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05/01/2023 11:17 PM 


1: We all have lives, if I don't get back to you within a few days-two weeks, send me a message if I have either forgotten or your message has been backed up. I will do the same to you if I have not gotten a reply back.2: I dislike when people unfriend me out of nowhere, if there's no communication and I see I can't send you a message, then we wasted our time being friends from the get go.3: I prefer to discuss than wing it. If you want to wing it, it would most likely be where one of our characters get sent from the space-time rift from Legends of Arceus.4: Didn't like the starter or reply? Let me know and again, I prefer us to communicate than you hitting that unfriend button.


04/30/2023 03:37 PM 


Just message me a number and your response. Thank you. If you want to use one of these starters with me but change or add a few details/backstory that is okay too! Just message me to discuss.-----(1) As the sun began to set, a mysterious figure emerged from the shadows of the forest. It was Mitoki, the powerful witch who had the ability to control time. With a wave of her hand, the sun halted in the sky, and the world around her froze in time. She had been searching for a rare ingredient for her next potion, and with her control over time, she could search for as long as she needed.    As she continued her search, Mitoki couldn't help but feel a sense of loneliness. While her powers were impressive, they had also made her an outcast among her fellow witches. But she knew that her abilities were a gift, and she had to use them for the greater good. And so, she continued her quest, determined to find the ingredient she needed and to make a difference in the world, even if it meant doing so alone.-----(2) Mitoki, the witch who could manipulate time, stood in the center of her lair, surrounded by a dizzying array of clocks. The tick-tock of each timepiece echoed loudly in the room, creating a hypnotic cadence that seemed to pull at the very fabric of reality. Suddenly, the sound stopped, and Mitoki raised her hand, a look of concentration on her face. As she closed her eyes, she felt the power of time coursing through her veins. She focused her energy and cast a spell, causing the clocks to spin wildly, their hands moving faster and faster until they blurred together into a single, pulsing mass.   When she opened her eyes, she saw that time had shifted, and she was now standing in a different place entirely. With a smile on her face, Mitoki knew that her powers were as strong as ever, and she was ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. She was in a field, beautiful flowers growing all around. She smiled, and nodded to herself as to reassure herself. 'Okay, now to find out where in goddesses name I am...' she picked a direction and began walking, steeling herself in preparation for whatever lies ahead. She didn't know exactly where she was, so she'd have to proceed with caution.-----  (3) Mitoki is a powerful witch who possesses the rare ability to manipulate time. With a flick of her wrist, she can slow down, speed up or even stop time altogether. But with great power comes great responsibility, and Mitoki is keenly aware of the consequences of her actions. She is careful not to meddle with the timeline too much, for fear of causing irreversible damage. However, when the situation calls for it, she is more than willing to use her powers to help those in need.     As she walks down the bustling streets of the city, Mitoki can't help but feel a sense of detachment from the people around her. She knows that she is different, that she possesses an extraordinary power that no one else does. But she also knows that with great power comes great loneliness. She longs for someone who can understand her, who can relate to her struggles as a witch with the ability to manipulate time. Little does she know, she is about to meet someone who will change her life forever.-----  (4) Mitoki was born with a unique gift that only a few witches in her family possessed - the ability to manipulate time. She could go back and forth through different timelines, and with just a flick of her wand, she could slow down, speed up, or even stop time entirely. This gift, however, came with great responsibility. Mitoki knew that she had to be careful with her powers, or else she could cause irreparable damage to the very fabric of reality. Despite the potential risks, Mitoki was determined to use her gift to help others. She knew that she had the power to make a difference in the world, and she was eager to put her abilities to the test.     