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09/03/2021 05:05 PM 


Hello! I am a roleplayer in the Toilet Bound Hanako Kun series musing Hanako himself and seeking other TBHK canon characters to write with.You can find his about here and my guidelines here. Honestly, I've never roleplayed on this site before and would prefer to move to tumblr.That said, if I've broken some kind of etiquette on here, I'm sorry. Please be patient xD;Oh, right, and you can find writing examples here. 

tbhk, jshk, jshk rp, tbhk rp, toilet bound hanako kun


09/03/2021 04:18 PM 

Ta da! The Character Sheet

Full Name: EmmalineNickname/Alias: Emi, Emma, Emmy/EmmeGender: FemaleOrientation: Pretty much straightSpecies: Default human but can change depending on the rpEye Color:Lilac purpleHair Color Bubblegum PinkSkin Tone: A soft delicate peachBuild: Nice and curvy in the right areas.Height: 5'4"Weight: Umm.. no comment~Cup Size: Tee hee it's a secret. Scent: Strawberry AlmondLikes: Sweets, Plushies/Stuffed animals, Gourmet Food,  Upbeat music, FamilyDislikes: Thunder, Getting muddy, Creepy men, SnakesKinks: Umm.. message me I don't wanna get zuck'd Genres: Romance/Slice of Life/Supernatural/Erotica/ Maybe open to newish things. 


