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Evil Angel

01/19/2022 04:17 PM 

⛧ Terms of Service ⛧
Current mood:  accomplished

Disclaimer: Everything that you see on this page is meant for roleplaying purposes only. I do not make money for distributing these things such as images or layout designs. I strictly do this for my own enjoyment and for friends who are interested in it.Furthermore, I am not Akemi Okamimori but I am the writer behind her character. Either way, none of this is mine and I will give credit where it is due: Naruto and everything related to it is owned by the creator Masashi Kishimoto himself and himself alone. I do not take any credit for the content displayed here. Let's get onto the rules!----------------------------------1. I am a paragraph and multiple paragraph roleplayer and I write in 3rd person format. I do not accept semi-paragraph's and I expect some effort to be put into the responses I get from my potential main characters. This means no net-speak - this also means double-checking spelling, proper grammar, complete sentences, correct punctuations, and making sure it's understandable if someone reads it. I'm not a nazi, I just expect that if I put the effort into it the other person do the same with the roleplay.2. Do not bring drama to my table. I know I have not gotten along with several people on here in the past and as much as I would love to bury the past and move on from it left a pretty heavy scar and sometimes I think it's better to stay as far away from the people that caused the drama in the past whether it was my fault or not (Which I am well aware I played a part in it).  I am back and doing better which is why I decided to come back and make a return and new resolution that I want to keep a character for longer than the track record I've had in the past. Sorry for the ramble - I have a lot to say, and I intend to say it regardless if it hurts people and unapologetically.3. Do not steal the information, images, layout design, or edits from my page. Everything you see here or on other pages is created, manipulated, or edited by yours truly; digression: I will also give credit where it is due as well so no one needs to fuss over it. K?4. Please, Please, Please do NOT rush me when I am writing responses. Sometimes, as for all of us, life can get heavy, hectic, and painfully busy so please understand that if I'm not answering right away it probably means I'm busy doing other things via family, medication, food, sleeping, and normal things any human should be doing to keep their personal health vitalized.If this site is taking up all your free time and you want nothing to do with the outside world then there's a problem. I am not blaming others who are so sick and can't get out of bed other than watching Netflix and taking medication.I'm talking about the young ones who all want to do is sit on the internet and complain about how hard life is when there isn't a connection or their mom didn't get them the right food color of poptarts that morning. Sorry, I didn't mean to get on a tangent, but I am passionate about the things I believe in.5. I do not want to be the only one to be putting effort into the roleplay. Please help during the main initiation that we have meeting our characters, the setting, and their original plot in our discussion.I do NOT want to be the only one putting work into the roleplay. It drives me insane when I put my effort into writing 3-5 paragraphs and all I'm met back is worth 2-3 sentences at best. It bugs the crap out of me, and I don't think I'm asking too much.6. I do not overly care how you contact me. If messages for roleplay are okay with you and comments for discussion and banter, that's fine too. I'm not too picky when it comes to that kind of thing.7. Do not mistake fantasy with reality. This is roleplay and it does not mean that it is actually happening in real life. I'm hoping that everyone understands this before continuing. 8. I will not be giving out any personal information but if you want to call me by name call me "Luna" or "Kasper" or "K." for "Kasper." 9. Do not kill my character, instant kill, god-mode (Geez, is that even a thing anymore?) or anything like that. I don't typically fight anymore but if you're wanting to spar or fight in roleplay please be fair and if someone should step in to call the rules, please be respectful and kindly keep your head in the game and not so intent on cheating. There are better ways than that to keep the roleplay interesting.10. Have fun. I intend to make this year the year I stick to a character. Akemi Okamimori which is her first name, but her last name may be subject to change since I understand that not a lot of people like Uchiha OC's since they were all killed and it's odd that some would just "appear" out of thin air or something like that.

⋅ʚ hεανεηsεητ. ɞ⋅

01/19/2022 10:59 PM 


- Rinoa is afraid of car rides, and refuses to drive at all herself, all due to the way she lost her mother. When she gets a ride anywhere should she require it, she is noticeably fidgety. When she gets anxious about other cars or nearby objects, or the speed at which the driver takes a turn or goes around a bend, she grips onto things subconsciously and braces for impact, even if it most likely isn't happening.- On the flip side, Angelo LOVES car rides. Because, well, she is a dog. But Rinoa panics if Angelo tries to stick her head outside the window.​​​​​​- In RP, Angelo should be assumed to always be at Rinoa's side unless stated otherwise. - Slaps the roof of Rinoa. This bad boi can fit a whole lot of ADHD and anxiety. - Due to the early loss of her mother, and the soured relationship between her and her father in the aftermath, Rinoa does not know how to cook. At all. Maybe a few basic things, but no nice meals. - I'll add to this at random, just wanted to toss a few things down! 

