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09/06/2021 05:40 PM 


Naraku's body is a fusion of many demons using a human, Onigumo, as a connector. Once he takes over a demon, he can use their skills as his own. He does not have a special form, but can transform into any kind of person to suit the situation. Now he is using the body of Kagewaki, who is a legitimate child of the Hitomi family. Unlike Inuyasha, who was forced to become fully human on the night of the new moon every month, Naraku, as a half-demon with Onigumo inside him, could choose what time of the month that he lost all of his powers. Unlike Inuyasha who became a normal human, Naraku was merely a human head that was attached to a mass of yōkai parts during this time, which he used to experiment with his body and rid himself of any unnecessary parts. Since the events that transpired on Mt. Hakurei, Naraku no longer had to become human at any time. Naraku's skills are a combination of numerous demons, so he has a diverse array of abilities. Attacking from a distance and indirectly is characteristic of Naraku. He also has many defensive skills, such as regeneration. He has increased his own demon power through Shikon Jewel shards and has become able to use higher-level techniques such as making doppelgangers. While most his enemies would seek to overpower their enemies in battle, Naraku would seek to outsmart them in the times he would actually face his enemies in battle as shown in his battles against Sesshomaru, whom he allowed to cut his body to enough pieces until there was enough that Naraku directed them to immobilize and absorb Sesshomaru, Tekkei, whom he allowed to devour him so he could kill her from the inside and Moryomaru, whom he allowed to shred his body to pieces and absorb him so he could devour him from the inside and absorb the Infant. As described by Inuyasha Naraku would only truly engage someone in battle when he knew he could truly win and would often give his opponents the appearance that they were winning so they would lower their guard before he turned the tables on them. Enhanced Strength: Much like Sesshōmaru, Naraku was far stronger than a normal demon being capable of demolishing boulders and the surrounding area though he seldom resorted to combating with physical strength.   Enhanced Speed: Naraku could move faster than the eye could see, both in the air and on the ground. He managed to fight against Inuyasha and his group many times through his natural speed, though he usually retreated after a short time.   Enhanced Vitality and Regeneration: Naraku's supernatural vitality coupled with his regenerative capabilities made him a difficult foe to physically combat. Even if beheaded he will not die. If he is attacked without spiritual power, he will not take any damage.[19] He can break apart and reassemble his body at will. He suffers no damage from physical attacks such as being slashed with swords or stabbed with spears.   Shapeshifting: Naraku could take the form of anyone or anything that he chose, usually a humanoid, and change his voice along with his physical appearance. He possessed the young lord, Kagewaki, and remained in that standard form for the rest of the series. We're told by Miroku that every time his grandfather battled Naraku, the demon appeared in a different form, being defeated when Naraku took the form of a beautiful young woman. The most important instance of his shapeshifting would be the time that Naraku had disguised himself as Kikyō & Inuyasha and made them hate one another. As his scent didn't change with his form, Naraku ceased using this ability as Inuyasha and Kōga could smell his scent.   Demonic Magic: Naraku knew many different spells and curses. More often than not Naraku utilizes the power of demonic spells and other magic when combating Inuyasha and his group directly. An example being the Illusionary Death, which was used to distract Inuyasha's group when they tried to rescue Kikyō from him. However while Naraku is proficient in the use dark spells and curses, it's not his primary power to use and thus he required the dark priestess, Tsubaki's help to curse Kagome with an advanced curse.   Kazaana: Naraku's most famous curse that he used to inflict upon Miyatsu and his male descendants to eventually destroy his bloodline. The Wind Tunnel is curse that that forms a void within the right palm of the males born in Miyatsu's bloodline that forever swallows anything in its path in a violent wind turret like a black hole. While early the size the Wind Tunnel is small but with time grows larger until it devours the bearer themselves.   Spell of Illusory Death: A demon art by which people's souls are eaten when they come into contact with the enweaved tentacles. Once victims fall prey to it, they die in despair, seeing illusions of the negative aspects of their hearts. If a person has a strong will to live, the illusion can be broken.   Art of Demon Puppets: When Naraku is in a dormant state and cannot move, or when he makes contact with someone that may be dangerous to him, he uses Demon Puppets in place of his real body. They were mostly made of mud and soil, and were able to spring roots in order to attack opponents. They would only disappear if their heart was destroyed, which was a golem with a piece of Naraku's hair that was wrapped around it. Following Mount Hakurei, Naraku no longer employed the usage of demonic puppetry as he could survive attacks that would have killed him in the past. Although they are puppets, their senses are connected to his. He use them at will and their strength in battle is comparable to his.   Absorption: Naraku was able to absorb other demons into his body, adding their powers and their bodies to his own. This was primarily how he gained strength, by seeking out and absorbing strong demons, and giving him access to their powers. Naraku obtained valuable abilities such as the Kongōsōha through this ability. The process dissolves and kills the demons he absorbs, as specified when he tries to absorb Kōga. He could even absorb other demons like him from the inside. Naraku could also expel weaker body parts in order to rid himself of them. Demon Parts: As he was made up of multiple demons in one body, Naraku was able to manipulate their body parts at will in order to restructure and strengthen his body, and even if he had a body part cut off, Naraku could reabsorb it. He could use these parts to attack his enemies by extending one of his body parts like a weapon. The method of attack depended on the situation, but basically stabbing, striking and ensarement were most common. His possible true form before reconstruction contains many tentacles and demon parts. In his reconstructed form, he primarily attacks by extending the various spikes on his body, and can also manifest teeth on his tails and stretch them to try to bite his opponents.   