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๐“ฃ๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ช๐“ต ๐“ฆ๐“ช๐“ฟ๐“ฎ.

05/29/2023 05:39 PM 

๐“ฐ๐“พ๐“ฒ๐“ญ๐“ฎ๐“ต๐“ฒ๐“ท๐“ฎ๐“ผ ๐“ซ๐”‚ ๐“ฎ๐“ถ๐“ฒ.

  guidlines.                                 OOC DRAMA: Drama is not welcomed here. If you don't like me or have an issue with me then see yourself out the door, if you can't communicate your issues then don't bother sticking around me. I don't want the tension or your negative vibe in my corner. I came here to write and vibe, not listen to petty dramas you have with others. If you are venting because something is ailing you, you're free to vent but please learn the difference between venting and you talking sh*t. There is two sides to every story and a lot of times, people don't like to give the full story if they are in the wrong. Sometimes in a situation, you're both wrong but that is up to you both to fix it. I am not going to be the middle man and fix things for you. If you wish to not be my friend anymore, then leave, I won't force you to stay if it isn't mutual. Just don't pretend to be my friend and backstab me later is all I ask.Please do not share / pass screen shots around to others if we are having a private conversation that is meant to be between us. If you're sharing our conversations and I find out, you will be subject to removal as I will not play with that kind of sh*t. Betray my trust and you'll be gone.SHIPPING / ROMANCE: If our characters are together, please inform me if you want to make your character single or make them multiship. Making characters multiship without informing your partner is one of the sh*ttiest things you can do to someone, while we are not dating in IRL, I still deserve honesty and basic decency especially if I am the one investing in the ship and ordering art for our pairing. It's extremely selfish for you to want to keep my muse tied to yours while you get to fling your muse at randos. I also tend to edit for our couples, please at least upload things I edit and purchase because it makes me mad when people do not use edits I make for them.Like don't make me waste my time and money if you're never gonna upload my stuff. lmao. Mun and muse are both adults. I will not ship with a minor mun or a minor muse.INACTIVITY:I understand IRL stuff happens, if you're worried about being inactive with our ship, please do not stress. If you inform me and are communicative, I'll continue to be patient and wait for you.My muse will not go anywhere, however, if you are ACTIVELY writing with others while ignoring my ships for others, I'll make the difficult decision to end the ship because it isn't fair to my muse to be ignored / shoved to the side.This will only happen if months + years of no activity, if you want to keep the ship you have to meet me half way and make effort, otherwise the ship will die and the storyline will become stale. Of course, I'll be the one to inform you if months had gone by with no activity, because if our ship has become boring to you and you want to end things, I cannot read your thoughts. You have to tell me what is up, or after a while, I'll make the decision for you.Note:If you cheat on my muse, you're actively knowingly you're breaking my trust. It is not about them just being "pixels", it is the fact you flat out lied to me and I hate liars. If you don't want our muses together, just say the word and you'll be rewarded. I will not get mad, I will not get upset, will I be sad?Yeah, but I'll quickly get over it and I'll be able to move on. If you're upfront with me, I'll respect you a whole lot more than you having to sneak around and do a sly work around. Dishonesty means trust broken and thus, friendship maybe terminated, it depends on the fraction of the betrayal and how you handle the situation.SINGLE SHIP VS MULTISHIP:I prefer single ship over multiship, single ship is much easier to keep up with and multiship just, can be overwhelming at times. I don't see the need for two or three more ships if one was already build and it doesn't seem fair to the person who has worked hard for the ship even though if multiship, everything will be in a different timeline not to confuse everyone. I rarely do multiship, but I will if my partner themselves is multiship.REPLIES / STARTERS:Due to being a retail worker, my time here maybe spotty. Do not always expect me to be around 24/7. I'm a human, not a robot so do not expect me to pump out quick replies because you're impatient and can't wait for a few business days. Tuesdays and Thursdays are days I will not be active due to work, my only free time is the weekends. Please respect that, and if I give you my discord that is NOT for you to abuse. I may reply on there a lot quicker but that doesn't guarantee you quick replies.ARTWORK / EDITS: All artwork used on my profile is commissioned by other artists and I have garnered their permission to use their content in my edits. Please do not right click and save over my photos, they are not yours for the taking. Credits will be given in their captions so you can find the artists yourself if you want to support them. Katsuro is 100 % customized by my own ideas and the artist drew them for me, so please do not use / take Katsuro's design. He is supposed to resemble Zeref as that is who he is inspired by given that he is his son. So with that being said, I will not give out originals so please do not ask! I will also not teach how I do things around here, it isn't that I do not want to, it is more of the fact I have a very low attention span and I can't be bothered to teach anyone especially if they do not listen the first couple of times I'm teaching them. I do not even edit as much as I used to, a lot of the edits you see here are edits I've saved over years ago and old renders I've had. Not to mention, once again, my character is commissioned by artists. There is NO original of these photos you see here.RPGS / TOURNAMENTS:I'm not really fond of joining RPGs, it is no hard feelings to anyone but a lot of times I end up getting ignored. I am quite discouraged from joining them or hosting them. If I do join, it is within close friends of those I've known for a long time and trust. So, if I decline the first time, please do not be persistent and continue asking me to join your RPG. 

