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01/11/2022 08:56 PM 

It Never Let Him Go

Countless days had passed since anyone had last heard from the Scions. Though it made sense, there wasn’t much going on anymore. The lack of Primal activity certainly was a relief for many. However… there was something picking at Alphinaud… causing him to venture back into the Coils of Bahamut. Perhaps something was amiss for him? who knew.It was clear he had something eating at him, yet he told no one about his venture. It was only an hour after his departure, that Tataru had notice he was the only Scion missing. A mild panic, she gathers round the others and expresses her worry over their missing comrade. For Alphinaud not to say a word, was very unusual for him.Deep within the Coils, where the Allagan device itself was shut down, Alphinaud poured over the information… even after Bahamut’s recreation was halted, he felt there was more. Didn’t the Aether released return to the land upon his demise? though it had… there was a lingering sentinel. He felt a gaze upon him… an entity approaching him… he slowly turns around as not to seem threatening, yet he lets out quite the scream, his Linkpearl relaying the panicked cry as he neglected to silence it. No more had come through the Linkpearl… highly concerning Tataru as she looks to the other Scions.

FFXIV, Alphinaud, RP, RolePlay, Final Fantasy XIV, Alphinaud Leveilleur, Short Stories

ᵂᴬᴸᴷᴵᴺᴳ ᴬᴿˢᴱᴺᴬᴸ

01/11/2022 05:50 PM 


I. I don't mix RP and RL, so if you have issues with someone RL, kindly keep it to yourself, thanks.II. I don't diddle little kids, so please no shota/lolli con. I don't interaxct with Furries or Women "Packing Extra".III. Grammar and proper punctuation are a must. If you were taught in school the importance of grammar and punctuation, then congrats, use it. IV. I write my way, You write your way; there's no wrong way to write, however GodModding and attempting to control my character  is prohibited and will get you blocked. V. I've been writing Lady since the third Game came out, So a rather long time. I know what I am doing with my portrayal, I know what Crossovers she can fit into and I know what my capabilities are.VI. I have a life outside of RP, if you cannot accept that, kindly leave my page. I'm a busy huntress  with a family to take care of and a relationship; so if I feel like someone is trying to meddle in my life and my relationship then I will cut them off.VII. Lady is taken in RP, please don't come to me asking for s m u t, you won't get anywhere besides the block button.VIII. I don't like picking sides in RP cliques or drama as  people really over-estimate how important they are in the greater scheme of things. Nobody runs a verse , nobody owns a verse , sit down, shut  up , stay in your  lane and mind your own business. If you can't do that, kindly leave my page. IX. If I block you, it's because I'm not interested in your character or interacting with you. It's got nothing to do with your personal drama or getting under your skin, I'm just not interested in interacting with you or your character, nothing personal.X. I am not here for popularity, or because there are "other" Lady writers on the site. I'm not the same person in the DMc community, I am just me and  I'm here strictly to write so please, shut up with your idiotic accusations, keep them to yourself. 

𝐅𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐟.