09/02/2021 07:43 PM 

Samples of writing. (Memoria Magia RPG posts)
Current mood:  nostalgic

Being the big sister-type of girl, Togame Momoko had a penchant for sticking her nose into things where she didn't belong. She always inserts herself but has good intentions; she's always looking out for everyone especially her teammates. And, today is no exception. However, the situation is dire this time around. Reports of attacks in the industrial section of the city have broken out. Wasting no time, the fiery magical girl and her ragtag duo consisting of Minami Rena with the cold disposition, and the cautious Akino Kaede leap from rooftop to rooftop. Together, the three magical girls form the triple, team, trifecta of first responders. Given the industrial side of the city is their jurisdiction, it's only natural the three arrive onto the scene first. There's a sense of urgency in Momoko's pace; it translates into those white boots of hers that send her full-throttle as she runs without a hitch never ceasing. The articles of her magical girl outfit and her long, blonde hair that's fastened into a ponytail violently flap in the wind as she bounds of another roof. Tagging right behind her follows Rena as she tenses the magically enhanced muscles in her legs that send her propelling over a gap in between building. Clearing the minor obstacle, the clack of her dark blue, high-heeled boots echo as she flawlessly sticks her landing. And, not so gracefully tagging along comes Kaede who is struggling to keep up. The youngest of the group digs her boots into the ceiling she lands on as her feet skid across knocking off some tile in the process. As she frantically flails her arms trying to keep balance with her wooden cane in toll she can't stop herself in time and falls off the roof, or at least that's how it seems at first. An outstretched, sleeved arm belonging to Rena quickly grasps her hand and saves her from the tumble."You idiot!" Rena blurts out as she pulls Kaede up from the side of the house."Hehe.. Sorry.." replies Kaede with a nervous smile.Rena and Kaede butt heads nearly on the daily, if the two weren't seen fighting then you knew something was wrong. Despite ending their friendship more times than one can count, the two genuinely did care about each other. Although, one is far more reluctant to admit it and usually waits for Kaede to fold and apologize."C'mon, let's hurry." said Rena as she helps Kaede to her feet.And with that, the two take off at breakneck speeds. Momoko arrives to the horrific scene first. She's immediately enraged at the complete maelstrom of chaos ensuing."Sh*t!" cursing under her breath she grips the hilt of her giant machete with a vice grip.Despite her best efforts she and the others still couldn't make it in time. Every second counts so accessing the damage is out of the question. Even so, a lump in her throat begins to swell up as she knows all too well that some bystanders were killed. Using the momentum that carried her across all those buildings and roofs she lunges straight towards the mysterious woman sided with the nightmare. She rains downs on her in an attempt to strike her down completely ignoring all disregard for the flames. Rena and Kaede quickly try to save as many lives as possible. Using her affinity towards water magic, Rena douses some of the civilians effectively putting out the flames that scotched their bodies. But the damage is too severe, they need medical assistance pronto. Kaede puts on a brave face but her legs shudder in fear, still, she is courageous and makes it her priority to summon forth thick branches and tree trucks that erupt from the ground moving the injured bystanders away from the battlefield. As she holds her glowing cane that controls the spawning branches she hunches towards the defeated magical girl, her eyes glossing over as tears begin to swell."I-I'm so happy you're alive..!"-----------------------------------------------------------------------  “You sonuvabitch!” Momoko screams at the top of her lungs as she pivots her entire torso and brings her massive blade heaving down. It cleaves through the enigmatic figure but instead the ghastly woman dissipates into a dark shroud of mist. “Wh—A fake!?” She reels her sword back as she yanks it from the ground it fractured beneath. Quickly, she frantically scans around but her eyes only meet the flames closing in around her. How could a nightmare that caused this much destruction be dispatched this quickly? It just didn’t make sense, and she’d be dammed if she'd let some godforsaken monster that caused this atrocity to run rampant out there. She had charged in blindly letting her emotions dictate the best of her, however, they were unified as a team. Though they may squabble, the trust between these three is sincere. When a battle begins it’s as if they had never argued at all. They fight in perfect sync, defeating enemy after enemy.This is why they had to be divided to fall.Walking through the flames, the reflection of a girl steps forward in Momoko’s russet colored irises. She’s completely unscathed by the torrent of fire that consumes her as she simply stands charring, deifying all accounts of logic—her skin beginning to bubble.  Momoko knew this girl! This girl is TOKIWA NANAKA. Personally, she wasn’t a friend or ally but rather a passing acquaintance to her and her teammates. Something is terribly wrong, Momoko felt her stomach in knots and began to lose her nerve. That girl in her way isn’t the magical girl she knew of, for this TOKIWA NANAKA surges with a murderous intent. Precognition and experience from her past battles told the blonde magical girl to ready herself to parry an incoming blow. Her gloved hands clasp tightly around the hilt of her sword, in he blink of an eye the magical girl in the magenta kimono strikes with one of her katanas despite the vast distance between the two. In protest, a shower of sparks emits from their crossed blades. TOKIWA NANAKA utilizes a dual wield style, she swings with her left arm but Momoko’s timely reaction allows her to administer a stern kick to TOKIWA NANAKA’s abdomen before the short katana can reach her. TOKIWA NANAKA is sent skidding across the pavement from the sheer force of Momoko’s blow most likely suffering from fractured ribs. But she unsettlingly rises as her long bangs obstruct her piercing bloodshot eyes. The fire around them encircles the two as it rises several feet into the air, TOKIWA NANAKA busts out into an insane guffawing no human can produce as the flames roar behind her.An eruption of debris and rubble blast about as the aftermath kicks up a cloud of dirt leaving zero visibly in addition to the smoke from the fire that continues to grow. In the wake of the destruction is a massive crater, Rena had just narrowly rolled out of harm’s way. Desperately gasping for shallow gulps of air, her sternum rises like crazy as she kneels. “T-This is bad..” she only has chance to utter that and is immediately targeted. At breakneck speeds, the magical girl, SHINOBU AKIRA, zigzags out of the billows of detritus with all the fury of a demon with clenched fists. “She’s a demon...She’s a demon!” Rena thinks to herself as her thoughts scramble. She’s injured and can’t move effectively, the gravity of the situation is even more serve as she’s left unarmed. She had been disarmed and her trident lays some feet away. In a situation like this, trying to retrieve her weapon would be fatal. All she could is dodge. She felt so worthless like a rat being trapped to be tortured. She hates this feeling, it begins to swell up in her. All her life everyone looked down on her. And now, the only thing she had to stand on is her confidence—her prowess that came from being a magical girl. But that confidence is shattered; she can’t fight, she can’t even protect herself, she’s pathetic. Running, her boots desperately clank against the ground as she tries to take shelter. But it’s useless, SHINOBU AKIRA is a karate practitioner that excels at close quarters combat. It’s just too fast to comprehend, Rena didn’t even see it. To the fleeing magical girl it was instantaneous. She rises both her hands to block the incoming kick flung at her, the impact is so powerful it shatters the bones in her forearms and rattles her core. With her guard literally broken, SHINOBU AKIRA goes for a feint with her right arm but she swings with such force a gust of wind explodes giving Rena the cue to move and she dodges death as SHINOBU AKIRA’S left fist clips her pigtail as Rena bobs her head away from instant kill. Unfortunately, the berserker barrage isn’t over just yet. Jumping forward with her knee extended out, SHINOBU AKIRA executes a jaw-breaking knee attack with all the tenacity of a relentless tiger. The attack sends the battered magical girl crashing into one of the many abandoned warehouses. Laying in rumble, Rena’s soul gem begins to gradually blacken. “I-I don’t want to die...please...PLEASE..MOMOKO! KAEDE!”Kaede isn’t given the chance celebrate that the magical girl that was on death’s doorstep just moments ago pulled through. She had a bad feeling, the sound of heels clanking fill her ears as her head fixates towards the origin of the clicking. Red heels, a high waist slit in her lacy nun dress, and the appearance of what resembled upside down crosses glow in her killer eyes, this magical girl is SISTER NANA. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kaede, the gentle magical girl separated from her team tries to cope with the situation before her. It’s all so heavy, she just wants to help the people affected by the nightmare attack but her anxiety bares her down. Despite the heavy pressure weighing her down, she knew this pink magical girl who was moments away from death needs her help. If that’s all she could do, if that’s the only constant she can provide in this ever changing environment, then she’ll do it to the best of her ability. Even those who are scared can be the most courageous in times of trail. She gulps, the magical girl resembling a nun is obviously trouble, that’s a certainty. All it took Kaede is one glance of this newcomer to determine she’s going to be in for the fight of her life. She didn’t understand why a fellow magical girl is her opposition but she had to do everything in her power to protect the girl in shambles. Even now, even being alone, her mind momentarily drifts off to her teammates. If she’s in trouble, then Momoko and Rena are too.The reality of the situation settles in, Kaede when solo is the weakest link in her team. When the three of them were united, they cover up their flaws and compliment each others unique strengths and attributes with teamwork. Rena is a very offensive fighter and overall capable girl. Kaede loved that about her and inspired to be more like her. She never hesitates and stumbles unlike herself. But together? The two were a wonder duo. With Kaede at the rear providing constant back-up with her long range magic and Rena rushing in with her adaptability and insight, they took down all enemies in their path. But Rena isn't here right now. Momoko is the dependable big sister she never had that she could always relay on whether in battle or her everyday life. Even when she first became a magical girl, it was bad timing Momoko who took her under her wing. This is the first time she didn't have Momoko to relay on.Already at a disadvantage because of the magic she utilizes, another factor contributes to the difficultly. She hadn't the slightest clue what this magical girl can do, nor is she aware of the magic she uses. If only she could make an inference based off her outfit, usually a magical girl had some sort of weapon on hand. But she couldn't spot a single weapon, and she couldn’t even begin to guess what her power is based off her outfit. At that moment, Kaede prays to god for something to drop out of the sky and save her.Something drops but it's not heaven sent.The force of impact is so powerful. Kaede blinks and entirely misses what happens. Was it the enemy magical girl going on the attack instantaneously? Did she completely fail to protect the pink magical girl before it even started? She doesn't even have the luxury to process any of this, she didn't have time to brace for the unexpected arrival that literally dropped from the sky like a meteor. With that much power behind the mysterious newcomer's landing, it knocks her off her feet and sends her flying several feet back. She coughs as a cloud of debris kicks up, her ears are blaring with a loud ring. Quickly, she attempts to scramble to her feet and frantically scans to find the pink girl who surely got caught in the blast much like herself. The dust begins to settle, and she slowly begins to regain her visibly and hearing.Standing in a fresh crater is an individual she's never encountered before. All she can make out is the person’s back as they engage with the nun magical girl. They must be an ally if she stood before her, at least that's what Kaede thought. Still, she couldn't shake this feeling of uneasiness. Are they an ally or an enemy? But she doesn't dwell on that thought very long because the inconceivable unfolds before her eyes. In those few moments she took her eyes off the blood soaked, pink magical girl with severe injuries, that very same girl manages to stand when Kaede is affirmative beyond all reasonable doubt that shouldn't be possible.. Kaede runs over to stop her from pushing herself any further..anymore. It’s basically suicide! But it’s little to no avail, the girl fires off her magical attack in a direction away with a shout, most likely exhausting herself for good as she collapses. Before Kaede can ball her eyes out, a wave of relief washes over as she notes the lunatic of a girl's chest raising. She’s still breathing.“wHat’S The mAtTEr, mY cHArMIng PriNce? I’M SO saD yOu dON’t rECoGnIze YOUR bELoVeD sISteR NaNA? ThEN aGAIn, YOU lET mE F***IN DIE!!!!!! AH-HAHAHA!! 0x000000EF!!”Without even turning to face the rock hurled at her, SISTER NANA caught it mid-flight and crushes it to dust in her gloved hand. “yOu WanT To plAY tOO? CoMe OUT, LittLE BITCH!”   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Regaining consciousness, Rena, who was driven into despair had found hope at the edge of it. Somebody is looking out for her, somebody actually cares about a terrible person like herself? One of her eyes slowly flickers open as her other remain shut and bruised. All she remembers is SHINOBU AKIRA about to administer the finishing blow when suddenly a blinding, pink-tinted illumination swallows up her field of vision and everything went black afterwards. Awakening, the shoddy, rundown warehouse that was left to rot--the same warehouse she fell into after breaking through the ceiling--hardly resembles a structure, if at all. Slabs of concrete are scattered about and the remains of the infrastructure lay everywhere. What exactly happened? The bluenette is perplexed but she didn't question the intent behind the pink light. It was meant to save her.With the best of her ability, she painstakingly shifts her head up to catch a blurry glimpse through the dust of debris. Her lower body is pinned under rumble, normally, any magical girl could simply push the weight off them but there isn't an ounce of strength in her body remaining to even move. With her hands hoisting herself up on the pieces of structure, she is mortifyingly flabbergasted to witness the silhouette of that monster take shape as the dust begins to settle. There's no way anybody could live through such an attack! But before the debris entirely dissipates, there's a figure standing in front of her now. It wasn't there a moment ago but the footfall of boots signals her someone had literally just jumped in. Something so radiant, something so poised, and something so.. mean stands before the indomitable might of SHINOBU AKIRA. That something is an older woman, perhaps, somewhere around Yachiyo's age give or take. She appears tall but all Rena can currently make out is her back, her uniform, and the ridiculously long blade she wields. The length of that thing gave the slab of metal Momoko lunges around willy-nilly a run for its money. There's a ferociousness to this newcomer's voice. It's demanding and domineering, strident enough to be heard through the sounds of combat that bombard the district. Rena wants to click her tongue in retort pursing that with a snappy remark at the girl in the military duds but she's in no condition. The pitiful display of an unarmed, twin-tailed magical girl whose frilly costume is in shambles, smothered in dirt, blood, and debris, and was on the brink of despair had no saying in the matter. Rather, Rena had nothing to say. Tears start flowing from her eyes as they travel down her checks and slide into the crook of her neck. She's just happy someone came to her rescue. A new hope had been installed into the magical girl as her soul gem that doubles as a waist broach glows with a bright blue. She has to be a better person after all this.Another magical girl drops in, reaffirming Rena everything will be okay now, nonetheless she knows SHINOBU AKIIRA'S abilities firsthand."Please be careful! Ren—I couldn't keep up with her speed," she pauses, pain courses through her body but she mutters. "D-Don't let her close in on you!"-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The truth is, the SHINOBU AKIRA standing before the two magical girls isn't Shinobu Akira. It's the reason why she was able to endure such a deveasting attack that leveled a warehouse ontop of her. Mamika's Magical Splash Flare wasn't for naught. In fact, SHINOBU AKIRA sustained significant damage, she merely did not show it on the account this thing is far from human. As a result, SHINOBU AKIRA went into frenzy mode."wHO tHe FucK ArE YOU? CriMSoN rOSe? HoW lOnG dID IT tAkE YOU tO cOmE UP WitH ThAT CHUunI TiTLe?”As the tip of Kasagami's sword prudently marks its target, the erratic SHINOBU AKIRA grins."rEAdY tO GeT bURneD LITtle gIRL!!?"In that brief second Rena calls out to the two of them, SHINOBU AKIRA seizes the opportunity as La Pucelle peers over her shoulder. In a flash, she jumps onto the knight's drawn buster sword! La Pucelle is caught off guard by such sinister speed that she's unable to react to the tremendous kick SHINOBU AKIRA delivers to her head. Such force makes the knight's body go lopsided as the wall brutally interrupts her flight path—face first.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The fierce battle between Momoko and TOKIWA NANAKA rages on.A berserker barrage of swings from both of TOKIWA NANAKA’s katanas keeps Momoko on her toes. The relentless onslaught of her two sword style proves formidable and brings Momoko to push herself to her limits. There’s no time to attack, all she can do is defend. Strike after strike, it’s never ending. Being pushed back into the wall of flames, Momoko chooses to lock blades with her. Another step back and she’ll be driven into the fire. The flames tantalizing teases her back as the heat begins to slowly burn her. Gnashing her teeth together, Momoko pushes herself forward and overpowers TOKIWA NANAKA. There it is! A golden opportunity presents itself and she’d be dammed if she didn’t seize it! With TOKIWA NANAKA’s guard down, Momoko hermetically clenches her right gloved hand into a fist and decks TOKIWA NANAKA straight in the face with all her might. She threw caution to the wind and gambled everything into that punch. All her weight was shifted into that single blow along with her aspirations to reunite with Kaede and Rena, save those affected, and stop this madness.She knows it’s pointless, it’s futile. But tries anyway.“Nanaka!” she reels her fist back. There’s a fiery determination in her eyes as she steps forward, hand clasping the hilt of her sword. “Think of your teammates! Why are you doing this!?”If only Momoko could reach her, if only she could help her. But it didn’t matter, try as she might. There’s no saving Nanaka for she has already perished.Momoko is a veteran magical girl just like Yachiyo. In fact, the two had once been a team together. Momoko has seen her fair share of battles and the grueling cycle of watching all those dearest to her share a miserable fate. Her foundation is the strength in her fortitude to never see anyone suffer like that again. They were all young, they were all naive. They all believed in miracles and wishes once, and they all made contracts with Kyuubey.TOKIWA NANAKA may have the advantage in speed but Momoko had the stamina, power, and experience under her belt. This battle is strenuous but Momoko would do it all over again if she could save Nanaka, that’s just who she is.Hunching into a fetal position, TOKIWA NANAKA’s grabs her head as if she’s in severe pain."0x000000EF 0x000000EF 0x000000EF 0x000000EF 0x000000EF 0x000000EF 0x000000EF" Taken back, Momoko keeps her guard up by the unsettling display.Tokiwa Nanaka was a 15 year old that belonged to the head family of Kashin-ryu, a school of flower arranging dating back to the Edo peroid. Her family had fallen from grace once the students of her father betrayed him on his deathbed and turned their backs on the school and its traditions. Having a not-so-fateful encounter with the Incubator revealed those students were under the influence of a witch. And, thus began her great witch hunt to exact revenge for her father. She needed help, along the way she manipulated girls into joining her going as far as to pretend to be weak against a witch so a girl was forced to make a contract to save her. She may have appeared refined, elegant, and innocent but she is a master strategist and manipulator stopping at nothing to achieve her goals. However, operating as coldly as she did put her at odds with herself. It’s true, everything she did was originally for her benefit but she began to realize the values in her teammates and in turn learned to love them. Unfortunately, before she could act on such notions she was slain along with her teammates. TOKIWA NANAKA is the embodiment of her regrets.Elevating from the floor without the use of her limbs, TOKIWA NANAKA draws both of her unsheathed katanas at her sides. Momoko can’t help but sense something coming, what is she planning? At that moment, the fire calms if only for a moment and thousands of cherry blossom petals rain down dancing in a torrent.WHITE CAMELLIA ็™ฝๆคฟ-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sister Nana, whose civilian identity was Habutae Nana, was a magical girl that acted as a mentor to many upcoming magical girls. She gave her tutelage to the likes of La Pucelle and others. As a result, many looked up to her and admired her. Her character represents a member of the clergy, so it was only natural that a nun would be pure and righteous. The night Nemurin was confirmed dead made her sob to no end in sight. The pain of losing a loved one is something to never trifle over and as the city plunges further into chaos, so did Sister Nana’s threshold. But in reality, the pedestal the glorious philanthropist whose heart was as wide as the ocean was beginning to crumple. Truth is, her entire personality is a front. Nana feigns righteousness to gain the appeal of others.Insecure about her own looks and worth, Nana detested her human form despite the unyielding love of her partner, Ashu. She remained affable and easy to approach to gain connections she could manipulate whenever she needed. Above all, she deliberately placed Winterprison in danger so she can act out her fantasies of her charming prince coming to her rescue. Habutae Nana wasn’t irredeemable or beyond salvation but at surface value she was a fake by all means and intents. As the terror ran rampant she ironically feared she would lose Winterprison to some terrible nightmare. She couldn’t be like Ashu who put her life on the line defending the city as the nightmares grew more aggressive. She preached justice and unity but acted on neither. All those magical girls she tutored entered the fray with faith that everything will be okay. Many of those girls lost their lives and even more of those girls are fighting now with every ounce of life they have. But she couldn’t do that. If Winterprison died who would protect her? Her intuition knew Sakura is innocent but instead of interject she much rather let an innocent child die than engage herself in possible harm. She hates all this about herself which is why Sister Nana had to be seen as purity. It’s these bottled emotions that unfortunately harbored her untimely demise. A nearby nightmare was drawn to her negative feelings and scaled up her apartment complex and entered through an open window. The world had lost a supposed martyr that night.A bloodcurdling scream manages to break through the tense atmosphere. A scream so visceral, one can almost feel secondhand pain. Immediately, Kaede who is protecting herself and the down pink wonder with thick roots that erupted from the concrete with her magic buckles to her knees. That scream.. That voice.. It’s suddenly hard to swallow and harder to breath. It’s Momoko. On the verge of gagging, the stress becomes too much on this little girl. She had to get to Momoko right now. But the obstacle of Sister Nana is a massive hindrance.If she flees, she’ll surely be pursed. But that doesn’t even cross her mind. She’s not going to abandon the manic fighting the nun in critical condition nor the magical girl who she doesn’t even know. They will die if she does. Another joins in against the deranged nun, she lacks—color. Kaede imagines this mysterious, bleached newcomer is an ally, she hopes. If the three combine their power they can dispatch the nun. Teamwork is something her, Momoko, and Rena emphasize and it shouldn’t be any different here. She has to be brave, she has to take helm of this situation.“Y-You’re going to kill yourself! P..Please!” she stutters holding back tears as she speaks to Winterprison. “Please STOP! I-I’ll help.. we...we have to work together..! PLEASE!” She has a feeling this woman is beyond the point of reasoning despite her begging. Which is why Kaede craftily summons roots to attempt to coil around both of Winterprison’s ankles as her full, undivided crazy-eyed attention is solely for Sister Nana. It isn’t meant to hold Winterprison in place forever but should be enough to anocher her down long enough for Kaede to make one move. Perhaps, her actions will spur something in the magical girl that’s long fallen from grace.The industrial district was left to rot with its many forgotten warehouses that once served a purpose yesteryear. As a result, all the plants that manged to grow through the cracks of concrete were left to grow uncontrollably. It’s going to take a toll on her magic but Kaede pushes onward just like the two dear friends she admires and wants to see again. Her wish was to protect her family’s garden from the construction of an apartment complex and because of that her innate magic allows her plant creation and control. Reenforcing those very plants with her magic allows her to control them! Quickly, vines and tree roots explode with such fever slabs of concrete launch into the air as they ensnare the Nun who is stunned from the last devastating attack in a crucifixion. Beckoning the pale girl, her gloved hands tightly clasp her wooden staff as the top glows vibrantly. “Go!” Whatever the pale girl will do won’t be enough to finish her off considering the walls that encased the Nun earlier and in addition with the tremendous kick weren’t enough to bring her done but it’s a start.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   "Inaction is cowardice." These words were engraved into the crevices of Shinobu Akira’s being. These words once uttered by her father shaped the person she became. Her father is a karate practitioner and has a dojo with many students. As such, her father is a tough man with an unyielding resolve. His training is intense and as a result his mental fortitude needed to be in top shape to endure his training. But despite his stern and brash nature, he has a heart of gold. He always wanted a son but was blessed with a daughter instead. Nonetheless, he passed on all his knowledge, virtues, and tutelage to the daughter he loved. He always made time to help people and following in his suit so did Akira. Since an early age Akira always found herself helping people. Her earliest memory is as young as six years of age and helping an elderly woman find her wallet. Since then, she couldn’t stop helping people. Even if she tired she couldn’t say no. Eventually, she had gained somewhat of a reputation as being a “troubleshoot”. She was fairly popular and many people relied on her. One day she accidentally stumbled into a witch’s labyrinth and saw a group of people who had all fallen to a witch’s kiss curse. Among those people was the lost girl she had been searching for. A strange creature that called itself Kyubey introduced itself to her, and she made a wish to save all those people. The rest is history. Ever since that day she had devoted herself to witch hunting and joined Nanaka on her quest.Akira never asked for anything in return. Much like her father, she had a heart of gold and simply helped because she could. You don’t need a reason to help people, right? That’s the way she lived her life; even she could tell Nanaka had her wrapped around her finger but she still aided her.But on that day, when she entered a witch’s labyrinth like the many countless ones she had entered before, she didn’t expect it to be her last. Nanaka, Konomi, and herself perished that night. The three encountered the sadistic musician of the forest, Cranberry. All it took was one look from Akira to realize they were up against a sociopath. Cranberry had crushed Konomi’s soul gem and the gruesome realization had came to light, the fate of all magical girls is to become witches. Enraged, Akira sprang forward with all her might. She delivered devastating blows and exchanged punches and kicks with the object of her undivided hatred. But this was no ordinary magical girl, this was a monster. In those fleeting moments as her life escaped her, she wished someone would come and help her—like all those times she helped everyone else. All those times she put herself in danger, and all those times she went out of her way. So this is how she’s rewarded, huh?SHINOBU AKIRA is the manifestation of those emotions, her anger is what drove this nightmare into existence.Before SHINOBU AKIRA can regain her footing, Kasagami had already gone on the offensive. The attack on the dragon knight might have been critically successful but it left the nightmare completely open. At this rate, it’s impossible for SHINOBU AKIRA to react to the incoming attack."FuCK yOu!!!" hollers the nightmare. The tip of the nodachi impales the taut muscle in her calve as she attempts to draw her outstretched leg back. The impact is stout in its delivery and stronger in its climax. SHINOBU AKIRA is momentarily pinned to what remains of a wall behind her that immediately obliterates upon connection of Kassagami’s blade. Roaring in complete agony, SHINOBU AKIRA grabs the mangled mess of what once resembled her right leg as a black ooze-like substance gushes everywhere. Beyond the point of return, SHINOBU AKIRA clenches at the site of injury with such a fierce grasp and rips off her very own leg tugging at the stubborn threads of meat until they snap."I’LL KILL YOU."Glaring up from her pitiful position on the floor, her eyes lit up. SHINOBU AKIRA’s magical ability has been activated. Akira was a close-range fighter and used melee attacks, because of such, her magic to determine weak spots came quite in handy. Such is the case for SHINOBU AKIRA as well. Still on the ground, the nightmare brought up her gloved fist bathed in what one could imagine is her blood and drove it into the ground in front of her with each knuckle driving itself into the solid concrete. As a nightmare, SHINOBU AKIRA is heightened in all regards which explains her abnormal speed. The magical girl Akira was a physical powerhouse yet a gentle fighter so SHINOBU AKIRA is a monster boasting in raw power and preposterous velocity.In a sheer display of strength, the kinetic energy outputted from her fist tears the floor asunder as it travels in the direction of the proud council student. The attack is meant to give SHINOBU AKIRA some breathing room as she rolls over and stands on her remaining leg. No longer baring the limitations of a human nor the certain refinement of a magical girl, SHINOBU AKIRA embraces her berserker tendencies. Steam begins to emit from the ungodly wound and out protrudes a fully restored leg. SHINOBU AKIRA couldn’t keep this up. She’s currently standing on her last legs. But she didn’t care what happens next, if nothing but endless darkness awaits her. Then she’s determined to bring everyone and everything to its end as she releases the frustration of her untimely death.



