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Empress Nepgear

06/07/2024 11:58 PM 

Extra Character info

Age: 315Mental Disorders: PTSDFighting Style: Spell-Sword/Duel Wield SwordsClothing: In the beginning, she wears a white sailor uniform, along with white and pink striped thigh high socks, and white and blue shoes. After she goes to the dark side, she switches to wearing all black clothes, wearing a formal black, long sleaved dress shirt, and matching black shorts. When in her goddess form, she basically wears a black bikini.Equipment:Gehaburn: The god eater, a legendary sword used in ancient times by a very powerful demon lord, used to fight angry gods, it has the ability to steal the entire life essence, soul, and powers from gods, literally consuming them into nothing. Legend has it, that the demon lord who used this had its soul locked inside the blade. In retaliation, he uses his power to corrupt anyone to be more demonic and ruthless, the longer they use the blade, regardless of race. The Gehaburn also gets stronger from any and all negitive emotions that are directed at, or inside of the user. Meaning, the more people hate, fear, or are in despair because of Nepgear, the stronger her powers become.When used in combat, it glows a dark purple, delivering earth-shaking strikes so powerful, that even pulling it out causes the ground to shake- its power easily could easily destroy an entire country, as if she has a nuke in her hands. But she became skilled at controlling its power over time, able to condense its power into harsh slashes of demonic magic.Panzer Blade: A high-tech, blue blade created by Nepgear long ago, when she first became an adventurer. She modified it as she grew up, and now it can transform into a laser cannon, which scales with her magic.Powers/Abilities:Immortality: Thanks to the goddess blood flowing through her veins, she is completely immortal.Dark Magic: All her powers now have a dark, corrupted aura to it, thanks to the Gehaburn. Dark magic in the Neptunia verse is not exclusive to the Gehaburn, this happens when a goddess's heart is tainted, and there is a large amount of fear or despair directed at her.Magic Shield: A protective barrier formed by dark energy surrounding her body. This berrier can absorb weak attacks, absorbing its mana into her own, as well as deflect stronger attacks.Support Magic: She can buff herself or others with temporary effects,  usually involving increasing speed, attack, or defense. However when she uses this on others, thier minds will be corrupted just like Nepgear. Becoming more ruthless and demon-like.Curse Magic: Granted from the Gehaburn, she can cast curses on people, debuffing them with various effects, such as slowness, blindness, deafness, Paralysis, Poison, Confusion, Fear, and even Temparary Mind control.Healing Factor: Most wounds will automatically regenerate, though it will drain her mana reserves.Healing: She cast normal healing spells as well, even fatal injuries can be healed.Goddess Form: Her power is multiplied 10x over when she transforms, it is essentially her super form. She also has access to some special skills when taking this form.


