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ᴸᴵᴸ ᴿᴱᴰ

09/30/2020 10:17 PM 

The Guidelines
Current mood:  artistic

1. I can understand people don't know what my sexuality is. It's very confusing to some. But it's hard to explain to others where they can understand. I'm asexual and aeromatic I have a link telling all about it in my blog. 2. I don't know how many times I have said this in my life time but please keep roleplay separate from reality please and thank you. 3. I DO NOT DO ANY SMUT OR ERP! SO PLEASE DONT ASK THANK YOU. 4. I do have discord if it's easier for you to use I don't mind where we roleplay or talk at. But if you want it just give me yours and I will add it. 5. Please don't attack any of my friends on my profile or start drama on my feed. I can't stand immature Children. I hate children period. 6. If I add you and you haven't said anything to me in 2 months or a feel like your just there collecting dust I will remove you 7.I change my character alot. Her name,spieces,hair,eyes, ect if you can't stand that move on. 8. I'm not looking for anything at all but friendship okay? So if you gonna be a nasty perv then be gone 9. I do NOT ADD CHILDREN ROLEPLAYERS 10. I'm not always in the mood to roleplay so if your in character 24/7 please delete me thank you. More to come soon~

royal Brother's of Egyptian

09/30/2020 05:57 PM 


NO one liners allowed must have details muilt aprah or one parah is alright with me and more  no mutes allowed you add me you talk to me  NO married or taken people are allowed to add me i do  not mind if your man or female as long as your one of their wives is all good Do no start drama as well i am not into that as well  if you do not respond in a few weeks i will delete you  NO discord so do not ask of it i am a female in real life though i am role playing as men its alright  Do not rush me i do have a life  NO lollies or shotas allowed grown ass people only if you add me lollies and shotas i will block you 

Beast Brothers

09/30/2020 06:23 PM 

starters that never got a chance

(a whim of a marrige that was forgotten about x amount of months/years later. only reason it comes up again is a person is suppose to get married again and both have to find a way to solve the solution to the forgotten marrige they are in.)Daichi was a successful business owner, so much so he went corporate and became CEO to his company. He had spent his life working hard and making sure everything ran smoothly which meant it left no time for self indulgence. The relationships he had in the past were one sided and meaningless once he found out the real reason as to why they would want to date him. He spent a year doing what he knew best and knew would not hinder him in any way, his job. His friends seeing just how consumed he was with work tired helping him but it was all for not and they gave up only to find a love of their own and one getting married. The friend asked Daichi to be his best man which he had accepted. The ceremony went well however as Daichi was going through the experiences of being a best man he was also seeing the side that the groom would see. From there he felt an ache within him but he shook it off knowing he could not dwell on such emotion. The after party changes to his friends asking him to continue the party but with much more amp. Daichi would normally deny but with the ache he felt earlier he felt it necessary to distract himself. He began taking shots with his friends and they would all go to the dance floor and mingle with anyone else who was there. Daichi and his friends managed to catch the attention of a few women but Daichi had not accepted just yet. As he held a drink in hand he was not watching where he was holding it and accidentally bumped his hand with the drink against a woman and it landed on her front. “Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen. Are you alright?” he asked not really looking at her face but just the mess he had made. He looked around to find a table and he lightly took her hand and guided her to the side table. He grabbed a few napkins and helped her clean it off. “I'm truly sorry.” he said as he then finally looked at her face. For the shortest of moments he felt like everything went silent but its only when she spoke that he snapped back into reality.

