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𝕯emonic 𝕮hronicles

10/15/2014 09:10 PM 

The Leader

Name:Sakura Kyuubi Haruno UchihaAge-8,21 (really older)Race-Immortal half demon (Nine tail fox)Status:Widow/Single (WEASEL T_T)Orientation: STRAIGHTParents: Ryo Haruno, Hana KyuubiSiblings: Pharos,Kanae,Tsubaki,TsukasaKids:Tsuki,Tamaru,Hana,Zero,Eclair,Raziel,Lyn,Shin,Thanatos,Kiara,Aaron,Athena,Mercurios,Ran,Heath,Link,Nia, Aphrodite,Rea,AkatsukiGrandkids-Too many to list She was destined to lead a strong clan of Humans and Demons an alliance who no one thought possible was forged before her birth and on the night of her birth Her Human clan betrayed her parents, Tricking her Father into disappearing and killing her mother.She Grew up chained and punished for her birth, Later on met a young man named Hiiro who would visit and care for her until one day he was killed at his last moment he revealed to her that they were siblings, Sending her in a rampage that made her wipe out the entire Haruno clan and it was this moment in time that her fate was sealed.Eventually She grew up to Lead the clan she was destined too and was able to have the family she always dreamed off but that took time and drama SO MUCH DRAMA.Organizations/groupsAkatsuki HavenAkatsuki FemalesDemon Council (Old one)Team 10Shadow ClanD.Council (New one)She is awesome friends with Minako Trickster whom she met at some point over drinks because their kids were going and doing the Nasty together so now their families were tied one way or another But She wouldnt have it any other way.Her Mate Itachi died, he reached a stage in his life were he was satisfied with the live he lived and  although it meant leaving his Beloved the two agreed he had a good run before cutting the string of their fate...of course Itachi being the prick that he is did not leave with out a final mark on this world and died leaving Sakura knocked up as a parting gift (THAT PRICK LOL)Sakura is well known for being cheerful,caring and strong but also for her drinking obsession and the many children she has with her human Mate Itachi it was her who discovered the family had what they call the twin gene but that didn't stop her from baby making and shes the proud mother of 20 mentally unstable kids that she wouldn't change for the world..clone them yes change them no.As leader Sakura is always present at the most random moments so do expect her to show up in the roleplay in order to help move the plot a long (or twist it i swear this character has her own mind)


05/09/2013 05:38 PM 


Prologue This should go without saying but if I don't, some dork will try it claiming it wasn't in my rules.  No godmodding, metagaming or character control.  Don't steal my pix, my crappy layout or any parts of my back story.  Don't steal my family's back story or claim a relation to us that hasn't been approved or played out in a storyline according to their customs and decrees.  If you're interested in being a part of these larger storylines, please ask.  The more the merrier.  =3Rules 1 - I stay in the FF VII world.  Cross overs are limited.  Non FF VII characters with private profiles, I will most often deny.  Same goes for MCRPs. 2 - You add, you send a greeting.  I add, I'll send a greeting.  This is common courtesy.  From there we can decide on a storyline and who should start or we can just chat for a while and get to know each other.  I will delete silent numbers. 3 - No erotic RP. 4 - No OOC drama.  Yes, everyone says it.  Test me and see how militant I am about this.  This is why I have such a small friend's list.  :| 5 - Keep RL talk/issues to a minimum.  We're here to play right?  ;P 6 - Comments for brief exchanges.  Messages for discussions and RP.  **Since the change in the message system, I prefer private groups for RP.  I will RP in comments or messages only for certain people** 7 - I rarely break character.  When I do, it will be in ((double brackets)).  I will still treat you with respect in OOC.  I expect the same.  Don't "come at me bro" with threats, insults or trash talking about filthy remnants or destroying my RP family claiming it's all IC.  I'll delete you. 8 - As a character, my personality ranges from friendly and protective to xenophobic and sadistic, that's IC.  OOC the veil between Myth and her writer may thin to varying degrees.  Do not abuse this friendlier nature.  I mean what I say and I can spot BS when I see it.  How I deal with BS depends upon my current whim.  9 - I prefer storylines, no combat.  Hands on damage is reserved for NPCs, yours or mine, whenever it seems logical for me to behave that way.  Feel free to mistreat and mutilate any of my NPCs unless I ask you not to.  Let me know if your NPC is more of an auxiliary character that you're keeping control of.  Reeve w/ Cait, Reno w/ Rude, etc.  I'll respect the issues of character control if I know ahead of time.      10 - No length preference.  My norm is multi para.  Starters are usually long; replies depend on what's happening.  I'll happily one line in statuses, IMs and chats.  =3 11 - I try to reply to multi para RPs at least within a week or I'll let you know why I can't.  Lately RL issues make me unable to promise this, but I promise to try. 12 - If you can't reply at least within a month, I'll lose inspiration for our storyline.  This isn't out of snobbery, it's how my mind functions and really beyond my conscious control.   Don't start something only to stall and make excuses.  Be honest about your activity level so we can work something out.  At the very least, we can still chat and stay in touch. 13 - Be a stable character.  When I added a Zack and suddenly see he's changed to Ichigo, GOOD BYE! Finale If you're the type to embrace the endless drama only to delete when things get stressful, don't even bother to add me.  This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  If you didn't love the drama, most of it is easy enough to avoid.  Do not abuse my very limited patience with this.


