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10/10/2021 05:55 PM 

Oc: Diamao Shio

BASIC INFORMATION-NameDiamao Shio-GenderMake-AgeDied at 24 but is over 150 years old -Height5’10-Weight152 lbs-SpeciesIncubusBACKGROUNDDiamao had a pretty normal life growing up. He was grown up in what seemed like a perfect household. He was raised to try and he perfect. He always had to be top of his class and have good grades. If not his dad would punish him. Since he was almost an adult and had a sister most of the stress of having to be the perfect son was finally off his shoulders though his parents still watched him closely. He did his best to get a good job eventually getting offered to be a Management consultant which made him travel a lot giving him the escape he wanted. PERSONALITYDiamao can come off as very arrogant since he always had to let it be known just how good he had to be compared to everyone for so long in his lifetime. Often times it’s not hard how he tries to make it seem like everything is fine and showing off that he has a perfect life when it was everything but that. He has a very dominate personality. He doesn’t trust anyone, tries not to rely on others or get attached also.APPEARANCEDiamao tends to wear whatever is comfortable. Though sometimes can be seen wearing suits. He can be seen wearing various jewelry at times from necklaces to rings and watches. Though he always wears his cross necklace. He doesn’t do much with his hair expect for brushing when it’s needed he usually lets do what it wants but if he is looking formal Often times he slicks it back


10/10/2021 05:50 PM 

Oc: Kali

BASIC INFORMATION-NameKali-GenderFemale-AgeOver 3000 years old looks around 20-Height4'9-Weight122 lbs-SpeciesGoddessBACKGROUNDKali is the goddess of death, time, and doomsday. She is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother figure and symbol of motherly love. She also wears a garland of heads of the demons She has killed which makes this form of the Goddess even more fearful and divine. PERSONALITYKali is a very kind goddess even though everyone talks about how evil she is considering she has demon blood in her. She is playful and energetic around most though she may come off as a little scary and seem very serious when you first meet her. Many people especially girls find her intimidating because of her power and beauty. APPEARANCEKali is very beautiful along with the other goddesses. Her skin glows like crystal and her hair is white as snow, Her eyes unlike the other goddess are red. People think it's from all the demon's blood that she drinks, though only the other goddesses know she was born with them. She wears whatever she feels like though goddesses are supposed to and are known for wearing only gowns made out of the finest materials.

Brutally Honest

10/10/2021 12:31 PM 

Love and Trust
Current mood:  accomplished

  Love and Trust Ino was creating a situation that she didn't realize she had the power to create on her own. She had the situation under control up until it became too much and she started getting consumed by the idea. It was simply an idea that she could become something someone was proud of. Simple, right? She wanted to become a popular kunoichi and a business woman. She wanted the credibility she deserved and wanted to be the one who worked hard to get there. The only issue was that she was weak, and she knew it. The only real thing she had at her disposal was her beauty, her long blonde hair, and baby blue eyes, fair skin, and her complexion. She looked younger than she was and while that earned her a good amount of boys' attention, she was not interested in any of it. She had no sex drive and she poured herself into her business at the hospital where she worked. She even worked weekends so she didn't have to think about how sadly single she was. She was lonely, and wished she had a partner to spend time with.She had a few shows on tv that she had streamed so she could remind herself how pathetically single she was. She was working on duty at the hospital around 8:00 and she decided it was time to lock up. She grabbed her things, and locked the doors to the main lobby. She made an effort to secure the hospital and punched the number in the key pad that protected the building. She sighed as she walked to her car. She looked around, looking for anything out of the ordinary, and made a nervous walk to her car. She didn't like working nights, but this past few months she had been taking on more shifts at the hospital just because she didn't want to be alone. She knew her father was out on business, and she was busy at the hospital. It kept her mind off of things, and she was kept busy caring for the ill and injured, but sometimes her mind still wandered.Ino was preparing herself for her drive home. She put her bag and purse in the back of the car and got into the front of the vehicle - a porche that her father bought her when she turned 16 and she maintained it since she bought it. It had miles on it, and it was a bit out of date, but still able to drive it and get her places. Ino was "flying" down the road, and sped towards her home while thinking that she was going to just take a nice hot bath and forget that she was lonely. She wanted to meet someone, someone that was kind, someone that was able to take her places, and someone who would get under her skin, make her angry, make her thrash out in anger, someone passionate, and someone who she would love no matter what.Passion, drive, and determination; were all things she knew she wanted. She had a crush on Sasuke Uchiha in school. He was one of the most popular boys in school, but also the most lose men she'd ever seen. He was bisexual, and he had just as many boys as girls who were immobilized by his good looks and aloof attitude. Sometimes Ino felt herself blushing in his direction as well. She couldn't help with that black hair and onyx eyes. His pale skin, and six pack abs. She was really into him until her best friend Kiba came along and started hanging out with her more. She often felt Kiba was closer to her than Sasuke.Sasuke was a crush but Kiba was more important to her in that way. She would not respond to Kiba's advances. Even if he tried, Ino wanted to be friends - nothing more than that. She did not want to ruin what they had and she wasn't going to acknowledge any feelings he might have. She didn't want to give him false hope that they might have a future together. However, their friendship was slowly starting to become more comfortable. Ino was able to be close to Kiba like a brother would a sister, and she never wanted anything to happen to them. She would protect their relationship no matter what, and her friends were everything to her. She would put her life on the line for someone like that. ✘✘✘  