06/07/2024 11:18 PM 

The First Conquest

When Kravenn awoke in the new world, he felt as though he had been lost in a dream up until that moment. Just like a dream, he tried to remember what it was about and only got bits and pieces. Before he could try and decipher those pieces, words began to fill his vision. Survive in this Wild World, was what the words said before fading out. Kravenn stood up, the cool breeze of the untamed wilderness brushing against his skin. The message lingered in his mind as he surveyed the dense foliage and distant sounds of creature’s unknown to him. Instinct kicked in, guiding him to a nearby river where he cupped his hands to drink the fresh water.The  sun began its ascent, casting golden light through the canopy above, Kravenn took in his surroundings. His silver eyes scanned the horizon, searching for any signs of civilization or other inhabitants. The call to survive echoed in his thoughts, urging him to explore this new world and uncover its mysteries. With a confident stride, Kravenn set off into the depths of the Wild World, his senses alert. The rustle of leaves and distant howls of beasts became his background music, the thrill of the unknown fueling his every step. This world was ripe for exploration, and Kravenn was ready to embrace the challenges it would throw at him…but why? Something about all of this felt strange to him. His name seemed foreign to him, and yet he was so confident about what he should be doing and where he should be going. Despite his efforts to take a moment and reflect, there was always something that demanded his attention. His own thoughts became less important as the focus shifted to survival.As Kravenn ventured deeper into the heart of the untamed wilderness, the vibrant tapestry of nature surrounded him with its verdant hues and hidden dangers. Lush foliage brushed against his arms, releasing fragrant scents that mingled with the earthy musk of the forest floor. Every step he took seemed to echo through the ancient trees, a symphony of rustling leaves and crackling twigs accompanying his journey. The air grew thick with anticipation, a primal energy thrumming beneath the surface of this new world. Kravenn's senses sharpened as he navigated through the undergrowth, his mesmerizing silver eyes scanning for any signs of movement or lurking threats. It was then that he heard it—a series of eerie chittering sounds that sent a shiver down his spine. Emerging from the shadows of the dense foliage were dromaeosaurid creatures, the sight of them somehow seeming familiar to him. These monsters moved with a feral grace, their razor-sharp claws glinting in the dappled sunlight filtering through the canopy above. Their amber eyes fixated on Kravenn, hunger and aggression gleaming within their predatory gazes. Kravenn stood before the ferocious beast in nothing but a loincloth, feeling completely unprepared for battle. He frantically searched for something, anything, to defend himself with. Finally, he settled on a sturdy tree trunk that he could wield like a clumsy club. Not exactly the ideal weapon, but it would have to do.The dromaeosaurid creatures closed in on Kravenn, their sleek bodies moved like shadows in the flickering light. With a primal roar, they lunged towards him, claws extended and jaws gaping wide. Time seemed to slow down for Kravenn as his instincts took over, his body moving with a fluid grace that surprised even himself. Ducking under the slashing claws of the first creature, Kravenn spun around and delivered a powerful blow with the tree trunk, sending the beast stumbling back with a pained screech. His muscles tensed and flexed with each movement, his senses hyperaware of every detail in the chaotic dance of combat. The next creature leaped at him from the side, but Kravenn sidestepped effortlessly, feeling the rush of air as its sharp claws narrowly missed his skin. In a seamless motion, he brought down the makeshift club on the creature's head, crushing bone and sinew with a sickening thud. More of the creatures surrounded him, their hunger driving them into a frenzy. But Kravenn moved like a force of nature unleashed, a whirlwind of primal power and unmatched skill. His silver eyes blazed with determination as he anticipated their attacks before they even struck, dodging, and weaving through their onslaught with preternatural speed. He was winning. It was odd; these abilities and physical prowess felt both unfamiliar and natural to him at the same time. If he had always possessed such strength and speed, shouldn't he have been more confident from the beginning? Again, another last second dodge broke him from his thoughts. Oh well, there was a time for thinking and there was a time for thwonking, and thwonking was feeling very very goodAfter Kravenn had finished defeating all the monstrous creatures, he casually walked over to one of their carcasses and effortlessly produced a hunting knife out of thin air. It was such a natural movement that he almost didn't realize how strange it was that he hadn't had the knife on him before, yet now it seemed to magically appear in his hand. Before he could question one thing, he was greeted with yet another odd interaction. With steady, practiced hands, he expertly dismembered the beast, his knife glinting in the sunlight as it sliced through skin and sinew. He knew exactly where to make each careful cut, extracting the best meat and materials from the kill with precision and efficiency. The pungent smell of blood and sweat filled the air as he worked. The action might as well have been autonomous. For some reason he had known exactly what to do and…no this made sense. Of course he knew what to do! He was a skilled hunter and had been for as long as he could remember. More words appeared in his vision now. Materials acquired. Kravenn saw a list of all the parts he had collected from the dead creature. “Nice.” He said simply. “My gear is trash. I’ll have to make it village smith and see if I can get some better armor and weapons.” Just like that, His instincts were leading him towards the nearest village, and he knew deep down that it was where he needed to go next. The trees began to thin out and eventually gave way to an open clearing. In the distance, Kravenn could see a small cluster of buildings, surrounded by a wooden fence. Without hesitation, he made his way towards the village, and that’s how his journey in this new world began.  

Aurora “Rory” Vitalis

06/07/2024 10:27 PM 

Writing Length Information

1. If you’re a one-line roleplayer, I won’t write with you. 2. If you’re a semi-para roleplayer, I won’t write with you. 3. If you’re a Single-Para roleplayer, I’ll write with you. Expect receiving 2 Para length replies from me. 4. Multi-Para is welcomed. Minimum of 3 Para and Maximum of 8 Para. 5. Novella is welcomed above all else. This is where my writing heart exists.

