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โ€”like the ๐™ฌ๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™™.

03/04/2024 07:30 PM 


The Warp Topaz–capable of bending space to its user’s whims, this orange gemstone requires a light, steady stream of energy to function safely. Anything higher risks extreme alterations to reality and may compromise the stone’s stability. With a safe charge, its user can open multiple gateways between any points in space they desire, traveling in seconds what would take others days.These notes were just a snippet from the piles of journals left behind by the late Dr. Starline, Eggman’s most recent lackey, who had devoted his entire career to understanding and mastering the topaz. It’s after he’d joined up with the mad scientist that his notes on the gemstone end, however, as his long-time mentor and role model had stolen it from him in the face of a global crisis, discarding the platypus now that he'd proven himself unworthy. Forced to watch as his fears come to pass, two golden hedgehogs supercharge the gem with the immense power of the Chaos Emeralds to rid their world of a robotic plague. It fizzes and pops, holding on until the very end before collapsing on itself, disappearing from reality, and taking one of its users with it.The hedgehog eventually found his way back, but the status of the topaz remains a mystery.10:15TAILS’ WORKSHOP, THE MYSTIC RUINS“...Ooh, that's right! The Metal Virus!”Gloved fingers tap at his keyboard, chair scooting closer to the computer, the monitor reflected in his intense stare. Twin tails flick as the tally goes up by one–another world-saving victory for Sonic the Hedgehog!“Can’t forget that was a group effort. You guys grabbed the Chaos Emeralds, and Silver did a lot of heavy lifting.”The hedgehog himself chimes in, giving credit where credit is due. Silver and himself might’ve been the ones to save the world, but they wouldn’t have made it that far without everybody’s efforts. That victory belonged to everyone. A beautiful sentiment had he left it at that. But from his comfy position on Tails’ couch, he couldn’t help but go on.“Though I did juice the Warp Topaz with Chaos energy, which ended up being the key to it all, so…”“Sure, but didn’t that send you to another dimension?”“...Okay, maybe it wasn’t a perfect plan!”Neither of them can hold back a smile. They crack at the same time, laughing together, their hands on their bellies. They were brothers through and through. Though as he enjoyed the moment, a question couldn’t help but nag at the back of Tails’ mind. One that Sonic could hopefully answer.“So… do you know what happened to the Warp Topaz after you disappeared?”Sonic tries his best to recall.“Sorry, buddy. I was out cold ‘til Blaze woke me up. But if I’m still around, then–”VVZZZ!A sickly glow creeps into the room, materializing out of nothingness, the air surrounding it fizzing and crackling with volatile energy threatening to erupt! They try to hide but can’t; they’re swallowed whole by an explosion of blinding light. Seconds pass–maybe even minutes–before they come to their senses. They’re still in Tails’ workshop, but Sonic’s goosebumps refuse to subside. Hues trail up from the ground to the center of the room, ears following the hissing and sizzling. That’s when he sees it.The Warp Topaz.“Long time no see. Eavesdrop much?”On instinct, Tails grabs his handheld computer–the Miles Electric–to run a diagnostic check on the gem. Its readings fluctuate massively, spiking severely, ready to blow at any second! If it popped, the damage it’d cause could be catastrophic; they had to stop it.“It’s still supercharged from the Chaos Emeralds! We have to get rid of it!”He shouts, a cold sweat forming on his brow.“Dr. Starline found it somewhere… maybe if we put it back, it’ll neutralize it!”Sonic nods in agreement, placing a hand on the fox’s shoulder.“Sounds like a plan! You find where it goes, and I’ll race it there in no time!”Despite the pit in his stomach, Tails’ confidence in his friend pulls through. They knew the dangers of the topaz and were willing to face them head-on for the greater good. Though before the hedgehog leaves, he mulls over a thought.“If you take on too much of its unstable energy, you… might not come back. If you could share the energy somehow…”It’s at that moment he’s struck with an idea.“Do you still have your wrist-comm on?”“Sure do. Keep me updated while I wrangle this thing!”They had little time to spare. Sonic claps his hands together, ready as he’ll ever be. Tension escapes his lips with a sigh as he draws an arm back, staring at the space-defying stone, steeling himself for what’s to come."Okay, pop rock. Let's do this!"Ready–GO!His hand swings forward, clutching the gem tightly in his palm, erratic vibrations running through his entire body! Its energy swells, submerging him in its light! One instant, he’s there, and the next, he’s gone! 


