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10/07/2021 10:53 PM 

Slime info owo

Type of slimes!Lake/Pond/River slimes: Quite common slimes you'll find. Their color varies, but always with a shade of blue. No unusal powers/abilities, except the usual shapeshifting. Can change their look to be a full-grown adult, young adult, child, teen, you name it; they can change into it. Quite weak in the rain unless their water from their 'birth place' has salt water in it. 50/50 it is possiblePoison slimes: Extremely dangerous and rare. One touch can be able to make your skin desolve to your bones if not careful. They are able to control it unles...(read after the slime types below)Fire/Lava slimes: Dangerous, but only if you 'heat them up'. Immune to hot weather, their heavy weakness is rain. A bit on the rare side.Bog/swamp slimes: Commonly seen in many dungeon adventures, these lil slimes aren't too special than their counterparts-but are hella good gardeners when you don't try to kill them for exp LOLHell/Chaos/Black slimes: UNGODLY RARE and considered the royalty type of slimes. Their power is unknown as, no one has seen one before.White slimes: *unknown information*Making love;Men-Climaxing within a slime(that doesn't try to kill you by touch) is like a drug that gets them high or addicted as they cannot become pregnant or give birth. They obsorb the...'white stuff'(Ani, don't attack me on that, I stg) and want more. Although, if you 'eat her' or him, depending on what you wanted; theirs is quite sweet, depending on the type of slime. (ask on this please)Women-When a slime with a...male pp does inside of you, it would feel the same, but would 'obsorb into your system'. In other words; the slime stuff would become pretty much like you drinking liquids and the vitamins are in your bloodstream. But this only lasts for one to two days.If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in messages or comments! ♥ 

