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05/15/2023 10:06 PM 

Mordred, The Knight of Treachery

Name: MordredAlso known as: The Knight of Treachery, Knight of Londinium, Mo-san, Mordred the Silent, Guerilla KnightHeight: 154cmWeight: 42kgLikes: Victory, Glory, Honor, FatherDislikes: Defeat, Abasement, Being disregarded, FatherPersonality: Mordred is extremely prideful and haughty, boasting herself to be equal or better than her father in the ways of ruling and swordsmanship, and believes only her status as the child of Morgan caused her to be rejected. Rather than simply wish on the Grail to become king, she instead wishes to use it to challenge the sword of appointment as a method of proving kingship that even her father could not deny. She does not even think of failure, boasting overpowering words from a clear and unclouded voice that shows dignity befitting of a king. She abhors any discussion of her sex, displaying clear killing intent even towards her own Master. She says with no uncertainty that the topic is never to be brought up before her. She does not display any issue in wearing clothing that shows off her body. Kairi is unable to determine her true thoughts about her father, believing them to be on the thin line between love and hate. He feels that she was certainly greatly influenced by her father, leading to the rebellion. He cannot tell if it was out of wishing to become more like her father or to deny the way of the king or whether it was right or wrong, but considers it to have been a courageous act either way. She is seen in history as the antagonist who deceived the legendary King of Knights, whose name remains carved in Britain even in modern times. He feels that the one who attempted rebellion with the King's men is more interesting than Arthur, the "very manifestation of chivalry." While she has the face of a fair, young girl, that does nothing to hide her brutal nature. She is filled with pure rage over the events of her life, and she does not bother to conceal it in the first place. She can be likened to a Berserker during battle, her glaring eyes displaying a mix of joy for battle and cruelty. While Noble Phantasms are normally a source of pride, hers, crowned with the name of her father, it is closer to a sort of grudge. While there were many Knights of the Round Table who were divided into allies and enemies towards the end of their country, it had been a place of lively discussion for them all. It was not by design that those events had transpired, so it would be odd for most of them to hate it. Mordred, who rebelled against the king, is likely the only one to revile it, hating it with such a passion that even a shard of it brings out rage in her. Noble Phantasm(s): Her sword, Clarent, was originally a B rank sword bestowed during the succession of kingship and used to amplify the king’s authority, "the king’s royal aura". It raises the owner’s physical stats by one rank, and grants and raises the skill “Charisma”. Mordred was never acknowledged as king though, so the sword itself is lowered by one rank and she cannot acquire any bonuses while wielding it. However, she can still use its "amplification" ability to launch Clarent Blood Arthur by using her Mana Burst Skill to force her excessive hatred for her father into the sword in the form of magical energy, allowing her to cut down most Servants in a single slash.Mordred's final Noble Phantasm is her helmet Secret of Pedigree. With it, Mordred's Personal Skills and Noble Phantasms tiedly related to her True Name are concealed within her status information. However, when unleashing Clarent’s whole power, the helmet must be removed.Mordred's Noble Phantasm

Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order


05/15/2023 09:48 PM 

Artoria Pendragon, The King

Name: Artoria PendragonAlso known as: King Arthur, King of KnightsAge: 15 (Physically) 35 (Chronologically)Height: 154cmWeight: 42kgLikes: Well structured meals, stuffed animalsDislikes: Badly structured meals, dressing up too muchPersonality: Artoria is a strong-willed young woman who usually speaks truthfully but will lie if necessary. She is courageous, determined, and set on winning the Holy Grail. She constantly insists that she is a knight and king above all, and that her gender is of little importance to her and her role. She is resolute in following her own morals, regardless of the more viable, yet underhand, tactics being available. Artoria prefers direct, fair confrontations based upon codes of chivalry. Not even her hunger for the Holy Grail can make her abandon her code of honor. This leads to regular conflicts with Kiritsugu over strategy within the Fourth Holy Grail War. While obtaining the Grail is of the utmost importance, rejecting her chivalry is something she will never do, even if it should put her at a disadvantage. If such came to pass, she would require her Master to use a Command Spell as recompense for treading upon her heart.A firm believer in justice, Artoria cannot stand when evil goes unpunished. She therefore strongly rejected Kiritsugu’s decision to let the other Masters kill Gilles de Rais, as she wanted to stop Gilles as soon as possible before more innocent victims were made. Seeing humans reduced to demons who commit countless atrocities when their lives are threatened was something she witnessed all the time in her life. But precisely because of that, humans need to prove they can still live on with dignity no matter the difficulties that surround them. A knight is the one who can testify to that. Illuminating the battlefield by inspiring awe with his justice, a knight lets those reduced to demons to regain their honor and pride, and become proper humans once more. It is therefore the duty of a knight to put aside their feelings to focus on the greater good.Noble Phantasm(s): Excalibur: Sword of Promised Victory (約束された勝利の剣エクスカリバー, Yakusokusareta Shōri no KenEkusukaribā) is the strongest and most majestic holy sword that symbolizes King Arthur. As that which can be called the physical actualization of her ideals and the symbol of her heroism, it is her greatest and most powerful Noble Phantasm. Its power is said to be rivaled by Rhongomyniad  Excalibur is a sword that amplifies energy, converting its user's magical energy into offensive power and releasing it. It is a weapon of directive energy that converts the magical energy of Artoria into light by accelerating it with her factor of the dragon, intensifying the kinetic energy by convergence and acceleration, allowing for the use of Divine Spirit-level thaumaturgy. It is an ultimate attack that releases light holding energy rivaling Artoria's entire magical energy supply from the tip of the blade once the sword is swung. To an observer, it looks like a giant beam of light, but the attack's target point is only at the tip. Its enormous power heats space around the tip, and as a result, it is interpreted as a wave of light that mows across the surface of the earth like a directed energy weapon. Even if it is dodged, those in close proximity can still be temporarily distracted by its intensity. It is considered to be among the greatest of Noble Phantasms, with its speed, attack power, and reach upon being activated surpassing and remaining unrivaled by all others. In terms of competing against others in pure power, only Ea is known to be able to match and surpass it.Artoria's Noble Phantasm[Alternate Versions of Artoria]Artoria Pendragon Alter:  A different aspect of the King of Knights devoted to cruelty, greatly unlike the case of the normal Artoria. She is referred to as Saber Alter. A behavior without futility, a cold-hearted personality that makes Artoria seem like a different person, but if one is to carefully come into contact with her, they might notice that what lies at the basis is still the same. Artoria Alter's personality changes vastly from her normal self upon being corrupted by Angra Mainyu, but she cannot be called a villain. She is more of a dark hero who is still an idealist clinging to her own values even after being blackened. After taking in by the hatred of the curse, Artoria Alter comes to the realization that the duty of a hero is to be hated and ostracized, that a hero's only duty is to cut down foes using all their strength. She believes that she was prepared for such an outcome upon drawing Caliburn, and decides to entrust her blade to All the World's Evils.Artoria Pendragon (Lancer):  Due to the properties hidden within the Holy Lance, Artoria has changed into an existence close to that of a Divine Spirit’s, a goddess if anything. While she has become more composed, and moreover, more rational than the Artoria of the holy sword, her human nature has not been parted with. Rather, there exists placidity in her choices partly because she became an adult, attaining the ideal way a king ought to be.

Fate, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fate/Grand Order

「𝕗𝕠𝕩 𝕓𝕚𝕥𝕖𝕤」

05/14/2023 06:55 PM 


> First and foremost, I am a 22 year old writer! The games that Ren come from are horrorp*rn games, which includes HEAVY topics and scenes. If that is not your style, please dni! please check out my f-list! copy, paste and remove the " " around the word f-list to access the page, as ani often blocks the link normally. https://www."f-list".net/c/overall%20rp%20stuff> absolutely NO minors!> 18+ themes welcomed but not manditory - NSFW, violence, smut, etc. Again, no writers under the age of 18!.> I write in third person, ranging from one to four paragraphs depending on the scene! Please nothing less than 2-3 sentences!> Literate writers please!> Please understand that replies may take longer depending on the day of the week - we all have lives outside of here, although I will try my very best to reply in a timely manner!!> On the other hand, I am open to both hardcore and also soft themes.> If you friend me first, please message first!> Starter greetings are welcomed!> Occassionally picky with friend requests.> I am open to planning out a story or just winging it - I'm rather easygoing for the most part!! :>> characters/art belong to Gatobob! > Will add to this as necessary! Thank you for reading!!


