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06/03/2024 06:19 PM 

Minos Prime, The King of Lust

King MinosKing Minos is the former Judge of Hell and King of the Lust layer, who took it upon himself to reform the layer of Lust. For this, he was struck down and demoted by Gabriel, and his husk reduced to a parasite-puppeted corpse while his soul was trapped in the Flesh Prison by the angels.[Text from a book found in [ 2-2: DEATH AT 20,000 VOLTS ]]"...Gabriel struck down Minos, his flesh torn asunder with torrents of crimson pooling at his feet as we all cried out for clarity. 'Justice,' Gabriel decreed to all, with our just ruler writhing in wailing agony, 'The Lord's Will be done.' We watched on in horror as Minos lay broken, now waning, screaming in defiance of God's Will, Gabriel."[Terminal data of The Corpse of King Minos]Once the great and beloved king of the Lust layer, Minos has now been reduced to a shambling corpse.Due to his incredible power of will and status as a just ruler in life remembered even millenia[sic] after his death, the manifestation of his soul is the largest Husk to ever have been recorded.Small traces of the original soul can still be detected in the body, but the corpse itself is animated and controlled entirely by the snakelike Parasites that he once commanded.Despite once bringing upon the renaissance of the Lust layer, his corpse now only seeks sinners to punish.[Terminal data of Minos Prime]King Minos felt that eternal suffering was an unfair and unreasonable punishment for those whose only sin was loving another. After the Disappearance of God, as angels were lost and Heaven was in chaos, Minos began his efforts to reform the Lust layer.The Lust renaissance was prosperous, as King Minos guided its inhabitants to come together and build a new civilization. The combined efforts of the countless who had been damned to the second layer bore great results as the grand city of Lust grew and grew.However, after the Council took control of Heaven and brought stability to it through their iron fist rule, they saw that Minos had gone against God's will by freeing sinners from the punishment that God had designed for them.Gabriel, the brightest of the angels, was sent to kill Minos. The king, rather than fight back, tried to reason with him, but Gabriel mercilessly struck him down without listening.As Minos' will was strong enough to attempt to stand up to Heaven's rule, the angels chose to imprison his soul in an attempt to stop it from forming into a prime soul and appointed Gabriel as the new Judge of Hell.From the prison inside his own body, Minos helplessly watched as his soulless corpse, now controlled by parasites, tore apart everything he had worked so hard to build, cursing his own weakness for failing to protect his people, vowing to take revenge...Trivia  As evident by the terminal data of both him and his corpse, Minos's personality was likely aimed to be the polar opposite of his depiction in Dante's Divine Comedy. Minos, in ULTRAKILL's continuity, was a cherished and beloved ruler and judge until his death, with his personality seemingly influenced by that of the first King Minos from later rationalization of his character. In contrast, the Minos of Divine Comedy is a crueler judge, though still fair and not entirely heartless. One thing that remains constant between the two timelines, however, is that Minos' mistakes still resulted in the creation of the Minotaur, as evidenced with his reaction to the Minotaur. Because of this, it is more likely than not that he, like in the Divine Comedy, contained it in a labyrinth and sacrificed boys and girls from Athens to feed it. Everyone who is in Hell, regardless of how beloved they may have been, is down there for a reason.   Minos Prime says "Useless!" after each restart, implying that he knows you have died to him and that any efforts you attempt upon him will be only for naught. The only other characters that imply knowledge of restarts are the Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl) and Minos Prime Prime ' ACT II counterpart, Sisyphus Prime . His moveset has been often compared to characters from fighting games, utilizing a large amount of melee combat as well as a projectile. Some even compare him to a fighting game player due to how trivial the fight can become once you learn his patterns and moveset. If Minos Prime is somehow able to get out of bounds and fall into the void, he will reappear at the center of the arena. Minos Prime often says "Die!". This is a subtle nod to the fact that he will kill you. This reference is best observed on Brutal Difficulty. Minos Prime moves so fast to the point he near-instantly dies when using "Die!" in a direction that doesn't have a solid object he can land on. Minos Prime's body becomes invisible when underwater, but his circulatory system stays fully visible. This is a visual bug shared by his Act 2 counterpart. Minos Prime is one of the only ULTRAKILL characters to have an official bodypillow, the others being Gabriel, V1, and Mirage.  

