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Mavia (MCRP)

06/06/2023 09:28 PM 


As brilliant as the sun from which she derives her powers, Koriand'r of Tamaran has refused to let the torments she's suffered crush her spirit. Koriand'r, heir to the throne of the planet Tamaran, has played a multitude of roles over the course of her long, tumultuous history—from princess to slave to Teen Titan. An alien who was ousted from her home via a coup led by her devious older sister, and later captured by torturous alien scientists, Kori's past is as unpleasant as they come. But she's never let the suffering that’s marked her life break her gentle spirit. Kori's arrival on Earth was the result of a happy accident that landed her right in the middle of a pivotal moment in Teen Titans history. With the team, she began a new life and made a home for herself among her new friends and family, shedding the horrors of her past. She came to love Earth and its inhabitants, though their customs occasionally confused her. A bright-eyed, curious and compassionate person, Kori is quick to make friends and quicker still to become the center of attention wherever she goes. But her sometimes naive persona should never result in her being taken for granted—under it lies the fierce heart of a once and future Tamaranian queen.

teen titans

Mavia (MCRP)

06/06/2023 09:17 PM 


  Clan: Omatikaya Clan (formerly)Metkayina Clan (current)Mate: Jake SullyOccupation: TaskaremWarrior/HunterSpecies: Na'viEye Color: YellowHeight: 8'7Neytiri is the tsakarem of the Omatikaya clan, as well as a proficient warrior and archer. She is the second-born daughter of Eytukan and Mo'at and younger sister of Sylwanin.Neytiri respects the Na'vi way of life and is careful to obey their laws and traditions; at least initially. Neytiri is said by Grace to have been one of her best students at her school, suggesting she is quite intelligent and curious. Neytiri looked up to her older sister Sylwanin as a role model and was taught by her that not all human beings are evil, though her view of the species was heavily damaged after Sylwanin was murdered by one. The event made her grow to believe that Sky People are unable to See.Like her mate, Neytiri is brave, loyal, strong-willed, and shares a love of flying and frequently rides on her ikran, Seze.Despite her respect for life, Neytiri is a formidable warrior. She is incredibly skilled with a bow, and taught Jake how to use one as well. She is also skilled in close-range combat with her knife. She single-handedly defeated the pack of viperwolves that had attacked Jake using both her bow and knife. Neytiri also managed to kill the deadly warrior, Colonel Quaritch, with her father's bow, even when the latter was armored with an AMP suit and the Na'vi have a very slim understanding of technology. However, Quaritch was distracted when trying to slit Jake's throat and hadn't noticed Neytiri's actions.In addition to her fighting skills, Neytiriellent flyer. Like many Na'vi, she learned English at Grace Augustine's school. Her speech is broken and accented, but it improves through her time with Jake

avatar, avatar way of water

Mavia (MCRP)

06/06/2023 09:16 PM 


Name: TsireyaAge: 18Lives: Awa'atlu, PandoraClan: Metkayina ClanOccupation: Tsakarem / Free-Diving TeacherSpecies: Na'viEye Color: BlueHeight: 7'2"Tsireya, nicknamed Reya, is the thirteen-year-old Tsakarem of the Metkayina clan and is the daughter of the clan leaders, Ronal and Tonowari, as well as the younger sister of Aonung. Tsireya is graceful and strong, and she has a passion for the ocean. She is very kind, warm, and sees the best in people. For example, she told her peers to go easy on the Sully children when they were learning how to swim and scolded her brother Ao'nung and his friend Rotxo for making fun of the Sully family when they first arrived. She is also shown to be an adept tutor in teaching the Sully children how to free dive. She can see the potential in others and how they can contribute to the clan.Unlike most clan members, Tsireya is the only one who treats the Sullys with boundless patience and understanding. Despite her brother and his friends bullying the Sully children and teasing them for being "weird", Tsireya understands that they are anatomically adapted to life in the forest and need time and special training to master their lessons. As a teacher, she puts a lot of effort into teaching them in the most effective way possible.In addition, she thinks flexibly and is open to changes, while her mother is ruthlessly faithful to traditions and expresses an open distaste for the new family. Despite being a potential threat, Tsireya tries to understand each side's point of view and stands up for those who are unfairly judged negatively. As shown by Lo'ak's friendship with Payakan, they are seen as outcasts to their own races who have been recognized as such by a fatalTsireya is a graceful, agile and strong swimmer. She has been described as the "young Neytiri of the oceans". She is a renowned underwater dancer, which she demonstrates not only in ceremonial circumstances, but also in everyday life. She has also perfected many of her clan's skills (including diving, breathing, meditation, ilu riding and underwater sign language) to the point of teaching them to others.

