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€Lost Soul Rider€(M/C)

08/27/2013 08:19 PM 

Sanzo family bio
Current mood:  adventurous

Name:Kaiji Sanzo Age:17 Sex:Male(look female) Sexual pere:Gay Hair color:Purple Eye color:Pink Family:Momo(elder brother),Shenji(older brother) likes:guys,games,dresses,girl stuff dislikes:bullies,lier bio:Kaiji is youngest son in thefamily. He look like girl and actlike girl because he bullied byother because he gayand he dresslike girl wearing girl uniform and dress. Helove his family and He love girls show Name:Shenji Sanzo Age:19 Sex:male sexual-pere: bi Hair color:Light blue eyecolor:light green Family:Momo(younger brother),Kaiji(littler brother) likes:money,girls,guys disliles:fangirls bio:Shenji isoldestson in the family. he is next person to take his father as hier ofthe sanzo family. he clam and rude to other butlove his brother. Name:Momo Sanzo Age:18 Sex:Male sexual pere:bi Stauts:Single Hair color:Blue eyecolor:purple Family:Shen(Older brother),Kaiji(littlebrother) Likes:music,girls,guys,party,games dislikes:baseball,the team,milk bio:Momo isparty boy who love partyand music. he come from a rich family with his brothers. he hate baseball hewant to queit theteam but his dad won't allow his to leave.

π•¬π–—π–Œπ–Šπ–“π–™ π•³π–šπ–“π–™π–Šπ–—

08/23/2013 05:18 PM 

Roleplay Terms please read & learn
Current mood:  blank

Roleplay Terms This list will be updated periodically/as questions are asked/terms brought up. The list is in alphabetical order.  Activity (1/10) - On roleplay applications, this is to let the people know how active you will be on the website posting. Very little free time = 1-3. Two to three posts a week, 4-6. More free time than most, higher numbers.  Admin - The 'manager' or person in charge of the roleplay, group, blog, etc. AU - Alternate Universe. The world that strays from the canon either slightly or entirely.  Canon - The original source information (TV show, book, etc.) that the characters came from. Closed Roleplay - The thread/roleplay is closed off to outsiders and is only welcome to those that are mentioned and already involved.  Doubling - When you and your partner both play one female AND one male. Most often used as a courtesy when both players do not want to play a specific gender.  Face Claim - The "face" of your character. The celebrity, actor, anime character that is used to portray the appearance of your character.  Fade To Black - Often used within sexual scenes where the players end/skip a scene, though the actions are thought to be played out despite not being typed, and the scene picks back up after the skipped scene would have ended. Fan Character - An original character created in a canon world.  Future Week - When, in a roleplay, the roleplay jumps into the future a decade or more, but only for one week. Godmodding - A character whose abilities are limitless. Often acts of forcibly causing something to happen, i.e. making someone else's character move without consent, is godmodding. Headcanon - Something that the individual or fandom believes to be true in the story, show, etc. and it generally makes sense, but hasn't been confirmed by the creators of the media. More or less, a 'personal' canon.Het - Abbreviation used for heterosexual.IC - In character. That relating to what occurs in game/post by the characters.  Indie - Independent. Usually mean a roleplay blog that is not tied to a roleplay group.  M!A - Magic!Anon. Used when asking a character a question anonymously. The Magic!Anon has the 'ability' to make the character do or become anything. For example: M!A You are now a rabbit for a day! The character will then respond with a post to this.  Mary Sue/Gary Stu - Used to describe a character that is often times 'perfect' in every way, is capable of upstaging other characters no matter what, they can pick up on any task and master it in no time, etc. Usually a perfected self-insert.  Mod - The 'manager' or person in charge of the roleplay, group, blog, etc.  MPreg - Male Pregnancy. A character or roleplay allowance that sees males becoming pregnant as acceptable and is used for the roleplay.  Multi-Para/Novella - Multiple Paragraphs of post length, often stemming from 3 paragraphs to way beyond this. Multiple Storyline.Character - A character in which the events of one thread have absolutely no effect on the events in another thread in anyway, shape, or form, and are known to be played out in completely different universes regardless of any similarities. Each partner has their own universe that is played with said character, so the events with another partner do not interfere with others. Multishipping - Coincides with Multiple Storyline Character, in which the romantic involvement which one character in one thread does not interfere or coincide with the romantic relationship with another character in an entirely different thread. This means that a character can have as many relationships as they would like, as each one is in a different universe and none of the partners know of the others' existence in anyway, shape, or form. Mun - The person behind the character. A.K.A the roleplayer.  Muse - Often referred to either the player's character, or things that inspire the player. MU/MUSH - Multi User Simulated Hallucination. Often related to roleplayers of MMORPGS such as World of Warcraft. NPC - Non-playable character. This is when the player controls the actions of a character that may not be tied to the story permanently, such as pedestrians  waiters, office workers, etc. These may also be side characters that are tied to the story, though only played and controlled by one player. NSFW - Not Safe For Work. Any material that would not be suitable outside of private viewing. OC - Original Character. One that is not related in any canon material. Made up by the player.  Omegaverse - Best explained [here] due to length.  One Line - One sentence of post length. OOC - Out of Character. Discussions that are done between the players and do not directly consist of the actions happening in the game.  Open Post - Used specifically on tumblr, but could regard an open thread on a forum as well. This means that the post made is open for anyone to reply to so that a roleplay is started. Sometimes, more than one person is allowed to join, which is specified either in the title of the post, or in the tags.  OTP - One True Pairing. Players personal favorite pair of love between characters. Para - Five to six sentences of post length.  PB or PlayBy -The "face" of your character. The celebrity, actor, anime character that is used to portray the appearance of your character.  RFP - Used in roleplay applications. Players example audition posts are removed once accepted and in it's place is RFP or Removed For Privacy.  RP - Roleplay.  RPG - Roleplay Game/Group.  Self-insert - A character that resembles the mun via personality, looks etc. and is, generally, an exact reflection of the mun.  Semi-Para - Three sentences of post length.  Ship/Shipping - Short for relationship. The act of shipping two characters together is to engage the two of them in an official relationship. The thought of shipping two characters together is approval of the thought of the two engaging in a relationship.  Slash - Refers to the same-sex pairing of characters.  Smut - The writing of erotica/18+ material. Smut involves sexual intercourse, oral sex, handjobs, etc.Starter - The opening/beginning post of the roleplay. The very first post of the roleplay, to 'start' it.  Thread - The collection of posts and responses from the start or continuation of the roleplay. UST - Unresolved Sexual Tension Verse - 'Universe' or the world in which the roleplay is set.