05/12/2023 07:01 PM 

When we met: Kagome and Inuyasha

Ooc: So this is about how Inuyasha and Kagome met it will start like it does in the anime but will change as I write again this is my AU it is not cannon to the anime! This will be in script form.Kagome: My name is Kagome Higurashi and my family and I are caretakers of a shrine that has been in my family for generations. My grandfather always told me stories about the feudal era and I never believed any of them well until today on my fifteenth birthday.Higurashi Shrine outside the well, modern tokyoKagome: Sota where are you?Sota: I am in here sis.(Kagome goes into the area where the well is)Kagome: Sota why are you in here? You know it's dangerous here.Sota: I know but Buyo went in here and he needs to eat.Kagome: Then find him.Sota: I am too scared.(Kagome sighs and walks in calling Buyo. A monster from the feudal era senses the jewel. Buyo appears.)Kagome: There easy.(The well burst open and the centipede monster grabs Kagome and drags her into the well.)Centipede monster: I feel my power returning you have the sacred jewel don't you. Give it to me.Kagome: Get your hands off me you creep!(A burst of spirtual energy comes out of her hand blowing some of the arms off and the monster seemed to disappear.  Kagome climbed out the well.)Inuyasha forest, Feudal EraKagome: Where am I? (She gets out of the well and begins to look around until she sees the tree)Kagome: The old tree I have got to be close to home.(She walked to the tree and saw Inuyasha)Kagome thinking: Huh a boy?(She approaches Inuyasha and notices his ears)Kagome: Are these real? I think I want to touch them.(She touches them and a villager shoots an arrow at Kagome.)Villager: Step away from Inuyasha.(The villagers take Kagome away and Inuyasha moves slightly.)Inuyasha: who was touching my ears?While Kagome was in the villiage the monster reappeared. Kagome was running towards the forest.Kagome: somebody help me!(Howling is heard and then Inuyasha plusates.)Inuyasha: I smell it the blood of the woman who killed me. She is close.(The sacred arrow was glowing Inuyasha can't remove it. Kagome appeared and landed in front of Inuyasha)Kagome: Ouch that hurt.Inuyasha: What's the matter Kikyo can't handle a centipede?Kagome: You're alive?Inuyasha: Just do what you did to me Kikyo.Kagome: Kikyo, Kikyo who is this person my name is Kagome!Inuyasha: Ka what now you have got to be her! You share the same scent! Kagome: Excuse me!(She got closer to Inuyasha and he blushes in embrassment)Inuyasha: You aren't her but why do you share the same scent?Villager: Lady Kaede Inuyasha has revived.(Before Kaede can respond the centipede monster wraps around the tree. Kagome pushes the monster away with her spirtual powers but the monster split a partof her shirt and skin the jewel pops out.) 