Brutally Honest

10/07/2021 08:54 PM 

A Promise in Chains (Part II)
Current mood:  accomplished

☆  A Promises in Chains. 2☆ TAGS: Ino, Kurama, Naruto UzumakiHuman Kurama.Naruto UzumakiShizuneTrigger's: Torture, Blood, Gore, Slavery.A slither of light appeared in the small space that she coiled herself in. A pool of her own blood lay down on the ground several feet away from her. It wasn't until she heard crying that she realized what had happened. Ino was sick, throwing up ontop of everything else. She was damaged, no one would want her now. The once proud queen was now a mere speck of the vibrant diamond she used to be. Shining so bright it might take out the sun, but even she knew that the world moved too fast.It all burned too bright to be singed by the reality of the darkness of the world. Ino knew she was going to have to get rid of this child somehow. She would send it to an orphanage to be dealt with. "Take it. I don't want this child. It's an abomination of indecency." she said with both shame and malice in her voice. She never wanted a child, never wanted a life without being able to do the things she wanted to do sexually with her own partners.She would return home in a miserable state and her friends would worry about her mental health. She would see several therapists, and be on medication for probably the majority of her remaining life. The things they did, "Monsters...all of them. MONSTERS!" she dropped the dish pan she was washing and cried as she ran from the kitchen and to her room where she would cry herself to sleep. She would have to overcome this. She wanted to be normal, as normal as anyone with the memory of having sex with a demon known as Kurama. The Nine-Tailed fox had raped her and she had nothing more than hate for the fate she knew would come from their child. It would be condemned as a half breed. She knew what the child's life would be like. She did not want to witness that.As she fell asleep, she dreamt that she was normal once again. She was popular, wanted, and out-spoken towards the other kids around her. She was a likeable person and wanted more for her life. She had such a bright future ahead of herself. As she slept in her room she tossed and turned at the dreams that plagued her at night. The thought of Kurama still living and around to cause more pain to others haunted her memories. Kurama had done so much damage since being freed from Naruto that she lost count. The Village had almost been destroyed yet again, and he took Ino and several other women from the village to his hideout where he did unspeakable things that would keep them his prisoners for as long as he intended to keep them.Among one of the other kunoichi that was taken was Shizune who seemed out of it and even though most of the other kunoichi were holding up fine, Shizune was having a hard time with adapting to life with Kurama after serving under Tsunade for so long she found it a hard time answering to someone else other than Tsunade and Kurama was not giving her an easy time about it. "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME WOMAN?! I AM YOUR MASTER NOW. YOU WILL ANSWER TO ME AND NO ONE ELSE. IS THAT CLEAR?!" Shizune sobbed and nodded as she was lashed with whips from Kurama and her back scarred from being hit with the lashes.It wasn't the pain that made Ino fear Kurama, it wasn't even the blood spilling from her womb that ached, it was knowing that another spawn from this demon would be living among them shortly. She only hoped she would never have to know who this child was. She wanted nothing to do with it. "AND YOU. HOW DARE YOU SEND MY HEIR TO AN ORPHANAGE. DID YOU NOT THINK I WOULD FIND THIS OUT?!" he said, handing the small sobbing child to Ino, 9 months of agony and trying to keep herself from going crazy with the information that the child was from Naruto's demon from before. He had since been released and was now able to walk around in human form. His human form was male, and very arrogant, uppity, selfish, and entitled.He had various relationships with women around different countries, and causing mayhem around the villages. Sometimes he would take them to his home where he would keep them there without their consent. He would often threaten to destroy their homes and families, and there was nothing she could do. As strong as she was, she was at a breaking point, and Kurama's den was something of a shelter for her for the last 3 years and no one knew where she was. She had to have had people searching for her. She was captured when she was on a mission and she was gassed until she passed out before taken to Kurama's palace which was secluded in the outskirts of konohagakure. Ino was suddenly overcome by Kurama and he took advantage of her and now she was unsure of what she could do to get out of this situations.However, she was desperate to get out of this unholy situation - she did not want to admit that she had a hand in creating an abomination of a half breed. She hoped when she was able to escape that she could return to normal, however, she knew that would not happen. She knew the best that would happen would be to fake a smile as she encountered her friends and always having to explain what was going on the three years she was away from Konohagakure. It wasn't easy explaining to everyone that she was sick and in the hospital for the time she was gone. It was a huge lie and she was having a hard time continuing the lie. She felt as if she continued that her mental health was suffering. Her body was also suffering, she had lost her former spark or beauty and was almost skin and bone at this point.Ino was once a vibrant ray of light that shinned front center stage, and now she was the shadow of a once beautiful shining star. The once empathic star was now a monster living in the shell of a human, and it is the fuel of her hatred of Kurama that feuled her actions. Kurama may have had feelings for her, but they were not feelings of love. He used her as a tool of lust, crime, and emotional manipulation. Some time passed, a pair of baby blue eyes opened, and she found herself on cold ground once again, she never left the den, she was still in the broken hell she found herself in, and she feared she would never escape.In the other room, her eyes widened as she heared the door open and she curled her arms over her legs. "NOOOOOOOOO!"  [ To be continued...]   ✘✘✘


10/07/2021 10:07 PM 

Cal's Diary
Current mood:  amused

YO! This is CALAMITY the MAGIFICANT and MAGICALLY MALICIOUS! Dom put me in timeout for stealing underpants off a high school girl. BUT! they were cute with pretty pink strips on them! And oh they taste like cotton candy! Oh but I'm prolly overdoing it again. 'greetings pals!' I am the thing that lives in Dom's arm! You see we were born in a world where there was huge shift in physics and long story short, there was a moment when I was going to vanish. Something about shrinking into a blackhole or become a Quark Star. Anyway, our mother and father worked together in the heat of the moment to alter my formation, which caused me to not to grew into a human being but n athreal condensed form of emotional manifesto! >.> basically im a ghost girl you cant touch, but i hit like truck!Anyway, i kinda grew super intelligence through osmosis while Dom was busy growing up all tough and gir! We lost our mother so our father went a little overboard with the experimential side of things and become a monster. But before that he was pretty strong, brutal dude. I wish I known him then. But he trained Dom in the best way which was to face off with him in combat everyday after school! The arm i was grewing in, coupled with Dom's natural stamina provided the perfect setting to grew one of the powerful heros of all, ME THATS WHO!But as time went on, i learned that i could do a lot more things using all the stuff i gobbled up from the hole in Dom's arm. i think thats pretty much the basic jist, timeout is only like 500 seconds and im kinda board already. OH right I EAT MATTER and CONVERT it to ENERGY! Take that you REBAL SCUM! Also, I taste colors and undies are decilious!