𝕾𝔩𝔞𝔶 𝐀͟𝐋͟𝐋͟

01/19/2022 11:02 PM 

𝕽𝖚𝖑𝖊𝖘 —————

𝐈: NO MINORS AT ALL WHATSOEVER. MUN and or MUSES , This is an adult character from an ADULT show and  video game series and as such there will only be interactions with other ADULT MUSES. No Loli / Shota / Futanari AT ALL.𝐈𝐈: No Pedophiles or Pedophile Sympathizers. Do the world a favor if you are and drop off a damn cliff. The world would be better off without scum like you all.𝐈𝐈𝐈: I will never rush you for a reply , please take as long as you need to reply , in kind I expect the same courtesy from you.𝐈𝐕: NO INCEST , If your writing Dante / Nero then I'll acknowledge their relationship. biological. do I REALLY need to explain as to why this is messed up if you come at me with that  ?𝐕: Regarding shipping , I will only be shipping with characters that pique the writer's interest due to negative experiences with shipping in the past.𝐕𝐈: Do NOT steal anything from my page; if I inspire you, just come to me and ask me BEFORE you decide to steal. 


01/19/2022 09:10 PM 

Devil May Cry discord

❍⌇─➭ welcome ﹀﹀ ︵↷ »»———-  ———-««   Hello there! Welcome to the server!   A fair warning to y'all this server is a rated 17 plus server for the dark content we will bring. This involves death, gore, and dark, dark content. This does not include sex and porn, don't come into the server for that stuff.   The staff however is chill as f*** and we do wacky sh*t while in OOC.   We do accept OCs and Canon characters,   We accept LGBT members, we're all human, we live under the same sky.    We offer game bots, voice chats, music chats and so much more to entertain yourselves.    So please, grab yourself a cup of coffee, tea, or hot choco and enjoy your stay!   ︻デ═一 ┏━━━━━°❀•°:🎀:°•❀°━━━━━┓   𝙽𝚘𝚠 𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚒𝚗𝚐- 𝙳𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚕𝚜 𝚗𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚌𝚛𝚢   0:35 ━❍──────── -4:22 ↻     ⊲  Ⅱ  ⊳     ↺ VOLUME: ▁▂▃▄▅▆▇ 100%   ┗━━━━━°❀•°:🎀:°•❀°━━━━━┛

The Byakugan Princess

01/18/2022 10:47 PM 

Rules and Things

1. English is not my first language. Please forgive my mistakes.2. I do mostly para and semi-para because I'm busy in real life.3. Please don't send random sex starters. I need some build up and story development.4. Random (non sexual) starters are fine. Scene discussion before is also fine.5. If I forget to respond to you, please leave a comment on my profile to remind me.6. If you would rather just chat OOC, I'm okay with that too. 



