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09/13/2021 11:34 PM 


THINGS TO REMEMBER!I will not engage in fandom discourses. I will not tolerate drama of any kind. If I see fandom discourse in my feed then I will remove you on the spot.   If you're one of those people that glorify/normalize pedophilia, you can kindly remove yourself off my list.  I do not consider Yashahime "canon" since it was not written by Rumiko Takahashi. I also do not support the SessRin pairing as it is disturbing to me. I will not have debates about it. If you try to force your views down my throat you are getting removed on the spot. Children cannot consent to adults and that is the end of that discussion.   REPLIES / STARTERS: I do not care who sends the starter first, just don't make me feel like I am the only one trying to make an effort to get a discussion going. Do not leave all the ideas to me. I do not want to feel like I'm putting all the effort into our starters and replies. If I give you five paragraphs, it is going to irritate me like hell if you give me a few sentences. I will not role play with one-liners unless we're in status rp streams. Also, never rush me for replies. I do not like being hounded. Kagome isn't my only muse and this isn't my only profile/verse. Respect that I have other matters to take care of the outside of Aniroleplay. Role play is never my first priority. It is a hobby that I choose/like to do and nothing more.   MESSENGERS: I feel kind of uncomfortable when people ask me for my discord right off the bat. If you want my messengers, you gotta earn them. I also will never give out IRL info about myself nor will I give out my phone number unless I had known you for many years and we have a close friendship. Even then, I am super selective with my number and outside messengers of aniroleplay.   FIGHT RPS: I will never engage into role play fights unless it is discussed between me and you. If we haven't discussed, don't automatically try to fight or kill my muse. All role plays must be discussed if things are about to get intense like fights. I don't like surprise attacks and neither does my muse. More importantly, no god modding!   MANGA PORTRAYAL: I portray Kagome Higurashi from the manga series. The manga has a better characterization of Kagome's character than the anime does. I find her a lot more tolerable in the manga. Not to mention...I prefer Kagome with blue eyes and wish they would've stuck with that scheme in the anime.   SHIPPING: I am very peculiar with who I am shipping with. I am an adult nearing my thirites and I will not ship with anyone under the age of 21. - No exceptions, my large age gap just makes me uncomfortable. I do not care if you write an adult muse. I will still not ship with you if you're a minor mun. My muse will also be single shipped if she is pared off. I do not care for multishipping while I can see the ideal of exploring other dynamics, it kind of takes the special out for me if she is paired off with someone that is a multishipper and I do not find that fair to Kagome. Shipping comes with high chemistry and if I become close with the mun and if they are of legal age.  


09/13/2021 04:35 PM 


These bios were taken from the wiki page.Name: Ferania WolfenstahlAge: 25Species: Lywan-wolf demonGender: FemaleFerania is easily provoked and very impulsive. This is because of her high amount of pride, as well as her over-confidence. She's also very arrogant and ignorant at times, but she's warm and nice towards her friends. It is a common joke that she is often oblivious to any sexual advances or innuendos that are not extremely direct and blunt.She's usually very serious and doesn't fool around. Also, she doesn't like to admit that she's happy about being praised. Ferania has a deep hatred for demons, as she believes that demons are responsible for all the evil things happening in the world.Name: Minori YamatoAge: 35Species: Lywan-wolf demonGender: FemaleMinori has a high degree of self-discipline and is constantly hard working and training. Her goal is to achieve perfection in all things, and she usually takes things very seriously. She's humble and gentle as well as honest and straightforward and she acts honourable and respectful towards others. Minori has a sweet and cute personality, but apparently, there is still more to her which she hides deep inside.Name: Chiira HeathlandAge: 23Species: Lywan-Cheetah demonGender: FemaleShe would rather observe something she finds interesting from a distance. Most of the time she's sticking to Ferania, whom she calls "boss", and she's usually following her around.Because Chiira isn't very strong, she tries to compensate for this by spending a lot of time studying and learning new stuff, as well as improving her mental capabilities, which resulted in her becoming one of the smartest characters in Deathblight.Name: Catheline ChatenoireAge: 25Species: Lywan-Liger demonGender: FemaleCatheline is super curious and a bit naive, but very friendly and sometimes even flirty. She's usually talking a lot and asking a lot of questions. This often leads to her sticking her nose into other people's business or getting her into awkward situations.She loves to hang out with her friends and often ends up cooking for them. Cooking is one of her big hobbies, and she's usually very good at it.In certain situations, Catheline can become quite scary, but this is mostly directed at her enemies. She's very brave and has a lot of self-confidence, so she usually doesn't run away from combat.