01/11/2022 02:22 PM 

Supporting & Antagonizing Cast

>>Detailed below are characters I whipped up to either act as little side-characters or antagonists in stories that I write with Basil. Figured it would be an interesting way to flesh out some dynamics and Basil's interpersonal relations.  Drake Pendragon (Rival) Regional Origin Johto (Blackthorn City) Pokémon Team Tyrantrum* Dragonite Kingdra Salamence Garchomp Kommo-o Background Born in Blackthorn City as a member of the Dragon Clan, Drake had high expectations thrust upon him early into his life. As a youngster, the status of his family kept most children at arm's length, making Drake hesitant to reach out while leading him towards an introverted personality. However, this likewise pushed him towards classmate Basil Poplar, who had trouble socializing with others. The two hit it off and became fast friends when they discovered a common love for Pokémon. While the two shared a common dream of becoming Pokémon researchers, things unfortunately split the two friends apart when they each turned 10 years old. Basil had declared that he would be continuing his education to become a Pokémon Professor, and while Drake wanted to join him, he felt that he couldn't. Being raised in wealth and comfort, he felt obligated to follow through with the wishes of his family and become a Dragon-type specialist. Not even given the option to branch out with other Pokémon types, Drake felt forced into his role in life and became embittered. Out of spite and jealousy of Basil being given a Normal-type Pokémon against tradition, Drake swore to become the strongest Dragon master in the world and show him that strength is all that mattered about a Pokémon. On his 10th birthday, as custom in the Dragon Clan dictated, Drake chose a Pokémon Egg from a secret cavern on the property. Each was to be the egg of a Dragon-type Pokémon, but was left a mystery as to which Pokémon belonged to which egg, and it was believed that the egg would only hatch when the Trainer was ready, and would be a symbol of the type of Trainer they would become. Kept pitch-black, a prayer is said at the shrine to Reshiram and Zekrom before the clansman enters. After the ceremony was complete, the Trainer would be sent out into the world to fend for themselves until their egg hatched. When Drake's egg hatched, a shiny blue Tyrunt emerged. When the Dragon Clan heard of this, the elders blessed and praised this as an auspicious sign. It earned him the epithet of "Pendragon". Thereafter, Drake began a quest to challenge the Johto League, then Kanto, and onwards to any region with an established competition for Pokémon Battles. He became famous throughout the world for these consecutive, obsessive victories. When he caught word of Basil through the grapevine, Drake would then visit whatever region Basil was in to challenge him to a battle and take on any competition that region had to offer. He did this as an effort to crush Basil's hopes and aspirations to become a Pokémon Professor and instead become a Trainer. Though once he heard that Basil had become Professor Poplar, Drake has seemingly vanished from the public eye. By the time Basil earned his Professorship, Drake had bested the Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Kalos, and Unova. It's rumored that after a canceled trip to Sinnoh, Drake has instead gone to Alola while away from the public. Personality As a child, Drake was cautious around strangers and very quiet in public. As a member of the Dragon Clan, he was expected to behave in a civilized manner. Though he deeply cherished his friendship with Basil and could become outgoing when the two were alone. The two would spend their days pretending to study wild Pokémon near Blackthorn City while playing along the nearby Route 45. As his 10th birthday neared, Drake became more and more agitated. Feeling that he had no other option but to follow his clan's wishes, he felt forced to abandon his own dreams and desires for them. It eventually drove a wedge between he and Basil when Basil was given the blessing from the Poplar family to pursue his aspirations. As an adult, Drake is competitive, cynical, proud, and spiteful. While his performance and standoffish attitude has garnered him a large following of transregional fans, it makes it very difficult for him to form friendships with people or Pokémon. Every stride he makes towards success is often meant to spite either his clan or Basil. Little to no money is given back to his family and is instead used to finance his trips around the globe and furnish a comfortable lifestyle alone. He constantly claims that strength is the best and primary factor that a Pokémon can have, and rarely challenges anyone he believes to be below himself. Drake believes that not everyone can acompish their dreams, and those that do will rarely find happiness from it. All the above being said, Drake deeply cherishes each of his Pokémon, regardless of their shortcomings. The hypocritical words spewed in public are meant to bring others down to his level and give up their dreams. Etymology, Symbolism, & Other Notes "Drake": traces to an Old English byname, as well as an Old Norse cognate, both of which are derived from the Latin "draco", meaning "snake" or "monster". It is also what many fire-breathing dragons were referred to as in Medieval European folklore and myth. "Pendragon": the epithet of King Arther's father, Uther, and later the epithet of King Arthur himself. Literally translates to "Head dragon" or "dragon's head". Also appears in Medieval Welsh mythology as "Chief warrior". I had originally considered giving characters from Kanto and Johto Japanese names, but as many characters from the original games receive localized names in each country's respective release, I decided to keep the English names for people of that region while maintaining a