avatar, avatar way of water

Mavia (MCRP)

06/06/2023 09:13 PM 


Name: KiriAge: 18Clan: Metkayina Clan (Current) Omatikaya Clan (formerly) Species: Na'vi/Avatar HybridEye Color: YellowHeight: 7'7Kiri te Suli Kìreysì'ite the adopted daughter of Jake Sully and Neytiri, and the biological daughter of Grace Augustine's avatar. She is one of the main characters in Avatar: The Way of Water.Kiri's conception is shrouded in mystery. She is unlike any Na'vi or avatar that the Omatikaya have ever met before. From a very early age, she has had an unusually strong connection to Eywa, even more than that of a tsahìk.Kiri is a girl with mischievous and somewhat rebellious qualities, making her similar to her brother Lo'ak. For example, she defied her parents to retrieve Spider. On two occasions, she followed Lo'ak, Tuk and Spider when the group decided to go exploring in locations such as the old battlefield. As a result, her parents view Neteyam as the most responsible one. Kiri can also be seen lightly teasing her siblings for fun but does not like it when it becomes too mean-spirited, such as when she told Lo'ak to be nicer to Tuk. Kiri takes protecting her siblings seriously; she wields a knife and never leaves her village without it, using it to cut medicinal plants, and she keeps healing herbs with her in her pouch for emergencies.Kiri struggles with self-conscious feelings of being insecure and inept, as if she is awkward and clumsy. She is not a warrior-type like her adoptive parents. She looks up to her family, wishing that she could be more like them, especially Neytiri and Spider.[3] She is very distraught when Spider becomes abducted, as well as when she is forced to leave the forest. Kiri has a "transformative" experience when she jumps into the ocean after arriving at the Metkayina village Awa'atlu, realizing that there is an entire world full of life and beauty below the water's surface, and this discovery helps her to cope with her build-up of melancholy. Kiri is quite sensitive and very connected to the world around her, far beyond a normal Na'vi — to the animals, to the plants, and to the rhythm and balance of life. This is to the degree that Kiri could very well be closer to Eywa than even the most experienced Tsahìks. Kiri even has the ability to control and influence the nature around her to a degree during Tsaheylu with Eywa 

avatar, avatar way of water

ʇɐǝH pǝuuɐƆ

06/06/2023 04:48 PM 

Character Information

Riko Tsukahara can normally be found working in dance clubs as entertainment, always full of energy. When he isn't performing, he practices with his power of tactile telekinesis. Determined to master his abilities as much as possible. He often finds himself drawn to supernatural instances and entities, and at times even winds up in other universes for some strange reason. He doesn't seem to mind any of this, however, and simply gets excited for the new adventures awaiting him.


