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ɴᴇᴡ ғᴀᴄᴇ, ᴡʜᴏ ᴅɪs?

01/15/2022 01:41 PM 

Drabble #1

  "Seven foot frame, rats along his back,when he calls your name, it all fades to black."  || Part 1. BECOMING the CHAMELEON || Every doorknob turns the same. Whether plated in the shine of gold, or polished bronze, the expectation was the same. Open a door and introduce yourself to the reflection of your own desires and personality and allow the world to see and judge you for them. The powers that had come before had been so predictable. Even as a child, Camilo could guess how the oh-so-perfect prima would have opened her door to the world's interpretation of natural beauty and perfection. His own sister's gift wasn't as predictable, but it wasn't surprising, either. Gossip had become the way of word around town. Then to be followed up by Luisa's strength? Each of the others in his generation were so defined in their abilities and what was expected of them. They were welcomed into the family and into the world that admired and pleaded for their help or assistance. The idea that someone might not get an ability never even entered his mind. It was the fear of being something that no one could use that plagued his young, impressionable thoughts. It was the fear that everyone would see the reflection of who he was when he turned that doorknob and they'd be disappointed in the kind of person he'd become. He feared, because he didn't know who he was yet and it could go either way.His defining trait as a child was to joke around and act out only to be scolded by his father or hushed by his sister and mother. Would his gift just be a joke?So, maybe it was his desire to fit in with the others for this singular moment that drove his ability into existing. Desiring just to be anyone else so that his reflection wouldn't disappoint the people who meant so much to him. The doorknob glowed gold that night and for the first time that entire night, he felt no fear. There was a welcoming feeling as if the magic had embraced and accepted him for who he was, but it was his father's arms he'd physically felt embrace him in premature congratulatory praise. If the magic hadn't boosted his courage, his father's confidence was contagious enough to work. But just as the fear shrank, everything else felt a little smaller, too. Camilo's hand would fall from the doorknob once the door had been freed from the frame and opened on its own. In the moment he'd connected with his father, he'd felt different and the attending audience had fallen silent. He turned from his door, his attention falling onto the man standing before him at equal height, and shifting that attention onto the crowd down the flow of stairs as they began to applaud. What had he done?His father's continuous praises brought Camilo's attention back, and it had been discovered that he'd changed form into the same person he'd thought of for comfort only moments ago. Shapeshifting. There was excitement. People seemed pleased with this turn of events. Even their Abuela smiled and delivered acceptance with her eyes. Pepa joined in beside Felix, embracing her son's new form just as he'd been able to release the form and return to normal. Part of him wished he could have held that mask up a little longer because he wasn't sure if his grin seemed genuine enough to be convincing to his parents.It wasn't that he wasn't happy to have a gift, or that this gift wouldn't be an amazing tool in his daily mischief making, ..but how was he supposed to feel to receive praise for being anyone but himself? Was this the magic's way of telling him that he wasn't useful or that his reflection wouldn't have been good enough? If the magic wanted him to hide his face behind another's, he would do so to make his family happy. However, this would only be the beginning of a growing concern within himself as he reflected on his self worth as a Madrigal."Yeah, he sees your dreamsand feasts on your screams."

ᴅᴀʏᴄᴀʀᴇ ᴀᴛᴛᴇɴᴅᴇɴᴛ

01/15/2022 11:51 PM 

Links to Fan Art Creators

There isn't much canon pics of Sunrise and Moondrop so I fall heavily on fan art as do many, I have fan art in my layout so I thought I'd link the artists ^-^FnaffleFlaffle.SkeleSani.Mossys.Rockabillybun.Xiwk


01/14/2022 08:28 PM 


1: I prefer to discuss than wing it unless your profile say random starters allowed.2: Don't like the reply or my starter? Tell me before you even delete me, I'm willing to do better than just be out in the dark.3: If I don't reply back within a week or so, let me know in a message. I'll do the same thing to you if you haven't replied back either.4: I'm not good with details in role playing so if you're expecting a good amount, I'm not that kind of roleplayer.