thematic/symbolic naming. As a side note, if I were to give them proper Japanese names, I'd call Basil "Kusakabe" (meaning "herbs" and "stomach lining") and I'd call Drake "Ryutaro" (meaning "Son of the big dragon"). Jack Colden (Antagonist) Regional Origin Galar (Circhester) Pokémon Team Ninetales (Alolan) Glalie Froslass Glaceon Vanilluxe Aurorus Background Born to the icy areas of northern Galar, Jack grew up adjusted to the cold climes and living in relative harmony with the Pokémon of the area. However, when he began his Pokémon journey, he saw how disgusting and polluting other places could be...namely in Motostoke. Jack couldn't see the balance or harmony with Pokémon in an environment like that, and only saw the domination of humans. Jack continued on for a short while longer with his Gym Challenge up until the reveal of Chairman Rose's failed attempt at utilizing Dynamax Energy as a renewable energy resource. At that point, Jack decided to take matters into his own hands to reduce the raw amount of heat expelled into the world by utilizing Dynamax Energy and his own Ice-type Pokémon to offset the greenhouse. Personality Etymology, Symbolism, & Other Notes "Jack": a very common, if not the most common, given name for boys in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia in recent years. Its origins are debated in many theories, as the name is very old. In this instance, "Jack" is a reference to the spritish character of Jack Frost, a personification of frost, ice, snow, sleet, winter, and freezing cold. "Colden": a regional name from a place in West Yorkshire named "Colden". Derived from the Old English words "cal" (cold)/"col" (charcol) and "denu" (valley). Also known as a variant of "Cowden". In our usage, it is also meant to be wordplay, combining "Cold" and "Den" to reference the Pokémon Dens that are commonplace in Galar. Sherry Crispin (Support) Regional Origin Galar (Turffield) Pokémon Team Appletun Lickitung Scizor Tentacruel Victreebel Arbok Background Personality Etymology, Symbolism, & Other Notes "Sherry": a name with both American and French origins. Its American meaning is "from the white meadow", while the French comes from "cherie", meaning "darling" or "dear one". Sherry is also the name of a type of wine made from white grapes. ​​​​​​​I primarily chose this name in referrence to the wine to compliment her role as Basil's assistant. "Crispin": a surname from the Middle English/Old French personal name Crispin and the Latin family name of Crispinus, derived from the Latin "crispus", meaning "curly-haired". This name was very popular in Middle Ages France, as it was the name of a martyred saint. ​​​​​​​While it ties together Sherry's ancestory, this was also used as a pun regarding her starting Pokémon Applin and the apple fruit. A good apple is often defined as being "crisp", after all. Akahi Bishop (Antagonist) Regional Origin ​​​​​​​Alola (Hau'oli City) Pokémon Team ​​​​​​​Malamar Duraludon​​​​​​​ Sableye Honchkrow Bisharp Raticate (Alolan) Background Personality Etymology, Symbolism, & Other Notes ​​​​​​​"Akahi": derived from the Hawaiian idiom of the "'akahi akahi", meaning "inexperienced", or "novice/beginner". Also in referrence to 'Akahi, a high chiefess and landholder of the Kingdom of Hawaii who was related to the House of Kamehameha. "Bishop": stemmed from the Greek word "episkopos", meaning "overseer". Also in reference to Bernice Pauahi Bishop, a relative of the formerly-mentioned 'Akahi who inherited 'Akahi's land, eventually becoming an estate which now funds the Kamehameha Schools. Levi Rodrigez (Under Construction) Regional Origin ​​​​​​​Orre (Pyrite Town) Pokémon Team ​​​​​​​Krookodile Sandaconda Flygon Hippowdon Cacturne Palossand Background Personality Etymology, Symbolism, & Other Notes ​​​​​​​"Levi": a popular given/first name in the state of Arizona with Biblical roots, signifying a unification or founding. "Rodriguez": a Spanish surname with Germanic roots. The original Germanic ("hrodric") translates to "renown power" or "famous power". The modern name translates to "son of Rodrigo", which can be further broken down into two similar meanings: "descendant of famous power" or "descendant of powerful ruler". Adam Smith (Support) Regional Origin ​​​​​​​Kanto (Celadon City) Pokémon Team ​​​​​​​Porygon Castform Golett Claydol Voltorb Background Personality Etymology, Symbolism, & Other Notes "Adam": derived from a Hebrew name meaning "Son of the red Earth". "Smith": the name refers to a smith, having origins with blacksmiths in the Old English terms. ​​​​​​​These names were chosen in association to Adam's primary research, being artificial and man-made Pokémon. In mythology, Adam was the first man created, and blacksmiths are known for creating metalworks. Pretty simple, but not everything needs to be grandiose. As mentioned with Basil and Drake, I kept the name in English as a way of replicating the localization process Nintendo produces. Though for those curious, Adam's Japanese name would be "Syūto" (meaning "cultivate" and "benevolence"). Clementine Gardener (Support) Regional Origin ​​​​​​​Johto (New Bark Town) Pokémon Team ​​​​​​​Meganium Butterfree Blissey​​​​​​ Starmie Gengar Marowak Background Personality Etymology, Symbolism, & Other Notes "Clementine": an English name meaning "to be gentle". From its Latin and French origins, "Clementine" meant "merciful" or "mild". ​​​​​​​In this instance, it is to refer to the fruit of the same name in ironic contrast to the definition. "Gardener": an English occupational surname for someone who was a gardener. ​​​​​​​As mentioned with Basil, Drake, and Adam, I kept the name in English as a way of replicating the localization process Nintendo produces. Though for those curious, Clementine's Japanese name would be "Jisshi", using the characters for "fruit" (実) and "child" (子), but meaning "real child".