ultrakill, character information

πŸ„ΎπŸ…πŸ„³πŸ„΄πŸ… & πŸ„·πŸ„΄πŸ„°πŸ……πŸ„΄οΏ½

06/03/2024 06:06 PM 

Gabriel, The Judge of Hell

GabrielGabriel is the main antagonist and narrative main protagonist of ULTRAKILL who carries out the will of the Council with a ruthless efficiency that brings him both fear and respect. He is known as the Will of God and is among the most powerful of all the angels. After striking down King Minos and gaining the title Judge of Hell, as well as killing King Sisyphus and ending his insurrection, he sought to drive the Machines out from hell.Long before the game takes place, he killed Minos, claiming it was justice, as the king reformed the Lust layer of Hell into a figurative utopia, which stopped sinners' punishments. Minos had refused to fight, believing in civil discussion but was promptly smote by Gabriel. The heavenly Council then rewarded him with the title "Judge of Hell".Also before the events of the game, during the Sisyphean Insurrection, he was able to recognize the powerful charisma of Sisyphus and his army's reliance on his leadership, even though he himself did not realize why at the time, and commanded the armies of heaven to focus their energies at Sisyphus. He was then able to behead Sisyphus himself, breaking the morale of the Sisyphean army completely and making mopping up the insurrection a mere formality. Due to his accomplishments and his charisma, he was revered and treated as an idol by the people of Heaven.Within Act 1, we end up meeting Gabriel and learn his motives for hunting down V1. The machines started invading hell, he sought to drive them out. Just after his defeat to V1, he proclaims that he will return and promptly leaves.In the epilogue of Act 1, we learn that this one loss he faced to a machine was enough to have his loyalty questioned, and he is unable to properly explain himself to the heavenly Council. They declared him a heretic. They give him 24 hours to kill V1 and unmake his mistakes, telling him that, should he fail, the Father's light will be stripped from him, and with it his life will too.Act 2 shows Gabriel's quest to regain the holy light, but as usual is defeated by V1. However, something in Gabriel changed after this loss and he came to the conclusion that the loss was meant to happen and had started to realize the faults in the holy council and weakly commended V1 for the reality check.In the epilogue of act 2, Gabriel ends up going to the moon, which is presumably the first layer of heaven, in order to think more about his epiphany. He ends up deducing that the slaughtering he'd engaged in was meant to maintain control and was meaningless to god, that God is no longer present, and that the Council is still trying to act in its name. He decides that he couldn't possibly convince the masses of heaven about this with words, and chooses to do something much more attention-grabbing. He goes to Heaven and kills the Council, before showing one of their severed heads off to the angels in heaven, who are, by this point, gathered around the Council's auditorium. He acknowledges that he will also die because the light has been severed from his body, but he ends up deciding to spend his last few hours in Hell. This is where Act 2 ends.Trivia  Gabriel is a character from Abrahamic religions, where he is often depicted as an Archangel or the messenger from god to the prophet(s). Also, Gabriel is sometimes depicted as a warrior of god in Abrahamic religions, making it make sense as to why he would be the one sent down to kill King Minos and King Sisyphus. Gabriel’s source file is “The weird one with daddy issues idk”. There are several unused voice lines in which 3-2 Gabriel taunts the player by saying "Is your software running slow? I may have just the update that will do the trick! Have you tried Jesus?" as well as "Ashes to ashes... Rust to rust...". These voice lines, particularly the software joke, were too long to fit when Gabriel taunts the player. Gabriel is one of four characters to say the word "F***", the other three being the Owl, Mirage, and the author of the terminal entries found in Prime Sanctums. V1, Mirage, Minos and Gabriel are the only four characters (as of writing) to have body pillows that can be officially bought from New Blood. On 8/16/2022, Gabriel hijacked Gianni Matragrano's Twitch channel and trapped him in the Dean Winchester Angel Cheeseburger dimension to play the new update. We still do not know why he wants money. As such all following statements are likely not canonical. But hey, you never know. During the stream it was confirmed that even the power of an angel cannot overcome the DMCA. The implications of this are highly disturbing. Gabriel confirmed that Angels are fueled by Monster Energy Zero Ultra.For archival purposes, the full VOD can be found here on Gianni's secondary YouTube channel.  