Emberlight Empress

05/12/2023 05:48 PM 


I've never been overly fond of the idea of having to make a rules page. The more you limit the less fun I've always found roleplay to be. But I believe I need to for the sake of being straight forward with people. I tried to dig up my old rules from years ago but alas they are gone so I'll be writing these from scratch. It is likely as I experience more of the new form of roleplay they will change or be updated. I am a returning roleplayer and have not done this in a long time, I ask for patience and understanding. If I do something wrong I would like to be told and not blasted. I can usually fix a behavior if it is incorrect but if you make the decision to take things personal then chances are we won't go forward with any kind of interaction.  I don't really care what your verse is, I'm open minded and love crossovers in general. This character is not universally compatible so I'll acknowledge that not everything is a fit, but in those regards being a fish out of water might even be the point rather than everything going absolutely fluid. If this is too hard for you to understand or is a big turn off to you I understand if I am to be removed and bare no ill will.  Regarding Furries, or animal type characters, I'm more than open to roleplay with you and have no reservations about interacting with you.  I am however not a furry, not that I can't find the character's cute or anything but I likely do not celebrate the genre as you might. I am open minded, but unfortunately for people within this genre there becomes a limit to what I can accept for a roleplay as past experiences take things from 0-100, causing me to react in non-positive ways. I will also state that chances of anything mature happening are 0%. To understand it best, the less human a character is, the less likely it is to occur.  I believe myself to be about a multi-para roleplayer. I have written more in the past, and can do less. But I think this best suggests my range without any stress on my person. I will do my best to make things interesting, by reading your information and understanding and contributing to the story as much as possible.  I know it need not be stated but if the roleplay grows stale, we can easily cut it and start anew, don't make things not fun for yourself by trying to appease me, it's a multiple person experience to roleplay and if you aren't enjoying it, it only becomes half as fun.  As for the mature roleplay, look I get it, but I will say that's not what I'm here for. If it happens it happens, but there comes a point when it feels like that's all people care about. I do not want that to be the case.   As for activity, I'm an adult and have a lot of things to do in the day. Whether I'm checking this on my phone, on break at work, or during down time at home this is a leisure for me  My favorite rp styles are Adventure / Action / Fantasy These are cut and dry. If you want to fight in the rp, sure... if you want a long arduous journey, sure... if you want a magical experience or like a DND campaign, sure...  Back in the day I loved it when people would have multiple rpers in one big storyline. I know things aren't like that anymore, but I'm just throwing it out there. If anyone wants to get an rp group going. ya know...  This should conclude my rules since I'm not about to preach about godmodding or anything like that when most of that should be common sense. If you have read the rules, then sign it with an edge lordy nickname somewhere in the signature. It does not have to make sense.


05/12/2023 02:58 PM 

Don't pull my wings
Current mood:  adventurous

I know you can all see the black wings on my back but please don't pull them. My wings are not fake and I do not like those who pull on my wings.


05/11/2023 11:48 PM 

OOC// Rules
Current mood:  amused

- My page is plain, and it will always be under construction so don't judge me. I am trying. QuQ- I am quite busy in rl and I'm sure you are too. Please have patience as I will do my best to get to you.- My main character is Aranyaa, but if you want to Rp with Mio, please make it known. Be aware that Mio is a minimalist. She barely talks nor show any expressions.- Just because Aranyaa's home is the "Red Light District" does not mean Aranyaa and Mio is strictly ERP. They are more than that, dammit. Lol Her home is much more than what the name implies. - I do, do s m u t /ERP, but YOU AND YOUR CHARACTER MUST be 21+ to do the nasty, ya heard? If you auto-act before we even begin, I will delete you. - Aranyaa is not looking for a significant other due to some trust issue against a man, but if the story progresses and if it happens, it happens. Same with Mio.- I don't mind OOC-ing because I love a good ooc banter, but please let me know if we're OOC-ing by putting "OOC", or some sort of symbol to signify that you are "out of character". -I do NOT rp in the comment section. Rp is strictly in the DMs. OOCs can occur in the message and in the comments.- If I am not your cup of tea and you think I am not good enough(even if we are in the middle of Rping), feel free to delete me. I understand everyone has their standards. I won't hold it against you. I would rather you delete me instead of ignoring my response. - Last but not least,  R E S P E C T . It's common sense to have respect for each other and the character/s.Thank you for reading! I hope we get to Rp and build long lasting friendships here! Happy Roleplay!


05/11/2023 11:39 PM 


Gyomei can hear the tones of a persons soul. This acts much like Sensory Haki from One Piece. By listening to the spirit of a person he can "see" their shape, size, and form. He cannot see cosmetic things about them, like skin color or hair color however. His sense of smell is keen as well, not as keen as Tanjiro's but he can use his sense of smell to visualize things as well. Food, water, drinks, flowers, plants. Combined with his hearing Gyomei is able to move around as though he wasn't blind.Because of these things he is able to sense things about people that aren't visually noticeable or that they might be trying to hide, like agitation, worry, grief, or desire.