01/14/2022 12:05 PM 

Roleplay details

  Characters : I do have OC’s but I’ve not mentioned them on my profile. I’d be more than happy to send you a list or their respective character sheets when we discuss a roleplay. Please do ask me if you’re curious. All my characters are bisexual so I do m×f and f×f.    Genres and theme settings : Romance, action, fantasy, drama, thriller, gore, and horror. These are my favorite genres. I also like slice of life and casual settings as well. I am open to all genres so please feel free to let me know about your interests. I really enjoy romance roleplays, where as the story progresses our characters fall in love and build a relationship together. Slow pace romantic development is my absolute favorite.   Response time : I have a busy schedule outside this site that I sadly have to tend to and also I acknowledge that there is a time difference between most of us so I just ask for ya to be a little bit patient with me and I will do the same in return.    Limits : Dark themes are more than welcome. I consider myself pretty flexible so please don't be shy to tell me about your ideas. If I'm not comfortable I will be honest with you and I would expect the same from you. Yes I do s m u t but I only will roleplay with peeps who are : 18 or above 18. Also would very much like the story to have a bit more plot to go on than smut. If our characters are just boinking all the time that would be boring now wouldn’t it ?    Grammar : I understand that we all make mistakes and grammatical errors, I'm not a stickler. I just need it to be understandable. Please no usage of text lingo in the RP. I always roleplay in the third person.   Response length : I like to put in a lot of detail so my usual length is two to three paragraphs.I can also always adjust my length according to your needs, I don’t mind if you would prefer it to be longer or shorter. I don’t do one-liners since there isn’t enough input for me in those to respond to. So the maximum I ask for is four lines at least so I can give you a satisfactory response.   Communication :  Just be straightforward and honest with me please. If there is anything you’d like to change or if there is any room for improvement in the roleplay then I would appreciate it a lot.    Thank you for taking the time to read this :3 


01/14/2022 11:08 PM 

Character info

Namer: Bennett HarperAge: Role Play DependentGender: MaleOrientation: Love is loveStatus: HereHair Color: BlackEye Color: BlueThe Good: Kind and gentle to a fault. Generally wants to be helpful and feel useful to everyone he meets even if it is detrimental to himself. He wants to believe there is good in everyone. Tries his hardest at everything he does.The Bad: Is commonly blunt and pointed. Has a hard time expressing himself and generally doesn't know how to. Prone to outbursts. Looks meaner then he actually is. Will put himself last in everything.The ugly: Smoking as a vice.Special Talents/ Gifts: Can see/ sense the pain of others. Be it physical inury, illness, or mental.General Info:Bennett is kind and giving person, something that commonly would be wonderful if he also had more or the social graces to accompany that. His sharp and sometimes uninviting default look has made many avoid him before knowing him, add in that he is more to the point and blunt not knowing how to use nuanced or even a gentle approach to what he says and he can be quick to anger and just as quick to calm... Those all combine for him to further be labeled as someone most avoid being around. This repeat cycle has led to Bennett becoming more silent and afraid of speaking as he feels it just ends badly for him always.His past is unknown to all but him, and he refuses to speak on it. The only guess any may have is that it's not pleasant as he seems to have been on his own for quite a long time, never speaks of family, being near numb to pain, and all around it seems he trys to forget and abandon everything about his past.With those aside Bennett is more a gentle person, and he was gifted with the ability to sense or see others ailments and pains. From knowing that an injury is hidden to knowing someone is currently hurting emotionally he can sense it. This has led to him trying his best to help others, knowing many a medical techniques he can learn, using himself as a wall to prevent harm to others, or simply being there so that a lonely heart knows that they aren't alone. This not without fault, he seeks helping and mending others so much he has all but forgotten and some might even say abandoned himself. He never considers what anything may do to him or how it may make him feel. This has led to him adding smoking as a bad habit to his life, something that let's him close his eyes and take a breath and break while also letting him stare into the smoke watching the whisps dance and fade to create a moment where the world is peaceful.

Black Fangs of Mondstadt

01/13/2022 12:56 PM 

House Vánagandr

Basic Background  - House Vánagandr is one of the prominent families in Mondstadt, alongside House Ragnvindr , House Gunnhildr, House Imunlaukr and formerly, House Lawrence. Its name is derived from the Vánagandr of the Shadows, who participated in Vennessa's rebellion one thousand years ago. Alongside the Gunnhildr and Ragnvindr, it is one of the known noble families that were not exiled from Mondstadt following the fall of the aristocracy. House Vánagandr is extremely wealthy. On the surface, House Vánagandr is a respected family that possesses the best medical knowledge and technology in the entire region. It's well known that they use their superior curative methods to earn themselves great favor of the people of Mondstadt. It's hidden from the public eye, however, that the Vánagandr clan is a group of assassins that carries out assassination orders to remove those who become a liability for the country. The Vánagandr domain is hidden somewhere in Dragonspine. Despite the harsh environment, it is still highly self-sufficient in food and resources. History - Vánagandr, whom the Clan would later be named after, served as the Duke of the region during the aristocratic period. After the Lawrence Clan and many other noble houses grew corrupt, Duke Vánagandr attempted to reform the Aristocracy as he knew civil war or rebellion would be inevitable otherwise. Unable to ignore the suffering of his people, and bound to his own Noblesse Oblige, the Duke relinquished his noble title and took up arms with Vennessa when she raised the flag of rebellion. He was tasked with the "dirty" jobs of the Rebellion. After the aristocracy was defeated and the offending noble houses exiled, Vánagandr put away his blade and began to research the medical field as he believed "Now that the blood of the corrupt have been purged from this land, it's OUR job to tend to the 'wounds' of the people."Trivia• Vánagandr have been known for observing many fields of study to further their understanding of medicinal science.