05/07/2013 12:01 PM 

Truly happy
Current mood:  lazy

No one is truly happy. That had been one of the worst pieces of advice, if you could call it that, I had ever gotten, maybe it was because I would rather not hear the cutting truth. I wanted things to work at the start and build it from there.As long as I can remember I had done nothing but what should be done, believing in those that I loved and waiting, because they would do the same for me, it was fairly acceptable, until I found myself waiting more often for nothing.I never liked waiting anymore, I was afraid to wait, if I had to wait then I  would get upset, if I got upset then someone else would become annoyed, and cold. Friends, even those close, it was one thing after another, making me feel even worse.When it got worse and then came the excuses to not step up and help me pick up. The insults, the pathetic little uncalled for little jabs."Because you need to stop being all sad about it. You need to throw away your emotions. Grow up, be strong. Don't be pathetic."I hated this feeling, it stung, it was beyond hurting, aching emotionally and physically, feeling the physical pain in the chest from both anger and sadness. It was exhausting. That if it was in my psyche it would have dug a hole, deep into the depths of my soul, old nightmares and making it come true.It only meant to, someone like me, with that air of authority,  it only meant that I had no one to rely on. I was absolutely alone when it came to mending things and healing. It was never this bad before when I was in soul society, it was always feeling misunderstood or something else, that's because my powers set me apart from the others and I had no equal. Now I have comrades, I have friends, people I thought I could trust. To think you could be so cold...Sometimes I liked to believe that people were unreliableCertain people proved that with their actions.I often talked about these boring things with a friend from around the house, at work in the mansion, or at work down at the docks. People who worked around the mansion always had to hear about it, they were deeply involved around the mansions maintenance, cleaning, cooking, every day life, there were always whispers about the goings on in my life since I moved in here.  Even they felt the exact same way as the ones I was making out to be.I never tried to reach out because once I knew I couldn't rely on some one I  never really trusted them with my true feelings anymore, even when pried on I wouldn't, if I told them they would just become cold and distance themselves from me until it was time to play around again, making me feel bad for some reasons I'm not aware of. Eventually I would feel better and it would become pointless.I was shocked to find my sister felt the same sometimes, or maybe all this time. It was best described as feeling hollow. To me it was either hollow or depression.Depression?Realizing it was depression, this was probably like finding out you lost some one in the family. Something was wrong with you, all this hard work to build the strength to go on independently was nothing more than crap. Yet you have to be strong, don't act all sad about it, don't cry, because people find it annoying, dramatic, all kinds of stupid excuses to not lend a helping hand.I used to say a little kindness goes a long way, back when I first realized I was changing my ways, I was always questioning why people would be nice to some one like me, even though I'm a traitorous reprobate, was this my clemency? Some thing like that could help so much even in the future those are the kind of things I'll think of.No one is truly happy. That makes more sense now today, looking back at everything, I realize the most of my existence is spent looking for a pick me up, and despising those that never bother to try, while the other is spent trying, cheering others up, playing around, and saying that happiness isn't something to be pursued, it's easy, as pie.I guess for me it's just a matter of finding someone to walk with and remembering them.and then some how doing the pick me up for myself? It never really gets helped I guess.Just like the dream about looking at my fortune to find that it's blank because it cannot be written or seen by someone else, I have to decide what to make of it for myself.

Gekido no Tenshi Shinobu

05/06/2013 09:47 PM 

Basic Info

First Name: ShinobuMiddle Name: noneFamily Name: noneNick Name: Shin, Blind RageGender: MaleHow old you look: 22How old you are: 138Race: Samurai, Ritual Genre: anyVerse: para, multi para, novella. Whatever I feel like typing.Elements: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth.Kekkei Genkai: noneMain Weapon: Kusari-GamaSecondary Weapons: katana, watazashiRank using 1-10Ninjutsu: 9Taijutsu: 10Genjutsu: 2Fuuinjutsu: 1Doujutsu: 7Kekkei Genkai: 0Senjutsu: 0Wisdom:10Intelligence:10Strength: 9Speed: 10Agility: 8Evasiveness: 9Planning: 7Comprehension: 10Leadership Skill: 6Teaching Skill: 10 on a good day, 4 on most days.Direction Following: 7

Ǥσɗ Ωℱ Ꮤrath

05/04/2013 08:40 PM 


1# DON'T MAKE MY DAUGHTER CRY!2# No Godmodding/Autoing And so on: Keep in mind that your character is NOT untouchable. Everyone as well as my char suffers damage in battle, even when blocking there will be recoil or a limit to how many times your hit. And on the autoing, its real simple. Do NOT post replies saying things like "He punches you in the face making your mouth bloodly" or something to that degree.3# Rp Style: I am a Para, multi para style of roleplaying. I am a long time rp veteran so please don't tell me how use my character or what to do in our story if we rp unless we are making a storyline ahead of time. I will also do Novella T-1 if there is a good enough storyline to it. I also do one liners ONLY just for goofing off and what not.4# NO RL DRAMA: I can't stress it enough when i say, please do not bring your rl drama to an rp world. You will be blocked.5# Asura's Photos: All my photos for the char are MINE, and I edit each one of them and will be blocked for safely reasons. I do my own edits and no one elses so please don't ask for will be ignored.6# Respect The God Of Wrath!!: Throughout the hole time that we are friends on this site, I will ALWAYS show my respects to you in ooc, so I expect the same in return. I'm a very laid-back and outgoing kinda guy, so I will more then half the time will be talking ooc(If we're not roleplaying). OK! Like I said in "Rule #2," I am a roleplaying vet from all the way back on myspace. So I've seen my fair share of "up-tight-ten-foot-pole-up-your-ass" kinda people. If by any chance you are one of these people that are reading this right now...I will still befriend you. BUT...just remember these words. If ever....EVER, you get outta line with me or anyone I hold dear to me(And you know what I mean), I will give you *ONE* warning...just one. If it happens again, then you better make-it to that delete/block button before I do. Because I will make your time on this site VERY unpleasant.7# Adding: Very simple. You add first, please talk first, for I will do the same if I add you. Please make an effort to communicate, thats why we're here right?8# Roleplaying: Ok. It does not matter who starts the roleplay first. If you wish to start then say so, if you want me to start then by all means just let me know. There will be times where my replies come in late. So do NOT bombard me with msg/comments in trying to hurry me along. If so, I will either have no more interest in rping with you or I will take long just to spite you.    9# RolePlay Relationships: I do have rp relationships sometimes, but ONLY if the storyline is good enough. So don't come to me sending stupid crap about wanting to date, or start sending me something very sexual. If you do you will be blocked. I am VEEEERY picky when it comes to rp dating for many reasons due to past experiences. So I will ONLY pair Asura with CANON characters. No more OC(Custom made characters). Have had too many issues concerning rl drama related problems. So yes, rp dating is never outta the question with me but if it is to come to past for the God Of Wrath to love again, then like I said our storyline must be perfect or damn near close to it. I don't want a person to get so impatient that you want it to happen within a time-span of three to four replies later. Not gonna happen people. The experience is the biggest concern when pairing my character with another. This has to be like half a Saga/Series long before anything CLOSE to something like that to happen. Like I said, I'm very picky and I want a relationship for Asura that is rememberable for both of us, plan and simple. I have yet to find such a woman for Asura and he has remained single for the past three years or so because of this. But I believe it is worth it to find such a spark between two characters that will last forever. I'm sorry if this upsets alot of people for being so strict when it comes to having a relationship, I just want something that will stick with me for a long time. I want that passion to be something out of a fairy tail. There's nothing wrong with wanting something like this. I'm sure alot of you would agree.  10# RolePlay Genres: I am originally a Asura's Wrath genre character, but I do crossplay and very much enjoy it. Mostly Capcom, DC and Marvel. I do roleplay with dragonball z and gt, but I only add Main dbz characters. And selective on customs.11# HAVE FUN: This is without a doubt my MOST important rule of all. Pleeeease people. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. This is a fun fictional site to get away from the drama of life. Don't take things too seriously and enjoy roleplaying. 