โ„‘๐”ช๐”ญ ๐”๐”ฌ๐”ฏ๐”ก

05/27/2023 10:03 PM 


โŒ I will not add anyone under 18 years old. Minors begone.โŒ Be patient, I have a life outside of this site, and it's none of your biz.โŒ Please do NOT come at me in character. That's cringe.โŒ You add, You talk. Everyone has this rule. It's like an unwritten gray area.โŒ No god-modding, auto-hit, metagaming, and things of the sort. If you still do these things in the year of our lord 2023, you deserve to be beaten with a brick across the head.โŒ I am inclined to reply quicker to some roleplays than others. I won't tell you which ones, though. The last thing I want is people fighting for my attention.โŒ I will not indulge your delusions.โŒ You should have some common sense. I may be thick-skinned, but people lack self-awareness.โŒ Remember, when roleplays were meant for fun, and people didn't need to be so uptight about them? I miss those times. It is what it is.

Whisper from the Dark

05/27/2023 10:18 PM 

Rules/guideline thing

Aside from the basic rp rules and guidelines? Rp =/= RL, don't confuse the two1a: Don't be one of those types who tries to inject real life logic into fiction especially in verses/series where you can punch god in the face, a man being struck by lightning  Being criticized is not someone starting drama, y'all are mostly older than 18.  Act like it and not children acting like it's a personal attack or someone trying to start drama.  If you feel that way, that's on YOU and no one else.  If you can't handle someone's character's behavior and get upset ooc over in character stuff, that's again on you.  The person writing the character has ZERO obligation to change their character FOR YOU so, do not demand them to change the character for you.  Toma is a haughty little bastard, don't like it?  too bad.  I'm not changing him for your feelings.   For the horror writers specifically: HORROR IS NOT ABOUT BEING EDGY.  Horror is meant to invoke feelings of fear, discomfort, and other feelings.  Don't fellate your character, please.  I don't really care what your character has "done" and my character doesn't either.  As far as your character is concerned, they're not worth of taking any note of until proven otherwise.  Respect is earned not given.    Keep what's going on at your job to yourself and please don't be like some POS I've seen on here who bragged about weaponizing their disability as well as their position above others to force the other employees to do what they wanted.  One of the very few things I'll actually block someone over, it's f***ing disgusting to use a disability and/or your position above someone as a weapon to get your way for your own personal feelings.  Buy Toma's sh*t. :D

๐—Ÿ๐—ฒ๐˜๐—ต๐—ฎ๐—น ๐—Ÿ๐—ผ๐—ด๐—ถ๐˜€๐˜๐

05/26/2023 08:48 PM 

Project YoRHa Hansel x 2B

Arms dEALER/52169/You're face to face with the man who sold the world.  The strongest of opposition can be broken, All one needs is brute force and a staunch consistency in tactics. - Hansel ReinerWhat was with this pleading? Hansel could only keep his attention focused on Rebecca's constant glitching out. Whoever managed to place those enhancements within her frame certainly did not account for them to malfunction to such a degree. All the while as she had agreed to his proposal the male had eventually moved back from her form standing up from his position to cross those arms over his chest.With those problems ceasing within her body, The Gun Runner promptly take's a step away from her body a second of reprieve given to her as hands calmly slip into his inner pockets debating on what should be taken from her to keep her functioning."That chrome you're speaking of, Is that what's causing all of these problems? If it is we'll have to remove some of it not all of it. If not as I've said before this may continue to happen at least until we can get an understanding of it. That said, I'll ask for your consent on this one last time. Do you want it removed for the time being?"  template credit.

Beauty And The Beast

05/26/2023 03:47 PM 

Admin, rules, story ideas.