09/13/2021 05:51 PM 

Other pastas she knows

-Her and BEN are close friends, are pretty much insepratable. No romance due to how much older BEN was when he passed away.-Slenderman is a father-figure for her. Seeing how this is; his brothers are like 'uncles' for her.-Splendorman is her favorite 'uncle' and loves to have tea parties with him, along with disney marathons.-Jeff is her rival. Even though she does tolerate him and he does the same; she's not a fan of his ways of killing or treating others.-The Jacks(Eyeless and Laughing) tend to be close to her as they both usually 'babysit' or chill with her when they are not out killing. Although LJ usually tries to consume her spirit at times, she nicknamed him 'Pennywise' as a joke. With EJ; she allows him to speak his mind about what's been happening.~will add more on other pastas~

𝑺 𝒊 𝒏 𝒏 𝒆 𝒓

09/13/2021 04:48 AM 

𝐀 𝐰 𝐚 𝐤 𝐞 𝐧 .

      Within the great mural of desolation, there lies a languished lady. Adorned in bruises and a few wounds, the torment from past cruelties renders her encumbered. Still as a corpse, she may as well be food for buzzards and vultures alike. Quite radiant a meal, if so, this battered black-haired beauty hiding the glamour of a goddess.    Farewell for now, darkness. Awaken.    Devil red eyes open, though tucked away beneath narrowed lids. The desert sky is peerless in its gleaming presence. The harsh rays brings not a speck of comfort to this sore maiden. Her unsightly portrayal may as well be fitting to be a part of this vast dismal canvas where lush green can be a delight to see. Perhaps a cactus at best, though none of that is within a mile around her.    Her breath is labored. Light shudders squeal out from her pale red lips. Toes within brown boots twitch a little. Fingers resting on grainy soil squirm weakly. What vigor she has feels sparse, though it is there. The petrification from weariness and pain is being fought for the chance to regain even the slightest semblance of sprightliness.    To pose an inquiring thought into the ether: what brought this lady into this wide plain governed by drought? Surely, she was not begotten on this lawn of sand. Surely, she hailed from a faraway place. Strides of circumstances had taken place, short and long in each enactment, may have led her to then lie here in wordless anguish.    There is a double-edge short sword a yard to her right. Half of it is stabbed on the sand. Murky silver blade and black hilt are dull in what rich sheen they may once had. Small dry spot of pale blood and little scratches thinner than a thread are on the exposed stretch of the tool. It has seen conflict, the forged fang. A few or many in its daring dance to defend oneself or claim a life, a curious mind can ask its wielder when it is convenient.    A bit sting writhes on her knee, just a wee bit. Did someone or something prod her, seeking her awful-looking audience? The woman swings her weakened gaze to the spot where who or what disturbed her maybe standing or is simply there. Probably.    Dry lips are sealed. Breath is still feeble. Her frail fortitude is denying her enough strength to even puff a faint whisper. Her narrowed eyes are trying make sense of the stranger. No judgment to put forth. However, those gems that witnessed thousands of moments filled with joy or horror, calm and chaos, have an odd presence in them.    Vigor remains inadequate. Silence and a stare. Those are what she can provide at the moment for the knee-prodding foreigner. Perhaps in time, when the pain is less to be endured, her nerves and lungs feel better, more can be given as a way to acknowledge whoever is keeping her in company.    The downed lady in centurion leather keeps mute to the guest who she can barely comprehend. The wait for her strength to return is rather agonizing, this trauma weighing her down. To break free from this spell as a lovely corpse would be swell. Anytime now.       