01/12/2022 05:12 PM 


BIRTH NAME | NyxSPECIES | GoddessGENDER | FemaleSEXUALITY | BisexualAGE | Over 5,000DATE OF BIRTH | UnknownEDUCATION | NoneOCCUPATION | Is the night skyHEIGHT | 7'5WEIGHT | 95TATTOOS | nonePIERCINGS | noneLIKES | musicDISLIKES | certain humans


01/12/2022 05:10 PM 

OC #7 - Jaemin

BIRTH NAME | Park JaeminSPECIES | Bunny-shifter GENDER | Male SEXUALITY | AsexualAGE | 19DATE OF BIRTH | Dec 31stEDUCATION | Highschool gradOCCUPATION | IdolHEIGHT | 5'9WEIGHT | 125TATTOOS | nonePIERCINGS | noneLIKES | having funDISLIKES | rude peopleASTROLOGICAL SIGN | CapricornHABITS | always has to move


01/12/2022 05:08 PM 

OC #6 - Hate chan

BIRTH NAME | Yumiko KamuraNICKNAME | Hate-chanSPECIES | Human GENDER | Female SEXUALITY | AromanticAGE | 20DATE OF BIRTH | July 29thEDUCATION | College gradOCCUPATION | manga illistrator HEIGHT | 5'4WEIGHT | 115TATTOOS | A few tiny onesPIERCINGS | earsLIKES | Barely AnythingDISLIKES | EverythingASTROLOGICAL SIGN | LeoHABITS | keeps silent 


01/12/2022 05:05 PM 

OC #5 - Seung

BIRTH NAME | Seung OhSPECIES | Fallen Angel GENDER | MaleSEXUALITY | BisexualAGE | 3,000DATE OF BIRTH | Spet 17thEDUCATION | NoneOCCUPATION | NoneHEIGHT | 6'1WEIGHT | 180TATTOOS | crosses around wristsPIERCINGS | earsLIKES | sex, drugs, beachesDISLIKES | responsibilityASTROLOGICAL SIGN | LibraHABITS | None?


01/12/2022 05:02 PM 

OC #4 - Cassidy

BIRTH NAME | Cassidy LangSPECIES | HumanGENDER | FemaleSEXUALITY | StraightAGE | 19DATE OF BIRTH | Jan 27thEDUCATION | College studentOCCUPATION | InternHEIGHT | 5'5WEIGHT | 124TATTOOS | A heart on left wristPIERCINGS | earsLIKES | cuddles, drawing, musicDISLIKES | BulliesASTROLOGICAL SIGN | AquariusHABITS | Talking to demons


01/12/2022 04:58 PM 

OC #3 - Xiao

BIRTH NAME | Xiao YangSPECIES | Zombie GENDER | Male SEXUALITY | BisexualAGE | 25DATE OF BIRTH | June 22ndEDUCATION | Highschool dropoutOCCUPATION | used to be a copHEIGHT | 5'11WEIGHT | 131TATTOOS | nonePIERCINGS | ears, noseLIKES | foodDISLIKES | anyone who takes his foodASTROLOGICAL SIGN | CancerHABITS | Eek! That Would ruin the surprise!! 


01/12/2022 04:51 PM 

OC #2 - Azyla

BIRTH NAME | AzylaSPECIES | ElfGENDER | FemaleSEXUALITY | PansexualAGE | 397DATE OF BIRTH | April 14th EDUCATION | NoneOCCUPATION | NoneHEIGHT | 5'4WEIGHT | 106TATTOOS | NonePIERCINGS | NoneLIKES | nature, ponds, animalsDISLIKES | HuntersASTROLOGICAL SIGN | AriesHABITS | How about you find out?


01/12/2022 04:49 PM 

OC #1 - Zion

BIRTH NAME | Zion LambertSPECIES | Demon - Incubus GENDER | Demi-boy / Femboy SEXUALITY | GayAGE | 21DATE OF BIRTH | Oct 31EDUCATION | NoneOCCUPATION | Exotic DancerHEIGHT | 5'2WEIGHT | 112TATTOOS | A few gothic ones on legs and armsPIERCINGS | ears, nose, lipLIKES | Sex, Dancing, PartiesDISLIKES | Barely AnythingASTROLOGICAL SIGN | ScorpioHABITS | Singing songs even without earbuds in

ᴹᵒᵐᵐʸ ᴰᵉᵃʳᵉˢᵗ

01/12/2022 04:51 PM 

Milka's RP Rules

1.) Please do not rush me on replies, if your patient with me, I will be patient with you.2.) Please do not send flirty greetings or random starters, I will not respond to them.3.) Please do not send one-liner or lazy replies during our RP.4.) Please do not attempt to ship with my muse if you are a pure smut account or mcrp account.5.) Please do not bring drama to my profile, I will just block you, period.6.) Please do not become a number on my friends list, make an effort to communicate.7.) This isn't really a rule, but I wanted to make it know of the verses I will not RP with-- Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, My Hero Academia. The reason being is that I am not interested in those verses, nothing terrible.

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