π•¬π–—π–Œπ–Šπ–“π–™ π•³π–šπ–“π–™π–Šπ–—

08/23/2013 03:15 PM 

Multi-Shipping (break down. please read)
Current mood:  apathetic

Multishipping - Coincides with Multiple Storyline Character, in which the romantic involvement which one character or Muse (as I like to call 'em) in one thread does not interfere or coincide with the romantic relationship with another character in an entirely different thread. This means that a character can have as many relationships as they would like, as each one is in a different universe and none of the partners know of the others' existence in anyway, shape, or form. Meaning: Zero (my muse) and Teru can be dating in one thread. Yuki comes along and meets Zero in a universe where Teru does not exist, and in Teru's universe, Yuki does not exist. They do not know about one another in any way, shape, or form. Think of it as infinite parallel universes that do not interfere with one another to allow for as many relationships as wanted, without drama, etc. I hope this clarifies the misconception that my muse is being "nasty" or whatever for having multiple which are actually separate relationships with different muses.

Roleplay 411, multishipping, mun shit

Schala 'La Chiaro'

08/20/2013 09:22 PM 


1. No Drama. 2. Rp is RP. RL is RL. 3. Comments are for OOC. Messages are for ROLEPLAY ONLY 4. Patience. I'm on and off randomly, if you can't wait a day or more for reply then we can't play. 5. Have FUN!♥

Schala 'La Chiaro'

08/20/2013 09:22 PM 

Schell's History

Name Schell 'la Belle' Age: ??? Sex: Female Orientation: ??? Race: ??? Personality: Cheerful, Playful, Energetic, Flirty, Mysterious, Sometimes Spacy Powers: Varies with incarantion/world, Shape-shifter, Ressurection History: A young girl born into existence on a distant star. She is the last incarnation of an ancient God-Machine that used war as a forest fire; after it's final destruction, Schell was created as it's last gsp before all of its war-power was destroyed. She is an embodiment of all of its ability and knowledge. Her given purpose is to explore worlds as an inhabitant, experiencing all there is to experience as a mortal within each one, then pass on; therein the accumulated experience becomes part of a greater whole. Thus she journeys, unaware of her origin and content with such; she lives for the moment, living the experiences, lives, and deaths offered to her in each world with a full heart.


08/20/2013 04:31 PM 

blog tittle

header oneheader twoheader threethis are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. this are the italics these are the bold you can write here the underline or go away with the link write with the normal text. blahblahblah

Vampire Anju & The squad.{MCR}

10/11/2013 10:41 PM 

Shinma Princess

Kiddy Kyuubi is the daughter of Kanae Kyuubi and Larva the Stray Shinma, She is half shinma and half kitsune and ratter spoiled. Kiddy grew up at Shinma castle with her adoptive brother Kei and her parents rarely seeing the other family members the reason being Shinmas are not supposed to roam the other world doing so would put them at odds with the guardians and seeing how she has family guardians it was something they all wanted to avoid. But then One day the castle was attacked Kanae grabbed her and barely escaped to the human realm there a weakened Kanae Seek her elder Sister Sakura so that she could take care of Kiddy.Instead Sakura said Kiddy would fair better if she went to Anju's home safer if she worked as a Shinma partner with Anju and her Kids than being with rogue Demons, against Kiddy wishes she was left at Anju's home with a promise of one day reunitiing.To this day what ever happened To Larva and Kanae is a mystery.Orientation:StraightStatus:Single

∞ Ðeath's β„’egacy ∞

08/18/2013 01:53 PM 

Advents from

{NOTE: There are some people missing that I lost contact with.}~Sephiroth Elite~~Jenova~~Advent Death~~Advent Wave~~Advent Myth~~Advent Lotus~~Advent Plague~~Kadaj Advocate~~Advent Fealty~~Sefirosu Oblivion~~Cryptic Yazoo~~Adelial~~Advent Fear~~Advent Dark Angel~