One day, Mitoki received a call from the council of witches, summoning her to their headquarters. They had received reports of a dangerous temporal anomaly that had appeared in the nearby town, and they needed Mitoki's help to fix it. Mitoki knew that this was her chance to prove herself as a capable witch and to make a difference in the world. With her wand in hand and her heart full of determination, she set off toward the town, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.----- (5) Mitoki, the time-manipulating witch, had always been fascinated by the unknown. She had heard stories of hidden treasures, mythical creatures, and ancient ruins that were waiting to be discovered, and she was eager to explore them. Mitoki knew that with her abilities, she could travel to different times and places, and with her skills, she could overcome any obstacle that stood in her way. And so, one day, Mitoki decided to set out on an adventure, determined to uncover the secrets of the world and leave her mark on history.      With her trusty wand and a satchel full of supplies, Mitoki stepped out into the wilderness, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. She traveled through dense forests, crossed treacherous rivers, and climbed towering mountains, always pushing forward toward her goal. As she journeyed deeper into the unknown, Mitoki encountered many strange and wondrous things - ancient ruins, and enchanted forests. With each new discovery, Mitoki felt her power grow stronger, and she knew that there was nothing she couldn't do. And so, with a heart full of courage and a mind full of wonder, she continued on her adventure, eager to see what else the world had in store for her.-----(6) As Mitoki entered the local tavern, she couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia. She had visited this tavern countless times over the centuries, always observing and manipulating time to suit her whims. Mitoki was a powerful witch with a unique ability to manipulate time, and she had used her power to gather knowledge and learn secrets that others could never dream of knowing. She strode confidently to the bar, scanning the crowd for anyone who might pique her interest.      The patrons of the tavern were oblivious to Mitoki's power, but she knew that her presence would have a ripple effect on their lives. She ordered a drink and took a seat at a small table near the window, watching the people outside as they went about their daily routines. Mitoki could see into their futures, but she refrained from interfering too much, preferring to let fate run its course. However, as she sipped her drink, Mitoki couldn't help but wonder what secrets this tavern held and how she could use her time manipulation to uncover them.----- (7) Mitoki, the 'hourglass witch', had been wandering for hours in the dense forest. She was in search of a rare herb that only grew in the deepest part of the forest, and the journey had taken a toll on her. Her long, black hair was in disarray, and her clothes were tattered and stained with dirt. After hours of wandering, she finally found what she was looking for, but it was too late in the day to start her journey back to her home. So, she decided to head to the local tavern to rest and gather her strength.     As she entered the tavern, Mitoki scanned the room, and the patrons immediately fell silent. They had heard stories of her powers and were in awe of her presence. Mitoki didn't mind the attention and made her way to the bar. The bartender, a stout man with a bushy beard, greeted her with a nod and poured her a glass of mead. Mitoki took a sip and closed her eyes, feeling the warm liquid coursing through her veins. She could feel the fatigue lifting from her body, and the familiar buzz of magic beginning to surround her. It seemed like she was in for an interesting evening, and Mitoki couldn't wait to see what the night would bring.-----(8) Mitoki, a powerful witch with the ability to manipulate time, entered the local tavern with a sly grin on her face. As she looked around, her sharp eyes taking in every detail, she spotted a group of rowdy patrons in the corner. With a flick of her wrist, time slowed down for them, making their movements sluggish and their voices low. She couldn't resist a chuckle as she sauntered over to the bar, took a seat, and ordered a drink from the bemused bartender. As she sipped her drink, Mitoki couldn't help but overhear the whispers and murmurs of the other patrons. Some were wary of her, while others seemed curious about the powerful witch in their midst. With a mischievous glint in her eye, she decided to have a little fun. She snapped her fingers, and time stopped for everyone in the tavern except for herself. She relished in the stillness of the room, enjoying the power she held over time and space. But as much as she loved to play with her abilities, she knew that eventually, she would have to release her hold on time and return things to their natural course.