𝕯𝖊𝖒𝖔𝖓 𝕭𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍

01/11/2022 01:35 PM 


I. I don't mix RP and RL, so if you have issues with someone RL, kindly keep it to yourself, thanks.II. I don't diddle little kids, so please no shota/lolli con. I don't interaxct with Furries or Women "Packing Extra".III. Grammar and proper punctuation are a must. If you were taught in school the importance of grammar and punctuation, then congrats, use it. IV. I write my way, You write your way; there's no wrong way to write, however GodModding and attempting to control my character  is prohibited and will get you blocked. V. I've been writing Trish since the first Game came out, So a rather long time. I know what I am doing with my portrayal, I know what Crossovers she can fit into and I know what my capabilities are.VI. I have a life outside of RP, if you cannot accept that, kindly leave my page. I'm a busy demon with a family to take care of and a relationship; so if I feel like someone is trying to meddle in my life and my relationship then I will cut them off.VII. Trish is taken in RP, please don't come to me asking for s m u t, you won't get anywhere besides the block button.VIII. I don't like picking sides in RP cliques or drama as  people really over-estimate how important they are in the greater scheme of things. Nobody runs a verse , nobody owns a verse , sit down, shut  up , stay in your  lane and mind your own business. If you can't do that, kindly leave my page. IX. If I block you, it's because I'm not interested in your character or interacting with you. It's got nothing to do with your personal drama or getting under your skin, I'm just not interested in interacting with you or your character, nothing personal, kid. 


01/11/2022 12:17 PM 


Guidelines were created since 9/008 back on myspace and have proved. I wanted to show my appreciation for taking your time to go through these guidelines.   I. I unprejudiced on drama being brought through role-playing community. Please, I've asked nicely not to mix Role-play and Real. Can you keep them separated!Red Flag: Judgmental, cyberbullying, Arrogant, harassment, and no controlling my character. There will be removed without warning. Please don't judge the character I'm role-playing. I'm here for presentation, making friends, and being creative. Seriously don't have the psychic mind abilities to know you're topics. I whether have communication with me for a better understanding.  II. Becoming friends? Sure. I can be vigilant when it comes to asking for information, all of a sudden without not knowing each other. As long I don't get involved with drama; because it's none of my business. Mind my own business and mainly focus on getting to replies, edits, and doing stuff. I couldn't care less if I have someone on my list or your list has a hate issue. Currently here to get along. I'm not here for favoritism or picking sides. So, don't test my acknowledgment. I'm not here to show off.III. About my Personality: Please do not take me personally! Nice, respectful, loyal, honest, friendly, caring, understanding, and laid back. Will not tolerate bullsh*t.  I'll do my best to avoid nonsense if possible. IV. My RP skills are exalted at best, and whether not show it off as I'm trying to be respectful. It can be slothful when my days come from being unmotivated. If you are strident at me. Currently careless and will ignore you. I'd role-play 9/2008-present years.: I do Paragraphs, Multiply through Novella in Organization & Message. Crossover is welcome.  Role-play through wall statues more often. Please keep Real drama out of it! Role-play drama is acceptable. If there is a story plot you are dissatisfied with, please let me know for a re-discussion.  Greeting & Chat welcome in comments & message. I accept Rper acts like an adult and doesn't start bullsh*t.  About my Discord. Rare giving out to anyone that's going to harass or start trouble. Careful who I give my discord out. Use Discord for Rp and Chat mainly. I don't mind joining server<--just careful who I join.V. About Edits & Layout: Yes, I do edit and layout for a close relative. VI. Here is some genre list that I'm here for: Adventure, Action, Thrilling/Suspense, Slice of Life, RP Drama, Horror, Creepypasta, Fantasy, Video Game, Spar/Fighting, Anime. Not Interest is Romance, Smut.  VII. I do have a LIFE! Being online 24/7 isn't going to happen all the time. Please understand I have responsibilities outside. Occasionally try to be online ASAP for your replies. Do not RUSH ME. I do respect everyone's absent delays, please do the same for me. VIII. My Where about: Retirement can occur if dealing with circumstances outside, etc. Return when life settles down. Going on a hiatus for the emergency, only give out a small brief notification when I return. IX. Thrilling presentation such as battle. If so, those performances are welcome through statues, messages, and organizations. Otherwise, there will not be any tolerated god mods, auto hits, etc. X. About the Relationship: Currently not interested rl relationship statuses. If you try to confect me to do smut, Rp date, or flirtation will be removed. I'm laid back, here for friends and rp fun. No hitting and flirting.XI. Grammar is a Must: Insist you using grammar & literate. Understand when it comes down to making an error typo. Do your best. Don't accept perfectionism. You all are here to have fun. I'll do my best. I'm dissatisfied with unnecessary grammar. XII. Joining Organization: Concerned about whom I'm joining, exceptionally when it comes to those that expect you to know when there are no rules. For now, I will be asking, which is none of my concern but to avoid any situation. XIII. I've known by Role-play Code Conduct used to be in a group way back on Myspace. I know the valuable meaning of RP. I know the limits of what I'm allowed and can't do. Therefore, please don't treat me like I don't understand. 