💟Tainted Soul Uchiha💟{T&L Itachi}

08/17/2013 10:01 PM 

Rules Please Read And Follow
Current mood:  animated

Rule 1: Please do not consider me number if I do not roleplay or send a hello please send me one. Rule 2: Do not kill me I love to be alive and happy. Rule 3: No Godmod please I can't stand that it makes me mad.Rule 4: Do not ask me out on a date unless I approve I live the single life and one day hope to find a true love in real life.Rule 5: Please do not just delete me and block me thanks I love making friends. Rule 6: Do not cause drama with me or my mains or friends on here or instant block sorry. Rule 7: Do not take my pics I worked hard getting them or had my friends had me make them. Rule 8: Do not get my ideas or rps I work in my own rp and am based off the movie and video games.Rule 9: Please don't ask for my number unless I know you long enough. Rule 10: Lets all get along thanks ♥ :)Signed official {Sasuke Uchiha of the Uchiha clan ♥}


Ultimate Beast

08/15/2013 05:05 PM 

-Rules 2013-

Where rules should be, this would be it. However I believe rules can only be broken once they have been set; Without rules, there would be no rule-breakers pissing me off. Hence; no rules.I have a couple of guidelines however... common etiquette if you want to call it that:I do not give out personal information--this is role-play.I role-play only in messages--it's just easier to manage and more private.I will role-play to match you--so if you do a half-assed one-liner, I'll do a half-assed once-liner. (No use wasting energy if you don't put the effort in) Conversely, If you write epic length's, I will too try to match you. There's no discrimination though, I have no hard feelings if you wanna do one-liners, if that's what you feel comfortable with--do it.I will randomly comment pictures, this is usually when I've caught up replies or if you are a new friend and I am in need of cocking my leg on you if you get me.If there is something wrong or unsatisfying about our role-play, just let me know, I hate awkwardly plundering along when there is no need.Finally, regarding Mature/Sexual role-play: I do actively engage in sex but your character and yourself must be over 18. This is something I do not take lightly. Other than that, anything goes. I love to experiment and dig to new depths so... yeah, you have been warned. This can be one kinky wolf!I look forward to role-playing with you! Please please please do not be put off or discouraged, I love you all and if you want to come role-play, just come at me. Also, if you are actually reading this I require no confirmation like other power mad freaks, please do not sign here, I derive nothing from having people under contract--this is supposed to be fun. So quit with the 'please sign' crap! xP--WereGarurumon.


Ҥurt Ϻe~💚

08/15/2013 01:41 PM 


1: First of all you add or accept you talk especially if I talk to you. Failure to do so results in deletion in which you will not be added back. I do not tolerate being someones number.2: I am a 18+ roleplayer as I would assume so are many of you. If you do not know what that age limit entitles in terms of what I do. Then you have not been around roleplay long have you? 3: I prefer my roleplays in messages instead of comments. I rather use comments for Out of Character chat only please. In which I will stay in character sometimes or not since greetings are normally in a comment anyway. If the message is a rp it is read,replied. If it is a simple hi it is ignored and deleted.4: Literacy is huge for me, So if you can't spell worth shit maybe you shouldn't Roleplay with me and at the same time I will only do Para-Rp. Minimum of Two paragraphs, Can't handle it? Get out now.5: At this point all rules are self explanatory if you have questions then just comment me and I will answer what ever it is. The final rule involves my mains. The rules are simple. You have to be active,be a para to multi para roleplayer It's simple as that.

π•¬π–—π–Œπ–Šπ–“π–™ π•³π–šπ–“π–™π–Šπ–—

08/14/2013 07:43 PM 

Current mood:  awake

asks that Zero answers, go ahead he won't bite... Hopefully. XD Teru Asked: "Will you grace me with a deep, taboo filled kiss that only you can give?" Smiles as a small blush crossed her cheeks Answer: Maybe. Ward Murmured: Are you an easy going person? Answer: The hunter stares at her impassively, "Depends." He quiped.

