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03/18/2023 07:18 PM 

Axel- The Untamed Wolf

Name: Axel WolfNickname: WolfRelationship status: singleSex: maleOrientation: gayRace/species: German/WerewolfHeight: 5’11 (human), 7’5”(transformed)Weight: 160 (human), 240 (transformed)Age appearance: early to mid 20’sActual age: 250Hair color: ashy black with purple and red highlightsHair Length: shortHair style: short, spikey, choppyEye color: magenta/red (human), Red (transformed)Skin/fur color: peachy white (human), Black fur (transformed)Scars: none yetBirthmark: noneTattoos:Piercings: 3 on his right earOccupation: Wolf Tamer in carnivalPersonality: unpredictable, mood tends to be all over the place, animalistic, sometimes mean depending on mood, always high energy, loyal to a fault to those he deems worth it or has submitted to (if he can be tamed), Dangerous, vicious.Profile Song:Backstory: Not much is known about Axels past, even to him. His uncontrollable transformations as a werewolf has caused many black outs over the decades thus leaving him with fragmented memories. What he does know is he was born in Germany but left soon as a small child with his family. The next memory is the slaughter of his parents, Wolf like beasts tearing them to shreds. One got him but he was spared. The next memory is waking up 5 years later in a pool of blood, clothes shredded and gone and a pile of bodies surrounding him. Over the years he learned to control the beast inside him to an extent, the exception being on full moon nights when the beast gets the better of him.250 years later and he still searches for the ones that cursed him and slaughtered his family, all the while growing more and more angry and animal like.Now, the search continues. Only now he does not travel alone anymore, he has taken up refuge as an animal tamer in a traveling carnival. Here he trains and performs with his three Wolf pets Fang, Scar, and Shadow.Chained and restrained when needed, the ringmaster of the carnival keeps close watch over the Wolf and his transformations. After all, murder is bad for business...


03/18/2023 07:01 PM 

Zexes- The False "God"

The False “God”Full Name | ZexesPronunciation | Zexes (Ze-K-es)Nicknames | “My lord”, GodAge | Unknown due to experimentationGender | MaleSpecies | Human (Experiment)Current Residence | UnknownPHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 6’4”Weight | 190Skin | Sun-kissed, Semi-tanEyes | GoldenHair | Bright Teal with blue highlightsPiercings | NoneBody Art | Tribal design tattoos along his torso, arms, and back. Symbolizing his god like status in his mindExtras | N/AAttire | He dresses differently than most people. Being in a lab and all. He tends to wear more roble like attire, flowy, comfortable, soft. Desert royalty like attirePersonality |Traits | Sadistic, egotistical, “God-Complex,” Power hungry. Can be calm when he has what he wants. CockyHabits | Draining power from everything to increase his own, being lazy and letting others do everything for him. Has a bit a of a temper and a destructive streak with itLikes | People serving him, power, energy, controlDislikes | Not being in control, People talking back to him, being drained, isolation (no energy when isolated)RELATIONSHIP |Orientation | Gay (Seme)Marital Status | SinglePosition | TopTurn-Ons | Anything and everything bondage and slave related. He likes for those around him to serve him in any way, shape or form.Turn Offs | Dominance in others, back talk in excess, Downright defiance (he may just kill you)Fetishes | BDSM, pet play, slave & master, dominationPowers/Abilities | WARNING: Has almost God like tendencies due to what his powers are. Energy Manipulation, absorption, and storage. Zexes can manipulate the energy particles around him and within other people therefore making him capable of absorbing his enemy’s energy and turning it back against them. He is also able to store the energy and use it to increase his strength and speed, the more energy he absorbs the stronger and faster he is. Passively his body is naturally always slowly absorbing the energy around him, but he is able to focus it more intensely and at his own regulation. That energy can be focused back at his enemies in various ways such as a blast or ray or explosion or bigger.Background Story |Zexes is an experiment created in a private military corporation lab as one of the ultimate weapons. He has been conditioned from the start to believe he is unstoppable and so far, that has proven to be true. He is used by his creators, The Foundation, to hunt down failed experiments deemed too dangerous for normal agents to go and collect as well as targets deemed too dangerous for normal military intervention. Zexes is dispatched to destroy large targets as well as other super humans that may be employed by other military or competing corporations. So far, he has proven to be unstoppable, having never failed to bring in or down a target. Because of his treatment and duties, he has developed a “God-Complex” in which he thinks of himself as above and superior to all other beings. His personality reflects this complex in a massive way.Now, as a living weapon deemed too dangerous to be allowed in normal society, the man is kept under lockdown at one of the secret Foundation facilities. Locked away in a cell for a decade now, sealed in a room that allows no levels of energy in and out, he has been kept docile. Through this time his anger and hatred for humanity has only grown and gotten stronger. He spends his days now locked away in his cell, biding his time for the day his opportunity presents itself for his escape… 


