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⚔️Sword-a Human

08/28/2021 01:54 PM 

Saliska Modern/Sci-Fi Pre made Starters.

These are simple openings, the stories are open and can go any real direction, If you have something in mind for it, and would like to discuss the direction of the flow with one I am open to it, or if you just want to free flow with it I am fine with both. If you seek to use one Just let me know which one, and let's get rolling!   || Experiments day out | Age: 18 | Saliska, getting ready for a day beyond the lab.To complete an unknown task outside her home. In the city above the underground lab that is her home.   |Auction Slaughter | Age: 18 The annual auction where the black market, and upper crusts of society intermix, no weapons allowed, however, most are looking for guns. |Exhibition | Age: 19 | An experiment's powers on display, The wealthy of all sides of society are welcome to view and request the assassination services of the creatures of the lab. |Recent Escape | Age: 19 | Saliska has escaped the lab into the local park beyond the city. Conflicted and lost, she rests in the grass alone.However, it was hardly a clean escape. | Found once more | Age: 20 | The lab had found her again,She had just gotten settled.On the run and shot, she has for now escaped.    |Snow's embrace| Age: 21 | A winter's night, A blizzard covers the city. Saliska wanders the street To try and find shelter.  For your sanity, please use the boxes above for navigation click on the title to jump to the story that sounds inviting to you.      Age: 18   Experiments day out The ever-present fluorescent light buzzed above her head as brilliant green eyes stared dully at them. The light dulled but never off was currently at its lowest setting, telling the experiment she was not permitted to leave the concrete ledge topped with a thin rubber pad that acted as her bed. A sigh parted her soft lips as she waited. She hated the wait however knew getting up early would mean they would push her harder tomorrow since she was clearly not tired enough to sleep through the night. So on the bed, she stayed. Allowing her mind to drift thinking of the people of her home. Of which there were only a few.  Guards who paced the halls and kept tame the specimen of her wing.  Twelve doctors, nurses, and five scientists lived in the underground lab built into this abandoned subway section. She laid there in the sleeping silence, recalling the sound of the younger subject's screams of pain as their enhancements were added and adjusted. Trying to assign a face to the sound.Her mind flitting to the three different areas she had been taken out of the lab through unassuming buildings. As the lights flickered to a higher power as a high-pitched ring reverberated through the concrete cell. She groaned, pulling the plastic blanket close. A chill crossed her as her bare feet met the cold floor. She took a few short steps across her cell near the door. Tossing the blanket in a small shoot by her door, a trade needed to garner clothes for the day. Her bare form was a slender athletic build of pale unblemished flesh and long silver hair.  She allowed the cold water to run down her form and down the drain. She grits her teeth against the searing cold against her once blanket warmed flesh,  as she washed up a loud "Clang" sounding behind her as a hand dropped clothes on a shelf just inside the door before the same "Clang" closing off the opening in the cell with her clothed offered, topped with a towel to dry off.  She turned to wrap her hair in the towel first before quickly dressing. The outfit provided told her all she needed to know of the day.  They were street clothes, Jeans, and a redshirt. So she will be going out today. A smile crossed her lips in gleeful delight. She didn't know why she was going outside the lab. It could be an assassination, a training exercise on how to act human or an exhibition where she shows off what she could do to investors however they wished to see it. But today! She would see the sun, and to her, that's all that mattered, Fresh air, a chance to be outside and see the city. She quickly dressed in the underwear provided and put on the form-fitting jeans worn with holes in the knees and a few other places. The dark blue denim hugged her form, and the red shirt, offering a low-cut V neck. The sleeves cut strangely to hug around her arm but leave her shoulders open and visible. Shoes offered were simple design black heels with a stripe of red on the side. She shook her head and put them on bare, not being provided any socks to go with the outfit. Freeing her hair, she dropped the towel in the same slot she had slipped the blanket, stepping away from the door. She pulled a strand of her hair and held it in her mouth as she pulled the rest of the strands back. Combing through the quick-drying strands with her hands which complied with ease, holding the gathered silver bundle with one hand. She used her free hand to wrap her hair up with the long strand she had pulled, wrapping it around several times before securing it down with a knot. The single metallic strand holding the rest of her hair at bay. She stood looking up at the camera that stared at her with flashing orange light. The door opened for her. She smiled as she stepped out.     ◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━    |Age: 18|Auction Slaughter  An elegant dress, The black silken fabric hugged her curves, A deep V neck and slit up her right leg flashed her pale skin. As the dress hugged, her sculpted body was built to look as alluring as it was powerful. Every flaw of birth, every weakness burned, cut, or surgically removed from her flesh over the years in the lab. Her delicate features relaxed as she sauntered in. Green eyes were gliding over the security guard's form. Slender digits slid into her silver purse, pulling out a card, her invite. "I am on the list, Sasha Melrose" She smiled, her voice gentle and smooth as she looked at him. He offered a curt nod motioning her through the metal. Detectors giving her back her auction card. "Thank you Sir." She said as she took the card back from him between two of her fingers to slid it back into her bag. Her heels clicked softly as her hips rolled with each step to her final test before entering the underground auction. The detector beeped softly at her as she stepped into it. A woman approached her as Saliska shifted her hair, motioning to her earrings. The glittering diamond Trailing white strands dyed green at the bottom that adorned her ears, she moved her head as a smaller device waved, going off at her face before sliding down, not registering anything else on her person. "Sorry, I forget that your detectors sense cobalt, I enjoy the hue of it more than platinum and silver." She commented. Though the alert drew eyes to her, which was what she wanted. She needed to be seen here, recognized, and make an impression right from the start. "That's fine, they look good on you," The man commented, looking over her form. "You are too kind, Thank you" She smiled before looking over at him. She gave him a gentle nod before walking to the foyer, where drinks and conversation were being had before the event started. The woman's name was actually Saliska. She had a duty here, and it was one she was more than trained to handle; she was to kill every living soul. Unfortunately for her targets, guns were only given to the auction house defense force, and the auction house foolishly employed the lesser forces of this experiment's kin. Animalistic half-human monstrosities whose bodies were twisted beyond recognition. They moved like beasts but were smart, able to think and act somewhat on their own. but had a flaw in obedience to scent. The scent of the lab, which this woman