Incarnation Creation: Naraku could make incarnations out of his own body to do his dirty work for him. Most had a spider mark on their back which was a result of being born from Naraku when he still was a hanyō with Onigumo inside him. He often removed their hearts to ensure loyalty with the price of death for disobedience.   Energy Blast: Naraku sent out one or more of the horns on his elbows in a zigzag beam attack or extended his fingers into tentacles with a glowing attack at the tip of his fingers to attack his foe(s). In the manga, this attack was of a silverish color, while in the anime it was of a purple color.   Armor Shell: Upon absorbing Mōryōmaru, Naraku gained the Armor Shell of Meiōjū, being able to change its size for his own purposes. He also gained the ability to cover himself at will with Mōryōmaru's impenetrable shell. It was revealed that Naraku was hiding the Shikon Jewel underneath that shell.   Live Body Pieces: After absorbing the Infant/Mōryōmaru, Naraku gained the haku puppet's ability to remotely control his flesh and send them out to scout for other demons whose abilities could prove useful. Naraku used this ability to detach his head while using his Spider Webs, which made it easier for him to flee. It was also used when Naraku had several of his tentacles and other excessive appendages attack Kohaku for his shard. It was presumably what allowed his armored copies to move without being directly connected to him.   Spider Webs: Following his re-absorption of Onigumo's heart a second time, Naraku gained the ability to create threads of spider silk. Only those of high spiritual power, such as Kikyō and Kagome could see them at all times; Naraku could make the webs visible at will if he wanted. Anyone whose heart was corrupt would easily be caught in the webbing, which allowed Naraku to further defile their hearts if he wished. He could also show them illusions. The appearance of this ability further nodded toward his nature as a spider half-demon. In his final transformation, Naraku created a giant body in the shape of a spider, which could, obviously send out threads of spider web to ensnare other demons to add to his body. Naraku used these spider webs to further poison Kikyō, who had not fully recovered from his attempt on her life at Mount Hakurei, which ultimately led to her final death.   Miasma: Naraku had the skill of releasing the peculiar demonic poisons with which his body was filled with. Essentially, it was not a means of attack, but Naraku had miasma that was strong enough to melt the ground. Neither ordinary humans nor low-level demons could approach an area filled with Naraku's miasma.[21] He created a "false Shikon shard" for Kōga with this substance. It was able to power Kōga in the manga and anime for a while until it backfired, poisoned him, and ultimately lead him to remove it with the help of Kagome. Naraku's body was filled with it, which was why when a foe bit him or even touched him he/she got poisoned. Later on, as his power grew upon his transition to full demon, Naraku's shōki was able to take on a liquid form and acted like a river of acid. His shōki was so strong that it allowed him to break away pieces of the nearly completed Shikon no Tama to use in his schemes. In the current manga, he could melt entire mountains. Over time, his shōki had become so dangerous that after he infected Kikyō with it, neither Kagome nor Kikyō's purification powers seemed to be able to purify it. Kikyō absorbed Midoriko's soul in order to protect herself, but she commented that she didn't know how long Midoriko's power could last against Naraku's venom in the regard that she and Midoriko remained at the same strength while Naraku continued to increase in power. Eventually, even the influence of Midoriko was nullified with Naraku's absorption of the tree demon and Mōryōmaru.   myōshō Summoning: Naraku was able to use demonic poison insects, Saimyōshō, at will. Saimyōshō themselves have little power, but they do have an extremely powerful poison. They attack enemies with their poison via stings after the enemy has been absorbed. When Naraku attacked Inuyasha's group, he used Saimyōshō to seal Miroku's Wind Tunnel by tricking him into sucking them in. Saimyōshō had many other uses in addition to sealing the Wind Tunnel. They were also useful for spying on Naraku's enemies, communicating with his subordinates, and gathering jewel shards. They were difficult to wipe out because of their numbers, and, moreover, were smart enough to understand and carryout Naraku's orders.   Shikigami Practitioner: Naraku obtained this power by deceiving Utsugi, a 'hitogata' duplicate of the original Utsugi, who was created by the priest Kakuju to ease his/her suffering when his/her real wife/husband died. Utsugi, the hitogata, required the soul of a relative of the real Utsugi, and a large portion of the Shikon Jewel, which Naraku provided, and helped in retrieving shards from Kōga to become a true, live human. When Naraku supposedly died, with the jewel in hand, at the hands of Inuyasha & co, the leftover jewel was retrieved by Utsugi behind the scenes. When Utsugi finally retrieved the soul she/he needed, which as it turned out was Kakuju's, Naraku's voice began echoing from the Sacred Jewel, and Naraku took over Utsugi's body rather than absorbing her/him to acquire her shikigami-channeling powers. Naraku became able to use the destructive power of an unknown variety of shikigami, and would time-to-time spout out a long verse when he attacked during the fight in the game. Because this only happened in a game that was based on the anime and the events of the game strayed away from the actual ending of the anime/manga, this power was non-canon.   