Moriko ❀Elemental Fox❀

05/04/2013 03:59 PM 

please read and sign
Current mood:  relaxed

hey i just have a couple things i want you to know:1: DO not god mode my character! if i think you are i'll let you know and if you accidently you get ONE warning ether way.2: DO NOT kill my character in a rp!!!3: me the roleplayer is not looking for a relationship i'm happy to have moriko in a relationship with another character. But you cant just ask to be in a relationship without rping first! please keep rp in rp and rl in rl... i understand some people are looking for relationships but not me as a roleplayer!4: Please try to keep drama to a minimum... i can take it to a point.5: i have limited skills when it comes to editing but please do not steal my pic if they say dont steal! i have edited it of a firend has edited it for me. if you want to take then please ask first!!!!6: this last is a warning: my friends are important to me!!! if attacked i will defend them. i will not attack back but i will want to know reasons. i like to get all facts and figure out the situation and a possible solution weather it was there fault or not.

Bane Multi-Roleplay

05/02/2013 05:01 PM 

Heros vs Villains

 Birth Name: Anthony "Tony" Stark Nickname(s): Tony Aliases: Iron Man Sex: Male Age: 30 Place of Origin: America Bloodine(s): both parents: Human Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Dark brown Skin Tone:Tanned  Blood Type: OB Species: HumanEvil/Good : Good Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (The only guy's he'll date are really girly ones) Position: Seme Status: Single Significant Other: - Occupation: Owner of Stark Industries  Mother: Maria Collins Carbonell Stark Father: Howard Anthony Stark Living Siblings: - Addition info: Tony Stark is a multi bilionaire who once made and sold weapons to the American army. But a few years ago was held captive and he realised his weapons were sold on the black market. His heart was ripped out and was replaced by a battery like object to keep his body in tacked. Tony then realised that America needed a hero and therefore Iron Man was created.Birth Name: Selina KyleAliases: CatwomanSex: FemaleAge: 22Place of Origin: America, Gotham CityBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: GreenHair Colour: RavenSkin Tone: FairBlood Type: UnknownSpecies: HumanEvil/Good: In the middleSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: UkeStatus: SwingerSignificant Other: -Occupation: ThiefMother: Maria KyleFather: Brian KyleLiving Siblings: Younger sister Maggi KyleAddition info: Selina has never really chosen good or evil.  But she does not kill, she purly looks out for herself though has known to team up with Batman. She doesn't believe in love, just pure hard core sexBirth Name: Pamela Lillian IsleyAliases: Poison IvySex: FemaleAge: 23Place of Origin: America, Gotham CityBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: EmeraldHair Colour: Was ginger, now more of a redish colourSkin Tone: GreenBlood Type: UnknownSpecies: PlantEvil/Good: EvilSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: SekeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Was a Botany, now a villian in GothamMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: -Addition info: The dangerous experiments that transformed Pamela into Poison Ivy placed a deliberate overdose of plant and animal based toxins into her blood stream that make her touch deadly while also allowing her to boost her immunity to all poisons, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This immunity also includes Joker venom. She needs to breath in CO2 and requirs sunlight to survive.Birth Name: Lilly May JonesAliases: CheetaSex: FemaleAge: 17Place of Origin: America, BostonBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: BrownHair Colour: been dyed many times but is now black with different colour cheetah prints Skin Tone: paleBlood Type: -Species: MutantEvil/Good: NeuteralSexual Orientation: BicuriousPosition: ukeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Student of Xavier Institute for Higher LearningMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: -Addition info: Lilly May was abandond as a child, she is a pure mutant, Her abliities are her speed, she can run faster than a cheetah even on a bad day. Also she can sense peoples strength and can smell peoples scent miles offBirth Name: Poppy LiAliases: BlazeSex: FemaleAge: 15Place of Origin: America, New YorkBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: RedHair Colour: Ash blond with blood red streaksSkin Tone: FairBlood Type: -Species: MutantEvil/Good: EvilSexual Orientation: Will shag anyonePosition: She don't care as long as she gets itStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Student of Xavier Institute for Higher LearningMother: Jane LiFather:  Leo LiLiving Siblings: Two brothersAddition info: Blaze is hated by her family, and had filled her parents in a fire she created, Blaze struggles to control her power due to her anger, but each day she is getting stronger and stronger, and craves sexBirth Name: Isabella FlewAliases: ImpSex: FemaleAge: 20Place of Origin: America, CalaforniaBloodine(s): both parents: HumanEye Colour: PurpleHair Colour: Purple but changes shade due to her moodSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: -Species: MutantEvil/Good: Pure evilSexual Orientation: LesbianPosition: DominantStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Robbing banks and whateverMother: Father: Living Siblings: Addition info: Isabella is a dark creature, at a young age she killed her family with just a single look, she controls peoples lives but has to really concentrate if she wishes to kill them. She can control darkness and puts images in peoples minds, making them go insane. She has a mask which she needs to breath, but once she's in her hell hound full of toxic fumes she can breath