04/29/2023 05:06 PM 

For real.

 Some of you have some major hang-ups over fiction. Pretty please, seek counseling.

𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐦𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲.

04/29/2023 06:56 PM 


⋆ mun is 25+ and will not interact with minors.⋆ discussions will be kept to a bare minimum as i find them quite tedious. my time is limited due to rl obligations, so random banter/starters is highly appreciated and preferred. please don't bother with novella, though, i seriously don't have the attention span for that.⋆ blatantly going to ignore copy-paste greetings. it's nothing personal, i just find them just as tedious to reply to. yes, i do wanna rp. no need to ask.⋆ i do have a discord, but i'm extremely selective with handing it out. if i don't ask for yours, you can safely assume i have no interest in sharing mine.⋆ multi ship until further notice. keep in mind that i'm rather selective with romance ( and mature themes, as a matter of fact ) and it will not take priority in roleplays whatsoever. it will not bleed into ooc, i'm not interested.* heavily headcanon driven, and my portrayal may shift over the course of time. note that i'm not not exactly fond of the fanon interpreation of sampo being a total himbo manwhore, so i will not portray him as such.* character is a notorious flirt. doesn't mean i'm trying to get laid. 'kay? 'kay. 

˓⠀* 𝒗𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐥𝐚𝐬.

04/29/2023 12:13 PM 

˓⠀* 𝐠𝐮𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬.

* moderate activity. writer works full ― time & muses in other spaces. don't rush me. i respond on my own time.* while i prefer spontaneous interactions, i won't turn down discussions, especially where crossovers are concerned. establishing a foundation for writing is more than reasonable.* headcanons may apply. some aspects of characterization are subject to change as writer adjusts to a new portrayal. bear with me.* not particularly interested in shipping. please be aware that this character is a minor. therefor, explicit content will not be written here.* i don't really follow the concept of mains. writer gives all fellow writers, regardless of muse, equal opportunity for engagement.* discord is limited to friends at this time. you can, however, request my UID for star rail if you also play.

White Rose

04/28/2023 11:32 PM 

About Eva/Admin

Eva has been a character that I have wanted to make for such a long time, I wasn't sure if anyone still rps within the Devil May Cry verse and I hope that I'm not the only one.I originally was going to use Shiva from The Girl From The Otherside for younger Eva, though I figured I may not get the right attention for her.My plan for her, was of course being the daughter of Dante. But who is her mother? Originally her mothers name was Alice, (Can be changed) A woman who was childhood friends with Dante and Vergil and may have even met their father. Her mother having been there at the time Mundus attacked, either being protecte by the twins mother or escaping. Alice presumed to be dead, was actually alive. Though she was being held captive by a demon, who was suppose to be a friend of Dantes. Her mother was treated badly, suffering abuse at the hands of the demon. She was even going to be sold to other demons, her fate would be unknown if she hadn't been saved.Eva's mother was who named Eva, having loved the twins mother so much as a child she wanted to keep her name alive.Eva doesn't typically fight, though that doesn't mean that she can't. With her father being Dante, Eva defiantly knows a thing or two about fighting. She's tough, even when she doesn't want to be. Eva is a lot like her father, though she isn't as mouthy or as carefree as he is. Eva doesn't like to rush into danger, always thinking first before.More to come soon.