03/04/2024 06:42 PM 

Easy Peasy Way To Quit Porn

A member of shared something powerful that we feel is worth sharing with this community. It's a resource for anyone struggling to break a porn habit/addiction. Painlessly quit porn immediately, without willpower or any sense of deprivation or sacrifice."Easy Peasy Way To Quit Porn"Audiobook and/or a PDF book written in 17 Languages

Lost Chivalry

03/04/2024 01:05 PM 

Lost Chivalry

I won't be adding much to my profile, Galahad is as he appears.  While I won't be hunting for roleplayers, I will accept friends to banter with, and people who truly have a heart to write.  I have my own journey I am writing, people can write alongside it and rp with me, or throw in their own ideas.I am also fine with sparring and combative verses, as I find conflict in writing keeps the mind fresh.  For those who feel the need to fight, I will accept all challengers in any quantity and skill set and quality.  Be warned however that mercy is no longer a quality I have due the lack of time I have to devote to such things, as such if you want a drawn out match, I ask you request a quantity autorevive system in play for multiple attempts in the bout.  I don't use weapons, so feel free to try whatever you like, I will even use a weapon of your choice for practice.

๐™ฐ๐™ป๐™ป ๐š‚๐™ผ๐™ธ๐™ป๐™ด๐š‚!

03/03/2024 09:07 PM 


  It was any other day in Hazbin Hotel - where the sinners were roaming and Alastor was focused on a book that rested in his hands. Charlie was gushing to sinners who were intrigued by the thought of redemption, Vaggie was standing there beside her, and the rest... well, they did what they did best. Crimson orbs glanced up from the words for a brief moment before he looked back down.For some reason, the quiet made him feel... rather nervous. Almost as though eyes were on him without revealing themselves. No, he had to simply be imagining it.There was a darkness that casted overhead and Alastor eventually looked up again; the everseeing eyes presenting themselves to stare down at him. His smile was tense once he realized the symbols... the meanings... that meant she was on her way. He closed the book louder than he meant to and stood up; watching as vines and lines caressed the roof; cracking through the surface.The sound of his name was not lost on him as many of them said it - with Husk's boss added in between - but he ignored them. Alastor knew that this meant Eve was pissed. His smile lightly cracked with brows furrowing in slight confusion. He didn't know why she would come here, but he supposed it had everything to do with the fact that he hasn't completed her goal yet.A slight giggle resounded around the room, which made everyone else pause. Alastor fell backward when Eve revealed herself - tentacles with eyes staring down at him in dismay. "Oh, what do we have here?" She looked around the room ; eyes darting towards all the demons who stared at her in surprise. Her stare stopped on the princess who looked rather shocked by her appearance, though it only made an evil grin appear on her lips. "It seems my pet hasn't done his work. Alastor ~ none of these demons are even supposed to still be alive. What did I say would happen if you didn't kill them?"The chain wrapped around Alastor's neck when Eve presented it, simply curling her fingers around the other side. Music started before Alastor even had a chance to stop it. She turned her attention towards Charlie first, eyes glancing down at the ring that shined on her finger, "Do you feel the betrayal sting? It must be quite the price, when you take a glance at that ring. ~ I’m so sorry, Princess Charlie, but his soul is mine, and I see that you probably think I crossed a line. But, ๐ŸŽถ" She tugged the chain closer as Alastor’s hand wrapped around it placing her face right into his own, "You’re at the end of the road. I did not pave it with good intentions, and I will have my due ๐ŸŽถ." She grinned evily when she noticed the looks on their faces."I can see the look on your faces, all of you must have the same clue, Oh but this can’t be true, the radio demon owned by the magnificent Roo ๐ŸŽถ?" Roo is the name she called herself as the other first human soul in hell - root of all evil. Most of them only knew her by that one, but Alastor was aware she was Eve. She laughed and drug Alastor over to kneel in front of Charlie, "Come here little deer, and look the princess in the face. Tell her how you betrayed her and became a disgrace๐ŸŽถ," Roo grinned at the face he made - true fear waned behind those crimson orbs of his and she knew he didn't fear many but her, "I laugh at your pitiful stance, there’s shame in your eyes, yet I tell no lies. Now kill the ones who don’t please me and save the princess for last. I want to see your agony, your pain, and enjoy it while it comes to pass ๐ŸŽถ."Roo released her hold on the chain, hoping he would do as she says. Alastor looked up and watched the hurt cross Charlie's expression before his tight-lipped smile clenched harder. So hard, blood drew from his lips. Killing the princess would be no easy feat anyway, regardless of what Roo would believe. Alastor had no intentions on following through with her plan... he was here to get himself out of that deal. The revenge that gathered in her soul made her want to kill what Lucifer held dear. Alastor was only one overlord. Eventually Alastor took the chance to stand, legs nearly wobbling when he turned to face Roo. His grin was present even as he laughed - hands moving to touch red hair. "It seems I hit the end of the line, ๐ŸŽถ" He didn't know it would come so soon, "But I will not kill her or the others, even if that means the end of mine. ๐ŸŽถ" Alastor looked almost pitiful when the chains wrapped around his neck again and she made him fall forward. Blood seeped from imaginary wounds - covering his coat and splattering against the hotel grounds. There was a pain easy to see in his face, despite the smile that cracked the surface. "No? No? Did you forget who owned your soul? I suggest you do as I say before I rip you apart, don’t tell me you suddenly love them with all your heart? I’m fed up with these games Alastor, you should do what I tell you, otherwise it might just end badly for you. The more souls you obtained, the more powerful you became. But they weren’t enough, were they? I’m sorry little deer, but it doesn’t seem like you’re going to get your way ๐ŸŽถ."Alastor grimaced when he felt the wounds gather in agony, but he still refused. The music died down and Roo's grip on his chain tightened. "Pathetic," Eve grinned ; "Clearly I have to remind you of who you belong to." More pain from the wounds that covered his scarred flesh, and he simply did nothing but allow it to happen. Roo avoided Husk's cards when he sent them in her direction and she simply faded in the background, but her laughter gathered around the halls. She would always be watching, and Alastor realized... his time was severely cut in half.If he had that much time to begin with. "Boss?" Husk asked, causing the silence to fade away. Alastor was silent. There was only one thing he could do in a moment like this, knowing that too many eyes were watching him. Shadows pulled from the floor and wrapped around his frame. He was gone before anyone could grab him.