bore in spades. It had been years since Saliska had done a significant event. She was but a child when they showed her off and took in assassination offers for her skills to be utilized since then. She had only made singular kills of people that annoyed their benefactors, but today..was a vital step for her, and the lab itself, a chance to gain notoriety for themselves and change the game at the very top of the countries social and financial circles. She allows her to run her hand along her silver hair. She was to mingle at this point. It was her job to kill only after the auction after all the items had been sold. Those who were aware of the plan, and were not meant to die. They were supposed to leave the event once they gained the items they wished and had been seen as present at the event. It was a plan the Saliska didn't fully understand. However, she was a weapon, a killer. She had no need to get into politics. She just had to kill. Gentle strides pulled her through the crowd. Her bright green eyes held a softness to them near innocent. Her arms gently resting before her.Her cover for this event was a woman of new money, an alias backed up with paperwork and information from out of the country. She was replacing an unseen wife of a kill she had made a couple of months ago. The woman, of course, was dead already, but her name and supposed wealth status mean much. A young bride at the ripe age of 18, a widow already but a wealthy one. Who was coming to get a name for herself. Independent of her husband. She had taken the invite given to the passed pair. The role was an easy one for her, new to the finery and this kind of environment. She could walk with elegance and grace but also could partake in fun in a way she had never had the chance to. She wasn't even being watched today. It was too much of a risk to give her an escort. She picked up a small glass of champagne, the bubbling liquid in the thin glass. She took a soft sip allowing its flavor to dance on her tongue as she walked, scanning the room, counting the gathered group, tagging in her mind who were bodyguards, who would be limited to one per person, and hand to hand combat to settle any issues.     ◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━    |Age: 19 | Exhibition SheridanLabs, A robust enterprise that supplied some of the world's most widely utilized drugs and technology. Their base rests in one of the largest cities. Its presence marked a towering building that shimmered over the downtown area. Its logo is one of the most predominant as it rested above the tower. However, this front was just for the lower life of the city. They did the actual work in the abandoned subway system. Its existence is lost to history, making it a perfect spot to build labs that would house dangerous creatures and creations to be purchased for a task or flat-bought by the highest bidder. Every so often, anyone with enough coin or interest could buy a ticket to see the creatures that were kept in the lab in action. Today was one such day.The downtown opera house was rented for more access to the underground space below. Valet stood outside to take cars to the nearby parking garage as patrons arrived. A pair of armed guards governed the entry. They were checking over those who came carefully. Singing could be heard from within, a front for what was really going on. The seats before the stage were relegated for the bodyguards of the fine people who were invited to the display of brutality and slaughter as not only the current creations of Sheridan labs were to be displayed but new projects as well.Invites were given to political representatives, foreign and domestic, Well known criminal organizations with coins to spare, and families of high status. Some choose to come themselves. Others select representatives. Weapons were banned, and an unspoken rule of comradery formed. Some wore glasses or masks to obscure their faces, as they were ushered into a small room with a door open which once rested behind an expensive silken tapestry. The stairs leading down gunmen standing by scanning The invites and giving them a clear plastic chip. Those proved they were supposed to be there and of whom what group they were representing. Once scanned and verified.The door would be open, allowing two at a time to enter the basement, an expansive space dimly lit, except for a large cage in the center—screens resting on the ceiling, much akin to what one would find in a concert hall. Plastic panels separated the metal cage and the seating areas to observe. The cage offered two doors on the inside. The comfortable seats were slowly filled as scantily clad women stood along the side rows, One on each side of the row of chairs waiting patiently, hands clasped before them. Each chair had a small tablet that rested on a holder just off the right-hand side. Once the ticket was placed on the screen, the seat was registered to the individual. These tablets would be used for biding and to mark interests or put in a request for assassinations. One thing this would tell any who managed to get in here. When the seats were filled and all who had managed to get an invite seated, the lights dimmed, further obscuring those in the audience from being seen by each other.An older adult stepped out under the spotlight, A mic in his hand. Slow steps drew the short man dressed sharply in a fitted Tux, the light shimmering off his scalp between the dark strands of his comb-over."Welcome back! We have a good show for your today. We will start with a nice little warm-up. We have gathered a few of those nosy neighbors and Problematic people that had been requested to be disposed of!" He called out to the crowd.He motions to one of the doors as a group of people was brought out. A small group of blindfolded people was brought out. They were crying, shaking, and terrified, hands bound behind their back by electric cuffs. Twenty people, men, and women of varying ages. Wearing the same clothes they were reported missing in, some having been missing for over six months. These people had the misfortune of drawing attention to themselves by being nuisances, calling the police on activity, and not backing down when told, attempting to testify against someone. These people had just vanished, and here they were. They were all kept in peak condition except for chaffing on their cheeks from gags and bruising to their bodies no doubt incurred in their captivity.They were forced to their knees and made to sit. They stayed down petrified no doubt the time in captivity has not been an easy one. The screen slid across the blindfolded faces, tears sliding down cheeks as they shook and shivered. A cart of Weapons was brought out, the metal cart creaking against the wooden stage. Knives of varying sizes, brass knuckles, whips, and chains. All were displayed on a cart as it was rolled to the middle of the room by a Silver-haired young woman. Green eyes scanning across the audience, barely visible by the dull light given off by the screens, not enough to offer detail but enough to tell her if they reached for the tablets. She stopped the cart and moving to stand on the other side of the old man just inside the spotlight.The woman wore a bright green cocktail dress to match her emerald eyes, matching gems on the black choker around her neck, clasping her pale skin. The woman was perhaps in her twenties. She stood delicately next to him, she a bit taller in her black heels than the elderly man, though even she only stood five-six in those heels. A soft smile dancing across her lightly painted lips. She knew what was coming."After our prototype 528412 handles your appetizer, We will clean up the filth from the ring and show off our newest prototypes, and as always, the new stock of classics for purchase!" He