Dogmatic Monster

10/07/2021 04:54 PM 

Border incident

       Sitting in the back of the carriage, obscured from sight by thick curtans covering the windows.  Her handler snoring splayed out on the seat across from her.  "For the fatherland."  The soldier took a breath as her transport stopped, a border check for contraband.  A routine stop, they had nothing blatantly illegal to bring into the country, but there was an issue.  One of the magical girls of the country was at the checkpoint.  Both she and the other girl could sense each other, but her handler sleeping could be used to her advantage.  Grabbing hold of first a pair of Mauser C96s, she slowly loaded the pistols as she listened to the girl speak with the drivers who were being jokesters and feigning disgust of all magical soldiers only communicating with the other soldiers who weren't magical soldiers.  Painfully slowly she finished making next to no noise as she then lifted her completely silver MP28 the magazine sliding out onto the seat beside her as she lifted the gun.  No ammunition was within the magazine, but she placed it back in and cocked the gun very slowly to keep the noise as low as possible.        "Get your filthy hands away from that door!"  A warning, not to the girl approaching the door, but to the secret weapon within the carriage.  The enemy girl was about to uncover the operation due to the unfortunate luck of one of their magical girls being at the border for whatever reason she was there for.  She turned to her handler and delivered a swift kick to his shin waking him up in a bit of a foul mood.   He hadn't noticed the pistols in her outstretched hand until after he stood up and heard the girl outside speak.  "Whoever is in there, step outside and be inspected.  You know the routine."  He turned to the girl in the carriage with him seeing both pistols extended out to him, their grips towards him.  The situation was volatile and a border skirmish was immenent.  The three of them were expendeble, but she wasn't, she must get within the nation and complete her goals even at the cost of their lives, but they wouldn't go down quietly and wipe out the border checkpoint if needed.      Back at the nation's capital as the situation in the border was deteriating, their coverup story was already in full swing since they left for their mission.  The three of them were wanted for assault and attempted assassination of a group of government officials who were shown to be bloodied and the kidnapping of one of their children.  The three were labelled as dangerous and wanted back alive.  A scout was sent to trail them in case things were to go south and send messenger birds into the nation should they be stopped or get into a situation which could jeopardize the mission.       Several birds flew over the border, one landing upon the carriage as it squawked then whistled.  It parroted the script it was fed should the plot be in danger of falling apart.  "Dangerous men have escaped, they are wanted in connection with assault of government officials and the kidnapping of one official's child.  A white haired girl last seen wearing a jacket dress combination with the words abomination written going diagonally down both her back and front.   They are armed and dangerous and wanted alive for trial and questioning."  The two inside the carriage looked up as the bird's nails scratched the roof during it's announcement.  The soldiers drew their guns upon the duo outside who in turn pulled out their MP28s aiming back at the border guards.   The missions gone south, they had no choice, but to enact plan b, fight their way in, scatter,  and continue the mission with a possible rendezvous.        Wait, they will believe her to be kidnapped if they took the flying rat's word at face value.  A chance, one to not just kill two birds with one stone, but also create a national distraction with a ripple effect creating fear amongst the people.  Swallowing her pride, she did what would throw most of her comrades including those who've known her the longest for a loop, she let out a shriek and pushed her handler to the wall just hard enough for him to rock the carriage.  She turned about face and opened the door, ramming it with her shoulder holding the mp28 purposefully giving the illusion she just grabbed the gun and ran out.       "Get away from me.  Where's papa?!" Her act was rather decent, her hand on the muzzle of the gun as she ran in an attempt to run pass the magical girl.  She looked at the magical girl then made a hard right away from her and towards the border agents.  "Evil magical girl, stop her!  She had these people hurt my papa and bring me to her!"  Behind her the girl kept pace with an eye watching the carriage for whoever was in there with her.  The kidnapped girl kept glancing behind herself at the carriage then the magical girl, her glances did not go unnoticed as the magical girl sped up cutting her off.  She was keeping her pace as expected of someone of her bodytype and dimensions to sell the act, but it seems her act was seen through as the interloping magical girl was holding a pistol in hand.     "You're not going any further unt-" A trio of gunshots cut her off, if she were the target, their bullets wouldn't harm he- a dull thud hit her stomach heat ripping through to her back.  A rookie's mistake, she should've taken into account the threat this girl could possibly be, but how was she able to harm her with a simple MP28?  That country's magical girls are all known and none have been born into the world without any other nation's learning of it within the hour.  The magical girl pressed a hand against one of the bullet wounds as the border guards got in a fire fight with the driver duo.   They had to deal with them on their own, This girl, no... this thing grinning before her had to be taken down.  Lime green smoke escaped the bullet holes in her as the girl backed away covering her mouth.  The smell of something foul assailed her nose as she backed away to gain space between herself and the thing before her. "What are you?  No weapon should be able to harm one of us."  A coughing fit came upon her, something soft and warm came up into her mouth which she immediately spat out, she assumed it was nothing more, but some phlem or something from her stomach.  It was far more dire than what she believed due to the adrennalin in her system, it was a piece of her lung.     "Slaughter them! leave none alive!"  Her act dropped, orders issued to the three accompanying her or four if their tail decided to join the fight to take on this small group of ten with their fatally wounded magical girl.  "That is where you're wrong.  You know our weapons can harm each other.  Remember the traitor who joined you filth and her friend that died recently up north?" She calmly slid the magazine out before sliding it back into place as she spoke to the magical girl.  "They fought well, but not well enough.  They deserved it, one being a traitor to the fatherland, the other by being subhuman trash." She turned her attention to the firefight between the border and the duo, but somehow the handler was able to sneak around without anyone noticing and executed the soldier with the ​​​radio as he reached to call and warn others of the group.  The execution gave her the opening she needed as the magical girl's slight distraction from the pistol shots hitting not just the soldier, but the radio to unload rounds into her.  These rounds were somehow different from the previous rounds, they exploded on impact with the girl's gun arm.  This one wasn't the target, but one less will make things easier in the future.  One of the drivers may have perished during the skirmish and the other was hurt, but they'll keep moving forward and complete their goal.  She will die and so will all who come to her defense...     