03/03/2024 06:58 PM 

Various Old Men Within ๐Ÿ‘ด๐Ÿ’…

While I was high off my ass my druggie brain gave birth to two au versions of the old bastard man that are now additional optional encounters but before I get into them they're variants ofThis Profile's (Main) Gaster Sci Cult's just had a blog post and no other mentions anywhere lolSad wet old man to malicious(?) lump pipeline: his entire timeline plus that of his CORE (another option--requires going to his origin world--functions as a killswitch as it will actively annihilate this old idiot as soon as he enters the CORE facility) can be found in this blog post."Science Cult" GasterWherein rather than gradually spiralling into major depression after the accident that killed a techie and irrepairably damaged him, he instead gradually went through the eccentric old scientist to madman bent on world destruction pipeline instead. Copy-pasting things from my blog,โ—˜ Pre-Erasure. โ—˜ A mystery science cult leader along the same vein as Pythagoras. The Followers will be coming into play with this one more-so than the blog’s flagship a**hole. โ—˜ He has two notable times one can interact with:     • Prior to discovering that the world they are in is a game, wherein he is a mad scientist but not an outright antagonist. He’s actually nice! Just eccentric.     • Until after discovering that the world they are in is just a game, at which point he starts to go off the rails. His Followers, well, follow suit. Their group could be likened to video game bosses while the BBEG(aster) works on changing and twisting and corrupting their world to try and gain the attention of whatever is behind the code their world runs on. Clearly a villain arc ending in his erasure but not-quite-there-yet. โ—˜ Not related to the skeletons. โ—˜ A wight. When his creation is ultimately turned against him and his Followers, a failsafe kicks in. Everything is simply data, including himself and his sycophantic allies. Gaster created backups So, while they are ultimately erased from their timeline (back up copies of lines of code, obviously, are not The Original Version of those lines of code), they do not cease existing altogether. It isn’t perfect, however. He did not have time enough to test it and make sure that everything was one hundred percent as it should be. The back ups weren’t updated to the very point of erasure, either–they were created shortly after he upgraded the original device that granted ability to see the world code to be able to receive and apply changes to that very code. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to surmise that since the back ups were activated, that his original version was defeated. Further silver lining was the abject fact that no one within his timeline remembered who he nor his Followers were. Erasure is erasure. All memories of him and what he tried to accomplish were forgotten. He and his Followers are now naught but ghosts, observing their timeline throughout its trials and tribulations caused by those other than them. General appearance: that one sprite BSOD / "Crash"A variant of "Science Cult" that succumbed to the same depression the guy a couple worlds to the left succumbed to, albeit after creating a world-corrupting doomsday device that he turned upon himself in a fit of "clarity." This ended up corrupting only his data, resulting in his prompt seeming erasure from his world and this monstrosity:He can transform into the following sprite,  And in doing so he can connect into whatever Universe he happens to be in at the time and cause it to Blue Screen. He only BSODs universes that have gone through Neutral or Pacifist runs. His end goal is No Mercy, All Worlds. It also allows him to "crash" (enlighten) individual monsters, resulting in cases similar to Jevil. He will sometimes assist the Fallen Human if they are particularly dust-thirsty(?) or encountering problems. Likes to f*** around in No Mercy AUs for Fun and Amusement sometimes, but refrains from crashing them. Likes to play pranks all throughout the spectrum of utterly harmless to outright sadistic. "Reboot"A version of the guy a couple worlds to the left that Crash meddled with, keeping him from performing the experiment that inflicted those injuries and caused the mental bad times. Has since been roped into cleaning up Crash's BSODs by rebooting the worlds via a device Crash created for him to use for that purpose. He has yet to catch on to Crash's true "game." He just thinks he's enabling morbid, but harmless (as the worlds are returned to normal afterwards) "fun." He's morally grey at best, but generally a nice old dude--if he knew what his "friend" was doing he would do his best to stop the guy. Eccentric.Old. Uses a cane because of a bad back. The reboot device is built into it, activated by pressing the upside-down heart, and the cane itself is sturdy enough to be used as a blunt weapon in a pinch.