Immense Demonic Power: As Naraku started off as a spider hanyō who came into existence from the merging of many demons with a human, he didn't have much demonic power. Throughout the course of the series, as he continued collecting more Shikon Jewel shards and absorb many demons whether they be ordinary or powerful, Naraku's own demonic powers in turn increased significantly. This was demonstrated on the fact that after he had obtained his new body in Mt. Hakurei, Naraku was able to overpower the strength of the Kaze no Kizu which in turn allowed him to take control of it and managed to evenly combat against Sesshōmaru alone while in the Border to the Netherworld for some time though it was only because of his barrier that he was able to last that long against the older Daiyōkai. After feeding his soul to the complete corrupt Shikon Jewel in the final battle against all of his enemies, Naraku gained the ability to combat against all of them at the same time with little effort which included Inuyasha with his new power in Tessaiga and Sesshōmaru using Bakusaiga for a prolonged period time so that his severed body could destroy Kaede's Village.   Barrier: The most well known and signature ability of Naraku was his barrier which prevented the foe from finding and/or attacking him. At first his barrier was only useful in hiding his presence. As he gathered more shards of the jewel, Naraku became powerful enough to erect a barrier strong enough to survive the Kaze no Kizu. After Naraku had purged his human heart, the barrier became so powerful that nothing but the Kongōsōha and Kikyō's Sacred Arrow was able to penetrate it. Deflection: Whenever someone sent an attack of yōki into Naraku's barrier, he could channel the flow of the attack into his own jaki and then attack his opponents with it. However, this could only be done with attacks that could not penetrate his barrier, which meant that it was useless against Inuyasha's Kongōsōha. Dormancy/Pseudocidal Ability: Naraku had the ability to hide himself within one of his servants and make it appear as though he had disappeared, or have been killed. A simple task; he got himself "killed" and hid within the body of a servant of his choice. The only instance we saw this was in the second movie, InuYasha: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. During the first battle, Naraku was shattered by Sango's Hiraikotsu, which was embedded with Miroku's shakujō, and received a direct hit in the chest with both Inuyasha's Wind Scar and Kagome's arrow simultaneously, blowing him to pieces. In reality, he was purposely faking his "death", so that he could lure Kaguya out, and hid himself inside of Kohaku. To further this scheme, Naraku also made Miroku's Kazaana disappear and returned Kagura's heart to her. To everyone's surprise, he eventually emerged out from Kohaku's shoulder in order to absorb Kaguya and her demonic energy to strengthen his own powers, an act which reactivated the curse of the Kazaana and removed Kagura and Kanna's hearts once again. Flight: Similarly to Sesshōmaru, Naraku possessed the ability to float midair, and to ride upon a cloud of his own shōki. After his transformation into a full yōkai, Naraku never chose to employ his shōki-sustained flight, but flew only by the strength of his will, while in his barrier. Abilities High Intellect: Naraku was very intellectual and knowledgeable of the various individuals and powers that existed within the Feudal Era which he could use to his advantage. Whenever there came a hurdle in his pursuit of obtaining a complete corrupt Shikon Jewel that he himself couldn't overcome on his own, Naraku usually set out to gather information and intelligence in order to use them to his advantage. His knowledge and intelligence gathering was as such that he usually knew about a certain individual and their unique abilities some time before he confronted them to make use of them before they even realized it.   Master Manipulator: Naraku was shown to be a master at manipulating demons and humans alike. Throughout the series, he manipulated many people to get what he wanted without getting his own hands dirty. Possibly the most important instance of his manipulation was when he tricked Inuyasha and Kikyō into thinking they had betrayed each other. Naraku transformed into Inuyasha, cut Kikyō down, and fatally wounded her. He then transformed into Kikyō and attacked Inuyasha. This caused Inuyasha to feel resentment toward Kikyō and he went to go steal the Sacred Jewel. Kikyō, in turn, thought that Inuyasha had betrayed her and used the last of her strength and spiritual power to shoot a sealing arrow at Inuyasha, which pinned him to the Sacred Tree for 50 years. This, ultimately, was to make the Sacred Jewel tainted for Naraku and to get rid of both Kikyō and Inuyasha. This one instance put the entire series in motion and set Inuyasha and the others on their quest to destroy him. Though, there were many other instances in the series where Naraku manipulated others. For example, when Naraku offered the Saimyōshō to Sesshōmaru, when he forced a grief-stricken Kōga to confront Inuyasha, and the numerous times that he controlled Kohaku, just to name a few. He even manipulated the Infant and Hakudōshi as unwitting pawns when they rebelled against him, knowing they would from the moment he created the Infant, as an elaborate plan to absorb an extremely powerful Mōryōmaru. Master Strategist: Naraku was also very strategic in his pursuit for the Shikon Jewel shards and for facing off with his enemies. Naraku usually employed the use of Saimyōshō to observe the progress of the various groups in order to effectively delay them as much as possible. There were times when Inuyasha and his group confronted Naraku, however it was often his demon puppets whom the group encountered, and not Naraku himself. Naraku used this as a tactic as a means to gather intelligence about their abilities in order to devise appropriate counter measures. Swordsmanship: Naraku had some skills in using a sword as when he manipulated Sango to bring Tessaiga to him at his phantom castle. Naraku was able to easily fend her off by using an ordinary samurai sword and some of his demon powers before Inuyasha and others arrived. Though given that this was the only instance that Naraku had displayed direct combat against his enemies by using his combat skills, it's unknown how proficient he was at swordsmanship. Archery: While only shown once Naraku displayed knowing how to use a bow when he disguised himself as Kikyō to attack Inuyasha.