有志 Oya Fire Hands 消防士

10/10/2021 11:53 PM 

Rules, Guidlines, and Info

Basic Rules - 1. The tride and true rules of civilized roleplay apply. no godmodeing, no meta gameing, no Auto hitting of any kind.2. This is primarly a fire force account, i would prefer sticking to that, but some cross overs are welcome. it just depends on the context of the roleplay and if it might make sense.3. life comes first, i will do my best to get to replies when i can, but im a busy woman. i am also prone to depression, burn out, and other barrior emotions. so be patient with me, i promise to bring quality when i do tell story.4. Semi-para to multi-para T-1 style rp only, no one-liners or any other forms of T style will be accepted.5. Minimum OOC, i have no interest in makeing friends or getting to know you. i am here for storytelling only.6. not here for a relationship. in or out of character im not interseted in cybering or being your girlfriend, if it isnt built on and forged through storytelling, its not fun anyways. however if something blossoms between your character and mine, so be it. but im not going tot 'predetermine' that our characters are going to hook up. work for that sh*t yo7. even if our characters do come together, dont get it wrong. im not here for anything beyond roleplay. so keep it where it belongs, in the story.8. no drama of any kind. outside of some story flair, i dont want to deal with petty emotions or you being butt hurt about some petty sh*t, im to old for that kiddy bickering. ill block your ass in a heart beat.9. i am not my character, simple as that. dont judge me based on what my girl does in character, they are two diffrent beings. and i take my roles quite seriously, and will play to the characters personality and beleifs. 10. i struggle with grammer, and spelling, always have. as im sure what you have read so far will attest to. when it comes to actual story, and writeing. i use what tools i can to help me, and will do my best to be understood. if you have any questions on what was said, please just ask me. if you judge me, and cause issues over it, i will block your ass. and for those of you who belive you can 'help' please dont, i know im bad at it. but leave it be, if its to annoying for you. feel free to peace out.Things to know- Custom story: this character is built for a friends storyline, while it does happen with in the main fire force verse, Oya is not actually apart of any of the fire squads, but a seperate 'volunteer fireforce' division with its own goals and mission, if you are interested in this, hit me up and i will bring it to my friend.Conserning non-original Characters: if you roleplay a character from the anime, im all for interacting with you, but keep in mind that i only accept one person per character, to influance Oya's story, if at all. it just depends on if i am enjoying our interaction or not.My Prefered Style: when it comes to roleplay i prefer Para T-1 style in the Third person, i can accept Semi-para and can also do more if needed, but my comfort zone is Para. i will say however the more i get into a roleplay, i tend to write more.My avaliablity: As every working adult with a family, there are times when i cant check or be on Ani, while i will do my best to reply when i can, it may be a few days before you get anything back. Monday-Thursday i have off, and will do my best to check here, Friday-Sunday i work 12 hours a day. so ill be a no show at that point. Conserning out of character: as i said in the rules, minimal OOC is prefered. i am however willing to discuss a storyline, where/how our character meet, ect ect. but please dont send me messages with small talk. come to me with purpose, and save some time.Contacting me beyond Ani: while i do have a Discord, im not going to give it to just anyone. if we have a solid story going on, and you want to get ahold of me on discord, feel free to ask. no promises on weather or not i give it to you though.


10/09/2021 10:01 PM 

🌙 Lingering in the last light of dust, lies within the shadows of trust.