03/02/2024 09:45 PM 

Rambling on Roxas

>>With different people have different writing styles, headcanons, and preferences for their own characters, I thought it might be fun to put some of mine down too! Perhaps it will also be useful as self-reflection as a writer or give my co-writers some ideas on how I like writing Roxas.Headcanons & Stylization Roxas isn't aware that there are more flavors of ice cream outside of Sea Salt. While it's still among his favorites for the nostalgia it brings, he'd find other flavors more enjoyable. The Organization only served bland food at the Castle That Never Was. As most members lacked hearts for the majority of their tenure, they didn't care how the food tasted. My OTP ship for Roxas has always been Xion. I think Roxas and Naminé are cute, but Xion and Roxas formed a long-standing friendship built on trust, comradery, and similar interests over the course of a year while Naminé only had 3 or 4 interactions with Roxas, most of which were vague to keep DiZ's plan on track. All in all, I think that Naminé and Riku make a better pairing than she and Roxas. Hot & Unpopular Takes Roxas respects Sora, but doesn't like him. He respects the sacrifices Sora has willingly made time and time again for the sake of his friends, but also resents him for being free to live however he chooses while Roxas was always manipulated by forces beyond his understanding or control. Writer's Wrought My first Kingdom Hearts game was Roxas' (358/2 Days), and that will always be my favorite rendition of Roxas. I use that as a basis and sprinkle in details from the manga to give Roxas and his relationships with others a bit more flavor.


03/03/2024 08:21 PM 


1. I don't mind random starters, but if your starter is just you appearing in front of Iris... Then that is not really a starter, sorry. I don't accept those. At least build up to the meeting. I don't see why my character has to be there.2. Open within reason.3. There are ways to push Iris to being... Submissive for real. However, that is not by sleeping with her in fact that is a win for her alone. Her horns are her weak points, and there are other ideas to make her weak.4. I'm open to serious, or not serious stories.5. Paragraph up to multi-para. I do novella but I don't really have time for it honestly.6. Do NOT add me and then ask me for ideas, come with something so I have a good impression with you. Unless your here for just a scene setting than plotting - don't use that as an excuse. To be updated.

Sacred Jewel.