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A Promise. [Entry for Read.]
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      Stray skyward, twin audience of light and darkness, joy and woe. The vast vista of the night garnished handsomely by celestial sparkles, fuzzy ships, and gleaming continents is mesmerizing. The earth below with its highs and lows, plains and curves, dirt, lumber, green and waters compliments the cosmic ceiling. Yes, it is a fleeting speck of dirt in the whole of creation, outlived by the distant dazzling diamonds. However, the great marble does outlive its many denizens with even more fleeting lives.This moment seems so still yet plenty do move around or about, small and large, slow or swift. The stargazer with many tales to tell has nary a whisper to spill out of spite. Garbed in tattered hood and cloak, ash tainted what lush tint it had. A cloth veils the husk-like hide from nose to chin. What tragedies might be etched on those ghastly wrinkles surrounding the enthralled emeralds?“Do you miss it?” asked by a sultry disembodied voice of a woman.“Your home?”The bonfire more than a yard behind the stargazer crackles. Alone, he is not. Seconds without response creep by. The lady with a fairest ivory-peach skin and a long silvery-golden hair and kept decent in a black gown flaunts not the faintest hint of impatience on her divine visage. A small creature of pearl scale is curled on her lap, dreaming sweetly.“Absolutely,” the man bridged the silence at last. His manly voice is a blend of optimism and the warm promise of a doting lover.“Perhaps it has been rebuilt, somewhere in these latest cosmic landscapes.”Soft fingertips stride upon the back of the tiny sleeping legend. Its closed wings lightly twitch.“I would love to go there, someday.”The man takes a rest from admiring the evening sky. His companion, radiant and regal, deserve more than just his chatter while his back is turned. Her icy blue eyes glimmer from the dancing flame. They leave him rather spellbound. The maiden meets his gaze, not galled at the slightest by his silent stare. Their fellowship took flight nearly a decade ago. Even by the tiniest and weakest of embers, a longing that he believed to have been pillaged from him lifetimes ago is astir.The cloaked fellow approaches the woman, soon pausing this short stroll. Before her, he rests a knee upon the floor of soil and dried fallen leaves. A palm wrapped in old cloth with exposed little ghoulish limbs reaches for one of her hands, bare and without blemish. She reciprocates his grasp, smooth and tender, deprived of disgust as she brings it union with his wraithlike skin.“If it is indeed the case, I promise to take you there...”Pause to give sweet stress to a splendid spill.“...Aza-Vela.”Joy is portrayed upon her strawberry red lips. Lean forth, their foreheads soon kiss. Eyes closed. Swaying flame crackles. The mythic lizard is whimpering pleasantly from undisturbed rest.Blessed be this eve. What despair and horrors linger to haunt hearts and corrupt spirits are forgotten beneath the starry skies. These two souls are caught in a moment of a much-deserved peace and togetherness between dearest friends. Maybe, just maybe, a promising bloom of something more. 