03/18/2023 06:54 PM 

Rion- The Wild Rebel

The Wild RebelFull Name | Rion StromePronunciation | RI-onNicknames | None yet but why don’t you give me one cutie?Age | 26 yearsGender | MaleSpecies | HumanCurrent Residence | No where, a bit of a drifterPHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 6'1"Weight | 190 lbsSkin | WhiteEyes | GreenHair | Pink, wildPiercings | 2 on the lip, eyebrow (left), 3 on the ear, gauges.Body Art | Tattoo on his neck and his armExtras | Update soon...Attire | Jeans, tank tops, comfy, revealing sh*tPowers/Abilities | Besides being trained how to box and fight on the streets Rion is human and has no other powers but is open to anything that comes his wayPersonalityTraits | Rion is loud, in your face, fun loving and always down to have a good time. He also has a rather nasty and quick temper.Habits | Smokes alot and curses alotLikes | Smoking, Music, Having a damn good time, Chillin.Dislikes | Drama, being around drama, Stupid peopleRELATIONSHIPOrientation | GayMen OnlyMarital Status | Single and always lookingPosition | Goes back and forth on positionTurn-Ons | F***ing while getting high, Bondage of all types, being restrainedTurn Offs | People who can’t take the pain, feetFetishes | Leather, leather and more leather. Chains, you wanna try it? I am down baby.Background StoryRion was born to an alcoholic abusive father and a mother who did her best for her and her son to survive. Growing up he had the crap kicked out of him and listened to his parents constantly fighting and arguing. At the age of 14 Rion’s abusive and alcoholic father, who he learned later had cheated on his mom and had another kid years back, left him and his mom. From there it was all down-hill, his mother fell into a deep depression and stopped taking care of herself and her child and Rion was left to fend for himself. In order for him to make sure he had the things he needed he turned to crime. Petty stuff at first like stealing and breaking and entering for little things. But that slowly faded into meeting people he shouldn’t have and falling into a deep drug addiction problem. He became the guitarist of a band and a full-blown drug addict. He will try anything and everything in the book. Flash forward a few years and the male is now one of the biggest drug dealers in the city and has started working as a gun for hire. The male has trained himself over the years to become proficient with both blade and bullet. As a side gig, and a way to have a constant supply of customers he works as a dancer at one of he biggest clubs in the city, where all of the cities crime and low-life’s come to mingle and handle business without fear of retaliation from law enforcement. Rion’s addiction has gotten worse, and he wonders the world alone, filling his blackened heart with sex and drugs in an attempt to fill the void inside of him. Underneath it all he yearns for a different life, one of purpose and meaning and one where he doesn’t have to be alone anymore. Problem is he has an issue letting anybody in close… 


03/18/2023 06:52 PM 


Saki is an animal lover. Rather mostly towards cats. Though she can end lives without feeling much at all; if she accidentally harms an animal, the guilt will eat away at her for months. Animals > Humans. Saki is almost (if found) while committing a crime, nude. To avoid the obvious mess. As a result she's become habitually airheaded into changing clothes in odd places and times. Saki becomes hair trigger enraged if she is interrupted while having dessert. Saki is heavily annoyed by people who behave as if they're friends when literally nothing has been established to do so. Randomly friendly people (genuinely sincere) throw her for a loop and cause extreme anxiety. Constantly looking for an ulterior motive even if there isn't one to the point of delusionally fabricating a reason to cope. She deals with stupid people better than most as she finds them innocent in nature; like Animals. Saki has no sense of boundaries or personal space towards others- though given her 'occupation she is hyper attentive about her own space. Will more than likely entertain any idea you have if you offer her candy or various sugary treats. The same works with kittens. (just for fun. XD ) 