01/18/2022 05:23 PM 

The gaps in the madness

It is always the subtle scent of lilies that bring him back to some sense of lucidity, though he does not know why. He hates them for it, loathes them for being the one reminder that what he has done is so wrong. The darkness of his anger at those who lied to him, tortured him and made him into a monster pollute his every waking moment. Most of the time, he felt nothing at all.Events happened in pictures; snap shots of events that he had no control over. All he knew was anger and bitterness, hate and fear. He remembered the flames, the lick of them as they scorch his boots, the scent of ash climbing his nose. The outrage of those he had harmed, the frozen looks of horror on their faces, the tears and open-mouthed screams, the burning flesh. The blood. So much blood.But the scent of lilies. Sweet and innocent, clean and white. It reminded him of his name: Sephiroth. It reminded him that all he had learned was not all that he had been. Once, there had been friends. Closer to him than family ever could be. They had been his family. A red headed fellow obsessed with doing the right thing. Another who read Loveless to the point of obsession and a black haired young lad, youthful and enthusiastic. There had been a time once, not so long ago, where acceptance had been his.He had always been different, always know there was something unusual about himself. In those few scant moments, it hadn’t mattered. He had smiled back then, not worried about everything that happened or didn’t happen, or might happen. He had stopped chewing his nails. He had even tolerated those he had previously despised, much to the surprise of most people around him. Had he known happiness, Sephiroth rather thought he had. Not the mania he sometimes experienced in more recent times, but the warmth only friendship provided.The best imprint though, a pair of sea green eyes in a soft face that radiated kindness. She and Zack. They were companions? More than that? All he recalled was the sweet gestures and the light touches that brought warmth flooding to his cheeks. Laughter and delight always followed; and the scent of lilies. Always the floral scent followed the green eyes. He had always thought her beautiful, though he had no language to express such. It showed in a protectiveness that he barely understood. He was sure there had been words for it once, but they were lost to him now.She had to die. He had to stamp out the light from his darkening world. The anguish the act brought was smothered in hate, pushed beyond reason. Those eyes would never understand what he was trying to achieve. No one could. Only Mother knew. She would protect him, she would keep him safe from the world, from the memories and the pungent scent of lilies that troubled him so. The scent faded, replaced with the acrid copper tang of spilled blood and external rage. It was on his hands, only his. His self-loathing smothered all other emotion, consuming the flicker of light, the brief memory and pulling him back into the oblivion of hate. 


01/17/2022 09:20 PM 


“It’s only an orange!”The words echoed around Sephiroth’s mind over and over again. The events of the last hour playing out again and again. The kindly given gift dashed against the wall with a hard slap.Holidays were supposed to be cheerful. They were supposed to be full of good will and peace and all manner of kindness.The cold light of the labs Sephiroth had the misfortune to call home always felt colder this time of year. On his way back from school, for he was allowed to go and socialise with other children, he saw the other adults mingling. Their laughter went a small way to mitigate the stark white walls. He had not been allowed to decorate them so the bright coloured paper and sparkling trees were left outside his rooms.There was drink and food, music and even dancing. He had dragged his heels as he was led through the party back to his cell. He’d slipped the hand that led him and for a moment, he stood watching the adults have their fun.“Come on!” snapped Marla. She was the one who took him from the cells to the school car and back again. She was a pinch faced, hard eyed woman who had no care in her at all.“Leave the boy alone Marla!” A tall man with a big bushy moustache said. “Poor lad doesn’t get out much as it is, let him see.”“Five minutes,” Marla said folding her arms over her chest. “But he will hear about it and you can deal with him.”The man laughed at her. No one laughed at Marla. Sephiroth was already too busy looking at the flashing lights and shiny tinsel that decorated the tree. They had them in the school. All the other children had them in their homes too. Many of them would get gifts and get to spend the day not doing any homework.“Pretty isn’t it,” said the man who had laughed at Marla. He nodded. He had been told not to speak to strangers. This man seemed rather nice for a stranger though. His eyes were kind, but there was a sadness in his pose that Sephiroth couldn’t understand. This was a party, people were supposed to be happy at parties.All of a sudden, something cool and round was shoved into his little hands. Glancing down, he saw that the man had pushed an orange into his grip. He had never had an orange before. The skin was crinkly, pitted and smelled wonderful. A small smile touched his face. “You take that and eat it later,” the man said.“All for me?”“All for you!”“Thank you,” he said softly. No one had ever given him anything before but he knew he had to be polite.“You better go with Marla now, else she’ll do something awful!”Sephiroth looked up at the woman and nodded. He had nowhere to hide the gift; all he could do was trot over and follow her into the lab. Once through the lab, she shoved him into his room with the palm of her hand. “Get in there!” she snapped.Faster than he could move, she dashed the orange from his grip. It hit the floor with a squelch, juice leaking from the broken skin. “It’s only an orange!” she barked, snatching it from the floor before he could get it back. She was gone before he could say anything else.He wouldn’t cry. She would know if he cried and merely taunt him for it later. The scent of the juice still lingered in the air. As he walked over to the hard bed, he wondered what it would have tasted like. Maybe one of the other children would be able to tell him after the holiday.  He laid down and squeezed his eyes shut, he wouldn’t cry! A single tear slid down his cheek; this was supposed to be the season of kindness. He wondered whether that kindness would ever extend to him. 