Headcanons, Gyomei, Demon Slayer


05/10/2023 03:48 PM 

Guidelines And FAQ

  Guidelines 00. Good grammar and punctuation.01. Respect and kindness go a long way.02. Don't bore me with small conversations, I'm here to write. 03. I'm not here for your drama or to be in drama. Leave it be, leave me out of it.04. I refuse to answer poorly written starters, starters sent without prior notification, and smut.05. If you added first I'll likely be waiting for you to initiate conversation. Do not expect me to do so, I'm happy to let you sit.06. No minors. I will not be labeled as a pedophile - I do not write with underaged characters or with profiles that have underaged characters on them. It's disgusting and I will not have any part of it.07. Do not take control or godmod my character and make her do whatever you want her to do or roleplay her yourself at that point its not even fun for me or anyone around you. P.s I also don't do mind control or being hypnotized either or anything weird like that.FAQCan we smut?No, get away from me.What are your verses?All are welcome as long as the intent to write and be respectful is there, or you can just ask if I know it then maybe I will write it.What are your genres?Modern, Horror, Deep Lore, Fantasy, Adventure, Slice Of Life, Feudal Era, Supernatural, Dungeons & Dragons. I can be a bit open at times, but also selective at times too. So just ask and we can figure it out.Why are you ignoring me and why are you taking so long to reply back?Depression, unimpressed, socially awkward, busy doing other real life things, putting in a ungodly amount of effort to impress you, or I've lost my muse - take your pick.Can I write with you?Just ask. You don't always need a fully formed idea, we can work on that together - don't just go "I don't know." and expect me to do all the heavy lifting, that ain't it mate. If you've asked to role-play with me you shall be writing the starter.What is your desired length when roleplaying?Semi paragraph - 1 or 3 sentences or you can add a bit more if you like too you are not required to keep it like that but just know that I might not read it all the way through because of my learning disability or not being in the mood to read.Can we pair or ship characters together?Only offered if the story is advanced enough, or I offer it openly! Please note all ships are roleplay, and will not interfere with my work, life, or anything outside of roleplay. My character is open to multiple partners, since I do not consider all stories ‘canon’- unless stated otherwise. I just ask that you do not blur or project anything into the dynamic or ship. This is for fun as a hobby.  Do you have discord? May I have it?Perhaps.

ᴇᴀʀᴛʜ ʙᴇɴᴅᴇʀ

05/09/2023 04:14 PM 

Mother Earth

Legal Name: Banyen SuwanName Meaning: The God Tree/ Powerful PersonAlias(es)/ Hero name: Mother Earth (English), æ¯ åœ° (Hahaji), à¹à¸œà¹ˆà¸™à¸”ินแม่ (P̄hæ̀ndin mæ̀)Age: 31Gender: FemaleHair: SilverEyes: GreenSkin: cocoaPlace of Birth: Bangkok, ThailandD.O.B: April 9th, 1992Identity: PublicSexual Orientation: Straightrelationship Status: SingleAlliance: Chaotic neutralOccupation: Pro hero (previously in Thailand) Architect (side job) Teacher (At UA high school. Main job currently), Anti-hero (current in Japan)Quirk: Earth bendingQuirk Description: Banyen can manipulate the earth around her through the energy in her body. Think similarly to Toph from avatar but if she moves too much at one time she'll pass out. It would take everything in her to move a mountain but she is part of restructuring most of Thailand.Quirkdrawback: If she moves too much earth at one time she will become paralized until put in a hot bath as though she's clay that needs to be reset.Mother: Amara SuwanFather: Faisol SuwanBrother: Kiran Suwan (Younger) Sister: NoneBio: Banyen Suwan was born in Thailand to Amara and Faisol Suwan, a bright young child who was promised to do great things. Raised in upper class she focused most of her power on learning to be an architect until learning she could be a hero there in Thailand. Becoming an open Quirk user she became a whole new kind of popular, Bangkok Quirks University taking her in as a star student. After graduation she became a famous architect building many new buildings and taking care of most the demolition, but quickly climbed the ranks in Thailand as number one hero. Taking that to heart she began her travels to aid other heroes while also helping Thailand until she was getting to her late twenties. Going global she reached out to many schools to be a teacher and was glad to get an option with the one place in the world with millions of people like her. Opertunity to learn and teach all at the same time. //Personally I haven't decided what she teaches yet so it fluctuates depending on how I feel. I've concidered yoga/grounding techniques (things like that)//The issue she faces now in Japan is that her crime fighting style is viewed more Anti-hero and cannot climb the ladder, having to relearn how to do her job all over again if she's going to stay. 