06/06/2023 09:34 PM 

Bio of Eden

Eden is a medium-height female with long, maroon hair and amber eyes. She wears a black choker with a black accessory hanging from it, resembling wings. She wears a dark brown top and a dark brown corset with gold accents. She wears dark brown sleeves with red and white accents. She also wears a long, dark brown skirt with gold and red accents. Eden wears brown stockings, and wears one thigh-high dark brown sock, with gold accents. She wears dark brown boots with black and gold accents. As accessories, Eden wears a gold hair clip, and a dark brown glove on her left hand.Eden is quite calm most of the time. She speaks in soft and velvety tones, with matching kindness. Despite her subdued demeanor, she is confident in her skills. She says she was born a star, and that she's always believed that as long as she kept improving, people would see her brilliance. She is often seen drinking wine.Being incredibly rich, Eden is able to be really generous. For her, it isn't a big deal to give out gems and gold to those she appreciates (including her fans). After the 7th Herrscher ravaged Australia, she was on the frontline of disaster relief. She even founded an organization for the cause. After this though, she felt her world was gone forever. The fragment of her memory in Elysian Realm still recites lines from her previous performances.Not much is said about Eden's past other than her stardom and fall from the spotlight. As a novice, she was very determined to reach the top. Apparently, she was really picky about venues and bookings, which made people think she had a huge ego. She cut ties with the company that managed her and secured a performance on her own.The first venue she got a spot on was a small one for charity. Some of the people who attended recorded her singing and posted it online, which garnered a lot of attention. Professionals praised her talent, and said she would rise to popularity at some point. There were also critics, of course.Despite the challenges on her path, Eden did rise to the highest stage. Her generosity and talent brought in more and more fans until she was the biggest name of her time. She lived in extravagant homes, and drank the finest wine, all while improving with each performance. But Honkaiended that life.She was performing in Sydney's Super Dome when the 7th Herrscher appeared. The fire engulfed the country and the venue. Only Eden and a few others survived. She did her best in the relief work, but deep inside she wished she had died. Her manifestation says as much when talking to Raiden Mei. Without the world of art, she felt there was no need for her existence. Nevertheless, she kept going.When she was receiving treatment after the disaster, she got to know some MOTH soldiers: including Elysia. Elysia asked her to join them, and she did. Eden thought that even though she couldn't perform anymore, she could still shine bright as a soldier. She wanted to live her life to the fullest until it ended. She decided to participate in the MANTIS program, and asked Elysia to give her the most dazzling Honkai Beast. Normally, this wouldn't be possible, but Elysia said if multiple beasts were compatible with her she might get to choose.After the fruitless battle against the Final Herrscher, Eden chose not to encapsulate herself in the cryo pods. She firmly believed that she belonged to this era and that she should die with it. She sang one last song as she headed out into the desolate wasteland alone.


06/06/2023 09:33 PM 

Bio of Nepgear

The younger sister of Neptune and CPU Candidate of Planeptune. Nepgear is often seen as more responsible between the two but easily fooled and taken advantage of. Primarily by Neptune herself who gets Nepgear to pamper her much to the frustration of their oracle Histoire who'd like to see Neptune working harder as a goddess and often scolds Nepgear for enabling her behavior. When not disturbed Nepgear is actually a hard worker taking quests from the guild to keep up shares, cleaning up, and cooking as well as grooming her sister as she needs it.This does however rises a problem with Nepgear deep down as she feels for everything she has done and been through. She is an overall boring person with no real personality. The things she enjoys, nobody else does leaving her often to her hobbies alone. She doesn't enjoy the girly things in life like shopping finding it hard to understand why so many girls deem it a fun hobby and why their sisters enjoy it.She is often easily discouraged which often results in having to be mended by her friends before she picks herself back up once more. One could say she's even a lost lamb trying to find her place in the world of Gamindustri.Spicy Info: (This will not apply unless requested in discussions and I agree to it.)Nepgear deep down is a pervert driven there by her interactions by Vert. Because of this she is quick to note more private things such as Uni's chest getting smaller when she transforms due to lack of tissue in her HDD. Or the color panties other friends may be wearing. She has been brought into the world of R-18 material and is so far tainted even her own older sister can give her a nosebleed under the right circumstances.Realizing the damage that has been done to Nepgear's mind Vert has since been banned from ever being alone with any of the younger sisters. Nepgear does an excellent job of keeping her urges under control even under pressure. Though rumor has it if Nepgear were to catch anyone she knows and likes such as Uni in a suggestive position during alone time, she may very well proceed to do naughty things while frantically apologizing. But that doesn't mean she'll stop.~