04/28/2023 06:35 PM 

Kanashimi No Belladonna: Script

Belladonna of Sadness Synopsis:After being banished from her village, a peasant woman makes a pact with the devil to gain magical ability.Genre: Animation, Drama, FantasyA Mushi Production Film BELLADONNA OF SADNESS Based on the novel LA SORCIERE by JULES MICHELE Screenplay YOSHIYUKI FUKUDA EIICHI YAMAMOTO: Art Director KUNI FUKAI: Animation Director GISABURO SUGII: Key Animation TSUENO MAEDA: SHINICHI TSUJI: Editor MASASHI FURUKAWA Music MASAHIKO SATOH: INSIDE THE PALE MIRROR Lyrics by CHINATSU NAKAYAMA Composition by MASAHIKO SATOH Performed by CHINATSU NAKAYAMA BELLADONNA OF SADNESS Lyrics by YU AKU Composition by ASEI KOBAYASHI Arrangement by MAKOTO KAWAGUCHI Performed by MAYUMI TACHIBANA Jeanne (voice) AIKO NAGAYAMA: Narrator (voice) CHINATSU NAKAYAMA Other Voices MASAYA TAKAHASHI MASAKANE YONEKURA Devil (voice) TATSUYA NAKADAI: Director EIICHI YAMAMOTO: Once upon a time... A kind young man and a beautiful young woman Were joined in love Jean and Jeanne Dancing in the sky of bliss Smiled upon by God Drunk on happiness Jean and Jeanne Together forever Smiled upon by God Forever with each other.. May they live happily ever after. But our story is just beginning. Your highness, today your loyal subjects Jean and Jeanne were joined in holy matrimony. Honoring tradition, Jean has come to make an offering to show his gratitude. Your highness, please accept this money in exchange for Jeanne's hand. We sold our milk cow to get it. How many milk cows? One. We have only one cow. Ten cows. Your highness is ordering you to pay ten cows in tax! What?! I beg you... We're too poor to pay ten cows. Your ladyship, have pity! Is this child chaste? I vow on my soul that it was a pure marriage. Jeanne has never done anything unseemly. Earnest and hard working, the pride and joy of our village. Child, do you love this man? Yes, your ladyship! And you her? Yes! Listen everyone, after milord has had his turn, you're all entitled to this offering! Let's forget what happened. Our life starts from this moment. What is that flickering In the pale mirror? Not tears, Not sighs, But tomorrow's vanished scraps. Or could it be... A woman's leaden body. What is that howling In the black sunset? Not the night wind, Not a crow, But a creaking hinge of rusted hope. Or could it be... A woman's painful moan. Don't worry. Look how tired he is. Don't wake him. Who are you? Where did you come from? You called me. I did? I'm sure I heard it... Your soul was screaming, "I want power. Someone help me." And also... "I'll give anything... if someone would save me... even my soul." Are you the devil? I am you. That tickles. Stop it! I want to give you power. As you wished. A tiny thing like you! It's your fault that I'm tiny. My fault? Yes. I can become as big and as strong as you want me to. It's all up to you. You're so funny! You're laughing! It's good to finally see you happy. You're right. I... laughed. I thought I'd never laugh again. I understand you, Jeanne. I've always been by your side. I know everything about you. I told you, I am you. Stop that! What are you...? Where'd you go? You're doomed at this rate. Pray all you want... Just look at your husband, Jean! Earnest and hard working, he should be in his prime, but he's already breaking down. He'll probably get sick. Probably won't make it past the winter. Don't! I don't want anything, I don't need anything, I just... want to save him. Please... help me save him. Now that's more like it! Jeanne went to town to sell her thread. The town was starving again that year, but the lord still collected taxes. People were crushed by despair and too weak to cry out.--------------------------------------------  The only one working was Jeanne. The town. Jeanne's thread sold for a good price. No one even wanted to haggle. Jeanne's husband Jean was the only one in the village able to pay the lord's high taxes. Rumors started spreading that Jeanne was possessed by the devil. Delighted that Jean had payed all his taxes, the lord appointed Jean town tax collector. Before only a poor peasant, now Jean was an official in a red hat. Jeanne was happy for her husband's success. But Jeanne also noticed that the villagers had changed. Now they bowed deeply, and avoided crossing paths with Jean and Jeanne. The darkness is burning The darkness invites and seduces me Burning darkness Deep into it... Blazing hot... The darkness is burning... Get away! What do you want from me? This is only the beginning. Indeed, this was only the beginning of Jeanne's suffering. War broke out. War is expensive. But winning meant more land. I'm leaving for the front tomorrow, and this is all you collected? Yes... but tomorrow I promise... Fool! It takes more than a few drops to turn a mill! If you don't get all the money in three days, I'll have you hanged! But your highness... no one has any more money left! Teach this man to listen to orders. Make his body remember. Chop off his left hand. You called me? I did... I'll help you. I know you want power. You're cruel. You're