a pair of short-shorts which are held up by a black belt with a green heart buckle attached to the side. She also wears a white cap on her head with gold trimmings, which features a black peak and the Wandenreich insignia emblazoned on its front, and a pair of ankle-height shoes.Personality:Candice has a very short temper, getting mad at Giselle for stating she likes to have "fun" with her subordinates and asking her if she wants to fight. She cannot stand having her appearance ruined in battle. Catnipp also shows to be shortsighted, reckless and impatient; this combined volatile nature coupled with horrible judgement of the situation causes her to make foolhardy decisions when engaging stronger opponents.Powers & Abilities:The Thunderbolt (雷霆 (ザ・サンダーボルト), Za Sandāboruto; Japanese for "Thunder"): Candice can create, control, and project lightning bolts. She commonly generates the lightning in her hands and points in the direction she wants to project it. She can also conjure lightning bolts of significant power from the sky to attack targets in groups, causing considerable damage to an area. The lightning is strong enough to kill multiple unseated Shinigami and effectively incapacitate an injured Kenpachi Zaraki. Lightning Jump: Candice can dodge attacks by shifting her body into lightning and moving a short distance to get around the attack and opponent. Reishi Manipulation: As a Quincy, she primarily absorbs spiritual energy from the atmosphere, and combines it with her own spiritual energy to form weapons. She has an easier time collecting this energy in environments with higher concentrations of Reishi such as in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚, Flying Screen Step; Viz: "Flying Bamboo-Blind Leg") is an advanced Quincy movement technique, allowing the user to move at high speed by riding on the flow of Reishi created below their feet. Swordswoman: Candice has some skilled in duel-wielding swordsmanship. She was able to use her lighting swords to hold off against a fellow duel-wielderEnhanced Endurance: Candice is considerably resilient to damage, quickly getting to her feet after being pierced or damaged.Spirit Weapon:Heilig Bogen (神聖弓 (ハイリッヒ・ボーグン), Hairihhi Bōgun; German for "Holy Bow", Japanese for "Sacred Bow"): Candice uses a bow as her primary weapon. She keeps the short bow in a collapsed state within a heart container on the side of her belt; when Candice clicks the heart, the bow pops out above her. There is a heart centered at the middle of the bow with the two arms branching out of it. The arms of the bow are shaped like lightning bolts. Candice grabs hold of the heart portion with one hand and pulls back on a Reishi string with her other hand to fire like a normal bow. Heiling Pfeil(神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・プファイル), Hairihhi Pufairu; German for "Holy Arrow", Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Arrows"): Candice can fire powerful, electricity-imbued Heilig Pfeil from her bow. These Heilig Pfeil have tips with jagged, lightning bolt-shaped edges. Galvano Blast (ガルヴァノ ブラスト, Garuvano Burasuto): Candice fires a powerful, 5 gigajoule blast of electricity at her opponent. She claims this attack possesses enough power to turn a target to dust. Quincy's VollstandigUpon release, which is accompanied by an explosion of electricity in all directions, Candice gains six lightning bolt-edged wings behind her shoulders, a Heiligenschein of electricity shaped like a star-like Quincy Zeichen floating above her head, and a thread of electricity crackling around her body. Flight: Using her wings, Candice can fly at high speeds. Lightning Swords: Candice can pull off her individual wings and use them as swords for close-range combat. She can wield one in either hand, and their strikes possess enough power to send a formidable opponent like Ichigo flying backward for several meters. Galvano Javelin (ガルヴァノ ジャベリン, Garuvano Jaberin): Candice can throw one of her swords as a javelin for long-range combat. This attack possesses enough power to cancel out a Getsuga Tenshō from Ichigo. Electrocution (電滅刑 (エレクトロキューション), Erekutorokyūshon; Japanese for "Electrical Destruction Punishment"): Candice points upward with her arm, causing a huge column of electricity to surge around her. She concentrates this electricity around her arm, with some of it radiating from her eyes as well, before throwing it at her opponent in the form of a massive blast of electricity.


