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10/13/2021 08:38 AM 

E n T h r a l l . [Latest Ver.]

    Sweetest credits goes to Aza-Vela for the lovelylittle poem at the end of this entry.Thank you so much, you sexy wordsmith. 💚E n T h r a l l       Death may perhaps be too easy a toll one must pay. With that notion mused well, It has no desire to simply exact it as punishment for... transgressions. It, a heavenly horror or a hellish sky-spawn hailing beyond the borders of the known cosmos.      It is a Visitor. Its privileges to challenge those within the higher domains of existence are woefully limited. Restrictions put indiscriminately by certain powerful laws of reality. They safeguard along with those at the highest of the Cosmic Pantheon who sanction and sustain them the indescribable expanse of life and death, order and chaos, matter and energy, concretes and concepts, space and time.      It understands the need for it, death. Not all is eternal. Far from it. Whether it is shorter than a single wing-beat of a hummingbird or as enduring as a star promenading its eons of effulgence until fading into the void surrounding it, the sensation and the breath of life differs from what and who. And in the final chapter, when the last stroke or spot of ink is penned on the book of life, it ends... and death waits to welcome the transition.      But to use it as a definitive sentence to express contempt, infinitesimal or colossal, is dull for the odd otherworldly and unnatural being. However, in a different fashion, the Visitor may have been privy to cheat the employment of death as an alternative of unconditional penance. Death can be kept at bay, should one account to nature being disgraced with callousness and a smile.      But enough about abstracts requiring divine wisdom to fathom. It, the Visitor, is moseying around in a forest that men dared to plunder. But to their grief, powers older than their ancestors reside, do take notice and go well at work to fend off... looters. Greedy minds and hands bearing fire and steel to amass resources and consume it like a locust horde on a verdant field, they have been. O, do they deserve not just a sermon but something more vindictive and more visceral that their bodies and minds can recall the severity of their own misdeeds until their days are spent. Men can trek the city ripe with fertile soil, healthy logs and wholesome beasts, yes. But to pluck the riches with no discipline may lead to the forest being their sudden grave.      Moonlight lends radiance on the quiet lake, leaving it to glimmer quite glamorously. The night sky is clear enough to see the civilization of fiery dots and spots; immeasurable in distance these countless twinkling tenants, the brilliance seen are the portraits of their past, equally immeasurable in age.      The Visitor is garbed in a thick battered black cloak from head to heel. Threads look frayed like the soiled skirt of a once prominent princess after her kingdom is torn and as her life is then plunged into that of a prized whore. The open hood may welcome the gaze of another with its abyss for a face. How can one meet another without a considerable façade or perhaps one made out of restless shadows? It is a sore for the mind, if not deemed well perhaps over a hot tea or a fine toke of the pipe.      The Visitor breaks forward stride to be at a wide rocky bank. The hall of trees is behind It. Soon, It stops as Its bony feet are kissing the shallows of the great cold canvas where fish and their gill-born ilk live in. There is no breeze to ruffle the surface, but Its journeying pair did make the surface ripple a bit.      There are many splendors this world offers, pondered on by the cloaked one. One of them is how the practice of the Mystic Arts for display, for wisdom and for gain. It has learned a few. The means to move things without holding them. Conjure unseen walls to deflect harm. Reconstitute and reshape soil, water and air into marvels that will leave jaws drop. Use them to delight, to deceit and to devastate.      But there is another Art. This one presents blasphemy to both life and sath. Necromancy, the designation of the enchanted art. It bodes ill for those with a sense of moral inclination, straight and steep or shallow and swerved. Even more so, what or who the art is bestowed upon.      On the same rocky bank, a few yards to Its left, there is a corpse lying on its side. A man who has spent the last hours in his life in pain. Signs of savage swordplay are on his arms and on his chest. What crows may have flown away, they pecked on his face and took an eye. What legion of maggots there are on the ground, they feast on his rancid remains, making a lair in his bowels. How fortuitous. A way to test Its sinister spellcraft.      It turns to face the carcass in bloodied clothing. The Visitor raises a hand. No flesh. The gray bones of the withered fingers creak as they become less and less crooked but desire none to be straight. The pointless reach is made to be directed at the lifeless loner. From Its blackness, deep, brooding and croaking, It hisses away a set of unsavory words, if they can even be considered words. Hag and hermit by the tens in callous choir and had smoked the pipe for decades, It proceeds in uttering to banish silence. The sinister song is an incantation. It has nary the intent to provide comprehension for men to drink with their ears, the lacerating language.      Ten seconds had passed since the ill speech began.      Moan. Groan. The wrinkled lips of the corpse move. His body jolts, head and limbs crackle. The Visitor takes a step forward. The outstretched hand guides the sorcery It is conjuring to bring about this morbid moment into reality, a repulsive one at that. The man slowly helps himself to sit down. Wounds that have helped nurse his miserable fate are ignored. The hundreds—perhaps thousands—of little flesh-eaters in him, their gluttonous banquet of him is too ignored. He soon rises to his feet, one missing a shoe while the other is still with him but it worn out enough to see those horrid wriggling toes. Groan. Moan.      No joy. No woe. No rage. No proper thought. Perhaps there is calm. A calm that feels unnatural. Whether the raggedy man with unsightly wounds and short unkempt hair has his consciousness or not, it does not matter. He is a puppet. A puppet with strings. The string is sorcery. The sorcery wielded by a puppeteer. The puppeteer, this Visitor. How ghastly... and gorgeous.      “Dark tidings,” It said with Its many hoarse voices in tandem, one that can belong to an unholy abomination that should not ever be privy to walk this earth for the good of many. Alas, It does and It does more than just mosey and mingle.      “Walk with me.”      The living corpse keeps groaning. The Visitor departs from the bank with Its companion in pursuit with stumbling legs. The bony fingers wave, each soon clenching into a fist while It puts the hand down to Its side. This deed allows the unseen string to have better control of Its... thrall. Yes. This man is now a thrall. A living toy. Living. How cruel a joke. This is no way to live. A slave to unholy sorcery, flesh and bones waiting to be commanded to do the bidding of another, even so by one that is perhaps awfully unkind.      Back into the forest they go, the wicked Visitor and Its ugly thrall. The night is young. Much can be done before dawn, whether it is to the comfort of anyone who crosses paths with them or not. The bastion of bark and beasts has nothing ill towards the Visitor, even with what blood-cooling sinister sensation It may bring. It actually is one of the old powers safeguarding these woods, perhaps other great halls of trees somewhere out there too.  Dearest Death, to hell with thee.Life shall stay, can thou not see?Renew a breath with remedy.Bittersweet... Necromancy.    