Bane Multi-Roleplay

05/02/2013 04:48 PM 


Name: Daichi Nickname(s): Dai Sex: Male Age: 29 Place of Origin: Tokyo Eye Colour: Lavender  Natural Hair: White with a hint of lavender Skin Tone: Pale Blood Type: O Species: Human/Prince/King Bloodline: Both parents human, royalty Sexual Orientation: Gay Position: Dominant Status: Single Significant Other:   Occupation: Prince/King of Japan Mother: Torah Father: Akio Living Siblings: Baby sister Rei Additional info: Daichi is a handsome male. His mother and father where rather old when they decided to have another child, this caused his mother having died given birth to his beautiful baby sister. At the lost of his wife, Daichi's father Akio killed himself unable to live a life without his love. Daichi stepped up and took his sister, loving her, she was only a few months old. He is still a prince, needing to marry to become king. The only problem being he was gay, no one knew of his secrete but he couldn't bring himself to marry a woman.  Birth Name: Odette Snow Nickname(s):  - Sex: Female Age: 16 Place of Origin: Paris Eye Colour: Emerald Natural Hair: Blond Skin Tone: Fair Blood Type: A Species: Human/Princess Bloodline: Both parents human/King and Queen Sexual Orientation: Straight Position: Bottom Status:  Significant Other:  Occupation: Princess Mother: - Father: Leo Snow Living Siblings: Elder brotther Additional info: Odette is a selfless child, she cares about her kingdom and her father and is such a loving princess. Her father is trying to marry her off so that two kingdoms become on Birth Name: Esmeralda Jackson Nickname(s): Esme Sex: Female Age: 27 Place of Origin: France Eye Colour: Green Natural Hair: Jet Black Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: A negative Species: Human/Princess/Gypsy Bloodline: Both parents human/Kunknown Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Position: Uke Status: Single Significant Other: Occupation: Gypsy Princess Mother: - Father: - Living Siblings: None  Additional info: Esmeralda is Princess to the Gypsy convent in France, her parents were taken from her when she was a yongue girl and she is currently looking for a leader to help her look after the small village  Birth Name: Dastan Nickname(s):  - Sex: Male Age: 18 Place of Origin: Persia Eye Colour: Ice blue Natural Hair: Raven Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: O Species: Human/Prince Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation:  Bisexual Position: Seke Status: Single  Significant Other: - Occupation: Prince of Persia Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown Living Siblings: Unknown but has two elder adoptive brothers Additional info: Dastan was a street rat up until the age of six were the king of Persia came across him and instantly adopted him. He never knew his parents and he has two elder adoptive brothers who are very protective of him Birth Name: Rosalie Shaw Nickname(s): Rose, Rosie Sex: Female Age: 18 Place of Origin: London Eye Colour: Green Natural Hair: Blonde Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: A Species: Human/Princess Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation: Straight Status: Single  Significant Other: - Occupation: Princess of England Mother: Maria Father: William Living Siblings: An elder brother Charlie Additional info:

Bane Multi-Roleplay

05/02/2013 04:42 PM 

Animal Instincts

Birth Name: Kai HiwatariNickname(s): BossSex: MaleAge: 25Place of Origin: RussiaEye Colour: Depends on moodNatural Hair: BlackDied hair: Black at the back and a blue fringeSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: AOBSpecies: WolfBloodline: Both parents were wolfsSexual Orientation: Straight (But does seem to sleep with men time to time)Position: SemeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: BillionaireMother: Kisa HiwatariFather: Kane HiwatariLiving Siblings: NilBirth Name: NamirNickname: -Sex: FemaleAge: 19Place of Origin: AfricaBloodine(s): Mother: Human Father: Part-tigerEye Colour: GreenHair Colour: RavenSpecies: Half tigerSexual Orientation: Bi-curious. Position: EitherStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Potition in the tribe: PrincessMother: SanserFather: KiusLiving Siblings: NoneBirth Name: JatoNickname: -Sex: MaleAge: 15Place of Origin: AfricaBloodine(s): Mother: Queen Father: LionEye Colour: Sky blueFur Colour: A mixture of brown white and blackSpecies: LionSexual Orientation: GayPosition: SekeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Potition in the tribe: Kings brotherMother: KiaraFather: KovuLiving Siblings: Elder brother HariBirth Name: HarperNickname(s): -Sex: MaleAge: 19Place of Origin: ChinaEye Colour: Ice blueNatural Hair: Purple with a tint of blackFur: BlackSkin Tone: TannedBlood Type: A positiveSpecies: Neko-jinnBloodline: Assuming both parents are Neko-jinnSexual Orientation: GayPosition: SubmissiveStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Village helperMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: -Additional info: Harper's live started off a little strange. His mother abandoned him the day he was born in a small tribe of neko-jinns. He is always being complimented on his beauty but he always ignored it, not liking how feminin he lookedBirth Name: Quinn SkylerNickname(s): -Sex: FemaleAge: 24Place of Origin: New YorkEye Colour: BrownNatural Hair: Dirty BlondeFur: BrownSkin Tone: TannedBlood Type: A negativeSpecies: WolfBloodline: Both parents are wolvesSexual Orientation: StraightPosition: Dominant (Yes she likes control)Status: TakenSignificant Other: Gerard 😍Occupation: Living off her fathers moneyMother/Papa: Ki SkylerFather: Francis SkylerLiving Siblings: Younger brother JayAdditional info:Birth Name: Kyou Chun Nickname(s): - Sex: Male Age: 21 Place of Origin: China, now lives in New York Eye Colour: Bright green Natural Hair: Midnight Blue Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: B Species: Half Neko-Jinn Bloodline: Father: Neko-jinn, Mother: Human Sexual Orientation: Homosexual. Position: Uke Status: MatedSignificant Other: MateoChildren: Sophia DelgadoOccupation: Jobless Mother: Sasha Chun Father: Li Chun Living Siblings: None Additional info: Kyou was madly in love with a man he met several years ago, they were together since they were fifteen. But a drunken night when Kyou went into heat seemed to cause it all. Kyou found out a month later he was pregnant and his lover abandoned him stating how he never loved him. Kyou is currently alone and is six months pregnantBirth Name: Ashton FletcherNickname: AshSex: MaleAge: 28Place of Origin: Washington DCBloodine(s): Mother: Shifter/Witch Father: HumanEye Colour: Royal blueHair Colour: Reddish BrownSkin Tone: TannedBlood Type: O negativeSpecies: Wolf/shifter (Read info)Fur colour: Dark reddy brownSexual Orientation: Bi-curious.Position: SemeStatus: EngagedSignificant Other: JamieChildren:Rosalie Fletcher, Aster Varrow Fletcher and Arron Arrow FletcherOccupation: Owns garageMother: Helena FletcherFather: Jasper FletcherLiving Siblings: -Additional Information: Ashton is a father to a beautiful five year old. Her name is Rosalie. He is very protective of his daughter. He was never 'with' Roses mother, it was just a one night stand and nine months later he was handed a beautiful baby only to never see her mother again. Also Ashton is a shifter, when he was young he ran from home so he was never taught about his shifting abilities, as far as he knows he can only transform into a wolfBirth Name: Tora HondaNickname: ToriSex: FemaleAge: 15Place of Origin: TokyoBloodine(s): Both parents neko-jinnEye Colour: Baby blueHair Colour: Strawberry blond/gingerSpecies: Neko-jinnSexual Orientation: StraightPosition: SubmissiveStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Home schooledMother: KisaFather: LeoLiving Siblings: NilBirth Name: Kaydee Young Nickname(s): Kandy Sex: Male Age: 17 Place of Origin: Tokyo Eye Colour: Blue but can sometimes look purple Natural Hair: Mousy brown Dyed hair colour: Multi-coloured Skin Tone: tanned Blood Type: AB Species: Wolf Bloodline: Both parents wolfs, father the tribe leader Sexual Orientation: Homosexual. Position: Uke Status: Single Significant Other: - Occupation: - Mother: Ellie Widow Father: Lio Young Living Siblings: None Fur colour: Mousy brown Additional Info: Currently Kandy's father is trying to find a suitable mate to pass Kandy possibly another tribe leaderBirth Name: Sirius Black (left)Nickname(s): SiriSex: MaleAge: 18Place of Origin: JapanBloodine(s): Father: Black panther Mother: HumanEye Colour: RedNatural Hair: Purple/blackSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: A NegativeSpecies: Black pantherSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: semeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: HighschoolMother: Ana BlackFather: Kyo BlackPapa: Link BlackLiving Siblings: Younger twin RemusAdd info: Sirius is the elder twin, both Remus and Sirius have two fathers and one mother. Three some. Remus and Sirius have different biogical fathers, Sirius is Link. Sirius is rather sarcastic and evil spirited like his father.Birth Name: Remus Black (Right)Nickname(s): RemySex: MaleAge: 18Place of Origin: JapanBloodine(s): Father: Wolf Mother: HumanEye Colour: GreenNatural Hair: BlondSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: A PositiveSpecies: WolfSexual Orientation: GayPosition: ukeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: High SchoolMother: Ana BlackFather: Kyo BlackPapa: Link BlackLiving Siblings: Elder Twin SiriusAdd Info: Remus is the younger twin, both Remus and Sirius have two fathers and one mother. Three some. Remus and Sirius have different biological fathers, Remus's father is Kyo. Remus is rather gentle and caring.Birth Name: Kage HaatoNickname: -Sex: MaleAge: 18Place of Origin: TokyoBloodine(s): Mother: Wolf. Father: WolfEye Colour: Pale blueHair Colour: pale blueSkin Tone: FairBlood Type: BSpecies: WolfFur colour: Midnight blueSexual Orientation: Bi-curious.Position: SemeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: - CollegeMother: Elizabeth HaatoFather: Lyall Haato SenorLiving Siblings: Elder brother LyallBirth Name: Lyall Haato JrNickname(s): -Sex: MaleAge: 22Place of Origin: TokyoEye Colour: Silver/blackNatural Hair: SliverSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: BBSpecies: WolfBloodline: Both parents are wolvesSexual Orientation: Is unsure but would consider himself Bisexual.Position: SemeStatus: Divorced - SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: LawyerMother: Elizabeth HaatoFather: Lyall Haato SenorLiving Siblings: Younger brother KageAdditional info: Lyall was a proper badass in highschool. He fell in love with the wrong person and got said person pregnant. He did the right thing and got married but was abandoned with his three children. Lilly, Dai and Daskue. He has grown up loads and loves his children more than anythingBirth Name: Leroy SmithNickname(s): LeoSex: MaleAge: 18Place of Origin: New YorkEye Colour: GoldenNatural Hair: Pure whiteFur: White with black circlesSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: ABSpecies: Snow LeopardBloodline: Mother a snow leopard, father a black leopardSexual Orientation: BiPosition: SubmissiveStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Started CollegeMother: Kelly SmithFather: Paul SmithLiving Siblings: Elder brother LucasBirth Name: Lucas SmithNickname(s): LucSex: MaleAge: 20Place of Origin: New YorkEye Colour: Royal blueNatural Hair: Jet blackFur: Jet blackSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: ABSpecies: Black LeopardBloodline: Mother a snow leopard, father a black leopardSexual Orientation: BiPosition: DominantStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Last year in collegeMother: Kelly SmithFather: Paul SmithLiving Siblings: Youger brother LeroyBirth Name: Cory JohnsonNickname(s): -Sex: MaleAge: 34Place of Origin: HollywoodEye Colour: BlueNatural Hair: BrownFur: soft brown with a hint of goldSkin Tone: TannedBlood Type: BSpecies: American LionBloodline: Mother Human, father american lionSexual Orientation: StraightPosition: DominantStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Model/actorMother: Susan JohnsonFather: James JohnsonLiving Siblings: -Birth Name: Skylar LeeNickname(s): SkySex: FemaleAge: 18Place of Origin: IcelandEye Colour: Clear PinkNatural Hair: BlackDyed: Electric BlueFur: Dark black but could be mistaken for a dark blueSkin Tone: Tanned but covered in tattoosBlood Type: OSpecies: UnicornBloodline: Mother Unicorn, father HumanSexual Orientation: StraightPosition: submissiveStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Bar tenderMother: Janise LeeFather: Lucius LeeLiving Siblings: Baby sister EmilyAdditional Info: Sky was a rare breed, a unicorn. Her mother kept it a secrete from her father who had abandoned them when her little sister was born. Her mother passed away a few years after Emily was born so it was Sky looking after them both, working behind the bard and occationanly as a hooker just to earn the extra cash

Bane Multi-Roleplay

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Creatures/Demons/Different place