Second chance

08/11/2013 11:03 PM 

list of layouts i did for my friends

☠ C H A O T I C | A M B I T I O N™☠

08/10/2013 12:44 PM 

One Piece: Takamitzu D. Hanzo & The Chaos Pirates

Name: Takamitzu D. HanzoAge: 25Height: 6'5Occupation: Captain of the Chaos PiratesGender: MaleRace: HumanPowers/abilities/skills: Itt/Nii/San/Roku/Kyoutoryu, Rokushiki, Haki(+ King's Haki) , Mera Mera no MiLimitations/weakness': Is easily influenced to fight, regardless of knowing the opponents abilities. Also, trying to hurt his friends tends to cause him to lash out . He is very cockyDevil fruit: Mera Mera no MiMera Mera No Mi: this allows the user to transform into fire as well as control it. They can generate fire out their own bodies and even become and control the fire element with this in mind normal attacks won't effect the user since it'll just go right pass him or it gets burnt up. Of Course being fire you can burn your opponents up but you can also travel at the speak of rushing fire giving the option of making a close range attack or a long range attack either way can release a devastating blow. It seems that water can be effect if you have enough of it since the user's can accelerate the heat of their body to evaporate the water, and Ice and Smoke will only cancel the user's attacks, and Magma seems to be a much deadly weakness to this user since Magma can smother the flames and make the user get burnt.Upon starting his pirate career, Hanzo found the Devil's Fruit on an island he had wandered to, only using a small boat. This was 6 months after the death of Portgas D. Ace. Being a 'D.' , Hanzo was one of the D.'s that strongly believed in fate. 'There are no coincidences in this world, only Fate' He says sometimes. Eating it and training with it over the past 1 1/2 years, he has been able to do some things that Ace couldnt. That is because Hanzo was very serious about anytraining he did, and even fought the 3 Admirals (in defferent locations) over this time, and was either able to cause a draw with the others and would have actually defeated Aokiji if Akainu hadn't come to his aid.Devil fruit limitations: Massive amounts of heat/water, Lava, Sea Prism Stone, HakiWeapons: 3 swords. Personality: Very serious and cocky, yet if he is a friend he will drop the mask and act a bit happier. He has a strong belief in fate, and tends to speak of it often. He is very defensive about his nakama, standing to defend them even if they could probably kill the enemy themselves. However, in battle, he is always deadly seriousLikes: Fighting , sparring, killing, treasure, food, rum, swords, darkness, people who can give him a challenge, women, rum, Fate, One Piece, his crewDislikes: Dishonorable things, sneak attacks, Akainu, World Government, weaklings, idiots, people who act rude to him or his nakamaCharacter bio:Hanzo D. Takamitzu was an upstart pirate from North Blue only a year ago, and now had a bounty of 520,000,000 million Beli(One Piece money). The Navy has been receiving current reports of his distinctive pillaging in the New World. 2 Marine Admirals(Kizaru [Borsalino] And Akainu [Sakazuki]) and the new Fleet Admiral (Aokiji [Kuzan])have seen his face and fought him before.Here is the intel they have gathered:-Full Name: Takamitzu D Hanzo-Relatives: Unknown-Age: 25 -Height: 6'5-Weight: Roughly 240lbs-Hair color: Steely gray-Eye Color: Steely gray-Appearance: Muscular build, a red captains coat with 'Chaos' written on the back in kanji, black bandana tied around forehead or hair,black pants and shoes and 3 swords strapped to his right hip-Affiliation: Captain of the Chaos Pirates-Bounty: 520,000,000 BeliMore intel will be added when gathered (End of Navy Report) Hanzo D. Takamitzu was sold off as a slave for World Nobles at the age of 3, a group of slave traders killing his parents and kidnapping him in the night, but was saved when a Fishman named Fisher Tiger started a breakout attempt. He was 8 years old, alone on a boat headed towards nowhere.He later floated to and island full of dojos of the martial arts; it was so dubbed 'Dojo Island'. It was there that Hanzo first learned the way of the sword, opting for 3 , saying it gave him better odds. He trained constantly, day after day, using unique drills based on using 3 blades. He also studied Rokushiki and Hakkei there. By the time he left, He was 17; 9 years felt like nothing. He later landed on an island, meeting "Hawk Eye" Mihawk, One of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the Greatest Swordsman in the WorldHanzo did not fight the man; instead he begged him to train him. Mihawk began to leave, and Hanzo slammed his fist on the ground. He and Mihawk were the only 2 humans on the island, and could see the animals running away by some force that seemed to come from Hanzo's anger. Mihawks eyes widened as he took him under his tutilage, teaching him to master Haki3 years later, at the age of 20, he did just that. Hanzo then set out to form his pirate crew, vowing to one day come back and best his master. At the age of 22, he was simply a bounty hunter, collecting pirate heads without much problem. After Portgas D. Ace's death, Hanzo found a red fruit hanging on tree on a small island he had came ashore on by mere chance. Or was it fate? He already had 2 other Devil Fruits, but decided to eat the Mera Mera no Mi (Flame-Flame Fruit). By the age of 24, He had close to mastered this new power as well, doing things that the previous user had never even come close to. This was when he battled the 3 Admirals, being a lone pirate with a Logia fruit. He wanted to make the World Government pay for their corruption, and tested his powers at many military compounds over this periodHe started his own pirate crew, the "Chaos Pirates" and his bounty quickly grew from 100,000,000 to 520,000,000 in the next year , along with his crews bounties rising to remarkable