Brooks 18+

01/16/2022 11:14 PM 

The team

Sandslash Dex Entry: The drier the area Sandslash lives in, the harder and smoother the Pokémon’s spikes will feel when touched. Ability: Sand Rush(Hidden Ability)-Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in a sandstorm. Gender: Male Moves: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Super Fang, X-Scissor   Donphan Dex Entry: If Donphan were to tackle with its hard body, even a house could be destroyed. Using its massive strength, the Pokémon helps clear rock and mud slides that block mountain trails. Ability: Sturdy-It cannot be knocked out with one hit. One-hit KO moves cannot knock it out, either. Gender: Male Moves: Rapid Spin, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Thunder Fang   Mamoswine Dex Entry: It looks strong, and that’s exactly what it is. As the weather grows colder, its ice tusks grow longer, thicker, and more impressive. Ability: Thick Fat(Hidden Ability)-The Pokémon is protected by a layer of thick fat, which halves the damage taken from Fire- and Ice-type moves. Gender: Male Moves: Ancient Power, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Rest   Rhyperior Dex Entry: It relies on its carapace to deflect incoming attacks and throw its enemy off balance. As soon as that happens, it drives its drill into the foe. Ability: Solid Rock-Reduces the power of supereffective attacks taken Gender: Male Moves: Rock Wrecker, Earthquake, Megahorn, Thunder Punch   Hippowdon Dex Entry: When roused to violence by its rage, it spews out the quantities of sand it has swallowed and whips up a sandstorm. Ability: Sand Force(Hidden Ability)-Boosts the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves in a sandstorm. Gender: Male Moves: Earthquake, Crunch, Stealth Rock, Sandstorm

˗ˏˋ viper ´ˎ˗

01/16/2022 07:23 PM 

— the outlaw …

  elizabeth caledonia ashe    ————————   aka ‘calamity’ or ‘liz’  born on november first ( scorpio )  29 years of age.    5’8” or 172.72 cm tall  125 lbs or 56.69 kg  34DD bra size  size 9 shoe  muscular stature littered in tattoos  pale skin, red eyes, platinum hair.    ————————     bisexual ( male lean )  currently single  formerly in a relationship with cole cassidy    flings are more her style now. long term relationships are never up her alley, not allowing herself to fall in love as it’s a ‘weakness’    ————————   ashe has a no-nonsense attitude when in combat. she is ruthless, and will do whatever she must to come out unscathed, even if that means fighting dirty.    when not in active combat, ashe is a very hotheaded woman. she also takes everything as a joke, and will try to flirt her way out of potential danger.    ashe is a kleptomaniac,  as well as having bipolar disorder. she has issues with substance abuse, which is one of her hugest downfalls.    ashe is also the leader of the deadlock gang, and has been in and out of prison. she has managed to break out more times than she can count.


01/16/2022 03:20 PM 

Blindy's trivia.

Ccouldn't write, so I made this-I'll add more as I think of them, but eeeeeee-Has a very weak stomach due to lack of nourishment. Despite this, he still enjoys very filling things like meat or roast, but isn't used to them, so he gets stomachaches when he eats them His safer foods are very mild, so he gets bored of them easily. He also enjoys sweets, but isn't used to them, so he crashes easily.-Actually used to have his eyesight when he was younger, but he doesn't actually remember and thus know this. All his memories from early middle school and below are blurry to him.-Has a very VERY high pain tolerance, the worst injury he ever got (as far as he knows) was a broken arm from being pushed down the stairs. He didn't think too much of it.-Used to play the acoustic guitar and adored it, but later "lost" it. The cruel truth was that his parents sold it without his knowledge, so he's merely convinced it's still somewhere in the house, but he was just careless.-Doesn't have very many hobbies, he really only stays in his room or go outside for walks when his parents aren't home. He does try texting Blondie from school! But...he never responds.-His brain is subconsciously trained to expect injury from touch, so despite his want for it, he's very hesitant about being tuoched, and will flinch and even recoil if he can sense the prescence of a human hand going towards him. As a result, he'll find it strange if he doesn't get hurt at least ONCE a day.-Was trained for braille at one point, but doesn't have a lot of access to it. But his fingers are very sensitive to texture because of it, so he tends to be picky about fabric. Not that he has a choice, though.-Because he focuses on other senses than sight, he has supposedly better hearing and smell than most. 