01/10/2022 06:59 PM 


1. I am not always on, I will occasionally take breaks for a few days.2. Paragraph minimum for replies.3. You add, you message first.4. Odds of being accepted are reduced if your profile is private or blank. 


01/10/2022 09:07 PM 

High School HiJINX (New AU Sample!)

“Great run, Jinx!”“Congrats on another win, Jinx!”“Did Noxus High really think they were gonna beat our Jinx?”It was the love and admiration that fueled the ego of the bluette. Being the star of the track team for long distance running, and short distance sprint, she never went a single day without someone giving her a compliment in the halls of Piltover High School. The smile on her cherry red lips couldn’t be any wider. Despite her slender frame and her impossibly long hair she kept in duel braids, absolutely no one was faster than she was. In fact, it was only because of Jinx that the track team became one of the most talked about programs at the school. Several teachers and other faculty members had pulled her aside to praise her work and dedication, even throwing around words like Future Olympian. The idea of having one of those gold medals excited the slender nutjob, but only so she could sell it later.Of course, Powder didn’t mind that everyone called her Jinx. It fit her personality much better. Not to mention how all of her opponents suffered bad luck in loserville when she stepped up to the starting line. Or how she could command a string of unfortunate events should someone upset her in any way. The only person allowed to call her Powder was her older sister, Vi, who was a third year at the school. Jinx had just begun her first year, and she was already the talk of the school; just the way she liked it! The blue haired beauty was a bit different than the typical beauty queens of high school, but she earned her place as Queen when she started the revolution with fists to faces. Overthrowing the previous leader, Jinx picked up the crown, and everyone was too afraid to tell her she couldn’t. They followed her without question, and she definitely used her minions wisely.Walking to her usual lunch table, Jinx sat down on the hard plastic chair. Her Hello Kitty lunch box dangling off the wrist that hung at her side. Large pink hues scanned the entirety of the lunch room. Not seeing any of her usual friends yet, she decided not to wait any longer before digging into the lunch she prepared for herself that morning. It was a wonder she was an athlete at all. She didn’t eat healthy in the least. Her lunch consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich smothered in mayonnaise and sprinkled with crushed potato chips. A strawberry flavoured juice bottle to wash it down, and an apple to keep the doctor away. “Hey, Pow-Pow!” She heard the familiar voice call out from behind her. She turned around to see her older sister coming towards her. Vi didn’t have the same lunch period, but she only had to go to school for half days. Mostly because Jinx helped her with all of her homework to make her look as brainy as she was. Jinx, despite her air head responses, and bullying nature, was a genius among the peons, maintaining her 4.0 GPA with extremely low effort. She’d earned the nickname Pow-Pow when she and Vi went to an arcade when they were kids. Powder had gotten the high score, but could only enter in three letters of her name. She opted for POW, and Vi had since been affectionately calling her younger sister Pow-Pow.“Royal Vi-ness.” Jinx rolled her tongue on the ‘R,’ throwing in an accent and a bow of her head for added sarcasm. The two shared a short laugh. Since Vi was always done with her day by the time Jinx had lunch, she’d always come to hang out with her before heading home. “What’s up, buttercup?”“Hey, what’re you doing after school today? Do you have practice?” Vi asked, electing not to sit in the chair, but rather place one of her heavy boots on it like she had a little captain in her, resting both arms for balance on her knee.