Hello there! Admin here~I have been roleplaying for over 10 years, I have experiance though I am far from perfect. I love writting stories, AU storylines are my favorite. Romance is fine, but must lead up to it first. I'm friendly, though a bit selective. I'm not here for only romance, I'm looking for actual stories. Fanfic. I don't have a lot of rules, I'm pretty open and don't have many limits. NO ONE LINERS, please, please. It's not to be mean, as we writter it's hard for me to reply to one liners. It's easier for me to loose interest, plus it makes me feel as if I'm carrying the story by myself. I'm not asking for a novel reply, but please trying to write more than one sentence.Please be aware that I have a life outisde of rping, if you are rude, impatient an demanding I reply on your terms. If I see ???, because I don't reply fast enough, I will unfriend you. It's not hard to be patient.Bio Alice is the friend, lover, or wife to anyone who is a "monster." Human or not, they are called a monster for either how they look, or from the things they have been known to do. Alice is beautiful, innocent. The complete opposite of the "Monster."Story ideasAmerican Horror Story, Apocolypse. Alice and Michael Langdon fanfic.At the begining of Apocolypse, Alice is friends with Michael. She is someone who loves him, unknowing who and what he truly is. A gril who has witnised horrible things, such as him killing animals. Alice watched in horror and slight curiosity. Alice knows full well how the house is, strangly being protected by Michael from the ghosts. Alice is the only person who tries to save Michael after having been hit by a car, desperate to drag him into the yard of Murder House. Only to have his grandmother force her to stop, refusig to let her save him.Alice is unaware of what happened to him after, not knowing that he is still alive. During the apocolypse, Alice is taken in to the Outpost 3, living there among the other survivors. Alice doesn't recognize Michael,  having not seen him in years. Michael knows exactly who she is, remembering their frinedship. Alice could either be the only survivor of Outpost 3, leaving with Michael following at his side. Or Alice could be killed by him, understanding it is what needed to be done despite being saddened. Alice admits that she has always loved him, even though she knew he was the Antichrist. Knowing that it would eventually come to this, as long as he knows someone did love him it would hopefully be meaningful to him.More ideas soon. 

The Valeyard

05/26/2023 12:05 PM 

The Valeyard

Name/Alias: The ValeyardAge: Depends on incarnation; Several hundreds of yearsRace: Timelord Plane of origin: Gallifrey Transport:The TARDIS(Time and Relative Dimension in Space) After the Last Great Time War, the Third Valeyard stole a Type 80, which was a prototype Tardis that was rumored to be able to travel through dimensions as well as Time and space.Brief summary:The Valeyard is an anomoly in the sense that he was never born, rather created by the Timelords in order to reprimand a Timelord called The Doctor. After they were done with him, they trapped him in a micro universe, where he was suspended in time. Later, he was stolen away by a man who called himself Epsilon, and took him to the other side of the planet to conduct experiments on his body. The harsh nature of the experiments caused him such trauma, that he was forced to regenerate, only after spending a single concious year in his first incarnation. By the time Epsilon was done with him, the early days of the Time War were upon them......Weapon: The Arbitor Created by Epsilon using Timelord technology, as well as technology and resources taken from other worlds, cultivating in one master weapon. It has the ability to change according to the User's preferred fighting style, which is crucial to the Time Lord as their fighting style can change as a result of regeneration.Child of Epsilon: The experiment that Epsilon forced upon The Valeyard made his body many times more durable than the average Timelord. He was faster, stronger, and could regenerate from trauma that would permanently disable the ability to regenerate. He is simply built different. 

Cicero โ™ at home recovering- โ™ฃ

05/25/2023 08:02 PM 

brief Info About Cicero
Current mood:  calm

Name:ciceroLast name:NoneFamily: Nazir, BarbettPersonal Family:NoneSexuality:StraightJob:A Aassassin {his life}Ex Partners: A Few no name givenMother:DeadFather:DeadSister:NoneBrother:Noneother Family:NoneRelationship Statue:Single {None looking} 

๐“œ๐“ฒ๐“ผ๐“ผ ๐“ข๐“ธ๐“ต๐“ผ๐“ฝ๐“ฒ๐“ฌ๐“ฎ

05/25/2023 04:55 PM 

Summer Fireworks.

