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MRC Rainbow Blood clan

08/25/2021 02:25 PM 

blood line

red blood are pure vampires they can turn people into vampires as well as make others their slaves their powers are strong and very strong indeed mind control and controlling and such other things as well as beings there are most powerful of them all  they are pure blood vampires and you don't want them to mess with you either Orange blood lines are sucabus demons or demons that feed off fear or emotions as well as desires they can turn into anything for people who feel blood lust or desires on anything they know how to pleasure the sinners or people who wish to touch them they go crazy and mad a well and are highly powerful Yellow blood line  are pure gods or goddess or beings who are half gods demi gods of any race as well they can be demon and god or god and lycan aka warewolf it dot matter they are demi gods or goddess and are powerful and strong and also their one thing is loyalty they are loyal to the very end and powerful and cant die they can not be killed their is one way to kill them and no one knows how as of yet  green blood line  they are gouls and zombies or groups and demons etc the point is they are ghouls and other beings as well the blood line is meant for gouls they eat the flesh off other dead bodies or turn people into their blood line are are strong and hard to be killed as well being half ghouls etc they don't smell like rotten flesh but only smell as mint or lime its very weird  but the queen could not stand the rotten smell and made them smell more sweet to her liking  they just love killing and murdering beings how lovely blue blood type these are half demons creatures who are  kicked out of their kingdoms they are magical creatures as well as strong they can not look you in the eyes with out killing you its why the leader kuro has his eyes covered and is the leader he don't wish to kill you and is fast on his feet as well he is well known as the undead leaders of hell and the youngest brother of z purple blood line leader is midnight they are grim reapers and reapers who take souls as well as gather the souls the purple blood line are powerful beings that listen to their queen and gather up their enemies souls for the fun of it. they are strong and powerful grim reapers but don't mess with them please do not they are strong beings as well these rankings shows that the strongest starts at the bottom of this page which is?!the pink blood line run by 3 beings mayleen mayline and Helena  only three queens each run their own kingdom and such the other lower pink blood line are to young to rule the kingdom as of yet are in training they are the most powerful beings they have all the blood lines in them at once only 1 every planet is made so they are very rare indeed 1 every 99 trillion years  so shocking i know their lifespan and outlive anything their bodies can not be harmed or damage as well they are strong and mighty but also are worthy the gods forsaken them and cursed them as well  the gods don't approve of them yet and their bloodline they are about other people and wont harm humans or other creatures they protect them they will only attack if their kind is harmed or hurt in battle will they even attack back they are not living or dead but have god like powers and are weapons to protect the gods and such and their followers who fallow them are also in the gods debt as well they ca not be killed by anything at all and are powerful and mighty as well they will keep you all safe at all cost no matter what no harm will come to you if a pink blood walks in your path good luck will fall upon your family maybe even some bad luck depends if you harmed them or hurt them in any way the way you treat them depends on your luck or curse is how you treat them in your life of knowing one  


08/24/2021 11:20 PM 

Zyphr (dom)

Name- ZephyrAge- 20,000 looks 21Height- 6'0"Species- shapeshifter/vampireOccupation- human world= bounty hunter in his own realm= a healer/shop keeperFavorite color- RedFavorite food- BloodFavorite weapon- BowKnown facts- His most common form is a ocelot, he has an ai storage, and he has a key that leads to other realmsFamily-Mom- deseacedDad- alive and a drunkSiblings- Has many


08/24/2021 11:16 PM 

Sona (dom)

Name- SonaAge- 3000 looks 25Height- 5'11"Species- Vampire/WitchOccupation- Human realm=Doctor His= Knight/HealerFavorite color- WhiteFavorite food- bloodFavorite weapon- Heavy swordKnown facts- Has a key that leads to other realms and an ai storageFamily-Mom- AliveDad- AliveSiblings- 5 all alive

Undying Corpse

08/24/2021 06:45 PM 

Skills and Things

Languages known:  Te Reo Mฤori (N), English(F), Javanese(F), bahasa indonesia (N), Malay(F), Dutch (B)Skills:master/expert:  Swordsmanship H2H Tracking marksmanship first aid hunting improvisation cooling mat Stealth (not that it matters) proficient: fishing knitting butchering wrangling daggership Competent: cooking (primarily a patissier) Most homestead skills animal handling Advanced Beginner carving Novice cleaning anything related to beauty/fashion Believe it or not, swordsmanship is not an ability, but a skill