Doctor Dale Denis Ibix Pensworth

10/06/2021 08:22 PM 

Biosheet (Doctor Dale Denis Ibix Pensworth The Medic of Malice
Current mood:  apathetic

((A Cfriday101ArtsReborn Biosheet))

Biosheet (Cfriday101ArtsReborn Custom Fan Character)

Emperor Caesar Spike

10/06/2021 07:23 PM 

BioSheet (Emperor Caesar Spike Dracovadin)
Current mood:  accomplished

((This is A Cfriday101ArtsReborn Biosheet. ))

Vlad von Carstein

10/06/2021 06:39 PM 

Vlad’s backstory in Warhammer (before the great warpstone Meteor)

Lord of the Night, Count of Sylvania, aspiring Eternal Emperor.Born Vashanesh into the royal families of Nekakara a distant relative to Nagash. Vashenesh proved to be an extremely talented strategist, and battlefield commander. Though when the strange rumors surrounding Lahmia reached his ear the prince left. Joining Queen Neferata the first Vampire it wouldn't take long till Vash’s charms wooed the Queen. Granting Vlad the last of the Elixar of Immortality being the final member among the True Blooded Vampires. Though the couple ruled for centuries eventually the Conquerer Alkatazar would turn the full might of still living Nekakara upon the vampires.Vashanesh’s genius strategies, use of Cathan gunpowder,  pikes, and the relentless freshly killed joining the vampires betrayal doomed them. Through outward appearance it would merely be the betrayal of mortals. Yet some would learn of the betrayal within the court from the Mortuary Cult and Wusoran.After losing his Kingdom Vashasnesh would travel north, and encounter Nagash reborn. Upon swearing feilty to the first Immortal a gift was given freely between kin. An enchanted ring powerful enough to indefinitely resurrect a vampire wearing it. Though through it Vashanesh along with every Vampire would be bound to Nagash’s will. So total was the control that they couldn't refuse being used on the front lines like mere zombies. Though initially the vampires would be thrilled to join Nagash hoping to reclaim Lahmia yet being regulated as canon fodder and seeing Nagash wished to destroy all Nekekara the mood swiftly shifted. So long as the ring was worn by a living Vampire all would be under Nagash. This fact led Vashnesh to throwing a duel with Alkatizar the Conqueror.Most vampires would scatter to the wind as did Vashenesh. For many centuries following that first revival the Vampire Lord sought to make the ring his slave. Many years followed of gathering power, siring worthy Vampires, and even aiding Sigmar during The rise of the Empire. The Lord of the Night would eventually settle in Kistlev for a time. After a few hundred years of work the lord would enter Slyvania under the family name of con Carstein. With a local necromancar the pair destroyed an invading Skaven horde. During the war of three Emperors is when Vlad con Carstein enters Castle Drakenhof. The ruling count Auto con Drak was cruel tyrannical, and he bore no male heirs just one daughter, and a hated brother. Isabella von Drak would be finally liberated from the control of her cruel family as was the people in this realm. The pair was initially a marriage of convenience yet eventually true love bloomed between them. One day Isabella knowing of Vlad’s true nature asked for the blood kiss so their love would endure forever. Vlad hesitated knowing full well the curse of undead not wishing such a live on his beloved. Isabella would then become terminally ill. With every option exaused Vlad personally would tend to Isabella for he knew an eternal life without her would be torture. Isabella von Carstein would drink more blood of Vlad than any other sired vampire. Isabella drank so deeply that the connection between them immense.The happy couple would rule well, and deal with rebellion brutally. Those grievous offenders would often find themselves staked in front of the castle. Both a warning, and a first layer of defense should the frortess be besieged. With the Empire divided into 3 Vlad has plans for more than simply ruling the Old World. With several books of Nagash recovered Vlad hopes to learn final secret to rule over the Ring and all vampire kind. 