levels due to the drastic events they caused the World Government to attend to. Name: RyuAge: 27Height: 6'5"Occupation: Bounty HunterGender: MaleRace:HumanPowers/abilities/skills: Haki , Hai Hai no Mi (Ash-Ash Fruit), considerable fighting skill and speedLimitations/weakness': Like the Suna Suna no Mi(Sand-Sand), water being splashed on Ryu in any way will make him solid. Also, Sea Stone. Devil fruit: Hai Hai no Mi (Ash- Ash Fruit)Logia typeRyu can turn into ash, scattering about and either tearing apart enemies with gusts of ash or (similar to Crocodile) turn anyone that he can place both hands on for at least 5 seconds to ash, as well as any ground or organic/non-organic compound besides water. Cannot absorb moisture. He can also create small animals from ash to attack or distract, or suffocate others with a trail of ash. It is easily countered by high winds or gusts of air(yelling your loudest could stop ash from going into your mouth). He can also compact or densen the ash in his arm or leg to make it heavierDevil fruit limitations: Water, the sea, Sea Prism Stone, HakiWeapons: nonePersonality: Ryu is very quiet, almost never speaking. His voice is barely a whisper even when he does speak. He acts calmly, and seems to do so even in battle, reading the flow of an opponents moves. He is very intelligent and is constantly thinking of something in his silence, what it is nobody but him knows. He only hunts pirates to live off of the money, and drifts aroundDislikes and interest: Likes- Living, booze, ash,sleep, killing or fighting when he has to// Dislikes- Water , idiots, deathCharacter bio:Appearance: 6'5" with brown hair and blue eyes, wearing only tattered white pants, gray wristbands (made of ash)and a gray bandana around his forehead. He is about as muscular as HanzoNot much is known of Ryu. He was apparenlty born in South Blue on a jungle island, growing up on his own after his parents death somewhere in the jungle and scraping by to live at first. Somehow , since at a young age he himself alone would live out in the jungle, he had spent 10 years living there on the uncivilized island and had also mastered haki in the process, while finding the Hai Hai no Mi as well. Before eating it, he was smart enough to make a small raft and get to another island. But it wasnt that he wanted to eat it, but was sailing on the raft 3 days and ate it the 2nd day in hunger, still making it safely to another island. Apparently from then on he hated water, and became a bounty hunter to make a living. He then tried to kill Hanzo for his bounty and lost, Hanzo sparing his life in return for joining the crewName: RaidouAge: 23Height: 8'Occupation: MonsterGender: MaleRace: HumanPowers/abilities/skills: Insane strength ,Haki,and Dopple Dopple no MiLimitations/weakness of your powers/abilities/skills:Is not very good with taunts, and is angered easily. He hates it when people call him a monster or a freak for how big he isDevil fruit: Dopple Dopple no Mi (Double Double Fruit)Raidou can make multiple clones of himself. They all have the same strength as him, but any strong enough blow (or Haki ) will make them vanish. Raidou can create one clone a second, and can create up to 30 in one moment, but this will make it so he cannot produce any more clones for 2 minutes. The clones also go away if the original is killed or knocked out, obviously breaking his link with the clones. Splashing water on the clones also make them vanishDevil fruit limitations: waves, the sea, Sea Prism Stone, HakiWeapons: 7 foot sword, 5x5 foot bronze/gold bullseye pattern shieldPersonality: Is very aloof and happy if people are friendly, but reacts badly to insults. Not the smartest, he is a bit slow sometimesDislikes and interest: Likes- nice people, food,beating up mean peopleDislikes-mean people, bad-tasting food. Mean people beating him upCharacter bio:Appearance: 8 feet and huge, He wears beige shorts and large sandals, with a brown tank top over him. His shield is usually around his back with a sash and his sword slung over his shoulder, although it weights about 100lbsBeing a slave and meeting Hanzo years before, he escaped as well. Running his whole life for being called a freak and a monster ever since, also accidentally eating the Dopple Dopple no Mi by accident one day, stealing it from a rare items shop and eating it thinking it was just normal food. Hanzo met him again while traveling through the Grand Line,telling him he could join his crew whenever he wanted. He joined from then, and was Hanzo's first crewmateName:ZatchAge:20Height: 6'Occupation: PirateGender: MaleRace: HumanPowers/abilities/skills: Morph Morph Fruit,HakiLimitations/weakness of your powers/abilities/skills: Is not good at using his power for battle unless someone tells him what to turn intoDevil fruit:Morph Morph FruitAllows user to turn into whatever they imagine. Kind of like Plastic man in DC comics. But if he makes himself a gun, he cannot shoot anything. His main use for them in combat is making swords of his arms to attack or buckets/shields from his hands to block things. The things he turn into are as hard as very hard steel, and hard to break. Besides this, his face will always be somewhere on whatever he turns into. Hit the face somehow, he turns normalDevil fruit limitations: Sea Prism Stone, Haki, waterWeapons: His imaginationPersonality: Very goofy and aloof, often forgetting things or turning into random objects for no reason whatsoever. Is always smiling, unless scared or curious. Very hyper, and tends to yell sometimesDislikes and interest: Likes- boats food sake fun swings rides fun fun stuff friends other stuff cool people pretty girlsDislikes- most other stuff ugly girls and mean peopleCharacter bio:Appearance- Zatch is skinny and lanky, 6' with a white shirt, black pants and black shoes. He has messy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and