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{โ€ขCandlecove charactersโ€ข}
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All characters are NOT MINE it’s just the way I would play them![POPPY]He the captain of the good guys,The laughingstocks. He a tall and pretty muscular man with a big red beard,yellow or green eyes. mostly calm and protective of his crew like a dad. On the inside he always scared something bad would happen but Nevers show it and prefer to look calm as to not scare his crew. Always as many weapons hidden in his big coat. Originally a puppet but can be human for rp. [MILO] He Poppy’s brother,an ex captain who killed his crew by making them work too Much. He a jerk and a bully,always trying to kill Percy,the coward of the crew. He now with his brother but it’s unsure if he actually good or bad because he so inclined on killing Percy it’s almost insane. Smokes and drinks a lot. He as dirty blonde hair and tanned skin,pretty tall but not that strong looking. As a British accent as his voice actor probably was. Originally a puppet but can be human.his weapon are guns.Milo also did quite a lot of other things,like killing his fiancée to sacrifice to the Skintaker out of madness about wanting powers to kill Percy once and for all.[PERCY] Another good guy,he a coward and always on nerve,ready to run or scream. Fastest of the crew physically but also weakest and pretty emotional. He bullied by Milo who love to insult his lack of masculinity,which Percy hates Milo for it. He as ginger hair,blue eyes,average height. Originally a puppet but can be human. His weapon is a small dagger and is awful piano playing skills.[SKINTAKER]Skintaker is the main enemy of the laughingstocks. When he was ‘human’ he was a famous killer,poppy got fed up with it and gave him a taste of what he been doing to his victims. Since then the Skintaker been revived by Horace horrible,a powerful sorcerer who became his servant. He now a demonic skeleton hellbent on destroying the laughingstocks and skinning people for his clothes. He wears clothes made of skin and the one that always most represented is his skin top hat. Originally a puppet but can be changed. He as demonic powers.[HORACE HORRIBLE]Horace horrible is a powerful sorcerer who one day revived Skintaker,because of this he became a servant to him unwillingly. He sometimes a bit unsure about what the Skintaker wants to do,as very polite manners and calls himself a gentleman.He as a big black moustache,no hair,white skin and a monocle,his other eye is missing. A bit small in height. Originally a puppet but can be human. Uses his magic to fight.[EARL OF WAX]A man of power who trying to eradicate all sorts of crimes,especially pirates. He supposed to let them have fair trials but will always deny them this and goes to torture for informations in his basement with loud classical music. He all black like a shadow,made out of candle wax and his insides shines like a candle’s flame. When his empotions are too strong he melts a bit. Easily angered and very prideful. The earl as an army of wax men and lot of ships. He a secondary evil in candlecove/second lesser bad guy.


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Asylum crazies chatacters

August (twin to luca) (currently in roleplay)Age 17Species: humanOrientation:gay (seke)Hair tealEye color tealTattoos nonePiercings noneReason he is asylum Luca is very protective of August. He doesn't let anyone touch August, doesn't even let anyone get in relationship with him. There parents didn't like how posseive he was and tried to get them into counseling to see what they could do. August felt like he needed to be with Luca all the time and the only time he spoke was when he was with Luca. They were sent to the asylum when nothing was working for there parents  and that's when they got separated in two separate rooms parted with glass. It made Luca Nuts and August felt like he became a shell of who he once was. It was like he needed Luca to tell him what to do. Luca (twin to August) (currently in roleplay)Age: 17Species humanOrientation: gay (seke)Hair blueEye blueTattoos nonePiercings noneReason he is asylum Luca is very protective of August. He doesn't let anyone touch August, doesn't even let anyone get in relationship with him. There parents didn't like how posseive he was and tried to get them into counseling to see what they could do. August felt like he needed to be with Luca all the time and the only time he spoke was when he was with Luca. They were sent to the asylum when nothing was working for there parents  and that's when they got separated in two separate rooms parted with glass. It made Luca Nuts and August felt like he became a shell of who he once was. It was like he needed Luca to tell him what to do.Ax (twin to chip) Age: 15Species humanOrientation gay (seke)Hair orangeEye redTattoos moon phases on backPiercings tongueReason he is asylum There parents abused them as kids. Ax couldn't take it no more and he ended up killing them. They were brought to the asylum to be in separate rooms. Ax is always the dark room due to him always trying to escape to see his brother. Chip has bad anxiety and always makes himself sick thinking about what happenChip (twin to ax) Age 15Species humanOrientation gay (seke)Hair redEye orangeTattoos sun on backPiercings earsReason he is asylum There parents abused them as kids. Ax couldn't take it no more and he ended up killing them. They were brought to the asylum to be in separate rooms. Ax is always the dark room due to him always trying to escape to see his brother. Chip has bad anxiety and always makes himself sick thinking about what happen


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Raijลซ (Thunder Beast)A katana originating from the Land of Iron, modified with ninja tech. Reinforced by a powerful alternating current and resonating at extremely high vibration frequencies. This oscillation weakens the molecular bonds of anything it cuts, thereby increasing its cutting ability. Upon the handle is a six-cylinder revolving chamber that can fire cartridges with Jutsu sealed in them. The launcher itself and his sheath have a detector that reads chakra signatures. Only he can draw the blade normally or use the launcher. The sword handle has a timer on it it it detects a foreign chakra holding it. Within five seconds the blade will give off a powerful current at extremely high vibrations.Wooden Sword: Carved and shaped from some of the hardest wood in the Land of Iron. He uses this on those he does not deem worthy enough to draw his real blade against. He can use the Samurai Saber Technique to run his chakra down the blade. Making it able to cut and increasing its durability.

The Blazing Phoenix Pirates

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The Blazing Phoenix Pirate Crew (Basic Info)