Vlad von Carstein

10/06/2021 06:34 PM 

Vlad’s equipment

    Equipment:Von Carstein Signant ring - Such a precious thing so small so seemingly common. This enchanted ring makes the weilding vampire essentially a demi God. While higher vampires can recover from certain deaths this ring makes that process assured. If the rings full power can be unlocked not only would all vampire kind submit, but Vlad’s already impressive will power would also be bulstered crushing any foreign corruption.The Blood Drinker - A sword of unknown origins, and it's nature is known only to a select few. Much like any other vampire the blade hunters for blood. It emits a dark power sapping the life of those cut further restoring Vlad. The blade itself is alive, and utterly rejects most who would attempt weilding it. Save for those who carried a close unique connection with Vlad.Reforged Dragon Cuirass - Originally known as Vashanesh a military tactician, and blood relative of Nagash himself. This magical armor has protected Vlad for thousands of years. Able to withstand the most extreme heat imaginable dragon fire. Liber Noctus - One of the books of Nagash. This decrepit tome bristles with dark secrets, and eldritch powers. Reading from it summons dark thoughts, and grim deeds.

Warhammer, Fantasy, High Fantasy, Warhammer Fantasy


10/06/2021 12:12 PM 

Wanna rp with me?
Current mood:  bored

My roleplays are violent and dark so just a warning (friend me if that's ok with you)

Prince Tourrus Kolos Light Kid

10/05/2021 08:31 PM 

BioSheet (Light Kid Asriel Dreemurr)
Current mood:  accomplished

Biosheet/Infomation of; (Character 1-Infinity)(Undertale AU Fan Character 1-Infinity)(AU-World/Concept Titlement Character 1-Infinity)Summary:  

Biosheet (Cfriday101ArtsReborn Custom Fan Character)

Cfriday 101 Arts Reborn

10/05/2021 08:20 PM 

Full List of Characters (Current)
Current mood:  animated

Total: 5-Infinity1: Tourrus Kolos Larven "Kid" Dreemurr/Light Kid Asriel Dreemurr/DutyJustTale Asriel Dreemurr (Undertale AU)2: Doctor Dale Denis Ibix Pensworth: The Medic of Malice (Kingdom Hearts OC )3: Emporer Spike/Caser Spike (MLP:FIM Alternate Character)4: Karl/Arma5:Dark Kid Asriel Dreemurr/Velmos Necrosis Dark "Kid" Dreemurr6: Uichi The Unending Tyrouge Monk7: Yagi The Lust God

Character List(Cfriday101ArtsReborn))

