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The Morana Twins

04/25/2023 07:30 PM 

The Arctic Reaper

Full Name: Cassandra Juliette MoranaAlias: Arctic Reaper, The Arctic Angel, The Arctic Witch, The Arctic Vixen, The Arctic Phoenix, The Arctic Kitten, The Arctic DragonflyNickname: Cassie, Cas, Give her SomeMeaning: Look it upTitle: Miss, Ma'am, Ms, CapSignature: CurviseGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineOrientation: PansexualReal Age: 2495+Age Appearance: Mid 20'sAnimal Form(s): Human, Wolf, Cat, LionessBirthday: March 13, 520 ADBirthstone(s): Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Black JasperDeathday: 545 ADBirthplace: KuttoraCurrent Residence: Ka'RashAstrological Sign: WaterZodiac Sign: PiscesSpecies: Soul Reaper/SuccubusOccupation: MilitaryEthnicity: CaucasianBlood Type: A NegativePreferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: OvalEye Color: Emerald GreenHair Color: Light Black With Crimson Red BangsHairstyle: LongSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairMakeup: Light GlossBody Type: MesomorphBuild: SlimHeight: 5'3Weight: N/aCup Size: BShoe Size: 7.5Birthmarks/scars: None/SomeTattoos: NonePiercing: Ears, Tongue, Nose, Belly, NipplesDistinguishing Features: LipsHealth: Very HealthyEnergy: 50/100Memory: Very SharpSenses: Very SharpAllergies: PollenHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: Loosing Her Family, Her Friends, SpidersAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: None---Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Hanna Morana (Deceased)Father: Dimitri Morana (Deceased)Sister(s): Lovitar Morana (Eldest), Elizabeth Morana (Older Twin)Brother(s): Vladimir Morana (Elder)Daughter(s): Input infoSon(s): Isaac Morana & Marcus Morana (Twins)Aunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cous): Input infoMale Cous): Input infoNiece(s): Kala Ripper, Savannah, Taima Ayita, Azreal MoranaNephew(s): Dorian Morana, Tala RipperGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalties: Nesushchiye Smert (Animal Clan), The Death Corps (Mafia/MC Gang), The Hunt (Nightclub), The Angelic LegionBest Friend(s): Emilia, Bastet, Mikey, Tenshi, Star, Jessebelle, Lizzie, Roxy, Serenity, LoviFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Yuki & Kyo (Twin Male Hellhounds), Mimi (Female Bengal Cat)---Relationship Status: SingleWhom:Since: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s): None

The Morana Twins

04/25/2023 07:28 PM 

The Seer Reaper

Full Name: Elizabeth Antoinette MoranaAlias: The Seer Reaper, The Seer Angel, The Seer Witch, The Seer Vixen, The Seer Phoenix, The Seer Kitten, The Seer Dragonfly, The Seer KitsuneNickname: Lizzie, Lizzy, Liz, Jinxy, Jinxie, Beth, Mom, Sissy, Auntie, Give her MoreMeaning: Look it upTitle: Ma'am, Miss, Ms, SgtSignature: CurviseGender: FemaleGender Role: FeminineAnimal Form(s): Human, WolfOrientation: PansexualReal Age: 2495+Age Appearance: Mid 20'sBirthday: March 13, 520 ADBirthstone(s): Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Amethyst, Black JasperDeathday: 545 ADBirthplace: KuttoraCurrent Residence: Ka'RashAstrological Sign: WaterZodiac Sign: PiscesSpecies: Soul Reaper/GoddessOccupation: Military/ReaperEthnicity: CaucasianBlood Type: A NegativePreferred Hand: AmbidextrousFacial Type: OvalEye Color: Emerald GreenHair Color: Light Black with Dark Purple BangsHairstyle: VariesSkin Tone: WhiteComplexion: FairMakeup: Lip Gloss, Light BlushBody Type: MesomorphBuild: SlimHeight: 5'2Weight: N/ACup Size: BBShoe Size: 7.5Birthmarks/scars: None/SomeTattoos: NonePiercing: Ears, Tongue, Belly, Clit, NipplesDistinguishing Features: Lips, Innocent Green EyesHealth: Very HealthyEnergy: 50/100Memory: Very SharpSenses: Very SharpAllergies: PollenHandicaps: NoneMedication: NonePhobias: Loosing Her Family, Her Friends, SpidersAddictions: NoneMental Disorders: None-----Grandmother(s): Input infoGrandfather(s): Input infoMother: Hanna Morana (Deceased)Father: Dimitri Morana (Deceased)Sister(s): Lovitar Morana (Eldest), Cassandra Morana (Younger Twin)Brother(s): Vladimir Morana (Elder)Daughter(s): Kala Ripper, Savannah, Taima AyitaSon(s): Tala Ripper, Benjamin MoranaAunt(s): Input infoUncle(s): Input infoFemale Cous): Input infoMale Cous): Input infoNiece(s): Azreal MoranaNephew(s): Dorian MoranaGodparent(s): Input infoGodchild(ren): Input infoLoyalties: Nesushchiye Smert (Animal Clan), The Death Corps (Mafia/MC Gang), The Hunt (Nightclub), The Angelic LegionBest Friend(s): Cassandra, Star, Roxy, Serenity, Bastet, Emilia, Mikey, Tenshi, JessebelleFriend(s): Input infoPet(s): Fester (Male Hellhound), Selena (Female Hellcat)---Relationship Status: ReservedWhom: Adrien KasdeyaSince: --/--/----First Met: --/--/----First Kiss: --/--/----Engaged: --/--/----Married: --/--/----Past Relationship(s): Kade