03/18/2023 06:47 PM 

Alaric- The Dream Demon

Full Name | AlaricPronunciation | Ah-la-ricNicknames | None yet, He’s more for giving them then getting themAge | UnknownGender | MaleSpecies | Alp DemonCurrent Residence | Anywhere he desiresPHYSICAL APPEARANCEHeight | 6’6”Weight | 200lbs (Muscular Build)Skin | paleEyes | yellow with black slits (snake eye)Hair | Purple fading to black, Long shoulder lengthPiercings | 6 on chest: 2 in center, 2 under each collarbone, Septum, 6 on face: 3 along each cheek, 2 on either side of belly buttonBody Art | N/A (yet)Extras | Ram like horns on his headAttire | Jeans, T-shirt, boots, leather jackets, anything leather or metal, chainsPersonalityTraits | Sadistic, Malicious, Manipulative, Demanding, Destructive, Dominant, Alpha, Hot-headed and StoicHabits | Entering people’s dreams, manipulating one’s thoughts through dreamsLikes | Being in control, cigarettes, Being in people’s nightmaresDislikes | sweet, happy dreams.Powers/Abilities | Alaric is an Alp Demon, so he feeds off dreams. With being an Alpha comes feeding off nightmares as well. The more intense the dream the more satisfying the result is for the demon. Dream Walking: Ability to enter, manipulate, influence people’s dreams. Entice them to death, sex or any other deed he desires. Can Induce sleep through direct control or through enticing or power of suggestion that one may be tired. Speed, Abnormal strength, Energy Sapping (lethargy inducing from the sleep), Illusions in the form of daydreams.RELATIONSHIPOrientation | GayMarital Status | SinglePosition | SemeTurn-Ons | Using ones fears and nightmares against them, anything bondage related, the more sadistic the better for himTurn Offs | Anything vanilla, softcore, ‘lovemaking’, someone trying to dominate himFetishes | Bondage, choking, chains, whips, toys, you name it he’s into itBackground Story: Alaric was born to a tribe of demons in the underworld. A species known as the Alp demons, which feed off of and manipulate people through their dreams. While most tribes kept to themselves and only fed when needed to, Alaric’s tribe was different. Unlike most of the Alp tribes, Alaric’s used their powers to feed off peoples dreams and, in the process, helped soothe their fears and worries. Alaric was different though. From a young age he was looked down on by the tribe, he harbored a darkness, a hunger for the nightmares. The young Alp took enjoyment off of the fear and worries of other, slipping away into the human world on a nightly basis to consume the nightmares all while making him stronger. His parents, the leaders of the tribe, attempted to curb this over the years and steer their son away from the darkness but the demons appetite for fear was too great and over the years he started to resent and hate his parents. They were soft, weak in his eyes. Finally, when Alaric was older it all came to a head. His parents banned him from entering the human world and in a rage he slaughtered his father, taking the tribe for himself… or so he thought. With his father gone his mother took over and when she realized her son was too far lost, she made the toughest decision a mother could make. She banished him, along with some of the tribe members that sided with Alaric, to the human world. Never to be seen or heard of again. So, Alaric left, fled to the human world to become stronger, take back his tribe from his mother… become the alpha.Now in the human world the demon has found a place to call home. The demon and the group he took with him have taken up refuge in New York City, full of people, hustle and bustle, and an endless supply of nightmares, stress, anxiety, and fears. His group and him work at the states maximum security prison now, the place where only the worse of the worse go to ride out the rest of their sad lives. Alaric… well he works as the therapist at the prison, working with the prisoners on their fears and indiscretions, all the while feeding off of them, keeping them stuck in a perpetual loop of nightmares, Slowly he will regain all of his strength and power and return to take back what is his… 

Evan Sokudo

03/18/2023 02:33 PM 

Evan Sokudo - Post Shin'ō Academy

After Evan honed his skills with the sword way better than he had expected, did a pretty good job learning the Hado/Kido techniques, and passed his classes with flying colors. He was able to graduate in just one year with his hard work and dedication to becoming a Soul Reaper. As time went on he had a matured a lot and some people had realized that he just wasn't acting himself at all. Most people had assumed it was just his focus on his studies that made him distant, or possibly he had no interest in socializing. Either way he was left alone, and once he had left the Soul Academy he was gifted his own Zanpakuto. It's name was Idaten, and he was an interesting Zanpakuto. It was some boy that looked around his age, but more mature. He had a tail of a cheetah and the ears as well, but the rest of the fur seemed like that of an outfit. Evan was able to understand him pretty quickly, but at the time he did that was when he started to become quiet. Evan looked back at those he met while training under Yoruichi, and realized that they didn't really seem to like him at all that much. Even Yoruichi seemed happy to get rid of him, but he saw his old self in Idaten. The Zanpakuto was mature but tried so hard to fit in, and Evan was hurt by this realization that he almost felt like he didn't want Idaten in his life...but he learned to love him and forgive his past self as well as those who may have wronged him. He was just ready to finally move on from the academy and hopefully be taken up by a Squad now. He had so much potential that someone would have wanted to pick him up, but who would it be? Well...from those he had met, it was hard telling if they'd wanna see him again. He would have to wait and see who he'd belong with...