09/12/2021 03:31 PM 

New Character

Name: Athena WoodsAge: 20Occupation: Kindergarden Teacher  Height:5'2"Weight: 150 poundsLike:Kids, music, walking in the park, and singingDislikes: People being mean to kids, bullies, conflicts, and shoutingPast: Athena grew up in a very abusive household leading her to a foster system at a young age. The foster system lead her to many homes that gave her education and all the nessecities needed to grow up happily. Once she turned 18 she saved enough money to get herself a home and get herself out of a foster system. By the age of 19 she was able to finish her college major and become a teacher for the younger kids in the Elementry school.Personality: Athena has a very kind, warm, and bubbly personality. She's easy to get along with, but doesn't let herself be taken advantage of. She has a very special spot for kids in need or kids whos been abused weither its younger kids or teenagers being abused or bully.(There is a story plot I want to do with this so if interested in the roleplay let me know and I can tell you the plot idea)Picture of Athena


09/12/2021 02:15 PM 

Rules ♡

The basics: ♡No God Mods ♡No Drama ♡No Gossip ♡No Children ♡ No Insects ♡ Multi Para to Novella onlyThe Obvious: ♡ I am Low Activity  ♡ I ship with Dante, Be it Reboot or OG I ship with Dante and yes, said ship does in fact cross over into other RP's. ♡ I  reply when I want to and at my own pace, don't like it? Don't add me as i am a busy lady and happen to have a life outside of RP where I play video games and work out as well as go to doctors appointments because once again, I have a life. ♡ I am a RP Veteran and do expect others to respect me for me to respect them in return.I Do: ♡Write Novella ♡Respond ♡Roleplay ♡ Take My timeI Do Not: ♡Tolerate Drama/Gossip ♡Tolerate Hate of any kind  ♡Write NSFW, if you want Beatrice  to be completely herself  (fights all that lovely jazz) in rp, it's gotta be SFW. 

𝒕𝒉𝒖𝒏𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝒃𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒕.

09/12/2021 01:41 PM 


  REGULATIONS OF SON HAK.   DRAMA: Zero tolerance for drama. I am not here to hear your discourse with others.  I am not interested and nor will I be involved within the discourse. If you have a problem with a mutual of mine: I'll decide for myself whether they're worthy of my presence. I'll remove anyone who is problematic and constantly does call-out posts. I highly value my mental health and I will put myself first before anyone else.   If that is selfish to you, I am sorry but I need to practice more self-care and I do not need any extra baggage. If you have a problem with me, we can settle it like adults or block/move on from each other. I am not going to play anyone's childish games.  Roleplay is nothing more than a hobby, it isn't a competition and I'm not here to compete with anyone.    DUPLICATES: I adore having twins and duplicate characters can make for interesting interactions. I am not here to be the best or the first character on the internet. That is so stupid and childish. None of us own these characters and people shouldn't complain when more come to the verse.  Everyone has their own unique depiction and we're not going to die being the "best" portrayal. If you're a sh*tty person to others, then it is all wasted because you're too focused on trying to be the best. Aesthetics does not make the writer.   Also, it is impossible to be replaced because there is only one of you. I will interact with anyone and I will not leave anyone out which is why I refuse to do mains. Mains just give me a bad taste in my mouth. With that being said, do not tell me who I can and can't talk with. I will interact with people who play the same character and if you have a problem with that, you can delete and block me. I won't cry over spilled milk over something so petty.   SHIPPING/ROMANCE: I will never ship with anyone that is a minor mun or a minor muse. I am nearing my thirties and I will not touch that subject with a ten-foot pole. I do not even care if you role-play an adult muse, I still will not ship with you if you're a minor/underaged. I am not comfortable with that. I prefer to ship with those with who I am really close friends with and chemistry has to build with the muse. I only see Hak with a Yona, although I am not opposed to shipping him with an OC or crossovers. Canon & OC ships can be quite fun if done correctly. I find it to be more creative and you can explore different things, but again. I'm a huge Hak x Yona shipper and I think it's self-explained.    TOURNAMENTS/GROUPS: Tournaments and groups are a huge no for me. I never had much great experience within them and I have already seen how messy they are as it is.  I never had heard splendid things about them and I prefer to stay away as I have anxiety within large groups of people.   DISCORD / OTHER MESSENGERS: I have SKYPE and DISCORD, however, I will not give those out unless I trust you enough to give mine out. I have had rotten experiences where people forced me to move discords as people do not know personal space. Me giving you my messengers does not mean that I will reply 24/7. I sometimes like to have some alone time and I feel overwhelmed when I get too many messages. It's nothing personal really, if I give you my discord: Please respect boundaries. This doesn't warrant you to hound me for replies.   REPLIES / STARTERS: Never rush me for a reply or a starter. This isn't my only account that I have and I would prefer it if people were patient with me. Patience is a virtue and I also have a life outside of role play. I do not dedicate all of my time to role play as it is a hobby, and last time I checked: hobbies aren't supposed to be a job or chores. It is simply what I choose to do. I do not do it for anyone else but myself as I enjoy writing. Just remember that I am a human and not a robot.   EDITING / GRAPHICS: All graphics are my own unless stated otherwise. I work hard to search for pictures and do my own edits. Please do not take anything, if you want the original or an edit: ask nicely and I may consider, although I do not really edit for anyone except close friends. I grow tired of ungrateful people and half of the time, no one really uses my edits so I do not want to bother spending my time making them for you if you're not going to use it. Layouts even take longer than editing due to all the coding and it isn't easy sometimes to piece layouts together. It's not hard to get your own editing program, if I can do it, you can too. Photoshop is not difficult to learn either once you know the basics. 