๐•ƒ๐• ๐•ค๐•ฅ ๐•ค๐• ๐•ฆ๐•

08/24/2021 09:47 PM 

Character background

Anton is an enigma.. An ageless, formless being who only knows the lives of others. A long time ago, so long infact that he's forgotten, Anton died. He can't remember how, when or where. All the details from that life have long since faded from memory.... The only thing he clings to is his old name... Anton... That's how he knows that he existed at some point.. Regardless, when he died, he woke up in.. Somewhere else... Not hell. Not heaven. Not limbo... He was in a hall of shards.These Shards floated in mid air, and ranged from small to massive. Each one holding different reflections. He was alone in this space, the only thing he could hear were the sounds of the shards as they clinked together... He almost called out... But found he had no voice... And upon further inspection... He didn't even have a body anymore... He panicked at first... Causing him to move close to one of the shards, and in an instant... His eyes opened as not a man, woman, or a being without a body... He was an embryo. Not even having escaped the womb.... Yet he was conscious. He could think clearly, his memories were still intact... He was reborn into an unfamiliar world and he lived an unfamiliar life, what was strange was that... He knew how the life would play out. Not like he actively had future vision... More like... The life he lived was a play, set out and determined by the crystal shard he touched... And he was just an actor carrying his performance to the end... He could still make his own decisions. His actions were his own as were his thoughts... But subconsciously, not by choice... He would follow the set path of the shard... Until finally the play came to an end... That first life he lived ended... And he awoke back in the hall of shards.That's when he realized this was a place to live out other people's lives. See their experiences.... Each crystal was different. Sometimes he was a man. Others a woman. Sometimes the world was strange and fantastical, other times it was destroyed and desolate, and they all took place at different stages in history from the earliest periods of mankind, to the distant and blank future.... Each life's length was different as well... A king who ruled countless countries, only to be assassinated by his son, a murderer who'd taken more then his share of lives and was on the run for most of his life. A mobster who regretted all of his dark deeds... And the more he traveled through these lives... Trrough these shards, the more he learned... Anton learned about all walks of life. The pain and suffering, the happy times and the joys... He'd seen everything from hellish wars to total peace... He gained a knowledge and perspective on things that others could only dream of. And he' d seen and experienced things that no one should ever have been witnessed to... But the more he traveled the more he realized... He didn't want to live OTHERS lives... He wanted to live his own... So now he searches through that hall of shards... Looking for the life HE left when he arrived here... Maybe he could see who he truly was...? Or maybe he never existed at all... Maybe he's truly just a sad being that can only exist through others... Regardless... He searches. Living vicariously through the shards, the joys and sorrows, the loves the fears the victories and the deaths, all of it... only to end up back in the hall, and begin his search again...

๐™ป๐š˜๐š—๐šŽ๐š•๐šข ๐š‚๐š™๐š’๐š›๐š’๐š

08/24/2021 12:35 PM 

OC: Melian Belmont

Introduction:Name: Melian BelmontAge: 22Sex: FemaleLocation: MondstadtAppearance:Height: 5'3Weight: 117 lbs.Body Type: MesomorphComplexion: MediumHair: Melian's hair reaches the bottom of her shoulder blade. The color of her hair is chestnut brown and she styles her hair so that there are curls at the ends of her hair.Eye color: Aquamarine GreenHandedness: Right-HandedClothing style: Due to her profession, she always has to be ready for a fight. With that being said, she prefers to wear more comfortable clothing and materials.Makeup: Melian uses mascara for everyday attire, but she goes for a natural look whenever she does a full face.Glasses / Contacts: NoneScars / Deformities: Melian has a scar that runs from her right shoulder to her left hipbone.Tattoos / Piercings: Melian has an industrial piercing on her right ear and a helix piercing on her left ear.Personality:Intelligence level: Melian is considered to have above-average intelligence.Mental condition: Melian's mental condition is stable.Emotional condition: Melian has a stable emotional condition.Introvert / Extrovert: ExtrovertedPhilosophical / Emotional: EmotionalImpulsive / Cautious: ImpulsiveHistory:Date of birth: 4/21/??Place of birth: MondstadtRelationship status: SingleOccupation: Adventurer Sexuality: BisexualLifestyle / Interests:Nickname: Mel, MellyTheme song: Control by HalseyLikes: Adventuring, Fragrant Mashed Potatoes, Miso Soup, Sweets, Reading, SwimmingDislikes: Eggs, Unreasonably rude peopleStrengths: Distant fighting, Ambitious,Weaknesses: Hand-To-Hand, AnimalsAmbitions: To become one of the best adventurers.Personality:Positive Traits: Ambitious, Adventurous, Caring, Determined, IndependentNegative Traits: Blunt, Stubborn, Hot-Headed, ImpulsiveRelationships:1. Erix BelmontCharacter’s relationship: Erix is Melian's father. Currently, he lives in Mondstadt with his wife Guinevere Belmont.2. Guinevere BelmontCharacter’s relationship: Guinevere is Melian's mother. As mentioned in the previous character relationship, she lives with her husband in Mondstadt.3. Arthur Belmont:Character’s relationship: Arthur Belmont is Melian's twin identical brother. Arthur was born before Melian.4. Beren Belmont:Character’s relationship: Beren is Melian's older brother.5. Andromeda Belmont:Character’s relationship: Andromeda is Melian's younger sister. Andromeda is the eldest out of the triplets.6. Merlin Belmont:Character’s relationship: Merlin is Melian's younger brother. Merlin is the youngest out of the triplets.7. Callie Belmont:Character’s relationship: Callie is Melian's younger sister. Callie is the middle out of the triplets.Biography:Melian Belmont is the first daughter of Eryx and Guinevere Belmont and their third oldest child. Melian has three brothers and two sisters, one of the brothers, Arthur, is her twin. She was born in Mondstadt and has lived there her entire life. Melian's family had always been well off with her father being a diplomat and her mother being a healer. At age 14, Melian received her pyro vision and her brother received his anemo vision. Together, the two would use their visions to fight back against hilichurls that terrorized travelers along the road. When Melian was 18, she decided that she wanted to pursue her life dream of being an adventurer, and so that's what she did. 