04/25/2023 05:28 PM 

Join me plz!
Current mood:  accomplished has been a passion project for me for a long time, since years ago. I joined this site to announce it's public release, so here I am and this is the link...djinn.blogPlease check it out and if you like it, please share it on Facebook and Twitter.​​​​​​​Thx a lot,-Dan

𝒸𝓎𝒷𝑒𝓇 𝓈𝓁𝑒𝓊𝓉𝒽

04/25/2023 11:36 PM 


1) Ero is definitely fine, but optional. I can RP without, if that's preferred. (I will only accept it with females, though, it's too much otherwise).2) Not too picky about post-lengths, just try not to one line.3) No being a jerk, or rushing replies. I have a life to live, this place won't always be my priority.Will add more when I think of more.

◇♤ Dark Prince ♤◇

04/25/2023 02:44 PM 


Name: Alucard Gender: Male Race: Vampire Age: Roughly 21   Appearance   Height: 6'1 Weight: 210lbs Hair: Blondish Silver Skin: Pale  Eyes: Golden       Powers    Dark Magic: Although Alucard can more than hold his own physically, it is magically where he is truly dangerous. Like his father, Alucard can use many types of dark magic, it can be said that his powers is at least half of what Dracula's is, since Dracula trained him personally. Alucard mastered most of Dracula's own attacks, such as Hellfire, Dark Metamorphosis, Tetra Spirit and Soul Steal. He can also use his dark magic to alter his physical appearance.   Shapeshifting: Alucard can shapeshift into a wolf, bat or mist to get to certain areas. He is also invulnerable for a short frame in the middle of the transformation process. With the aid of some relics, Alucard can enhance his shapeshifting; his Wolf form can run faster than a bullet, his Form of Mist can become a Poison Cloud, and his Bat form can fire fireballs and also a destructive sonar.   Speed: He can run faster than a bullet both in his human and wolf form.   Strength: Like most vampires, Alucard possesses strength far beyond a normal human.   Summoning: Alucard can summon many creatures via Relic Cards, such as an assisting fairy, an elemental spear-wielding demon, a fireball-shooting bat, a soul-stealing ghost or a powerful sword.   Superhuman senses: Due to his vampire heritage, his sense of smell is very keen, being able to discern even a person's heritage and clan connection just from the scent of their blood   Superhuman Swordmaster Skills: Besides being a high class vampire, Alucard also uses his speed, strength, and intelligence with each swing of his blade. Even at times using abilities to combo with the blade and his magic. The blade itself is also able to hover and strike with Alucard's will.   Background   As the offspring of an unnatural bond between Dracula and a human woman named Lisa, Adrian had special powers and was destined to be stronger than any human but not potentially as strong as his father. After Lisa was killed, having been mistaken for a witch, Adrian grew up under the influence of his father, whence he was taught in the dark arts and molded into a warrior who would one day fight for the side of evil.   Adrian's existence did not come without quirks, as the gentle, human side of his mother always seemed to cloud his "better judgement", as Dracula would have put it. At her death, Adrian was by his mother's side. She insisted that he not take his anger at her death out on the humans, as their lives are already full of hardship. With those words, she had a profound influence on Adrian's thinking. His mind wandered as he questioned his father's will. After standing by for as long as he could, he broke away from his father's army and disappeared. Understanding that Dracula was going to impose his wrath on the people, Adrian would turn his efforts toward destroying his father's army, hopefully encouraging him to reconsider. Furthermore, he chose to go under the name "Alucard" –Dracula's name in reverse– to represent that he stood for beliefs opposite those of his father.   Alucard is an adept swordsman and typically wields one-handed swords. Alucard's other attacks use dark magic. As a shapeshifter, Alucard can change himself into a bat, a wolf, or even mist.   Alucard, at first glance, looks like a cool individual of few words and strong determination. However, he also endures great suffering because of his blood curse, a curse to roam the world forever fighting and he suffered deeply due to the death of his mother Lisa, by human hands in which made him feel cold and bitterness toward humans. Alucard is pessimistic, always has a plan for everything, leaves nothing to chance and will do everything necessary to end Dracula regardless of the cost.Alucard always seems to stay away from the people around him, given his vampiric condition. He decided to completely exile himself from the world under an eternal sleep...    