Ah summer, one season that countless mortals and even otherworldly beings looked forward to fully embracing each year. It approached far faster than one caramel bombshell had even expected, but then again her adventurous lifestyle left her with little time to slow down and smell the roses. However today was completely different, she did something that almost no one would be crazy enough to do. She invited 500 guests from many different realms and timelines to an enormous party in her parent's highly exclusive realm, such a legendary place was known as the Sacred Solstice Plane. It was the same place where she had spent her entire childhood many centuries ago training in all types of insane environments that could easily kill a human, it was also where she became one with nature after years of solitude, which lead to her developing new abilities overtime. However the other half of that mystical world also contained the most powerful foods that one could seek, even the very water that blessed the lush forest filled lands on a rainy day could fully heal a deathly sick person just by touching the tip of their tongue. Legends even spoke of the fountain of youth being located there, they weren't farfetched though. One bath in the steaming hot springs located far up in the snowy mountains would literally make an elderly mortal young all over again.  A massive high class resort was built just for this event in a matter of hours, it was a once in a lifetime kinda thing afterall and she wanted it close to the best beach. She certainly wasn't allowed to constantly invite people to such a sacred place however, it would cause a major imbalance.  24 hours might not seem long to many, yet it felt like eons to her after seeing countless familiar faces again all in one place today, Selphea couldn't deny that she missed each of their unique smiles. The beach that she chose had the softest and freshest grains of sand, but the crystal clear ocean before her was even more beautiful at night. The sky in her homeland had it's own unique glimmer to it. Instead of seeing stars, one would see many whole planets up close and personal merging with one another. It still had it's own sun and moon nonetheless, especially since her parent's Diana and Leona govern over them.Fast forward to midnight however, the entire 100 acre beach was completely trashed with debris after everyone partied as if their lives depended on it. The vixen was currently resting that ample peach shaped rump of hers upon the warm sand while still letting the entire day sink in as she calmly watched the ocean waves motioning back and forth, eventually Selphea found herself blissfully drifting off to dreamland.  Two vast mountains of marshmallowly soft flesh slowly rose up and down within the golden O ring bikini set that clung tightly to her heavenly figure. Hundreds of bold lipstick marks in all shades of the rainbow were practically plastered all over her body after that very raunchy day. It was a great way to start the new season right, but alas all good things come to an end and It was just her now after everyone left, or was it really?A shiver suddenly ran down the bombshell's spine after something....not of this world made a ghostly appearance across the ocean before her. Though, it was a being that she knew quite well, or perhaps too well in this case. Baby soft deathly pale digits danced along the sleeping amazon's cheeks, caressing them with such incredible tenderness that could put angels to shame.   Selphea hardly budged, but something else finally pulled her out of dreamland moments later. Her plump raven tainted petals were suddenly captured by a pair of intoxicating maroon red one's and the fierce passion behind that kiss was a clear reminder that someone wasn't playing around today. Golden orbs opened in a flash, only  for Selphea to be left awestruck by the sight of a beautiful ivory haired princess straddling her lap and gyrating such shapely hips in a teasing manner. The lovely petite maiden came dressed in very little, only a skimpy black two piece bikini that didn't leave much to the imagination, especially since it was wet. Flashing a smile as that little heart thumped at an alarming rate within her chest, Selphea could hardly resist returning the sweet affection.As the late night hours greeted them with a gentle breeze, the princess' lengthy white locks danced along with it. Reluctantly breaking that otherworldy smooch, the last guest for tonight draped a palm down to gently cup Selphea's chin, lifting it up, forcing eye contact between them. Purple orbs that would normally give off a very sinister vibe seemed quite tame today, Selphea thought. Not even her mind was safe around this ravishing temptress however."Only you would wake me up like this Theresa. But to be fair, I do love everything in front of me~"Selphea commented, she knew everything about this snowy damsel in her lap, but still she could never predict how the other would act. Seconds later Theresa inched herself closer, tantalizingly trailing that pink muscle of hers along the bombshell's right cheek, up to her ear before inserting a sultry whisper of truth. "Well of course darling, I'm the only person in the entire universe that can effortlessly see what lurks underneath your skin, on the deepest of levels. I even know that despite all of the debauchery that occured here today, no one knows what you truly desire, no one except me that is. At the end of the day, I'm what you really need~" Dark rose painted petals curved into a grin and Theresa could hardly hold back her laughter. For once, Selphea had no rebuttal to make. Those very words triggered a fierce storm of electrifying tingles that flowed endlessly throughout every inch of the bombshell's body. They even added a truck load of gasoline to the already scorching hot flame within the sun kissed amazon after such a lengthy day of making new memories, but now it was time for the final cherry on top. Flashing the most delightful grin that she had ever displayed to anyone, Selphea wasted little time and firmly gripped Theresa's scrumptious booty in that skimpy fabric. The petite princess retaliated in a loving manner by wiggling her tush against such soft palms.  Leaving a trail of onyx kiss marks along her left shoulder, Selphea stopped at that ear before inserting a whisper of her own. "You always know how to get under my skin, but that's why I never regretted bringing you back from the dead Theresa, which is something that almost never do in the first place. With that said though, I hope you're ready for hundreds of rounds today~"It was the end of the day and the only thing that they craved more than anything else was each other. 

๐™Ž๐™ž๐™ก๐™š๐™ฃ๐™ฉ ๐™ˆ๐™–๐™™๐™ฃ๐™š๐™จ๐

05/24/2023 07:28 PM 

๐˜‰ ๐˜™ ๐˜– ๊“˜ ๐˜Œ ๐˜• ๐˜”๐˜ข๐˜ฅ๐˜ฏ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด๐˜ด Caim x 2B

silent madness/419156A womanTurned into a stakeWill hold the worldiN A BASIN OF FIRE  You live so that you may kill. Like all others of your race. - AngelusAt first the Union Soldier had no intention of aiding this individual---not in the slightest. Even as Cerulean orbs peer at the restraint's held against her arms bounding them towards her back. Caim quietly removes a small throwing knife from the leather sheath's of his chest only to swipe them down against the leathery material which bound her.". . . ."The woman was freed and yet the male was still left with question's of his new predicament. To say that the male was so far removed from the pang's of history would've been a vast understatement. A quiet release of air leaves his maw only to keep his eyes trained on her form very much aware of the white blade now in her grasp."Tell me---where am I? and who are you"A voice so alien to the ear's of the android, An accent heavy with baritone's though such English was refined mirroring a Knight's of a time long since past to emphasize his point to further keep his growing need of bloodlust satiated the only way to get her to answer was to hold the tip of that throwing knife to her throat ready to end her life at the slightest hint of turning on him. It was to be expected after so many surprises offered to him from the Empire this was the only necessary response.  