03/03/2024 03:49 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

1. Please do not add me if you are under the age of 18 or 21. I am a 34 year old female behind this screen and I don't want any unecessary drama about age restriction. 2. Please do not steal anything from my page. I worked hard on this layout, information, and all over images so refrain from taking them. 3. Please do not rush me about responses. I have a structured, routined, and scheduled lifestyle outside of here so sometimes I will not be able to get online and answer messages. During these times I ask for your patience.4. Don't add me if you're just going to be perverted about it. I'm not here for smut or erotica. I'm here for story driven writing and stories.5. Please do not ask me for personal information, email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses. I have discord, but you may ask for it if you want it.6. Please do not send harassing messages about myself or other people on my list. Anyone caught doing this will automatically be removed and possibly blocked.7. I do prefer messages and random starter and "winging" it so before you ask "care to discuss" or something along those lines, please refrain and message me first. Do NOT send me copy/paste greetings. They will bignored.8. I do not mind getting to know others out of character and making friends with others on here, but if it starts making me uncomfortable; I will cease contact, block messages, and delete accounts, and move accounts to avoid any unnecessary drama.9. No drama. I hope this doesn't happen, we're all adults. If something is bothering you about something I am doing or something I have said or done, talk to me like a normal person and maybe we can move forward and let it go.10. Let's not hold grudges against one another. What's in the past should stay there. I'm not the same person I was 10 years ago and I hope you're not either. I hope you are doing well, and I hope you are successful in whatever you are persuing. 11. No god-moding, meta-gaming, or auto-hitting, when in fights. It is a well known fact that Kagome is a good "archer" and getting good at it too. So if you want an action roleplay with fantasy ties and other elements to make it more fun, let me know and we can totally do that.12. Do not ask how I am doing or anything like that. I'm fine, is always going to be my answer. I'm not into talking about my personal life unless we're talking in discord.13. I caved and got a discord, please ask for it before assuming I'll just give it out for free.14. As far as erotica goes, no weird stuf such as: tentacles, monsters, furries, anthro, etc. I do not mind simple , raw, rough sexual scenes in my roleplays, but they have to have chemistry or they won't work.  

Angel multi rp

03/03/2024 02:09 PM 

Rin ninja

For Naruto rps  She is a ninja of the Sand A very powerful Ambu Black Ops. Top she hardly ever Stays in the village As most of her job is working Undercover work she doesn't talk much Always wears her face mask so no one knows what she really looks like Doesn't really have friends Mostly they see clear of her.Modern day rin Rin Is a clone from a military base. From DNA that was found in Japan and was cloned as an experiment.  She was taken taken from the facility by a female Doctor when she was just a baby, She knows that she's different , but not sure how all she can remember is a past life as she was ninja in the futile era , but She does not understand why she has the memories. As she tries to go through life. As a high school student.


03/02/2024 11:38 PM 

| ๐˜™๐˜ถ๐˜ญ๐˜ฆ๐˜ด |

1. I'm new to the character and new to the verse. I hope to do the character justice by trying to stick with his persona as best as I possibly can. Do go easy on me with my portrayal if you wanna write with me :'3 2. I allow all genres, including smut. This character comes from the Dead Island series, meaning there's a high chance there will be gore involved unless a crossover happens instead. If you're squimish to mentions of blood, death, drugs, and all that kind of stuff, then I'm afraid this charming hustler might not be for you to interact with. For smut to happen, chemistry is a must and you need to be of age; I'm 29 irl and Bruno is 27. I will not smut or write romance with minors!3. I accept and adore OCs and most crossovers c:4. We all have a life outside of roleplay, so know that if I haven't replied to you, I'm not ignoring you. Roleplay is just a hobby, so don't worry about being late. Please, take your time5. I'm always willing to write Bruno outside of a zombie apocalpse scenario. He'll be a numen when it comes to the fantasy aspect, but not around modern like plots where zombies don't exist or other plotlines where they don't exist. During fantasy like roleplays, the abilities he has will be more like a kind of magic than an infection.6. God modding, autoplaying, and all that related to those two words, don’t do it. Also, drama shall never be tolerated UNLESS it’s happening in roleplay.7. No one liners please. My lengths are para to multi para, sometimes short novella. One liners will end up being ignored, unless it's banter in status comments.8. Have fun, friend!


03/02/2024 11:11 PM 

A nights training.