Strawberry Bunny

04/24/2023 03:16 PM 

> Some Rules <

Some rules:1. No godmodding.2. Please be 20+ if you wanna roleplay with me. And don't ask if my characters can dom yours, they will always be sub.3. Try not to spam me but it's okay if you send a reminder after a week.4. You add, you talk. I add, I talk.5. If there is anything that bothers you or if you've gotten bored/started hating our roleplay, tell me and maybe we can figure something else out. I will do the same thing.


04/24/2023 12:29 PM 

my character

my character is named jeremyhe is 6'5 skiny but athetic muscualr build he has white hair and black and red eyes9(depends on his mood)hes solitary so he is quietbit of a softie

Erebus Riddle

04/24/2023 06:07 PM 

Erebus Biography
Current mood:  amused

Name: Erebus Riddle Race: Demon/Sorcerer Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Age: 9000+ (Appearance of his mid 20s) Height: 194cm (6"3') Weight: 96kg Strengths: Creating new powerful magic, manipulation, healing magic.Weaknesses: Getting reminded of his parents.Erebus was one of the first demons to be created. Some rumors say he never had parents, other that he is the devils’ offspring. None of those theories are accurate though. He did have a family, he was from Earth even, as a sorcerer. Living during the time magic was as legal and his kin was in peace with the humans everything was at peace…until it happened. One night the human kind went on a raid. A raid that was completely unexpected, completely eradicating his kin. Erebus watched in terror as a child as his parents got slaughtered.   Since that day, Erebus had sword revenge on the human kind as something dark was building inside him. He was becoming something else, as well as creating a new form of darkness. A darker, more dangerous one. He felt it himself, he was becoming something more powerful than a sorcerer.   After years of seeking guidance. The male finally stumbled upon Lilith, yes the woman that did not obey Adam, the first woman to exist. Being banished long ago, she spent her years in Hell. Upon meeting Erebus the two grew a very strong bond, Lilith was like a mother to Erebus and she was also the one that later changed Erebus into the demon he is today. The very first demon Lilith created.   It did not take long until Erebus had mastered all his abilities. Creating his own realm and gathering his own army, Erebus soon grew to a very powerful figure. Not for the humans, but for Hell and Heaven. The man wanted to create something different and that would put a huge disrupt to the balance. 


04/23/2023 08:55 PM 


Disclaimer: I don't own Juuzou or Tokyo Ghoul and neither are my creation. I take no credit for it; I just portray Juuzou to the best of my ability for fun on the internet. I'm still learning this character and series, so please don't be too hard on me. ;o;    one }} I'll pretty much write whatever length suits the response. Typically, you can expect 3-12 paragraphs for me depending on the storyline and what's going on. I even love a one-line banter on occasion.     two }} I'm all for discussions or just starting something to see what happens.  three }} I'd prefer my writing partners to be at least 18. Please understand my page, character and writing may contain dark, triggering content, such as: blood suicidal thoughts / behaviors self-harm extreme violence mental illness If you have any specific triggers you would like to avoid, please don't hesitate to shoot me a message.  four }} I don't write smut or really do the whole romance thing either, but I'm always down for an awesome platonic storyline.   five }} This is a multi-storyline character, meaning a storyline with Person A will have no effect on an existing storyline with Person B unless it's discussed and agreed upon by all parties involved.    six }} I really shouldn't have to say this, but no OOC drama. IC drama is A-okay though.    seven }} I can either reply at lightning speed or snail speed and no in between. I apologize in advance. ;o; I'll always make sure to give writing partners a heads up on extended absences and hiatuses.   That's all I got for now. Thanks a lot to anyone who took the time to read this! 


04/23/2023 01:43 PM 


( Borrowed from someone. )Don't guilt-trip your friends list just because you aren't getting the responses you want asap. Your insecurity is just radioactive to the rest of us. Perhaps work on yourself first; be a chill fun individual who won't harrang others because they haven't responded to you in the silly time limit you levy upon many.( I vibe with that so hard. 💖 )


04/23/2023 11:32 AM 

♡ H e h . ♡
Current mood:  amused

All of that guilt-tripping grievance when ones doesnot get the make-believe craving and attentionthey so yearn for.O, how this hobby do house some... heathens.Well, on a positive note, the bitchassery can finallystop on my beloved streams and that of others.Well, good riddance, you silly child. ♡  