03/17/2023 05:36 PM 

Xennifer Ryker

Xennifer Ryker. Code name: Raven. ~Xennifer is a 20-year old who has already started making a name for himself in the army, and while he tends to put up a rough exterior towards others, he's really just a lovable goof-ball who spends a lot of time creating things. He loves the idea of someone to hold or be held by, and tends to get slightly grumpier if his heads been full of fantasies like it all day. ~Got the name Raven for his ability to spot shiny things fast, which helps when your a sniper and can pick off others without a glance. Also got this name for the fact he'll bring lots of shiny little objects home. Anything from coins to bullet cases have been dumped from his pockets. ~Tends to push people away despite craving affection so badly, and when someone finally makes it through his walls he still holds them at arms length, waiting for the moment they decide to leave. ~Open to any kind of relationship honestly.


03/17/2023 04:01 PM 

Juvia's rules!!

I Do Para to Novella. I will rp with detail from one paragraph to six. YOU DO NOT NEED TO MATCH ME!! I repeat You do not need to match me. You respond with what you are comfertable replying with, I will match you. I am here to enjoy and have a good time, I do not want it to feel like a chore to answer me. Since I know what I can handle I am open to what you can. <p> I am not here for romance, though it can happen! With that being said remember the character I portray. Juvia is madly in love with Gray (I will speak on this alittle later.) Therefore if not Gray, romance will be alittle more difficult to acheive with Juvia, however not impossible.In this aspect, Romance will occur by chemistry. I want a real connection, and for the romance to be apart of the storyline. Juvia will not be smutting outside of this.<p> Since the last one mentioned it; I play Juvia true to character. Down to her boarderline stalking obsession with Gray. IF YOU ARE A GRAY, and are uncomfertable with this situation, do not hesitate to telll me to have Juvia stop. Keep in mind, that she is showing this affection, and I do not expect anything out of it. In fact Gray's usual rejection is expected, even if we are shipped. After all he isn't the affectionate type.<p> Discord- I have it yes! I will share it! Heck I'll even banter and Rp on it. Keep in mind I work full-time and have a life outside of RP so I will answer as I can throughout the day. I will do my best to ensure at least two responses in a 24 hour time-frame.<p> I enjoy fight scenes, action scenes as well as adventure! I will keep things interesting and fun, IF we are shipped please do not make the entire storyline about the characters being a couple.<p> This is all I have for now. If I think of anything else I'll just add them. 

Rules, Fairy Tail , Juvia Lockser


03/17/2023 12:55 PM 

skills: As a witness

As a witness he possesed fairly simply skulls besides invulnerability and invincibility. He has been shown to have weather manipulation. Turning daylight into night and vise versa. As well as barrier generation to deflect attacks. As well as advance healing skills and foresight. 


03/16/2023 09:02 PM 

Rolento's Backstory (Part One)