【 °˖✧ Roleplay Rules ✧˖° 】╭                                                                                                          ╮╰                                                                                                          ╯ ┇♡┇WHOEVER ADDS FIRST, WILL TALK FIRSTYou send me a friend request and get accepted. So, you'll be the one messaging first. This applies to me as well if I'm the one adding. Though, if you don't greet me in a week’s time, I will unfriend you.    ┇♡┇ PURGE DAY Every now and then, I may delete friends out of the blue without warning. I do this to keep my friend list clear of mostly inactive members, who haven’t spoken to me in a month or more without any explanation as to why they’re absent. Though, if you've been actively roleplaying or chatting with me and you end up getting deleted then I don't mean to sound blunt but most of the time, it means you've either bored me to death or I just feel like we aren't going to be compatible roleplay partners. So, don't start sending me constant friend requests just to get back on my list again because I'll just block you for your persistence.  ┇♡┇ DIFFERENTIATING BETWEEN IC AND OOC When speaking out of character to me, please use symbols such as // , () , [] , etc. so I won’t confuse it for roleplay. If none of these signs are used, I will immediately assume you're in character and will respond accordingly. I use quotations and proper sentences to speak in character at all times, unless I'm doing ic banter on statuses.    ┇♡┇ STARTERS   I don't really mind random roleplay starters as long as they are clear about what the plot is, have a decent length and are readable. However, let it be known that I prefer to discuss the roleplay beforehand. That way we’ll be on the same page and I’ll know what kind of story I’m getting into.   ┇♡┇ DISCUSSING RP  I'm an indecisive person, so don't make me do all the work of deciding the genre, characters, setting and main plot for our roleplay. It's much more fun, if we both contribute our ideas, that way we can enjoy the outcome of it together.   ┇♡┇ WHO I WILL BE ROLEPLAYING AS The only character I will be playing is Midna on this account, so please don't ask me to roleplay as someone else unless it’s side characters to support the plot of our roleplay. Midna doesn’t belong to me, she is from a Zelda game called Twilight Princess. So, I will be putting my own personal spin upon Midna and roleplay her my way.    ┇♡┇ GENRES I love roleplays that contain action, adventure, fantasy, drama, and thriller but I'm open to other themes as well. Romance and erotica aren’t available to anyone but Midna’s significant other: Link. Therefore, please don’t bother asking for it or else you’ll be deleted.    ┇♡┇ NO GODMODDING, POWERPLAYING AND METAGAMING   For a refresher on these terms: godmodding means making your character invincible for no reason other than that's how they're written. Powerplaying is controlling another character(s)' actions and dialogues without permission. Metagaming is when a character possesses knowledge outside of roleplay. Please don’t do any of the following or else, I will immediately refuse to roleplay with you from that point on.    ┇♡┇ LENGTH OF RESPONSES No one-liners, it just gets boring after awhile. Preferably, I roleplay in third person and do multi-paragraphs, so it would be appreciated if you could at least write a four to five sentence long response to keep me engaged.   ┇♡┇ BE PATIENT  My time zone is EST, so beware that our times might differ from each other and please do not pester me to reply. I don't play favorites. I answer my messages in the order they are received from oldest to newest. So, at the very least wait until 72 hours, before reminding me to reply to our roleplay. You may see that I'm online but sometimes, I might've left the tab open and could be busy doing something else like work or responding to other roleplayers who messaged me before you. Also, there are times when I may get writer's block or I'm too lazy to reply but eventually I will at some point. Though, if you can’t wait like everyone else, then with all due respect, leave. I don’t want impatient people like you as a roleplay partner. Buh bye!    ┇♡┇ COMMUNICATION OUTSIDE OF ANIROLEPLAY Most of the time I prefer to keep all my roleplays and chats here, since I'm not too comfortable sharing any of my social media but if you turn out to be a good friend — I might share my discord with you. However, I am very selective on who I give this away to. So, don’t expect to get it by simply asking, you have to earn it.    【 I will not roleplay with you AT ALL if; * ・ 。゚☆ 】 ✧ You don't read and follow these regulations. ✧ You cease to interest me. ✧ You don't have decent grammar ✧ You give me consistent one-liners. ✧ You send me sexual/inappropriate content  ✧ You god-mod, auto kill, or have sues of any sort. ✧ You are disrespectful in any way.   ⋆ ˚。⋆ I might add more to the list, if I think of anything else that should be addressed. ⋆。˚ ⋆   ❥ Now if you have sucessfully read all of my rules, please prove it by answering the question down below. You could comment the answer here or through messages. If you don’t do this task, it will decrease the chances of you staying on my friend list:   What is your favorite Zelda game and why?