ᴄʏɴɪᴄᴀʟ ᴛᴏɴɢᴜᴇ

04/21/2023 08:25 PM 

Character Story

Character Details   Baizhu, the owner of "Bubu Pharmacy," is a master of the medicinal arts. He is benevolent and kind, yet also shrouded in mystery and other contradictions. Despite having countless admiring physicians begging for his attention, he has insisted on choosing a zombie who can barely sort medicinal ingredients to be his apprentice.   And though only a mortal, a talking snake with powerful spiritual energy is always wrapped around his shoulders. Maladies major and minor may all be mitigated with his medicine, but the physician seems unable to cure himself. Such a person does not go unnoticed in Liyue, for the greater a person's capabilities, the greater the calamity they could cause should their heart harbor any evil intent.   Yet both public observation and private investigation have not only found no trace of any hidden wickedness, but have seemed to confirm time and time again that his unimpeachable reputation as a benevolent doctor was, in fact, the unvarnished truth. As for all those inscrutable secrets, Baizhu simply smiles and laughs: "Good medicine is so bitter, so it shouldn't be a problem to let a good doctor keep a few secrets, no?"   Character Story 1   Though he was widely known by the moniker "Mr. Bai," Baizhu's last name isn't "Bai." The origins of this misnomer can be traced back to his apprentice at Bubu Pharmacy, Qiqi, and her sieve-like memory. When she first arrived at Bubu, her memory was even worse than it is now, and she would even forget to return to the Pharmacy at night after going out to gather herbs and ingredients during the day.   Fortunately, Baizhu is always patient when dealing with patients, and doubly so when dealing with Qiqi. At first, he attempted to have her stay at the Pharmacy and rest, but Qiqi was always resolute and could not be dissuaded from harvesting materials, saying: "My responsibility." Helpless to stop her, Baizhu would personally go out to find her each and every time, and remind her of the fact she lived with him at Bubu Pharmacy over and over and over and... With a memory like what Qiqi sported then, remembering anyone's full name was beyond the realm of possibility. So for a long time, the names "Baizhu" and "Changsheng" were simply replaced with "that person" and "that snake."   Ever one to prescribe just the right medicine for the disease, Baizhu prepared a notebook for Qiqi to write in and review whenever she had time. Finally, there came a morning when Qiqi saw Baizhu and did not c*ck her head and ask who he was, but said:   "Good, morning. Bai... Bai..." Changsheng was ecstatic, and immediately extended her body outward, even more excited than Baizhu: "Yes, yes, Bai-what now? And how about me? Don't forget about me—"   "Mr. Bai." Qiqi answered earnestly. "And, long... long, snake."   "—Outrageous! My name isn't 'long snake'—"   "Remembering things is like curing an illness. One cannot be too greedy for progress, but be satisfied with gradual improvement." Baizhu smiled slightly and nodded, as though having accepted the name "Mr. Bai."   In the days that followed, the phrases "Mr. Bai said" and "Mr. Bai won't allow it" were never far from her lips, and the endless stream of customers asking after medicine soon brought the name "Mr. Bai" out of Bubu Pharmacy to every corner of Liyue Harbor.   Qiqi's notebook has been filled to bursting and then some, and today she no longer needs to consult it before recalling Baizhu and Changsheng's names.   But "Mr. Bai" had already found its home in the hearts of some, and it was too late to change it.   Character Story 2   Baizhu is not only a brilliant physician, but possesses considerable business acumen. This should not come as a surprise — it would be impossible to operate a such a large pharmacy on the strength of one's medical skills alone.   The prices at Bubu Pharmacy are generally fair, and the pricing strategy for most products is one of high sales with low margins on each transaction. But there is some merchandise priced at a curious premium — such as the "Everlasting Incense," which was 2,990,000 Mora even after a discount.   Usually, the customers for goods like these aren't picky about price, and only care about the quality and effectiveness. So why head to the market to haggle and search, when you can get everything you need at Bubu Pharmacy? Even if it's a bit more expensive, the peace of mind provided by Mr. Bai's reputation is worth it. Naturally, price is not Bubu Pharmacy's only competitive advantage. Many of the customers are businesspeople who have become "partners," bringing Baizhu rare herbs from across the land and exporting the medicines he develops to every corner of the world. As the pockets of Bubu's business partners began to bulge, so too did the Pharmacy's ledgers.   But the objectives of Baizhu's plans do not seem to revolve solely around Mora itself. If they did, why would Bubu Pharmacy take care of someone with no positive impact on income flow like Qiqi? It makes no sense from a business perspective.   When encountering unusual or novel diseases, Baizhu often accepts only a token fee, saying "It is difficult to assess a fee for such a rare ailment."   As this practice has persisted, clients from far beyond Liyue have come to seek treatment at Bubu Pharmacy. Baizhu never refuses a patient, and is very willing to treat people from all walks of life, regardless of the disease that afflicts them. Thus has the good doctor cultivated a reputation as a selfless and benevolent healer who makes money elsewhere, presumably so that he can continue to perform acts of kindness far into the future.   But only Baizhu himself understands the truth: Bubu Pharmacy never engages in unprofitable transactions.   Some goals are impossible to even think about without massive financial backing and a reliable network supplying resources from across the world. Even with sufficient wealth, those goals would have little chance of success without the right opportunities and a bit of luck.   As for the chance to research the secret arts of the adepti and strange diseases... these are opportunities no amount of Mora could ever buy.   Character Story 3   Baizhu habitually has a pot of water before boiling a pot of tea after waking up early in the morning. There is never a shortage of pastries at the Pharmacy, both sweet and salty, delivered from nearby shops and from around the neighborhood. This routine has never ceased, and is unchanged through all four seasons.   The snacks are divided into three portions, two large and one small. The large plates are for Baizhu and Herbalist Gui, and the small plate is for Qiqi and Changsheng. Whichever of them so desires can take a bite, and this counts as having had breakfast with everyone.   In addition, the doors of the Pharmacy are always lined with fresh supplies when it opens in the morning: vegetables, rice, fresh fish, melons and fruits... there is always an abundance of food at Bubu Pharmacy.   