Teenagerdrama MCRP

08/23/2021 07:54 PM 


brandy (talking to someone)Age 23Hair light blueEyes light blue Status single Job works as a teacherKnown for being a teacher Orientation biPiercings noTattoos noLikes teaching, sunrises, keeping busyDislikes bulliesBio her parents arrange her marriage. She never got to meet the guy until the wedding. When they lived together it was good but as time when on the guy was always drunk and hit her a lot. She had started to hate him and put on a act whenever she saw her parents or when they were out in public together.under coBrooke ( talking to someone)Age 30Hair brownEyes greenStatus singleWorks as a teacher Orientation biPiercings noTattoos noLikes books, spaDislikes being alone, being ignored Bio she is a math teacher who is married but isn't happy with him. Her parents arranged the marriage for her and they have nothing in common. She seeks to get out of it somehow but doesn't know how. Josie (talking to someone)Age around 20s to 30sHair pink purpleEyes purpleStatus singleJob teacherOrientation biPiercings earsTattoos water color DNA on armLikes science, experimenting, learningDislikes people breaking things in her labBio Josie is a science teacher, she knows everything about it and cares so much for it. She is looking for someone who has that same passion. Her parents root her on all the time about her successcaitlynAge 20 to 30Hair gray blue Eyes blueStatus singleJob teacherOrientation bipiercings tongueTattoos noneLikes music, quiet, being aloneDislikes being touch, arguing Bio Caitlyn comes from a abusive family that beat her a lot until she manage get out of there and go off to college. She finds it hard to get close to anyone thinking she isn't pretty enough. She is math teacher.CamrynAge 20 to 30Hair green blackEyes blackStatus singleJob teacherOrientation biPiercings nipplesTattoos noneLikes day dreaming, teachingDislikes being alone Bio Camryn is a history teacher. She loves learning about the history of everything and always thinks she was someone in the past weather it be a princess or a poor person or belly dancer. She has quite the imagination XD kids think she is a bit crazyAndreaAge 20 to 30Hair black red Eyes red Status singleJob as teacherOrientation biPiercings noneTattoos noneLikes drama, moneyDislikes people that tell her what to doBio Andrea she is drama teacher. She came from a rich family so everything was handed to her. She didn't have to work hard to be where she is today. She loves to direct plays and expects everyone to be perfect.kaylee Age around 20 to 30sHair plumEyes plumStatus singleJob teacher Orientation biPiercings nipples and tongue Tattoos butterfly on back neckLikes coffee drink, staying busyDislike being alone Bio she was married. Her husband died from cancer. She never had kids with him. She has trouble finding another man because she feels no one can ever replace her dead husband


08/23/2021 10:59 PM 

The Run Down

Hello Everyone Who Visits, So I am going to be using the blog for stories/diary entries for some or all of my characters. I have not decided yet. Although most of my characters can be versatile, these stories/diary entries, will kind of give you an insight/backstory behind the characters original origin. The only ones that probably won't be posted in here are my newer ones, reasoning for that though is, their to new for me to even know what their personality is like yet, idk about yall. But I could plan a character to be one way, but than they turn out to be completely different from what I originally wanted them to be like.I hope you all end up enjoying them as much as I love writing them for yall. Namaste,~That Syko Fox~