Brutally Honest

10/05/2021 07:33 PM 

A Promise in Chains
Current mood:  accomplished

☆  A Promises in Chains. ☆ DRABBLE MENTIONS: INO YAMANAKA, HINATA HYUUGA, SHIKAMARU NARATrigger Warnings: Mentions of ogres, rape, betrayal, and abortion.Shivering in the darkness of the cell she lay in hoping to fall asleep soon. She had a hard time keeping them open, she knew they would come for her. They knew she was weakened - her past memories front and center within her mind, and she sobbed uncontrollably. This was not how this was supposed to be. It was a simple misscalculation in the mission and she was supposed to be protected by her team. They got separated within the forest and the enemy caught them off guard.Ino was taken to an enemy camp base and taken to lure in her friends. She would not bow to these men, she bit her lip, staring up in defiance, knowing if she gave in she would give them what they wanted. Ino was sure that if her friends arrived any later she would lose her focus and faint under the pressure. The fact that she was caught so easily bothered her. She was supposed to be stronger - she promised Asuma and Shizune that she would be a blooming flower for them both - their memories in her mind and made her sad again, continuing to cry, her normally pretty and polished hair covered in blood and dirt from previous nights sleeping in nothing but the cold cell block she was in. She knew the people from Kusagakure were looking to attack Konohagakure but there was no telling what they would do to her if she was to tell them somehow the plan they had.A door opened, slowly screeching against pavement and a man walked into the dungen, smirking as he approached her cell, "I'm surprised you're still aware." he grumbled with his stomanch gorged with fat. He was a gruff looking man with a beard and several teeth missing that made Ino want to gag. She did not want to be in the presence of this kind of company, "Here," she heard him say, tossing her some bread and a small cup of water. Wait...was he ...-being kind to her? She refused to acknowledge the scheme he was plotting.She growled and knocked it from his hands. A defiant act of self-ish pride that was really the only thing she had left. She would not pray victim to this vulture's vice. She knew the situation she was in, and did not want to give this guy the wrong impression about what she was willing and not willing to do.For all she knew he could go to hell. He knew he wouldn't stand a real chance with her in the real world so he had to capture her, chain her to a dungeon and spit in her face when he got the chance to return from work and act like he wasn't raping her while he was enjoying his family and spending time with them. She knew what had happened - it was monsterous. The child that was growing inside of her - she never wanted it to happen like this. It was not like the way she had imagined it in her mind.Ino was never one to believe in the fantasy world of faeries and princesses but she wanted at least someone to rescue her from this hell. "Ino!!" she heard, boasting outside of the castle; it was an old Japanese oriental castle that was more like a maze than a castle. She walked up to the cage gates and waved her hands in front of her, her hands scared from cuts and thorns from the ring master's abuse. She sobbed, "Finally..." she said and passed out in the ground. Shikamaru discovered her situation and quickly called for back up. Asuma ordered her to have 3 years of therapy for what had happened. Something she was not looking forward to, but she did not know if she was ever going to heal from this.She was still crying when Shikamaru carried her out of the dungeon side of the south end of the castle. There were many twists and turns of the maze of the castle. It was luxurious and fancy, but it didn't match the person's personality at all. Ino thought someone who lived in a place like this must be kind, caring, but not the monster she faced. She faced her worst nightmare - she felt his hands fingering her womanhood, and slipping his hands around her body. She couldn't 'move, she couldn't scream, his hands were covering her mouth, and she was suddenly she heard the heavenly voice of Shikamaru coming to retrieve her team-mate."Thank you...." she sobbed before falling asleep in his arms. She slept all the way back to Konohagakure. The Kusagakure shinobi had kidnapped one of Konoha's brightest shinobi, Ino was strong in her own right to gather information about the chunin exams and she refused to give them any information and naturally their response was not pretty and not something anyone would want to see. Ino was worried about what would happen if news like this got out - she couldn't control it; she should have known to take that mission alone was dangerous - she was foolish. She should have taken Shikamaru or Hinata with her for safety.However, neither of them were available and it was a solo mission. Ino was at the mercy of the winds now and she was starting to regret taking on the mission in the first place. The mission was simple: get the sword that was stolen from Konoha and get it back. Simple. Right? Nope. It was an old sword held sacred to the Hyuuga clan and would be dangerous in the wrong hands. Ino was Ino's part was to get inside the building, get the sword, but she had ended up getting caught and imprisined in the castle so they had to get her out of the situation before it went bad to worse - however, they were already too late."I'm pregnant." She said, Shikamaru's eyes widened and the color from his face faded from his rosey colored cheeks to a porcelian color. "I-I don't have the strength to keep this child. I'll give it up. I don't want it. It's his problem. I-I am too young to be a mother and especially to a ogre's child." she said, sobbing as Shikamaru held her in his arms, seeing Ino like this was difficult for him. Ino was always so confident and determined and he was always so proud to call her his friend. Now, she really was into some trouble and he didn't know what to do about it other than hold her and let her get her emotioins out."Shikamaru...kill me." she said, looking up at him with pleading eyes.. "W-what?!" he exclaimed, shaking his head, "That's not the way to get out of this. No one will know the difference. I will protect you. I will make sure no one does this again." she sobbed, "Stop it. You are dating Temari- I can't ask you to leave her for me. I won't allow it. I want to do this on my own terms...please don't tell anyone. Please keep this a secret; promise me."' "I....I-I promise..." Shikamaru said, hanging his head down as if he had been hit right in the face by a fraight train. Ino was embarassed enough with this situation and he did not want to cause her more pain. "I'll take care of you. Both of you, you're in good hands now, Ino. It'll be okay soon, I promise." [ To be continued...]   ✘✘✘