RP Rules


10/09/2021 07:43 PM 


 ੈ✩‧₊˚  1. My rps are mature. They may contain smut.2. No one under 18+. By sending a friend request, or accepting mine. You are 18+. Characters must also be 18+.3. Please give me 1 paragraph minimum. I like random starts, but if i start.4. Romance is fine. 5. I can delete people as I please. If you ghost the rp I will delete you. This isn't my first time on here. ╮(︶︿︶)╭6. No Discord, I am here to RP.7. Perfect grammar is not a must. Everyone makes mistakes.8. You add first, you talk first. Please.9. OCC be offline some times, so please, do not bother me about late replies.10. Let1s be friends! (≧◡≦) ♡  Thanks for reading! ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

𝕃𝕠𝕤𝕥 𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕝

10/09/2021 03:59 PM 

Memory- POUR LA FRANCE! under co

"Levez-vous, enfants de la patrie ! Aux armes, citoyens ! Écoutez le son dans les champs ! Le hurlement de ces redoutables soldats ! ILS NE PASSENT PAS !" ___________________________________________


10/09/2021 02:57 PM 


Thought I might slap these on here.1. No friend collectors.2. My rps are mature. They will contain violence, cursing, etc.3. No one under 18+. By sending a friend request, or accepting mine. You are 18+. Characters must also be 18+4. Please give me 1 paragraph minimum. Details are still key.5. No GM. I don't use OP characters as stared by their weaknesses and neither should you! Also. Don't control my characters.6. Romance is fine. Not always going for it.7. I can delete people as I please. If you ghost the rp I will delete you. This isn't my first time on here. 8. Random starters are accepted.9. Discord is available.10. Perfect grammar is not a must. Everyone makes mistakes but no text speak.11. You add first, you talk first. I will return the favor.12. I will not change my characters for anyone.

Greek Butterfly 🦋

10/09/2021 12:34 PM 

Character Info. Wiki :P

Megara (better known as Meg) is the deuteragonist of Disney's 1997 animated feature film, Hercules. A snarky "femme fatale", Meg once served as a reluctant minion of Hades, to whom she was indebted. Having endured a troubled past, Meg developed a cynical disposition, her only goal being to rescind her bind and live a life of solitude. Her outlook would slowly start to change upon meeting Hercules, whose genuine innocence would prove there was still good in the world.

Jump Force Prodigirl

10/08/2021 09:17 PM 

Nice bullying site

Oh no don't mind me, I am just here to promote my blog because evidently my blog post of my main profile is NOT  allowed to appear on homepage of this broken lame excuse for site..Why? I don't f***ing know, ask the braindead people managing this site, if they have any.. it could be managed by broken bot, I would believe that's the case. If you actually pay for premium member of this site, youre moron for encouraging bullying and unfair treatment on peopledont add me on this profile, my main profile: think I am bluffing? this is the link to my original blog to see the time stamp for evidence only allow certain people' blog post appearing on their homepage, and that's fact. If anyone knows a better rping site that doesnt treat their member like a sh*t please let me know of my main profile, thanks for reading 


10/08/2021 07:10 PM 

Phoenix Rising

Name: Doug SuttonCall Sign: NoneShD status: Deceased AgentNationality: AmericanEthnicity: CaucasianAge: early 30sHeight: 5'10Weight: 179Doug Sutton was a First Wave Division agent. He was most notably part of Noble Squad. Like the rest of his squad, he is first seen in an ECHO as he and his squadmates help a man from being mugged. He was the sole survivor of his squad, whereas the others were slaughtered by Rikers in an ambush. In another ECHO, it is revealed his squad mate, Akil Hoopster, was the last one to be alive as he told him the whereabouts of the Rikers that had killed his companions before succumbing to his wounds. He vowed revenge against the Rikers that killed his squad mates. He then took it upon himself to rescue April Kelleher who was captured by the same gang of Rikers. Doug managed to save her, but ultimately died in the process. Doug's body can be seen with a cloth draped over it next to his final ECHO location implying that she survived and covered his body as seen by his division styled gear.Doug was a survival and recon expert. He had a heart of gold... and vengeance of fire.Equipment:Doug carried around the standard PPE and tech of agents.Weapons:Super 90 shotgunM9MP5Combat KnifeTech:Sticky LauncherPulse ScannerSeeker Mine