Devil Fruit<> Devil Fruit are special fruits that grant the eater special abilities depending on the fruits name in exchange the consumer losses the ability to swim. Water and Sea Prism stone are the greatest weakness to any Devil Fruit user. Water and Sea Prism drains the power and strength of the Devil Fruit user making them weak and helpless. There are three types of Devil Fruits.Paramecia - The most common of the three Devil Fruit types, Paramecia-type Devil Fruits grant their users superhuman powers other than animal transformation or elemental transformation; such powers as shock wave generation and locking onto targets. Paramecia Fruits can alter features of the user's body such as a rubber physique or a body of blades. Some Paramecia Fruits allow the user to modify the people, objects, and environment around them, like by making things levitate or turning people into toys. Finally, there are some users that can generate and manipulate substances, such as wax and poison.Logia  - The rarest and most powerful of the three Devil Fruit types, Logia-type Devil Fruits allow their users to create, control, and transform their body into a natural element, such as ice, mud, smoke, fire, or darkness. The elemental transformation effectively makes the user intangible, as well as allowing the user to remain in control of their body, even when it is broken into pieces. They also gain every ability related to that element, such as sand being able to absorb moisture or lightning being able to travel through conductive objects.Zoan - The users of Zoan-type Devil Fruits gain the ability to transform into an animal, as well as transform into a hybrid form of their own species and the species the fruit allows them to transform into. A recently discovered science allows Zoan Fruits to be integrated into objects, bringing the object to life and granting it the standard Zoan transformations. Carnivorous animal Zoans are better suited for combat. Zoan Fruits have a number of sub-classifications, including:Ancient Zoan - Zoan Fruits that allow the user to transform into an extinct species, such as dinosaurs. Ancient Zoans are rare and they appear to be stronger than regular Zoans.Mythical Zoan  - Zoan Fruits that allow the user to transform into mythological creatures, such as a dragon or a phoenix. Mythical Zoan animals tend to have special powers, like a phoenix Zoan being able to generate flames that have healing powers. Mythical Zoans are the rarest type of Devil Fruit, even more so than Logias.Haki<> Haki is a mysterious power that allows the user to utilize their own spiritual energy for various purposes. It can be used to sense people's spiritual energy and predict their actions, give the user a protective coating of spiritual energy, and, for a certain group of "chosen ones", overpower the willpower of others. There are three types of HakiKenbunshoku Haki, also know as Observation Haki, grants users a sixth sense of the world around them and limited precognitive abilities. Users of this Haki can sense people's presence, strength, emotions, and intentions. An advanced level of Kenbunshoku allows the user to see a short period into the futureBusoshoku Haki, also known as Armament Haki, allows the user to use their own spiritual energy as armor to defend against attacks, as well as make their own attacks more potent. A person can apply the armament to a section of their body, over their entire body, and even apply it to their weapons. An advanced level of Busoshoku allows the user to emit the armament a short distance without a medium. A higher grade of advanced Busoshoku allows the user to make the emitted armament flow into a target's body and destroy it from the inside out.Haoshoku Haki, also known as Conqueror's Haki, grants the user the ability to overpower the will of others. This results in victims being mentally overwhelmed by the user, with particularly weak-willed foes instantly losing consciousness. Haoshoku is a rare form of Haki that only one in several million people are born with the ability to use. An advanced level of Haoshoku allows the user to infuse their conquering spirit into their weapons and physical attacks, greatly augmenting their power. Only a small handful of the most powerful Haoshoku users are able to achieve this((Captain Drake is the main character, the others are NPC's that operate and maintain the ship that is used like a hub where you would repair and upgrade equipment, eat and travel between destinations. Each NPC does have a back story and a story arc))Phoenix D. Drake The CaptainNickname(s):<> The Enternal Phoenix // The Cursed Swordsman // Bounty:<> $500 million Berries, Alive or DeadAge:<> 26Gender:<> Male Species:<> Human Hair Color:<> Red Eye Color:<> RedHeight:<> 6’5 Occupation:<> CaptainAbilities/Weapons:<> Drake wielded thirteen unique Katanas know as the Cursed Sword of the Sea. It was said the devil himself cursed the swords to play a joke on humans, giving the wielder of the sword a weird and silly curse.Drake Ate the Tori Tori no Mi Model Red Phoenix, a Mythical Zoan type of Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit power gave Drake the ability to transform into a flaming red Phoenix, fire-based attacks, and use Logia-like abilities like turning his body into fire so that physical attack can pass through him. What really made the Tori Tori no Mi Model Red Phoenix so special is that it will revive its user from death once in their lifetime, weakening the power of the Devil Fruit. Drake used the resurrection abilities early on in his adventures when he ate his second Devil Fruit, the Goro Goro no Mi.The Goro Goro no Mi is a Logia type of Devil Fruit that gave the eater the power to create, control, and transform into Lightning.Drake can also use all three forms of Haki.Techniques:> Talons Claw, a technique that changes the uses leg into that of a bird's leg with six-inch razor shape talons that they use to slice away at their target while kicking them.Curses:<> After collecting all thirteen cursed swords of the sea, Drake's heart stops every time he touches water though to him as a Devil Fruit eater it was just one more reason to not get wet. Just in case he was to fall in the water, his navigator Leon built a device that would help pump his heart in till his body was able to dry and the ability of his Goro Goro no Mi could be used to restart his heart.Unless the sword was magical or special in some way, every sword Drake wields would turn into a Katana, the base imaging of his cursed swords.The thirteen curses placed on Drake by his Ancient sword very and activate randomly. The effect of the curse depends on the color the hilt and handle of his sword takes.RED // Reverse Impact // Any damage that would be caused by the sword bearing the color red would reflect on to his own body leaving the target unharmed. Damage dealt with him this way was delayed and felt at a random time in the futureYELLOW // Unluck Step // A sword bearing the color yellow cause a slippery object to appear on the ground in front of him, making him slipORANGE // A sword bearing the color orange causes the handle to heat up, burning his hand and causing him to drop his sword. Though Drake is fire-based, the heat of the sword was hotter than the heat emitted from his own fire abilities.VIOLET // A sword bearing the color violet causes time displacement. The way this works, when Drake goes for the attack he disappears only to reappear one second later five feet from the target with a random object that he cut through.PINK // When a sword bearing the color pink makes contact with something, the blade of the sword turns into a group of butterflies and flies off before it could cause any damage.(((More will be added as I figure them out))Personality:<> Drake tries to play off that he is a serious type of guy but in fact, he tends to come off a bit corny and lame at times with his weak sense of humor and low intelligence. At first, it may seem like he ignores everything that goes on around him but it really comes down to him just being very ignorant and unaware. Some of his personality is due to the curses placed on him by his swords and the rest is just him being an ignorant idiot.Goals:<> Drake's main goal is more of a fantasy as it is unachievable with that being rid of corruption from the world. Besides his fantasy dream his adventures out with a goal to free the world of the self claim gods that rule over the pirate world.Drake also seeks information about what happened to his family and his twin brother's whereabouts.The current goal Captain Drake was working on was hunting down the underground organization known as Crisis Corporation.Shamus the Immortal Drunken Irish BrawlerNickname(s):<> The Immortal Demon of the Sea // The Drunken Pervert // Immortal ArseholeBounty:<> Wanted!!! $100 billion Berries for his headAge:<> UnknownGender:<> MaleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> Fire Reddish-OrangeEye Color:<> AquaHeight:<> 7'0Occupation:<> Drunken Pervert, First Mate of the Blazing Phoenix PiratesAbilities:<> Besides being Immortal, Shamus is a master in all forms of hand-to-hand combat.He ate the Netsu Netsu no Mi also known as the Heat Heat Fruit, which allowed him to emanate heat from his body. Shamus was also the only member of the Blazing Phoenix Pirates that had awakened his Devil Fruit abilities. This allows him to control his own body temperature and the temperature of objects (does not include living things) around him. Shamus was also able to use all three forms of Haki but a master of Advanced Armament HakiTechniques:> Vitrified Impact, a technique that increased the temperature of the user’s fist to one thousand, seven hundred and sixty degrees Celsius, and the temperature at which sand turns into glass. Upon impact not only would it melt anything that couldn’t withstand that temperature but it also sent out a tremendous heatwave up to twenty feet.  Personality:<> Shamus is a perverted annoying self-centered egomaniac drunk with a heavy Irish accent in short. Due to his immortal body, Shamus lives carefree and doesn’t care who he pissed off in the process. Always picking fights and pushing buttons when it comes to guys and always flirting and groping on cute girls. He’s a comedy relief and doesn’t care to break any rules or laws.Goals:<> Shamus seeks the cure for his immortality and to kill the ones that placed it on himZack the MarksmanBounty:<> $300 million Berries Wanted Alive or DeadAge:<> 24Gender:<> MaleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> PurpleEye Color:<> YellowOccupation:<> MarksmanAbilities:<> Specializing in sniping, Zack was a master sharpshooter that almost never missed a shot. This of course depended on the skills and abilities of his target.Zack had eaten the Murno Murno no Mi Devil Fruit is also known as the Purple Flame Fruit. The Murno Murno no Mi was a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. The Murno Murno no Mi was the Paramecia version of the Mera Mera no Mi which allowed the user to create and control fire at will. Unlike the Mera Mera no Mi, the Murno Murno no Mi did not allow the user to transform his body into fire.Zack mainly used his purple flames as bullets and fast transportation across long distances.Zack has Observation Haki. This ability would allow him to see others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturallyPersonality:<> Zack is a bit emo-like in some sense, always looking so gloomy and down in the dumps and never has anything good to say about himself. He takes everything as an insult to himself even the good stuff and always blames himself when things go wrong.Goals:<> Zack wants to learn to be more self confidence so that he would be able to find and free his enslaved family one dayAngel the DoctorBounty:<> $90 million Berries, Wanted Dead or AliveAge:<> 20Gender:<> FemaleSpecies:<> SkypieanHair Color:<> Blond with Blue highlightsEye Color:<> Light BlueHeight:<> 5’0Occupation:<> DoctorAbilities:<> Angel ate the Hono Hono no Mi Devil Fruit also known as the Pink Flame Fruit, a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit. Her pink flames granted buff and healing minor injuries, making her a great support role for any battle. Angel could also use Mantra, allowing her to see great distances.Personality:<> Angel is mostly a sweet and innocent young girl but if you hurt her friends she will not hesitate to let her inner demon out. She took her role as the doctor serious, a little too serious some would say. She didn’t care if it was her own crew, a civilian, or an enemy, she would try to heal them. She was a very curious and eager person and seemed always cheerful and was easily excited about new things.Goals:<> Angel wanted to be the greatest doctor the world has ever seen.Megan the ShipwrightBounty:<> $250 million Berries Wanted Dead or AliveAge:<> 23Gender:<> FemaleSpecies:<> Human/AmazonHair Color: <> Brunette with Light Green highlightsEye Color:<> Lime GreenHeight:<> 8’0Occupation:<> ShipwrightAbilities:<> Megan has eaten the Midori Midori no Mi also known as the Green Flame Fruit. The Midori Midori no Mi was a Paramecia type. Her green flames don’t burn that hot as it was more like acid, slowly eating away whatever it covered while leaving off a bad smell similar to that of sulfur. Due to the bad smell, her green flames leave behind, she tends to not use her Devil Fruit powers that much. Instead, she relies on her superhuman strength as an Amazonian and her old trusty wrench.Personality:<> Megan is far from the sweet girl she acts to be. She has a heated temper and is easily set off. She is far from afraid to smack someone upside the head with her wrench or toss them around like a rag doll with her gorilla-like strength. She gets easily annoyed by ignorant and stupid people. She isn’t scared to let people know what she thinks.Goals:<> She wants to build the greatest ship the world has ever seen and watch as it conquered the seas.Jessica the CookBounty:<> Reward of choice, Wanted Alive Only and NO HARMAge:<> 18Gender:<> FemaleSpecies:<> Human with Ancient bloodHair Color:<> Silver and OrangeEye Color: AquaHeight:<> 4'10Occupation:<> CookPowers:<> Jessica has consumed a Devil Fruit called Tori Tori no Mi Model Fire-Bird. It was a very rare Zone-type Devil Fruit that allowed Jessica to turn into a giant orange flaming Falcon. Similar to Logia-type Devil Fruits, she could create, control and transform into the element. In her falcon form, she was able to fly at high speeds and give support in the form of long-distance fire attacks from the air.Personality:<> Despite her horrible past, Jessica was a nice and kind-hearted person that hated violence and cruelty. She was easily scared and hides behind the crewmates that seem overprotective of her while also poking fun at her. She loves to cook and clean and watching her goofy crew mates acting silly. She is very shy when it comes to meeting new people and tends to embarrass herself quite often.Goals:<>Leon the Gadget SpecialistBounty:<> $100 million Berries Wanted Dead or AliveAge:<> 23Gender:<> maleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> Greenish BrownEye Color:<> GreenHeight:<> 5’10Occupation:<> Inventor/NavigatorAbilities:<> Leon had eaten the Aoi Aoi no Mi Devil Fruit also known as the Blue Flame Fruit. The Aoi Aoi Devil Fruit was a Special Paramecia type that granted the user the ability to create, control and transform into blue flames. The blue flames were cold like that of ice, burning with a freezing sensation and leaving ice after the fire dissipates. He also creates many types of gadgets and trinkets.Personality:<>  Leon is a quiet person, keeping mostly to himself and working on all sorts of gadgets. He is very respectful and dresses pretty classy for a pirate. He is smart and quick-witted with a plan for everything. He is by far the boring member of the crew.Goals:<>Smith D.Blake the BlacksmithNickname(s):<> The Black SnakeBounty:<> $150 million Berries Wanted Dead or aliveAge:<> 22Gender:<> MaleSpecies:<> HumanHair Color:<> BlackEye Color:<> BlackHeight:<> 6’0 Occupation:<> BlacksmithAbilities:<> Blake Ate the Kurra Kurra no Mi also known as the Black Flame Fruit, a Logia type Devil Fruit that gave him the ability to create, control, and transform into black flames. His black flames weren't any hotter than that of normal fire-based abilities. What made it unlike other fire-based Devil Fruits is that the black flames crated by the Kurra Kurra no Mi could not but put out unless the user deactivates his abilities or is knocked out unconscious.Personality:<> Blake is a bit of a smart ass sometimes and a bit of a snake in the grass. He will quickly betray his friends and crew if it benefits him. He likes to manipulate and trick people while always having a suspicious gin.Goals:<> 