Roland Celestine

10/12/2021 11:13 PM 

Roland Celestine Information
Current mood:  artistic

Basic InformationFirst Name:  RolandFirst Name Meaning: Fame of the landLast Name: CelestineLast Name Meaning: HeavenlyBirthday: November 19Age: Looks 18 but olderOccupation: Spirit Detective (other casual like stories)Likes: His work and having funDislikes: Rude peopleBirth Location: Kansas City, MissouriCurrent Location: Beverly Hills, CaliforniaPhysical InformationSpecies: Human/Spectre (Other casual like stories)Appearence: HumanHeight: 6ft 3inWeight: 220lbsBody Type: MuscularEye Pupils Color: Light BrownVision: 20/20 Human form and unknown in Spectre formHair Length: Shoulder LengthHair Color: Burgundy (Dark Red)Hair Style: DreadlocksLeft Handed, Right Handed or Both: BothSmoker: YesDrinker: YesClothing Style: CasualShoe Size: 11Tattoo: NoScars: NoVoice: Firm-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Roland Celestine was born in a rough neighborhood through out his childhood and teenage years in the city of Kansas City, Missouri. Throughout his life, he was bouncing through foster homes because his birth parents aways stayed in jail. One day when he was 12 years old, Roland was sent to juvenile for beating a principal with an inch of his life for racially profiling him and attacking him unprovoked. Roland served the remaining of his middle school years in the juvenile system. He was released after he heard he was no longer in middle school. At the age of 14 years old, he was put back in the foster system. A family from Beverly Hills, California wanted to adopt him and show him a better life.After a few days on the road, Roland's foster parent's arrived to Kansas City, Missouri to pick him up. Roland figured that maybe he would have a decent life in a new state and city. He was willing to give them a chance so he decided to start a conversation with them while they leave Kansas City, Missouri to go to Beverly, Hills California. After a couple hours of arriving to Beverly Hills, California, Roland looked around at the places they drove by and thought that it was pretty cool. He also saw how people got along and thought it was a huge change from what he was used to.Arriving to his new home, he got out the car with his things and looked around. The neighborhood seem peaceful, but for some odd reason he was getting a bad feeling. Roland walked up to the front door and walked inside once they opened the front door. Looking around, he would be shown to his bedroom by his adoptive mother. Once in his bedroom, he looked around and places his things on the bed then put his things away. Later that evening after dinner, Roland went to his room and laid in his bed. Closing his eyes, he fell asleep and remained asleep. Suddenly, he felt something touching his body around midnight. Waking up, he began to look around and didn't see anything or anyone. Suddenly, he was possessed by a spectre as he didn't move or scream. He heard the spectre whisper to him to introduce itself and told Roland that he would be inherited powers to see other spirits and more.As years passed, Roland was enrolled into the local college. When he was in collage one day, he noticed a paranormal activity happening in the hallway on the ground floor. He saw students running for their lives then the spectre that inherited his body helped him see the spirit. Running to the location of the spirit, Roland saw it and tried to reason with it. The angry spirit became combative then Roland held uphis hands and felt chains leave his body to capture the spirit. The spectre inside him created a portal and Roland tossed the angry spirit withing the portal. The portal closed and that's when Roland figured he should go into business as a Spirit Detective.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Abilities*Spirit Vision - A special vision which allows the user to see where other spirits are located.*Spirit Detection - Allows the users to detect paranormal energy of spirits.*Spirit Chains - An ability which allows the user to summon metal chains that only the user and the spectre can see in order to capture spirits and different species.*Electromagnetic Shock - Allows the user to seen shocks of electricity through metal objects like chains, different types of metal, etc. It also can be sent through touch.*Portal Creation - Allows the user or Spectre to create a portal to send spirits or people inside for eternity or when they wish to set a person free.* = Inherited abilities


10/12/2021 01:29 PM 

C l a s h . [Writing Entry.]