10/08/2021 07:09 PM 

No Count

Name: UnknownCall sign: No Count. Patch the Good Luck. Patches the Hyena. Trusty Patches. Unbreakable Patches. Patches the Spider. Lapp. (Jesus. Who the hell is this guy?)ShD status: Active agent...?Ethnicity: CaucasianNationality: British. (Has been granted American citizenship.)Age:34Height:5'11Weight:184This former mercenary has more history on the field of battle than most. His favored combat strategy is to snipe from the air or from concealed locations to catch his opponents off guard. Before joining the Division, he was a member of the organization known as "Stray Bullet". He was usually tasked with killing influencial businessmen and politicians. His old team described him as: Secretive, complacent, abusive and provocative.Patches is a con-artist with a lack of value for human life, tricking wayward people. He is notably a scavenger, who enjoys setting traps for unsuspecting survivors, often using their greed against them to lure them to their demise and loot their corpse. When cornered he will attempt to beg and lie his way out of a situation.This agent was admired by friends and enemies alike, for his skills were unmatched, and his heart was true as gold. Anyone who joins his team has quite the shoes to fill..He is quite the character, and agent. Boasting the best skills for: long-range marksmanship, survival, manipulation, and charismatic leadership.Equipment:He carries the standard PPE of Agents and tech given to them...Tech:Decoy x5Shock trap x5Two Shock turretsPulse with Jammer and hacker.Weapons:His main weapon is a custom sniper rifle he built: Nemesis.Nemesis does not have any real life counterpart, it most closely resembles an Accuracy International Arctic Warfare in an AICS 2.0 pistol grip chassis with an AX50 stock. The rail is similar to CADEX Defense AI Fore-End Rail. Foregrip is a Magpul AFG-2.It holds a 5+1 round magazine and fires .338 Lupa Magnum Rounds.Maxim 9 handgun. (Great gun with a built in silencer/suppressor)Tactical UMP-45 with a suppressorCombat knife


10/08/2021 07:08 PM 


Name: Aaron KeenerCall sign: VanguardShD status: Rogue AgentEthnicity: CaucasianNationality: AmericanAGE:34HEIGHT:1.80MWEIGHT:81.6KGAaron Keener believes he is the best of the best and indispensable. He is a master manipulator, who knows how to get people to do what he wants and make them think it was their idea. Secretly, he is terrified of being considered as irrelevant, and instead chooses to make himself notorious.Keener was thus noted to be a "potentially prototypical candidate" for joining The Division. This is probably due to his intellect as a person, as well as his military expertise from his time in military school as well as his time serving the military. He is far superior to the average ShD agent in every way possible.Skills:Skilled Tactical CombatantGifted IntelligenceCharismatic LeadershipMaster StrategistSurvival SpecialistMaster of IntimidationMaster of ManipulationEuipment:Keener carries all the standard PPE and tech of agents, plus the Rogue Network AI: "ANNA" as opposed to ISAC carried by agents.Weapons:Police M4CMMG BansheeX-45six Concussion Grenades.Combat knifeTech:Drone AssaultTurret AssaultSeeker-MineSticky Launcher


10/08/2021 07:06 PM 

Ryan's dossier

Name: Ryan MarquezCall Sign: NoneShD status: Active AgentEthnicity: CaucasianNATIONALITY: AmericanAge:35HEIGHT:5'11WEIGHT:184 lbsRyan is a perfectionist. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, and that includes tackling ObtainR. He hews to the straight and narrow and plays by the rules. That’s true even in the wildest of situations; Ryan always has a guideline to look to and follow.Maybe he plays by the rules...Aaron Keener: Normally, I'd do this face to face, but I'm not 100% sure which way you'll jump. You act one way when Ms. Lau is watching and another way entirely when you're off the leash. That's an interesting contradiction.Other Agents joke about Ryan’s demeanor it an affectionate way, as he is highly regarded among those who responded to the call. In the field, however, there’s no joking, as Ryan’s courage under fire is well known. He’s a natural leader, cool under fire, and willing to sacrifice to get the mission done.His skills surpass even Aaron Keener.Jerry Liu: Lemme tell you, that agent Faye Lau brought in with her is the real deal. [...] Between you and me, you don't see that sort of performance out of every agent. Still don't.Equipment:He carries the standard PPE of Agents and tech given to them.Tech:Seeker Mine.Sticky Launcher.Pulse Scanner.Weapons:MG1A3.P226 MK25.Super 90Combat knife

𝔇𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔦𝔫𝔤 𝔔𝔲𝔢𝔢𝔫

10/07/2021 11:14 PM 

Shio's Rules (Update)