Modern Goblin Life

05/23/2023 07:39 PM 

Lore - Common Terms and Definitions

  Terms and Definitions   Tallies - A slang term used to describe species that are of the taller persuasion, typically over 5 feet tall as a minimum on average.  This includes Humans, Elves, Orc, Trolls, Ogre, Giants (obviously), Mer-folk, Tiefling, and many, many more.   Shorties - A slang term used to describe species that are of a shorter disposition, typically under 4 feet tall as a maximum.  This includes Goblins, Knolls, Gnomes, Hobbits, and many, many more.  Special accommodations are typically made for Shorties (and are often labeled as such), including special tables at restaurants, stalls in bathrooms, and even sports teams that are separated into Tallie and Shortie Leagues.   Short Stack - A possibly offensive slang term used to describe female Shorties.  Though it can be used between individuals who know each other quite well, it is considered impolite to refer to a stranger as a “Short Stack”.  Some Shorties consider the word as a sign of bodily pride, as more shapely Shorties like to use it to describe themselves.  The movement to reclaim the phrase has been gaining favor in recent years.   Aether - The name given to the natural magical field that surrounds the world since the dawn of existence.  It is an ever-present field that can be felt and somehow utilized by many individuals, with skilled users going on to be labeled as Mages, Sorcerers, Witches, and so on.  Only “Earthen” species, such as Dwarves, are incapable of manifesting Aether in their own natural bodies.   Refractors - An invention of the ever-crafty Gnomes, Refractors are specially manufactured crystals that can absorb the Aether, charging them.  They were used to build simplistic machines after their invention centuries ago, but are now an integral part of the world.  All power, be it vehicles, lights, and even household devices, operate through Refractor power.   Leylines - Hundreds and Billions of naturally occurring pathways that Aether can travel across.  Though it took generations of wizards countless years' worth of hours to eventually map the entire Leyline system, it was considered a massive advancement in magical achievement and led to the development of major technological advances.   Aethernet - A magically driven source of communication and information that spans near infinite fathoms of time and space, using the hundreds of billions of Leylines to carry information at instantaneous speeds.  At first, it was simply used for communication, though the advent of further technological advances has led to it mostly being used for funny pictures and videos.   Slates - The final evolution of the Aethernet technology.  Small, often rectangular devices are now held by nearly the entire population.  With simple interfaces, 4K screens, and reactive touch capability, Slates grants access to the Aethernet from your pocket at all times.  It allows for videos, photos, messages, and calls to be made over the Aethernet instantaneously, as well as the download of many games that prioritize ad revenue over actual engaging gameplay.  But you can turn those off for just $5.99.  Coven House - A term used for a specific type of lodging house typically reserved for members of a witch’s coven.  Usually owned and maintained by the Coven Matron or higher ranked member of the coven.  Noted for being rather quaint, older buildings that often smell very strongly of incense.  Leah currently resides in one, despite not being a Witch herself

Modern Goblin Life

05/23/2023 07:13 PM 

Lore - Season Locked

Season Locked:   The technical term for four segments of the world that are, as the name suggests, locked to a specific season.  Each location is a perfectly shaped dome registering 200 miles across and 100 miles upward.  The reasons for these domes have been lost to time, though attempts were made to remove these enchanted spaces before it was discovered that the magic was creating new opportunities for increased wealth through year-round farming of seasonal crops, as well as a rise in tourists.   Season Locked Major Cities:   EverBloom - The Village of Eternal Spring  The largest town in the Spring Lock, EverBloom is a major metropolitan area surrounded on all sides by rural towns that all farm seasonal crops.  Though the temperatures remain comfortable year-round, the lock has more rain than the others.  Because of this, the amount of tourism in the area is shockingly low minus those who really want to find a lot of farmer's markets. But due to the rains and temperatures, the exports of seasonal crops more than makeup for the lack of tourism dollars.   Sunbright Shores - The Sun-Drenched Paradise™  The most profitable resort town in the Summer Lock, situated on a large stretch of coastline.  Very much a commercial hot spot for families looking to experience fun in the sun at all times of the year, it is seen as a more clean and saccharin destination for those with children, with a large theme park located just a few miles from the beautiful beaches.  For those seeking an actual getaway from the hustle and bustle of the world?  Find a smaller resort elsewhere.  Or go literally anywhere else.   Autumnhelm - The Golden Crown  Though not the largest city in the Autumn Lock, Autumnhelm is considered the capital city for the area.  Home to Autumnhelm University (a prestigious school roughly described as “Three-out-of-Four Stars”), it is a popular destination for youths seeking to further their education in a comfortable environment.  From the clean and upscale Uptown Heights district to the more down-to-earth folk around Downtown, it was a place to find yourself if you sought city life without the incredible debt of renting out a garbage apartment.   Kalt - The Winter Wonderland   The largest city in the Winter Lock, Kalt manages to sustain itself through the constant risk of snow and ice through the intelligent use of magically powered heating systems through the city streets.  This makes it one of the more technically advanced cities in the world, as well as a popular vacation destination for those who want to bundle up and enjoy the warmth.