He who spirits away

05/09/2023 01:21 PM 

Lolkay weirdo

If you're going to bash other roleplayers within the same universe as the same character you are roleplaying then don't be surprised when no one in that universe want nothing to do with your ass.  IF damn near every time you bring up your characters verse it's done to specifically call the people within it sh*t stains... Maybe that has something to do with no one in your verse accepting your adds.  Maybe it has something to do with you calling an 18+ person a sh*t stain the instant you saw the 18+ and didn't bother to look into why the character was being portrayed under the 18+ banner?  Nah... They're all sh*t stains for not accepting your request and pushing you out of the verse despite the many posts you've done bashing the verse.  It's not you want nothing to do with the verse, but the verse wanting nothing to do with you.  If you weren't such a little cunt to people in your verse, perhaps you'd have roleplays in your own verse, but you can't control yourself and keep from openly bashing others in your verse because the idiots who excuse it kiss your ass and compliment your writing as the character.  You keep making posts crying about not being accepted by your own verse and play victim when you're the architect of your own excommunication from the verse.  Perhaps self reflect, maybe you'll understand, but I doubt it since you have fools making excuses and defending your sh*t behavior to others within your characters verse.  People with sense can tell bashing someone because you disapprove of how they write a character, despite the fact that they blatantly put as an au is the way to go.  What's that? Someone within the verse denied me?  I better call them a sh*t stain in a status and follow it up by calling the entire verse a sh*t stain. It's a wonder you have so many people on your list from your verse... Oh.


05/09/2023 06:19 PM 

৲ guided by ultear. // rules.

OOC DRAMA: Please do not involve me in any OOC drama that you may have with others. It is one thing to vent but it is a whole another issue to make me pick a side. There is two halves to a story, do not always believe what you hear as someone may not give you the full truth. If you don't like me for some reason because of what someone says then block me. I do not care about anyone who isn't mutual in my life or those who I've had fallen outs with in the past. I'm not here to be liked, I am here to write and vibe in my own corner. If you do not like me, hit the block button, I don't want to see you either. I do not keep tabs on people but if I am brought up in conversations, I will confront you on it, there is a way of talking to each other if people just learned to communicate. Communication is something a lot of people lack and why friendships die. I am NOT a mind reader so do not expect me to read your thoughts or know how you're feeling if you don't bother to tell me. We're adults. If I feel like I am getting to a point where it effects my mental health, I will do whatever it takes to protect my energy even if it means blocking. I have a full right to block and delete you just like you have the same to do to me.Due to betrayals, I tend to be closed off. I have had bad experiences with people who I thought were "close friends" if I confide in you and I find out you're passing my personal information to the other side, you'll be blocked as that sh*t is meant to be private. If I confide in you that means I am trusting you with that information. It is not meant to leave the chat. This day and age, I am not afraid to burn bridges, so take this as your first and only warning.If I tell you how I feel, it is not because I am trying to argue, I am expressing my hurt and if you are invalidating my feelings to the pain you caused me, I will not even bother talking to you about my feelings. I will walk away by that point. I'd rather have silence then scream into the void.SHIPS / ROMANCE: I enjoy romance like anyone else does, but please build the chemistry.; I do not like instant romances and I do not want things to be forced on my muse. Please do not add me into your ship bio unless we both agreed to shipping our muses together. I will also not ship with minor muns or minor muses. Both myself and Ultear are adults, this is non-negotiable. I prefer single ship over multi but I am open to the idea of multiship, it just highly depends on the writer themselves. Please do not act possessive over my muse or me for that matter. I do not tolerate jealousy behavior, do not mix OOC and IRL. However, if you do not want to ship with me anymore, please inform me because it is mad discouraging when people suddenly take you out of your bio or cheat behind your back without informing you.I do not like sneaky behavior, that is one ticket way for me to cut ties and it is not because its "pixels" or "rp stuff". If you want to do side stuff with people, I am likely cool with it as long as we communicate if we are shipping. I will not stop you from making connections with other writers or discourage you from making friends. This is a boundary I have regarding shipping, otherwise I am not really looking for ships. I'm just looking to build stories, if a ship happens then it happens.GRAPHICS/EDITS: Please do not steal my images or graphics that I make. I take the time to edit them and make them look nice. I use official art or manga / screen caps used from official sources. If fanart is used, it will be credited properly to the artists. Please do inform me if the picture is not allowed to be reposted and I'll remove it without question.REPLIES / ACTIVITY: My activity maybe spotty due to me being a retail worker, I am not always gonna have a functioning muse so please understand that I am not going to be at my desk 24/7. If that is a deal breaker, then please go ahead and delete me. I won't cry over spilt milk. Role play is a hobby, not a chore and I don't have to cater to you. I do have a life outside of here.