Wнıтε Lıαя

09/12/2021 11:32 PM 

Rules (if you wanna call them that)

I didn't want to have to list rules as those are typically super boring, but it looks like there's some stuff that needs to be known up front.  So if you wanna write with me, listen up!♦ I can be a bit slow in replying, so please have patience with me! I just have a short attention span and social anxiety, so I can sometimes take a bit to reply. ♣ I don't do romance or smut roleplays, but I adore platonic things, so I'm more than happy to roleplay something with that sort of relationship! ♥ I have no particular triggers, so I'm open to more or less any and all content. In fact, angst is a favorite genre of mine, so bring it on! That being said, themes that may be dark and triggering to others may be included, so do let me know if you have triggers that you'd like me to avoid.♠ I am a semi-literate roleplayer, and will always try to match my partner's length. Generally I prefer 1-2 paragraphs at the least, but don't feel pressured to write more than you're able! ♦ Please don't control my character. You're more than welcome to bring in others for you or either of us to control (and often the story will need it), though! Although my muse is and will remain Kokichi, so please don't try and force me to play a different character.♣ I love getting to know the person behind the character, so feel free to talk to me in ooc! ♥ I absolutely adore crossovers and AUs, so if there is one you'd like to try then don't be afraid to ask! I am also open to playing both in-game and pregame Kokichi (although as a fair warning, pregame roleplays have the tendency to get dark). And that's about it! Thanks a bunch for reading this far, and if you'd still like to roleplay with me then feel free to hit me up! Let's have tons of fun together, kay? 


09/11/2021 09:27 PM 


1. I am well over the age of 21, hence why the nsfw bit is allowed.2. I get busy irl, so don't rush.3. If you don't like waiting for weeks on end for me to reply, don't bother sending a message.4. Been a rper since 2010, don't tell me otherwise how to act with my character.5. For the family bit; do NOT try to edit/post pictures saying 'me and my little daughter mai ♥' as she can have multiple parents/siblings as said on profile. Do not ask to have this changed; she has been this way for nearly 4 years.6. Do not ask for outside contact.~May add more into the future~ 