  O n w a r d   t o   f a c e   e v i l ! Stride on, lusty limbs! Soles are stomping the ground whilst on a smooth gallop—dirt left to spring alive! Wide leaps and great haste are made. Nerves twitch with strain. Lungs burn for breath to exchange the old with the new. Now is not the time to be a statue. Instead, be a comet on its way to a mighty impact! Frayed ends of a tattered grey cloak are at the mercy of the stinging winds brought upon by this spirited promenade.Pernicious purpose is not simply out of the unyielding need for slaughter. To ward off the wicked wave, even if it may later seem hopeless should it all goes quite ill, is a damn noble goal. So few bears the steel heart to brave this mass of malice, all armed to the teeth and ready to conquer a banquet of civilization behind the lone hasty voyager.In hand, the grip is tight upon the trusted sharpest prophet whose gospels are enunciated, extravagant, elegant, and epic in execution. Its girth gleams a bit even at the muddy malady of the heavens. The sun does at its best to shine through the miserable murky cloud-roaming canvas. Several long lean ribbons of hissing mist gather around the now luminous lacerating length; their choir song, only the coming of a twister can perhaps produce it.Yards become inches and—darkest tidings upon the wicked!Upon a pronounced pause of foot-flight, the ferocious fang danced in a wide vigorous sweep, right to left. F l a s h ! It brought with it the cruel crackling of thunder and divine fury disguised as a moment of blinding radiance and the air looking quite like a slender beam of glass so soon for eyes to catch as a hummingbird flapped its swings only a few times. The twelve nearest armored atrocities are knocked back and off their feet! Tossed like boulders to then fumbling away, they were! The ranks behind them and the ones after are left to unconditionally commit to a horrible pile-on. Evil eyes widened in shock from this surprise of inconvenience that would surely bring them searing pain and great disadvantage.Rage is but a few vices boiling within the man in grey whose latest act was quite the sight to see. The valiant fellow with a corpse-like visage, he was once decent-looking. But belay even the faintest consideration of vanity. Duty is alive and antagonistic upon who this lone swordsman is up against, so damn many of them ahead.But alone, oh heavens, no, he is not. Seconds after the sword concluded drawing first blood, allies with their own steel, stone, and skill follow as a long row of riveting ruthlessness. Dirt and scars on their faces, young and old, either barely bathed in battle before this momentous present or perhaps too many. They were behind him, brewing many musings not limited to just concern for the good folks who this terrible tide they must hold back from. They ache to sink their wrath upon the horde. Give them a thrashing of a lifetime that if some do survive this drastic debacle, a twitch of thought from this savage skirmish will make their nerves cuddle with the bitter bite of a sudden winter.Slash, slam, stab, even stray forth several arrows, the rest soon do! Crisp the thuds are of battering limbs, whether flesh or steel or stone. Give kindness no quarter! Snarls of the mad are met with bold roars of voices who can fathom and even wield reason. Iron and steel, even rock and bone-craft, all bring together a rich symphony in deathly duets and barbaric bands!Swords sing and scorn! Daggers dash, dive and dig! Warhammers wail and wallop! Halberds hurl and hack! Spears sweep and skewer! Arrows advance, airborne and agile! Shields shun short-tempered showmanships! Snatch a limb away from a blundering bulk of the next available cretinous foul-folk but the latter does rebut in terrible kind! Aim for where the armor is thin or none at all. Heads may roll, some already do! Give grief to what poor footing is brought the misfortune of being caught by each lifeless tumbling. Pluck out those pearls for peering ahead and around.The man in grey waltzes with his gospel-bringing friend against the island of sprightly evil around him and his comrades. Take heavy heed upon an ally in a moment of great bother, so close for their lovely eyes in being gouged by something ill and perhaps fatal. Swing up with some discipline! Release another glass-like wind to fly forth towards the foe who has the friend near the brink of being escorted away by the Reaper.S l a m ! Its helmet rings with a harsh thud. The assault was swiftly interrupted. Eyes swing left and right like a pair of little pendulum balls. Even cretins behind it got hurled away from leftover trauma of divine aggression. The friend is free and soon delivers a lethal stab to the neck with her sharp steel shorter than what the man in grey is carrying with him. Nod quickly a gratitude. Celebrations can wait. Duty must be satiated.Rage on, great battle. Rage far past birth. Fill these foul fields with fury, out of wrath or mirth. Each pernicious party must prove its worth. Clash proudly like two storms, predators and protectors of the earth!       


10/12/2021 01:27 PM 

A Chat. [Writing Entry.]

       Towering before a grey-garbed gent is a sentient majesty. Twicefold the tallest peak of this world that mirrors the palette and spirit of Earth, it stands. The transition of atmospheres with all its body-grinding trauma does nothing to it. If need be, this colossus that can leave jaws dropped will repurpose the air to what it can and wants, as long as the deed is bound by cosmic law to be achieved.     Its aura can burrow into the senses of not just what and who sees it but also within no less than fifty miles from where it stands. It may rattle their nerves even if just the slightest persistent unease. The man in grey, despite his stoicism, also falls prey to the invasive ether that waltzes in his very cells. Such power. Many times, he still cannot get used to it. To be in the presence of a god.     Kiss the rocky cliff with a knee, humble onlooker of horrid hide. Such a ghastly visage belongs in some crypt, not for a hearty promenade across the known world; those wrinkles from forehead to sole are tragedies and regrets carved on such pitiful a being who used to be fair, handsome, a desire for sight.     No, vanity be damned. This man has no need for the allure he once had. This decrepit shell, stalwart as he remains to be, is a reminder that even with all of his efforts stretching lifetimes, he could not save the one true soul who he would give all the stars in the cosmos to spend bringing back. Even wage war with men, gods and Beyond alike. That may have been an actuality. A damn regretful one of cosmic proportions.     Enough tangents of thought. Give reverence to a visitor from domains never meant for mortal sight, let alone a foot to step onto, to gander upon. Gleaming red and green, the bulk of its armor of a skin. Rivers of sunset adorn the middle of its large limbs, its titanic torso, perhaps flowing energy of celestial vigor. Its four pairs of stars for sight are lifeless, but it conceals an acuity that governments would kill to seize as it can achieve global surveillance that their little machines can only do a laughable fraction of.     “Grey,” rattled with thunder this monolith with its mountainous feet dipped into the raging sea. But it is calm in disposition, only this realm can make it sound quite volcanic when even a whisper is parted.     “Dear friend to this Celestial. No need for this lowly stature to pay respects.”     Such kindness. The man, Grey, is heart-warmed that he is slighted, not in some sort of trouble. His heroism does entertain a commitment to sin from time to time.     “Rise, man reborn.”     Grey complies, slowly and aloft a strained knee and leg, his shoulders relaxed. Meadows quite dim are skyward to face the transcendent visitor miles before him in this great vivid swathe of a grand lush marble beneath sunlight and cirrus clouds.     “It has been some time, friend,” his gentlemanly bravado failed to challenge the roar of the waves and even the grinding aria of the cosmic for simply being there, making the air quake.     “To what do I owe this honor?” Grey followed his acknowledgement.     Silence for ten seconds.     “Forces are at work, my friend. Small and large, earthbound and ethereal. Dearest Grey of the Old Domains, there are those who desire to rekindle the flames of elder wars you and many brave others fought so valiantly to bring a thorough end to. Even yielding to such unimaginable cost.”     Silence for another ten seconds. Prasiolites peering up are doing their very best not to tremble and exclaim in frustration as he drunk this ill brew of an ill news. ‘Damn’ is fitting a word to vehemently bellow in the wailing silence of one’s mind.     “We need your aid to find them, dear friend. Convince them otherwise. Make them do something better of their time. Reshape their tomorrow into something fairer. Not proceed with the atrocious ambition. If not, their lives will be forfeit by the hands of others with cosmic competence... if not by yours.”     How bothersome. Not the task, but this revelation. Clench slowly, left fist of this man in tattered cloth of pale ash. The visitor is sincere, as it almost always is, only to jest every once per millennium.     A rebuttal so clear and concise is a must.     Produce a nod.     “...Aye.”     Waves keep on singing and dancing, some kissing the long strips of shores and tall walls rocks. Winged sailors go about their journeys in the high winds but with odd swerves every now and then from being near the astral entity even if tens of miles away. The salt of the wild blue fields can be indulged through the nose or the tongue.     The day is fair in this slice of the world. Truly so. But in other corners of this empyrean garden of galaxies and void, trouble is brewing. And if reason cannot win, Grey too must give the terrible tidings of trouble himself upon them.     Make known into clear sight as a spiraling black cloud on his back. His ally of twin edges becomes true for hold, snuggled onto him. A prophet of war, capable of unleashing gospels nothing short of heavenly and horrifying with a single swing or stab, if the occasion calls for it.     Huff a mild scoff and perhaps a smirk behind his cloth-mask.     “Show me the way.”       