called, motioning to the woman who placed a delicate hand to her stomach and offered a soft bow as she was mentioned. Her eyes closed as she rose. This was a normal thing for her; she had done this since she was a child. This was boring to her. Hunting caged animals was not a contest. She held her smile, but no doubt the boredom lingered upon her features. Though she would have to make it good, They had already managed a few functional children using her success as a roadmap on how to go about it. She knew what happened if she became irrelevant. She had seen enough prototypes be discarded when they no longer could hold the top-of-the-line status. The idea of escaping crossing her mind, but this was, after all, the only home she had ever known."Without further Ado! Enjoy this demonstration!" He announced, turning to leave the ring, The guards keeping the terrified group on their knees and quiet turning as well. Once the door was closed, sealing them within, the screen panned to the ring focusing on the hands of the people as the cuffs all popped open."Congratulations, your free Now, If you want out of here alive, there is but one way, defeat me. Remove your blindfolds. I will give you all one minute to grab a weapon" The soft feminine voice declared didn't sound to match her words. She waited as the people jerked off blindfolds, a few steps towards the cart. She gave it a shove allowing it to roll towards them, hitting the metal bars with a powerful clang. The panic and screaming erupted from the group, a sound that would fill these chambers for a fair while.The confusion on the people's faces seeing her unarmed was well expected. She stood in the middle, her arm motioning to the cart with a flowing motion. Stupidly a few noticed she was the only one in the ring, and unarmed chose to focus in on her bare-handed, charging directly at her after taking off the blindfold of three men and a woman. They dashing with precise steps, trained posture; these no doubt had some combat training.Saliska smiled. "I offered weapons for a reason" She sighed as she dodged a punch. She could feel the air graze her cheek as his hand just missed her. Her fingernails extended as she stepped into the man, her right hand on his shoulder just as his hand passed her face and struck claws into his side. Her hand sinking into the muscular man's flesh with ease just under the ribs. Blood dripped to the ground as she twisted her hand within him. He coughed painfully, his eyes bulging as she tried to hit her away. She ducked down and turning in her heels, allowing him to take a kick from the woman in his side as she removed her hand from his abdomen in a spray of blood intestines coming with her arm. She flicked the gore and ichor from her arm into the face of the other man as he came in from her left. Blinding him for a moment as she spun a spine from her elbow pressed the dodging a hit in the neck from her elbow only for that unexpected spine to slash open his throat. he dropped choking on his own blood next to the man who was feebly trying to pull his organs back in. She looked to the woman's blood already painting the experiment's body red, but the boredom still rested on her face. This wasn't fun."Hmm, lost count of time. Has it been a minute? I don't think so. You sure you don't want a weapon?" She asked, her head tilting a bit. The woman taking a step back then the man who chose to charge again. She shook her head. "Don't be this stupid when you guys grow your balls to fight for your lives," She giggled, her eyes looking to those who had stopped hoping that the original four would take her down. That would save them from having to fight. Now terror-filled some who fled to the doors that were locked. There was no escape. "PLEASE, LETS US OUT, PLEASE! SOMEONE! HELP!!" Voices screamed out. She caught the man's hand as he tried to punch her, but surprisingly she missed, his knee that slammed into her stomach. Her breath pressed from her lungs from the force. "Nicely done," she complimented. She sunk her fingernails into his hand, Kept hold of him as he moved to get a better position. She shook her head, though she could hear that some were grabbing weapons now. She jerked his captured arm as he poised himself to kick her again and rolled him over her shoulder, slamming him on his back with his arm. She released his hand as she slammed her heel into his eye, killing the man instantly. As she ducked down and rolled from a pair of knives took a swipe at her. "This is what I'm talking about," she giggled as she was forced to jump away as a chain bit her right side. The fight was truly on. It was Saliska against seventeen armed adults.      ◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━    | Age: 19 |  Recent Escape She was free. The blood of her driver and handler covered her flesh and stained the street clothes they had cloaked her in to complete todays kill. The slaying of a detective who had gotten a little too close to the truth, too close to the lab, and the strange kills that were Saliska's. The young weapon had escaped the city. She had made it. The sound of cars and people left far behind, replaced with the sound of crickets, frogs, and the rustle of the trees in the cool night breeze. Green eyes started up into the ever-darkening abyss of the sky as stars slowly appeared to twinkle down upon her. It was the first time she had ever seen the day shift tonight. A smile crossed her lips as she lay upon her back against the cool grass. The full moon illuminates her pale blood speckled skin. Her arm resting across her forehead before sliding down to cover her eyes. She had escaped. However, as to what to do now, She didn't know. She had killed her mentor, The man who trained her how to fight and be what she is. She had killed him and left his corpse lying in the open car door. She could still see the lifeless brown eyes staring at her. His head lolled to the left as the bone of his spine pressed from the other side. The inside of the car splattered with blood where the driver bled out. She could see it play in her mind as she covered her eyes with her arm, her hand covered in dried blood, her sleeves stained the same. A pain in her chest, a pressured burn of loneliness and loss in her. Something she had rarely felt. She had thought escaping was what she wanted. She knew she was going to be killed eventually anyway...It was her fate to be killed by the next more perfect weapon. Just as she had slain the lesser versions of her own advancements. However, the side of her that was still human ached and despaired. What was she going to do now? A sigh crossed her that slipped from quivering lips. Tears sliding down her cheeks, cutting a moist patch through the blood on her features. She lay there waiting as the day shifted entirely to night. She should be happy..right? She was excited to be free in the world she had only been allowed to see when she was killing or read in books. So she lay there until sleep started to claim her exhausted frame.   ---Within the city--- The Experiment's freedom was, but a delusion, Two trackers in her skin told the lab exactly where she was. She had not escaped as she had hoped. They had made calls to their connections within the government, and law, to call the crime scene of her escape a movie stunt and that no one was actually harmed and to push people back away as the bodies were taken away. Most wouldn't question it. However, even the strongest of connections could not stop the recordings of the silver-haired girl making her way through the city, Climbing up brick walls, and jumping across roofs with inhuman dexterity and strength. Curious people could see the holes left by her nails where she had climbed, the internet was quickly abuzz with claims of "Alien," "Android," "Vampire," and other such suggestions of what she was. The movie excuse killed some of these wild claims,  but certainly not all. She had been seen by too many. As she thoughtlessly just tried to make the distance between her and her hunters.   ◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━  | Age: 20 |  Found Once More  Anxiety, the emotion danced through the young woman, wild green eyes traced the looming buildings all around, quick sharp breaths spiked out of soft pink lips as the sound of heels clicking called out her position. Silver hair danced behind the fleeing figure... She had messed up, gotten too settled, and stayed too long. A ladder at the end of the alley, She dashed for it full speed, gripping the corner of the fire escape. Her slender feminine frame twisting towards it. Her shoulder carried the burden of her entire body, making the sudden directional change. Her shoe grinding against the dirty alley as she leaped to attach herself to the ladder, Climbing upwards with reckless determination. She could hear the sound of boots growing ever closer. They would intercept her if she didn't move quickly.   "SPREAD OUT" A voice boomed, echoing through the many corridors of the apartment block. She tensed, hearing it speeding her climbing. The metallic echo of her shoes on the poles was too loud. She knew it, but it was too late to go down now. She had nowhere else to go. "BACK TO THE SOUTH BLOCK BEHIND EDEN APARTMENTS!" The man below her called from the ground. A bang followed by a crack as a bullet bit into the stone surface near her back, she only four stories up. He started to climb himself, following after her. "," She mumbled to herself. Moved to one of the landings approaching the escape window, kicking in the glass and jumping through.  Blood drips to the floor from a gash in her arm. The house was empty, thank goodness. She dashed to the front door, fumbling with the locks, losing precious seconds before she flung it open and dashed out.  Black vans pulled up, screeching to a halt at the building, the logo all too familiar. SheridanLabs had found her. She froze for but a single breath as the doors of the van opened. A gunshot ringing by her head. The sound snapping the woman to reality once more.  She ran for the stairs, jumping down, dodging the steps, and slamming on the first landing.  Warning shots zoomed by her. She knew they were not going to kill her. She just had to keep moving, making a clean disabling shot impossible. She leaped off the other side of the stairs using the concrete steps themselves to block her form as she ran to the next complex hopping a chain-link fence with practiced ease.  She heard cursing and yelling as cars were reloaded and a few feet dashing as the chain shook others working their way over. Panting softly as she moved through the streets, blood staining her jeans and shirt, as it seeped down her form. The sirens were approaching. The police would help distract some of them, at least. She just needed to find somewhere to hide. So she continued to run, aiming for the business district. She pulled some of the glass fragments from her arm and tossed them in the gutter. She could hear them coming, but police, traffic, and the growing interest, in general, would no doubt make it hard for them to get near her now.  She pulled her red jacket tight against her form, her long silver hair disheveled as she sighed, keeping low in the downtown alleyway. Peering around the corner, she could see crimson imprints of her shoes on the ground and cursed softly.  She cut the white undershirt with inhuman fingernails. Then, using the cloth, she cleaned up the blood from her shoe and up her leg. Noticing a bullet had hit her in her hasty escape, the pain lost in her fear.  She sighed, her nail sinking into the hole with a pained groan as she tried to find the bullet and see if it was shallow enough to dig out. Sadly it was embedded deeply. She shook her head, sliding her blood-drenched finger from her leg, and pressed the cloth into the wound to hide the blood trail.  "For f***s sake, Why can't they just leave me alone" She cursed, raised her bloody hand on the old brick wall turning to slide deeper into the tight alleyways, trying to put distance between her and the blood trail she had left that could give away her position.     ◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━◈━    | Age: 21 |   Snows Embrace Another day of snow, The ground was already covered in the white powder, ice forming under where people walked, and cars had driven packing down the older layers, unable to melt in these low temperatures. The city plows are not running so late in the night,and the salts thrown down could do little to protect the roads.  The outskirts remained a dangerous area to drive around in. The snow coming down with thick fluffy flakes that drifted lazily down to the ground. White smoke rising from houses and manholes alike, people remained huddled in their homes, and few ventured out as the night overtook the lower end of the city.  The city felt frozen with such little movement of man or car. A figure covered in a long black jacket trudged through the snow, A pair of black boots pressed through the growing drifts already to the shins of the slender figure. A small bag slung over her back. The white powder gathered on her jacket and silver hair as she walked on what once was a visible sidewalk, hands tucked into her pockets, as green almond-shaped eyes scanned the area before her.  The soft features on her pale face were tensed and reddened against the cold. A puff of breath dancing from her lips as she moved. Her likeness was plastered on every police station and bounty site there was. She wanted by both law and criminal alike. She wrapped a black scarf around her face as she heard a car approaching. Knowing all too well what might happen if she was caught. She didn't want to have to kill again but knew it was only a matter of time before she would have to just to ensure she didn't have to go back.It had been two years since she escaped from SheridanLabs. For over two years, she has wandered, trying to get by. She did what she could to make her way, from attacking muggers and taking their stolen money for herself. Giving them a taste of their own medicine to accepting less savory offers to get enough money for a hotel that wouldn't require her to provide an ID, she of course, not a natural person, didn't have such. She, in all legal senses, didn't exist. Even her blood would come up as an unidentified species, A fact that baffled any officers who investigated her crimes in the five cities she traveled through. Her purposeful kills and her.. Accidental ones alike.  Two years she had gotten better at controlling her drive to kill. However, she was undoubtedly not proficient at it.  Her eyes watched the car pass. The blue vehicle passed slowly, the driver studying her before he stopped next to her.  His window rolled down. "Come warm up with me!" A male voice erupted from the car. Saliska's green eyes slid over to the window."Pass." She answered with an annoyed scoff, the cold wind biting into her."Don't be that way, we could have fun," He called out. She shook her head, walking on. She wasn't too surprised by this. The area was known to offer services of flesh.  She continued to walk, then the sound she didn't want to hear. The door creaking open, an intoxicated man early twenties stepping out of his car, heavy steps walking through the more packed snow of the road with ease getting even with her before reaching for her wrist. He was one of those who wouldn't take no for an answer. "I said no, now leave," She warned, turning away. The man grits his teeth. Circling his arm around her neck, she allowed it with a sigh. Seems she would have to kill again. 