09/11/2021 05:21 PM 

Mha Rps Nyx Collins

Name: Nyx Collins Age: 19 Quirk: Banshee Scream Quirk Description: Banshee scream can admit an ear piercing scream and if enough energy is used can kill someone by the high frequency sounds causing them to bleed from their ear and eyes till that pass out eventually dying in the process.  Quirk Drawback: If used too much it causes Nyx to pass out. Disorders: Insomnia (Has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep) Eating disorder (Nyx has a hard time forcing herself to eat or forgets to eat, after a while it’s noticeable because she becomes more pale then she already is) Anxiety, and Depression. Habits: Over the years due to her past Nyx picked up a smoking habit, well a vaping habit when under stress or irritation or every so often she can be found smoking from a vape. Personality: Nyx has a kind personality however she’s not too keen on showing much emotions. She’ll seem cold and guarded to others until she lets someone in which isn’t an easy fight. She happens to get anxious and wound up over small things but it only shows through irritation or when she shuts people out. Due to her past she has a hard time expressing her emotions. Past: Nyx discovered her quirk as a little girl as it caused her a lot of problems. She wasn’t immediately labeled as an outcast till she lost control of her quirk in public when a group of kids started bullying her. She let out an ear piercing scream killing one of the kids and injuring the other three. At the age of 15 Nyx was on the run for the majority of her life, as now she lived in hiding, in a small abandoned house on the outskirts of the city, though she comes to the city from time to time, stealing things to survive. Likes: Music, walking in the woods, reading, and singing. Dislikes: Doesn’t like being told what to do, she doesn’t take anything from anyone (not afraid to put someone in their place.), and being restrained from doing the things she enjoys.Picture of Nyx below in the link


09/11/2021 04:43 PM 

Who would have thought.. And that is just the tip of iceberg, as it were. 


09/10/2021 10:23 PM 

Pursuer. [Short Sample.]

  Loathsome jewels from the fiery pits of the Underworld savor the spoils ahead. Even under the blanket of night, the pale moon provides enough light for one to delight or to dread at the moment. The faint shudder of flesh and gaze is enticing. The helplessness, stiff and sore, living statues of once sprightly limbs and lips, magnificent for malice to marvel upon.A band of six, man, woman and children, recently fled from a distant village they lived in, torn apart and drowning in flames. The dirt and bruise on their bare skin where tattered cloth fails to hide suggest hardship from the searing need to be out of peril by the spirited savagery of an otherworldly creature. Tired of running, tired of cheeks and lungs stung by sorrow, the languished lot keep their sore feet on this patch of earth surrounded by aged trees.What hulking horror ahead to be enthralled by are numbing the nerves. Nerves once crying and begging for frightened souls to flee; flee to farthest lands. Flee from the terror that remade a once humble home into scorched rubble.On this forest clearing, encumbered by growing weariness, these survivors recur what they once were in their desecrated village: prey to towering monstrosity. The monstrosity itself before them heightens the fear leaving them petrified, to consider the least. A colossus in black hide with horns on its head and hooves planted on the soil.Grow a ghastly grin, pleased predator.“All that strength to flee... w a s t e d.”   


09/11/2021 12:30 PM 

Axel Shaw

Race: Nephlim, half angelAge: 25Height: 5'10Weight: 185 lbsGender: MaleHair: Black, changes to white when channeling his angelic side.Eyes: Errie greenComplexion: PaleAbilites: Enhanced strength, speed and durability. Health regeneration. Can smite demons with a touch. Background: 

🌻 未来のミコ。―

09/11/2021 12:05 PM 

🌻 Regulations.