Baizhu has repeatedly attempted to persuade the community not to give him such gifts, as he does not like to take things from others for free. But the public knows that Dr. Baizhu doesn't always charge for his consultations, and offers steep discounts upon already reduced prices to the people. The child of this family, the grandfather of that household... The number of people who have benefited from his care is beyond count. Of course, since cheaper healthcare means more Mora in the pocket, using the savings to give gifts by way of thanks is a perfectly sensible thing to do. Baizhu's attempts to dissuade his well-wishers were defeated by this logic, and his only remaining response was to ask Herbalist Gui to bring all the gifts from the door into the shop.   After breakfast, the clinic opens for consultations. Baizhu remains in the shop to see patients, and Herbalist Gui delivers medicines wrapped and prepared the previous night to elderly patients who have difficulty walking. Each package comes with a detailed note explaining clearly both the frequency and quantity of medicine to be taken for the convenience of the patient. When patients begin arriving at the clinic, Changsheng takes leave of her perch on Baizhu's body and wanders about the clinic. If she catches Qiqi performing her calisthenics in the courtyard, she will wind about Qiqi's shoulders and help her keep time with a "one two three one two three," and so on. If she runs into Herbalist Gui delivering medicine in the corridor, she will rest on his arm and ask after the latest neighborhood gossip.   After the talking is done, the medicine weighted and packaged, and the tea has cooled, it is time for lunch. At this time, Baizhu is at leisure to personally prepare a nutritious meal and sweet soup that are both healthy and tasty for all who come to call.   Afternoons in Liyue Harbor are a leisurely affair, with studying children, tottering old grandparents, Millelith carrying spears... An endless patter of footfalls. Changsheng and Qiqi lie by the pharmacy door, basking in the sun and watching the flow of people. They idly observe that the one on the left has let their hair grow too long and needs a haircut, while that one on the right has a rash on their face, and might be suffering from an internal imbalance. The sound of their chatter reaches Herbalist Gui's ears, and fearing disturbing others, he brings over a bench and moves Changsheng and Qiqi back inside the pharmacy.   The commotion reaches Baizhu's clinic, and he listens to their exchange as he writes a prescription. Time is like boiling water in a copper kettle: at once both a turbulent tumult but also sitting quietly beside you.   As night falls, Bubu Pharmacy closes for the day. Herbalist Gui sometimes stays for dinner, and sometimes goes home to eat with his family. Then only Baizhu, Qiqi, and Changsheng remain, and the two people and one snake may eat and drink to their hearts' content, returning to their rooms to rest by the light of the moon.   One cannot call such a day anything out of the ordinary. It is simply a day at Bubu Pharmacy. Though, if Herbalist Gui suddenly had the thought to come back and take a peek before going to bed, more like than not he would happen upon Baizhu teaching Qiqi new exercises in the courtyard to keep her limber.   One-two-three, one-two-three... Morning, noon, and night, spring, summer, and fall — oh, and also winter... Calisthenics and life both have their rhythm.   Character Story 4   The storyteller rapped the wooden table, opened his mouth, and began to tell a tale of ghosts and demons. Though the public loves to hear these stories, they get old after too many tellings, and so people asked, "is there anything else? You've told the one about the jewel-seller and the one about the thief, what else is there?" At that moment, Baizhu came down the stairs, and the audience saw him and thought to themselves: Dr. Baizhu has many stories, surely, but putting them into a book might be far too difficult. Other than discussing his exemplary behavior and medical ethics, if one wishes to say a few words about him over tea or after dinner, the most that can be talked about is the Doctor's private pursuit of the adeptal arts and the like, a matter that Baizhu has never intended to conceal.   There are a multitude of visitors to Bubu Pharmacy, and those with sharp eyes cannot avoid noticing the books Baizhu reads in his spare time. In addition to medical treatises are ancient tomes which record the ways in which the adepti may be sought out. In addition, the medicine chests at Bubu Pharmacy contain a multitude of rare herbs and ingredients which are of no use in treating common illnesses, but are constantly used and replenished in an endless cycle. Though the average patient may not understand the arcane implications, those from families which practice alchemy or thaumaturgical arts can instantly recognize that all of these are ingredients used to refine various "Elixirs of Immortality" spoken of in legend. For most ordinary people, "immortality" is simply too strange a concept. But there are people whose curiosity will be aroused, and who will seek to know just how Baizhu wishes to attain immortality and how far along the road he has come... But this has proved akin to walking on a tightrope at night — it is difficult to take even a single step.   Eventually, news of Baizhu's quest spread. Once the news was leaked, people formed an opinion. Some coveted his knowledge, some opposed this pursuit, and others didn't particularly care about his goal of immortality, but were concerned about the trouble his methods might cause. Baizhu himself was in his clinic, but his fingers were on the pulse of the street, and he had anticipated this would happen. In the vast land of Liyue, the concerns of the third group of people would be the most difficult to assuage. He had initially planned to quietly dispel any doubts, but the name "Baizhu" had already appeared on the Ministry of Civil Affairs' persons of special interest list. Fortunately, Baizhu always conducted himself impeccably in his daily life, and is amiable and willing to chat with his patients during their consultations. From these visits, he learned that the Ministry of Civil Affairs was keeping a close eye on him. He saw through their methods, and turned the ears and mouths of the people to his own ends, letting them spread the word on his behalf that his research and approach had no ill intent and would cause no trouble.   Rumors spread more quickly than the most infectious pathogen, and soon the fact his quest was benign had spread to every corner. This push and pull between Baizhu and Ministry continued for some time, but eventually he was able to avoid unwanted attention and his name avoided appearing in the top secret intelligence reports of the owner of Yanshang Teahouse, Yelan. As for the aforementioned second group of people, their beliefs are already a known quantity, and set in stone. Many are the descendants of a clan that believes firmly in the principle that some things are divinely ordained, and that the impermanence of life and permanence of death are among those immutable truths. It must be pure coincidence that the representative of this second group lives but a street away at Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.   