“Hm? No, not today. Why? Ya got somethin’ in mind?” She asked, arching one of her dark brows high. The relationship between the siblings was as strong as could be. If Jinx couldn’t handle her own problems, it was her protective older sister who stepped in to deliver the fist of the gods to shut everyone up. She promised Pow-Pow when they were kids that the city would respect them one day. How on the nose was it that once the two entered high school, they would effectively be the ones most respected and feared? Jinx preferred to be feared. There was a certain power in fear that she felt just couldn’t warm her heart from respect alone.“Cait and I were thinking about going to see that new Horrorwood movie. You wanna come? I’ll pay for your snacks!”“Yeah, that’s gonna be a no from me.” She said chuckling lightly, “I wanna be more scared by the film, not you suckin’ face with your girlfriend.” She wasn’t entirely wrong, either. Even though Vi laughed, she grabbed one of Jinx’s long braids, playfully hitting her younger sister in the face with it. The two laughed again.“Alright, Pow-Pow, I’m gonna take off. See ya for dinner?”“You bet!” She exclaimed, zipping up her now empty lunch box. She still had time before lunch was over, and she had to head to her next class. With a sigh, she leaned forward to rest both elbows on the lunch table with her face in her hands. Now she was bored. Her other friends sometimes left during the lunch period  to get food around the corner at a fast food joint. Jinx didn’t see the appeal. She sighed, wishing Vi would have stayed longer to keep her company. Then, above the loud chatter in the lunchroom, she could hear a kid getting kind of loud.Perking up, the bluette craned her neck to get a view of the situation. One of the football bros was harassing one of the cheerleaders. Normally, Jinx wouldn’t have even paid it any attention since it didn’t concern her. However, the cheerleader in question? Seraphine? That girl was just a damn cinnamon roll. Alright, Jinx thought with a heavy sigh, guess it’s time to step up.The ear piercing low screech echoed through the cafeteria as she pushed herself away from the table in her chair. Standing up, she made sure her goth-style boots were tied. Walking right up to the jock in question, the tiny bluette tapped him on the shoulder. He didn’t even bother to turn to face her. Instead, he was much more comfortable harassing Sera to even notice Jinx was there. That was mistake number two.“Ahem, d*ck-head.” Her voice was a bit raspy from trying to contain the anger welling up inside her. However, that worked. She finally got his attention. He turned, but was surprised at how far down he had to lower his head to see who had insulted him. “Yeah, yeah, I’m short, I get it. Leave the cinnamon roll alone, ‘kay?”He laughed, shrugging his shoulders. Clearly he didn’t know exactly who he was blowing off.“I said leave. Her. Alone.” Her voice was demanding. “Walk out that door, and just keep goin’. If you know what’s good for you.”And then the ballsiest of moves. He literally put a massive hand on Jinx’s head, and gave her a little shove to send her on her way. Stumbling back only a couple steps, the slender psycho could feel a murderous rage replacing the intent to just scare the jock. She retreated a sizable distance. However, the entire cafeteria was watching now. No one had ever put a hand on the track star without a trip to the ER for their prize. She broke out into a full sprint, her heavy boots clunking with each precision perfect step. Once close enough, she leapt into the air at the perfect time - the jock had spun around to see what the commotion was.As he did, two size six heavy black polished leather boots collided with his jaw. The sheer force caused him to stumble back, and fall into the hallway right outside the cafeteria’s main entrance. “Get Jinxed, bitch.”