иσ¢тιѕ яσуαℓяєвєℓ

09/29/2020 11:46 PM 

A Wandering Lucian Strays Too Far

Admin’s Note: It has been FOREVER since I wrote anything like this... and dang I miss it so much... here’s to hoping this helps my writing start to return to its original self! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Coming out of a backout, Noctis gasped lightly upon taking his first real breath in a while. He could feel the pain throughout his body.. what the heck happened to him? he slowly lifts his head as his vision struggles to come into focus. Soon, he realized he couldn’t move. His gasp becoming greater as he frantically looked to each of his arms, discovering he was shackled to a wall. He grunts, admittedly attempting to see if he could slip out, but to no avail. He took this moment to gather what he could about his environment; A facility.... plexiglass chamber... consoles along the wall of the room, and monitors..... no way.... his eyes widened as he realized he had been captured into one of the few Niflheim military bases. But... how? he couldn’t remember anything prior to waking up here. He took a few seconds to note his initial injuries, he must have put up a good fight for his garbs to be torn and soiled. His complexion was even ruined by visible bruising and minor cuts upon his body.Soon enough, he could hear footsteps pacing towards the chamber. Noctis quickly redirected his focus to a man in a lab coat arriving; he had a slender build, a bit on the tall side, short brown hair tied back in a ponytail as his emerald hues met Noct’s “Ah... you have awakened... Prince of Lucis...” the man had charmed to him “Well, they did say if you had awoken, I could begin the process.” he excuses himself to the outer console. What process...? what were they planning that required his capture? he had to think of a way out of this.. if only he could regain enough strength...A set of odd sounds caught his attention then, seeing the man pressing a few keys and buttons. Noctis then glanced up to see a mechanical arm stretching towards him, as it removed what remained of his torn jacket and shirt, before another mechanical arm would stick a sort of wiring upon his bare chest, likely to monitor his vitals during the unstated procedure. All he could do in that moment, was watch... the guys must be worried sick! He tried to remember the moments before he fell asleep, muttering to himself “We were getting ready to set up camp...” he closed his eyes to focus on his memory. Before he realized... he had strayed too far from the Haven upon searching for herbs, a fleet likely took advantage of catching him alone. If they got this far with him.... that meant.... the others must have been overwhelmed! He growled under his breath, finding a new determination to break out of this facility and get back to the boys.His strength had begun to return, yet it would be far from enough “Wait until I get out of here....” he threatens the man in the labcoat, before the man chuckles hysterically “Ahaha! goodness! you really believe you can simply break free? I admire your attitude... but you won’t be going anywhere. We kept in mind that you could summon your Armory, so this room was fitted to seal away your abilities to prevent such an easy means of escape. Thank the Chancellor..” the man clicks his tongue and snaps his fingers, returning to the console. Great... this was like the time his powers were disabled in Zegnautus. He had no choice, he couldn’t contact anyone from here.. he only had one hope, a long-shot at most. He lowered his head and utters under his breath “Six... if you have any mercy upon me at all... guide those who are searching for me... please.”

RP, Noctis, FFXV, Final Fantasy XV, Starters, RolePlay


09/29/2020 07:15 PM 

The History of the Sea Peoples

The Sea Peoples are an Ancient race of hybrid humans; that was created by the Egyptian god Nun to inhabit the earth after Sekhmet’s rampage resulted in the destruction half of the human race. The first ever humans were created by the God Ra; he lived among them as king, the humans under his rule thrived with success. Under the great God King’s rule none went hungry, none knew the pain of sickness or death, all people were treated fairly, and were living in the lap of luxury. Eventually the great God King began to age, his powers withered, he was no longer that strong young man, and his mind was also escaping him. The people began to lose respect for their God King, they began mocking and disrespecting him. They would no longer listen to him; his word meant nothing to them. The great God King was angry with humankind for their disrespectful nature towards him; out of anger he had ripped out his eye and threw it at the people. His eye had begun to take form into the goddess Sekhmet, who in the form of a lioness, began to take revenge for Ra. She had begun slaughtering and butchering as many humans as she could. Her blood lust knew no end the Goddess of Fury had formed a terrible addiction blood, death and violence. Ra taking notice realized he needed to stop her or she would kill last of human race; his first attempt was trying to calm her but she refused to listen. She was unstoppable her killings continued until it was too late.She almost successfully killed every human on earth and would not stop extracting her revenge on them in the name of Ra until they were all gone. The Great God King had felt remorse; he was a father in need his children’s love. He let his frustrations get the better of him and it cost him half of his creations. The Great God King Ra had visited the water god Nun and asked for his help in creating a new breed of humans that faired from the sea. Ra claimed it would balance the earth, since he in his old age could no longer create children. Nun had agreed however he insisted that something needed to be done about Sekhmet he warned that she would kill the humans like she did the last.Ra and Nun had come up with a plan to trick the goddess. The two gods had turned the River Nile red by filling it with wine and pomegranate juice.  Sekhmet, thinking it was blood, drank excessively and fell fast asleep. Once Sekhmet was taken care of Ra had returned her into his eye and reattached her to him. Nun had then created the new breed of humans. The land was populated once again, The Great God King had regained the love of his humans and as a thank you to Nun he had allowed to raise a few of his offspring. Nun had granted them a kingdom of their own where the direct descendants still reside and rule over the Sea Peoples.