As the saying goes, neighbors are like relatives and friends, and Bubu Pharmacy and Wangsheng Funeral Parlor have had many interactions over the years, and both parties greet each other with a smile when their paths cross in the street. As for those questions of life and death, death and life, the opinion of the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Hu Tao is as follows: If the matter cannot be explained or settled in a couple words, it's better to have Baizhu over for dinner! And as for a sensible person like Baizhu? Of course one should attend the banquet! Season after season, year after year, without going into too much detail, the two households with very different views have spent many a day together, and could be considered close friends, albeit with each keeping their secrets.   When two parties do not align closely, they merely speak of etiquette. But when they align, one may speak of duty. For Bubu Pharmacy is in the business of healing the sick, and in the course of business it is inevitable that there will be those beyond saving or at the end of their lives. Those with good fortune are cared for by their family, but those less lucky will breathe their last in Bubu Pharmacy. When this happens, Bubu Pharmacy and Wangsheng Funeral Parlor will jointly ensure their final rest is peaceful.   The last rites and journey of the deceased is of great importance, and Director Hu Tao entrusts this to her most dependable consultant, Zhongli. For Bubu Pharmacy, Baizhu cares greatly for those patients who pass away under his care, and personally sees to their arrangements. The two parties hold a ceremony in a secluded thatched cottage in the dead of night. Baizhu sends the deceased there, and the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor consultant holds the ceremony and performs the final rites, carrying out each step in an orderly manner. Even if it is simply going through the motions, the departed may rest in peace.   It is a pity that though the soul has passed on, no living soul will ever thank Bubu Pharmacy or Wangsheng Funeral Parlor on the deceased's behalf. But the heavens wheel ever onward, and so too does the cycle of life and death continue unceasingly. Doctor and Funeral Director and consultant are neighbors by coincidence, friends over the dinner table, but only truly meet heart-to-heart when conducting the solemn duty of seeing off the souls of the deceased. Once they walk out of that thatched cottage, they return to their former selves.   As for the aforementioned first type of people, those who covet the secret of immortality, though they are many in number, their methods are crude, and they are easy to deal with.   Bandits are common in the wilderness and in the mountains, and a few particularly stupid and shortsighted ones once ran into Baizhu alone on a mountain road. Baizhu was refining medicine, and the bandits, having heard rumors of Baizhu's quest, came to the conclusion that he had made something of value here in this remote location. They struck, expecting to plunder the secret medicine Baizhu had created. A few hours later, the Millelith arrived at the scene of the crime, having received a report. It was difficult to tell who was the real victim, with the ruffians laid out upon the ground and Baizhu standing beside them with a smile.   "The facts of the case come first, so forgive me for asking," the Millelith soldier began hesitantly, "but did you really come to place this remote just to make cold medicine?" "If I was refining some special medicine..." Baizhu laughed and shook his head. "Would they ever have found me?" These stories traveled round and round, eventually returning to the ears of the storyteller. He thought for a moment, then shook his head and sighed: "Forget it. At the end of the day, Dr. Baizhu is just a doctor. What fascinating tales could there be?"   Character Story 5   Every time the weather turns cold, the threshold of Bubu Pharmacy is crowded with patients seeking a consultation. But today, Baizhu's silhouette was nowhere to be seen. Only his assistant Herbalist Gui was at the counter, prescribing medicine and dispensing medicine. Those with recurring illnesses who visited frequently knew what this meant. It was "one of those days" again, and so they took the medicine carefully wrapped by Herbalist Gui. They offered their best wishes, such as "Please tell Dr. Baizhu to care of himself," and shuffled out the door.   At that moment, Qiqi came in from the doorway and bumped into an old man's calf. Holding her hat tight, she nodded and hurried to the back room with her stiff steps as quickly as she could.   "It's one of those days" isn't a particular time or place, but rather is shorthand for an oft-used statement: The Doctor is ill, and cannot see patients today, so we are sorry you came all the way here for nothing, please come back some other time. It is hard for physicians to cure themselves, and this is true for Baizhu as well. Baizhu claims that it is simply a chill, but he knows that he has a weak constitution, and all of his internal organs are diseased. Though his life is not in imminent danger, nine out of ten doctors would be dumbstruck, only able to gape in wonder at the nature of this rare and incurable disease. Therefore, whenever his symptoms flare up, all Herbalist Gui and Qiqi can do is bring him hot water, cloth towels, and plates of fruit to show their concern. Baizhu does not wish others to worry on his behalf, and insists on being alone in his room with only Changsheng for company. With the curtains pulled over the tightly closed windows, the room was dark and gloomy. Baizhu lay down, tormented by the chills and following hot flashes, occasional breathing problems, and intermittent yet intense full-body pains that often came whenever his symptoms flared up. After a bout of agony, he joked to Changsheng, "If I don't make it one of these days, it'll be a giant hassle, won't it?"   Changsheng slithered up the head of the bed and looked down at Baizhu's sweat-soaked visage with human-like pupils. "Oh you, oh you, you may lie, but you may not die. Who is it that wishes to live forever? You are not yet old, and haven't yet experienced a full life." A man and a snake, the snake with human eyes and the man with snake eyes. A strange phenomenon indeed. Few know the truth behind such an enigmatic anomaly. In fact, the pupils in their eyes are proof of their greatest secret — the contract between them. The result of this contract is the Baizhu of today — practicing medicine to save lives and alleviate the pains and aches of humanity, but also embedding illness deep into his own bones, where they reside forever with no hope of relief.   And in the land of Rex Lapis, God of Contracts, the law is supreme and contracts must be abided by. Liyue is an ancient country with a multitude of spiritual beings and magic, and the contents and types of contracts are equally varied. But Baizhu and Changsheng never discuss the contents of their own contract, and always share the same response: Contract? It's just an agreement, you could say it's just a secret technique with a couple of restrictions on how it can be passed down. Those too old or young, those who are insincere of heart, the inhuman, all of these cannot inherit this technique... What else is there? Oh, yes. "Those not fated to cannot inherit it!"   