10/11/2021 11:17 PM 

❛❛Azra Schmitz❜❜

❛❛Azra Schmitz❜❜ Azra has never been a bad kid. Of course, she had some anger issues and got into fights here and there, but she was never the one to start them. She was raised by two loving grandparents, as her mother nor father wanted her. She was born in Germany, where she spent most of her childhood growing up. Unfortunately, her grandparents passed away due to natural causes by the time she was 14, and because she was still a minor, she was sent to live with her parents in America.Azra's parents weren't too fond at the thought of her coming to live with them, as they had already moved on with their life. They always spoke English, a language Azra never learned nor understood when she first entered America. She discovered that she had 3 siblings, all of which she never got along with.Azra started to develop a deep hatred for the country, not understanding why everyone called it so great. It seemed to her that if you weren't born and raised in America, you weren't welcomed.When Azra turned 18, she stole her parent's credit cards and anything valuable that she could sell. She was determined to get out from underneath her parents, and she figured she could live from hotel room to hotel room while she looked for a job. However, this was quite hard as she didn't speak proper English.Azra is now almost 20-years-old and has a part-time job working as an assistant, and knows English very well. Even though she still has her accent, people can now understand what she is saying. She now lives in a house with a few roommates, as well as her cat.

squidge (๑>ω•́ )

10/11/2021 02:10 PM 

sonya !!

                       。゚゚・。・゚゚。                       ゚。        . ゚                        ゚・。・゚ ˖*ೃ . ⋆                         ┈────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-ㅤ                       ┈─➤   ༘♡ ·˚꒰ : sonya eileen age : 18 and upgender : female height : 5 ft 2weight : 145body build : petite and slim species / race : human with modified abilities ethnicity : swedish skin tone : peach ish with pink undertones eye color : gold - blue hair color / length : ash blonde , reaches a little lower than her mid back and is usually kept in low pig tails piercings : tongue tats : none birth marks / scars : scar on her chest up above her breasts .˚ !┊͙ PERSONAL OVERVIEW. ❞ ˏ`୭̥┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄     ✧ ˚  ·       .┊          ┊༘♡ ⋆。˚    ꕥpersonality : within the first few seconds of meeting her she's quiet , polite , showing nothing but a bright and bubbly smile on her face and not speaking unless spoken to . she was raised that way , to simply just listen and do what was needed - don't give her opinion unless asked . sonya on her own can be a little childish but is quick to wipe it off if she needs to get down to business and not fool around . the only off thing about her is that sonya doesn't seem to be able to fully grasp at human emotions or actual friendliness , hugs and general affection or foreign to her and when others get sad around her she simply forces an awkward smile and attempts to ignore it . she lacks empathy and most things people seem to have other than the ability to be respectful .hobbies : " training " , as to what that entails she never fully explains it . likes : weapons , though she grew up around them and its all she's ever really had .. she does like bunnies though , a lot . dislikes : clutter , mess , being grabbed at unexpectedly habits : not able to fully pick up jokes or understand tones like sarcasm .occupation : assassin family relations : she was taken away from her mother at a young age to which she hardly remembers anything . has no recollection of siblings or anything else .︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶༉‧₊˚.DISORDERS┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄     ✧ ˚  ·       .┊          ┊༘♡ ⋆。˚    ꕥfears : n/aillness(s) : n/a weakness / soft spots : motherly or fatherly characters , those who take actual care of her and show her genuine kindness make her feel overt protective of them .BACKGROUND. . . ┊͙✧˖*°࿐⋯ ♡ᵎthe most sonya remembers from her childhood was how her mother use to hold her and brush her hair , or simply cradle her and whisper on about her day or other things - and then she remembers being taken away , literally ripped from her mothers arms and never to see her again . from her time at " the room " ( as she calls it ) she had been experimented on more than once . from tests of strength to needles shoved in her arms and injected with liquids she could hardly remember . it got even worse when they found out she had a heart condition . sonya doesnt fully know all of what went down besides that she had a surgery on her chest , was injected with tons of more needles and pushed to her limits - until all of a sudden at the age of 14 she could lift a grown man by herself , her senses were sharper and her blood was thicker , it didn't come out as much and she hardly bled ( which the " doctors " used to their advantage , putting her in more " tests " that would cause horrible bleeding just to see if she could handle it . ) from then on sonya was then put on numerous missions , from taking out some boss and his gang to capturing people and interrogating them until given what she was wanted to have . for someone so small and innocent looking sonya is able to take down at least 5-6 men on her own with just her smarts and strength and then possibly 8-10 with that and a gun , aka her favorite weapon . 