Disclaimer: "Everyone has right and liberty to decline or ignore any incoming friend request that's sent to them. If one does not accept it, that means the person does not want to have the sender as friend and it is normal occurrence especially since it is part of this website feature. If you're easily butthurted by this kind of thing then perhaps you need to consider having your mentality and personality checked, because the only person spreading hate for declined friend request is spoiled brat who think the world revolves around them."  My Profile, My Rule.. Will DECLINE/BLOCK Derogatory Theme Profilee.g Your slut, just a bitch, another slave, humiliation, cuckolding, etc etc. If ones don't even give a sh*t about making decent name let alone profile, then why should I care about them? Go f***ing be miserable somewhere else! StalkerIf I see someone frequently appearing on my viewer list, I am going to assume that the person has certain ill intention e.g: reporting my picture, stealing my artwork/song directlink/layout. Yeah I am aware that some people might have some kind of admiration and they could not help but viewing my profile over and over. BUT.. we are talking about the site that is MANAGED BY BOTS, I think I would rather play it safe and have paranoid thought for sake of my profile perseverance. My profile was deleted and blocked from public search before due to mass flag before FYI. If you're not gonna add/interact with me, DON'T check my profile over and over. this rules also applies to muted people on so-called "friendlist" Community ProfileYeah right, I know that for certain that this kind of thing can be a medium to promote bullying and online witch hunt, so put that thing away from my sight! Also I notice that most of these profile are meant to collect people instead of write story so yeah.. I am not interested! Hate ProfileWhat the hell are they even trying to accomplish here? Causing a drama? Just get over it and move on, nobody needs this kind of thing! Also I don't give a sh*t if that profile is a disguise under the goodie two shoes 'PSA' or warning or that kind of bullsh*t, it's still slandering other people. Even if the person is real troll, it's still no one's business. I do have few word of wisdom for this kind of people: If you are feeling sense of accomplishment from spreading hate toward certain profile, you're pathetic. Neither it is their own profile for sake of shameless self promotion nor it is other people's profile, it won't matter, I don't care. For  those who love playing the victim card and claim things like 'I am being harrassed for years..' Here is fun fact for you.. even if you asked petition of ENTIRE PLANET to delete that profile. Do you think the person will just sit and do nothing? he could just re-create a new one and you're just wasting time..and yeah this piece of crap site won't do NOTHING about it.. I have been harassed so many time that I've become sensitized to it, so grow some balls and ignore it instead of giving it more attention. Two wrongs don't make one right.. keep that in mind and grow up. Trolls'Are you being insightful as actual troll? Good, then you know what to do. Oh don't worry about me, I know when I see one, and I know they are still lingering around here, like ghost... or more like pest' CreepsLook, I get it.. being old sucks, and unfortunately it is something all human must eventually experience, but that doesn't mean we can't rp. I don't care if the people adding me are  senile IRL or even disable person or even serial killer, I don't need to know, I don't care, and  nobody are required to put this things on the internet just for sake of having interaction or entertainment. I am not here for dating, thusly I never ask about my rp partner current living situation, it's their privacy, I am not gonna judge as long as they keep those information to themselves, everyone has right to do so. This is just place for rping and  game of imagination after all. I am fully aware of it. HOWEVER that doesn't mean that I would tolerate some old guy character which profile is suggesting weird theme with my character. This is RP, not real life so if anyone is interested in doing spicy thing with my character because they find her attractive or something..they could AT LEAST have the decency to use equally good looking character, because I don't wish to imagine my character doing 'this' and 'that' with ugly looking nobody. If anyone is trying to deny all the 'facts' I said about this kind of character, then I have question for these people: What is the purpose of rping as senile? self-insert for being old? okay then it's back to my statement that I don't give an eff about it and I am not interested still. For having certain 'rp theme'? Isn't that the literal definition of being creep? or is it just me? For those who felt offended with this point and actually senile irl who are looking for life partner on same phase of life, I am sorry..  just because I set my character age to 100+ years old, that doesn't mean that I am grandma irl, if there are people thinking otherwise.. well, they are morons. Screenshot folder for evidence:My IBB private folderScreenshot folder for evidence on other profile:My A̷n̷t̷i̷ ~ Ꭺꭱꭺꮐꭺꮇꮖ's Albums folder   Will less likely accept request from BNHA/MHA-related character(OC or Non-OC)Yeah, if you are one of them.. just refrain yourself from adding me seriously, I have been harassed by people using character from this verse.. this is just a way for me to prevent drama and that kind of useless crap Bleach-related character(OC or Non-OC)Same as above, this is one of the verse I added recently due to trolling/stalking incident and hate profiles ALL Naruto/Burrito.. Boruto-related character(OC or Non-OC, I don't care!)This is just another kind of anime which I dont give a crap, not only its simply mainstream as f*** (despite of being mundanely design character and insulting the true way of ninja), most of the fans of this anime who I met in the past were all just narrow-minded people who like to play with other's feeling and yes this is based on my personal experience, I am not interested in dealing with their toxic fanbase. You are free