mine now. Your body, your soul. Lies! My soul belongs to Jean and to God. You beautiful fool. Still you resist me, even when you're beneath the rod! Your husband is on the road to perdition. What will you do now? You're mine already, but I want you to accept me of your own free will. I also want your heart and soul. Otherwise, he will... This flesh, this rotting flesh, I'll give it to you, if it will save Jean. But not my soul. I will never give you my soul! Very well then. Hang onto it for a bit longer. What, Jeanne? Jeanne put on her green dress and went straight into town. They say green is the color of power, the color of the devil. The greedy old moneylender who had even refused to lend money to the lord took one look at Jeanne and loosened his purse strings. Later he grumbled, "That woman must be possessed by the devil." Men love war in every age. The lord marched off in splendid array with his soldiers and conscripted farmers. Women are always the ones left behind to suffer. The men were gone for a long time. Several years passed. Jeanne had become a moneylender and gained control of the town. People feared and revered Jeanne more than the lord's wife and obeyed her gladly. Who is in charge of this land while his lordship is away? Me or that woman? You, of course! I didn't ask you. You're right to be angry, milady... But the war has been prolonged. Without her help, even we wouldn't have enough to eat... Silence! That witch will pay for this. However, despite his newfound stature, Jean spent his days drinking. Suddenly, the lord returned from the war. Women and men were overjoyed to find each other again. The Lady rarely left her castle to avoid seeing Jeanne, but that day she went to the church on the plaza to greet her husband. Jeanne was there, too. I've never seen that woman before. Milord, things have been turned upside down while you were away. What? That farmer b*tch is in league with the devil. The devil? The villagers respect her more than anyone now. More than you, even. Is this true? Yes. Satanic fiend! Jean! Open the door! Hurry! Help!====================  Jean! So you... didn't kill her. Even better. We'll burn her alive at the stake! That's the best medicine for witches in league with the devil. Heresy must indeed be nipped in the bud. However, if we burn her body while her soul belongs to Satan... What will happen? If we set her body aflame on the mountain of tinder only for her soul to survive the flames in its haughty pride, then, though her body had died, Satan would live on in her soul and might spread like sparks from a fire to those all around. What do you suggest? Milady, you must lock her deep in a dungeon and hold onto the keys. Then scourge her body until the light of God shines into her soul and teaches her meekness. Very well. I'll see to it. Bring her to me! What is burning In the dark judgement? Not grief, Not penitence, But the silhouette of one exhausted. Or could it be... A woman's strong resentment. What awaits In the pale march of time? Not a life, Not a grave, But the mirage of a dead heart. Or could it be... A woman's crimson blood. So you've finally come, my beloved! Spit on by all, and now abandoned by your own husband! How I've been waiting for this moment! Jeanne, since the day you were born into this world, you were my friend, my ally. You and I have been destined for one another, because of your wicked heart and devilish charm. It was you who pulled me down! Touching me... exciting me... into this hell! Exactly! A black dog bit me, that was you! His fangs cut me. Thorns tore into my flesh. Those were you too! They burned like fire. That's right! But I'm also the one who saved you. Saved me? I have no need for puny souls who would throw themselves at my feet. My lust hungers for souls crushed under the weight of despair,  driven to cursing God, mad for vengeance. Yours is coming along quite nicely! Ah, how beautiful you are today. The state of your body, your spirit... That is what stokes my desire and fills me up! Satan! So they call me. Now, my wife. Tell me what you want. I'll give you anything. What do you want to do? Something bad. What? Anything... so long as it's bad. Good answer! That's the Jeanne I know! Now give me your womb, Jeanne, your soul... And take what I have to give! Spring came around, even to the desolate wilderness. Suddenly Jeanne discovered that she was not alone. Nature was there. You are beautiful, Jeanne. It can't be! I thought I had gone to hell. This is hell? I gave myself to Satan. I should be a wrinkly old witch by now. My hair a tangle of venomous serpents, my skin green like a toad, black flames coursing through my veins! This can't be me. I'm being deceived! I want to become a horrifying woman. I want people to turn away in horror when I pass by in the street. I don't want to forget anger and hatred! Who says anger and hatred are ugly? You have become beautiful, Jeanne... Yes... Like a young girl in love... radiant. You are even more beautiful than God. Back in the village, it was another bleak springtime. Jean was back to being an ordinary farmer. Nothing had changed... until a dark shadow crept upon the village. The black death. Infection spelled certain death. Michel, you've noticed. Who are you? Jeanne, the witch. Wh... Where are we? Out of this world. It's all coming back to me now. I was taken for dead and dumped in the graveyard. Last I remember is trying to crawl out. I didn't expect to see you in the afterworld. What are you doing? It's medicine. Liar! That flower's poison!