squidge (๑>ω•́ )

10/11/2021 01:40 PM 


                       。゚゚・。・゚゚。                       ゚。        . ゚                        ゚・。・゚ ˖*ೃ . ⋆                         ┈────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-ㅤ                       ┈─➤   ༘♡ ·˚꒰ : naomi neneage : 18 and up gender : female height : 4'11body build : petite , short and small !species / race : wolf ethnicity : asian mix skin tone : lighteye color : pink ish hair color / length : long , down to her hips and usually kept in two low and fluffy pig tails piercings : nonetats : nonebirth marks / scars : birth mark on her left thigh , just a large freckle looking thing !.˚ !┊͙ PERSONAL OVERVIEW. ❞ ˏ`୭̥┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄     ✧ ˚  ·       .┊          ┊༘♡ ⋆。˚    ꕥpersonality : a crybaby in sum . naomi gets flustered and easily upset with very few things , however apart from that the tiny wolf is also extremely energetic and social . she likes to be around people and make mew friends , talking strangers ears off if they even so much as glance at her . she also tends to get a tad clingy to those she enjoys more - acting like a lost puppy the second she takes more of a liking to whomever . hobbies : being outside , wandering aimlessly likes : head pats , having her hair brushed , running around , being outside , swimming , having company , candy dislikes : being alone for too long , getting lost ( which she does a lot .. ) , being called a baby or being made fun of for her sensitivity habits : a handful of dog like ones of course , from barking at the door to flopping on to her back for a simple pat on her stomach !occupation : none / kind of lives off her sister lolfamily relations : all family is alive though she went off on her own and choses to be like so ( or so she claims while her sister gives her just about everything )︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶༉‧₊˚.EXTRA .┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄     ✧ ˚  ·       .┊          ┊༘♡ ⋆。˚    ꕥfears : pitch black darkness , small spaces , snakes , blood , illness(s) : none weakness / soft spots : if you grab at her tail closer to the base she gets all stiff , its just kind of an uncomfortable feeling for her - sometimes it can be calming as long as she's aware of your intentions / trusts

squidge (๑>ω•́ )

10/11/2021 01:38 PM 

rules (*´˘`*)♡

hi hi ! so if you actually decided to read this , then welcome ! im squidge ! these are rules , if that wasnt already clear . please make sure to pay attention to these before you continue talking to me !thank you .  RULESུ✧ ͙༣꒷꒦꒷꒦꒷꒦⊹⠀⠀⠀ܴ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˖⠀⠀⠀⠀ ̥ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀̻⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˖⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˖⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀◌ 1• don't be an ass - it's not hard to be polite when i'm not doing anything to provoke you , if i have please tell me . 2• don't come to me in character .3• do not add me just have me on your list ! if you don't speak to me within the day or so after you add me i will probably remove you.4• don't bother to contact me if you're looking for nothing but a roleplay to get you off . ero is fine and i don't mind ero themes but 24/7 bangin' is not my cup of tea.5• be at LEAST para to multi para . i'm more interested in roleplays that have more length , i'm typically novella . 6• no first person / anything besides third person . 7• grammar errors are perfectly okay as well as mess ups if english isn't your first language . just no constant text talk or extreme mistakes . i don't mind text talk before roleplaying since i myself type in lower case ( which does not affect my roleplaying ability — ) .8• help out with a roleplay if we are to come up with something together . i don't always have a plot or idea in mind . dont just constantly nod your head and think that will get you somewhere ,,9• i am NOT DOM . under no circumstances am i or will i ever be , not switch either , it makes me uncomfortable and please take that in to mind before wanting to do something ns*w10• i don't play anyone canon , oc's only . i don't care if you prefer to play canon but im not good at it .11• do not force my character to act .─12• i am okay with fxf, fxm, and fxnb but i personally play a female character , so don't ask me to be a male . n o t e s ; •once again i do not play canon characters - i'm just not great at it .ଘ ੈ☻‧₊˚•im sorry if i ramble or seem rushed , im usually anxious no matter what time of day and people intimidate the hell out of me lOL      ଘ ੈ☻‧₊˚•i actually am perfectly fine with dark themes and themes aiming towards ero , so long as it's interesting and once more not just something to get you off .  ଘ ੈ☻‧₊˚•i give about a week for you to respond unless you are just ignoring me - i will of course send about a message or two but if both are ignored while you are active / have been active i will un add you . ଘ ੈ☻‧₊˚•all my characters are pansexual ! meaning if you are homophobic of anything along those linesplease do not bother to talk to me .

𝔹𝕣𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝔼𝕪𝕖𝕤

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Guide lines

Please consider the following when interacting with me...• I do not always have access to a computer, I am mobile most of the time. Please be patient with replies. • Crossovers, OC's, doubles/mirror's and MCRP's are welcome (I will not pick your character for you though). • Mature content is expected - have you seen this anime/read this manga?  Blood/gore/violence etc. •  On that note; I will not engage in anything NSFW if you are a minor. • Mun is over 21 ; Muse is 20 unless it is discussed otherwise.  • Mun and muse are both friendly (mostly xD) •  I will write para and up (multi, sometimes novella but I have ADHD and find it hard to focus on posts that have too much purple prose)• Canon, Canon divergent, and AU friendly. •  To reiterate: respect, patience and communication are necessary. 