05/09/2023 01:33 PM 

Gabriella’s Supernatural Powers

(For supernatural or fantasy/sci-fi role-plays.) Being born in a lab, Scientists usually focused on powers that was related with sound. She was born with a melodic voice that can soothe everyone, even those with scrambled brains. Gabriella can lure people to her location, attack eachother and end themselves using an ability that can be described as a siren’s song, her voice enchants most people except for the ones with no hearing or those that are immune to it. She can mimic the voices of others and change the pitches and tones of her own voice at will, making her a wonderful Singer. Gabi has sonic screams, able to deafen living beings, shatter glass and shake small buildings. Gabriella can mimic any sound she hears, includes other animals or objects or even sounds that come from nature/earth, from water droplets hitting the ground to a crying baby. As long as she’s heard it, she can replicate it. After Gabriella killed a woman like herself, she consumed her power of resurrection in order to make sure she wasn’t able to return to life. Now, Gabriella can return to life if her body is intact If she is not intact and she is dismembered, someone can reattach her limbs together to bring her back. Returning to life may take time depending on the injury, coming back after a death from lack of oxygen is quicker than other more violent deaths and will only take a couple of hours. Resurrecting is a terrifying and painful experience as she still feels extreme pain from her injuries and will experience some type of memory loss that is can be extreme. For example, she can forget who she is and where she is to forgetting people. Gabriella gained psychic persuasion after killing a man that used his power on her for sexual reasons. After being killed and resurrected, she killed him in his sleep. It’s practically mind control with the voice. Even if you’re deaf, you can’t escape it since it’s the sound waves that control you and not her voice    


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Fun Facts About Gabriella

Gabriella absolutely loves birds. She owns 3 cockatiels, a yellow face, a whiteface and a lutino. Each with their own names such as Cheeks, Blanco and Sol. You can sometimes find her feeding wild birds or just admiring them from her bedroom window. She also adores singing with her birds. During arguments or while enraged, she will return to her mother tongue and start speaking in Spanish and if she transitions to English, her Spanish accent makes an appearance. Gabriella loves metal, rock and classical music. One of her favorite songs being the popular Clair De Lune and her favorite bands being Motionless in White and Get Scared. If you somehow get Gabriella to love you (platonically or romantically) she’ll become clingy, and will almost always accept and endure any abuse that she receives. She will love you unconditionally. Gabi enjoys gardening, she houses multiple plants and flowers around her apartment and balcony.  Gabriella owns only one pair of regular sneakers and multiple pairs of different colored crocs and different height differences because ugly is cute to her. Men and women with long hair beware, your hair is not safe and will most likely will be played with. Gabriella has a box of items that she took from traumatic events, such as a camera with a recording of an assault, a knife with dried blood on the blade and multiple of items of clothing that are ripped and bloody.


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Profile Introduction and Rules

Welcome to my profile lovelies, I look forward to making connections and writing wonderful stories with you all. AU and crossover friendly. Accepting of doubles and OCs are adored. I am very patient so never feel like you have to rush to respond to me. I am available on discord, just message me and I'll give it to you. A shy, but friendly admin is behind this demon so apologies if I'm a bit awkward out of character at times. Also, I'm very new to the verse and character. I have seen all of seasons 1 and 2. ( Dub watcher, please don't judge me.... I am a tad behind with the anime because of this since 3 just came out and won't be dubbed for a bit. I will happily do my research if you play a character I am unfamiliar with though so we can make things work with a story.) Introduction aside, I have some rules I would like to set. Not to worry though, these are not unreasonable.They're pretty simple. 1. I ask for patience and understanding. I am a busy person outside of here and will not always be online or available 24/7. 2. If we are discussing a story and I am uncomfortable or for whatever reason do not wish to do something that has been suggested please respect no as an answer. Aside from these few things I don't really have any other rules. Anyways, if you have read these rules feel free to comment and let me know. 

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