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Dance with Divine. [Short Entry.]

  On a vast plain of striding clouds, a marvelous mural is made. A fellow with fang firmly in hand has finally sought a most esteemed audience. Meadow green eyes are enamored by such cosmic majesty nearly a mile away. The host, an ashen white leviathan with large horns on its head, is towering before him from a distance. Much of its long body is resting on a rock that could be a mountain peak. The raised earth is adorned with trunks and branches of cherry blossom trees.The big pair of aged black pearls does not leave the sight of the boy, stoic and without judgment. A giant before an ant.Bright pale-yellow pillars swiftly make themselves known around the creature, taking their leave just as swiftly as they come. Maddening, ear-splitting barks soon follow. Slow falling pink petals garnish the air, vanishing when they kiss the fog-flourished field.This sacred place is not for the faint of heart. From the rumbling choir of the skies to the intimidating presence of such a celestial creature, one must cling and commit well to bravery lest fear and madness take over. Thankfully, bravery is lush within the lad despite his weariness from the trials he underwent before this finest moment. There is dread in his writhing nerves, yes, but the will to persevere and see this quest through keeps it at bay.The monolithic host sings a wailing roar. A great wall of twisting gales takes form around the rock it is on. The heavenly construct strides and spreads away from the slender giant. Not a squint of awe on his young face, but his mind is as aloft as he is, beyond thrilled from seeing such a display of power.A foot forward, knees bent. Leap and twirl back! The boy left the cloudy floor for a moment. T H U D ! The gargantuan callous curtain of sky silk tosses the fellow far back. He lets out a brief rebellious grunt which is thoroughly drowned by the aerial aria. Strands of his brown hair and loose ends of his clothing from the feudal era of his homeland are at the mercy of this bombarding breeze. The lad strenuously twists his limbs to raise what chance there is to regain balance for his descent back to the misty meadow. Enchanted steel, his fearless friend, remains well-gripped. It is further needed for this meet, after all.Begin this dance between mortal and divine. 

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๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Regulations.

๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Greetings: If you add me, you send a greeting. If I add you, you send a greeting. If you do not send anything within a couple of weeks despite being active; I will remove you. Yes, I am old schooled and I do not tolerate mutes.๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Drama: I will not tolerate drama. If it doesn't involve me, I will not give two sh*ts. I don't even care who likes me or dislikes me. I am not here to be liked. I am here to role play and vibe. I care nothing else. I am nearing my thirties and I have no time for childish games. I've experienced a lot of bull sh*t in my role play life and I just want to have fun and to have peace. Do not push me, you will be blocked.If a mutual has blocked you or unfriend you. That is THEIR business and it has nothing to do with me. I will not take any time to fix it for you. Use your own words to reach to them instead of using someone else. I am not a messenger for anyone. Do not put me in uncomfortable situations. I will avoid and take a step back if I must. ๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Discords / Messengers: Due to trust issues, I am wary about giving out my messengers on here. I see that is a popular thing on this site but if you want my messengers, you gotta earn that stuff. I will only interact with you via messages or comments. I will not give you my other social media, phone number or personal messengers. The only ones that have those are my closest friends that I have known for years.๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Shipping: I ship with high chemistry. I will either ship with a Naruto or Sasuke. I prefer NaruSaku over SasuSaku for personal reasons. However, I am not opposed to SasuSaku with the right chem flow and it depends on how close you are to me. I do not ship with just anyone and I'm very picky with shipping muses. If you get on a close enough level, I will consider it. I wouldn't even mind shipping Sakura with an OC.Also, I will NOT ship with minors even if they play an adult muse. As I said in my aforementioned, I'm not comfortable shipping with anyone under the age of 21. This is non-negotiable.๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Blocking / Unfriending: I have a right to unfriend or block you. If it comes to that, that means you have made me uncomfortable. I will owe nothing to you. This is my profile and I do what I want with it. It is my safe space and if I don't like you, I will remove you. Simple as that. I will also remove you if you're problematic and constantly post drama more than you ever post role play.๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Tournaments / Group Chats: I will not participate in tournaments or group chats. They highly make me uncomfortable as I am someone with anxiety and I get stressed in situations that I cannot handle. I cannot handle big amount of groups and prefer one on one interactions. Tournaments pose of no interest as I do not enjoy fight role plays unless it comes with a build storyline.๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Role play is for comments and messages is for plotting / ooc. However, I am flexible and can do both if needed. I am not picky.๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ Activity : Inactivity: My activity varies due to IRL stuff and muse. I will not always be around at my desk so please do not bombard me with messages to beg for replies. It is not happening and I have the right to take my time. If you rush me, you will be removed or put on last on the list.๊’ฐ โœฟ ๊’ฑ More under-construction but that is it for now until I think of more. 


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Allyโ€™s Likes

-Ass smacking -Being choked -Oral -Public Sex -Sex toys -Ropes -Name calling -Video taping -Threesomes -Being forced to do things -Voyeurism