๐™Ž๐™ž๐™ก๐™š๐™ฃ๐™ฉ ๐™ˆ๐™–๐™™๐™ฃ๐™š๐™จ๐

05/23/2023 06:42 PM 

Basin of Fire Caim x Firekeeper

silent madness/419156A womanTurned into a stakeWill hold the worldiN A BASIN OF FIRE  You live so that you may kill. Like all others of your race. - AngelusThat gentle tone easily melt's away against his aggression managing to engulf him in a warmth not felt since---Furiae. For only a few minutes at a time was his mental calm, Rationale beginning to push towards his thinking processes. Even such common courtesies of bowing before him had once again removed him from his decision making. While the title of a Prince had been ingrained into his bloodline there was also the insidious nature of a beast that slaughtered all blurring that line of identifying friend & foe and yet---Firekeeper? Tending to a flame? RITUAL?! The mentioning of just that word alone cloud's the mind into a haze of red in such an instant even as her statement of asking of his travels, to soothe his mind and body such words pass through the air unheard and in such an moment the male swing's the remain's of his broken blade. SWOOSH! Cutting the air even with such low velocities the lack of familiar weight could still prove lethal if not in cutting then in breaking bone the sharpness of it's edge is only a mere centimeters from her jugular strand's of golden hair fall away towards the ground. A shaking is felt within those developed muscles biceps tense with vein's underneath that uniform teeth grit in utter anger almost as if the male was fighting against his own wrath to spare her life. Kill her. . . Is she really the enemy?Crush her. . . .I don't sense any malice--no malcontent.RIP & TEAR!. . . .Heed her words, Heed them!"GHRGH!" An internal battle, One that had been between instinct auto responses of those previous grueling experiences of mending and tearing his enemies asunder. To the rational mind one which had been the very little reasoning which was held within his grasp. Even in such a moment Caim only finally closes his eyes quietly lowering his hands a thin film of sweat pours from his brow a cool exhale of his breath rolls into the lower temperatures giving away to brief frost.'Trust her.'For a moment there was apprehension in such a decision though the male extend's that hand tattered gloves covered in dried blood, ripped and torn from the myriad of battle's the male stepped within only to concede."If I smell a hint of betrayal, You will pay the price for it."A threat that the male would surely honor to his dying breath. OOC: Yeah! during development Caim's codename was Guts. They did indeed base many of Caim's characteristics around Guts. I think the difference is that Caim is a Guts that pushed so far over the edge that returning back should be nigh-impossible. So I'm curious on what sort of impact and experiences that would be shared between these two that would bring back a bit of that awkward Prince who simply fell in love with his sword. But then again---entering the Demon Souls world I expect there to be more tragedy to follow xD!


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Character List ((Final))