Miles Hart (single)

06/06/2024 09:04 PM 

Miles info and limits

Name: milesAge looks 19-25Hair dark brownEyes blueOrientation: biSpecies wolf or human depends on rpPiercings: ears, d*ck and tongueTattoos arms and chestPersonality: quiet and stubbornLikes: booksDislikes: bulliesBio always different in the roleplay-Rough sex-Nothing to do with toilet/feet/bondage/master-slave/animal(nekos are welcomed)/-mpreg welcomed (when done right. nothing to do with demon rituals or anything weird like that)

Miles Hart (single)

06/06/2024 09:04 PM 


1) I am on my phone the most I can do is 1-3 paragraphs. Hell no to one linears or novella. I try my best to be very detailed. 2) don't control my character or pretend you can never be hit. 3) discussion first. Knowing how we can start and so forth will make the roleplay go smooth 4) if you haven't respond to me within a month with no warning of why than I will delete you 5) keep the romance between characters just with them. Don't take it as real life 6) I work a lot if I can't respond I will let you know

Miles Hart (single)

06/06/2024 09:02 PM 

Ideas for stories

1) the ex lover x ex loverBoth characters dated in high school but family got in the way. They break up to go off to college. They meet back up at 5 year reunion and they are married or single. Old feelings come back from the memories that come back. Now both being in the same town they run into each other, get into arguements blaming each other for what happen and going through the pain to restart there love2) undercover cop and innocentThe cop job is to protect the innocent. The family or job that involves the innocent is being investigated for gambling or whatever and in order the cops to do there job they need the innocence out. Cop gets close to the innocence to get them out only to start getting feelings for innocence as they have to run to stay protected from harm3) the in closetBoth characters aren't out being gay or bi. They are dating girls. At a party being drunk Both characters end up kissing in the bathroom. Making it awkward for them at college or public. Arguments when there alone they end up experimenting when there alone together and not with the girls to learn more about themselves to eventually coming out to the girlfriends4) psych wardFor different species roleplayWaking up in a strange place not knowing how they got there, they have tontry to escape before things get bad. But as they eat the food and recieve medicine they start to lose who they are and get weaker. The place plays with there mind. If they get out they have to go in hiding together. They need each other to be able to surviveFor human roleplayCan be patients, people that work there or psychtrist one character. They get through the craziness togetherstories that don't need a explanationbabysitter x clientteacher x studentBoss x employeeSibling x siblingMaid x headmaster

Aurora “Rory” Vitalis

06/06/2024 05:04 PM 

Luminari Technology

An enlightened race known as the Luminari are living on a bioluminescent planet. They developed technologies that harmonize with their environment, blending organic and synthetic elements. They developed a unique material science that incorporates bioluminescent organisms, or their genetic code (DNA and RNA and chemical makeup of non-living material (Hardened Obsidian and Steel) mixture), creating a new class of "living" materials. These materials would be capable of absorbing and channeling the planet's bioluminescent energy. Their metal blades are infused with microorganisms from Xylophia-IV’s collective DNAs and RNAs, Flora and Fauna alike, that produce a luminescent protein, which react with the planet's energy to generate a plasma flame. This flame would be sustained by the bioluminescent energy, eliminating the need for traditional fuel sources. Their technology also involve: 1: Bio-inspired circuitry that mimics the planet's natural energy pathways. 2: Organic-synthetic hybrids that merge living tissue with advanced materials. 3: Energy harvesting systems that tap into the planet's bioluminescent fields. 4: Advanced nanotechnology that integrates bioluminescent molecules into metal structures. This fusion of bioluminescence and technology would not only create remarkable weapons like plasma blades but also innovative solutions for energy, transportation, and architecture, blurring the lines between nature and technology.

⭒ˑ∙ 𝓜adame 𝓓racéne

06/06/2024 02:21 PM 

Rules and Guidlines
Current mood:  inspired

If you are here, I thank you and I appreciate you for being so meticulous and considerate.            I will be thorough~✦         Genres;- Adventure, High Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Erotica+Romance(with story!), Fiction, Science Fiction, Creative Fiction, Slice of Life, Horror, Thriller, Folklore, Myhtology- everything in between. Intorduce me to new genres!✧         Lengths;- Open to one-liners, as long as you can consider it banter; not story based. Single paragraphs are also not story based, I consider it banter. Anything longer than that is considered story based writing. I am capable of upwards to 5 paragraphs. If allowed, I may also consider writing my partner’s character into Chiro’s story. ✨✦         Discussions;- Open to discussions when requested. I will always offer a short summary of my character. If we are to discuss I expect the same from my fellow writer. I am not unreasonable and am an equal opportunist writing partner. However, if you don’t give me much to work with, I am afraid we will not be able to write together.   Always in character. As annoying as it might be for some. I am adamant in playing my character. She is much like me, so I will play her as I see fit. If you send a greeting out of character, please make sure you specify in the subject line of your message. I will do the same. [ex: ·°⭒✦ ooc ━ for when I am speaking out of character.] My schedule is pretty flexible. However, I have a family, a job, and I am very tired almost all of the time. I run on Central Daylight time. I also run on Brown People Time; so if I say I will reply soon, please allow me 24 hours. /joke I am a multi-shipper. Romantic interests will stay in their stories and in private messages. Call me a literary whore, but romance is my favorite genre. –Insert uwu.- I do have favorites, and the best stories will be acknowledge on Chiro’s profile. They will be the golden standard. Discord available on request, I may even offer it in status posts. If we have not written a story or established a connection, do not ask for it.