Rules, guidelines, FYI

squidge (๑>ω•́ )

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mickayla ( micky )

                       。゚゚・。・゚゚。                       ゚。        . ゚                         ゚・。・゚ ˖*ೃ . ⋆                         ┈────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-ㅤ                       ┈─➤   ༘♡ ·˚꒰ : mickayla wensworth ( mick / micky )age : 18 and upgender : female height : 5'5body build : small and slim , sort of lanky species / race : supernatural human ethnicity : ---skin tone : a bit on the pale side with pink undertones eye color : bright yellow hair color / length : pink , some spots more faded to be lighter , almost a paler pink .piercings : ears , 4 of them on each side . tats : nonebirth marks / scars : burn scars along her fingers ..˚ !┊͙ PERSONAL OVERVIEW. ❞ ˏ`୭̥┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄     ✧ ˚  ·       .┊          ┊༘♡ ⋆。˚    ꕥpersonality : sweet , quiet , and a little off putting at first is how most people first describe mickayla . while she is small and petite looking her abilities are rather chaotic and often react more on her emotions , even if she keeps a completely blank face . she's not mean whatsoever , in fact she's the type of girl to apologize if she's in your way or help a stranger pick up dropped items . she really is a good person but even so mick is emotionally confused , she gets frustrated a little too easily and upset just as quick despite keeping her expression monotone . you can tell of she's overwhelmed emotionally if whatever she's around starts burning ( explain more later ) . mick is also pretty quiet , only offering a half smile every so often . hobbies : not a full on hobby but she likes going on walks a awful lot ad it helps clear her head . likes : sweets , cold sweets , purely chocolate ice cream ( chocolate chips , drizzle , ice cream - waffle cone , full chocolate . ) , kit kats , pink lemonade and stuffed animals , primarily her shark plushie named " henry " . dislikes : people yelling at her , being talked down to , being called a freak or a "mute" , loudness , being crowded habits : when she gets overwhelmed her body begins to burn through things , sometimes resulting in fires . if she's sitting down in a chair and someone pisses her off she slowly begins to get warmer and warmer until she either melts through it ( if its plastic ) or it burns in to ashes . occupation : n/afamily relations : all family is reportedly deceased . ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶༉‧₊˚.EXTRA .┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄┄     ✧ ˚  ·       .┊          ┊༘♡ ⋆。˚    ꕥfears : hurting people , being alone illness(s) : alexithymia weakness / soft spots : people she cares for are a huge soft spot to her . ABILITIES. ┊͙✧˖*°࿐⋯ ♡ᵎknown as " SEARING " ; in which she can trigger her whole body to become unbearably hot and inflect harsh burns upon those needed ; does not harm her and it takes awhile for her to get really hot . 


10/10/2021 10:56 PM 

Meet Brielle!

Full Name: Brielle Evelyn VerliceNickname/Alias: Ellie, Bri (Feel free to make me some)Gender: Cis-FemaleOrientation: StraightAge: Depends on the rp I'll do from ranges 16-25ish.Birthplace: NorwaySpecies:  Water/Ice ElementalPreferred Hand:  She's a rightyEye Color: Lime GreenHair Color: Light Ash BlondHairstyle: She usually keeps her hair back length but sometimes trims it to her shoulder.Skin Tone: Soft peachHeight: 5'5"Weight:  Q//Q I'm not that big.Cup Size:  Heh...that's a secret for my partnerPhobias:  Tripping into a volcanoScent:  A light scent of vanilla brown sugar cookiesPets/Familiars: A small blue shaded axolotl  Turn-Ons/Turn Offs: SubOccupation: ....Hobbies/Interests: ...Skills/Talents: ...Likes: ....Dislikes:..Savvy: Surviving the cold climateCan't understand: SuntanningGuilty Pleasure: Addicted to icecreamPowers/Abilities: coming soonOrigin:Powers are inherited from birthImmunities: Cannot succumb to hypothermiaRestrictions: Can't use them in extreme heat conditionsFavorite Colors: Blue, White, PurpleFavorite Animals:  Cats, Penguins, PandasFavorite Mythological Creatures: DragonsFavorite Flavors: Mostly anything sweetFavorite Foods: Frozen Desserts, FruitsFavorite Drinks: Wine, A nice fizzy ramuneVoice: Soft and Gentle 


10/10/2021 10:08 PM 


Hi there   Full name Queen Karla UnderWorld  Nickname: Queen Karla  Age: 26  Birthday 18/06/1995  power skills Hybrid  As a Werewolf: Wolf transformation Superhuman strength As a Hybrid: Mind compulsion Superhuman strength superhuman speed Manipulation I am still half human but full wizard so I do have magic and powers together     What’s the role of the character : Queen of 4 Kingdoms  Relationships Children: I want more  relationship is taken  Other important persons: my personal Dominants    Physical Characteristics Color of Eyes: hazel  The color of Hair: black  Does the character smoke: no  Hobbies: cooking , swimming , shopping , gaming , listening to music , watching TV show or movies , being a mother to my kids , being a partner or submissive.  Hobby: Fighting for my kids as well as protecting them ,Killing people ,Getting revenge to those people who hurt me and destroy me    Mental Characteristics Fears: i fear that I am going to lose my husband , my kids or my connections to those people I love or who is my dominants and I fear that people leaves or blocks me and moves on I also fear being left alone or not wanted and welcome    Life Goals: continue being a queen who is a sub to my dominants and being a queen to my kingdoms and being a good mother I love kids    Rational Or Emotional: emotional    How could you upset this character? Cheating on me , lie to me , hide things behind my back , using me , blocking me , leaving me for others or just leaving me, left out , unwanted, not accepting who I am , focused me to choose... , telling me what to do not unless your my dominants , talking about me , being rude to me , betraying me.... and not understanding me or listen to me  I am bad girl I am also a slutty submissive who is a troublemarker, smartass , cheeky silly crazy ,stubborn , a teaser , loves roughly , desire with passionately and lust I am a innocent type but mostly I love males being Dominant to me    I like males own me as their submissive and me being theirs I do get very strong deeply feeling and connections to those who I connection with    Discord MaggieDarkness#3460 things about my real life I will write it later but mostly I need to add whats more important for people to understand who I am i am disability since i was born i was born early so 14 weeks early there is past and history about me i will not say anything about it    now with my disability i have autism spectrum disorder , half deaf so hearing lost with speak problems as well and with that i have learning disabilty problem    now with autism spectrum disorder it effects my learning , my depession with stress and high anxiety point that I don't always like to be crowded or targeted I do paranoid due to my reasons and my past........and that I have trouble believing and trusting people as well I am not jealous type but when I am closer to someone or connections with strong deeply feeling I do get fearful , scared or paranoid I don't do long paragraphs or any paragraphs due to my disabilitys and take it easy with me as well because I can easily give up or walk away and push people away )                  