08/28/2021 10:24 PM 

Why I'm selective

Grab Your popcorn and a glass a wine, this is going to be a bumpy ride. This is going to sound crazy to some of you but It gets annoying when people are claiming that they brought back a verse. The DMC Verse is dead, it was murdered and here's how in a nut shell.S h i t t y OC writer messaged one of the best Nero's on this hellsite, found out that this Nero was Pining after another OC writer, got upset started rumors and talking about this writer behind their back, said writer added them after s h i t t y OC got a hate page thinking maybe they weren't so bad, wrong! Girl flipped out on every single Nero, claimed they were too Out of character because she's a fanfic writer on the side and wanted Nero written Her way or the highway, she sent death threats to a couple Kyrie writers while talking trash about the Better OC writer because of jealousy as she wanted in the better Nero's pants. Turns out the Better Nero also wrote Dante and Vergil so her little gang decided to attack this writer; this caused thed ENTIRE verse to literally die because s h i t t y OC writer was talking behind peoples backs and starting drama out of her own insecurities and "trying to please people" Turns out that this writer went to twitter and tried the same s h i t and got cancelled for being a creep. FYI s h i t t y writer went by AngelXTrigger and her little group of friends enables her because of her fragile ego while gaslighting others to make them feel crazy and blaming their existence for her being a psychotic b i t c h. Annd....this is why I am selective because of s h i t t y OC's and terrible writers within the verse who claim to be reviving it... Her lacky Ankoku also uses copy pastas when Dante writers don't agree with him and calls Dante a gary stu...soo...if you want to deal with that drama too from that shota con obsessed my guest... I will not associate with anyone who associates with (Ankoku's accounts that I know of) 🇦​ 🇳​ 🇰​ 🇴​ 🇰​ 🇺​, Rekowa (DaSol Lee/ AngelXTriggers Accounts that I know of) 𝘾𝙪𝙩𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙑𝙤𝙞𝙙, 마녀 (under revision),ℕ𝕠.𝕏𝕀𝕍.I'm NOT sorry for calling them out as I'm tired of people being too scared to call problematic people out. I'm NOT sorry to say that telling a parent that Being a parent, going through a car accident and dealing with Lawyers while also suffering from PTSD and anxiety that DaSol Caused was an excuse to not write with someone is a PATHETIC and Low human being and you pretty much get whatever is coming to you for telling my friend that her being emotional and dealing with having to warn others about toxic people was "their own fault". No, It wasn't. It's not their fault that you react like a f u c k i n g child and copypasta s h i t from SolitaryLapTopTVLove on deviantart when his comment about Dante being a gary stu was actually in regards to reboot Dante and not OG Dante?It wasn't their fault that the entire verse liked their OC and the way they held themselves before your little psychotic creep of a friend decided to attack her and tare down whatever reputation Rose had on this site.Ankoku and Sol are at Fault for their own actions and should be treated accordingly by being put in their place and learn to be humble and have some compassion...but you know what they say about OC writers... Some of them are a s s h o l e s and think they are better than everyone else because they're actions are enabled by others who are "afraid of confrontation". Those who enable these two and others like these two's actions are a bunch of idiots and failures as human beings.No one deserves to be treated with disrespect by others, but god damn some of you don't have the balls to confront people. I don't care if it was a "heat of the moment" thing, that's an excuse to treat others like trash; what should have happened instead of blocking the poor girl was talking to her like a civilized adult, instead of gaslighting her it should have been corrected by telling Sol to cut it out, but no, because you guys got free edits and her eating out of the palm of your hand for praise of her terribly written characters for the sake of friendship, she felt untouchable and felt like she could trash talk even the kindest of hearts on this site who was one of the many advocates of OC's.  None of us with the common sense to block you, want anything to do with you people.  