Basking in my unending silent screams The devil speaks with no language So tell me why you're still haunting my dreams Let me be free from this anguish  Every pleasant memory escapes from me Extinguishing any sweet serenity With brevity I drown in my sleep  Vaggie felt the warmth of the beach on her body. A typical place she had gone to with Charlie during the moments they both needed to get away from Pentagram City, the lower circles. A place she had enjoyed, the beaches of Sloth. Feeling the warm rays on her flesh, she stood in the surf, feeling the cool waves rolling over her feet. The surf was coming in, and then suddenly, it rose all at once, her body swallowed by the waves, before being washed away.   She felt the riptide dragging her out, and her body dragged down below, water filling her mouth, her lungs, and her eye wide under the burning salt water, as she was dragged into darkness.  Light broke through the darkness as she woke up. She was tired, she’d barely slept throughout the night. It felt like she’d been battered by a storm. Standing, she’d gotten up, gotten dressed, and dragged herself down the stairwell. Work to do, always work. The hotel was crowded, and she was glad about it. Charlie had stopped her halfway down the stairs, excitement in her voice as she explained another plan, one that sounded. . . she had to admit, maybe a little farfetched. Dream diaries? Maybe, but who would even interpret them? Handed a checklist, Vaggie walked off, nodding agreement. Whatever Charlies next idea was, she’d give it a shot.  Sitting down, she began to work, making plans and setting up how to get the other guests to get involved in the plan, before being interrupted by Alastor and his typical nonsense. "Oh, my dear, whatever could be wrong? You look like you wish to hurt something."   Oh of course he was playing at her, pushing her buttons when she was lacking any patience for it. "Uggh, why are you even here Alastor? You don't do anything but watch everyone else suffering." Harsher than she had to be but necessary if she wanted to make the point come through his thick head. His response, however, was not what she’d expected. "Tell me my dear, have I not been loyal? Am I not a knight, too?" "That's not-" Before she could finish her thought, as she stood up, his tone either implying genuine hurt, or feigned indignation, she was interrupted. "I've been defending this hotel! Just like you!" He was right, she knew, but there was more to it than just defense. As he laughed, and the world around them morphed, her hands taken as she was dragged into yet another dance. "Now, my dear, we can continue this back and forth, but you and I know that's a battle you wouldn't win, ๐ŸŽถ"He was right again, she could not, ever hope to win in the situation she found herself in. Jazz now filling the hall. "Don't tell me you truly believe in the ones who sin, ๐ŸŽถ"Of course she did, it was reality they could do this! "As their doubt is a given, my dear, but I am still here. ๐ŸŽถ" She moved her body, continuing to keep up, wanting to cut him off, to tell him the real issue she took with his attitude, but he’d not give her the chance."I can be your friend, your pal, the man you go to whenever you're in distress, ๐ŸŽถ" Could he? Could she trust him in that way? No, he was manipulating her again. She wanted to believe."And just like you, I am a knight. I am a protector, an armor for the hotel ~ ๐ŸŽถ Have I not been loyal? Am I not a knight, too? I've been defending this hotel, just like you! ๐ŸŽถ"She was spun, and sent away, before feeling the light shine down upon her, and feeling that sudden pressure upon her. "Now please do tell me my dear, how we can fix the tension ๐ŸŽถ? Do I have to have a share in your vision? Or would you rather me be true to my intention? I defend the hotel just like you, my dear, and unfortunately for you, ๐ŸŽถ There is no end for me. ๐ŸŽถ”As the song she’d not seen coming came to an end, and Al's last words echoed in her mind “Don't worry, I am here for you, and the hotel... for as long as I am needed."  The feeling of unease, mixed with the tension of everything else hit her like a freight train.  A knight. A knight, but not in the way of the fairy tales of knights who swept princesses off their feet. No, he did that yes, but he was more like the true knights. A soldier, a noble, a weapon, a blade aimed at the hearts of their enemies ready to be plunged in. He was right, he defended the hotel as she did. Those words burned through her mind as she worked, tirelessly on the new plan Charlie had cooked up, along with the thankless work, checking guests in, luggage getting moved, to rooms, keeping the staff on track to make sure everyone's stay was a pleasant one.  What was her purpose in this grand plan anymore? What use was *she*? A third wheel in the most obvious sense. She could defend, but she was not as violent as Al was, not as dangerous as the radio demon could be. She was even disturbed at times, at how much he seemed to take pleasure in pain. Physical, psychological, emotional.   The problem for her now was, after nearly dying.  What. Was. She worth? She wasn’t armor, she wasn’t even a real knight herself. She was a fallen angel, who barely kept a hotel afloat.  A glorified manager.   As the day breaks, these thoughts flee my head But they always return here  Cut through my mind, I'm paralyzed It's dragging me, it's dragging me back in They terrorize my every night I'll never sleep, I'll never sleep    Awake again, she couldn’t sleep. She’d tried. Hard to do so. But she dragged herself from her bed, she had to fight back the feeling of drowning she’d felt through the night. The feeling like everything was growing so much more. She’d attempted to write but had tossed the journal aside. What words could put that drowning feeling into proper perspective? She instead found herself in the side room she’d asked for. She grasped the haft of her spear. And began swinging and training, her body burning with exhaustion, as she attempted to drive away the doubts, the uncertainty. Every bitter feeling that tore her heart apart. She wanted to prove she was worth something. Worth anything.  Worth rescuing when she had been at her lowest. Worth bringing into Charlies plans, worth her skills as a fighter. As she set up various targets around her, her hand glowing as angelic forms surrounded her in the training room.  “I never knew heavens light would burn me away๐ŸŽถ” soft words came to her lips as she moved through the moving targets, ducking and dodging attacks, but a few landing, her tired form not able to keep up.  “Never knew hells heat would warm my soul, like a summer midday.๐ŸŽถ” her voice carrying through the darkened room, her spear swirling to knock three attacks away, a deep crimson image flickering behind her, shaped like those dearest friends who slept above. The attacks being kept from them.  Vaggies swings were brutal, each one aimed to bring the targets she’d set up down, but also to keep their own spears and slings from touching those nearest to her.  “All I want is to help them shine, help guide their way through the best and worst, protect their light.๐ŸŽถ”  The tall crimson target, that looked like Alastor began to move, shifting to a more animalistic, violent form as it began cleaving through the targets as well.   “How can I be a guide, if I don’t know the way?๐ŸŽถ” she questioned as she saw the faux al cleave through a group of targets as more formed. Catching sight of herself in a wall mirror in the spun to dodge another attack, her wings sending her up before driving herself back down, before seeing one of the faux angels swing, as she was cut off from the central group.  As a spear was driven towards the faux Husk, the Faux Alastor swung an arm down, smashing the being before it could strike him.  “Protect the hotel? I can’t even protect her personnel!๐ŸŽถ” She sang out, frustration painting her voice as she drove her spear through the last target, all of her faux friends vanished, all but Alastor, as she stared up at the flickering red ghost. “You are stronger than I, what could I deny?๐ŸŽถ” She said, the spear dropping as she felt exhaustion fill herself. “I’m not a knight. I just want to do what’s right., but what is right, in a world like yours?๐ŸŽถ” She crashed to her knees, spear clattering as she held herself up, panting, seeing the red shimmer of the Faux Alastor vanish away.