RIN'S REGULATIONS.   1. DRAMA: I will not partake in the fandom discourses. I will not deal with drama period. If you're here for that, I will remove you. It's simple as that. I came here to vibe and write with people. I did not come here to watch a soap opera unfold. If I wanted a soap opera, I can just watch TV for that. If you have an issue with me, feel free to discuss the issue with me or block me if you so choose. Also, do not drag mutuals into our mess if the issue is between me and you. I will reserve the right to cut you off if that were to happen. I do not care how long you have known me or if we have close ties. I will not tolerate any drama, abuse, or anything that endangers my mental health. I'm going to say it now. I am AGAINST SessRin as a ship. SessRin will not be discussed within our topics and I will remove you if you so hint to imply the ship with me. If you have a problem that I am against SessRin, you can kindly remove me or I'll remove you. This involves with the drama discourse. I am not involved and I do not want to hear any of it. Secondly, Rin was depicted as a child in the OG series and a lot of you are gross for seeing Sesshomaru and Rin as romantic. I refuse to ship her with Sesshomaru and I will not budge my stance on that. Will I role play with Yashahime characters? Of course! I am not against role-playing with Yashahime characters but I will not accept Towa and Setsuna as Sesshomaru and Rin daughters. To me, they will be Rin's younger sisters. I do not care what the show depicts them as, if this offends you, then you are free to role play with another Rin who accepts the children. 2. ROLE PLAY LENGTH: I role play from multipara to novella. However, given my dying muse... the novella is near impossible. The most I can do is up to 8-10 paragraphs. I will not accept anything less than a paragraph. If you wantme to work with you, you gotta put in a little more effort with your responses. It makes me peeved when I write a longand descriptive paragraph only to get a few sentences back.3. GRAMMAR: Don't have to be perfect with grammar but at least make your sentences easy to understand. If I cannot understand you, then I will simply not interact with you. This is not to be mean, but I kind of like to know what I am reading.Chatspeak is a good way to get you off my list. ( This goes for out of character and in character. ) I do not mind certain words being chat speak for OOC, but I do not prefer it. It shows me that you're lazy and I do not want to spend hours trying to figure out what you just said.4. COMMENTS / MESSAGES: I am pretty flexible with messages and comments. If you wish to role play in messages then we'll role play in messages and vice versa.5. REPLIES / STARTERS: Never ever rush me for a reply or a starter. I am slow with responses as it is due to my withering muse and things in IRL. I do not owe you a single thing either. If I am role-playing in statuses and not interacting in our role plays, it is not because I am purposely avoiding them: Sometimes I just wanna enjoy simple banters on the streams to role play, especially if I am overwhelmed with role plays.6. CROSSOVERS / MULTIVERSE: I am a big fan of the multiverse and I will love to explore Rin in different verses than her own. I especially like crossing over Inuyasha with Yu Yu Hakusho or fandoms that kind of fit the setting of InuYasha. Although, the idea of her being in modern times are fun as well.7. TOURNAMENTS / GROUP CHATS: Do not involve me in tournaments or group chats. Honestly, Rin is a normal human girl. What could she possibly do in a fight? Granted that I am having her train to become a miko but it wouldn't make sense for Rin to engage in battles as that is not her character. Due to my anxiety, I will not participate in group chats or discord servers. 


09/10/2021 11:57 PM 

Hollow Earth AU

My alternative universe takes places in a world if the Hollow Earth theory was correct. With that said, every urban legend that you can think of exists in this world. From Afanc to Zombies. In this world, Humanity has been overthrown sometime in the 1990's. The more powerful races of the Hollow had slowly slipped into an unsuspecting human society on a large scale. Politicaly and militarily, the Hollow took over the surface in a single night. 1990's infastructure was left mostly intact, but humanity deevolved to second class citizenry. Humans are not allowed to own cars, weapons or take part in the politics of the new world. Humans mostly live in squalor and poverty. They are also required to donate blood, many species that are dependant on blood is the new social norm.  A universal currency replaced all the others, a digital system called nova. A sovernign human nation exists, called Snowvale. Snowvale resides on the northern half of Alaska in the artic circle. Life is rough but free in Snowvale, untouched by the Hollow Nation. There is no currency in Snowvale, instead they use a bartering system. Underneath Snowvale is a secret bunker created for the United States military before the takeover, called Blacklight. Blacklight is comprised of what is left of the scientfic and military community from the old world. The members of Blacklight run covert and assassination missions against the Hollow elite in a guerilla war.  

© 2021 All Rights Reserved.