rules, guidelines

David Campbell

06/06/2024 02:02 PM 

NEW PROFILE: David Campbell

Full Bio Here (even if it says it's WIP): Profile: Name: David - Middle Name: Seamus Surname: Campbell Age: 25 Sex: Male DOB: 21 September 19XX Species: Kitsunemimi Sexual Orientation: Bisexual Marital Status: Single - Relationship Status: Single Hair/Fur Colour: Brown/Brown, or Chestnut. May or may not end up being a tinge of red. - Facial Hair Colour: Same as Hair/Fur Colour. Eye Colour: Hazel Brown Skin Colour: Caucasian Height: 181cm (5' 11") Weight: 80kg (176lbs) Build: Lean with enough muscular tone, has visible body hair, and a bit of flare at the hips. He also bears very distinctive canine features on key parts of his body. This is a result of his previous career plus genetics. Interests and Hobbies: Music, drawing, computers, food and cooking, exploring, video games. Personality: He shows general qualities of most people, though the few things that really stick out about him is his occasionally mischievous, flirty and perverted behaviour. In social aspects, it can vary depending on the type of crowd, but he is generally welcoming to most strangers, unless he senses or has reason to not be as receptive. In times of inconvenience, he may also come across as a little gruff and may say things that may irritate some people despite him not intending to. Abilities: A formidable fighter, he often excels at stealth, has enhanced hearing and smell (due to his species), and is also a generally intelligent and competent person. He is a great listener on top of that, and uses it to help reciprocate his thoughts and feelings to others much to their benefit. On the side, his musicality is a great ability.   – Bio in Brief – David had a difficult life in the grand scheme, facing plenty of social hardships at the time due to his species. Growing up wasn’t also just as easy for him because he struggled to find ways to both cope with the pressures life threw at him, including the problems back at home. His father is generally insensitive, but found merit where his son could achieve, and his mother found ways to encourage and help David get back on the right track, and rewarded him when he succeeded in both his ambitions/desires and the things he needed to do. During the time when he was going to college, David found it difficult to keep up with the demands that his college provided, and so as a post-high schooler, he realised he was wasting his time, especially since the field he chose to pursue was almost never coming to fruition past the classroom. This caused him to join up a private military company (PMC) under the advise of one of his closest accomplices that, without his knowledge, obviously had plenty of ulterior motives. Though, his recruitment was apt due to both his sense of desperation in trying to rake in any money for himself to eventually live on his own, and the fact that there had been an ongoing opioid crisis in both the country he lives in, and outside of it; the abuse of it being the illegal trade and distribution of such. His PT days in the PMC were predictably like high school: hazing, harassment, and just a long-term general distaste to his kind of species. Though upon each sortie after he graduated PT, he was able to flourish over the handful of years that he was employed for, thanks to his natural abilities to use his hearing, smell and other of his heightened senses to excel in stealth missions, especially including recon. And, naturally, with every achievement David had, his parents—without question—rewarded him well for his efforts. Things went downhill after his last few promotions as his most recent sorties became increasingly risky, most notably his last sortie where they were assigned to harass and assail innocents. Accepting this task, albeit reluctantly, was the worst mistake he’d have to bear for possibly the rest of his life, as they barely found anything of value, and the overall morale of his squadron, with very few of his squadmates knowing him well enough, dropped, including their overall respect for him. This eventually led to his swift resignation, as he could no longer see himself being employed under them, which he also built quite a lot of resentment towards them. He left as a Staff Sergeant, got his pay, and took with him that last painful sortie home, which he tried to keep inside, until he had to seek therapy for it before it ended up destroying him from within. Post-therapy, he ended up pursuing a degree in culinary arts, and after graduation, got a well-paying job (after a handful of attempts at different restaurants) working at a mid-tier restaurant as a line cook, and eventually took what money he had earned overtime to purchase his own home in a suburban neighbourhood, finding more respite there after all of what he had to go through. The changes in society, most of which being positive, are what enabled the recovering PMC veteran to pursue what he had originally wanted, and now he faces a newer chapter in his life, where he may face more achievements and struggles.