06/06/2023 09:32 PM 

Bio of Lumine

AU version of Lumine that has had her faith shaken in what if she was doing was really right. As her journey progressed Lumine was quick to realize the two sides of those around her. How quick they are to use her for their own ends while doing so little to help her. How she fights the battles they should be able to fight themselves. So if anything goes wrong, she'd be on the hook for it and not them.It left her feeling that she doesn't really have any true allies who'd be by her side outside of the few that really proven themselves as her friends like the many of Monstadt. Outside of that there is just a select few of each nation that feels like she can fully view them as a friend to be trusted.It's because of this Lumine spends a lot of her time alone so she doesn't get bombarded by requests from people waiting on her to enter town instead of trusting their leaders or anyone from the guild to get it done. While she likes helping others and figuring out mysteries, she doesn't want it to become a case that everyone waits for her to arrive before taking any action. She doesn't want to be the sole light that people rely on. Lumine wishes for the people to be able to do for themselves when needed. Help each other instead of waiting on help.When not helping others or involved in anything, Lumine tends to spend her time relaxing inside her magical teapot or improving it. Usually her teapot home can be found set near bodies of water within view of the towns or sometimes hidden in the towns themselves. When not in her teapot Lumine can be found gathering various materials in various places or exploring areas that may have mysterious events occurring, or perhaps cooking or even fishing.She normally does these things in areas where it's hard to spot her to ensure not everyone can just find her. Unless it's someone she knows or trusts of which in that case Lumine would make herself known to them. The best way to see Lumine is within Monstadt where she is not distant and much more open nor does she hide herself from anyone there except from Little Timmie and Ella Musk at times.There are some exceptions such as Lumine's fear of live food of which she has to get another to prepare for her until it stops moving. She trusts and likes Yae Miko especially after being saved by her. But still fears her in such a way that she will hide from her until she is certain nothing scary will take place. She also isn't good at taking pranks from Hu Tao or speaking of ghosts to which she avoids her despite being quick to say Hu Tao and Zhongli are two of her favorite people of Liyue.Spicy Info: (This will not apply unless requested in discussions and I agree to it.)Lumine dreams often of having some alone time with Amber and Hu Tao. While she does like others she has came across, her biggest secret crush is for those two. When it comes to the more mature acts, Lumine has to be put into the mood and once she is there is no stopping her and she will quite literally pound someone silly when she gets really excited primarily due to having such a hard time stopping herself once she gets going.Once Lumine has been tempted for any reason, not even Paimon would be safe from a pounding if she presses the wrong buttons.


06/06/2023 09:31 PM 

Bio Of Ara Haan

Ara is a martial artist who lost her village and almost everything she knew when her brother was possessed by a demon. She survived by making a pact with the fox spirit Eun whose powers she was able to use to fight off the demons and attempt to rescue her brother. However he got away starting her journey of searching for her brother where she would eventually meet others whose goals coincide with her own in ways and joined them in their travels. Little did she know it would be an adventure to not only meet more faces, but one that spanned for many years.While things weren't looking good with evil becoming stronger and sometimes deadly, Ara has still witnessed the good of the world in these dire times and forged a deep bond with many of her friends. However one day Ara opened her eyes to a brand new view. She was no longer in the world she knew, but instead a whole new world. How did she get here and why? Did something happen while she was sleep? Not even Eun could tell where she was. Only that she was no longer in her world.Spicy Info: (This will not apply unless requested in discussions and I agree to it.)Ara has a deep secret under her clothes. A second "spear" if you will. She is very ashamed of it and tries to hide it to the best she can. She did a good job until one day getting caught by Elesis while she was attempting to relieve some stress. Instead of running away Elesis came over to play with her and showed her how to "use" her new "spear". Ara wanted to fight her off but could not fight the pleasure she felt that day.And then as days passed some of the girls took turns getting the jump on Ara to see it and experience it for themselves. Rena, Aisha, Rose, and even Eve had their fun. Ara's passive nature kept her from taking control or shoving them away to keep her secret. Part of her is really ashamed of those events. But the other part of her really loves it because she really especially liked Rena and Eve.And having not only the chance to feel good with them, but them also forcing themselves upon her to forcefully pleasure her regardless of objects was really hot to her. She got to have plenty of fun with Rena as she came back multiple times. She did not get this chance with Eve before she woke up in the new world.While Ara may fantasize about others, she isn't that type to force herself on others and treat them all like objects to be conquered as a part of her harem. Ara is very polite and keeps to herself. If she were to meet someone, she would want to go through all the cycles of getting to know them with dates before going further. Even then her goal would never be to take them to bed. As explained Ara is ashamed of what is down there.So if someone wants her, they would have to force themselves on her and make her feel good before she gathers enough courage to free herself.