08/28/2021 07:39 PM 

Roleplay scenario: OPEN TO EVERYONE

THEMES: Candlecove,Puppets/dolls,gore,monsters,violence,romance and adventure.(So this is a candlecove themed scenario,if you do not know candlecove you are still welcome to roleplay with me this scenario ! I will play all the characters from it! But if you do know it then it’s would be fun to rp while playing characters together! Anyway this is a OC X OC scenario ! So don’t expect to come in and ask to be paired with a character other than my oc-)You were just browsing into the old crates and boxes,you had recently moved to your own place. And wanted to watch something from your childhood,that when you found an old VHS that you never saw’s was labeled ‘Candlecove’. Strange,but you still went on to watch it.Half way troughs it the episodes seemed to get more and more strange,with one of the characters looking at the screen and telling you he was going to skin you,the main characters looking terrified and trying to get away from this scary skeleton...You went to close it but suddenly got sucked into the world of candlecove! Ending up on a wooden floor...someone poking your head...(Just ask if you prefer the characters I play being humans or puppets/dolls human sized or smaller. Everyone will be at least 18!)

𝓓𝓮𝓶𝓸𝓷 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮

08/28/2021 12:58 PM 


Let's set some ground rules shall we?1) First and foremost please be 18+ before reaching out to me for any roleplay requests or adds.2) When messaging please do not make me feel as if I am running against the clock to reply. Honestly it'll probably cause me to completely shut the conversation down.3) I like a little sustenance to me roleplays so I ask that the responses stay between 2+ paragraphs just so neither of us feel wanting for more.4) If you should have to leave a roleplay for whatever reason, be it for break or personal affairs, please let me know. I'd hate to be left wondering if something is wrong on my end. 5) I'm here to have fun and build some great stories so, regarding everything stated prior, come to me with any and all ideas because more then likely I'll be down for it. We can even brainstorm and come up with some together!With all of that said and done hope to see you soon!

Rules, blogpost, Groundrules


08/27/2021 11:37 PM 

Tiye (sub)

Name-TiyeAge-7,000 looks 21Height-5'2"Species-Vampire/ShapeshifterOccupation-His realm= A vampire prince human realm=Mercenary Favorite color- White and pastelsFavorite food-bloodFavorite weapon-Dual pistolsKnown facts-has a key to different realm, has a magic storage that is attached to only his and his summons magicFamily-Mom-DeceasedDad-Alive and King Siblings-Has 7 siblings all alive