Pink Flower

09/29/2020 06:55 PM 

Kari Kamiya

Kari here and well I deal with the digits world. My partner is Gatomon we make a good team. I am here to make friends and get connections going. I am looking for mains both in Digimon and the Pokémon verses since my character does both verse. Crossovers are welcomed as long as you don't mind the para writing I love to write so I don't do one liners or EROS. Romance is excepted but I won't rush my character there has to be a connection 

Lord Souunkatsu

09/29/2020 10:25 PM 

Peaceful Life and Death

<b><u>Marriage and Death</u></b><br>Year after the war Souunkatsu finally settled down and married Princess Zakura. Souunkatsu also took measure to reform the Kokurkan forces after defeating Takenobu. Takenobu's son Takenaru Yuko and heir to the Ushimara throne became a looming threat. Despite Takenaru being weakened from the war his Generals still invaded Kokurko. Souunkatsu and his brother fought the invaders until they stopped invading due to the lack of resources. Souunkatsu went back to restoring the Kokurkan forces. He then introduced Hotaru to Katsumaru. Though he originally had Satsukiame to marry his younger brother. Since the Wataku only marry one of love. He never forced the issue on him or her. As for his sister he did the same.<br>Three years into being the Shogun. Lady Zakura finally became pregnant with Souunkatsu's first child. However he also began to foresee his own fate. So he made preparations to fall just in case. He wrote a decree that Katsumaru is to be his heir. Thus keeping the Wataku Shogunate in Kokurko. He also had Hirokaru to protect Solekari. Another was that he bestowed the Shogun's blade to Katsumaru. Finally he goes off to his last battle.<br> As Souunkatsu was his camp. He was attacked by what seems to be Yuko forces. He was alerted by tower guards and he ran out and fought them off even though there was only a few of his own men to spare. But eventually the lord of the army surfaces as Nakamura Fujiwara and Emperor Okimaru Hito. As hard as Souunkatsu fought. He was impaled in the back and through the stomach by Nakamura's sword. Leaving him mortally wounded. But before Okimaru could finish Souunkatsu off. Off the horizon was Katsumaru with a larger amount of men and horses. Okimaru tends to kill Katsumaru also. In attempt to save his younger brother, Souunkatsu got up and attacked Okimaru once more. He slashes Okimaru's face with his wakizashi. Okimaru was to the point he lost his sense of smell and sight of his right eye. His dominant eye, forever affected Okimaru's ability to fight. Souunkatsu's ability to fight weakens as his body start to shut down from blood loss. Okimaru impales Souunkatsu through the gut. Souunkatsu then fell. Okimaru with his fighting ability affected he ordered a retreat.<br>By the time Katsumaru had arrive at the scene. Souunkatsu was already dead. Katsumaru ordered to bury Souunkatsu's men and burn the invader's bodies as Katsumaru believed that the enemy's bodies do not have the right to decay on their lands. Katsumaru whom originally came to deliver a message to Souunkatsu that his son was born. Little did they both know that Souunkatsu's son had been kidnapped by Okimaru's shinobi Toshiyama Osh*tani. The child was named Katsukura as it was Souunkatsu's wish.  Katsumaru carried Souunkatsu's body and bury him in his shrine.<br> 