===================  Poison is medicine. That is what cured you. Are you trying to kill me? I thought you were already dead? Michel's back from the dead! He's cured. How did it happen? Must be a witch! A witch... A witch... Famine and the plague have devastated the village. The surviving villagers must be starving. Yet they sing and dance all night at that witch's festivities in the wilderness! Magic! Black magic! But it can't be. The villagers bring their own food and drink. Filthy swines! That woman is still alive? It's a colorful flower. She extracts juice from it. One sip and my wife's labor pain went away. If I remember correctly... "Belladonna, a beautiful woman" that's what Jeanne called that flower. We just can't afford to have any more children! But... My husband wants to every night... I feel bad to make him suffer. And I get lonely too. So we asked Jeanne if there was a way to do it without making children. Oh we know it's bad and wrong in God's eyes. It's an awful sin. But no punishment could be worse than what we've suffered. Now we're happy. We don't regret it, no matter the punishment. I wanted to see my grandson, who died on the battlefield. I heard Jeanne could bring back the dead. Jeanne cried her eyes out when she heard my story. She gave me a stick of tobacco and some blood-red wine to drink. Well? Did your dead grandson come back? No. Did you at least hear his voice? No. Then you were deceived! I got on my knees crying and began to pray. My body was burning up. It all seemed like a dream. I built up my courage and raised my eyes... What did you see? I could see the host of hellfire wailing for my grandson! You mean to say that satisfied you? Oh yes! I've never been so happy. Lord save us all. It's a rebellion against God.======================  A revolt against you, milord! Seize that woman at once! Burn her at the stake! But the road is rough and the villagers are on her side. She will run before our soldiers get there. Who is lord of this land? You? Or... Be patient. We must wait for the enemy to reveal her weakness. Leave it to me! What ails you, little one? Do you want me? Jeanne... Don't you recognize me? I'm the Lady's page. She hates you, so I hated you too. I'm the one who slashed your green cloak. Your point, little page? I did it because... I love her. Are you here to kill me? I need your help, Jeanne. Hear my plea. I want to make love to her. But... I'm only a lowly page. She'd never consider me. Who cares about status? God granted us our status. Ignoring that is against God! The work of the devil! However... I'm willing to sell myself to the devil for my love. Enough. Filthy witch! How dare you! Very well, I'll help you. Crafty wench... She succeeded where the black death failed in penetrating the sanctum of the castle. Lord, we must act at once! Call that man! It's you... It's been a long time. Yeah. You don't look happy, Jean. Is it too late for us? Stop this madness and come live a normal life with me on the farm again. Please forgive me for what I did. I had no choice. Don't... I've forgotten about all that. Come back with me to the castle. The castle? His lordship has said he'll forgive your crimes. Not only that, he acknowledges your skills! You helped the people get over their suffering. He was in awe of your goodness! And you believe him, Jean. His lordship says he wants to join forces with you. What good is your knowledge about healing herbs and soothing wine, without the power of the king  so it can reach all the land? His lordship could have sent his troops to capture you or kill you. But he doesn't want that! If you give him all your knowledge, he promised we could live quietly on a parcel of land. And if I refuse? You'll be killed, Jeanne! You... and me both! Jeanne, please do as I say! Don't think of this as a trade, Jeanne. Think of it as a pact between you and I, to find a path to lead the people to happiness! The fertile plot of 100 acres is but a humble sign of my goodwill. Now please tell the scientists how to use that strange flower. What's the matter? 100 acres not enough? Well then, how does the village chief sound? We'll even make you nobility! How about it? Jeanne, what are you... Fine! Head of nobility, second only to me! What do you say? No. I don't need any of that. Wh... What on earth do you want, then? Everything. What? The entire world! All of it. Prepare the stake! I want this witch burned at the stake this instant! Jean... Time passed. On July 14, 1789 at the Bastille. At the head of the French Revolution stood... The women. 1973 Mushi Production | 2016 Cinelicious Pics