Birth Name: Sasha KnightlyNickname(s): -Sex: FemaleAge: 129Place of Origin: New YorkBloodine(s): Father and mother humanEye Colour: Blood redNatural Hair: BlondeSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: A negativeSpecies: VampireSexual Orientation: Whoever she feels like f***ingPosition: SemeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: -Mother: -Father: -Living Siblings: NilBirth Name: Rebekara CleganeNickname(s): has noneSex: FemaleAge: 18Place of Origin: UnknownBloodine(s): Mother Human Father: IncubusEye Colour: Ice blueNatural Hair: Golden blondeSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: ASpecies: HumanSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: SubmissiveStatus: MatedSignificant Other: Jeremy ♥Occupation: Handmaiden to KhaleesiMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: Many siblingsAddition info:Rebekara has only recently became the handmaiden to her Khaleesi. She has been a servant ever since she could remember, she has been treated badly but now with Khaleesi she is safe.Birth Name: FaithNickname(s):Sex: FemaleAge: 287 (Looks 19)Place of Origin: UnknownBloodine(s): Mother Human Father: IncubusEye Colour: Ice blueNatural Hair: Pinky redSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: ASpecies: SuccubusSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: Dominant (See info)Status: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: DancerMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: Many siblingsAddition info: Faith may look innocent and sweet but she is far far from it. Not only is she a Succubus but she is also a nympho, she craves sex, demands it, she lives for it. She is quite controlling and loves to be in control in the bedroom, she experiments a lot and loves to sink her teeth into her prey.Birth Name: GaapNickname(s): -Age: 6666Place of Origin: UnderworldBloodine(s): Both parents godsMother - Zeus daughter Father - god of death/pain/underworldEye Colour: One eye fire red the other ice blueNatural Hair: Sky blueSkin Tone: paleBlood Type: A negativeSpecies: GodSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: SemeStatus: SingleSignificant Other:Occupation: God of pain and destruction, future god of the underworldMother: PersephoneFather: HadesLiving Siblings: NilBirth Name: VictoriaNickname(s): has many nicknames but hates them allSex: FemaleAge: 2327Place of Origin: HeavenBloodine(s): Father and mother, AngelsEye Colour: Ice blueNatural Hair: Raven/dark brownSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: A positiveSpecies: AngelSexual Orientation: PansexualPosition: submissiveStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: An angelMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: Birth Name: Pearl RoseNickname(s): -Sex: FemaleAge: 15Place of Origin: Under the oceanBloodine(s): Mother - mermaid Father: MermanEye Colour: Bright purpleNatural Hair: Bright PurpleSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: O negativeSpecies: MermaidSexual Orientation: StraightPosition: UkeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Princess of the ocean Mother: AlishaFather: HweolsLiving Siblings: over 10Additional info: Pearl was a beatiful creature, her voice was soft spoken and when he sung it called out to all creatures alike. She has a light interest in the human world, but currantly has no desire to go there, especially with her ten elder brothers and a father who hates humans. But her elder sister too had a interest in the human world, but her story is different from PearlsBirth Name: EsmeNickname(s): EsSex: FemaleAge: 19Place of Origin: Under the oceanBloodine(s): Mother Human Father: MermanEye Colour: HazleNatural Hair: Bleach blondSkin Tone: fairBlood Type: A negativeSpecies: MermaidSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: UkeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Princess of the ocean Mother: AlishaFather: HweolsLiving Siblings: Many siblingsAddition info: Like her younger sister, Esme had a found interest in the human world, but she wanted to go to the human world unlike her sister. Esme was different from her siblings. She had different hair and eye colour to them all. She knew her father had slept with someone other than her siblings motherBirth Name: Einjeru ElizNickname(s): Jeru, EinSex: MaleAge:23 Place of Origin: In the forrest of AvatarBloodine(s): Mother: Tribe womenFather: Cheif of tribeEye Colour: Ice BlueNatural Hair: Sky blueSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: O.Species: HumanSexual Orientation: Homosexual.Position: UkeStatus: SingleSignificant Other:Occupation: PrincePrincess of te tribeMother: one of the tribe womenFather: Lieo ElizLiving Siblings: NilBirth Name: AragornNickname(s): Estel, King, ElessarSex: MaleAge: 125Place of Origin: Middle earthBloodine(s): Father and mother, king and queenEye Colour: royal blueNatural Hair: Dark brown/blackSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: A negativeSpecies: Human/KingSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: SemeStatus: Single, widow (Read info)Significant Other: -Occupation: King of Gondor Mother: GailraenFather: ArathornLiving Siblings: adoptive twin brothers and sisterAdditional info: One of the fellowship of the ring, fell madly in love with a fellow male, a elf name Legolas. They were married and out of surprise and hope had a child, Estel. Legolas lost his life giving birth to the child, he was ready to die. Aragorn has never forgave himself and has lived in pity for the past ninteen years, but loved his son dearlyBirth Name: EstelNickname(s): EstSex: MaleAge: 19Place of Origin: Middle earthBloodine(s): Father and mother (papa), king and queenEye Colour: royal blueNatural Hair: Dark brown/blackSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: A negativeSpecies: Half human half elf/PrinceSexual Orientation: GayPosition: UkeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Prince of Gondor Mother: (Papa) LegolasFather: AragornLiving Siblings: NilAdditional info: Estel lost his mother/papa the day he was born, he was then kept under the watchful gaze of his father. Estel lead no real life, his father too scared to let him leave the kingdom. Estel is very feminem he is half elf and half human so his beauty is one of a kind. He was what brought hope back into the elf world, one were male elves could bare children once moreBirth Name: Ratonhnhake:tonAdoptive Name: ConnorSex: MaleAge:23 Place of Origin: KanatahsetonBloodine(s): Mother: Tribe womenFather: TemplarEye Colour: BrownNatural Hair: BrownSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: O.Species: Human/AssassinSexual Orientation: Hasn't really thought about itPosition: Seme?Status: SingleSignificant Other:Occupation: AssassinMother: Kaniehti:ioFather: Haytham KenwayLiving Siblings: NilWARNING THIS CHARACTER WILL NOT BE GETTING IN A RELATIONSHIP THIS IS PURELY SEX ONLYBirth Name: FemiNickname(s): -Sex: FemaleAge: 32989Place of Origin: Up in the skyBloodine(s): Mother-Goddess father-unknownEye Colour: PlumNatural Hair: Dark pinkSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: O.Species: Goddess Sexual Orientation: Has no sexuality, believe love is lovePosition: UnsureStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Goddess of loveMother: AphroditeFather: UnknownLiving Siblings: over 8Additional info: Femi's mother was the original Goddess of love, but she was much darker, having affairs with gods and humans no matter male or female. Each one of her siblings has a different father, each not knowing who there parents are. Femi is exactly like her mother, she wants sex, craves for it