It was a busy spring break in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. On April 23, 1992 there was a man, Samuel Crimson and a female, Mary Ann Zephyr.Both Samuek and Mary-Ann was in the hospital delivery room due to Mary Ann about to give birth to their baby boy. Samuel was holding her hand while praising her each time she took deep breaths and pushed. A few minutes passed and the baby boy was born in the world. They looked at the baby boy with tears and smiles on their face as the doctor asked them what would be their son's name. They decided to go with Rolento Crimson as their son's name. The couple was happy then they kissed each other on the lips softly.A few months passed since Rolento was born and he was crawling around the house. Samuel and Mary Ann was arguing about Rolento's skin tone because he thought that Mary-Ann cheeated on him the entire time. The next day, Samuel, Mary Ann and Rolento went to get a paternity test done. After some time, the results came back. The doctor that given the test read the results. The results said that Samuel was the father of Rolento. Mary Ann cried cause she couldn't believe that she was accused of cheating when she in fact loved him. Samuel hugged her and apologized to her before looking at Rolento once more. The family went home and started their lives over with their son.Rolento's childhood was perfect, he had straight A's in school and was quickly advancing through grades in school. He graduated high school at the age of 15 and received his diploma. On the night of his graduation, his mother and father was arguing due to his mother found out his father was cheating. Days later in court, Rolento's father lied to the judge about Mary Ann being abusive. The two argued over everything and in the end, the judge awarded Rolento's father custody of him. Rolento was upset and the judge really didn't give him a chance to speak on his own be half. The judge hated women so much that he rewarded Rolento to his father.When Rolento went home with his father, his father began to abuse him. His father used his fists on Rolento due to the fact that he looked mostly like his mother. The abuse happened every day up until Rolento had enough of the abuse. One night after Rolento's first week at his first job, both him and his father began fighting cause of Rolento working to save to go onto college in a few years. Samuel didn't want Rolento to have any kind of education. Truth be told, Samuel dropped out of high school in the 10th grade because he hated school and thought it was boring. After the two fought, Rolento packed his things and yelled at Samuel. The two fought once more, but this time, Rolento knocked Samuel out cold and left the house to find his mother. Years passed after finding his mother and Rolento was able to start college to go into the medical field. As he was in college one day, he got a call from the hospital saying that his mother was sick and he had to go to the hospital. Once he arrived, he went to his mother's hospital room and sat at her bedside. The two had a long talk and that's when Mary Ann revealed she have to receive surgery on her heart. Hearing the news made Rolento cry then he told his mother that she would survive. He stayed at the hospital with his mother every day until her surgery. It was the day of the surgery and he went to the Operating room with her and watched from outside of the room as they prepped Mary Ann for surgery. Hours later, the doctor came out and told Rolento that the surgery was successful. He smiled happily and waited for his mother to recover.Mary Ann woke up hours later and saw Rolento at her bedside sleeping in the chair. Hearing his mother calling out to him, he woke up and looked at her smiling. They began talking for a long time as they smiled and laughed. A few days passed and Mary Ann was discharged from the hospital. Rolento got her things and helped his mother to the car outside and smiled happily at her. Arriving home moments later, he helped her inside her home then he start to get the feeling someone was nearby. TUrning around, he saw his father, Samuel, entering the house with a gun in his hand.Both Rolento and his mother, Mary Ann looked at Samuel and the three of them started arguing. The argument got heated to the point that Samuel shot his gun and the bullet hit Rolento in the right shoulder. Mary Ann screamed and started crying seeing Rolento being hit, but oddly, Rolento didn't flinch or anything. His mother got mad and pulled out a gun hidden in the living room under the couch and pointed it at Samuel. Samuel and Mary Ann began arguing with each other once more. The argument escalated to the pooint that Mary Ann shot her gun at Samuel and the bullet his his heart. At the same time, Samuel shot his gun and the bullet Mary Ann in her head. Rolento looked at his mother and catches her body crying. He was trying to stop the bleeding by taking off his shirt then he checked her pulse. She died from the gunshot wound. Standing up, Rolento looked over at Samuel and made a fist with his left hand. Rolento started to feel a strange energy come from him so he looked down at his left hand and saw it glowing purple. Looking at his father, Rolento ran towards him to harm his father. Samuel shot the gun and hit Rolento in his left shoulder as Rolento didn't flinch once more. Looking at his father with a cold expression on his face, Rolento grabbed his father by the head using his left hand. As he started to yell, he squeezes Samuels head until the brain came out his body. Letting his father's head go, he saw his father was dead then he took a deep breath and fall to one knee.After calling 911 for medical treatment and the police to bring out the coroners to come get the bodies, Rolento took a deep breath as he was receiving treatment while talking to the police. After everything was over, he planned the funeral for his mother but had his father's body cremated. Days later, it was the day of his mother's funeral andd he was dressed nicely. Leaving the house, he got in his car and drove to the funeral. As time passed after arriving to the funeral to hear the service, he was at her grave site. He looked at his mother's casket one last time then he wiped his tears. Seeing her casket being lowered into the ground, he tried to remember the good times he had with her then he starts to smile, knowing he would see her again.