Nightshade Nyx

03/02/2024 04:33 PM 

Gruntilda Info

  Character’s full name: Gruntilda Character’s nickname: Grunty Birth date: unknown Physical appearanceAge:unknown Weight:175lbs Height: 5’10 Body build: slightly muscular  Shape of face: angular  Eye color: green Skin tone: green Distinguishing marks: small tusks protruding from her lower lip Hair color: green Type of hair: short Voice: gruff Favorite outfit: iron armor with gold trim and white ruffles around the hipsPersonalityGood personality traits: strong, blunt, kind, adventurous, brave,  Bad personality traits: doesn’t think before saying or acting, Priorities: protecting people/group,  Character’s soft spot: the group Biggest regret:  Biggest accomplishment: Character’s darkest secret:  Goals: get stronger to become leader of her tribe PastHometown: orc stronghold  First memory: making her first sword Most important childhood memory: brawling with her siblings and winning Childhood hero: orc chief Yahjoc Dream job: the new orc chiefPresent  Occupation: security guardFamilyMother: Margalik Relationship with her: good Father: zubjak(deceased) Siblings: hilgrub(younger brother), Alyna(older sister) Favorites Color: green Least favorite color: pink Music: metal, rock,  Food: meaty food Form of entertainment: brawls, drinking, board games, training, Most prized possession: her first crafted swordHabitsExtremely skilled at: fighting,  Extremely unskilled at: being sympathetic, Traits  Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert Daredevil or cautious? Daredevil Logical or emotional? Emotional Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Messy Prefers working or relaxing? Working Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Confident Animal lover? YesSelf-perception One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: “an orc looking for a good fight and to make money.” Relationships with othersPerson character most hates:  Best friend(s):  Love interest(s): Person character goes to for advice: Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Person character feels shy or awkward around: Person character openly admires: Person character secretly admires: 