Guidelines, stories, diary entries

Slice 'n' Dice

08/23/2021 06:47 PM 

Abilities | Fighting style | Equipment

Abilities Overall Abilities: Despite being only two ranks from the bottom, Inosuke is a Hashira-level swordsman with incredible abilities and attributes. He has shown to be able to hold his own and contribute in fights against Upper Rank demons and being more than capable of disposing demons by himself. He is also incredibly gifted, possessing inhuman senses and flexibility, as well as the skills necessary to make his own breathing style and use it to great effect. Animalistic Combat: Due to growing up with boars in the mountains, Inosuke adopted their habits. Both his hand-to-hand combat style and swordsmanship are very reminiscent of animals and beasts. Tanjiro Kamado noted that his unnatural fighting style which resembles that of a "four legged beast" due to how his attacks come from an extremely low angle while also being very ferocious and incorporating other unorthodox movements, thus making him very unpredictable and very vicious. Animal Imitation: Due to living and growing up with wild boars, Inosuke has learnt to imitate many of their behaviors, which contributed to his proficiency in his Beast Breathing. Enhanced Flexibility: Inosuke is extremely flexible to the point where he can bend backwards so far that his head reaches between his feet.[8] He later displays the ability to dislocate his arm to extend his reach[9] and dislocate any of the joints in his body at will.[10] This flexibility additionally extends to his internal organs, as he was able to shift his heart and avoid it being pierced in the fight against Daki and Gyutaro.[11] Enhanced Touch: After growing up in the mountains, Inosuke developed a sharp and incredibly sensitive sense of touch. He can even feel small vibrations in the air. By using this ability, he can tell if anyone is looking at him, especially if they have any hostile intentions. He can even pinpoint the exact location they are looking at, which gives him an edge in combat.[12] Extrasensory Perception: Inosuke's senses are honed to such extremes that he possesses a form of extrasensory perception that allows him to detect things humans are completely ignorant to. Inosuke can sense how serious his opponent's are, seen when we sensed that Daki's sash attacks were relaxing a little bit, which gave him an opening to attack[13] and how strong Akaza and Kyojuro Rengoku were. He was also able to sense a person's malice and intent to kill even when they are outside his range of sight, which prevented him from getting killed by Gyutaro's scythe attack. Inosuke was also able to sense that Daki's obi had living people trapped inside it, which prevented him from accidentally harming them when fighting. Immense Speed & Reflexes: Inosuke is an incredibly fast individual, being able to keep up with the movements of Doma and later on, a weakened Muzan Kibutsuji. Immense Stamina & Endurance: During the Sunrise Countdown Arc, he lasted around half an hour exerting himself to the peak of his physical and mental condition, despite sustaining wounds all over his body. Immense Strength: Inosuke possesses amazing arm strength, being able to dual wield two katanas as opposed to one, even swinging them at super speeds. He was able to slice up the parts of Enmu's body that had engulfed one of the train cabins. During the Hashira Training Arc, he even managed to move a boulder nearly twice his size with his bare hands. He was able to damage Doma's neck and throw his swords with such strength, the force on impact was enough to help Kanao kill Doma. He is also able to use precision in his strikes, as he was able to cut Daki's obi easily, while not harming the people trapped inside. Indomitable Will: Inosuke possesses an incredible and undaunted will and spirit, never faltering and remaining steadfast and courageous in the face of any foe, to the point where it endangers himself. His will was best displayed during his battle against Upper Rank 2, Doma, where despite sustaining dozens of injuries, he refused to give up and continued to fight the Demon despite his overwhelming power. Poison Resistance: Inosuke was able to resist and survive the effect of Upper Rank 6's poison although it was considered incredibly deadly, which suggests that he may have complete immunity to some poisonous substances. However, as stated by Aoi Kanzaki, this also means that none of Shinobu Kocho's medicines will work on him, so if he is exposed to a stronger poison than that of Gyutaro or one that he has not developed a resistance to, they cannot be used as a remedy and he is in greater danger of death.[14] Repetitive Action: A technique practiced by few members in the Corps, it allow a person to achieve the same effects as Total Concentration Breathing by using repeating pre-set movements or remembering intense feelings to open the five senses and raise their concentration, drawing out the physical powers of the body for an long extended period. It is possible to use both Repetitive Action and Breathing simultaneously, granting the user immense strength able to rival Upper Demon Moons. Inosuke quickly mastered this technique after watching Tanjiro and likes to rephrase "Pig Assault" while doing so. Fighting Style Master Swordsman: Nearing the Infinity Castle Arc, Inosuke has polished his swordsmanship to the level of a Hashira, allowing him to keep up with Upper Rank 2, Doma. Swordsmanship Beast Breathing (็ฃใ‚ฑใƒ€ใƒขใƒŽใฎๅ‘ผใ“ๅธใใ‚…ใ† Kedamono no kokyลซ?): A Breathing Style distantly derived from Wind Breathing and the personal creation of Inosuke Hashibira himself after living in the mountains and fighting for survival. First Fang: Pierce (ๅฃฑใ„ใกใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ็ฉฟใ†ใŒใกๆŠœใฌใ Ichi no kiba: Ugachi Nuki?)[15] - The user stabs the target's neck with both blades. Second Fang: Slice (ๅผใซใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ๅˆ‡ใใ‚Š่ฃ‚ใ•ใ Ni no kiba: Kirisaki?)[16] - The user unleashes a double slash with his two blades in an X-shaped cut. Third Fang: Devour (ๅ‚ใ•ใ‚“ใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ๅ–ฐใใ„่ฃ‚ใ–ใ San no kiba: Kuizaki?)[17] - The user releases simultaneous horizontal slashes towards the target's throat. Fourth Fang: Slice 'n' Dice (่‚†ใ—ใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ๅˆ‡ใใ‚Š็ดฐใ“ใพ่ฃ‚ใ–ใ Shi no kiba: Kiri Komazaki?)[18] - The user delivers multiple diagonal double slashes with both swords. Fifth Fang: Crazy Cutting (ไผใ”ใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ็‹‚ใใ‚‹ใ„่ฃ‚ใ–ใ Go no kiba: Kuruizaki?)[19] - The user slices everything in all directions. Sixth Fang: Palisade Bite (้™ธใ‚ใใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ไนฑใ‚‰ใ‚“ๆญใใ„ๅ’ฌใŒใฟ Roku no kiba: Ranguigami?)[20] - The user releases simultaneous slashes with two swords from both directions. Seventh Form: Spatial Awareness (ๆผ†ใ—ใกใƒŽๅž‹ใ‹ใŸ ็ฉบใใ†้–“ใ‹ใ‚“่ญ˜ใ—ใ่ฆšใ‹ใ Shichi no kata: Kลซkan Shikikaku?)[21] - The user utilizes their sense of touch to identify the position of enemies and their weaknesses by feeling small disturbances in the air. This technique was so strong that Inosuke Hashibira could sense all the demons spread out through a whole mountain. Eighth Fang: Explosive Rush (ๆŒใฏใกใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ็ˆ†ใฐใ่ฃ‚ใ‚Œใค็Œ›ใ‚‚ใ†้€ฒใ—ใ‚“ Hachi no kiba: Bakuretsu Mลshin?)[22] - The user charges towards their opponent at blinding speeds while swinging both their swords. Ninth Fang: Extending Bendy Slash (็Ž–ใใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ไผธใ—ใ‚“ใƒปใ†ใญใ‚Š่ฃ‚ใ–ใ Ku no kiba: Shin - Unerizaki?)[9] - The user dislocates the joints of their arm to increase the range of their attack and unleashes a single strike. Tenth Fang: Whirling Fangs (ๆ‹พใ˜ใ‚…ใ†ใƒŽ็‰™ใใฐ ๅ††ใˆใ‚“่ปขใฆใ‚“ๆ—‹ใ›ใ‚“็‰™ใŒ Jลซ no kiba: Enten Senga?)[23] - The user rapidly spins their swords in a circular motion, deflecting enemy attacks. Sudden Throwing Strike (ๆ€ใŠใ‚‚ใ„ใคใใฎ ๆŠ•ใชใ’่ฃ‚ใ•ใ Omoitsuki no Nagesaki?)[24] - The user throws both of their blades at an enemy. Equipment Dual Nichirin Katana: Like all Demon Slayers, Inosuke harbors a Nichirin Blade, but instead of one, he has two, both of which he shaped a jagged edge like a beast's teeth and jaws, perfect for tearing through flesh, which is more to his liking. He doesn't have a hilt or scabbard, but rather uses bandages to tie his katanas, unlike his fellow Demon Slayers. His dual blades are indigo-gray in color.