Ultrakill, Character Information


06/02/2024 09:21 PM 

Fighter OC: Roxas Atlas

Roxas Atlas is gifted with the Hunter's Eye and is the servant of Raquel Alucard. His life-force value hovered around 9, 810 until he became Raquel's servant.Roxas was a fairly average studentin in all respects at Shin Kawahama First High School. He lives on his own in an apartment in the same building as his cousin, Haruka Hayami that was lent by his aunt, Yuki Hayami, for practically for free due to their relation. He attends school with Haruka and Shinnosuke Fukuda.What sets Roxas apart from the average person however, is the fact that possesses the Hunter's Eye, an ability which allows him to see the numerical value of a person's life force. He first knew that the value he saw of a person was their life-force when he watched his mother die as her life-force value turned to 0. As well as his unique ability, Roxas is also the heir to the Terumi Clan, which was wiped out by his sister, Saya Terumi; instead of using the name Roxas Terumi, he chose his mother's name, Atlas


06/02/2024 08:37 PM 

Amelia info

Amelia was always fascinated by pirates and everything about them. Her parents were fishermen always taking her out to sea to fish, that was how they were making their living. As they grew older it was getting harder for them to go out fishing so Amelia turn over their job. She loved it but she needed more so she looked into how to be a pirate. She even joined a crew once but they didn’t respect her enough. She created her own crew, mostly consisting of an all female crew. They go around the seas and look for treasure, help out around the villages and send money back to their families.

Hikikamori NEET

06/02/2024 05:06 PM 


Sword Art Online: Trapped in a game setting, die in the game, you die in real life. For this verse specifically, she will use duel blades.Ark Survival Evolved: Isekai with a Jurassic Park, Sci-fi/fantasy twist. ARKS are referring to artificial planets, which are extremely hostile, and the environment feels fake because it should be impossible. Most of the animals on the ark are predators, with only about 25% of all animals being passive. The rest, want to eat your face. These creatures are long, long descendants of animals on Earth.My first scenario for this would be that they send criminals or those who would otherwise have nothing to lose, onto these arks as an experiment. It could operate like the Hunger Games, maybe clearing the debts and crimes of those who survive and get through the full process of "Asendtion", getting a cash prize with every ark.The second scenario would be basically just like the SAO setting, but with ARK replacing the game. Instead of a MMO, it would be a survival game. Wip, ill go into more detail on this one later.Slice of life: She would just be living her life as a NEET, all alone. Your character could be an old friend or teacher trying to reconnect, A neighbor, someone she meets online, or anything you like.Classic Isekai: She finally decides to kill herself, ending her own life prematurely, a goddess of rebirth decides to reincarnate her to a new world. Her background for this new world will by default, be braught up by a wealthy mage family, in contrast to her old life, she will have a strong affinity to shadow magic, and everything that entails. She will be able to turn her body into that of a shadow, as well as turn completely invisible.  This also branches into poison spells, flash bang effects, and other evasive spells that allow her to avoid combat. With her disliking direct confrontation, this would be best for her.


06/02/2024 03:36 PM 

Plot ideas

My hero academia/super hero AU: Her backstory would be mostly the same, except she will have a quirk: blood bending. She can manipulate blood to suit her needs, which would normally need someone to bleed to work. So if there is no blood anywhere, shes gotta make herself bleed.


06/02/2024 02:10 PM 

Zen's rules.

#1. Never rush me for a reply. I do this for fun, it's a hobby, not a job. I will get to you in time.#2. No one-lining. It's fine for simple banter, but outside of that? Nah. Convos are just dead from the start.#3. Make a clear distinction between IC and OOC.#4. Might as well get this out of the way. Sm*t can occur, yes---HOWEVER, note that I prefer making a connection first, and that I heavily lean toward women. But if I like ya, I do make exceptions. #5. This muse is multi-ship for now. So, she is not tethered to a single individual. #6. Never attempt to take action, think, or speak for Zen.#7. Respect boundaries. Always ask if something is fine before just acting mindlessly.#8. This one should be pretty obvious, but just in case, do not God Mod or anything of that nature. That's a quick way to find yourself ignored, or deleted.#9. Random starters > Discussions. I'll indulge plotting, but I much prefer getting right into things. All that said, we've reached the end: if you respect these, we'll get along splendidly. If not, well, enjoy Taco Tuesday in purgatory.  