𝔾𝕣𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕆𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣

03/15/2023 01:47 PM 

Rider Class Servants

Name: MandricardoSpecies: Human, ServantGender: MaleHeight:  171cmWeight:  68kgLikes: Nothing in particularDislikes: RuggieroAlignment: True NeutralPersonality:  Mandricardo is mentally in his thirties. I’m the kind of person that has trouble going to restaurants when I remember the feeling of ordering. A young man with a part of him being a little jaded about the world. I understand that I’m not so important and just another minor player in the grand scheme of things, so there are a lot of times where I end up mocking myself. In other words, I’m the type who worries about what will happen if I fail, I’m extremely cautious and wary of things, and I do things half-heartedly. When I was alive, I thought of myself as the greatest in the world and went around like I owned it. However, after not being able to beat Bradamante’s lover Ruggiero even though I had Hector’s armor and Durandal, I was utterly crushed by the shock it seems. So, here I am with my attitude completely lacking of confidence to serve my master. Here’s a guy that is worried out of his mind about the necessity of communication for the Holy Grail War. Well at least when it comes to battle all of this can become a source of courage for me, so I do actually have a bit of confidence in reality.   Class Skills:  Riding (B Rank): The ability to ride mounts. Mandricardo is capable of riding most mounts except for Phantasmal Species, demonic beasts or Divine beasts. Despite Mandricardo technically being a Rider, he can't keep his horse around all the time, and thus, he doesn't actually have anything to ride on. He has a horse, but he can only use him when he is fighting. Magic Resistance (C Rank): Nullifies Magecraft activated with a two-verse chant or less. His skill is incapable of blocking Greater Magecraft or Rituals.   Personal Skills:  Armor of the Nine Worthies (A Rank): A skill that sublimated from the legend of Mandricardo wearing Hector's armor. The numerous epic tales that revolve around Hector reinforce Mandricardo's body, and the armor's overwhelming legendary power manifests as artificial Charisma. The Instant Before the Strike (C Rank): On the verge of death, this skill enables Mandricardo to unleash an all-out strike. It is close to but not the same as Battle Continuation in the sense that he is guaranteed to perish after landing a strike. The higher the rank, the greater the damage. At rank C, one full-power strike can be unleashed at just the right measure. Brigliadoro's Neigh (A Rank): A skill that sublimated from the legend of Mandricardo stealing and breaking in the famed steed. Mobility, attack power, and reputation rise. But in return, he becomes an even more appealing target for his enemies. Additionally, this skill will enable him to steal and ride any mount, even Demonic Beasts, as long as they are C rank or lower.[1][3] Noble Phantasm:  Mandricardo's main Noble Phantasm is Serment de Durandal. With it, any weapon Mandricardo wields gains the power of Durandal itself. He used it to shield Ritsuka Fujimaru's party from Chiron's Antares Snipe. His wooden sword was destroyed in the process. Even in this state, he could use it once again to fire his Noble Phantasm and give Ritsuka and the others an opening to escape. His second Noble Phantasm is Rêve de Durandal. Mandricardo empowered by Hephaestus Klironomia used it to block Artemis's Shooting Star Ortygia. As soon as their Noble Phantasms clashed, he was struck blind almost instantly. Then went his sense of touch barely a second later. His organs shut down. His ears bled as he went deaf. The light from her arrow seared his skin, bursting the blood vessels beneath. Nevertheless, her blast never reached Ritsuka Fujimaru or his companions. Mandricardo died protecting his friend. ----- Name: Iskandar Species: Human, ServantGender: MaleHeight:  212cmWeight:  130kgLikes: Adventure, novelty, conquest, sightseeingDislikes: The idea of completion, benefits of what he already has, whiny ministersAlignment: Neutral GoodPersonality:  Iskandar is noble and physically overbearing. He is not pragmatic, but is a person who lets history run its course and acts according to his impulses. While he is wild and somewhat inconsiderate to others, his greed inspired his subjects and ultimately resulted in their happiness. He is always jovial, values friendship highly, and he regards the bond with all of his followers in Ionioi Hetairoi as his greatest treasure. They all, being inspired by such a magnificent king, in turn gives him their undivided loyalty and adoration. He also admires people who treat friendship with sincerity, such when he meets Taiga Fujimura. He is compassionate to those with whom he bonds, such as telling Waver Velvet that it is natural to be sickened by Caster's atrocities and that he would strike anyone who would feel nothing from the sight. He was adventurous and had the goal of reaching the edge of the world during his life, and he looks forward to conquering the world now that he has found out it is a sphere, and how small his empire that he spent his life conquering was compared to the size of the world. He desires to conquer the world as a human, so that is his only wish for the Holy Grail. He is not overly cruel as would be expected from a tyrant, but tries instead to keep bloodshed to a minimum despite his love for battles and destruction. He is fine with not actually winning the battle outright, and even attempts to recruit the other Servants as his followers after witnessing their prowess for himself. He prefers to conquer his enemies by winning without killing and controlling without humiliating them.   