to agree or disagree but I would say it as it is, because it IS my rules! I have albums of screenshot of the idiots using the character to harass me, don't believe it? DM me, Ill share the link (IF you actually meet the requirement to get your request approved). I can't share here because.. well it will get deleted and reported DUH! what do you expect from community filled with ignorant people? ALL Final Fantasy VII Original Character(...Well, except for Angeal and Zack, I guess.. I dont even mind doing ero with them)Don't get me wrong, I played the game, and I think it is decent, but I am not wasting my time RPing with any of the character here, because I know that for fact that these profile only stole the content for sake of following the trend or getting attention Character with Paint Job or Recoloring EditI might not have extensive knowledge in regard of anime character but when I will know when people are using picture with recoloring job, I am not gonna judge but I don’t condemn any act of plagiarism. I understand if one just want to have a completely unique OC but they can’t afford the tools to create it, even then.. don’t let creativity ruining the originality. Also it doesn't take rocket science to make own completely unique OC, there are plethora of free to play game that allow player to customized their character even on mobile, so again.. no excuse for plagiarizing..unless for those lazy a**hole who can only use paint bucket tool on premade character and claim it as their "Originality". Sometime I am obliged to ask 'Try  drawing your own artwork, create good illustration for once and see people plagiarize it, maybe you'll understand how it feels'. Animal/Monster/Beast/Furry(Transformation, and human with appendages are okay)Let me be honest.. Bestiality is not my fetish, Something about the human relationship with antrophormorphic character just doesn’t sound right to me.. then again I know certain good people rping as them, therefore I am willing to give this kind of characters the benefit of doubt   Will NOT RP with... inanimate ObjectOh look, its picture of sword as profile, cool! How about I turn you into fu*ked up piece of metal, huh? Sounds great? Profile with IRL pictureNot interested.. I'd like to keep my IRL and net life separated, thank you.. It doesn't matter if you're the last man alive on earth or the most handsome dude in existence... I... DON'T... CARE.. People who added me in the past(Even if there is no interaction whatsoever, I think it can be considered as profile collector)If you're one of the conflict of interest, don't bother adding me. I don't wish to open old wound so let me move on with my life I Will be selective to... Female and "Other" Gender(This includes traps! I have to be selective on this one, judge me all you want,IDGAF)Let me point out that I am NOT sexist nor homophobic, however I notice there are lots of troll or hater hiding behind woman's skin, which is sad, but I feel the need to address this matter as act of precaution Newly Created Profile(This does NOT exclude all character on my preferred list)For those are new to the site, let me inform something interesting.. apparently there is a trend going on this site that people just LOVE recreating profile for attention or even creating burner account just for sake of whatever sick amusement they have in mind. That reason alone is enough for me to manually and selectively approve all the friend request. I have seen it time and time, new member added me only to find the profile disappear for less than a month. So if youre new, and your profile is still appearing on 'new member' section, I am sorry but you won't get approval from, unless of course you're one of myold friends creating new profile to try different things, I can still tolerate it. Otherwise, just spend your time on this site for while before adding me   Will NOT DO ERO RP with... Kids/Baby/Underage(Ill heavily consider for character with immortality and adult in child body)Okay I am fully aware that some people.. for whatever reason found any sort of gratification from RPing as kid character. Some people even claimed that they were actually adult irl, they just wanted to reflect their inner child through rp, I get it. although I might at some point question their degree morality but again.. this is just imagination, and people have right and freedom to do anything they enjoy as long as they are not bothering anybody else. I am not gonna judge anyone for that.. HOWEVER, this is part of this site rules... unless of course for people(whom I can consider as troll category) trying to get me banned.. I ain't gonna do ero rp with ANY underage character. Got any problem? Throw the complain to the people managing this site.. who actually thinks that underage people actually rp lol.. when I was a teenager, I would spend time with friends outside or do lots of  hobby, not rping.. now? yeah I just have too much free time...don't freaking judge me!. "Faceless" CharacterI am looking at you, Slenderman and Halo 'guy', doom guy and their variation Insentient Robot/AnimatronicI think I might have an idea why people are using this character and I am completely okay doing non-ero rp with them   Do NOT do this to me DO NOT ask my discord!Just to clear the things up, I DO have discord, as matter of fact I made 2 accounts; desktop and mobile. Despite of the programming flaws, bugs, errors, and glitches I have to admit that I like the simplicity. And perhaps people would hear me complaining how it ruin my gaming experience by crashing or lagging the game etc bla bla bla... those are the excuse I made so people will STOP asking for my ID. Nevertheless I do find it useful and truthfully I am having fun talking with my friends there. Discord is like my safe space,That is probably the reason why I don't wanna add anyone but people whom I trust, especially the people from site filled with Trolls. In my experience, discord has same similarity to this site that allows people to recreate ID and name and there are alot.. I mean ALOT of people who tried to ruin discord for me. So yeah don't ask for my ID, I am not interested in rping there. It's not excuse for mobile phone user because I have been browsing this site on my mobile browser and it works just fine, unless for those using phone from early 2000 then its not my problem. DO NOT order me around!