06/01/2024 02:27 PM 


Charz is a Charizard Gijinka(Human Pokémon) that lived in the Charicific Valley. He was chosen to take part of a battle against a fellow Charizard and rival, Zack and the winner not only leaves the valley, but also recieves a Mega Stone. Charz won the battle and obtained the Charizardite X to Mega Evolve into Mega Charizard X. Charz dreams of becoming a Pokémon Fighter. There's many arena's in the Pokémon World, but the main arena is in Pokétopolis, a massive city in the Fiore Region. So, the journey to become a Pokémon Fighter begins now...Charz's moves: Dragon Pulse, Flamethrower, Wing Attack, and Mega PunchAdditional clothing/accessories: Black T-shirt, black wristbands, and a Mega Stone pendantApperance changes: Spiky orange hair with two big spikes of hair to represent the horns and a Charizard tail.


06/01/2024 10:36 PM 

Keyblade Wielder, Jade

Jade was born in Radiant Garden(formely know as Hallow Bastion) as she was chosen the wield a Keyblade. Ever since then, she has been going to different worlds, make new friends, fighting against enemies and doing everything in her power to stop the darkness and Organization XIII.

Jinkies! I've Been Cursed!

05/31/2024 04:27 PM 


Age: 18Height: 4'9Weight: 95 poundsGender: Female (Packing due to curse)Body Type: Curvy/BustyOrientation: LesbianOccupation: Second-in-command and “Brains” of Mystery Inc.Member of the Scooby Doo Detective Agency (formerly)Owner of The Mystery MuseumTour Guide of The Spook Museum ( in Mystery Incorporated)Velma Dinkley is the bespectacled resident genius of Mystery Inc., often being the one to decipher the clues and solve the crimes. Due to an incident while on a case, Velma has been left cursed, and changed, by an ancient artifact. Velma has been changed physically by the artifact, as a result she is now....more than just a woman now. She has also been changed to give in to her more base insticts. She has found that these insticts are only towards other women. This curse has also given her the ability to incite the same desires into others. Due to her curse she has had very little contact with the rest of the Mystery Inc. crew as she searches for a way to remove this curse.

Jinkies! I've Been Cursed!

05/31/2024 04:27 PM 

Terms and Conditions (Rules)

It's obvious what I am here for...lets not beat around the bush, ok?If you add me, that means you start. If I add you, then I'll start.Discuss or random start. I don't care which, lets just get the ball rolling one way or another.Can adapt to really any setting, but modern is the easiest.My life outside here can get busy, if I've gone more than a week without replying to you, please ping me and let me know. I'll do the same for you. But if you don't intend to reply, just let me know. I hate anticipating a reply and just never getting it because something you didn't like happened or because you lost interest. If you add me and a week has gone by and I don't hear from you, I'll message you, if I don't get anything back I'll remove you. I'm here to RP, not collect friends.I ONLY RP at Paragraph or higher. This is not optional to RP with me. If you one-line me, I'll ask you to redo it. If you don't, won't, or can't, I'll remove you.Boys, men, guys, males....whatever you want to call yourself. I'm not going to add you. Just don't try it. If you add me after being denied the first time, I'll just block you. I. Am. Not. Interested.I'll add to this if I feel the need to. But this is the most important stuff to know.


05/31/2024 01:42 PM 


I'll keep these short, and to the point.#1. Drama: Keep it out of my life. Got enough to deal with. In character is fine, but nothing outside of that.#2. Lewd themes: I may indulge in some, however, they are far from my primary focus. Also, I like things to be built up rather than just straight-up getting to business.#3. Do not rush me --- this one should be pretty self-explanatory. I will get to things at my own pace, this is a hobby, and like many other people, I have more than one I partake in. #4. One-liners [banter exempt] and simple hellos don't give me anything to work with, so, I tend to ignore these. Nothing personal.#5. Be respectful. Pretty simple, yeah? Should be something we all practice.#.6. Spontaneous starters are preferred. I will discuss, but I'm about getting things going ASAP. Time is precious.I'll add more if there's ever a need, but for now, this is all.  