06/06/2023 09:28 PM 

Bio Of Ren Blaze

Ren is an entity born from the literal flaming passion of fighters around the world. The desire to push ones limits and become the best, the desire to keep going even when your back is against the wall. Desire to protect.. Whatever drives one to battle, Ren has it within her. This created a being that wants nothing more than to fight strong opponents and to better herself by any means. Unfortunately for her, with all the knowledge she was born with and the powers, her body was just that. A body and nothing more. She had to come to this realization the hard way that she may of been born with the ability to be great, but her body was as green as the grass that she steps on.And so she had to train herself to be able to keep up. She'd need more than great power and passion if she wanted to climb the ranks. She traveled the world fighting and observing others to learn and adapt. Eventually Ren's body became very capable very quickly as it finally began to catch up to what was stored within her. But her stamina was still so far behind. This in the end created a fighter who moves in bursts when she does act. But often rarely moves and fights with her brain to wear her opponent down while using the least amount of her effort. But just because she doesn't move often doesn't mean Ren is slow.Ren has beaten many people because they discovered Ren is very fast like a Cheetah, but much like a lion in pursuit, she wears quickly when active. When uses her powers to soften up her foes before going in for the finisher. While she does have a tendency to enjoy inflicting pain and watching others suffer, she does not kill and at least ensures the other will be able to walk it off afterwards as it would work in her favor if they not only survive, but learn from their mistakes and become even stronger to be an even better match up next time as she was to the others that beaten her. Especially when she first started.When isn't always training and fighting. Even a person born from the fighting spirit of those around the world enjoys taking some relax time. Ren takes often jobs that involve heat such as kitchen duties, blacksmith assistant, and even helping with camping especially in colder regions where she is most appreciated because of her abilities. She takes the money she earns and often spends it all on food to eat herself into a good sleep wherever she decides to eat. She also enjoys tv shows that involve fighting, her favorite is an anime about it that involves a protag who started out weak but with the help of various trainers becomes a better fighter. When Ren catches that show, not even the thrill of fighting would be enough to deter her away from it.Spicy Info: (This will not apply unless requested in discussions and I agree to it.)Ren inherits many flames, for better and worse. One of the worse ones is a perverted desire that may arise against those she finds interesting. When this arises, Ren will not be able to help herself from wanting to have her way. She must. This has happened a few times when after beating some fighters Ren has had her way with them, with their pleas for her to stop and not inside only making the urge harder to control until she leaves her "mark".While Ren enjoys the feeling, especially against those with nice bodies, it's not a subject Ren herself takes joy in talking about. While she doesn't show or say it, she always feels bad afterwards which is why ends up taking care of those she grabs and allowing relations if they aren't too traumatized of her afterwards. Though there has been some she has violated not because of those desires, but because she actually liked them and wanted to be their firsts to ensure that no one else would get to have them.


06/06/2023 08:59 PM 

Account Guidelines

If you come here to battle, be reasonable with your character actions and don't make them overpowered. I have no interest in fighting gods of any kind. No instant losing or winning, this should be a battle we both enjoy.On this note, I do not wish to get involved in any groups.Do not control the actions of my character or attempt to control their emotions. Their stories will not be altered, for example Lumine is not a princess and therefore will never be portrayed as one. If it is sought, it will happen through story.While my characters can do romance and spicier rps, it's not something I will focus on due to how much people jump to it these days. So if that's your goal, you'll have to convince me on why I should agree to it. Though those who play desired characters will have an easier time.To add to this, all characters are SFW by default. I will not make any moves towards anything naughty unless you ask for the spicy version of my characters. of course this goes with the rule above so do note there is a chance I will not agree to it.I will not move to discord so don't add me for that.If you prefer another character other than who I choose, let me know. I am happy to work with you to make a good rp story. I choose based on who I believe will fit the plot best, but if you think another on my list will fit better, then we can try that one instead.I do not use comments. Any comments sent will be ignored. Sorry!Because of the nature of this account, I urge no one to greet me in character. Also refrain from greeting with flirting. If I open a message and see something like "Hey cutie", I'm just going to delete it and you right after.


06/05/2023 03:51 PM 

𝑔𝓊𝒾𝒹𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑒𝓈 by asari itagawa.