10/05/2021 01:37 PM 


  Augustus Caesar   (Based off of the first Emperor of Rome) (A mixture of my own Ideas and this person's completed profile on Augustus   (Warning! Currently under revision!)   Augustus Caesar was the first Roman Emperor, starting off the Imperial period of the Roman Empire's life. A great military leader who rose to the office of Emperor due to his high standing within the military and with the senate. Using this power he would bring about a time of peace within Rome known as the Pax Romana, a peace that would endure for nearly two centuries. From then on he would go to expand the Empire borders to a staggering scale, dying at the age of 75.   Personality A rather calm and collected man whos temper can flare up at times. If he is committed to a cause he shall give it all he is worth even if those actions are cruel at best.   Hobbies: Runs his own Cafe, often looking to bring new customers in to expand his ever growing menu. At times dragging in other servants/comrades to help him run the place.   Class: Saber   Noble Phantasms:   - Roman Legion A: A legion of Roman soldiers comes to Augustus' side to assist him in battle. Spiritual versions of warriors he once fought with. Together they are stong, with a few special abilities. Though when disbanded they can easily be felled. Alternatively he can absorb the spirits in order to gain the collective power of the soldiers for a short period of time.   Imperatores Erit EX: Caesar's sword which burns with unending flame, only able to be wielded by another if he so wills it. When activated it takes on it's true form, the sword's blade twisting itself into a corkscrew like fashion to turn itself into a Javelin. The flame of it's sword form burns brighter with the wielder's emotions but it can also take in oxygen from the air to grow more powerful.   Personal skills:   - Blessing of Mars B: Blessed by Mars the God of War for his many battles and conquests. Caesar receives a boost to his prowess in battle.   - Imperial Pivelage EX: A skill that only Emperors can possess, their reign and word is absolute. Laws are formed under a simple utterance of words. This skill allows Caesar to learn skills normally impossible for him to use, though only for a short period of time. Even being able to change his Identity for a time.   - Undying Legacy: Caesar's legacy was remembered even far into the future, giving him a second life as a legend. With this skill Caesar can rise from the dead, gaining a sizeable boost to his abilities in this phase though only for a few moments. though it is a one time use skill, afterwards if he is killed he is gone.   Magic resistance (Undecided) Has immunity to any kind of fire   Master: No one

Brutally Honest

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Light in the Darkness (Drabble)