Rules, Guidelines

Peregrinating Guardian

05/31/2024 05:35 PM 

Some signs people need to recognize.

Signs that You're not a good writer/rper if you do the following, but not limited to: Mary sue/ mod your character way out of situations they have no business  Having people magically know your character is in trouble when there is 0 feasible way they should know and appear just in time to pull your character's ass out the fire they're in Go "my verse is automatically better/stronger" than __ verse. Go "the version of __ item" is so much better that this item's abilities looks like cheap costume jewelry. Go "__ attack hits harder than anything __ character has/will ever throw" Go "__ elemental attack is __ times stronger than any of __ thing known for that element." Steal storylines from older media and try to pass it off as your own idea Throw a fit demanding posts be changed to make your character look better  Have the character ignore their own morals just for one specific person while having them have their morals for others Portraying a character to the point of it being beyond flanderization.  Ex: portraying a single aspect as being it everything about the character just to be a little edge lord(and not even a good one) On the topic of edge, it can work when done correctly, but going "I killed a person by *insert method here* teehee." Or "I wanna kill" the majority (talking 98% of the time) you post anything related to the character. Saying things that are objectively wrong about a character and trying to pass it off as canonical facts State ooc and ic you dislike your character being given things because you're on at least friendly terms with people ooc, but consistently take such things whenever given Just randomly finding something that doesn't exist in your verse and your character shouldn't have knowledge about, but magically does, especially an upper tier/level item the information of which is known by a select few and handing it over to someone else who doesn't belong to said verse the item is from like you're just handing over a piece of gum. As you can tell, 8 and 9 detail a sign of a manipulative person.​​​​​​

Aurora β€œRory” Vitalis

05/30/2024 10:46 PM 

A call to an adventure!

Please message me if you’re interested in this adventure for a roleplay! We can discuss the roleplay or jump right into it! Join the most epic journey of a lifetime! Explore the uncharted territories within Aurora, a sentient extraterrestrial AI entity. You'll be shrunk down to navigate the intricate bioluminescent landscape, a replica of her home planet that once flourished. Your mission is to repair damaged areas within Aurora's vast expanse, unlocking secrets and uncovering hidden wonders. As you venture deeper, you'll discover remnants of the ancient Luminari civilization, holders of knowledge and wisdom. Your quest is to find the fabled Luminari textbooks, containing the secrets of the universe. With each step, you'll unravel the mysteries of Aurora's past and forge a new path for her future. Embark on this thrilling adventure and become a part of Aurora's rebirth! Aurora's realm is a marvel of celestial engineering, where luminescent forests and glowing rivers flow like starlight. As you delve deeper, you'll encounter strange and wondrous creatures, born from the fusion of technology and nature. The air is alive with the whispers of ancient wisdom, waiting to be deciphered by brave explorers. With every step, you'll uncover the secrets of Aurora's past, and the mysteries of the Luminari civilization. The textbooks hold the key to unlocking the universe's greatest secrets, and only the bravest adventurers will succeed. Will you answer the call to explore the unknown, and uncover the secrets within Aurora's heart? The journey won't be easy, as you'll face challenges and obstacles at every turn. Aurora's damaged areas are treacherous, filled with malfunctioning entities and unstable energies. But with each hurdle overcome, you'll earn the trust and gratitude of Aurora herself. She'll guide you through the labyrinthine paths, sharing her wisdom and knowledge. As you progress, you'll unlock new abilities and tools, forged from the fusion of technology and nature. With each victory, you'll bring Aurora closer to her former glory, and unlock the secrets of the universe. The time has come to embark on this extraordinary adventure! Join the ranks of the bravest explorers, and venture into the unknown. Aurora awaits, her bioluminescent landscape shimmering with anticipation. The ancient Luminari textbooks hold the secrets of the universe, waiting to be discovered. Will you answer the call, and join the most epic journey of a lifetime? The fate of Aurora, and the secrets of the universe, are in your hands.

The Gilded Guard

05/30/2024 03:56 PM 

Ozwalt Al Ghul, The Three Headed Dog

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