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I'm pretty lenient with most on this subject, but I'll be sure to add some here to keep things chill. I'm a very busy guy irl and do occasionally write slowly due to IRL interruptions. Dealing with five kids (not mine) and working both to sustain me and my home. I do have many devotions I have to maintain.I am a male, twenty-five, and straight. My characters follow suit, and as such. I prefer to keep ships on the straight path. I haven't decided if I will make this character single or multi-ship yet, but we'll see depending on interests.  Rule 1: I'm pretty straightforward if something's happening. IRL, expect to see an update in stream like "//I will be back later" or "Replies incoming, I'll see how many I can tackle" or "Let me know if I missed you."Rule 2: I like to interact and talk with people. I'm always willing to rp in streams or in DM. I do, however, avoid profile comments.Rule 3: Communication is key. If you can't keep up, or can't maintain the rp, just tell me. You don't have to ghost.Rule 4: I prefer to write AT LEAST two paragraphs and up and would like to have partners who do the same. I'm literate and more than willing to express a fun story with you all and would happily do so with any of you who are interested.Rule 5: I don't care for being dragged into sandboxes, much. I do, however, welcome crossovers if they're done right most times. Rule 6: I do discuss things if you don't have any information nor anything substantial to your profile and expect me to just make something random, no discussion. Expect nothing. I'm just not.Rule 7: I write anything from adventure, horror, scifi, fantasy, dark fantasy, adult things, explicit details, and more. I'm not into the fighting verse, it likely never will be as the competitive environment has lost its luster over the years with me.Rule 8: I can be accessed quicker through discord if you wish to reach me. Just dm and ask and I will be able to address or speak to you whenever I am available.Rule 9: Godmodding, or Autohitting or any of the ridiculous stuff along those lines aren't going to fly with me. I will quickly disable it and drop the subject if this is done. There will be warnings and if they persist, I will simply just drop the rp if it's bad enough. The same goes for laziness or lack thereof in the effort.Rule 10: This one's a pretty distinct one based on experience. though given how often people like to make accounts and delete them. I sometimes take my time with certain new additions and wait until the hype dies down. This decides if they're going to actually stay or are simply here to leave dead accounts or not contribute which I won't enable. Due pardon to everyone this may upset, I just don't want to get my hopes up, start an rp or something, and bam! The effort went nowhere. Rule 11: I shouldn't have to say this, because this should be common sense. However, don't control my character, don't approach me suggesting to control someone or be someone else, like... take that some filler roleplayer. I've got my role and I prefer to maintain that.Old Edits:  8/2 I've decided to do Multiship for the sake of accessibility in the stories I write with everyone. I don't plan on doing single ships as I plan to primarily keep strictly to stories.New Edits: In response to an encounter earlier 9/13. I don't mix rl and rp and do welcome discussion for ships as it's also accounted in whatever rp is going on at any point. Just rp here, that's all.That aside, that's about it. 

โš”๏ธSword-a Human

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Saliska Starters Fantasy

Premade starters for Saliska's fantasy version. Feel free to use any, reply in messages with your response and just let me know the title so I know what the settling is :)   |Soul of Magic|  A damaged blade, A mythical tree of deep magic. The tree of mages is said to be the heart of magic. The blade seeking answers, seeking her kin approaches the tree. (Custom world build, high fantasy)  | Murder of the marauders |She had given her all to help them, and in turn, they raised her and taught her how to kill, how to manipulate, and how to use her built-in weapons. Then they betrayed her, sealing their own fates.    |Time for rest and drink|   A large village in the heart of the country, peaceful. The royal guards and mounted patrols. Protect this town just two days ride short of the capital.  |A Swords Prison|An ancient prison turned into an adventurer's playground. The woman imprisoned here is the source of many legends. Often attacked she doesn’t handle company well.    โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡ 1|Soul of Magic|  Warm sunlight kissed the trees as they swayed in the wind, dancing to a song that only they could hear, the branches clicking together to sing along, as their leaves blocked the sunlight except for tiny dancing sparks of light that licked at the wildflowers below. Life and energy this forest had, The magic aura could be felt throughout it. There was little doubt this forest was meant for the fey, not for mortals to tread. The sound of water bit into the sensitive skin of the feminine form that slipped into the water, the gentle splash as her steps carried her, her eyes held to a large tree a nexus of power. Her hand on her chest, weak breaths pulled from soft lips. Bright green eyes drew her to the tree. The female's pale flesh dappled by leaves, her clothes but a simple cotton tunic. Cracks on her skin, cutting deep along her chest and right arm, the muscle and metal bone visible through the cracks; however, no blood leached from the apparently open wounds. Silver hair danced in the wind as she approached the tree that pulsed with power. The aura resonated within the young woman.Bare feet held to moss-covered submerged rocks, claws of toenails digging in to ensure she didn't fall, her eyes mesmerized by the tree. Slow steps drew her ever nearer, ever closer. She could hear whisperings, the call of magic within her mind, the call to her soul bound to her mortal flesh. She had traveled far in poor condition, Her inner blade was damaged, and she didn't know how to fix it. She could feel the weakness in her arm, the pain that came when she moved it. The royal guard had come down hard on her weeks ago. However, the rest of her wounds healed the strikes that managed to hit her bone and damage the metal. It was those that had cracked out across her skin and had not mended, and it still hurt considerably, the cracks appearing regardless of form, thy extended to her blade, where the actual damage had been taken. She didn't know of any of her own kind, so she had no one to ask how to repair this. But rumors of a grand tree in the forest, one that held the understanding of magic from all of the world, its towering plumage reaching high into the sky and its roots said to circle the core of the earth. The tree of mages.  It was said to be impossible to find in the web of forest that had formed the crossing rivers that flowed in circles around it. It vanished under rocks to stream in the opposite direction elsewhere, the sunlight warped by magic making its light in the day always seem right above, which would make most lose their way, and perish within. However, those with magic could live, though few managed to make it here save for those who lived among the trees. She was in awe of the vast trunk that was the girth of an entire village. She couldn't even see the top through the thick branches sparkling with mana, leaves that glowed with the power of ages. She had to take a single leaf. Claim just a single one, and she could ask as many questions as her own magic could endure. Bones rested under the water of those who asked too much, their magic energy drained by the tree, so many corpses covered in roots or absorbed into the trunk. It was in imposing sight. However, she stood nearer, her feet leaving the water, her dress hugging her form. Apprehension on her face as she approached it, each step she felt the power resist her. As if the tree didn't wish her to come, She pressed on she couldn't reach any of the branches. She would have to climb the tree. She pressed her claw-like nails out so she could climb up the lore, and legend didn't tell her how to acquire a leaf, so she could only assume she had to gain one by climbing. Her eyes focused on the tree. She didn't see the red hue dawning the sky around her, the tree's power shifting to defend itself against her touch. To attack her.  โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡ 2| Murder of the marauders | The sounds of battle rang through the valley, the mountains to the east formed a barrier wall to the fight, trees which shielded the nearby sleeping village from the sights and sounds of the struggle, the grass wet and bloodied, as feet continued to spread the ichor that continued to fall. The metallic smell of blood, metal, and sweat danced through the chill night's breeze. The moon watched from above, offering light to the scene below. The hour rested at midnight, and a dying fire flickered in the middle of a campsite built for a small group. Carts and tents painted crimson were illuminated faintly. Only seven survived, the bodies of nine laid upon the ground, eyes open and dulled, some with heads missing as blood puddled around the neck. A woman stood cold green eyes glaring at the men, Her silver hair seeming to twinkle as it danced in the wind catching the ethereal glow of the moonlight. She was painted in blood, and it dripped from her hands. A cord of her hair in her hand dripped with the same nectar. The woman dressed only in a torn undertunic, the chest ripped, showing the plump rounds of her right breast now contained only by chest bandages. The bandit camp, this group of bandits, had been her only family since she was small. She had served them well. She had grown not only into a young woman but a powerful force to be reckoned with. Yet, though she was stronger than the leader, she had never wavered in her loyalty to him until tonight. Everything had changed. The leader had called her into his cart. She should have known better the smell of liquor hit her before she even got to the door. She had thought he would give her an assignment for a mission to be completed the following day, as he often had since she showed promise of combat. But, unfortunately, she wasn't prepared for the ambush. He had her pinned to the wall almost as soon as the door closed, hand on her neck as his body pressed against hers. The stout leader who utilized a battle-ax was skilled in grappling, not something Saliska's more agile form meant. Though his desire for her tonight was no mission, one of flesh. The horror had struck her instantly, cutting through the blind loyalty to the only family she ever had as his hand ripped at her clothes. The spine in her knee was pressed out and slammed into his stomach, ripping through the leader's intestines, spilling his blood instantly in a swift and decisive blow that took him by surprise. The leader stumbled out, falling down the stairs trying fruitlessly to hold organs in the gaping wound. His life was the first to be taken. It was this act that had started the fight. The woman was one of them, she had thought. She had thought she could remain so forever. Her heart was torn. She knew, however, she had to kill them all now. Leave one, and they would follow her, and attack her, which would become a liability to the warrior. A soft sigh slipped past her lips as she shifted an inch to the right allowing an arrow to pass by her neck. It was time to end them. With that, she stepped off the edge, her body quickly sweeping down to the ground where powerful legs propelled her forward into the fray once more. Razor wire made from her own hair clutched in her hand, one end attached to the cart she had left, she dashed to the group dodging their blades and weapons deftly with the skill of one who had trained with them for many years. She knew their moves, their weaknesses, and though they knew hers, they were angry and intoxicated from drinks pilfered in yesterday's raid. It made them foolish. Their blades caught in the wire was the only warning they had before she gripped the wire, her hands bleeding without her gloves wrapping it around a small tree. She jerked it, pulling the wire tight. The group screamed in unison as blood showered above them. The wire had cut through their soft skin, dropping them. Some left without heads dead instantly, while others had caught it in the chest and were now only bound down by the tension. Two had survived. She sighed. Dropping the wire, picking up a sword, she skewered them both in the neck, ignoring their pleas with her to cease, that they would serve her. She couldn't trust them, any of them now. Their lives were taken. Four years of their companionship, and it was gone in an instant. She sighed, sitting by the crackling fire, blood coated and exhausted. She knew she would need to leave before sunrise. Patrols would come through more so, so close to the city. She was wanted for a dead or alive bounty, same as the rest of her former group. However, right now, she didn't seek to move.   โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡ 3|Time for rest and drink| The sun's warm embrace slowly slid away as the distant mountains greedily stole its presence early for the valley. The cool of night starts early in the village of Kumisin. The town is a waystation for any who crossed the mountains. The crown had limited control in this village, being on the edge of their reach. The small buildings were made up of the local trees or forged by magic by the mages who took refuge. Bounties were forbidden from being picked up here. Kumisin was a safe zone for all who sought respite. The smell of bread baking and fires burning. Distant chatter of the villagers made their way home or broke down their stalls for the night. The village was like many small trade towns.The cool breeze danced through the surrounding forest as a woman stepped out. Dried blood rested upon her leather armor and flesh. However, no wounds claimed purchase upon her ivory skin. Solid bold steps carried the woman lightly past the walls, hardly gaining a glance from the pair of men who stood guard. Green eyes taking in the village revealed themselves beyond the borders, all manner of people rested within. Silver hair dancing in the wind as her boots finally found their way upon the cobblestone. The gentle click of her steps pulled the young woman into the village. After spending most of her life robbing these kinds of places and camping outside, it was a marvelous sight. A curious gaze followed a young man with a long flaming stick lighting lanterns on the street that case flickering light on the main thoroughfare that cuts through from the entrance to the cliff face cave. A Sudden and chaotic sound boisterous voices dancing into the night. A smile curved her soft pink lips, flashing but a whisper of her white teeth. Her steps ceased. The sound reminded her of the bandits she had just left behind. A sound of the closest she had ever had to a home. How could she pass up such a familiar atmosphere? A calm overtook her as she sauntered to the tavern, her emerald eyes catching the barrel of weapons resting just in the entry. Weapons were not allowed within the bar."Turn in your weapons, miss," A gruff voice barked as a pair of sharp, steely eyes under weathered brown locks studied her slender frame verifying she held no weapons on her person. She considered him with annoyance. "I don't carry weapons, and I have nothing to add to your collection." Her silvery voice rung out from her soft lips. "I am just here to relax." She finished waving him off and heading right to the bar and sitting upon the stood, her slender legs crossing at the ankles as she leaned on the counter, her head propping her head upon her right arm, silvery fingernails tapping her cheek."Give me your best" She smiled politely. Her free hand pulled a gold coin from her bag and placed it on the counter. She had never indulged in alcohol before. She avoided the bandit camp when drinks were had. But she didn't have to worry about them anymore, and she would try it today. The bartender didn't hesitate to remove the coin from the counter. Placing a large glass of a strange wine, the bottle slightly dusty from lack of use, as it joined the glass. The contents smelled a bit of vinegar and fermented fruit, a far cry from the scent of what the bandit's drank, which was a strong ale, with a nod of thanks to him. She drank the fine wine no doubt meant for those with coins to spare. Her eyes closed as she took in the slightly sweet taste as it danced upon her tongue as the patrons continued in their rowdy displays, A table or two playing games, a few sitting alone much like she at the counter. At the same time, a barmaid with short brown hair wandered delivering mug after mug, dodging gropings from drunken hands. Some had clearly been there for a while. No doubt a few had bounties, the young woman included. Allowed to relax due to the laws of the village.The woman downed nearly half the mug in a single take, the moisture from the wine resting on her lips as she set the glass down gently, a warmth dancing in her chest as this first taste of wine hit the young woman, a soft wipe of her delicate thumb cleared the droplets from her lips. Looking down at the reddish liquid picking up the heavy mug once more. Downing the rest of it after just a few breaths. Her eyes closed as she set the empty cup down. Enjoying the feeling that had started to form within her. She could feel that warmth spreading to her head. She poured from the bottle again, filling her cup, leaving only one more large glass in her bottle. A light blush flaring into existence upon her cheeks. A rare sense of calm embraced her. Cloudiness in her head felt to press her worries and concern from her head. Her metabolism faster than most lead the alcohol to her head quicker, but no doubt it would fade quickly as well. A true smile slid across her lips as she took another heavy drink of her freshly refilled mug. She had never drunk before. It was undoubtedly an intriguing feeling. She had heard places like this offered information. She wanted bounty, but she tried to find more of her kind, and she had hoped this would be an excellent place to start, but first, she had to try and blend in.   โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡โ—†โ—‡ 4|A Swords Prison| The Dungeon of Pemuan, The main tunnels lit only by the blue glow of the Lunabeetles and their crescent-shaped Lures meant to capture insects and small lizards or bats. Their light sporadically but reflected off the crystals on the walls, offered enough light to move by. The tunnels held footprints of many explorers who had come before. However, a few corridors hidden with spell, trap, or architecture had yet to be fully explored. The creatures of this tower, If they were killed, they would remain as they were, pain and agony dancing through them from their wounds as their bodies remain on the cusp of death, unable to pass on their spirit crystals split to be claimed by their killers, Their bodies vanishing only to reawaken once the crystals reform. A horrible life for anyone or anything. The dungeon is a pillar of power, created by twenty powerful mages wanting to make it a prison of eternal torment, the closest thing to hell man ever created with magic. Eternal torture for any being thrown within, anything that didn't align with the laws of the holy order, creatures bred and lived within, making the tower ever more deadly. However, within beasts, monsters, and beings existed that could not be found outside.  Over time as years turned to centuries, its true purpose was forgotten. It had become a fun place for adventurers to explore. Boldly people now wandered and found themselves within the caverns. To challenge themselves and get stronger, as well as gained rumored items. The sun's illumination but a distant whisper in the small window of the cavernous forest. The light only lasts a few hours each day, and only the tallest of trees get to drink up the sun's heated rays as they crowd out everything else in a cruel battle of survival of the fittest. When the sun's light vanishes, A unique species of mushrooms release their own glow. The first stage of this area shifted into its lowlight state. An ethereal field of soft blues and gentle pinks and purples, fungus, flowers, and insects gives off a light glow, each with a hue of its own.  The cave rapidly grew colder but never too cold for comfort, just enough to clear the humidity of the short-day hours. This level held neutral and gentle creatures that attacked anything without purpose or reason. The largest predators were the wolves and three cats that hunted often. But avoided large animals. The area is much safer than the level just below, which harbors powerful creatures meant to kill and destroy all. Drakes, Orcs, and other such creatures patrolling the layers in dark hordes the level above. For years this has been her home, abandoned without a purpose inside a dungeon's deeper levels. This place covered in vines and overgrowth to a savvy adventurer would clearly point to camping spots, rock circles for fires. Rocks and decayed trimmed branches used for setting up a camp and some discarded items such as canisters, Elemental runes long since out of mana, weapons, and gear left abandoned and claimed by the forest laying useless and half-buried. Signs of the original prison lay all around as well shackles and keys, this level where prisoners were teleported to the top of the tower inescapable due to the countless creatures below.  This was supposed to be where she was left to die;  Time, something the sword was horrible at gauging. She slept in her sword form until the sun came, having found she could shift quickly between her human skin and her sword form early on in her banishment. Time slipped strangy here, and in sword form not every day would she sleep, some times weeks, sometimes months passed before she awoke. The woman, a rare creature, was banished when she was caught in her early days. She, however, excelled here wandering lower swords killing those who strayed into the areas she considered her hunting ground, feeding on blood and blade alike. The silver-haired woman became a legend and the sword that floated over her attacking independently of her hands. The young woman with green eyes that moved more animals than human, and vanished without a trace if chased. She, unlike any other beast, the humans who had been sent here all those centuries ago were already dead. She was the only resident in human form. It was thought she was the master of the dungeon, a ghost that wandered it and killed outsiders. It is a composite of the souls of those who perished in the dungeon in some rumors, a roaming boss in others, or a wisp to draw wanderers to their deaths, but if captured, would offer a wish. They were all wrong, of course, but that was the word of her outside the tower. She an immortal being, unable to die by conventional means. She had never had a chance to speak with anyone, most attacking as soon as she was spotted even distantly. Trying to capture, kill or purify her. 