หขหกแต’สท โฑฝโฑแต‡แต‰หข.

08/22/2021 10:02 PM 

Code Name. : Joker. (OC.).

Name. : [REDACTED].Age. : 22.Height. : 5'10.Hair Color. : Black.Eye Color. : Red.Personality. : Mischief, Playful, Level-Headed, Trust Issues.Favorite Food. : Curry.Abilities. : Allows the user to manipulate the area around them to become illusions. The radius is around 15 meters. - Illusions cannot touch or move physical people or objects.- For a person or object to be an illusion, Joker must see and touch the person / object once before to be able to copy it into his illusions in the future.Fighting Style. : Joker likes to use tricks on his opponents, whether it be Joker cards or a smoke grenade. His long black coat is filled with various items from daggers to bombs and more. His ability allows him to gain a clear shot of his attacks.Backstory. : [REDACTED] was quite a handful of a child, receiving a handful of misfortune in his life. He was always the type to pull pranks and mess with people. He found himself gaining and losing friends due to how he was, but his family was always proud of him no matter what obstacles he would come across. All seemed to be going well for the little trickster, that is until one fateful night.While returning from a night out, a gang of mobsters jumped his family, holding his parents at gunpoint. While frozen in fear, he watched as his parents were taken before his very eyes. Leaving the black haired male by his lonesome, blaming himself for the successful kidnapping. Ever since that day, he had trained his body and ability to be at their peak, his main goal was now to go after the Mafia, under the new alias, Joker.

หขหกแต’สท โฑฝโฑแต‡แต‰หข.

08/22/2021 09:38 PM 

Seishin. (OC.).

Name. : Seishin Chasutiforu.Height. : 5'8.Age. : 21.Hair Color. : White.Eye Color. : Magenta (Right.), White (Left.)Personality. : Respectful, Confident, Caring, Mysterious.Favorite Drink. : Apple juice.More Info. : Seishin is an intellectual prodigy who specializes in inventing and creating new machinery, the usual ones as well as possible new ones from his time which is the year 2050. He is mostly formal, always referring to others in a formal manner, and is sort of the butler type. After crash landing back in time and in an alternate universe, he is still getting used to things. Will you show him around? Who knows, he might just invent something for ya.Abilities. : Due to his smarts, he had managed to create a chip that goes into his left eye, allowing him to control four objects. These objects are known as Kurikens, a mixture of Kunai and Shuriken. They float around Seishin and can be controlled by him through the mind alone, and on top of that have various forms.- Second Form, blade.- Third Form, shield. 