Class Skills:  Riding (A+ Rank): The skill of riding animals and vehicles. Creatures on the level of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast can be used as mounts. However, that does not apply to members of the Dragon Kind. Magic Resistance (D Rank): Cancel Single-Action spells. Magic Resistance of the same degree of an amulet that rejects magical energy.   Personal Skills:  Charisma (A Rank): Natural talent to command an army. Can be said to have achieved the greatest popularity as a human being Divinity (C Rank): Despite the absence of clear evidence, according to many stories it is said he is the son of Zeus, the greatest of gods. Tactics (B Rank): When Iskandar was alive, his military prowess that resounded in the Islamic world derived into many heroic tales and was propagated all over Asia. Tactical knowledge used not for one-on-one combat situations, but for battles where many are mobilized. Bonus modifiers are provided during use of one's own Anti-Army Noble Phantasm or when dealing against an enemy Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. Noble Phantasm:  Via Expugnatio The trampling attack performed with Noble Phantasm "Gordius Wheel." The damage is decided twice, first by the hooves, then the wheels of the chariot. Along with all physical damage, there are also the effects of lightnings, the manifestation of Zeus. Should the target fail its STR check, additional damage will be dealt. It is able to close the 100 meter gap between her and Saber in an instant, however, it isn't fast enough and Artoria destroys it with Excalibur. Ionioi Hetairoi Iskandar's trump card is Ionioi Hetairoi, a Noble Phantasm that rivals the King of Heroes Gate of Babylon.[19] With it, Iskandar creates a Reality Marble, an endless desert where tens of thousands warriors that used to form his armies are summoned. Each of these warriors is their own independent Servant without a Master with an E Rank Independent Action skill, allowing materialization possible for a maximum of 30 turns. During his fight with Gilgamesh, Iskandar was weakened from fighting Saber, who destroyed his chariot and subsequently lost. - Alexander The GreatRider is an "innocent child who loves the epic poem 'Iliad' from the bottom of his heart." Summoned in this form, both his figure and mentality are that of his youth, but he has not lost his memories of his life. Those from after his adolescence are "somewhat lacking a sense of reality". As he is the "embodiment of the mentality of one who attempts to take his very first steps", he can be said to assist his Master's own steps, but he will not be pleased when he notices that the "demise of human history means nothing but the closing of even his own possibilities."----- Name: Sakamoto RyoumaSpecies: Human, ServantGender: Male (Ryouma), Female (Oryou)Height:  178cm (Ryouma) 173cm (Oryou)Weight:  72kg (Ryouma) 57kg (Oryou)Likes: Mackerel sashimi, wild chicken stew (but wild chicken stew gives bad luck, so he avoids eating it). Foreign ships, travelling, new things.Dislikes: People with prejudice against those of different birth or education. Suicidal thoughts.Alignment: True Neutral (Ryouma), Chaotic Good (Oryou)Personality: Ryouma - While a master of the Hokushin Ittou style of swordplay, he was a soft soul who disliked conflict by nature.[2] Sakamoto Ryouma, the Hero of the Restoration. An aloof man on his mid-20s. He may be a master of the Hokushin Ittouryuu, but he’s actually a kindhearted guy who dislikes conflict to his very core. In a Holy Grail War set in Japan, he would be a powerful Servant with a unique type of Riding Noble Phantasm and fame levels that rival Oda Nobunaga. In order to hide his True Name, he speaks in standard textbook Japanese, but he lets some Tosa regional expression slip every now and then. He left his name in history without trying to, just by doing everything he could for the kind people around him. The problem with his personality is that he’s easy to like and easy to misunderstand. Since he acts so aloof, no one can tell what his intentions are, furthering the problem. For that reason, he lived a life with many allies and many enemies. Ryouma, at the heights of his youthful impetuosity, pulls off the sealing spear and releases her.Oryou -Falling in love at first sight with Ryouma when he saved her from her seal on a certain mountain, a fine lady who stalks Ryoma with the excuse of repaying the favor. She also has a fondness for the Peace Finger Sign.   Class Skills:  Riding (A+ Rank): A special Riding Skill given to Ryouma for crossing the Bakumatsu period Japan riding the Dragon that is the changing eras. He is able to ride a Phantasmal Species that’s on the brink of being a Dragon. Magic Resistance (C Rank): Negates Magecraft with a chant of two verses or less. It can’t block larger scale magecraft, like greater magecraft or Cursing Rites.   Personal Skills:  Hero of the Restoration (A Rank): A special Skill given to Ryouma for his crossing of the turbulent Bakumatsu period and for his contributions to the Meiji Restoration, a grand revolution on a scale rarely seen in history. Eight Proposals while Shipboard (A Rank): The 8 proposals said to have been drafted by Ryouma Sakamoto, describing the shape of a new country. Its text is notorious for being very modern and ground-breaking for its time. It’s a Skill that represents a path to hope towards a better future even under the most difficult circumstances. Charisma (C+ Rank): He can’t do royal administration, but his bonds with like-minded companions are solid enough to remains after his death. Ryouma’s charisma is strong enough put groups of opposing ideologies to work together. Noble Phantasm: Sakamoto's Noble Phantasm is Like a Soaring Dragon. It takes the form of his partner Oryou, who possesses her own skills and abilities. When the True Name of the Noble Phantasm is released, Oryou takes the truly majestic form an ancient Dragon and overwhelmingly wields her power. Even Oda Nobunaga's Three Line Formation is unable to take it down, forcing Demon Archer to use Demon King of the Sixth Heaven to defeat them.

Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order


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Hikari Bushida
Current mood:  sad

I might be sad today but i want to write hikari's storyHikari Bushida is around 18 years old. She is in her second year of highschool. Hikari is from the world of zodiac guardians she was also selected by the moon kingdom queen herself to be a personal guard to princess serentity. Unlike the moon princess and her guards Hikari was never human to begin with she like the rest of her fellow guardians are just the humanzation of the signs they are fighting for though their memtors raised them to be humans. After the battle she was reborn a human but she has all her memories. As the guardians of the silver millenium along with the princess were being reawakened one by one Hikari was always gathering intel and giving it to her mentor and luna. Because of that luna was able to warn the guardians not telling them anything regarding where the intel is coming from. This helped them prepare for the negaverse's attack. This continued as each new enemy appeared. Since she is not human she can travel between time. She has met future serentity and endymion along with their daughter small lady usagi. No matter how many times she will fight and lose her life she willmalways be reborn.(More to come)


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Levy rules

1. Do not control myself or my character. 2. Discuss a story before we start. Yes I do romance and erotic. Must be a good story to get me going. 3. I do work. I don't ignore people.. sometimes it will take me to a week or a month to reply. If you can't handle that than please remove me. 4. I don't like men who moans major turn off. don't like men who do gross sh*t. 5. You add me you need to speak to me I'm not a numberPlease sign if you understand 

Dream Walker

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Some rules

I'm not super strict but I do want to prevent as many awkward moments from happening as possible.I'm open to anyone, but only other traps and females will ever have the chance of romance in an rp.I do not do first person. Sorry but it bugs me when someone refers to any of my characters as "you" rather than "him" for example.I don't have super strict reply regulations but I do need something to work with. I can't work with one liners too well so I'd avoid doing them.If I accept you, I'm accepting you for who you are rping as currently or as your account shows. So please don't feel any need to try and switch up for the sole purpose of attempting to get close to me.If you give me super short vague replies every message when discussing, I'll eventually back off assuming you just can't be bothered enough. I don't want to be deciding every detail of what we are going to do.This isn't a rule, but more of a preference. Let's just cut to the chase otherwise I'll be answering "Hey" and "How are you?" every five minutes. While I don't mind chatting on a slow day, if you wish to rp let's get right to discussing if possible.If I deny you, there is a good reason behind it. Further requests will likely result in a block. Sometimes I may misclick which in those cases I'll send the request.I can't read any minds out there. If something is bothering you or you desire something let me know. I can't help you if you don't try to help yourself. All I have is your account info and rules (if any to go on.) I cannot account for any hidden details you may have or may have added on the spot.My character is who he is, no changing it. As for me, I want to experience stories from many perspectives! I am story 95% and romance and that other stuff 5%. You'll have to really wow me to convince me to do a romance rp.These rules don't require any signing or hearting. Hope to meet all those who'd be interested


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Now, that i have gotten your attention, if you want to, you can listen to my plot idea.  A muse that is obsessed with witches captures my character wanting to study him.  Perhaps, they find out what he is, since they have been stalking him.  Once they see how powerful this child is, they will not let him leave him leave. Forcing him to use his powers for evil.  Like soul collecting. Since one of his powers allows him to cause an out of body experience. Or whatever this character might have in mind for evil deeds.   Maybe a threat of some sort. Like going after his friend, makes him reconsider trying to leave.  (And yes the Daydream witch can be harmed. Just nothing! weird! )  If this plot ideas interests you, feel free to add me.  You can also add onto this. :D   This is just an idea i have thought about for a while.  


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