08/27/2021 09:13 PM 


Plot ideas for fun and amusement♪Feat. Xiao XingchenDuring the years of co-existenceAdjusting to their peculiar brand of domesticity, especially after it was clear that Xue Yang wasn't goin' anywhere.Delving into those fun moments of deceit.Exploring what, if anything, might have happened after the first time Xiao Xingchen left those candies for A-Qing and Xue Yang. It did change something, after all.Cold winter nights.Early reveals, whether by accident or design.The What-IfsWhat if Xue Yang succeeded in bringing Xiao Xingchen back as a fierce corpse with a consciousness?--and everything that goes along with that. What would Xingchen's reaction be? I personally think it would be similar to the lifeless, hollow state Jiang Cheng went through after Lotus Pier fell and after it was discovered his Golden Core had been disintegrated. So, what would it take to get him out of that? Or would Xue Yang keep him completely mindless with those needles he uses? (But then, why bring him back?) Song Lan would still have Xiao Xingchen's eyes--so, would Xue Yang try to put 'em back 'where they belong'?What if Xiao Xingchen failed to successfully kill himself? Be it due to the cut being too shallow, or due to Xue Yang's intervention, or some other reason.What if Xue Yang somehow got hold of the instructions of the body sacrificing/soul transmigration array and forced someone to do it to bring Xingchen back? Bonus points: the unwillingly sacrificed wished for something that would be morally reprehensible to Xingchen. Like murder, or theft.What if Xue Yang came across newly blind Xiao Xingchen at an earlier time than in canon?AUModern Day -- College -- back when he was a Hall Monitor in high school, Xiao Xingchen would clash with the delinquent Xue Yang extremely often. Now that he's newly graduated and off to college, he's happy to be free of that particular thorn in his side. It's a fancy college off in one of the big cities picked out by his adoptive mother, necessitating him to move into a dorm room on-site, which is fine and dandy... Until the day comes to meet his roommate and it ends up being that very same thorn in his side that he'd been so happy to have been rid of.Something Piratey - Infamous pirate captain Xue Yang catches wind of a rumor: a royal ship transporting "precious cargo" is due to set sail at such-and-such a time. Obviously he goes for it, thinking the cargo is what you'd expect a royal ship to be transporting--gold, jewels, rich people things... And well, yeah, that's true, but it's also had a prince on board: Xiao Xingchen, who had been on his way to get hitched.Something Piratey*2 - Dread pirate cap'n Xue Yang has been pissing off pretty much everyone trying to do business or transport goods via the sea. Naval officer Xiao Xingchen is eventually tasked by Emperor-probably-Guangshan with capturing or killing the sea-dog.Something Piratey*3 - Tasked by no one but his own want to take down a vile villain because it's the right thing to do, one Xiao Xingchen finds his way to a dingy pirate shanty when he hears that's where his target - meddlesome pirate captain Xue Yang - is going to be looking for new men for his crew. His plan: become part of that crew. Get close to Xue Yang. Capture, preferably, or kill Xue Yang.Something Piratey*4 - Robin Hood-esque pirate captain Xiao Xingchen has been pissing off the corrupt Jin Trading Company due to his escapades against their financial tyranny. Jin Guangyao, seeking favor from his father, sends Xue Yang after him to take care of the problem.D:BH wherein one or both are androids that may or may not be in Detroit a little before/during the events of the game. Maybe XXC is a blind man whose adoptive mother got him an android, XY, to assist him in his daily life. Maybe XY sees android XXC out doing errands one day and decides to steal him. Maybe they're both androids that end up trying to survive the chaos. Maybe something else, I dunno.Feat. Wei WuxianPost-Yi City What IfsWhat if Xue Yang skipped the funny business and wasted no time in getting still-controlled Song Lan to KO and abduct Wei Wuxian before retreating with them to whatever hidey-hole he has on hand?What if Xue Yang caught wind of the Yiling Laozu's return a little earlier and found him outside of Yi City? Still pretending to be Xiao Xingchen, maybe he joins up with Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji for sh*ts and giggles while he devises a way to separate Wuxian from the Lan.AUModern day paranormal investigators, probably neck-deep in the occult and necromancy (the kind you'd find IRL, not raising the dead 'n sh*t, sadly--unless...), that run a YouTube channel documenting their shenanigans and forays into haunted locations.I don't have any outstanding ideas for them (yet), but Jin Guangyao and Song Lan could also be fun. 



08/27/2021 06:29 PM 

Group Members

Leader: Cloud Strife Co-Leader: Supergirl Open for membership but name of the group under co...

ˢˡᵒʷ ⱽⁱᵇᵉˢ.

08/27/2021 12:13 PM 

Kaen Chikara. (An OC.).

Name. : Kaen Chikara.Age. : 21.Height. : 5'10.Hair Color. : Red.Eye Color. : Red with a slight orange hue.Personality. : Cold at first, Focused, Noble, a little mischievous.Favorite Food. : Pudding.Abilities. : Has a mechanical right hand that sprouts fire at will, which pairs alongside his usage of a blade. Due to his techniques, he has various forms of attacks that are based on fire. As for physical attributes, he has a few technological advancements in his body, giving him enhanced strength, speed, and agility, perfect fit for an assassin.Backstory. : Kaen is a part of a large family that is quite infamous for their assassinations. They are quite famous in a sense, getting payers from across seas and towns for their services, therefore even a photograph of any of his family or him is worth a small fortune. Due to these conditions, Kaen was trained brutally, as his family expected him to take over the family business for the next generation, which he didn't like the sound of.As time passed, he'd often sneak out and go enjoy the mysterious outside activities, carrying his trusty katana alongside him. He often wears a kimono robe that wraps around his lower torso, it is orange and feathery which complimented his style quite well. His technique involved that of the Legendary Bird Phoenix, a few attacks based on the Mystical Legend. 


08/26/2021 06:28 PM 

{•Main oc•}

Name: Erratik Mc king   age: 20gender: female(everyone think she a male)Specie: depend on roleplay(most common: human,living doll/puppet)occupation: Pirate(can be changed,but only fantasy or science-fiction stuffs)looks: fluffy and semi-short pale blonde hair,green eyes,pale skin. Need glasses to see.Wears fancy clothes if a pirate: white button up shirt with neck cloth,red 1700s styled coat,black pants and long brown boots.(Clothes will change if she not a pirate!)personality: Erratik is emotional,cowardly and nervous,but also a hopeless romantic even if she too shy to show it fully.weak but very creative. Mostly innocent,easily flustered by anything that beyond romantic. Cartoonishly very polite and curious.likes: writing,reading,art,music,cats,new discoveries,adventures.dislikes: dangerous situations,monsters/beasts,fights,violence,loneliness.more infos:• accept both FxM FxF• please do more than one liners.• if you want faster replies ask for my Wattpad :3  