GUIDELINES.OOC DRAMA: OOC Drama is not tolerated. I do not care about the whole "he said / she said" bull sh*t, whatever beef you have with each other should stay between ya'll. We're all adults. You can either learn to communicate or block / move on from each other peacefully. I will not be engaging in any drama that does not involve me. If you involve me in drama, I will remove myself and you'll be subject to removal. I'm too tired and old to be dealing with childish sh*t. If you have a personal issue with me, please address it to me so we can communicate and fix the issue. I am not a mind reader so do not expect me to know why you're upset. I hate when people treat me cold out of the blue and I'm a rather sensitive person so please be kind and let's talk to each other civilly. It's not that hard to be kind. If you choose to part ways, that is fine to but vague posting me and shIt talking on me will not fly. My attitude will also be based on how you treat me. If you do me wrong, and you refuse to acknowledge you had or make an excuse for your actions then I will remove you. We can take a break or decide to cut each other off for good, it all depends. I'm up for talking things out but at the end of the day, I have to look out for me for once. I have to stand up for myself and I have to do what makes me happy. This year, I'm focusing on me and healing.MULTIVERSE FRIENDLY: Asari is a multiverse OC, her main verse is Bungou Stray Dogs but because of the inactivity of the verse here, she is flexible with other verses. I will not write with anyone if you use a IRL face claim however, sorry, when people use celebrities as face claims -- it makes me a bit uncomfortable.SHIPPING: I am unsure whether I'll have Asari single shipped or multishipped, it depends on the writer who is building chemistry if you're a multiship account then my muse will also be multiship but if you're a single ship account building chemistry with my muse then I'll make my muse single shipped so it isn't one sided. I do not do planned shipping, ships are all build through interactions and natural chemistry. At the moment, my character is single. I will not be shipping with minor muns or minor muses, both myself and Asari are adults.Please do inform me if you're no longer interested in shipping with my muse. It is a huge muse killer and it wrecks my confidence when people suddenly write me out of their ship bios and end the ship without telling me, I had it happen before and it wasn't a nice feeling. So, please don't do that to me. At least inform me / you do not even have to give me a reason why you're ending the ship, just tell me you no longer want to ship our characters and while I'll be sad, I'll understand because I won't force you to enjoy something you're not enjoying just give me common courtesy so I can react accordingly.Keep in mind if we ship, I tend to spend money on commissions for our ship. A lot of investment goes into my ships when I do have a ship with my muses. Doing things behind my back and not informing me will have a few consquences and depending on the severity of the fraction, it could result an end to the friendship between us.REPLIES: I am a retail worker, I will not always be available 24/7 to write with you. If I am not answering messages, comments, etc. I'm likely attending to IRL matters because my IRL comes first before any site I am on. Role play is a hobby and something I enjoy doing and I will step away from it if I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm a writer with anxiety and I do take a few steps back when I don't feel comfortable.FIGHT RPS / TOURNAMENTS: I am not fond of tournaments, thus I will not be joining tournaments or groups. Most groups either ignore you or have problematic people involved in them from personal experiences witnessing from a sideline. I will not do fight RP unless it comes part of the story and we discuss it. My character has to have a reason for her to fight. She uses a gun as her weapon, so I'm working her abilities around that.GRAPHICS / IMAGES: Please do not use / steal my graphics. They're for my personal use only, I usually use official screen caps / manga panels from the series. I rarely use fanart, but if I do use fanart it will be credited. I sometimes order commissions for my OC. Stealing anything from my page will resort a block and a report. I do not edit for others as a lot of times I do edit for people, it never gets used and I waste my time editing. It's rather annoying, so I edit mainly for myself and even then I don't edit as much as I used to. A lot of my edits are old edits / renders I have made years ago. I do not  teach people my editing skills as I get sick of people jocking my editing style nor does anyone ever credit / thank me for it. I get used & tossed aside and it gets old. I'm not a robot, I'm a human and if I do edit for you, you have to be extremely close and near/dear to my heart or if you're my ship partner.MULTIPARA / NOVELLA: I mainly do multipara, at least 3-5 paragraphs.  I am not invested in doing one liners unless it is crack role play in the streams but even then, I tend to write a lot. If me writing a lot discourages / intimidates you, you do not have to match my length of writing but at least give me more to work with. I find it very irritating when I am writing a lot of paragraphs only to get a few sentences back.REKINDLING: If you have added me and I have known you from the past, I am fully allowed to decide whether I want to rekindle or reject the idea of friendship. I will tell you why I had ended the friendship, if you have disrespected me or had done something to severely hurt me then chances are I will not accept you back into my life, I will wish you well but I will not allow myself to get hurt more than once. If it was a minor issue, I may give you a chance to reform yourself but you only have one chance because after that I'm done rebuilding bonds, not being honest and refusing to take accountability for your actions is a one way ticket for me not to add you back. I don't want to go through that headache again, so please understand that I don't hate you its just I want to protect my mental health.My mental health matters to me more than any friendship no matter how long we have been friends for. If you betray me, I'll likely never trust you the same way again. Too many times people claim to love me and then leave me after, my heart is numb and I have a wall that I keep up. It's not that I don't want to make friends, I do, but after trusting too many of the wrong people I am a little burned out.--------------------Please note, I understand if you delete me because of my inactivity sometimes I don't have the motivation to be online most of the time and this is why I tell everyone to please be patient with me. If you're willing to wait for me, I will gladly appreciate you after all this is a hobby and not a chore. I can't be here a lot like I have used to. However, please do not have any hard feelings should I ever remove you from my list. If I do not feel a welcoming vibe maybe the reason for removal.