Jaakuna and Kurai Yohei

01/09/2022 04:37 PM 

Osorai, the Horrific

Decided to do a  post on Kurai Yohei's most dangerous agent. While Jaakuna can be described as the most powerful,  the most dangerous and hax dark agent in the verse is Osorai. Osorai, the agent of fear:  Powers:Enhanced physical stats:  Super strength, Super speed,  Yin martial arts, Flight, Enhanced senses, spiritually aware(can see spirits) enhanced adaption/evolution(As a dark super agent, her body adapts and evolves after healing from damage or experiencing certain phenomenons)-illusion based shape shifting: Can alter her appearance through use of her illusions. (Often uses to slightly alter appearance and take on a persona she refers to as Sara.)-fear inducing aura: (can raise an aura, that makes people uneasy, or even imagine their own death, when close by.)-dark aura pressure: (As a dark super agent, she can use her aura on those significantly weaker then her, to be paralyzed or have difficulty standing.)-Mind Manipulation: Can manipulate all five of a person's senses, including their sense of time, if she manages to connect to said mind via spiritual energy. This can be done, via physical contact with the mind or through the blood stream or respiratory system with any weapons or gases imbued with her energy. As such the amount of people affected, is typically limited to no more then an audience. Though with preparation, she can prepare the means to induce hypnosis on a much larger planetary scale.-Phobia manipulation(can make people see, sense, and feel things that's not there in real time in the actual environment),-Complete Phobia manipulation(Can put someone in a coma-like state, where they spend weeks, months, years, or centuries enduring their worst fears, all in the span of seconds, minutes, or hours in real life. Offensive and defensive abilities:Slicing/ensnaring energy webs, energy manipulation,  time dilation field(can create field that causes time to slow within close proximity), spatial warping, rotting(ignores conventional durability), demon summoning, earth and wind manipulation abilities, ritual magic( can perform rituals for various purposes, such as suppressing and taming demons).Unleashed Night hag form (stage 1): When the powerful demon goddess of fear fused within Osorai, begins to transform her body, her power is in an entirely different dimension. Unperceivable by most mortals that operate in terms of the physical universe. All previous mentioned abilities ascend on a divine scale. Power transcends to a 6th degree of infinity.-Universe erasure: Can effortlessly erase entire infinite-sized realms and universes. -Passive Existence Erasure: A variation of  dark aura pressure, that causes most beings that are bound and operate in terms of the physical universe, to be erased just by being in her vicinity.  -Space-time Rift: Through the sheer energy of her aura alone, Osorai can create space-time rifts, ripping through the reality of a universe. Which in turn can be used in a multitude of ways, such as time travel and time manipulation. If severe enough can cause a collapse.-Night Screach: Can produce a scream of such magnitude, that can potentially shatter entire dimensions, and also induces her phobia hypnosis on a wide scale throughout entire universes. Anyone within the universe,  who hears this screech falls prey to the hypnosis, just from the sound alone. Though divine resistance can prevent falling prey to it.-Darkness Manipulation: (Upon entering the form, the entire atmosphere immediately darkens,  and goes black.)  Can manipulate darkness into various constructs, such as creating domains where all 5 senses are completely cut off. Can also solidify said darkness into attacks.-Nether Manipulation: Can control aspects of nether, (the essence that exist between life and death). This consists of attacks and manipulating weapons that would be unperceivable to most corporeal beings. This can also ignore conventional durability.Unleashed Night hag form (stage 2):All abilities are increased even further, reaching a 9th degree of infinity. Additionally she gains 9th  degree Reality Warping, which can affect multiple universes simultaneously.9th degree Reality Warping: Osorai’s ability have transcended to a point, that completely defy the logic of the universe. She can make a person’s nightmares manifest into reality, fiction into non-fiction.  She can transform and/or create entire dimensions into whatever she sees fit.-Existence Erasure, Plague inducement, Universal apocalypse inducement(can manifest her reality warping on multiple universes simultaneously), Time manipulation. Unleashed Night hag form (stage 3): (Design in progress)All previous abilities are increased to such a degree that it produces cause and affect, not only on a multiversal scale; but throughout branch timelines.   Her energy becomes unperceivable to even most gods and goddesses.  Conceptual Manipulation: As a being that is fusion of both humanity and demon god, Osorai’s true abilities have transcended and broken the boundaries of both. Meaning she can change universal fundamental principles completely and utterly. 

*Powerful *Fear *Horror *Sexy *Dominatrix *Evil *Villainess *Villain *Demon *goddess

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no human

  Hey there, little bean ! Thank you for sending a request or accepting one. I’m Soleil Moonrose. 24 years old ❀  faerie. (seelie)  Crowned Princess of Solaria ❀ ❀ sunshine child. light fairy. Paint warrior. Has an adoration for art, cooking, botany, geology, & astronomy.A product of a love affair between  the original seelie and queen, and a father whom she does not know.  Her mother was forced to give her only daughter away; — She was going to live with mundane parents. The princess did not know her heritage, that she was faerie, that she was royal, but Soleil knew she was different.💛 —— I do very much hope we can become good friends soon, build a outstanding connection together and even plot storylines.If not, happy to just have you around as well. Overall, please, take all the time you need to respond! 