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It’s a Widespread Myth That Men Have Fewer Ribs Than Women Because the Bible Told You So

If you're a patient in a hospital, wouldn't you want to knowexactly how many people have died in the room                                                                 you're currently sleeping in?                               How many hearts have stopped beating, how many                                                               lungs have deflated, how manypupils have stopped responding to light—                                                          ­                 how long CPR was                                                                ­             performed before                                                                ­            Time     of     Death                                                           ­                       was called?How many DNR patients waltzed into the afterlifewithout so much as a half-hearted chest compression?Ribs can break during CPR.How many cracked ribs have echoed                                                                ­  across the walls of your                                                                ­            hospital room?                                                           xEve was made from Adam's rib.God plucked the bone and                                                                ­                  fashioned it into a                                                                ­             subservient woman to                                                                ­               replace the wild one,                                                                   the first one, the no good one,                                     the woman made from the same soil as Adam:      Lilith.                                                           xWe break ribs, break wishbones, break most things we don't understand. A confused patient will take out his IV, his PICC line, even pull at his chest tube or his LVAD driveline.If it doesn't make sense, we will try to eliminate it in the sake of                                                                ­                               normality.                      ­                                     xSome time in August, we had two codes within one hour.  After 30 or so minutes of chest compressions, they pronounced the second man dead.  He wasn’t my patient that night, and I didn’t know him.  I think his ribs snapped under Alyssa’s hands when she tried to revive him.                                                            ­      And what does that feel like?   Not just the desperate rush of adrenaline,        of trying to bring someone back to life—not just the emotional,                                                                ­           but the physical of it all.The cracking of the bone beneath the heels of your hands.  Your fingers laced on top of each other                                                                ­ pounding and                                  pounding and                                                                ­                                  pounding                                                           against the sternum.  One, two.  One, two.  One, two.                                                            ­            The bone cleaves in half.And how much pressure does it take?  I’m sure science could tell us, but                              how does it feel in your arms, in your shoulders—                       will your muscles remember the strength it takes and                                                      stop you next time?                                                           xHow hard did God have to try when he ripped out         Adam's rib to make Eve? And                           how long did it take Adam to recover from the loss?(Maybe he never did.)                                                           xHealthcare is still so barbaric.  You must hurt to help.                                 Saw through the sternum to get to the heart.                   Insert a painful tube to remove the excess fluid.                               Drill through the skull and remove                        potentially useful brain matter.I have nightmares of tripping over IV tubing andripping out PICC lines.   I am terrified ofdropping someone's chest tube on the floor,                                                 of it ripping violently out of their lungs.It's not my blood, it's some else's,                                               and that makes it so much worse.                      Being responsible for another human's well-being                                             is actually terrifying.I just want to be helpful.  I don’t want to hurtful.  But so often,                                         I find myself damaging the ones I love.                                                           xI would rather have my brain-dead sternum sawed open thanrot in some hole in the ground like my mother if it                                                        would mean that I could be useful.                                                   And all we really want is to be useful.To feel something.  To be something.  To be proud like the original sin.Remove my ribs.  All 24 of them.  Make them into several new women withseveral new names and                                           faces and                                                            eye colors and                       skin colors.Their lives would be more beneficial than my death ever could be.Like Eve with Lilith, replace the bad, with the seemingly good.                                                           Replace the soil with the body.                                                  It all has to come from somewhere.                                                             x                     How to keep the self close and yet distant from trauma. 

Cfriday 101 Arts Reborn

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Character List ((Full)) For: Oct 10-Dec31st
Current mood:  animated