looks vey boyishBeing born and raised an orphan, Zatch always acted boyish and smiled to avoid being sad and droopy about his life. He loves attention, and doesnt like to fight much unless he has to. Running away at 13, he started stealing to live and chased by Marines with a 6,000,000 beli bounty, not knowing he had eaten the Morph Morph Fruit that a group of pirates had brang with their treasure to the island. He had stolen it ant tripped, swallowing it as he got away. He was eventually cornered by Marine soldiers, and was saved by Hanzo. He then joined the crewRokushikiHanzo has superhuman strength, speed, endurance, etc. He can do many things a normal human could never hope to do. This was due to his extreme training on Dojo Island during his youth, fueled by an unnerving need to grow strong enough to exact revenge on the Government that allowed his parents to be killed and himself to become a slave. He also trained in Rokushiki, the basics of which are:--Rokushiki (The Six Powers)---"Paper Dodge"(Kami-e) -allows the user to dodge attacks like a piece of paper floating in the wind. Higher Dokiri=Better speed and success rate--"Moon walk" (Geppo)- allows user to hop on air. Higher Dokiri=Higher leaps--"Storm Leg" (Rankyaku) - allows user to use body parts like blades, similar to Hakkei. Higher Dokiri=Stronger and bigger Rankyaku--"Finger Pistol" (Shigan)- a finger is swung at the enemy like and stronger than a gun . Higher Dokiri=Stronger Shigan-"Fist Pistol" (Kengan)- Instead of a finger, the user uses their fist for a stronger effect.--"Shave" (Soru)- allows user to move at incredible speed.Hanzo trained in this the most, his Soru matching even Kizaru's speed(Who can move at the speed of light). Higher Dokiri=Higher speed--"Iron Body"(Tekkai)- allows the user to make the body as hard as steel, able to withstand most blows. Must be still to use it.Higher Dokiri=Stronger Tekkai--'Six Kings' Pistol'(Rokuogan)-This move can only be used by one who has mastered all 6 Rokushiiki Techniques, like Hanzo. By putting one's fists together, they project a high pressure blast of air through using the six powers simultaneously. Soru to rapidly push the air, Rankyaku to generate a blast, Shigan for the blow itself, Geppo to push the air, and Kami-E for the same reasons as Soru. It can crush organs in the human body quite easily, though an experienced user can use two open palms for a lesser effect.   Rokushiki was a logic-defying martial arts style that Hanzo's sensei on Dojo Island trained him in. Hanzo had trained in mainly Geppo and Soru, finding them to be the most useful. Dokiri is what is used to measure a Rokushiki users power, Hanzo's being in the 8000+ range. This makes his Rokushiki extremely powerful, perhaps the strongest out of all known Rokushiki users yet. An average soldier has about 5 Dokiri on average, and a Dokiri of 500 or more is deemed superhuman. Hanzo learned all this in but a few years, but trained on the island for much longer than that.   The Chaos Pirates began with the story of one man, one who through his childhood  came up with a simple, but grandoise scheme; "To assemble an army to topple the World Government". The man's name was Takamitzu D. Hanzo, and his reason for coming up with such an insane plan was due to horrific events in his past. Hanzo's parents had been killed , and at a young age he was kidnapped and sold to be a slave of the 'World Nobles': The richest men and women in the world, who were allowed to do as they pleased due to their status. The World Government turned a blind eye to Human Auction Houses,  and even guarded their 'Holy Island of Maiejois'; the island of slaves. From then on, after he had escaped during a chaotic riot that took place on the isle,Hanzo had forever sought  revenge upon the World Governement.   Some may ask, why Chaos? For such a noble-sounding concept, the name of his concept would seem odd to those who knew the truth. It was because the Navy(The Army of the World Government)  wore coats with 'Justice' in kanji on the back, implying that they dealt the said noun. For the most part, however, the Navy practiced 'Dark Justice'; Meaning that  even if 1,000 innocents die to catch a wanted man, it was in the name of Justice. A sickening concept, Hanzo thought to himself, while he read of their exploits during his years after slavery. He was training on an island filled with marital artists, which he had washed up on after escaping the 'Holy' Island of Mariejois. It was here that he learned the way of the sword, and about the World Government through the people on the isle. They declared permanent independence against the Government, and were their own nation. Luckily for the young swordsman training.   Years after, learning through many experiences and training under  The Greatest Swordsman in the world, he sought out to find those worthy of his comradeship. For six months he found nobody noteworthy, but did find a new power. With this, he felt he was one step closer to his goal; As if Fate smiled upon him. It was soon after which that he ran into an old friend. A man named Raidou, who he hadn't seen since the riot at the Slave Island almost 16 years previous. Hanzo explained his plan to the hulking man, who agreed  to join him and was the very first crew member besides Hanzo.   It was a few days later that  they travelled to another island, where they ran into a gang of  Freedom Fighters led by a Fishman. Hanzo and Raidou landed in a small boat as The Navy was in the middle of arresting the band, and quickly put a stop to the World Government's goons. After which, he and the other leader spoke, and Hanzo learned that he built ships.  