~: Forever A Myth :~

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Cecilia Cordoba In Dragon Age
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Cecilia CordobaIn Dragon AgeAge - 30 YearsRank - NobleHome - FereldenRace - HumanHair - Blood RedEyes - Emerald GreenScars - Has Many, But The One That Shows The Most Is A Long Cut Over Her Left EyeOccupation - Mercenary For Hire / Ex Inquisition LeaderLove Interest - None, But Has An Ex Lover Named Commander CullenFamily - A Royal Family In FereldenFriends - Varric, Cullen, BullheadLives - Never Truly Stays In One Place, Always On The MoveLikes - Sparring, Socializing With Locals, & HuntingDislikes - Killing For No Heroic Reason, Revenge Seeking People Looking To Hire Her To Kill In Cold Blood For ThemInterests - Making Friends, Going On Adventures, Training By SparringPersonality - Cunning, Friendly, Social, Shy At Times, Loyal, & Proud Of Who She Has BecomeCecilia is one hard person to find, always being on the move it's not easy to hire her to do one's bidding. Rarely staying in one place, the best areas to see her are in Taverns/Local Innkeeps searching for her next bounty or people looking to hire a mercenary for good payment. She doesn't work for free, unless its a damn good reason that she sees as a Noble deed.(Come Find Out More About Her In A RP)


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I’m boreeeeeeeeed
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I'm soooo boreeeeed!Someone message meeeee!!!!!PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI do:-Mha-Fruits basket-Romance-Drama-Horror-Slice of life-Fantasy-Supernatural  

Bored, Rp,

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Real Life Information

Name: Will Tell you when I feel like itAge: 20s(3/1 for birthday)Gender: Female. Dun like? Then F*ck off.R.S.: Taken. Again, dun like then f*ck off.Discord: CityCutie#askmeonthisTwitch: CityCutie(tues-thurs + weekends. 1 or 3 pm EST. veriety, mostly dead by daylight)Job: maaaaaaaaaaaaybe twitch..?Mental Issues: Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger issuesS.O.: Demi-PansexualGot any questions? Pop them below. Or just say 'i understand' for the RS and the gender :/ 


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Character info. Evelyn

Evelyn is a fallen Angel by choice, stripped of her powers by God himself. As an ordinary woman she is virtually udentifiable as the angelic being that she once was having no wings and certainly no glow about her, only the highest senses might be able to single her out as divine impurity. The task she gave herself on earth, her passion was humans and their behavior, she wanted to study them closely and was willing to to become a fallen in order to get what she wanted…Evelyn has been corrupted on earth, as one woven from light now damned and stripped of God's devine bessing her deep ambition to understand people has become a sin she can't deny....

ℙ𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕔𝕖 𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕘𝕠

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>>About Waffle!<<

Full Name: Waffle Ryebread Age: 18. Height: 138 cm. (4'5" ft.) Weight: 28.5 kg (63lb) Gender: Male Race: Caninu (イヌヒト inuhito), also referred to as Dog-People.   -APPEARANCE-   Waffle has a somewhat thin build, his fur is all a bright cream color and his hair a shade of amber. His ears are pointed and his tail is fluffy & curled. Usually he wears a police uniform (with the hat backwards), unless he has the day off, in which he usually just walks around in pajamas.    -PERSONALITY-   Waffle is a kind, responsible and courageous Caninu who enjoys working for the law. Despite his respectable mannerisms, he has a slight tendency to get sassy with others. He's really determined and is always willing to help out when someone needs it. He can't help but come off as a little dense when it comes to girls.   When compared to other fellow officers, Waffle seems somewhat rebellious.   -SKILLS-   Waffle is an officer of the Prairie Police who has been assigned to looking over his hometown, and obviously he has all of the standard training of a police officer.   Not only that, but he's quite an accomplished fighter. He has defeated several of the Black Cats gang's robots and combat mechs, and even single-handedly defeated the iron giant.   Waffle, much like his father is also quite smart. Showing to be a decent mechanic, often tinkering with his Police robot. Usually for fun more than anything.

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