((A Cfriday101ArtsReborn RP List))The current tournament fighters and those to come list as I have finally collected enough of them to last for a bit.This list is for all of them currently in the work of being made.All accounts will be made randomly.List in random order. Upon character's death will be replaced.Ageless Denity J.U.B.EAriel DreemurrAbyssFang-Kobold Rouge ScoutAknem LightMageAlora Hope-HeartAqua Initiate-LIQuidBlack/Virus RenamonCaptain CrowCaptain Hefessa TrueBladeCopy-Asriel DreemurrDark Kid Asriel Dreemurr (Full Genocide V.)Captain MailManChu-Ske The Mouse FighterDark Teen Asriel Dreemurr (True Pacifist V.)Dark MegaWoman.EXEReaperTale Asriel Dreemurr/Grim C.RDharc The Dark CharmerDog-EDr. MisakiEclipse Black-HeartEdwardEmperor Spike DracovidenEvil-Nega-Dark Spike DracovidenExo Suit-AnubisFemale Sans/Sally/GenderBentTale SansGeneral BlueHaze ShadowStarHiita The Fire CharmerHost-PonieKing SansKarl/ArmaKing AltadorKing of SorrowKing UniversaMykeLight Kid Asriel DreemurrLittle Red Slicing HoodLord Shen (Revived Form)Lord Sora-Nort/Master Xhoranort/The 13th VesselMaster Future Dark Kid Asriel DreemurrMaxrriaMenphestoMonarch GladeGiovanni GaravinchiMoxMr. Ruby/Gangster Noir Spike DracovidenMr. VolcanoMung FangNemo-Dusk Nobody RevenantNevet TiamatSworn: Kobold PaladinNexus Prime (First Form)Nightmare KlonoaNoko Kiben Troshiro-The Heartless AvengerPaladin WomanPlagus The Plague KnightQueen Underfell Toriel DreemurrYin-Mona: Rattata ThiefRed Eyes Black D. (Avatar F.)RexquimRico Kiben Troshiro-Brother of AvenganceRyan-Red Pipo Monkey Monk: Ape King Fist MasterShidaeSkyeSnakemanProfessor StarFury-StarFlareStoryShift Asriel Dreemurr-Prism Cool GuySwap-Fell AlphysSwordsman From A Distant LandTabatha D.O.W.STakkasi of The WindTeam Rocket-Chu/Ztaryia Black BoltThe BusinessmanThe Red CoatThe White CoatTimeManCount Vadeos-Vampire Tale SansWen And The MenuWetha The Water SpiritYagi-Soggoth/LOVTale Asriel DreemurrZitaria Volka (Mark I Soldier Persudo)Fang The Sniper/Nack The WeaselNetp-Draco-NettiMonV:The SpellMasterSecurity Officer Neh-YungFlippy/Normal FlipsKing Asgore (Custom Canon V.)Ulaway The Koi WarriorMagi-Chan Psychic SonichuPunchy K.O/Brawlvee/BrawlveonFemale ChaosBlack Out: Black Bull Cult L.Distant Evil Asriel Dreemurr(S) Azzy Death/Azzy UnlifeNinja JoeSilent MagicianThe GentlemanSniper JoeLord AkamenyaThe Pikeman of The Rising SunOmni-StayFemale Garble/Lady GarbleMissing NO.# Abra HostToi-Kin-Ping The Lizhay MercenaryKimmy The Berzerker Mouse ThiefLiving LightingCommando KallinsBright LightMurkrow Spy YippiSGT. LT. Onzo-AsomatariPrince Nemophisiel: Dark Elven Archer PrinceDark Trixie LunaMoonNip Nip he Cute Cat TricksterLobster KingHost: (Game of Games V.) (Multiverse 1,000,00,0 V)W.D Gaster Asriel Dreemurr/AlterTale Asriel Dureemurr/Dr. AlbertDoctor Dale The Medic of MaliceThe Naginata ManPresident Freeman PlumageEli 2: Holy Bible Guardian 21.#/Commander Yellow/Lighting Zap FlashHeart Uzebek Umaso6.#/Colonel RedShadow-ManShade NetkaremGeneral CobaltBronze Arm-Tribe: Lakota Swamp-PadProfessor Von KeebleLieutenant Fox VixenLord SpecterFlicka The Fencing Fox of FranceNaughty BearColonal KetchupJacques Le' TicklerThe UnibearE.L.I.T.E MahoneyElecManThe Elite Marksman/Salaman Hunter CPT. H.C HoodlumThe RecruitThe MyrmidonThe ArcherHATE/EVIL Light Kid Asriel DreemurrStyleTale Sans/Mr. Styleston/Disco-SansNumber 1.#: The Lunar Lunatic NovirxSpertuis Carbra The Rage CoatJohn Cyclops-Myth WizardThe Warrior-WarriessLe' Von: Night Fox DuelistVon' Quen: Volpone DuelistMusashiImpMon (Custom Canon V.)SorcererMonCommandraMonRipper JoeRomaSans/Commander Emperor S-EascerDeadly Fighter Braid ClawQuincy The ArcherGwendolin The PyroManiacStriker Jones The Artillery CommanderAdora The High PriestessThe Sniper MonkeySuper MonkeyThe AlchemistCOBRAIce MonkeyVTSGFizzKarate-ManNeon-Blight HoodGambler of Legend2#/Captain Light Blue3#/Sargent Black4#/General White5#/Admiral Blue7#/Major Pink8#/ Field Marshal Green9#/Private Brown10#/Staff Officer GrayNegan (Fantasy V.)Rick Grimes (Fantasy V.)Lee Everett (Fantasy V.)The Gov'ner (Fantasy V.)Ezio Auditore (Custom Canon V.)NERO Soldier Vester 0.1AR! Asgore: Friendly God of DeathEL-POYOMonKobold Thief Rich Pinscher PennyMr. Todd The Turncoat RougeMonk Fighter/Master MonkGladiator Type NullZebstrika Rock N' Roll Fighter: Punkie Rocky BoltraStrike Commando Rouge.RockManQueen Set of Jackly EmpireAlbert Wesker (Custom Canon V.)Dragon Goddess Aliga Queen GreenThe Bio-Soldier of Unity BrigadeLady BeerusToon AlligatorAndroid 21 (Majin) (Cell-Absorbed) (Self-Aware Avatar)Ghost Skull (Arctic V.)Goldin King of HonorRegigigias AvatarGRR-Puppy-Chow: Poochyana Human BratPulseManVielZip-Zip: Baby Dragon Villiger SoldierStarMonNature Heart The SprigganArcade Israel GannonStoryShift Dr. Asgore DreemurrToriel Dreemurr (Custom Canon V.)Teriol Dreemurr/Male Toriel Dreemurr/Genderbent Toriel DreemurrIgnius Fire StaffPaps!AsgoreSeed: Persudo Heartless Form)The SoldierThe SwordmasterCosmo QueenThe GeomancerDark Sonic/NEGA Sonic The Darkness AvatarGarnecia ElefantisElemental Hero SparkMan