01/16/2022 05:05 PM 

It Never Let Him Go [Pt.2] (Alphinaud)

Admin’s Note: I had a high demand for making a part 2. I have never actually made parts to my shorts and starters like this before, so this is very new to me! All the same, I hope you enjoy!!Disclaimer; there is no connection between my writing and the actual FFXIV storyline!Having gathered the Scions, Tataru would soon explain what she last heard of Alphinaud, before the silence followed. A scream… and that was all they had to go on. Y’shtola shook her head “Try to think, Tataru… there must have been some other background anomalies you may have heard, but currently are unable to process.” she points out. That much was true, there had to have been some kind of disturbance in the background she could manage to catch. Urianger would soon encourage her to take a calming breath, clearing her panic just may help recall the slightest memory of what else could have been heard.Moments passed, Tataru just could not think of what else she may have heard. Though… something did occur to her “W-wait a minute! there IS something I remember!” she waves her hands about. The Scions regather as they prepare to receive this vital hint. Tataru raises her right hand “There was a distinctive roar!” she announced. A roar… plenty of dragonkin alike had them… yet this was a vital clue itself as to where Alphinaud’s whereabouts could be. Alisaie takes a moment in a ponder, before something hits her “I remember the roar as well… yet I would know if it belonged to any of our allied Dravanians. My stomach drops at the thought; could HE have somehow regenerated? even after we dismantled him and freed the Aether back to the land?” she gives her concerns.It soon dawned on the rest of the Scions, Alphinaud had gone back to the Coils of Bahamut, but for what? that was the real mystery. The roar… Alphinaud’s scream… Estinien had connected the clues together, as did Alisaie, their gaze meeting one another as both had begun to pursue without much warning. Alphinaud was in danger… their focus solely on preventing his demise. With this new course of action, Urianger began to lay out where each entry of the Coils were located. Y’shtola would venture the Binding coils in Eastern La Noscea, Thancred the Second Coils in the North Shroud, Urianger himself for the Final Coils within the Northern Thalanan. As for Alisaie and Estinien? respectively they had taken different routes, each would aid efforts between the Second and Final Coils.

Alphinaud, FFXIV, RP, Final Fantasy XIV, Short Stories


01/16/2022 09:12 AM 


I've been seeing some people that get rejected on a basis. Here's the reasons why and how to fix them if you like. • Fill your Rp profile out properly. I know people just start out and you might not know how to. It's understandable. But I usually look at those first before I proceed with adding or requesting. It's easy for me to see what fandoms you're into and style you rp in • Using the blogs/bio for Rules, Characters, and Fandoms It helps to know what to not say or basics to characters you are comfortable playing plus the fandoms you're cool with going into. I rather not force someone into anything they are uncomfy with. • Communication The key with a good strong partnership with talking with me, I'm a Discord exclusive person, so you gotta see my bio for that and my rp profile too. If you don't see any of that and don't have a Discord, I have no idea why you are here.

baseline, guidelines, ooc


01/16/2022 09:10 AM 

Canon characters

Here's canon characters I will play! *Shows* Neopolitan ( RWBY ) Janus Sanders ( Sanders Sides ) Jonathan Joestar ( JJBA ) *Games* Doll ( Bloodborne ) Mala Sauce ( Cookie Run ) Ibuki Mioda ( SDR2 ) Kirumi Toujou ( DRV3 ) Female Byleth ( FE:3H ) Sombra ( Overwatch ) Vanny ( FNAF: SB )

characters, canon, ooc


01/16/2022 09:10 AM 


i - I'm Discord Exclusive due to being on mobile, I will not change this unless this site gets an app of sorts. ✧✧ ii - I am multimuse but I mostly do play ocs depending on the fandom but I do have canon as well. ⛧⛧ iii - I don't rp with minors, they creep me out and make me feel weird so if you're a minor, go away. * iv - Ships are usually from Canon X Oc, Canon X Canon, and then Oc X Oc. Do keep in mind if you want to rp with one my Canon characters, I would like the same back as a trade off. ♡♡ v - There is triggering themes if you wish them to be, but I don't force them if you wish not to hear them. ⛧ vi - I have many fandoms, the mood could change so do keep in mind for it. ♡ vii - Some ocs don't have bios so keep in mind I'll make them soon enough. ✧ viii - Don't spam my requests, if I deny it once, you're not following my baseline. Try again. ** ix - I do have a life so don't try to spam me for a reply, I'll get to it when I can. ⛧ x - No one liners please, I'm extremely lit. One para minimum or more. I'll try to match yours if I can. xi - If you read these rules, tell me what your favourite ice cream flavour is! ♡