Monster Dr.Glenn Litbeit

09/06/2021 04:22 PM 


Glenn is a genius physician and researcher, especially in the area of monsters and non human creatures. His greatest strength is the ability to think outside the box, treating his cases like a puzzle to solve and using reason and deduction to solve them. His ability along with his kindhearted, selfless nature, warmhearted bedside manner, and adorable appearance has also earned him the respect and affection of many of his patients. It's revealed that, while not to the same extent as Sioux due to lack of physical training, he does have some amount of Oni strength due to his heritage. And a bit more that many would be given quite the shock. 

†hê ĵ†hðr

09/05/2021 04:05 PM 

Niamh Murray

Name: Niamh Murray (Pronounced as Neev) Race: Human Nickname: ~ Nee ~ Captain ~ Murray ~ Nia ~ Age: 17 to 27 Gender: Female Appearance: Brunette Long Hair ~ Emerald Eyes ~ Slim/Athletic ~ Height: 5ft4" Markings: Casual Scarring from sparring on her shoulders, arms and hands. Nationality: Irish Likes: ~ Smoking ~ The Sea ~ Drinking ~ Fighting ~ Chaos ~ Dislikes: ~ Serious People ~ Arse Kissers ~ Being on Land for too Long ~ Family: ~ Younger Brother ~ Mother ~ Father ~ Personality: Age 17 to 20 - Before she became captain, Niamh was an observant woman, she'd only talk when she felt necessary or if she saw you as a friend. She trusts no one and is out to make her life exciting by leaving land life for the sea, she doesn't care if anyone gets hurt along her way to the top. Age 20 to 27 - Once Niamh starts climbing the ranks, she becomes quite ruthless to the point that the crew didn't know whether to respect her or fear her. But the crew she gets along the way become her true family. She still trusts next to noone but the family she made along the way.

Bakura - I See You Sebas

09/05/2021 06:42 PM 

Rules *Mandatory + Must Be Signed

Hello there my lovely friends, Here we have some rules that must be signed, I'm pretty sure you understand.   Both in and out of roleplay, I'm male and Demisexual Homoromantic, meaning I only ship with men, not women, please be respectful of that, also don't bring up my Sexual and romantic Orientation in chat, just because you may be straight, doesn't mean I wanna try it on with you, and I really could care less, if you're straight or otherwise "I'm straight but don't try it with me" Nobody needs to know, or cares.  This is two rules in one, I don't do the whole "INSTANT ON" stuff, When I come on, I'm me, I'm not Bakura or otherwise, So don't address me as my character, because the only time I'm in character, is after a roleplay has been discussed, and I'm roleplaying with you, now for the second part, "AUTO ROLEPLAY" Is a no, I don't like being thrust into a roleplay with no discussion etc. It's just a hard no from me, it's not something I do.  This is much a reminder to everyone else, as much as myself, everyone suffers from mental health in some way or the other, and I'm no exception to that, which means I'm not always on to roleplay, and some days I might just want to kick back and have a few friendly chats here or there, also manners cost nothing, so ask "Do you want to continue our roleplay?" before assuming I'm just automatically going to roleplay that day.  I am by no means a grammar nazi, and I don't care how good or bad a speller you are, so don't apologize as long as the word is readable, and sounds close to what you're going to say I'll understand what you mean.  I am not into the whole elitist stuff either, I will be writing as comfortably as I can as I would expect the same of you, and I'm not going to match your replies/starters or otherwise length by length, do not force me into doing something out of my comfort zone. I do have a right to take a break here or there, As I do have a life outside of this site, and always am busy with life, specially considering I live alone with my 5 cats, I may be doing chores around the house, or enjoying the sun having a walk round the park etc. You know? I also have health issues that make it harder to keep up with everything and as a result of said health issues, I become fatigued a lot.  I sometimes divide the storyline we're doing into chapters and titles, like Chapter 1: Title goes here. So on and so forth.  If I don't happen to reply, don't take that as a sign that I'm ignoring you, it just means I haven't seen your reply yet. Keep pestering me for a reply and I won't reply at all and you'll be removed immediately. I do like to roleplay at my own pace so take it like that, also I am not big on ERP (Erotic Roleplay) I believe it takes away from the storyline. I also dislike sexual centric storylines, and they bore me. I don't think I need to explain this one out, but be respectful. It's as simple as that, you respect me and I'll respect you.  I believe that is it for the rules, for now at least. If I need to update these rules I will address it in a later blog. Thank you for understanding.