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โœง*๏ฝฅ๏พŸ without love, it cannot be seen

                  โœจ โ ๐–‚๐–Ž๐–™๐–๐–”๐–š๐–™ ๐–‘๐–”๐–›๐–Š, ๐–Ž๐–™ ๐–ˆ๐–†๐–“๐–“๐–”๐–™ ๐–‡๐–Š ๐–˜๐–Š๐–Š๐–“.โ€Šโ€Šโ€Šโ€Šโ€Šโ€Šโž                                                                     One prayer for the summoned called by this song — ruler of mt. purgatory, the arbiter of souls & avatar of the infinite. Now the song is sung, the climb is complete & your path is before you. With fists like atom bombs, you walk on the thorny warpath to the heavens, masked in blood and bathed in fire. You seek the power denied to gods & kings. " ๐’๐‡๐Ž๐– ๐ˆ๐“ ๐“๐Ž ๐Œ๐„ " you howl into the empty heart of the One Above, but it no longer hears words, only hymns from the Seraphim that encircle its throne. & so you begin, you begin the song with no end, a journey with no destination — to seek the unfathomable infinite, to break the limits of infinity, ruin eternity & reclaim your name: ๐ƒ๐€๐๐“๐„ ๐€๐‹๐ˆ๐†๐‡๐ˆ๐„๐‘๐ˆ , apprentice of The Creator , ๐‰๐”๐๐ˆ๐‹๐„๐”๐’ & Endless Sorcerer of Purgatory & Realms Unseen. searching for: m/m ,  story & plot  ,  crack  ,  chill partners  ,  drama-free

bl, selective , story-driven


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โœง*๏ฝฅ๏พŸ meta 01 : lord of purgatorio

Dante’s title as Lord of Purgatory is not simply a title added upon his name. It isn’t a button on his vest that he wears to look decorated, but a status, a power in the name itself is enough to evoke fear & respect. All pass through his domain, mortal, god, monster s it is the realm in-between, a place where the dead must cross, where dead gods crawl through the ashes, the mountain        purgatorio. It is the trial itself for all those who are not free of sin; while your Gods might forgive you, Dante will not. Each & every soul must reap the seeds of their sins; seven sins, seven trials, seven hells. It is he who stands at the top & judges the souls who toil & crawl their way up mountain’s path & at the end, he stands as a radiant figure. He judges the sin & the sinner; his word is law, ironclad. It is through his judgement that the Gates to paradise open, & that the maw of The Inferno opens wide to receive another damned soul.                                                                                        

metas, anime, oc

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