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Human - Male

Birth Name: Yakuza HiroshimaNickname(s): -Age: 36Place of Origin: Tokyo (But is now in America)Bloodine(s): Father and mother, HumansEye Colour:Jet blackNatural Hair: BlackDyed Hair: Bleach blond but a long stripe a blood red colourSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: A NegativeSpecies: Human/Drug LordSexual Orientation: Straight (See info)Position: DominantStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Drug LordMother: Nina HiroshimaFather: Kyioki HiroshimaLiving Siblings: -Add info: From the minute he was born Yazuka was taught how to be the perfect Drug Lord. His father and his father where well known in Japan. When reaching his age of maturity Yazuka's father suggested to widen their search and got Yazuka to move to America with Haru. Their Yazuka took over the country, all who knew him feared him. No police officer tried arrest Yazuka or any of his members. He was the number one Drug Lord, he could sleep with any woman, or man though his men are normally very rare and are themselves very girly  Birth Name: Haru HasimotoNickname(s): -Age: 34Place of Origin: Tokyo (But is now in America)Bloodine(s): Father and mother, HumansEye Colour: GreyNatural Hair: Jet blackSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: AOSpecies: HumanSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: DominantStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Gang memberMother: A random whoreFather: Haku HasimotoLiving Siblings: -Add info: Grown up in the drug side of Tokyo Haru was raised to be the perfect member. His family has work along the Hiroshima's for the past few generations, he even became best friends with the heir of the Hiroshima's, Yakuza. Both him and Yakuza moved to America to take over America. Currently Haru is the right hand man of Yakuza who is now a well known Drug Lord in AmericaBirth Name: Edward Roberto Nickname(s): - Sex: Male Age: 27 Place of Origin: Venice Eye Colour: Honey brown Natural Hair: Brunette  Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: A- Species: Human Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Position: Seme Status: Single Significant Other:- Occupation: Body Guard Mother: Unknown Father: Kei Roberto Living Siblings: None Birth Name: A-Jay Ryuu  Nickname(s): -  Sex: Male  Age: 16  Place of Origin: California  Eye Colour: Purple  Natural Hair: Brown  Dyed: Purple/blue  Skin Tone: Pale  Blood Type: A  Species: Human  Bloodline: Both parents human  Sexual Orientation: Gay  Position: Uke  Status: Single Significant Other: - Occupation: Student  Mother: Liann Ryu  Father: Ki Ryuu  Living Siblings: NoneWARNING THIS CHARACTER WILL NOT BE GETTING IN A RELATIONSHIP THIS IS PURELY SEX ONLY Birth Name: Michiko Ashter Nickname(s): Miko, Mich Sex: Male Age: 19 Place of Origin: China Eye Colour: Emerald Natural Hair: Midnight blue but is lighter in the sun Skin Tone: Janned Blood Type: A- Species: Human Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation: Homosexual. Position: Uke Status: Swinger Significant Other: - Occupation: -  Mother: Unknown Father: Kilian AshterBirth Name: RayenNickname(s): RaySex:  Male Age: 28Place of Origin: PhilippinesBloodine(s): Father and mother, human, chief and queenEye Colour: Hazel greenNatural Hair: RavenSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: A Species: Human/princeSexual Orientation: GayPosition: SubmissiveStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Prince of the tribe Mother: QueenFather: Chief Living Siblings: -Add info: The tribe is based in todays settings yes they try to keep to their old ways living in the out of the open, but they had log houses instead of the tipi's. Rays father is the chief of this tribe and is very protective of his only child. Ray inherited his mothers looks, making him rather feminem looking. Everyone in the tribe is very over protective of their future leader, but all Ray wants to do is explore where he lives whilst his father tries to find Ray a future sposeBirth Name: Vincent LeroyNickname(s): Scar (See add info)Age: 19Place of Origin: Las VegasBloodine(s): Father and mother, HumansEye Colour: Pitch BlackNatural Hair: Dirty blondeSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: A positiveSpecies: HumanSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: DomanantStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Gang memberMother: Lisa LeroyFather: Anthony LeroyLiving Siblings: A new born sister KatherineAdd info: Scar has come from a family of gang members, he was in a huge fight around a year ago leaving him with a huge scar going from his forhead, down his face and ending mid of his chest. People are afraid of him because he has a short temper, extremly short.Birth Name: Leo Cassady (left)Nickname(s): -Sex: MaleAge: 25Place of Origin: New YorkBloodine(s): Father and mother, HumanEye Colour: Pale blue/pale purpleNatural Hair: Purple/blackSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: AOBSpecies: HumanSexual Orientation: GayPosition: semeStatus: TakenSignificant Other: Oliver ❤️Occupation: DoctorMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: Younger brother StevenAdd info: Leo grew up a lot quicker than most people when he was sixteen his parents passed away leaving just him and his baby brother alone. Leo was looking to come from such a high status family and he couls still persue his dream of becoming a doctor whilst still having his brother live with him. He always puts his brother first and loves him a lot.Birth Name: Steven Cassady (right)Nickname(s): StevieSex: MaleAge: 15Place of Origin: New YorkBloodine(s): Father and mother, HumanEye Colour: RedNatural Hair: RedSkin Tone: TannedBlood Type: AOBSpecies: HumanSexual Orientation: GayPosition: ukeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: High SchoolMother: -Father: -Living Siblings: Elder brother LeoAdd info: Steive lost his parents at six years old, his brother took him in and he never loved another person since. Stevie has low white blood cells therefore he gets sick rather easily. Stevie is very atached to his elder brother.

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Human - Female

Birth Name: Lilia Lewis Nickname(s): Lilli Sex: Female Age: 23 Place of Origin: San Diago Eye Colour: Ice blue Natural Hair: Blonde Dyed: Candy floss pink Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: B Species: Human Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Mainly go for guys though) Position: Submissive Status: Single Significant Other: - Occupation: Actress/Model Mother: Angel Lewis Father: Seaun Lewis Living Siblings: NoneAdd info: Lilia is a well known actress from across the globe. She is also known for the many partners she's had, she's defiantly not ready to settle down, she just wants funBirth Name: Maryse Ouellet Nickname(s): - Sex: Female Age: 19 Place of Origin: Canada Eye Colour: Purple Natural Hair: Blonde Dyed: Pink Skin Tone: Tanned Blood Type: A- Species: Human Bloodline: Both parents human Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Position: Uke Status: Single Significant Other: - Occupation: - Model Mother: Unknown Father: Guy Ouellet Living Siblings: None Birth Name: Harleen JonesNickname(s): HarleySex: FemaleAge: 17Place of Origin: New YorkEye Colour: Crystal blueNatural Hair: White blondeSkin Tone: PaleBlood Type: BSpecies: HumanBloodline: Both parents humanSexual Orientation: StraightPosition: EitherStatus: TakenSignificant Other: Aerel ❤️Occupation: Still in highschoolMother: Sophia JonesFather: Eric JonesLiving Siblings: twin sister SashaAdditional info: Harleen has always been in her twin sisters shadow, even though she got higher grades her sister always got the praises. Her parents had neglected her since birth, and they were not seeing how they where loosing their daughter to drugs and alcohol.ooc: I know its not a good edit, I got lazyBirth Name: Madison SpencerNickname(s): -Sex: FemaleAge: 22Place of Origin: CaliforniaEye Colour: GreenNatural Hair: RedSkin Tone: TannedBlood Type: A-Species: HumanBloodline: Both parents humanSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: UkeStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Tattoo artisrMother: Louise SpencerFather: Frank SpencerLiving Siblings: NoneBirth Name: Natasha WilliamsNickname(s): -Sex: FemaleAge: 21Place of Origin: London, EnglandBloodine(s): Father and mother, humanEye Colour: Emerald greenNatural Hair: BrownSkin Tone: tannedBlood Type: BSpecies: HumanSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: submissiveStatus: SingleSignificant Other: -Occupation: Bar ownerMother: Anna WilliamsFather: Fred WilliamsLiving relative: Elder brother SimonBirth Name: Angel ChitikaMarried name: HeilNickname(s): -Sex: FemaleAge: 22Place of Origin: TokyoEye Colour: BlueNatural Hair: Deep RedSkin Tone: TannedBlood Type: OBSpecies: HumanBloodline: Both parents humanSexual Orientation: BisexualPosition: UkeStatus: Widowed/singleSignificant Other: -Occupation: - ModelMother: Isabel ChitikaFather: Lawrence ChitikaLiving Siblings: None Additional info: Angel married young, she was eighteen and only three months into her marriage was her darling husband taken from her. Its been four years and still Angel has yet to go on a single date since then, her heart is already shattered and she needs someone to put it together againName: Megan Lucis Nickname(s): Meg Age: 28 Place of Origin: Greece Bloodine(s): Both human Eye Colour: Purple Natural Hair: Reddish brown Skin Tone: tanned Blood Type: O. Species: Human Sexual Orientation: Straight Position: Uke Status: Married/single (Read additional info) Significant Other: - Occupation: Model Mother: Unknown Father: Unknown Living Siblings: Nil Additional Information: Meg is in a unhappy marriage, her husband is abusing her but she has no strength to leave otherwise she would be left with nothing. Her husband is currently her manager therefore controls her career and her lifeName: Charlotte De Losta Nickname(s): Cherry Age: 28 Place of Origin: Spain Bloodine(s): Both human Eye Colour: Purple Natural Hair: BrownDyed: Cherry Red Skin Tone: tanned Blood Type: A Species: Human Sexual Orientation: Straight Position: submissive Status: Single Significant Other: - Occupation: Baker Mother: Ella De Losta Father: Robert0 De Losta Living Siblings: Nil Additional Information:


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TIP: Making Photo Albums Private

This applies to all albums except Profile and Stream.

Summer D. Pear

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A Few Rules

(Copy and pasted from my account on Roleplayer)I've been needing to completely revamp my rules blog but have held it off for so long. Most of these rules are the same, with some additions. 1). No godmodding, autoing or any of that sort. It's common sense and you should already know this. If not, why are you here?2). Do your best to use correct grammar and spelling, I understand mistakes happen but keep in mind that spelling mistakes should be to a bare minimum. Chances are, your web browser has spell check, use it. If English isn't your first language, I will be more kind about it, since English is in no way an easy language to learn. Also, absolutely no text speaking to me whatsoever. This includes OOC chat as well. This is one of the things that bug the hell out of me. Messages/comments with text speak on them will be ignored.3). Please keep messages for rps. I can keep up with an rp much better through messages. With OOC, either format is fine. Also, distinguish the difference between OOC chat and rp.4). Rp lengths: I am mostly a para rper, semi-para if I'm not feeling 100%, and I expect the same from you as well. Sometimes I can pump out larger replies but that's not always a given. No novella rp with me please. I honestly don't have the time for that. Also, no one liners, especially one liner starters. That's not going to go anywhere. Another thing, I at least like setting up a basic storyline discussion before rping. At least then, we both know what we are getting into.5). Keep in mind that Scar doesn't really care about others, if that bothers you then don't bother with me. Also, if you don't like the way I rp as him, don't bother with me either. I have a distinct way I rp him based on everything that has happened to him during his life, even before the movie. That ties into on how I rp him.6). No stupid bullshit when rping with me. By that I mean, no hugging or any of the cutsie crap. Scar is a full grown wild lion, just keep that in mind. If such cutsie things are sent, expect them to be ignored.7). ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA. I will not tolerate it. The moment you try to start something with me, I will delete and block you. This is the number one thing that will, most likely, be the only reason why I'd have to delete anyone. 8). If you are here thinking I am going to rp some bestiality fantasy of yours, don't even bother adding me. In fact, if that is your plan and you've added me, delete me from your list. I do not do such rps. This is another thing that will get you deleted and blocked right away.9). No, I do not have a human form/playby for Scar. I know this has become popular, for some reason. I personally hate the idea, but I'm not going to judge those who have such forms. Just keep in mind I don't have one and I never will.10). Speaking of humans, I can rp with human characters as Scar. We'd have to discuss a storyline for that since I don't have Scar leave Africa, meaning the human character has to come there. Also, things go by smoother if the human character can understand Scar.11). Do not act like a damn child and spam my inbox/comments with messages "demanding" me to do something. This happened and you know what happened to the one who did it to me? They got blocked. The same will happen to you if you do the same. Actually, don't spam my inbox/comments in general. If you sent something once, chances are I read it. 12). I understand the not everyone on here is compatible with rping with Scar but they may be a fan of the character and/or the movie. I'm alright with you requesting me and as long as you don't give me no problems, we'll be fine. If this applies to you, don't be afraid to speak to me in OOC. Most the times I'm up for talking and if not at the moment, I'll kindly inform you. If it turns out your character is compatible to rp with one of my other characters, I'll let you know of that as well.13). I understand many of the Disney based characters are part of some sort of RPG, usually one that has all the Disney characters. Please understand that I don't want to join such groups. That doesn't mean I won't rp or talk with you if you are part of one of these groups. Many I talk to/rp with are part of one of these groups. If you ask me if I want to join, I'll kindly tell you I don't want to. Don't push me into joining. That'll irritate me and cause me to delete and block you.14). I am not going to keep reminding you that you owe me a reply. If you haven't gotten anything back from me, then chances are you owe me a reply. If you are unsure, or believe I do owe you, don't be afraid to let me know or ask me. If you don't bother to let me know, I'll just assumed you ignored the reply and that the rp is dead and over with.15). Alright, this is a BIG one if you are Scar's mate. If you happen to go inactive for a MONTH (30 days), without any warning, I will consider Scar to be single. I once waited for over 4 months for a previous mate to return and she never did so a month is now the limit. If you happen to come back after that month limit and Scar isn't with anyone, then they could still possibly be mates, but if he is with someone new, oh well, not my problem.16.) Make sure you've read these rules. Once done doing so, sign on the comments section here, that you have read them. Oh, and actually read them too because if you signed them and end up breaking them, I probably won't be so kind then. I won't get that upset if you break a simple rule, I'll let you know you did, but the more important ones, the ones that can get you blocked, I'll be upset about.

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