(Except it is part of RP situation...)Obviously there is no seniority or superiority in this site I don't care if so-caled a veteran from mysite or bla bla bla, it doesnt always mean that every one of you out there has decent skill of writing, I know few who only bragged about it.. also I hate it when people are telling me to check on their profile! I will check it IF I feel the necessity to do such... in my opinion, its just plain rude when people add someone only to order the person as to do this and that.. it's like treating them like servant, so DOn't! DO NOT ask personal question!Let me get one thing out of the way, I am single and straight but I have severe doubt of long distance relationship, at the point that I can't simply share my IRL information online, I will reveal it when I am ready but for now.. for sake of real life safety I am keeping it hidden. DO NOT ask me to edit layout!I can edit layout... BUT right now, I am ONLY helping those rping as character on certain verses, so.. sorry? Is it wrong to have preference btw?   Personal Ranting You add, you start.Write in indicator whether you are talking OOC or IC I dont mind using comment or message, just don't mix OC and IC up, its just downright confusing! I don't consider posting on status stream as way to properly greeting someone, to me it's just lazy attempt for someone who likes whoring for attention First impression mattersFirst impression matters, as judgemental as it might sound, I won't even consider accepting friend request from someone with crummy default picture, it's technically going to be the thing that stick in my head about the character, so please put more effort in it Regarding RP Shipping/relationshipI am not interested in rping with anyone using couple picture as default photo OR the people who are looking for RP relationship (M&L nobody) (T&L whacamacallit), etc, if you are planning on doing this kind of stuff in the future (with me or someone else) then I ask you to NOT sending me friend request, otherwise.. dont hate me for ignoring the rp for that reason later. Why? Because none of your business! I am not gonna fill the details but I might share the story with people close enough to consider as actual friend. Like and comment mine,I'll do the same to yoursI know people found this thing trivial but I would know if someone is taking me for granted. You take your time, I shall take my time as wellI am not going to "unfriend" anyone for not replying let alone late reply, I am even willing to wait weeks and months for it. with that being said, I do hope nobody would rush me for reply or even make fuss about me being busy with my me-stuff or even late reply.. that is just petty and people who are upset about this kind of thing should get a life! Just because you see me online here, that doesn't mean I am just refreshing the home page over and over. There will be a moment for me to use browser on my mobile and I will get automatically signed in this site. People will see me online even though I am actually occupied with other things IRL, so please refrain yourself from spamming my inbox with one word message of 'hi' 'hello' or the generic greeting of 'how are you?' 'how are you doing'. Unless unless I have sent a response please DO NOT send me multiple post for mere greeting (exception: rp correction, internet problem - accidental double posting). I only view profile I am interested inObviously my picture and display name will appear on viewer list when I visit certain profile, So don't blindly accuse me as stalker. I hate status spammer!I hate status spammer, especially those who love flooding the stream few unnecessary status within 2 hours,(e.g: I'll be back in few hours, on/off.. etc, I dont give a sh*t, okay?! This is NOT twitter) if you like doing this, then consider your status hidden from my home because I simply dont want to miss actual important message from my 'actual friend'... If I actually have one.. otherwise I would rather staring at my own stream message, I put lots of creativity and effort to it, at the very least I am being informative. Profile with common image downloaded from googleI discovered certain user with image of common stock animation.. you know? the picture stolen from deviantart or pin interest with minor changes? From what I can gather, the people who used this kind of image didn't usually make good rp, in fact I found one who deleted me as friend right AFTER I sent him my starter, I even tolerate his mistake on my rules 'you add you start' which meant HE should have been the one sending me starter not the other way around. And you know what? this is not the first time happening to me, so if I see anyone adding me with stock image as dp and asking me for starter, I only have 2 words for them: 'Fu*k off!' Mature theme RPFeel free to send me instant erotic starter, but dont hate me if your character end up in awkward situation later on..because I'd love to mess around with horny people and ruin their mood.   I Will Definitely ADD... God Eater Character(Romance is absolutely adored, welcoming fellow protagonist too! I will only do lesbian-related stuff with Hilda Henriquez or protagonist character, other than that, it will put into consideration)Exception: Alisa, Sakuya, and Claire, they can kiss my sexy ass! Code Vein Character(Yakumo or Louis? I will tolerate Instant ero! ♥)Exception: Io and Eva, Why? I just dont like their voice and personality! Daemon X Machina Character(Still new to the verse but, I might try improvization. I will tolerate Instant ero for all character of Immortal Innocence faction ♥)Please share your Arsenal, weapon etc.. Member of my site(Well, duh!)I know I have not been diligent to my character section on my website but I promise I'll do my best! My Youtube subscriber(Thanks for subscribing!)Just in case its not obvious enough.. Fellow gamer on SteamJust in case you find me here by chance, but no I am not promoting this unfair site anywhere!

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