06/05/2024 11:22 PM 


Plot ideas:Cannon Start: She will just be on some assassination mission, or be training for one. Your character can be her target, or a witness.Bodyguard: She will be your body guard, assuming you have the connections necessary to hire her.Recruitment: On orders, she kidnaps you and forces you to become an assassin, just like her. From this point on, you will be her assistant- helping her to kill people.Fugitive Start: She tears Inferno apart from the inside, killing three of the four mafia bosses that control Inferno by the end. With his empire gone, before he dies, the final one puts a hit on Phantom, as well as tipping off the police about her recent actions. She fights for her freedom, gunning to at least see the grasslands of Germany before she dies. With her currently in America, California, it will be a long trip.Supervisor Start: i play her after a failed escape attempt, shes let off with a warning and your character must watch her 18 hours a day.Child Assassin: I play her from the very, VERY beginning, when she first becomes an assassin, and your character would be her mentor. She will be 8 years old during this.Cyborg AU: Instead of her usual background, she will be transformed into a cyborg, her modifications updating as she grows older. The durability of a tank and superhuman reflexes, she becomes a unstoppable killing machine, along with a greatly extended life span thanks to many of her organs being replaced by artificial ones.Fantasy AU: Her backstory would be mostly similar, but replaced with an assassin guild and trained to be their ultimate weapon. She will be able to use shadow magic, granting her the power of a phantom- in other words, a ghost, making her body invisible and invulnerable to physical attacks for a short time.

Cassia Nakamori

06/05/2024 05:52 PM 

Electric Trainer

The names Cassia Nakamori and well im an electric trainer now my character does vary in different series so im open to crossovers and mains. I am multipara/novella writer so hope that wont be to much, this girls from the old MySpace Days.

◖⠀ᴾᴿᴵᴰᴱ﹠ⱽᴵᴳᴼᴿ ᵎᵎ

06/05/2024 09:09 PM 

◖⠀𝘨͟𝘶͟𝘪͟𝘥͟𝘦͟𝘭͟𝘪͟𝘯͟𝘦͟𝘴 。

LOW TO MODERATE activity level. please don’t rush me for interactions. as a working adult with a full time job, my online activities are limited. patience is a virtue.✱ i tend to keep my writing fairly casual & banter—focused to alleviate this, but don’t let that deter you from prompting deeper discussions or storylines with me. if i’m invested, returning the effort that i receive is a given.DRAMA is a no—go. i don’t care about the whos, whats, whens, wheres, & whys, don’t approach me with it. if you take issue with someone i’m interacting with, that isn’t my problem. i will treat everyone fairly until i’m given an actual reason to disassociate from them. whether or not we've had previous experiences with each other, i don't care as long as myself & my friends are left alone. but if you're so tired of drama, maybe don't instigate it or insert yourself into it? i don't start fights, but i can & will finish them.✱ additionally, keep anything POLITICAL out of my space. if roleplay is escapism, then i believe it’s a given that most of us don’t want to hear it. oftentimes, political subjects are weaponized in online communities when people don’t get their way in any given situation. having experienced this firsthand through someone blatantly stealing my work, i won’t tolerate it.SHIPPING is based upon chemistry & written development. i don't vibe with instantaneous shipping, as it removes the fun and natural feel of the dynamic. while this account will be multi―ship unless specified otherwise, i am highly selective with potential partners due to uncomfortable past experiences. do not pursue a ship with me if you prefer to single―ship ( and don't lie and say it's fine when it clearly isn't fine ) or push expectations onto me. i am open to eventually single―ship if the connection is there, but realistically, it's unlikely.✱ as far as erotic content goes, i definitely don't leap for it. i do portray lingyang as an adult, as i confidently feel that he is one, but this isn't an open invitation for sexual encounters. if it feels right, then it does. but i'm not routinely comfortable with it. if your account is clearly geared towards erotic content exclusively, i will likely block you whether it's your first attempt to add or otherwise.any PERSONAL INFORMATION OR CONTACT is kept under lock & key. i very seldom offer my discord, and if something like that is a deal breaker for you? then i don’t feel comfortable interacting with you to begin with. i would love to be able to establish friendships, but there are too many people here with malicious intentions.✱ there’s also too many cases of IC & OOC boundaries just not being respected, and i’m absolutely not interested. as cold as it may sound, it's best not to convince yourself that we have any form of relationship, platonic or otherwise, outside of rp. we don't. i can be your acquaintance and maybe a friend down the line, but nothing more.& JUST BECAUSE I'M PETTY, if you're on your soapbox about anyone entering a new verse being a "broke ass trend chaser" & ruining the game for you, grow the 𝘧𝘶𝘤𝘬 up. no one likes a miserable prick. either touch some grass or stay in your basement, my dude. 