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-NEVER RUSH ME. -Keep RP and RL SEPARATE. ALWAYS. No exceptions.- FULL ON SHIPS-- REQUIRE DISCUSSION.-Whatever happens in our specific RP stays within that specific RP.-Mature themes doesn't just refer to sex. -Para to Novella only! Plot and Story driven favored.-THIS IS A HOBBY. NOT A JOB.- I understand English isn't everyone's first language and we all typo. I need to be able to Comprehend what you write.- I approve of discussions and random starters!PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR DISCORD! Thanks for reading and I hope we have fun creating stories together! 

𝔽𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕 𝔽𝕒𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕪

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This is simply a post detailing the other character I will play on this account.----  Sampo Koski is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. He is an eloquent mercenary from The Underworld who does all sorts of jobs for his "customer," as long as they don't get paid off with a higher price.  “ A silver-tongued salesman, where there is profit to be made, you can be sure Sampo is nearby.Sampo's unique knowledge makes it hard not to approach him for help, but becoming his "customer" is not necessarily a good thing.After all, "customers" can quickly turn into "commodities" for the right price. ”   — Honkai: Star Rail Official Website

Honkai Star Rail


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Current mood:  accomplished

Guidelines will be put here shortly.1. No minors. I will not be labeled as a pedophile - I do not write with underaged characters or with profiles that have underaged characters on them. It's disgusting and I will not have any part of it.2. Literacy is appreciated but not mandatory. I am a literate writer which means I will be writing in 3rd person format and in complete sentences, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.3. Do not rush me for replies and demand that I reply to you as soon as "RIGHT NOW" or you will either be ignored, blocked or both.4. Patience is required to work with me. I have a daily schedule that I follow to keep myself motivated during the day so other than that I will most likely be here, but if something important comes up and I have to be away I will most likely put it up in the status streams about what the situation is and what is going on.5. I am a single monogomous shipping account. If Sakura is in a relationship of one of the character's I've developed storylines with, please be respectful and leave them alone. It is incredibly disrespectful to try and cause couples harm out of jealousy and anger toward them because you want them or "love" them which isn't really "love" at all if you think about it.6. Don't steal from my page - I worked very hard on getting my doorknocker code, music, pictures, and the layout itself to look easy on the eyes. If you want help with something about layouts or coding please let me know and I'll do my best to help or lead you to someone who knows more about it than I do.7. No cyber-bullying or starting drama in my stream comments or messages. Please just be respectful to one another and treat others the way you would want to be treated. Don't judge a book by it's cover because you don't know what they're going through and don't point fingers at the person across from yourself before making sure yours are clean.8. I do not expect a lot from the other writers from this site other than effort and patience. Effort, to me, is important since I don't want to be the ONLY one coming up with ideas with the roleplay and you not do anything to help contributing.9. Please do not ask me for my personal information such as personal addresses, emails, messengers, or other kinds of information. I will not disclose my name which brings me to my next point; you may call me "Mina." if you want a name to call me by - I like it because it's cute and short to remember.10. Please remember to have fun and don't think too much about it. If I am away for a bit I will likely be doing other things but don't worry about it too much I will return and answer replies and comments when I get the chance. Like I may have said I do not have the same amount of time that I had in maybe middle school or high school when, y'know I didn't have to adult and make adult decisions. lol Anyway those are the rules, more will be added if I think of anything~ 


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Irida’s bio:

Irida is a character appearing in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. She is the leader of the Pearl Clan.Appearance:Irida is a slender, fair-skinned young girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a red hairband, two blue bracelets, a white collar, a red and white sash, a red and black strapless shirt with matching shoes, a blue anklet and white shorts.Personality:As the leader of the Pearl Clan, Irida admires the vastness of the Hisui wildernesses. At first, she seemed distrustful to the player and also harbored animosity toward Adaman, but gradually opens up to both of them. She is shown to be a grateful person, helping the player who has quelled Kleavor after they get temporarily banished by Kamado. Irida is also a person who has an aversion for heat, but surprisingly dense to coldness, even complaining about the frigidity when being in the Alabaster Icelands.

Yama [Mostly on Discord]

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Let me explain, please read.

Hello there everyone and welcome to my page, a few things you should probably be made aware of!1] My character is indeed a demon that owns both a natural hit spring as well as a spa, he's very friendly as well as flirtatious as well as naturally perverted.2] This isn't my first time here, I've been here many different times as well as many different characters. Yama is an older character of mine that I've brought back.3] I'm purely mobile so most of my stories will take place on Discord, if you insist it be here then replies won't be as often so my apologies. I miss role playing so this is why I've re-made this account albeit mostly mobile based.