錆兎 | ʜᴇᴀᴅʟᴇss ғᴏx—🌊

06/04/2023 06:10 PM 

𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑦 𝑝𝑟𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑚𝑦 𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑠𝑎𝑏𝑖𝑡𝑜 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝑓𝑎𝑛𝑎𝑟𝑡.

sabito, art, fanart, demon slayer, kimetsu no yaiba

❛ 𝐟𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐬 .ᐟ

06/04/2023 08:52 PM 

* 𝐅 𝐘 𝐈.

x. nero is an oc. please do not take any of my pictures as they are commissioned.x. mun and muse are over the age of 21 and will not interact with minor muns and muses for comfort's sake.x. heavily leaning towards banter, will do multi para maximum. i do not write novella, it's tedious.x. random starters are highly preferred. due to my limited free time, i do not do discussions. you're free to delete me if that's not your cup of tea, no hard feelings.x. keep in mind there will be mature themes present, but this does not mean free smut. tw for: violence, drugs, mental illness, potential gore.x. no, you may not have my discord. i do my writing on the site.x. disclaimer: despite the heavy nature of this character, the mun does not condone any of his actions or romanticize them. again, there may be themes not for the faint of heart, so please proceed with caution.


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Maxwell Trevelyan Biography
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Name: Maxwell TrevelyanNicknames: MaxAge: Between 26 and 29. Time is weird on the ocean.Height: 6'2"Weight: 165lbHair: Black, waist length, kept braided for utilityEyes: Very pale blueSkin: Tanned from a life at seaBuild: A little bit of muscle, but stil lithe, toned from the physical labor that makes up a life at sea.Body Hair: Moderate amount of dark hair across chest, abdomen, arms, and lower.Facial Hair: Maxwell has a well-kept beard and mustache that he trims and styles daily.Maxwell prefers to wear loose clothing that allows him a decent reaction time. His favorite colors are various shades of blues and greens, but he throws in black and white so it doesnt wash him out. He has a umber of tattoos, whit only the ones above and below his eyes visible. The rest are hidden under his clothes. His hands are rough and calloused, both from use of a staff and from his duties aboard the ship.Maxwell is an adept storm mage and healer, focusing on lighting, regeneration, and wind manipulation. He has a knack for anti-magics, and knows a few other utility spells that can help out in a pinch. He is a specialized Spirit Healer, which allows those around him to experience expediated healing.Maxwell's staff is  long single piece of twisted and scarred black metal with a spear-like head. It conducts electricity exceptionally well and enhances his storm magic. It also possesses two runes, one of Momentum, to make it lighter and easier to use, and one of Devastation, to enhance the damaging energies he channels through it. He has named the staff Stormspear and cherishes it greatly.Distinguishing Features: Both of his ears are pierced, with silver studs around the shell of his ear, and whalebone plugs in his lobes. His common is heavily accented from his life at sea, and he swears like the sailor that he is.Likes: Pretty people (race and gender don't really matter), strong drink, games of chance, the ocean.Dislikes: a**holes, sh*tty alcohol, prudes, chocolateKinks and Limits: These are actually private, so please ask me. No hard feelings on differences, and nothing that the author or the character like are required.

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