☆  A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. ☆ DRABBLE MENTIONS: INO YAMANAKA✘ You hear that? It's the ominous feeling that makes the hairs on your skin stand up. It's the sudden movement in the darkness that makes you think otherwise about opening your eyes. It was something like this that felt so dark that she did not want to acknowledge - she was avoiding a very obvious conclusion - she was not alone. It was not the eerie feeling of this that got her, it was the fact that she already knew and she was sinking deeper and deeper into the void. The void of the screeching banshee that she was known for being. It was a horrible cry for despair that even the toughest men would not be able to handle and would fall to their deaths.Ino's past was unclear to her. She remembered being born into and being treated very well. She got food, water, a place to stay, sometimes she would get to play in the woods outside where she met a friend. This friend. This friend was different than the other people she had met before - she could not see him, but she knew he was there. She was trying to find him now. She closed her eyes, counting, one...two...three... "Ready?" she said, jumping out at Toshi and smiled. "I win again, Toshi. Your turn!" she said and tossed the dice that she kept in her pocket and tossed it up in the air.Not many knew of her friend Toshi. Toshi was someone who died in a fire within the home she was now living in. Her parents did not know someone died, but knew there was a fire, they bought the home where they lived. They lived in Konoha, and Japan had a lot of folklore and legends surrounding its lakes, streams, and oceans that passed through the forest surrounding their nation. She had been living here since she could remember, her family owned a florist shop in town and she worked part-time as a sales-clerk. Her father was a military general and was very strict with following the rules of the home, and keeping things neat and tidy."A tidy ship is a good ship." he would say, smiling down at her with the sweetest smile meant only for her. She had a soft spot for her father, and loved him very much, but his job required him to leave a lot, and she was always sad to see him go. She eventually got used to it and when he did make an appearance she would always run to the door no matter what she was doing and did not bother turning around to see what mess she had made if she was doing something before he arrived. She missed him when he was gone and he managed to bring her home lots of suvineirs and every one of them was different from each place he went to. Ino was thrilled each time he came home and not just it put a smile on her mother's face, too, but she was happy that he got to spend time with them as well. She didn't know what life was like any other way, but she was okay with that. She was starting to understand the world a little more, and as dark and gloomy as it was, she knew there was a sliver of light waiting for the ones who crawled out of the thorny darkness where they over-came the darkness that was both inside and outside of them like they were fighting for a life worth living. The hope they could have if they kept fighting for it - something worth fighting for.For now she was alone fighting for the shadows to be gone and hold her in a higher light than she was before. She was on the ground, straying away from the light while the door to the right path made itself known just as she looked around to find it. Ino was suddenly surprised by the trees and blinking eyes of the forest around her. She shuddered in the winter caress, the fall breeze kicking in as her bootless feet hit the foilage on the ground in the autumn season. The evening was getting dark and the sky was opaque with light colors of pink, orange, and red. It looked like raging fires of hell coming from her inner self tired of coming second to Sakura at all things they competed with. It was as though hell was riding her loyal hounds ready to change someone's life. Her life. And she was ready for it. Suddenly she felt the calling for something.She felt it grow gradually and it grew louder as she continued the solitary path spread before her. The choice was obvious now; even if it was not something she knew or something she was familiar with and it was something that scared her, she knew it was time. Embrace the darkness! Come to the shadow and release the light within! The longest and brightest star would not be as bright as it is without it's counter-part the dark shadow that loomed ahead. The journey would be a long and difficult path, but she felt a strong sense of presence around her.Something felt right. Something felt just as it should be. No one was scolding her for what she was doing right or wrong, she was alone in the darkness. A lesson she learned that darkness was not bad; a darkness that consumed her dreams with snakes and dark water that covered with black serpents and transformations. Seemed like a nightmare for most, but to her an urgent message that she would learn later on when she grew up to understand that not everything was as it appeared. ; Do not judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes..  ✘✘✘


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Character Bio

Basics:Name: Warutoshi Satsuji (Satsuji Warutoshi)Age: 27Nationality: JapaneseSocioeconomic Level as a child: He doesn't remember.Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Lower ClassHometown: He doesn't remember. Current Residence: The location varies by story, but the building is always a run-down house with an unsettling number of basment levels. Occupation: None.Talents/Skills: Exceptionally good at murder and torture, but little else.Character's role: Chaotic evil. Usually a villain, but can be framed as an anti-hero under some circumstances. Physical Characteristics:Height: 6'1"Weight: 144lbsRace: Japanese/CaucasianEye Color: AquamarineHair Color: Primary black, with streaks of white.Glasses or contact lenses?: Neither, 20/20 vision.Skin color: PaleHow does he/she dress? Goth. Lots of black. Mannerisms: Appears to be introverted and quiet, prone to sudden bouts of mania and violent outbursts.Health: Slightly underweight and suffers from insomnia, but otherwise fine. Hobbies: Baking, seeing movies, coming up with creative new ways to kill.Emotional Characteristics:Introvert or Extrovert?: IntrovertWhat does the character want out of life?: Unclear, he's living day by day.What would the character like to change in his/her life?: He wants to understand why he is the way he is. Why he can't remember who he was before this, why he hears voices that tell him to do awful things.What motivates this character?: Unclear. He is uncertain as to whether he's simply lost his mind, or is being manipulated by some otherworldly force. What frightens this character?: The thought that he might not enjoy what he does as much as he acts like he does. The uncertainty that comes with dreams and waking from sleep.What makes this character happy?: Puppies.

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