Qiqi put down the tea tray and hot water, closing the door behind her as she left. Baizhu watched her leave before let out a long sigh, as though he had a thousand worries caught in his throat, but was unable to give voice to a single one. All he could do was shift the conversation to a distant rumor—   In ancient times, there was once a Mt. Yaojun, and the master of the mountain and their tea-loving friend once made a pact to wait until the tea trees on the mountain had grown, then hold a tea banquet, inviting all the adepti to partake of their tea. What a beautiful thing that might have been! But alas, of the two Adepti who made the agreement, one sank into the water like the residual remnants of tea leaves, and the other lost all ten of their fingers for picking tea, and even their memories of the past faded and were forgotten.   Changsheng hissed an impatient reply: "What's so strange about that? The adepti are gone, but don't their tea trees remain? The tree and tea leaves will remember their ancient agreement in their stead. You should worry more about yourself, for if you and I leave, only Herbalist Gui, Qiqi, and the wood of the house and bricks on the floor will remember the two of us."   The name of the contract with Changsheng is known as "Way of the Dragon-Dragging Jade Snake." Only the name of contract is known, and not even Changsheng can explain the details, only that she learned it long ago. If you ask who she learned it from, she cannot recall even a bit of tangential information. Talking about the distant past with Changsheng is often like this. Baizhu is used to listening to her advice, though, and understands she has good intentions. Thus did he vomit up the blood stuck in his throat before sitting up straight against the head of the bed. Changsheng glanced over: "What're you looking at me for? I don't have hands to support you with."   Cradling the soup made for him by Herbalist Gui and Qiqi, Baizhu slowly drank it. He got through it one spoonful at a time, his eyes never leaving the soup for a moment, as though there was an entrancing scene of spring flowers and autumn leaves at the bottom of the bowl. The small things, one at a time. The basic essentials of daily life. Life is like soup, boiling and cooking.   Bubu   In Liyue, a form of divination is often used to predict fortune and peril or ask the gods for guidance. The people of Liyue call their particular art "Zhanbu."   It is said that in ancient times, medicine and "Zhanbu" were tightly linked and often confused. With no scientific understanding of birth, old age, sickness, or death, the ancestors could do naught but pray to the gods for wellness and take medicinal herbs for comfort.   Over time, countless generations experiencing sickness and recovering upon taking different herbs were able to distill their knowledge into a set of rules, making breakthroughs in their understanding of medicine. Thus was medicine born, with trained physicians curing the sick. After becoming an heir to this medical tradition, Baizhu brought Changsheng to Liyue Harbor to open a pharmacy and practice medicine in the bustling port city. At that time, the following story took place: According to the traditions of Liyue, new businesses must divine an auspicious time for their grand opening using the art of "Zhanbu." By sticking to the preordained opening day, the business will prosper and enjoy fame and fortune.   But Baizhu did not wait until the day of good fortune. One night, a mother brought her fever-stricken daughter to the door of the pharmacy, frantically pounding on the door. …   Early the next morning, the neighbors were shocked to discover that the pharmacy had opened several days early, with no fanfare or celebration.   "Aren't you afraid of going bankrupt and losing everything?" Changsheng's voice was full of regret. "All you did was treat an emergency case last night, why would you need to open up shop early?"   Baizhu replied as he wrote a prescription: "Every day delayed is another day the patients must wait for their consultation. Besides, what pharmacy wants business to boom? We aren't hoping for more people to get sick, are we?"   "That doesn't mean you should just throw open the doors without even thinking of a name for our shop! And what about a celebratory message for the grand opening?"   "A name and a message... Then let us send the message that no matter the fortunes of this shop, or the diseases afflicting our patients..." Baizhu picked up the prescription note and faced the rising sun framed through the door. "...Or our fates, we don't need to ask the gods or use divination any longer."   In the language of Liyue, "Zhanbu" is divination, but "bu" can also be the word for a refusal or negation. Thus, he chose a name that enshrined his beliefs. The rays of sunlight were shining through the door and the thin paper in his hand, with the words written by his hand clear and confident—   "Bubu Pharmacy, Baizhu."   Vision   When Baizhu was young, his hometown was struck by a horrific plague. Fortunately, his master was practicing medicine there, and was able to contain the spread.   But no miracle could bring back the lives that had already been lost. Having lost both his parents, Baizhu began to follow in the footsteps of his master, learning the physician's art.   The world is full of strange and complicated diseases, but Baizhu's master was always able to provide treatment. Studying with his master, Baizhu learned a simple truth: Disease is dangerous, but it can ultimately be overcome with human intellect.   ...Until the day finally came that Baizhu's master was completely exhausted by the maladies brought on by a contract, and could hold on no longer.   Though Baizhu had learned much in those years, he was still unable to do anything in the face of such a complicated and serious affliction.   That most intractable disease in the world, the one with no cure or answer — death — had finally come for his master. Was there really no escape from sickness and death for mortals?   The memories of his parents coughing blood from his youth had grown hazier over the years, but the scene of the cold tombstone of his master was crystal clear before his eyes.   Standing before his master's grave, Changsheng's normally playful words were tinged with an imperceptible sense of melancholy.   "Who knows how many more people will take on this contract..." Baizhu did not want to see yet another precious life slip away before his eyes. "No. This contract will end with me." When he next opened his eyes, they shone with a golden light, as though they were unquenchable candles.   The first thing reflected in his now vertical pupils was a Vision, appearing briefly like a firefly on his master's tombstone. The Vision was like the gaze of a god who had witness to everything, but it was also like those of his master, gentle and full of expectation.