((Heres the list of all characters for this freaking year! All i'm doing for now.)) ((includes well over the normal suceedings and  genre with it.)) List of Characters:   ((Updated as of Friday,October,22,2021))Added:New characters to be uploaded as of right now.Details, small. Genre 1-Infinite 1: OCs1: Captain Mailman (Infinity Core)2: Light Mage Enganur Prime (OC)3: Savage The Scrapper (Furry Base OC)4: The Darkness Twin Blader Genisi Ginesi (OC)5: Super Supreme Man (Furry OC)  2: Undertale1: King Sans/StoryShift Sans/Baron of Bones2: Error!Toriel3: RohanTale LRSH/Gaurd Captain Lucial4:King Henry IV/Utopia Upper Kingdom Sole Ruler (Canon Undertale)5:Elemental Assisstant 2: Yang6:Water Sans/Elemental Peace Core Tactician/Aquilia SoggyBones7:W.D Asriel Dreemurr (Retained Int. Form)8:Aeriel Dreemurr/Female Asriel Dreemurr9: SwapFell Alphys10:Doc Mol/The River Stuidier of Wisdom  3: Pokemon1: Fakemon ((Random Fighting Type))2:Majin Chillie'/Machop OC/DBG Mix Character3: Haze Shadowstar (1-The 5) (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Jade Edition)4: Shadow Lugia (Sorrow-Wave)5: Team Rocket's Pikachu/ Zhyphria Black Bolt  4: Digimon1: Black Renamon Soviet Sleeper Agent Officer/The Red Dawning/Zygratti The Mother Land's Officer2: Black Impmon: Calcus Prime3: Seadramon Avatar: The Lord of Tides4:Snow Agumon Brawler: P.C Chomps  5: Yugioh1:Parrot Dragon ((Avatar Form))2:Tugiki The Air Eater Archbiship3:Swordsman From A Distant Land (Ani.Rp Version)4: Dharc The Darkness Charmer5:Kairy-Shin Water Lord of The Ocean (Avatar Form)  6: Neopets1: Galem DarkHand2: Kanrik3:King Coltzan III  7: Legend of Dragoon1: Air Combat Wind Mage: Lestalbia Whisp Wellow2: Berserker Rat Bandit: Kimmy of Laion/Kimmy The Thieve of Thiefs3: Arrow Shooter Native TribesBowwoman: Ginnia The Glory of Gia4: Neko Neko The Cute Cat Dancing Lighting Blader5:Larfitel Gantis The Dark Elf Trueshot Prince6: Anvistis The Dragon Paladin/Soldier7: Prisim Man The Freeze Knight Squire8: Knight of Sandora: Lance Corpral Evle Nishyoulltis 8: Fire Emblem1: Trickster OC2: Mage ((Fire)) OC3:ArcBiship OC4: Hero OC5:Mymyirdon OC6: Blade Knight Captain OC7:Villager OC8:Dancer OC9:Sniper OC10:Ranger OC 9: Megaman1: Snake Man (Ani.Rp version)2: Dark Megawoman.EXE3: Sniper Joe ((Sniper J-Man Master Robot V.1) 10: Drone Tactic1: Dr. Misaki2:Raphael3: General Elisha4: Hiroto/Chirpa 11: Final Fantasy1: Random Character2: Moogle Animist3: Fencer OC4: Jackknife OC5: Dragoon OC 12: Kingdom Hearts1: Seed (First Form)2: Luke's Memory ((First Form))3: The Red Coat/Devil Univessel4: The White Coat/Naxious5:Maxrria/IVV/The Painsplitting Puncher6:Black Claw7: White Lotus Dynamio/ 10Strokes8: Souless Leader/1/Lunvaris The Lunar Lunatic9: Hanna The Human Soldier/Mark 1 Soldier Prototype10: Noko Troshiro (The Heartless Avenger)11: Phantom Chaos12: Red Regiment Kingdom Monarch Ronmos IV 13 Ape Escape1: Commander Yellow2: Captain Light Blue3: Lutenaut Blue4: Sargent Black5:Major White6:General Red7:Lance Officer Green8: Officer Pink9: Red/Ukki-Ryan The Red Ape Fist Master Monk10: Ape Lord Specter ((Ani.rp Version))11: Professor Keeble (Canon Version)12: Son Gouku/Female Fan Made Alternate Canon Character 14: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic1: Female Garble2: Noir Spike Dracoviden The Hit-Draco For Hire3: Ramulous The Nightmare Acolycte4: Light Priest Unbanstis Light Banner5: The Host (Earth Pony Form)6: Glacttia (Avatar Version) (Mercy Form)7: Angler Fish The Hunger of Pain 15: Warrior Cats/Warriors1: Scourge ScowlPaw ((Alternate Version)) ((Custom))2: FireNova ((Son of Fire Star)) ((Custom OC)) 16: Spyro1: Red The Fallen Dragon Elder2: Riptoc ((Custom Version))3: Angglis Prime Captain ((Goblin Crossbowman))4: The Apprentice (Biaca's Trannie)5: The Scorceror (Custom Version)6: Shade Netkarem (OC) 17: Klonoa1: Nightmare Klonoa2: Flying Moo OC3: Dark Knight Moo OC4: Light Knight Moo OC5: KIng of Sorrow (Custom made version)6: Heart Moo ((King Version)) 18: Urban Rivals1: Giovanni/The Lawer/Gio The Bussinessman2: Myke3: Lao Cr4: Lihoi Chun 19: The Last City: Union Grove/The Last Stand (Custom Ani.rp version)1: President Plumage2: The Happy Cult Ouin The Chosen of Happniess3: Tidal Comopany Assassin Gadge Fillroll 20: Squirrel And Hedgehog1: Lt. Fox Vixen2: Assistant Jogjebi3: Commander Dhole Jackel4: Engle Sarget Fred FreedomHorn5: Loun Pi Resistance Leader Quin Pai/Cat Ferret6: The Lone Mercnary/Sole Rabbit 21: Dragon Quest1: Captain Crow (Custom Ani.rp version)2: Fencing Fox Feleppi' ((Custom Character AU Version))3: Dancing Devil Gunni The Tricky One4: Slime Knight Holy Suqqbie 22: Balloon Tower Defense1: Sniper Tower Sgt. Commando Looseing ViceGrip2: Fire Tower F L A M E3: Ice Tower F R O S T4: Wizard Monkey Spell Jinx5: Super Monkey Semian Hero of All  23: Musashi: Samurai Legend1: Road Ninjaroid Red Leader ((Apex)) ((Custom V))2: Miner Ninjaroid ((Diggin Jones)) ((Custom V)3: Pink Ninjaroid (Prity Palamay)) ((Custom V))  24: Endzone1: Skyler (Custom Version.)) 25: Samurai Duelers League((All random))1:2:3:4:5: 26: Wizard 101((Random))1:2:3:4:5: 27: Book Of Eli (Custom Ani.rp Version)1: The Second Gaurdian2: The Book Breaker3: The Priest of Bloosom Town4: ((Random OC))5: ((Random Oc)) 28: Rogue Galaxy((Random))1:2:3:4:5: 29: U Are Umasoa1: Heart Ukazi Unamisio (Custom Ani.rp version) 30: Monster Rancher((Random)) 1:2:3:4:5: 31: Dungeons And Dragons 1: Seastar Shimmer The Tiamat Kobold High Aqua Priest2: Lizard-Folk Warrior Tough Scale3: Human Mindflayer Avatar Natakki The One4: Kobold Chieftain Shield Crusher5: Tegu Knight MusaFeather 

Character List (Cfriday101ArtsReborn))

⚔️Sword-a Human (Mini-Haitus)

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Saliska's Landing Page

First and Formost thank you for your interest. As you probably know by now Saliska is split into two versions. Please use the navigation bar on the right to find what you are looking for.This character is still a work in progress as I further refine her breed data, and build more about the lab, as time allows. AlsoI have starters for each version. Though honestly the starters are just abandoned openings from stories that either never made it off the ground or the users deleted before we could get very far into the tale. Waste not want not right? their loss could be your gain if one strikes your fancy.   But thank you again for coming.Enjoy Saliska's Original DefaultBefore I started making it all creepy. Because... I am not very nice and do thatBut anywho...please be on your wayI ran out of things to say....  >>; serious stop creeping and go.

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