08/26/2021 02:44 PM 


1. I only add people from the Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Teppen verses.2. I don't add shota/ lolli con or furries.3. I write novella, nothing less4. No, You won't get in my pants I'm shipped with a Nero :D  

Twinkle, twinkle, giant star,

08/25/2021 10:11 PM 


  The Kusanagi clan are a noble clan native to that of Tsukigakure and are descendants of the Otsutsuki clan. Originally deemed a pacifistic lot, they have since been dubbed an extremist group of terrorist shinobi lead by their Kasai, Soska Kusanagi. Due to having the sacred treasure, the Blade of Kusanagi, in their possession, the entirety of the clan have been officially classified as S-Rank criminals in power of weapons of mass destruction.KEKKEI GENKAI & ABILITIES. The Kusanagi clan are undisputed practicioners of their most proud bloodline trait, the Dark Release aka: Shade Style. Overall functionality of this kekkei genkai rest with an absorption of enemy chakra (from their offensive or defensive elemental/non-elemental jutsu), storage and release of said chakra through either the same technique, or various techniques to expell the chakra efficiently. Meaning techniques that utilize the elements water, fire, lightning, wind, or any other non-solid element, are capable of being absorbed entirely with little to no harm to the user. However, techniques that hold a more solid form such as earth, wood, ice, steel(metals), cannot be fully absorbed - only the chakra from them.  

gαℓαя ρяιη¢єѕѕ

08/25/2021 09:16 PM 

Basic Information on Gloria

Basic Information: Gloria is in her late teens. (18 to 20). She is currently the Champion of Galar and has been since post-game. At one point in time she did have feelings for Hop but ended up making their friendship stronger. When she's not battling she is usually cooking for her friends. And if you can't find her at her home she's usually doing the tournaments.

gαℓαя ρяιη¢єѕѕ

08/25/2021 08:15 PM 


Please try and use correct spelling and grammar. Thank you. For the love of god please no one-liners for roleplay. More than likely I won't reply if it's a starter. I don't mind if its chit chat. I will only ship with chem, I will do multiple romances till I am shipped, the all romance will be dropped. Real-life takes over anything else. Sorry in advance. I am very selective on who I give my discord to. So please don't get upset if you give me yours and I don't add you. I only do smut when shipped and when it leads up to it. Sorry. Don't treat me as a number. I'll give you a week to reply and if not I will give you a reminder after that and if I still don't get a reply within three days I will remove you. I'm not here to be a number. I'm here to roleplay. Don't message or comment to me until you read this and to prove you read my rules tell me your favorite type of pokemon~

Fujiwara Akira

08/25/2021 07:14 PM 

Rules, 18+ and other information

Hey, hey! I've had this account for so long, yet I haven't put up any rules yet which I think is super whack. So I thought it's time to bring over the rules that I made on another account back over here. First off I would like to thank you all for taking interest in Akira. He was the first OC I made way back in 2011, and he's gone through several alterations from his name all the way to his sense of style and taste. I'm a pretty laid back mun down for whatever it may be so feel free to try out some new things with me!With that being said I have a few rules and things to get out of the way for you to have a better grasp of my intentions.RULES I will not be engaging in any 18+ content with underaged characters. I feel like that should be rather obvious. No drama. We're here on a Roleplaying site to have fun and relax. The last thing I would want is to have this place feel more like a job than a place to kick back. I'm a fairly busy person; I currently work two jobs, one from home, so please understand I won't be available all the time. I have a tendency to read a reply I recieve as soon as I get it, but I won't always have the time to reply then and there. Please do not spam my comments or messages if I haven't responded to you for a while. My system for replying always starts from any unfinished introductions/planning and then  onto oldest messages to the newest ones, so keep that in mind. Random starters are always appreciated, discussion is too, but please make it clear with which one you are going with. I usually denote I'm Out of Character via ((double parenthesis)) and that I'm speaking in character via "Quotation marks."  If I can't tell what you are going for, I'll just respond OOC. You add, you send the message. Cool? Cool. Please, please, please be literate. Nothing drives me up the wall quite like random shortened text, random emoticons and the likes during Role Play. I'll only be cool with it if its a characters schtick ((Like a trendy character that says stuff like "OMG" unironically)) So there are the basics, nothing too bad, yeah? If you're only interested in SFW stuff with Akira that's really all you need to know. Info for 18+ stuff will follow below.Info for mature (18+) Role Play Please make it abundantly clear if you're trying to lewd this rude dude. Tell me straight up if that's what you're here for. There's no judgment around here. Not only does beating around the bush about that stuff annoy me, but I will not aim to start anything like that unless we're clear on it. Plot is never needed, but it's always preferred And there we have it, this list may update from time to time but this is the general gist of what I expect, and what you should expect from this lanky yankee.


08/25/2021 03:13 PM 

Rover (Sub)

Name- RoverAge-2000 looks 21Height- 5'6"Species- Vampire/ShapeshifterOccupation- Human=Mercenary His realm=Dragon princeFavorite color- BlueFavorite food- BloodFavorite weapon- DaggersKnown facts- has a key to go between realm-Has a storage ai- Is the dragon princeFamily-Mom- AliveDad- AliveSiblings- 6 All alive

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