Lord Souunkatsu

09/29/2020 10:25 PM 

Life as Shogun

 <b><u>Becoming Shogun</u></b><br>When Souunkatsu was nineteen years old, the Emperor was assassinated. Thus after Solekari was installed onto the throne. Solekari declared war on the previous Emperor's killers from Ushimara. Ichiro, Katsuyori, Katsuyoshi and Katsutora had charged into battle. But had been killed by Hironori Hitoshi. Without a Shogun, 2nd General and 3rd General. Solekari was vulnerable of attack. So he took the battle to the field of Yokuno. Solekari is confronted by Hironori and his son Hirokaru. Solekari manage to defeat Hironori. However in a bloody fight Solekari was knocked to the ground and injured. Souunkatsu had came to help Solekari and together they fought off the legendary assassin. Hirokaru defeats them both. Both were lying on the ground. Fumihiko, Takamura and Kusatomo comes in to distract Hirokaru while Souunkatsu and Solekari could get away. Being cut up Solekari falls on the ground. Souunkatsu took the Emperor and fled the field to get his injuries taken care of for the sake of the soldiers that fought and the sake of his father's honor. Takamura and Kusatomo sacrifice their lives for Fumihiko to follow the younger men.<br> Solekari was lectured by his father for being in a place he shouldn't be. Now without any Generals, he was the last to stand against the Ushimara forces. Luck however came to favor Kokurko when Isshikiryu declared war on Ushimara. Thus it gave him time to recover. When he finally healed, Solekari got the resolve to go back out. Despite going against his father's wishes he goes out again. Souunkatsu who was beside Solekari and a new ally Atamiru Antoshi went on for a second attack on the Hitoshi forces. This time Solekari defeats Hironori and Hirokaru.<br> Following month of the battle Hirokaru came to Souunkatsu after killing his own father and submit his loyalty to him. Even to go as far as presenting his father's head to him. Disturbing as it was to him, Souunkatsu was reluctant but agrees. As another show of faith Hirokaru forged two daisho from the same material. Souunkatsu took the blades and went to Emperor Solekari and asked if he can be pointed Shogun. He along with Fumihiko believes the Emperor doesn't belong on the battlefield. All Generals of Saburo had died to fight for him. He noted that the Emperor is the head, the Shogun is the sword. Solekari moved by Souunkatsu's oath and honor to him, he made Souunkatsu his Shogun.<br> <b><u>Duties as Shogun</u></b><br> The first duties as Shogun. Souunkatsu began to repair the General forces while Ushimara is preoccupied with Isshikiryu. He made his brother the 2nd General and Atamiru the 3rd General. Takahiro became the 4th and Kusamasa the 5th. After repairing the forces he then gone off to attack and invade Ushimara to finish the war. With his brother behind him plotting out strategies, he made victory after victory. Destroying Ushimara camps in Kokurko and military bases in Ushimara. With the katana daisho that Hirokaru had made for him. He was able to slash through the defense of each man he encountered. Souunkatsu and his younger brother Katsumaru worked together to attack Ushimara while Atamiru, Takahiro and Kusamasa defend the country.<br>When they finally reach the capital. They lay a siege on the castle with the help of Hirokaru. While Hirokaru siege through the castle. Souunkatsu meets up with Takenobu on the field. Souunkatsu and Katsumaru charge into battlefield. The battle lasted for hours until it was just the Wataku brothers and Takenobu. Takenobu gave the Wataku brothers a fight of a lifetime. Takenobu knocks Katsumaru unconscious. Souunkatsu's protective nature comes into play and he cut Takenobu's head off his head. Thus the war was over.<br><br> 

Lord Souunkatsu

09/29/2020 10:24 PM 

Early Life

<b><u>Early Life</u></b><br>Souunkatsu was the first born child of Katsuyori Wataku and Lady Hayashi. He is the elder fraternal twin of Suisei. Like his father he was a blue eyed albino. He was even more lighter then his father while Suisei retain some of her skin and eye color and was slightly darker. When they was born, their father was still a renegade from Isshikiryu. But in Kokurko none the less they were safe from their great grandfather's wrath in Isshikiryu. While he and Suisei were still a baby, Katsuyori was made the 2nd General of Kokurko while his uncle was the 3rd. Katsuyoshi Wataku was often chosen to babysit him and his twin sister. His father had partake in the Kokurko/Isshikiryu War. The nations were finally in a draw.<br>Souunkatsu as a toddler he and his sister were instructed in the art of the sword with his grandfather. At that point he was also met with Prince Solekari. Solekari had became his training partner and friend. While he was intended to be a playmate of the Crowned Prince. He liked Solekari better as he didn't like Nakamura's bullying and spoiled attitude. Because of this Souunkatsu was often bullied by Nakamura as much as Solekari was. But like Solekari he would often defend himself very well. Even as much to lay a scare tactic on Nakamura by standing his ground after he knocked Solekari out after a joust. From his shear determination he impressed the current Emperor and was to have his daughter Princess Zakura to marry him in the future. From that meeting he had his first taste of sake from the Emperor's bottle. 

Sʜᴇ Wʜᴏ Dᴇsɪʀᴇs .

09/29/2020 09:21 PM 

Something that's started to be a pet peeve:

Roleplayers who stigmatize other roleplayers:Like, I get everyone has a preference but come on, instead of typing it out and making a complete a s s h o l e out of yourself or adding someone and after realizing that the person doesn't interest you because of your personal preferences, don't be an a s s h o l e to them, instead of saying "I'm unfriending you because I don't care about this or that." or "no one cares about your out of character relationship, get off the site."  Instead of making a complete fool of yourself remember these things: Everyone has preferences Everyone has boundaries Everyone deserves respect it's the Internet, Everyone deserves to be here It's roleplay, not real life. before you judge someone else, judge yourself. Instead of caring about what someone else does/says, care about what you do/say and think before you do/say it and think about the consequences.  Let me break this down for you by using myself as an example:1. I am Non Binary- I use they/them pronouns. My characters are Female and  uses "she/her" or "they/them" when in a group. I shouldn't have to state how misgendering someone and not using their pronouns is extremely rude and distasteful.2. I am engaged in real life but I multiship in roleplay (Unless my characters are taken in canon) My fiance roleplays as well and we have made an agreement before we ever started our relationship that whatever happens in roleplay stays in roleplay and personally as long as the other person who is my writing partner understands and can accept that I keep nothing from my significant other and we don't control each other or what we do in roleplay because it's fantasy  and your comfortable in understanding that it's fantasy and not real life and nothing will come of it outside of roleplay then that's all that matters. 3. I only write with male characters, writers on the other hand, depends on their personality and if we mesh (Get along) because I have a very strong, dominant personality as I am independant and speak my mind (like I am currently). 4. If you don't like it (My personal preferences or whatever it is about me), don't add me because I'm here to write with likeminded people, not closed minded people from the dark ages.  