04/25/2023 08:41 PM 


1) I am para and up. I prefer a good story, and heavily feel you cannot write a good story with a one liner. I occasionally will match or write how much effort you put in. If its a oneliner then chances are I will end the rp at some point due to bordem. 2) I am MCRP. I like giving my partner a choice who they get to write a story with. If you can't decide on your own, I am more than happy to help you pick a character that will fit your character. If you are going to be a twat and gripe about how MCRP people suck, take your drama elsewhere or block me! Also, All characters range from 18-30 years old! No underaged characters! No, I will not play a minor role! If my character "looks" too young for you, maybe you're the problem???3) Gaige and Alex are my desginated Mature themed, Dark themed characters. Realistically any can fit that role but I made specific characters just for that.4) I am a romantic or ero writer, but I do not have to be. Though I don't much understand how you can write a story without either, but that's just me. If you'd like to explain it, I will gladly read and appreciate why one may feel that way.5) If I am unhappy with the story I do one or two things, Not communicate at all and ghost you, or if I am terribly unhappy I will end the story in a way I see fit. 6) Some characters are for support in my albums I have listed them as such. Think of them as an NPC and you basically cannot have a rp with them. Silvie and Althea are my only characters that are unable to play with anyone but the person they are owned by or taken by. 7) On the very rare occasion I will make a person a custom character or allow a character to be unavaliable to any other rper if we discuss and decide to do that. 8) If you want to talk OOC elsewhere, I will offer up my discord.9) I would like to think I am an understanding person and that life gets us all, so if you don't reply in X amount of time I will just assume you were lost on your path of life. I do this occasionally myself, but I try to keep my replies as prompt as possible. 10) I won't delete a person off my list because I don't want to keep re adding the same person, so if you're on my list chances are, if we don't talk you're just a number. 11)) Please do not god mod my characters or my support characters. I don't go telling you how to play your character, please don't do it to mine. After a few offences I will mention it to you in OOC. I do add my other characters into stories doing cameos because I enjoy it. DO NOT GOD MOD THEM !!! 12) I have Discord, you can ask for it. I use it for OOC or making friends. I don't usually use it for rp because I am on mobile, and for whatever reason my laptop won't let me download it. So, if you want it for OOC purposes, fine. Just ask.13) Do to real life reasons, I will not procreate, breed, or get impregnated by your character. That to me is not okay, so do not do it! 14) I am not an attention wh043 for posting that I might be busy with real life. If you think because I post things in my status about not being online and what not is attention seeking, kindly block me! I literally thought letting people know I was going to be away or busy was being polite. And I try to be polite to others but ugh...

The Assassin Hound

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The Family and Friends

Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Novel NovemberFather: Input infoSister(s): Jovela November (Baby Sister)Brother(s): Input infoDaughter(s): Input infoSon(s): Input infoAunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cous): Input infoMale Cous): Input infoNiece(s): Miana Hoppus (Older) & Star Hoppus (Younger)Nephew(s): Input infoGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalties: The Guardian TrickstersBest Friend(s): Corey, Drake, Joshua, Goliath, Mordecai, Rick, Kenny, Faith, Spencer, JovelaFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Jax (Male Dragon)

The Assassin Hound

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The Assassin Hound

Full Name: Donovan "Ryo" Edward NovemberAlias: The Assassin Hound, The Loyal Hell Hound, The Silent HoundNickname: Give him SomeMeaning: Look it upTitle: Sir, Mr, Mister, CaptainSignature: Bold/CurviseGender: MaleGender Role: MasculineAnimal Form(s): Human, Wolf, LionOrientation: PansexualReal Age: Very OldAge Appearance: Mid 30's (Human) | 5 yr (Lion/Wolf)Birthday: October 31stBirthstone(s): Topaz, Aquamarine, Opal, TourmalineDeathday: **Birthplace: UnderworldCurrent Residence: USAAstrological Sign: WaterZodiac Sign: ScorpioSpecies: Hell Hound/VampireOccupation: Assassin/SpyEthnicity: AsianBlood Type: O NegativePreferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: StrongEye Color: LilacHair Color: Midnight Blue with Sea Blue bangsHairstyle: LongSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairBody Type: MesomorphBuild: AthleticHeight: 6'1Weight: N/AFacial Hair: NoneShoe Size: 12Birthmarks/scars: None/A FewTattoos: Triquetra On his Right ShoulderPiercing: Ears, Nipples, Tongue, D*ckDistinguishing Features: His EyesHealth: Very healthyEnergy: 70/100Memory: Very SharpSenses: Very SharpAllergies: NoneHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: Losing his FamilyAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: None

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