It turned out that the World Government came hearing that the Fishman had purchased the materials for a massive, powerful ship under his own wanted name. Hanzo asked hi if he had the materials, and he recieved a nod in return. Soon, he was led to where it was hidden on the island, and Hanzo implored him to join his crew, and become his shipwright. He would make the blueprints, Raidou would do the work, and Xeno the Fishman would help with both and oversee, his crew helping as well with Raidou and the clones he seemed to be able to sprout from his being. It was two months later that the Oni No Mizu was ready to sail.   Of course, the Navy came after them for  resisting.  Hanzo implored the other two to sail on, and stay on the isle for now. He didn't expect to be fighting the three Admirals(TheStrongest Men in the Navy), but luckily pirates had landed on the island at the same time, and attention was divided to what looked more dangerous. Hanzo was, however, no pushover. He fought evenly with Kizaru, the man made of light, and it was only After Akainu, the magma man, almost  killed Hanzo, that he fled back to the Oni no Mizu.   Because of this, They gave Hanzo a 200,000,000 Beli bounty, which was amazing for a first time. His shipwright, had his own bounty of 120,000,000 for his own actions, and wasn't happy about the events that took place. Hanzo assured him they would recognize him soon.  They were then hunted by a bounty hunter named Ryu; a man made of ash. Hanzo defeated him and implored him to join his crew, and it was done. On the same island they ran into a boy running from the Navy for a piddly 6,000,000 Beli bounty, and The Chaos Pirates easily stopped Zatch's pursuers. He wanted to join the crew once hearing of it, and showed that he could become anything he thought of. An amazing power. Hanzo agreed, acting like a mentor to the boy on their adventures. Ryu was given a 100,000,000 beli bounty after word spread of his new allegiance, for he had turned in pirates with bounties as high as 89,000,000. It seemed the Chaos Pirates were quickly gaining fame, their exploits of conquering pirates and marines alike spreading across the globe.   He ran into Buggy the Clown and Mr. 3, two pirates from the 'War of the Best'. Hanzo easily defeated them alone,and offered the wax man to join him. The tactical Mr. 3 weighed his options and decided to agree. It was on the same island  that  they ran into the Navy and fought them off. Their bounties were raised after destorying a marine base, and they had finally been reported sailing the Grand Line:The Sea Route that all pirates must take to reach the One Piece. Hanzo believed in the words of the Pirate Whitebead before he died, which was that the One Piece holds the key to destroying the Corrupt Government around them.   The next island they went to, they went to to pillage and gather supplies;however not harming the citizens. It was here he met a woman from the future, following her after she simply 'appeared' before his senses. He threatened to tell him who she was or fight  and she didnt seem to care either way. It turned out her name was Fiona Hpontiq, and she was from the future. She had come here on an assignment to find Blackbeard, the one who started the before-mentioned war and  killed Whitebeard.  Hanzo explained that her goal would be met much faster sailing with him, and she agreed. She was in no rush. Days later on the isle her  leader appeared, for reasons Hanzo didnt know. They originally fought, equal in power, until Fiona explained who the stranger was. Hanzo offered Miles the same propostion as Fiona, and Miles figured if his Guardian was in then he was as well. Their bounties were insane back in their time, and would soon reach the same heights.   On the next island they reached, Hanzo met a strange woman who challenged to fight him, and He readily agreed. He felled her, but convinced her to join the crew instead of die. Nikki Kijjin was a She-Devil ; a creature of Hellish powers,  and has since never left Hanzo's side. During their travels through the Grand Line Hanzo also met a mysterious woman ,named Chaos Rising,who clamed to have been given her soul back after death. After Hanzo raided a town, he enlisted her as the Doctor of the crew, a few days later the entire crew battling  against a Navy fleet that was passing by them. Because of this, new members were noted and bounties raised. After this, they traveled to an island that seemed  to be themed on religion, and Hanzo protected a young woman being hinted by their law forces. It caused him to become badly wounded, so he went and got his revenge. After settling things, and hearing that it was her sister that she was after, Hanzo offered her to join his crew. She agreed, seeing a chance to be a part of something and to represent her home. Her name was Ashita Arcadia. They sailed onward, a pirate ship running by them. Before they coud react, however, a gun-toting woman took the crew out. Hanzo recognized her as his childhood friend from Dojo Island, a woman named Leslie Hatachi, and implored her to join him now that she was ready to become a warrior. She agreed, and the crew continued on to the next island.   On this island , the crew found a group of pirates killing, raping and doing terrible things. They killed the other pirates as the Navy arrived, and even killed a few marines, despite Hanzo's warnings to try to avoid killing them. They had called a 'Buster Call'; sending a huge army of Vice-Admirals and soldiers after learning of the two pirate crews on the island. The Chaos pirates went through a lengthy battle, but won in the end, and their bounties were raised higher once again, the new members now noted. They were getting powerful, and growing in number, in record time. Since then, the crew has continued on their journey to reach the One Piece, undergoing trials of the heart and mind as well as dealing with many unknown and unexpected enemies. They have  recently found an island to base themselves for Wars and Council,  and organizing their ranks through trials and training.  