09/05/2021 04:28 PM 


Some guidelines to help us enjoy ourselves more.1.No multi Love Interests! I cannot stress this enough, I ship Rain off chemistry and tend to allow her to fall for only one person, she will be frigid and aloof to all other suitors. If you enjoy Multi LI's please inform me ahead of time and I will not allow Rain to pursue one with your character.2. If our characters are dating, do NOT ignore others to purely roleplay with me. 1. This makes me feel like you can't roleplay without wanting it to become romantic. 2. This adds stress to me as a writer and make me feel like I have to constantly keep you interested. 3. I will  more than likely sense when you're not longer interested. I've been roleplaying since 2000.3. I'm extremely friendly OOC, I can sometimes come off as flirty, Please don't think I'm serious, my RL is far too messed up for internet romance. OOC flirting for me is just for fun.4. Getting to real life... I go highly on intuition. If my gut tells me " Don't do that Rain!!!" I wont do it. Recently, I've gone against all judgement ( because of those annoying feelings) and I've literally been feeling screwed up the past few days because of it.5. If you don't like a starter or reply, please let me know OOC, so we can fix it. I enjoy writing and I'm willing to change things to allow us to have fun.6. I do generally stay in character in messages, and Discord. Comments and status's I will tend to be more OOC.7. Rain. She is quite cold, so please DO NOT take that to heart. 8. I will go down to Semi writing if I'm on my phone, I will never do one liners. However, that being said, when I'm on my computer I will never do Novella. I don't have time to write that much, every little detail ( ex: How the bristles feel against my teeth as I brush them) Yeah, no... screw that.9. If you want my discord, I will give it out. As I said, I'm very friendly, and can be quite chatty. But if you add me and want to 'sext' I will block you.10. I know we all get busy offline, or dont feel creative at times. This is not a problem for me, again. I've been doing this for a long time. And I will get myself into something that prevents me from writing back to you, even for a few days.11. As I think of more, which I will! I will add them. Please have fun and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. As I said I'm a pretty friendly person, not much pisses me off, mostly because it's the internet.


09/05/2021 01:37 AM 

BiFrosty [Drabble Entry]
Current mood:  adventurous

Rekindle, fiery spirit for great adventures into landscapes not native to a single world. Privy to sail smoothly and swiftly through the vastest darkness between stars, the Adonis-statured corpse waits no longer. Zoom forth and be skyward, star-trekker! Into the pulchritudinous passage of gleaming light and colors, he goes! Set course to a faraway marble past a myriad of stars.  Stiffen oneself to a proud prone, head tilted up. Green eyes are keen on the end of this transcendent tunnel, unreachable as it never seems to get closer. Loose ends of the ash-tinted cloak flail zealously. Divine air allows lowly mortals to breathe better in this celestial sail. ‘Tis nourishment he can be without, but he still welcomes it. The whirling wall of light around the lone passenger is a fortress that takes the fury of the cosmos or a god to break.Haste is heavenly, elevating one’s excitement of exploration. Starbound chap, guest of the New Creation, suppresses his thrill for the distant world he will set his primordial foot on. For good or ill, these nerves harboring oddest atoms are yearning an overdose of adrenaline through amazing adventures into a world, even a galaxy, far, far away.  Reach for the stars. An ambitious sentiment not limited on Earth. 


09/05/2021 12:07 AM 

Warriors Will Waltz [Short Entry.]

  [ This is an excerpt of something in the works. ]  [ Play for vibe. ;3 ] Harken the roar of the great fog door. Savor the mural of leering sunset past three large windows with sharp arcs. The marble floor is immaculate in its gloss, reflecting enough of the world above its polished surface.Rise up, armored host in meditation. Meet the visitor in tattered grey. Bring aloft the Far-Eastern blade of incredible length once in a nap on the lap near the knees. Let the newcomer spend precious seconds to liberate and lift up their own steel. Commit to a steadfast stance, both gents. Proud chests and mellow shoulders. Legs and elbows apart. Hilt secured in each grip. Sharp steel is before each person, preferably front right. Bloodthirsty tips are facing the high ceiling.Eyes of meadow green peer without judgment upon the iron mask of the host towering twice a man. Such attire meant to ward off harm of blade and blunt does not seem to belong in this kingdom. Perhaps it is part of a culture in a distant nation from whence he came, this lordly loner bearing a long limb of laceration.  On this grand hall fit for a grand ball, two shall partake a dance, fancy and fierce. The host, dressed in fashionable plates, and the visitor, veiled in ash-blessed hood and cloak fitting a vagabond, take careful steps forward. Leap a forward stride! Exact a mighty swing that can behead a poor soul! Sing a crisp clang, furious fangs!Before sultry sunset and above marvelous marble, warriors will waltz. 