01/19/2022 09:28 PM 


... but stare into these prompts to help assist you on your way to approaching your very own WAR DEMON. These are not set in stone, but these are to help you get the gears turning and understand the extent of your own flexibility.A. Summoner's Dilemma: Your interest in the occult and eldritch bring to you a night of long studying. A particular book titled "ABYSSAL BEYONDERS" in a language unfound by human civilization leads to you repeating a series of chants, unwittingly summoning Nameless to your location! Do you attempt to contract with him? Or do you attempt to banish him?B. Midsummer's Nightmare: A long day begs for a calming, nighttime stroll. However, it could be no worse as you turn a corner and discover the sound of flesh being eviscerated. Fangs digging into a monstrous corpse, Nameless detects your presence and turns to meet your gaze with haunting eyes. Do you flee? Or do you stand your ground?C. Falsified Prophecies: Nameless is the one to approach you without any sort of warning, believing you to be a soul capable of finally giving him a fight he can enjoy. Obviously, this prophecy is HORRIBLY wrong, you may not even fight to begin with, let alone against demons, let alone whatever HE is. Do you string him along with the idea of a fight? Or do you attempt to placate him and fix this misunderstanding?D. Fatal Stand: The greatest warriors and defenders of your land have been brought to their knees and, worse, they are stronger than you. However, you can't just sit there and do nothing. . . right? In pure desperation, you make a final gambit and attempt to dissuade Nameless from continuing his onslaught - to which he is blatantly shocked, but respects your nerve. What do you do from this point onwards?E. Malicious Mapping: You have no idea what this place is. It's essentially Hell. It reflects itself based on how you perceive it and you are clearly out of your league here. It is inevitable that something will find you, however. Monsters begin to close in on your location, but Nameless' presence is, by far, one of the most threatening. He does not seem interested in fighting you, but is more than willing to fight the creatures hunting you! Do you enlist his help or run from him?F. Ruin Revelations: You stumble through a set of ancient ruins in pursuit of a treasure. However, after reaching the end of what could be a perilous path, you do not find the treasure you thought you were looking for. No, in fact... you find Nameless, who is awakened by your presence after uncounted years! He, however, seems disoriented and without violent intent. Do you try to escape him or understand just what kind of "treasure" he is?Remember, none of these are set in stone - you can absolutely modify these or suggest your own! As wildly powerful as Nameless is, he is written in a way designed to bring about some enjoyable action sequences, as well as genuine interactions that are further complicated by his hard-to-deal-with excitement at chaos and destruction. The point isn't to kill you, but rather to spark instances of adversity and complexity to provide every character the chance to diverge into their own path.


01/19/2022 07:27 PM 


╔⏤⏤⏤╝❀╚⏤⏤⏤╗ Hello there! Pleasure to meet you! ♡ As most of you know, my name is Octavia, but I also go by other names as well such as Beatrice, Rose, Asriel, Litten, Kitten, Kitty,Kit-Kat, Bea, As, Little Lamb, LambChops and so much more.    I have been roleplaying since I was 14 years old, from Myspace, Freeform, Xat Chat, Facebook, AIM, Chatzy, and Skype, then onto Roleplayer, Aniroleplay, Amino, and then Discord.    I own several Discord servers such as the Red Dead Redemption roleplay server and a new Devil May Cry server.   I am a youtuber gamer, Vtuber on Reality app streamer, semi-alright artist. I have an Xbox and a Ps4/Ps5, though mostly I play on my ps5. I also have Steam on my laptop.  I have a full time job, a pizza shop business that my parents own.  I am also a Norse Pagan! I do not follow Christanity! I follow the Norse Pagan which basically is Odin, Loki, Thor, Freya Gods! I'm a tarot reader, I basically do one card tarot readings! For fun at least.. I do plan on getting better though!   Feel free to add me on Discord!  Emergency Food#3437   ∘₊✧──────✧₊∘ . . . . ╰──╮Rules╭──╯ . . . . : ̗̀➛1: Please be patient with me because I do have a full time job   : ̗̀➛2: I don't bite! Feel free to talk to me!   : ̗̀➛3: I do not do any erp of any sorts! Please do not ask for that! I think that's.. a rule for everyone-    : ̗̀➛4: Please no Godmodding, that involves Meta-gaming, Power-gaming, and Auto hitting~   : ̗̀➛5: I- have no idea what to put here but! I'll add more when I think of it!!   ╔. ■ .═══════╗ Links!    Devil May Cry:   Red Dead Redemption:     Social:   ╚═══════. ■ .╝ ╚⏤⏤⏤╗❀╔⏤⏤⏤╝  

Evil Angel

01/19/2022 05:09 PM 

Welcome to Akemi's World!
Current mood:  animated

Hello and welcome to my page!My name is Akemi! I would love to start a roleplay with you when you have the chance to look over my rules and decide if you would like to take things further and take a chance to write with me. I accept anyone who is willing to write a good storyline with many adventures that await us! Thank you for considering me to be a friend and thank you for either requesting or accepting my friend request.I am hoping we can talk soon so we can get the roleplay started as soon as possible. So, if you'd like to roleplay, simply respond to this message and we can get something going. I am a sucker for random starters, and I will be making a group soon that will be welcoming new roleplayer's that I have not roleplayed with yet too so watch out for that and stay tuned! Thank you once again!

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