rules, guidelines, ooc


01/16/2022 01:05 PM 

Powers & Abilites & Weaknesses

POWERS     Magic: Zatanna is a Homo Magi, a human born with the affinity to manipulate magic. Her unique genetic structure allows her to use the magic she was born with, as well as learned magic. As a tribute to her father, and as a focus for her spells, she casts spells by speaking backwards or "Logomancy". For example, saying "pots" would cause the target of the spell to stop in their tracks. She's feared and famed as one of most powerful magic users on the planet and mortal plane. Elemental Control: Zatanna can manipulate magical elements such as: Pyrokinesis: Generate heat and manipulate magical fire. Cryokinesis: Generate cold and manipulate magical ice crystals. Electrokinesis: Generate electricity and manipulate magical lightning. Hydrokinesis: Generate and manipulate magical water. Geokinesis: Generate and manipulate magical rocks. Aerokinesis: Generate and manipulate magical wind. Photokinesis: Generate and manipulate magic lights. Umbrakinesis: Generate and manipulate magic shadows. Telekinesis: Zatanna can move/obtain objects at a distance with her spells. Telepathy: Zatanna can also read minds, view and erase memories of others with or without the person's consent. Teleportation: She can send herself and/or anyone to anyplace she/they wish to visit without any space/time restrictions. Dimensional Travel: Zatanna can travels through dimensions through portals she opened with magic. Reality Alteration: She can manipulate reality at will to inflicts confusions and mental trauma on her target. Antipathy: Zatanna can reverse physical trauma so all damage that comes to her will hit her target instead. Deflection: Zatanna can return energy projections sent to her back to their source without loss of momentum or power. Chronokinesis: Zatanna can move time forwards or backwards or even stops time in demand. Weather Manipulation: Zatanna can control and affects the weather in a certain area. Eldritch Blast: Zatanna can blast enemies with mystical energy. Energy Construct Creation: Zatanna can use her magical energies to create inanimate objects such as traps or devices to suit her needs. Energy Transference: Zatanna once forced a "nightmare" demon into the dreams of hundreds of people to split him apart then locked him away in her hat.[ Flight: Zatanna can fly or levitate however she says that this requires a lot of energy and concentration and therefore she chooses not to fly if possible. Force Field: Zatanna can create magical shields to withstand bullets, blasts, blows and explosions. The greater the size or density of the shield the more effort it takes Zatanna to hold. Healing: Zatanna can heal herself or whoever she choses from most injuries. Phasing: Zatanna can make herself into her "phantom form" and become intangible. Size Alteration: Zatanna can increase or decrease her size or the size of others to any conceivable size. Transformation: Zatanna can turn anything into anything else, essentially. For instance, she has turned bullets into paper airplanes as well changing her clothes instantly. Most often she changes violent objects into harmless things. ABILITIES   Prestidigitation: Zatanna is a greatly skilled magician and an expert illusionist, therefore performing extraordinary (real)tricks and incredible illusions on stage is super simple to her. Hypnosis: Zatanna can hypnotize anyone and command them to do anything she pleases. Meditation: Through meditation, Zatanna can astral project. Astral Projection: Zatanna's consciousness can leave her physical body and travel to other planes of existence. Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Zatanna has received extensive training from her time with the Justice League and from her father who always told her to rely on her wits as well as her fists should her magic fail. Occultism: As a chronicler of magic she possesses an extensive understanding of occult lore due to her mystic background. Multilingualism: Able to speak English and many other languages and her signature "Backwards Speech". She also speaks some Spanish.   Weaknesses Mnemonic Incantation: Zatanna casts her spells by saying the words of her incantations backwards. Mnemonic incantation is the most complicated of the mystic arts. On one occasion, the assassin Deathstroke delivered a direct blow to her liver, initiating a regurgitation reaction. On a separate occasion, The Joker (disguised as the stage magician Loxias) shot Zatanna in the neck, rendering her magic useless. She must be able to speak or read backwards in order for her to focus her spells. Vulnerability to Magic: Powerful enchantments against beings of magic, like gods, are able to restrict her as well, preventing her from accessing enchanted places or dispel the adverse charm. Harmful magical realms such as Hell can also hinder how often she can speak her spells and can cause her great physical damage. Pupaphobia (Formerly): Zatanna used to have an intense fear of puppets rooted from a traumatic event in her childhood. Mere sight of a puppet could cause her to become nauseous or make her lose her focus. She seems to have overcome this phobia after a therapy session.

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