๐”‡๐”ž๐”ซ๐” ๐”ฆ๐”ซ๐”ค ๐””๐”ฒ๐”ข๐”ข๐”ซ

08/22/2021 12:44 PM 

Update on Rules

Disclaimer: "Everyone has right and liberty to decline or ignore any incoming friend request that's sent to them. If one does not accept it, that means the person does not want to have the sender as friend and it is normal occurrence especially since it is part of this website feature. If you're easily butthurted by this kind of thing then perhaps you need to consider having your mentality and personality checked, because the only person spreading hate for declined friend request is spoiled brat who think the world revolves around them."  My Profile, My Rule.. Will DECLINE/BLOCK Derogatory Theme Profilee.g Your slut, just a bitch, another slave, humiliation, cuckolding, etc etc. If ones don't even give a sh*t about making decent name let alone profile, then why should I care about them? Go f***ing be miserable somewhere else! Community ProfileYeah right, I know that for certain that this kind of thing can be a medium to promote bullying and online witch hunt, so put that thing away from my sight! Also I notice that most of these profile are meant to collect people instead of write story so yeah.. I am not interested! Hate ProfileWhat the hell are they even trying to accomplish here? Causing a drama? Just get over it and move on, nobody needs this kind of thing! Also I don't give a sh*t if that profile is a disguise under the goodie two shoes 'PSA' or warning or that kind of bullsh*t, it's still slandering other people. Even if the person is real troll, it's still no one's business. I do have few word of wisdom for this kind of people: If you are feeling sense of accomplishment from spreading hate toward certain profile, you're pathetic. Neither it is their own profile for sake of shameless self promotion nor it is other people's profile, it won't matter, I don't care. For  those who love playing the victim card and claim things like 'I am being harrassed for years..' Here is fun fact for you.. even if you asked petition of ENTIRE PLANET to delete that profile. Do you think the person will just sit and do nothing? he could just re-create a new one and you're just wasting time..and yeah this piece of crap site won't do NOTHING about it.. I have been harassed so many time that I've become sensitized to it, so grow some balls and ignore it instead of giving it more attention. Two wrongs don't make one right.. keep that in mind and grow up. Trolls'Are you being insightful as actual troll? Good, then you know what to do. Oh don't worry about me, I know when I see one, and I know they are still lingering around here, like ghost... or more like pest' CreepsLook, I get it.. being old sucks, and unfortunately it is something all human must eventually experience, but that doesn't mean we can't rp. I don't care if the people adding me are  senile IRL or even disable person or even serial killer, I don't need to know, I don't care, and  nobody are required to put this things on the internet just for sake of having interaction or entertainment. I am not here for dating, thusly I never ask about my rp partner current living situation, it's their privacy, I am not gonna judge as long as they keep those information to themselves, everyone has right to do so. This is just place for rping and  game of imagination after all. I am fully aware of it. HOWEVER that doesn't mean that I would tolerate some old guy character which profile is suggesting weird theme with my character. This is RP, not real life so if anyone is interested in doing spicy thing with my character because they find her attractive or something..they could AT LEAST have the decency to use equally good looking character, because I don't wish to imagine my character doing 'this' and 'that' with ugly looking nobody. If anyone is trying to deny all the 'facts' I said about this kind of character, then I have question for these people: What is the purpose of rping as senile? self-insert for being old? okay then it's back to my statement that I don't give an eff about it and I am not interested still. For having certain 'rp theme'? Isn't that the literal definition of being creep? or is it just me? For those who felt offended with this point and actually senile irl who are looking for life partner on same phase of life, I am sorry..  just because I set my character age to 100+ years old, that doesn't mean that I am grandma irl, if there are people thinking otherwise.. well, they are morons. Screenshot folder for evidence:My IBB private folderScreenshot folder for evidence on other profile:My Aฬทnฬทtฬทiฬท ~ แŽช๊ญฑ๊ญบ๊ฎ๊ญบ๊ฎ‡๊ฎ–'s Albums folder   Will less likely accept request from BNHA/MHA-related character(OC or Non-OC)Yeah, if you are one of them.. just refrain yourself from adding me seriously, I have been harassed by people using character from this verse.. this is just a way for me to prevent drama and that kind of useless crap Bleach-related character(OC or Non-OC)Same as above, this is one of the verse I added recently due to trolling/stalking incident and hate profiles ALL Naruto/Burrito.. Boruto-related character(OC or Non-OC, I don't care!)This is just another kind of anime which I dont give a crap, not only its simply mainstream as f*** (despite of being mundanely design character and insulting the true way of ninja), most of the fans of this anime who I met in the past were all just narrow-minded people who like to play with other's feeling and yes this is based on my personal experience, I am not interested in dealing with their toxic fanbase. You are free to agree or disagree but I would say it as it is, because it IS my rules! I have albums of screenshot of the idiots using the character to harass me, don't believe it? DM me, Ill share the link (IF you actually meet the requirement to get your request approved). I can't share here because.. well it will get deleted and reported DUH! what do you expect from community filled with ignorant people? ALL Final Fantasy VII Original Character(...Well, except for Angeal and Zack, I guess.. I dont even mind doing ero with them)Don't get me wrong, I played the game, and I think it is decent, but I am not wasting my time RPing with any of the character here, because I know