Government Shield

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Welcome & Thank You for your interest in being my new RP Partner! These are just a few Rules I have made based off my RP style + Life which may affect my Replies! Mainly do Para to Multi Para depending on how Busy+Inspired I am at the moment! Rated M is for the usual Horror Fun! Any Romance and More, I prefer to be done in a Storyline not one for just straight Smut. I attempted to have singular Love Interests before but it seems my Work+Life can be a bit too busy for me to offer all my time for anyone to have to commit themselves to just purely my Leon, so I'm allowing my Leon to have multiple LI's depending on the Stories going on, this is so both parties may be open to a wider range of SL's without the stress. I am rather patient, as I have a busy schedule myself with working 3-4 days out of the week and at times have other engagements during my 'weekends', so do not feel guilty about taking a while to respond, and I do apologize for any length of absence I may at times take! You do not have to match my writing length as it may fluctuate depending on (not limited to) Work (mostly), Side engagements, inspiration, Physical/Mental Fatigue, Busy with IRL, traffic of replies owed, etc.                     --As stated before I work very long hours for work (EMS) and that can take up a lot of my time so please don't feel offended if I end up seeming like I have lost interest in our writings by my replies either not being up to par or rather short. I am able to work in any timeline within the RE:Verse as I tend to RP in just the RE:Verse, but if by any chance we do not follow through with that universe then please bare with me if I am not familiar with your verse or struggling to create things out the top of my head in original content.  If you Remove Me and it was not due to an Aniroleplay glitch , you were deleted, over all accidental, do not expect me to Re-Add you. If you add, I do expect you to message/Comment first (which messaging is fine with me for OOC) No Mirrors No Godding (in terms of conflict between Characters) No Taking control of Leon's actions unless fitting with the scenario at the time or would be essentially Leons next move in my reply My Characters orientation is portrayed as Hetero. Sorry for those attempting to have a Romance that is M/M I am a open/flexible for changes mid-SL if anything is wanting to be added or taken out, I am easy to work with and just need a simple (OOC)  If you arent feeling the RP then please inform me, we can either terminate the RP altogether or find ways to make it work Romance is fine, if such things kick off and involve more than that I am quite open to most but limited to not allowing, Bodily Waste/Excrement Play, Reversed Roles, Necrophilia/Pedophilia, and those related.  Overall I have been RPing for a while, took a long LONG break and decided to come back, I am here for fun to get away from the stresses of my work and explore my creativity when I have the time, I do not wish for any Drama that may cause me more stress in IRL than I already do!  I usually RP on site, but have had a discord I've never used so certain people will be Allowed for Discord Access if requested, though replies may be faster on Discord: 1. Replies may take a hit in length, 2. Do not spam for responses, 3. I will reply when I am able, 4. Let me know who you are on Aniroleplay, 5. I do not Voice or Video Chat.                                                                                                                                                            As stated before I am here to have fun + explore creativity, hopefully, we can all have a positive time and enjoy creating together, this is all for the Rules so far! No need to Sign or anything simply understand that I am a human outside of this (dare I say) Badass character that has a very busy job and other things outside my work that I must put attention to at times, so Lets have fun out there and enjoy!

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A Chance Meeting

Having been out on his ship for a few years, Lucian plundered and found all sorts of treasure. One night, while sorting through some of his bounties he came across a wonderful Golden Armlet. It shined brighter than the gold that sat underneath of it, with a voice calling out to him. Upon fitting it onto his arm, a Water Nymph sprouted from the large sapphire jewel that sat on it. Introducing herself as Minerva, she informed Lucian that as the new owner of the Armlet, he could call upon her at any time so that she could help him. Stunned by the sudden situation, Lucian merely muttered for her to marry him which caused her to flush with embarrassment. Taking him seriously, she agreed to his gesture before he could protest. Since that night, Lucian has since been blessed with the ability to control and summon water. The amount depends on the area and with his travels along the high seas, it should be no surprise that he is always at his strongest. However, it does often come at a drawback as Minerva, his "wife" won't grant him access to this power unless he puts on his charm to draw it out from her. Oftentimes, she will appear randomly while he is in bed with someone, splashing them all out of jealous rage. 

bio, background, magic

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What's In A Name?