Broken Bones.

06/04/2024 05:14 PM 


1. No minors. In real life I am 35 years old. No thank you.2. No drama. Do not bring up the past. I don't  live there anymore.3. Don't rush  me for replies. 4. No harassment about ANYTHING.5. Don't steal anything from my page.6. No god-moding. 7. No ERP. 8. Long-term writing only.9. Put effort into your posts. I don't want to be the only one writing and coming up with ideas.10. Messages for roleplaying only. I do not roleplay in comments.

Hasty Producer

06/04/2024 04:26 PM 

Chiaki's Habits

Not looking into what he's made if not a wearable to the point where he sometimes needs to be reminded to do so. During downtime will often speak of things he remembers from his past life. Will Cammy stretch when it's "safe" to if it flusters a girl he feels close to. Likely to throw something at a monster as the first option.

H̶a̶u̶n̶t̶e̶d̶ Cafe

06/03/2024 07:23 PM 


“0%”:There was once a Kalosian woman named Elise. Elise was a very devoted woman of words with a powerful determination. All of her being was obsessed with one thing, create an utopia for people and Pokemons alike. With that goal in mind nothing could distract her. Or she thought. She once met a Kantonian engineer with a passion for robots, his name was Hiroshi. Together, they learned how to merge their ideals, and themselves. They had a child, An Momoka. An had a regular childhood and discovered a passion for baking and creating drinks. But their parents' conflicting worlds made their upbringing tumultuous. Elise's ambitions for a utopia often clashed with Hiroshi's vision of technological harmony and ethical progress. But both of them finally found their ideals through Team Flare, whom they both joined.“50%”:When An was around 20, a catastrophic event shattered their world. One of Elise’s experiment for Team Flare's ambitious project to harness the power of legendary Pokemon for their vision of beauty went horribly wrong. The resulting explosion caused a chain reaction, devastating their hideout and the surrounding area. In the chaos, Elise and Hiroshi were gravely injured, and An, who was here to visit their parents, was caught in the blast, their body sustaining fatal damage.In a desperate attempt to save his child’s life, Hiroshi combined his expertise in robotics and artificial intelligence with an untested, revolutionary procedure. He transferred a portion of An’s human soul into a robotic body, intertwining advanced AI with his son's essence. Elise could do nothing but watch as her husband performed this unprecedented miracle as she felt her body giving up.“100%”:The robot woke up in an empty cave-like place, with no memories. Only some light feeling of something yielded. Something… Missing. Who was he, where was he? Oddly enough he was capable of comprehending the world, to recognize places, without remembering why. He stumbled into a small house that seemed familiar to him. Inside, he was only met by a hurt Drifloon. For some reason, he was able to find the first aid kit and helped the Drifloon. That's how he got his first Pokemon. To find solace and purpose, the robot, now calling himself Neon, opened the Mocha Cafe in Lumiose City. It seemed like a logical choice to him, something that desired to do. He still ignores why. Thanks to Neon's exceptional culinary skills, the cafe quickly became a beloved spot for locals and travelers alike. Despite being bad with numbers and occasionally struggling with mundane tasks, Neon excelled at creating perfect dishes and sweets acquiring a reputation as a master of confections.Neon's precise nature as a robot remained a closely guarded secret. He feared that revealing the truth would alienate those he had come to care for. The pain of trying to remember his past prevented him from delving too deeply into his origins, allowing him to focus on the present and the future he was building. Despite his outward happiness, Neon occasionally felt the sting of his fragmented memories. He cherished the fleeting images of his parents and his childhood, but he knew that dwelling on them would only cause more pain. Instead, he channeled his energy into the cafe, finding fulfillment in the smiles of his customers and the camaraderie of his Pokemon. The cafe grew properly, but the rumor has it that the place is haunted. Neon still ignores why… Could it be the remnant of his pas going to him?

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