that for fact that these profile only stole the content for sake of following the trend or getting attention Character with Paint Job or Recoloring EditI might not have extensive knowledge in regard of anime character but when I will know when people are using picture with recoloring job, I am not gonna judge but I don’t condemn any act of plagiarism. I understand if one just want to have a completely unique OC but they can’t afford the tools to create it, even then.. don’t let creativity ruining the originality. Also it doesn't take rocket science to make own completely unique OC, there are plethora of free to play game that allow player to customized their character even on mobile, so again.. no excuse for plagiarizing..unless for those lazy a**hole who can only use paint bucket tool on premade character and claim it as their "Originality". Sometime I am obliged to ask 'Try  drawing your own artwork, create good illustration for once and see people plagiarize it, maybe you'll understand how it feels'. Animal/Monster/Beast/Furry(Transformation, and human with appendages are okay)Let me be honest.. Bestiality is not my fetish, Something about the human relationship with antrophormorphic character just doesn’t sound right to me.. then again I know certain good people rping as them, therefore I am willing to give this kind of characters the benefit of doubt   Will NOT RP with... inanimate ObjectOh look, its picture of sword as profile, cool! How about I turn you into fu*ked up piece of metal, huh? Sounds great? Profile with IRL pictureNot interested.. I'd like to keep my IRL and net life separated, thank you.. It doesn't matter if you're the last man alive on earth or the most handsome dude in existence... I... DON'T... CARE.. People who added me in the past(Even if there is no interaction whatsoever, I think it can be considered as profile collector)If you're one of the conflict of interest, don't bother adding me. I don't wish to open old wound so let me move on with my life I Will be selective to... Female and "Other" Gender(This includes traps! I have to be selective on this one, judge me all you want,IDGAF)Let me point out that I am NOT sexist nor homophobic, however I notice there are lots of troll or hater hiding behind woman's skin, which is sad, but I feel the need to address this matter as act of precaution Newly Created Profile(This does NOT exclude all character on my preferred list)For those are new to the site, let me inform something interesting.. apparently there is a trend going on this site that people just LOVE recreating profile for attention or even creating burner account just for sake of whatever sick amusement they have in mind. That reason alone is enough for me to manually and selectively approve all the friend request. I have seen it time and time, new member added me only to find the profile disappear for less than a month. So if youre new, and your profile is still appearing on 'new member' section, I am sorry but you won't get approval from, unless of course you're one of myold friends creating new profile to try different things, I can still tolerate it. Otherwise, just spend your time on this site for while before adding me   Will NOT DO ERO RP with... Kids/Baby/Underage(Ill heavily consider for character with immortality and adult in child body)Okay I am fully aware that some people.. for whatever reason found any sort of gratification from RPing as kid character. Some people even claimed that they were actually adult irl, they just wanted to reflect their inner child through rp, I get it. although I might at some point question their degree morality but again.. this is just imagination, and people have right and freedom to do anything they enjoy as long as they are not bothering anybody else. I am not gonna judge anyone for that.. HOWEVER, this is part of this site rules... unless of course for people(whom I can consider as troll category) trying to get me banned.. I ain't gonna do ero rp with ANY underage character. Got any problem? Throw the complain to the people managing this site.. who actually thinks that underage people actually rp lol.. when I was a teenager, I would spend time with friends outside or do lots of  hobby, not rping.. now? yeah I just have too much free time...don't freaking judge me!. "Faceless" CharacterI am looking at you, Slenderman and Halo 'guy', doom guy and their variation Insentient Robot/AnimatronicI think I might have an idea why people are using this character and I am completely okay doing non-ero rp with them   Do NOT do this to me DO NOT ask my discord!Just to clear the things up, I DO have discord, as matter of fact I made 2 accounts; desktop and mobile. Despite of the programming flaws, bugs, errors, and glitches I have to admit that I like the simplicity. And perhaps people would hear me complaining how it ruin my gaming experience by crashing or lagging the game etc bla bla bla... those are the excuse I made so people will STOP asking for my ID. Nevertheless I do find it useful and truthfully I am having fun talking with my friends there. Discord is like my safe space,That is probably the reason why I don't wanna add anyone but people whom I trust, especially the people from site filled with Trolls. In my experience, discord has same similarity to this site that allows people to recreate ID and name and there are alot.. I mean ALOT of people who tried to ruin discord for me. So yeah don't ask for my ID, I am not interested in rping there. It's not excuse for mobile phone user because I have been browsing this site on my mobile browser and it works just fine, unless for those using phone from early 2000 then its not my problem. DO NOT order me around!(Except it is part of RP situation...)Obviously there is no seniority or superiority in this site I don't care if so-caled a veteran from mysite or bla bla bla, it doesnt always mean that every one of you out there has decent skill of writing, I know few who only bragged about it.. also I hate it when people are telling me to check on their profile! I will check it IF I feel the necessity to do such... in my opinion, its just plain rude when people add someone only to order the person as to do this and that.. it's like treating them like servant, so DOn't! DO NOT ask personal question!Let me get one thing out of the way, I am single and straight but I have severe doubt of long distance relationship, at the point that I can't simply share my IRL information online, I will reveal it when I am ready but for now.. for sake of real life safety I am keeping it hidden. DO NOT ask me to edit layout!I can edit layout... BUT right now, I am ONLY helping those rping as character on certain verses, so.. sorry? Is it wrong to have preference btw?   