Name: Lucian Blackwood Nickname: Luke Gender: Male Age: 27 Height: 5’10 Weight: 165 lbs Occupation: Pirate Captain Affiliation: Crew of the Valheim APPEARANCE: Captain Lucian Blackwood stands tall with broad shoulders and a muscular frame. He has a copper skin tone with two noticeable scars on the bridge of his nose and the right corner of his lip. His black locks are adorned with shells and beads in random places and a dazzling sapphire earring sits in his left ear. On his shoulder sits a tattoo of a raven. His eyes are a deep brown similar to rich oak which helps him charm the ladies. His dress is simplistic but quite stylish amongst his crewmates. A simple white poet shirt covers his upper body with the sleeves rolled up and his chest barely exposed against the elements. Sitting on his arm is a golden armlet with a bright sapphire jewel adorned on the top of it. On his legs are baggy harem-style pants that are tucked into brown buckled boots that stop at his knees. He carries a scimitar on his hip and two pistols across his chest.    TRAITS: Personality: Lucian is a very charismatic man, keeping his crew happy with jokes or songs. He treats them all fairly unless they disregard his rules; his ruthless side then appears as he takes no excuse when giving punishment. The charm doesn’t just affect the crew, but anyone that he would try to “claim” for the night inside of his bedchamber...or theirs. He does have his stubborn moments though they only appear after a night of heavy drinking as his Quartermaster comes to stir him awake.   Background: Every Captain has a start somewhere and Lucian was no different. He was born part of the distinguished Blackwood Family that excelled in a trading company off the coast of an island. His mother, Adela gave him the nickname Luke when he was 3 years of age. Starting at the age of 5 Lucian was groomed to take over the company by his father Achilles Blackwood, learning the skills needed that would help him in the future. As he grew older, his daily life consisted of private tutorship from the best his father could provide, including marksmanship and swordplay. In time, Lucian became a man that could stand on his own in the field of business as well as combat. Despite growing up in high society, Lucian made friends from all walks of life: to lowly thieves up to a few business competitors. Many regarded Luke as someone that commanded respect as if it were a mere plaything.Despite all that his life brought him, Lucian eventually found himself growing tired of the monotony life provided him. What he wished for more than anything was excitement. One night as he was returning home from a night on the town, he found himself jumping into a conversation between two sailors: those sailors turned out to be Pirate Captains splitting a bounty they both claimed was their own. Listening to the both of them debate, Lucian threw himself into the conversation, slowly turning it into a debate until all parties involved were satisfied. One of the pirates commented how well someone like Lucian could do well with a fine crew if he had one. Hearing that was enough to make Lucian begin to plan an escape from his boring life. After that night, Lucian began to work under his father, saving his money to buy his own ship and hire a crew. Once he had enough saved up, he asked for his crew to simply meet him at the dock in the middle of the night so as to not cause his parents distress...just yet. Leaving behind all of his belongings except the clothes on his back and a detailed letter explaining himself, Lucian made his escape down to the docks meeting his crew. Among the crew was one of his best friends and Quartermaster, Onyx Jones. Casting off into the night, Lucian began his ventures into the life of a pirate. As he traveled across the seven seas he also expanded his family’s empire to his father’s dismay. 

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Keineith Lackner

name: Keineith Alexander Lacknerpronouns: they/them + he/himsexuality: queer/ gayage range: 21-25eye color: light bluehair color: naturally black, dyes it multiple colorsrace: native american + whitepositive personality traits: kind, warm, gentle, caring, understanding , soft spoken, flexible, acceptingnegative personality traits: judgmental, takes the moral high ground in some situations, prone to isolation, overapologetic, can be catty(ART IS MINE!) 

oc, original character, ocs,

Jolteon the Lost Companion

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The lost Jolteon

the names jolteon and I am not a wild pokemon if you must know...but i insist you read my bio to understand my character and where he comes from. im a multipara writer and i except crossovers and mains. 