Sʜᴇ Wʜᴏ Dᴇsɪʀᴇs .

09/29/2020 05:21 PM 

The Other characters on my profile I write:

//So, I decided to dumb it down for people who don't know what devil may cry is; There's a link on my profile to educate you on what devil may cry is, why? Because some of you don't know what it is and just kinda just I dunno I just lose interest in writing with people who don't know what it is let alone the characters I portray and absolutely love to portray besides my OC. (This isn't a Multi Character Roleplay account, I just give people option of what character to write with and why? Because I love these characters so here you go, educate yourselves, get to know these characters and then come talk to me, I don't bite...well...not unless given permission. Honestly, I just decided to add the other girls I write on this account for my own sanity. I don't plan to chalk it up as a MCRP account because it's not. People can choose to interact with one of the ladies or all of them( I favor this and these kind of RP's are mostly the ones that I focus on a lot more) as it gives them all attention and doesn't get boring.  

Sergeant Major John Johnson Jr.

09/29/2020 04:54 PM 

More information

Sergeant Major John Johnson Jr. Height: 6’3 Age: 24 Quirk: Courage- A small quirk that by itself is not even noticeable by people but when he does courageous acts it inspires those around him to help however they can   Abilities and Modifications: Robotic parts- his research had allowed him to further science as he ended up having his limbs replaced with robotic parts, his legs just above the knee while arms were replaced at the shoulders that enhance his strength to that above a normal human. Always wearing jackets, long pants and gloves to keep the public from seeing them. His eyes had been replaced with cybernetic ones that allow him to see further away, scan enemies and many other things. A small port at the base of his skull which allows him to connect to technological deceives via wire and go through data, save data directly to his brain or control some of his creations directly from his mind keeping his hands free. Most bones have been removed for ones made of metal to increase his durability. Cybernetic ears, let’s him hear things from a range, take phone calls, block out sound.   Training: He is skilled at many martial arts part of them being learned in the Marien Corp while some were just downloaded straight to his brain. Military training in many weapons from knives to large firearms 


09/29/2020 04:47 PM 

Coralio's Pokemon Wishlist (at least the one's in Galar)

Cinderace, Galar-Darmanitan, Golisopod, Dragapult, Mawile, Claydol, Togekiss, Gengar, Crawdaunt, Roserade, Manectric, Falinks, Cursola, Bisharp, Reuniclus, Shinotic, Goodra, Alakazam, Venusaur, Magnezone, Palosand, Alolan-Marowak, Porygon, Dragalge, Mimikyu, Jirachi, Kyurem, Galar-Zapdos, Regieleki, Urshifu, Zacian.

Pokemon, wishful thinking

ghost girl

09/28/2020 09:19 PM 

you will add me -shakes you-
Current mood:  excited

HELLO ANIROLEPLAY COMMUNITY okie dokie so uhhh I was on here a loooong time ago (omg 2015 aaa) but I'm BACK and deader than ever. Yes I am sooo bad at setting up cute profiles LOL but I uhm  love to rp lots so pleaaase message this ghosty girl back :)((I'm totally comfortable adapting to whatever world you'd like to do. This character is ideal for character exploration, smut (only if ur 18+), ghostly hijinks, horror stories, and torture pr0n. I prefer short response but I can do anything! Please do message me w clear intent if u can. Also, if you have a more specific world, I don't mind whippng out an oc. I basically have an oc for anything ive ever watched or read, so just ask. Thank you!))((ALSO IF YOU WOULD LIKE A LINK TO ANY OF THE PICREWS I USE JUST ASK! IVE SAVED THEM ALL))

about me, add me, seeking


09/28/2020 05:52 PM 

Roleplay Request

Hello,If anyone is interested in a roleplay, send me a message.I would like to do a MHA roleplay but anything goes.

MHA, Myhero, Roleplay, RP


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