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Although it’s heavily advised to read the information on my page to get a grasp of my character, below are listed points in time to choose from, in order to aid in storyline discussion.Maiden of Life(Default unless specifically requested otherwise)Escaping from the atrocities of the magical-borne in Galatia at a young age, Celestia grows up as a refugee in the neighboring kingdom of Aquroya. Years before the revelation of her origins, Celestia leads a life in pursuit of studying the arcane artes, in hopes to master the elements she’s been gifted with wielding. Taking interest in the many magical anomalies happening across Aquroya, it’s often that Celestia sets out to investigate plagues of the land and upset nature spirits, unknowingly closing in on an ages’ old plot to awaken the Old World Gods. In her spare time, she helps around the Undercity community.Queen of PeaceThe war of decades has finally come to a conclusion. King Arthur has been forcibly ousted from the throne with the help of Aquroyan, Ignisian, and the Galatian Insurgency forces. In the Goddess’ ultimate act of irony, a daughter of House Kestrel takes the throne, however this association is in blood only. With the support of Eldir’s major powers—and more importantly, that of the citizens—Celestia Nightingale is dubbed Queen, her only inheritance the wake of destruction Arthur wreaked. The people are broken, the economy is in shambles, and the land itself is left in ruins.Unanimously, it’s agreed that there is no better person to rise to the challenge of healing the kingdom than the Maiden of Life, and thus, Queen Celestia’s focus is rebuilding, reestablishing, and forging alliances that will aid in these efforts. 

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Baobhan Sith, Fairy Knight Tristan

Name: Baobhan SithAlso known as: Fairy Knight Tristan, Lady Spinel (by Beryl Gut), Baa'van see, Tori-ko (ใƒˆใƒชๅญ?)Height: 170cmWeight: 54kgLikes: I like shoes with heels. Want to see my collection? (Stage 1~2)Was it… moonlight…? Because I dislike… the sun… (Stage 3)Dislikes: Annoying small fries that won't stop complaining. And you. (Stage 1~2)Was there… something…? (Stage 3)Personality:  Diplomatic and active. Her disposition is that of a ruler who speaks of her desires unabashedly and works the people around her hard to realize them. With her hedonism of living only for the moment, she's satisfied as long as she feels good in that current instant. She prefers fun just like any fairy would, but the only "fun" thing she knows is the suffering voices of the disadvantaged and, as a result, she often gets carried away toying and trampling the weak, regardless of whether they are fairy or human. (Since she's never been loved and her "mother" Morgan has only ever praised her when she was "tormenting the weak", she's learned to enjoy it) A young witch blending the image of an admirable young girl working hard to be loved by her mother with the haughtiness of a princess who sees the kingdom that will be hers once as a toy. Seeing good and pure deeds truly sickens her so she makes sure to thoroughly vilify them. Her reasoning is: "It's obviously because I find these boring". Baobhan Sith wasn't interested in almost anything and her only hobby was committing vandalism, but Beryl's stories about the "civilization of the Proper Human History" put her in high spirits and she became obsessed with imitating Proper Human History.It is revealed in the second third of Avalon le Fae that Baobhan Sith had once been a very kind fairy who worked tirelessly to help others. However, just like her adoptive mother, the ungrateful Fae betrayed and savagely attacked her. Morgan found her after one such betrayal having had her limbs torn off, and adopted her as her child. Because Morgan recognized that Baobhan Sith would no longer be able to resurrect herself, she was raised to suppress her kindness under the pretense that she had earned the right to be selfish, hence her cruel, sadistic nature. However, beneath that is the mentality of a girl terrified of losing her adoptive mother's love, driven to near-madness by the malice of the fairies. At its worst, she descends into a state where she cannot even be called lucid, with her very sense of self growing unstable. Without fail, her obsessive need to attain her goals will lead her to harm herself unwittingly to the point that her limbs will be lost.Noble Phantasm(s): Baobhan Sith's Noble Phantasm is Fetch Failnaught. It is a Magecraft taught to her by Beryl Gut, and she used it to defeat Boggart, whose hide is as durable as Barghest's. Fairy Knight Galahad was able to break through these strings, and Beryl Gut states that Baobhan Sith is no match for her. However it is detrimental to the the user, as it rots their soul with each use.Baobhan Sith's Noble Phantasm

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