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My hero academia girls

Ice burn(crystal todoroki) Name:Crystal Todoroki Hero name:ice burn Age:17 or 18yrs old(depends on role play) Race:human/wolf/neko Sex:female Sex orientation:bisexual Top or Bottom:both Quirk:half ice half burn Backstory/information:crystal todoroki is one of shoto todoroki triplet sister but shoto doesn’t know about crystal since their parents hid crystal away from everyone but she decided attending U.A school for heros and everything was going very well and she made tons of friends and a bond with her brother shoto but a few months ago she went missing without a trace and no one knew where she was or If she was still alive but soon she just randomly appears back to the dorm rooms of u.a school but she made sure that no one knew she that was back or anything and she wanted it to be that way since she was a spy for both heros and villains to get information from the villains on the hero’s and information from the hero’s on the villainsName:Kat hitoshi(shinsou hitoshi half sister) Hero name:demon kitty Age:19 or 20yrs old Race:human/demon Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Quirk:brainwashing and supernatural powers Likes:sleeping half of the time,cuddling with her kitten,hanging out with friends,relaxing,water,loves messing with people with her two quirks Dislikes:people waking her up,people asking to use her quirks,coffee,energy drinks,alcohol,bullies Backstory:like her half brother shinsou hitoshi she got her brainwashing quirk from shinsou and her other quirk by her step father and she sleeps a lot and can barely stay awake and she can't drink certain things since it makes her very irritated and moody she loves her kitten and she tends to not be around many people it overwhelmed her a lotName:Terra katsuki(bakugo sister) Hero name:Explosion Girl Race:human/wolf Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Quirk:Explosion,super strength and super speed Likes:spicy food,mountain climbing,training,showing off her quirks,loves being cocky,hanging out with her friends loves to relax Dislikes:being told what to do,hates not able to do what she wants to do,hates her ego being torn down Backstory:Terra katsuki is like her brother bakugo she is known as Explosion Girl or angry pomeranian she is like a ticking time bomb at times and has a quick temper like her brother but when she isn't training or going to school she likes to relax and watch movies and eating ice pops to cool herself down at times and she has a crush on her brothers friends kirishima and shoto and izuku but no one knows since she picks on them a lotName:Aba todoroki(dabi's little sister) Hero name:🔥fire girl🔥 Age:21yrs old Race:human/fire demon/succbus Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Likes:having fun,drinking alcohol,partying,showing off her quirk love making friends,eating sushi,coffee Dislikes:people treating her like her brother dabi,people bullying her,people saying she is worthless and rather off dead,rude people Backstory:unlike her brother dabi she wants to be a hero and not a villain but sometimes people treat her badly and she got bullied a lot in school but now she is a pro hero and sge graduate school and loves helping out people and animals she looks like her brother dabi but is nothing like him whatsoever but she does have a small temperName:Dana kaminari(denki's middle sister) Hero name:pika girl Age:17yrs old Race:human Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Quirk:electric powers Likes:her brother denki and classmates,coffee,energy drinks,her Pikachu plushie,sleeping and relaxing Dislikes:using her quirk to much,people calling her names and picking on her,bullies,loud noises Backstory:Dana kaminari is denki kaminari middle sister she is 17yrs old no one really knows about her but she acts like her brother denki and she is very smart as well but uses her quirk to much and knocks her out for a hour or so she has adhd and add and has sensory issues as well she loves to show off at times as well her and her hero suit is like a Pikachu outfitName:Kira(kirishima older sister) Hero name:sharky girl Age:18yrs old Race:human Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or bottom:both Qurik:hardning,turn into a furry shark and fire elements and strength Likes:playing with her victim,sleeping with a shark plush,swimming,drinking alcohol,coffee,cooking Dislikes:people picking on her brother kirishima,people getting to her and telling her what to do and say Backstory:Kira is kirishima older sister and has one of his quirks hardening and strength and can turn into a furry shark when angry and fire elements and the only thing to get her angry enough is when people pick on her brother kirishima she is also the alpha of the family and will tear down anyone's ego and she is very smart but can be sweet and kind at times her hero name is sharky girl due to her turning into a furry sharkName:lulu midoriya (twin to izuku midoriya) Hero name:cinnabun Age:16 or 17yrs old(can be 18yrs old) Race:human Sex:female S.O:bisexual Top or Bottom:both Quirk:animal powers,healing powers,one for all Likes:cuddling,relaxing,watching tv,eating sweets,nice and kind people Dislikes:rape,people forcing on her,coffee,tea,rude people Backstory:lulu midoriya is izuku midoriya long lost twin sister she is the same age as izuku and her quirks are animal powers,healing powers and one for all like her brother but their mother and father kept her a secret from everyone due to her weird animal powers but when she turned 16 she ran away from the place she was staying to find her brother izuku and she got to attend u.a school so she could be closer to her brother but instead of green hair and eyes she had pink hair and red eyes which made her stand out and was being bullied for her looks and silly quirks her hero name is cinnabun cause she smells like a cinnamon roll and her hero outfit a bunny as well


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I read Psalm 73 this morning. And I was greatly encouraged by it. On another note, it’s been 10 years today..I realized when I saw the date. Sugoi, God is good! However, it would be great if some past issues with an old friend could ever be cleared up, somehow. I hope and pray for this, but only if it’s truly the Lords will. 


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The Tactician!

► basics; Name: Zeno Age: 18 Birthday: Feb 21st Species: Darkling Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Bi Relationship Status: Single Occupation: Dark Magician and Strategist Nationality: ???   ► background; Place of Birth: Kamiyo Island Hometown: Ith Village Education: A scholarship in Mirasburg   ► physical; Eye Color: Pure white Hair Color: ??? Height: 5'1 Weight: 132 LBS Appearance: Zeno wears a mix between casual clothes and a wizard's outfit, complete with a gray hat with a crescent moon crest on it. He wears a purple striped sweater, Jeans, and what appears to be hiking boots. He also has a long crimson cloak wrapped around his neck. His face is not visible in the shade of his hat, except for his eyes which shine brightly.   ► personality;   Zeno is a dreamer, he always seems to be chasing his ambitions in one way or another. He's somewhat mature, friendly, loyal, and doesn't hesitate to call out the things he dislikes. He's really fun to have around and is overall a good friend.   Although, he has a fair share of problems. Zeno can be easily agitated sometimes, if one were to mention something he hates on a bad day, it's certain there'd be some verbal lashings to be had. He also holds grudges like there's no tomorrow, to the point where it's not very healthy.   ► misc; Hobbies: Reading, Practicing Magic, Playing games First Book They Read: Beginners guide to the 8 Elements Favorite Book: The Adventures of Ernest Evans

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