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Novella Example (male version)

Here is another example, this time Novella. "However cozy things seemed, the facts of life were the same. You couldn't escape death: It would get us all in the end." - Rachel Ward, NumbersThere came a wavering moment of hesitation as the other stood before the castle entrance where the air seemed almost vibrant. Eyes unseeing resting upon the welcomed intruder with anticipation and darker prospect. It was rare for the lamb to saunter forward to the lion, even if it was upon a red carpet. With enthusiastic hope, perhaps it would even present itself upon a silver platter and shed it's wool and remove its hooves. Wishful thinking, just as much disheartening without the continuation of the chase. Walls breathed and groaned as Mikael stepped forward, the dull illumination shivering, ever threatening to go out with each exhale of breath; the light working as a whole organism. Carpets remained thick, like the aged tongue of a beast beneath his feet, silently hoping to guide him further within. One had to wonder, what it was like walking into a giant maw without restraint. Was the fear of being crushed and devoured a constant worry, or even more, did one realize the glamorous gullet before them?  In the end however, it would matter little, for the outcome would always be the same.It was only once the ravenette reached the back of the throat towards the pharynx that he seemed to sense his folly. And yet tenacious curiosity clearly won out, urging him to delve deeper into the castle. While he had more merit than the cattle of the town or the denizens of the nearby Wood, there was something to be said of finding oneself before an ancient evil that could not be bought with reason nor conviction. To come face to face with the reality of mythology. Even to those that remained in the dark, the mind would always be the greatest perpetrator of fear.Even here where beings of the night found solace, the halls were slowly but surely closing in, shadows becoming impossibly dark. The dim candlelight was now a welcome beacon, the mauve coloration of the room dying out as it began to blend with the looming obsidian background. Stunning reds and rich browns had lost their vigor, the senses tricking one into a slow yet steady sensory deprivation. The crackling of wax lighting had subtly gone silent, even the flames refused to speak the further in the other wandered. Perhaps a trick of the mind, where even the air felt weighted and thick, a metaphorical tar, like one that fought desperately to swallow the thickening lump in ones throat. It was one thing to claim lineage from something demonic, it made you inherently evil. Such was a way that was always known, always embraced and expected. When you did such acts, it was looked over, nothing more than the condition of nature. But every now and then came something unexpected, a wrench in the workings of things. Those individuals that started with nothing, were nothing more than a neutral mark upon life. And yet their corruption spread, committing atrocity after next, and truly reveling in it. To choose such a path willingly, and to switch to the side of depravity without a second thought.The stories of the Lord Impaler were just as invoking as the ones after his death. To commit genocide,fratricide, cannibalism, and even patricide with the turn from the father above, all before his departure from a mortal coil; it made one question the limitations to a moral code, or lack thereof. They said the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and such was a truth that could be seen throughout the Romanian's rule. To purge corruption and fruitlessness from his lands, to spread Christianity of all things and to adhere to the old ways, such things were tainted by revenge, conquest, determination. In a life where only pain could be remembered, what more could one offer but to return the favor? For what could be worse than the human condition? It was usually those highest that fell the hardest.So loud, the way a heart raced and stopped, how it hiccuped in alarm or strained itself over something as simple as mental stress. It was unreliable, mundane, fragile. Further within the other tread, unknowingly making way towards the heart of the home. Finally the other had managed to stumble towards the lower level. Another room taunting in its usage, further becoming the other to follow inquisitively. A remedial trick, its effects beginning to show upon the demeanor of the man. Downwards, the descent into the abyss. He handled it well all things considered, footsteps echoing ever lower, repetitive loop after next until reaching the end of the staircase. Almost there now, the mettle of his character would soon come into question.   The castle pulsed now, excitement within the very stones. Hidden away was a final door, a Pandora box so to speak; and the other did well, still blindly pursuing. Finally the smell that had emanated through the house seemed to come to a focal point on the other sides of the doors. Whatever peculiarity had seeped into the very aesthetic of the structure was just beyond. And it revealed itself once Mikael chose to unlock and push past the final barrier.Blood, it coated the walls, the ceilings, the very ground beneath. The origin of such confined carnage displayed upon the objects of inquisitorial background. Fresh, upon sight scent that had taunted the whole way down was unmistakable, searing itself in nasal cavity and mind alike. This was the result of curiosity, and it seemed proudly on display before him. A painstaking care must have been taken to garner such results, but the reaction of the other was well worth it. It was always the same, run, and pray to God the Devil doesn't catch you.Back up the steps he stumbled, his eagerness for departure irrefutable. Around and into the halls, the color scheme seemed to mock the other with reminisce to the hues downstairs. Once rust toned embellishment and carpet, shades became dried blood, the tapestries in resemblance to peeled skin as it hung above. Perhaps nothing, but again the shadows seemed to be closing in as if chasing after the other. Tendrils of darkness reaching greedily to consume him, erase him. By the time he had retraced his steps however, it was too late. Hallways shifted, appeared unfamiliar, the warm and welcoming glow of candlelight now a menacing burn.However childish whim would not be permitted, the air cold and stinging. Once open doors appeared barred, impassible; there would be no escape the way he came. And that was when it finally happened, the frigid and almost amused malice that laced itself through the air buried beneath pleasantries and allure, a honey coated poison. "Leaving so soon little fox? And here I was hoping to get an audience with the one audacious enough to break into my home, not something you see everyday." A pregnant pause before illumination washed over the center of the room behind the ravenette. Tresses mocking to graveyard ash and dying rays of sunlight came into view, tumbling in disheveled unkempt mannerism as clipped locks teased at the jawline of a rather peculiar male. Mink lashes fluttered and kissed high cheekbones in subtle display as skin as pale as cream contrasted against the blackened dress shirt donned upon lithe torso. Teasing at fingertips were ruffles, buttons partially done as contrastingly modern dress slacks put together the ensemble. Despite his features, even from a distance, was an almost behemoth mockery, the man reaching 199 cm. Pushing off of the wall with ease, it was with casual expectation that he turned to fully face the other as a particularly menacing smile graced pale bloodless lips. It was then he mentioned something that gave the insinuation he had been watching the other since his entrance. "You seemed so eager, but I fear you didn't like my chambers downstairs. You should have seen the hairs upon your neck rise like the waves at sea." Arching a slender brow, hues finally opened, a startling hue of azure crystal, electric like the strike of lightning as they mirrored his callous mannerism. Mocking came a gentle pout, theatrics in this tense display before finally tiers peeled back to reveal row after next of vicious fang. "And here I thought you wanted to see me."

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