Personal Ranting You add, you start.Write in indicator whether you are talking OOC or IC I dont mind using comment or message, just don't mix OC and IC up, its just downright confusing! I don't consider posting on status stream as way to properly greeting someone, to me it's just lazy attempt for someone who likes whoring for attention First impression mattersFirst impression matters, as judgemental as it might sound, I won't even consider accepting friend request from someone with crummy default picture, it's technically going to be the thing that stick in my head about the character, so please put more effort in it Regarding RP relationshipI am not interested in rping with anyone using couple picture as default photo OR the people who are looking for RP relationship (M&L nobody) (T&L whacamacallit), etc, if you are planning on doing this kind of stuff in the future then I ask you to NOT sending me friend request, otherwise.. dont hate me for ignoring the rp for that reason later. Why? Because none of your business! I am not gonna fill the details but I might share the story with people close enough to consider as actual friend. Like and comment mine,I'll do the same to yoursI know people found this thing trivial but I would know if someone is taking me for granted. You take your time, I shall take my time as wellBy all means, If I am willing to wait weeks and months for your reply then I am going to assume that you are willing to wait for me for same time you keep me waiting. I only view profile I am interested inObviously my picture and display name will appear on viewer list when I visit certain profile, So don't blindly accuse me as stalker. I hate status spammer!I hate status spammer, especially those who love flooding the stream few unnecessary status within 2 hours,(e.g: I'll be back in few hours, on/off.. etc, I dont give a sh*t, okay?! This is NOT twitter) if you like doing this, then consider your status hidden from my home because I simply dont want to miss actual important message from my 'actual friend'... If I actually have one.. otherwise I would rather staring at my own stream message, I put lots of creativity and effort to it, at the very least I am being informative. Profile with common image downloaded from googleI discovered certain user with image of common stock animation.. you know? the picture stolen from deviantart or pin interest with minor changes? From what I can gather, the people who used this kind of image didn't usually make good rp, in fact I found one who deleted me as friend right AFTER I sent him my starter, I even tolerate his mistake on my rules 'you add you start' which meant HE should have been the one sending me starter not the other way around. And you know what? this is not the first time happening to me, so if I see anyone adding me with stock image as dp and asking me for starter, I only have 2 words for them: 'Fu*k off!' Mature theme RPFeel free to send me instant erotic starter, but dont hate me if your character end up in awkward situation later on..because I'd love to mess around with horny people and ruin their mood.   I Will Definitely ADD... God Eater Character(Romance is absolutely adored, welcoming fellow protagonist too! I will only do lesbian-related stuff with Hilda Henriquez or protagonist character, other than that, it will put into consideration)Exception: Alisa, Sakuya, and Claire, they can kiss my sexy ass! Code Vein Character(Yakumo or Louis? I will tolerate Instant ero! ♥)Exception: Io and Eva, Why? I just dont like their voice and personality! Daemon X Machina Character(Still new to the verse but, I might try improvization. I will tolerate Instant ero for all character of Immortal Innocence faction ♥)Please share your Arsenal, weapon etc.. Member of my site(Well, duh!)I know I have not been diligent to my character section on my website but I promise I'll do my best! My Youtube subscriber(Thanks for subscribing!)Just in case its not obvious enough.. Fellow gamer on SteamJust in case you find me here by chance, but no I am not promoting this unfair site anywhere!

Shiolia, rules,


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Alright friendos~I wont take too much of your time. This blog is for notes! It will be updated from time to time, so you're more than welcome to check back here and there!8/22/2021:I'm new on AR~! At least this character is new. I don't know how well this is going to work or if she is going to be well recieved. Basically... she's meant to be bullied. Dark and taboo themes are going to be abundant on this character. She's a sweet girl whose had a rough life. A sick mother who could only watch as her husband beat and abused her daughter. She was a target of bullies as well, not just students but teachers too. Still though, she did her best to keep smiling, to fight through it. You might be thinking you want to rescue her, you want to save her from all that pain.But that's not what this account is about... this account is to further abuse the abused girl. Like I said... I enjoy dark themes. There is very little I wouldn't agree to doing in RP. So... let's get a little wild, shall we? Please bring any ideas and suggestions to me if you've got them!


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Rules(Please Read)

~No Minors~Do not ask for personal info, this is roleplay not real life~Do not spam if I haven't replied, I get busy and sometimes can't be on all the time~I have another account, It's the Setsuna on my profile, add if you like 


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Name: AmayaAge: 16Species: Inu yลkai(Half Sealed)Occupation: UnknownFamily: Parents Unknown

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