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Archie's Sister (Sophia)

Name: Sophia Danielle WrenAge: 24Sex: FemaleOrientation: StraightHair color: BlueEye color: BlueStatus: Single and HappySophia is the Queen and Medic of the Kingdom Mystic Novia. She is the youngest in her family. She is the "good" kingdom. Archie is evil and her other brother is neutral. Sophia always got along with her brothers especially Archie since they were both had been from Posidion and had two great moms. Sophia was known for always taking care of her kingdom and some from other kingdoms. She had no intent in ruling the underworld or the heavens. She just wanted to protect her kingdom t all costs. (Any questions leave them in the comments.)

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Archie First daughter

Name: Genevieve Marie KnightAge: 4Height: N/A for nowWeight:N/A for nowSexuality: N/AGender FemaleTraits: White hair and blue with a tint of purple eyesGenevieve is the first daughter of the kingdom of Onyx. She will be personally trained to fight battles and become a warrior by her father, Archie. She will be his pride and joy. He will protect her till the end of the universe. She is quite unique with her white hair and green eyes. She does have magical abilities but Archie trains her to not rely on them. Archie named her Genevieve because it means God's blessing. And of course, he choose the middle name because his husband liked that name. And Archie wanted her last name to be Dennis's last name. Updated with more soon (Comment Below with questions)

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Archie's second split personality (Finnian)

Archie's second split personality is not so much good or evil. It's kind of neutral but does have a major effect on Archie. If Archie couldn't control this one it would make Archie become dull and not interested in anything anymore. He would lose any and all feelings for anyone and anything. This is the worst one yet it is the easiest one for him to control. And Potentially it could be that the fact that Archie had very real and important feelings for Dennis and their family. Archie named this one Finnian, so it would be easier for him to keep track of. (As same as with the other one they don't have to make a full appearance but they can talk to him, from inside his head which makes him look crazy.) His appearance isn't dull for this one though, look below:

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