Nightshade Nyx

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Dahlia Info

Dahlia   Character’s full name: Dahlia Birth date:10/31/1970   Death date/07/12/1983 Physical appearanceAge: 13 Weight: 76lbs Height: 4’11 Body build: slender Shape of face: heart shape Eye color: red Skin tone: pale Distinguishing marks: vampire bite on her neck Hair color: half black/half red Hairstyle: twin tails with buns Voice: sweet Favorite outfit: a purple dress with a dragon design moving down the side Jewelry or accessories: two butterfly hair pinsPersonalityGood personality traits: sweet, kind, caring, cautious, friendly, Bad personality traits: speaks her mind, forgetful,  Sense of humor: childishPriorities: recruiting, feeding,  Character’s soft spot: Grimm,  Biggest regret:  Biggest accomplishment: was on the newsCharacter’s darkest secret: is a serial killer Goals:  PastHometown: unknown  First memory: her mother being murdered Most important childhood memory: being turned into a vampire Dream job: not surePresent Current location: the sewers Currently living with: nightshade Nyx Pets: Taeko(grimms hellhound), Flambo(Hellfieras fire sprite)Occupation: recruiterFamilyMother: Cecelia(deceased) Father: Fredrick(in prison) Siblings: none Favorites Color: purple Least favorite color: yellow Music: rock, punk Food: blood Form of entertainment: video games, board games, card games, playing with ‘friends’ Habits  Extremely skilled at: manipulation, deception, video games Extremely unskilled at:  Nervous tics: bites her lower lip when anxious causing it to bleed Traits  Introvert or extrovert? Both  Daredevil or cautious? Both Logical or emotional? Both Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Both Prefers working or relaxing? Relaxing Animal lover? YesSelf-perception One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: “a mysterious vampire with a dark past and even darker mind.” Relationships with othersPerson character most hates:  Best friend(s):  Love interest(s): Person character goes to for advice: Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Person character feels shy or awkward around: Person character openly admires: Person character secretly admires: 


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We all hate these.

1. OOC or IC greetings are acceptable, but please don't come in with, 'Hi, wanna roleplay?' That's why I'm here. I know a lot of people aren't here for that, but y'know... -Side note: Just tell me your expectations, if you want to plot, nosedive, or have a prompt you'd like to use, and what length you want.2. OOC v. IC, please know the difference. Our muses might have a romantic connection but us as writers do not. I'm not on here for relationships. I'll take your friendship if you'd like to hand me that opportunity.3. I write my muse typically in a darker path. Which this would include; Drug&Alcohol use, abuse, blood/gore/violence, possible NSFW content(only if the other writer permits this), foul language, etc. If this is something you can't see your muse in, there won't be any hurt feelings here if you remove me. 4. Smut is fine. We all have our desires for one thing or another. But, if I kindly decline this offer, please pick up your things and quietly take the exit. I won't tolerate you abusing me with sour words because I declined. We're adults, act like it.5. Drama. I don't want it. If there's someone on my list that you had issues with in the past, you're more than welcome to remove me; again no hurt feelings over here. 6. No text talk, please. Now, there's an exception to this rule. -She sent a text, 'see u soon' or if you're leaving for a bit and say, 'brb' that's fine. But don't type a whole reply/starter/greeting using all text talk. -This kind of goes with this rule, but make sure you make sense when writing. I understand sometimes we misspell a word, don't punctuate at the end of sentence. Don't do it on purpose.7. I write para to multi; typically around 3-7 paragraphs. Now, I don't expect everyone to have this mindset, but I do appreciate if you try to make it to 3 paragraphs. -Banter is different but I do prefer that in Discord mainly. 8. If there is something you didn't like in my reply. Please tell me straight up. Communication is my favorite kink. I can't fix something if you don't tell me. The same goes for the story, I understand stories can end up in a dead-end. Tell me, we can come up with a different plot or we can go our separate ways.9. Have fun. That's what we're here for, at least most of us are. 10. If I have sent you a greeting of sorts to gesture I'm interested in writing, and I don't see any effort on your side in replying. I have a month limit. Meaning, if you've not responded in a month with something, I will remove you and go on with my journey. I don't exactly enjoy just being a pretty face in someone's list. Same goes for me to you, if I don't respond to whatever your day limit is, you have ever right to remove me. If I so happen to add you again, either you can accept or block me. Entirely up to you!All I ask from you now is to comment that you read and understood the comments. Could be an emoji, a simple 'k', or whatever to ensure you took in the information. Thank you. 

Forgotten Anice

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Lost Virtue Greetings

Hello!  I am Lost Virtue, and I will be RPing as Mash, or an AU as Galahad in the story of Lostbelt 6  While I am not looking to discover new story ideas, but to discover new paths on the ones I have;  I have enough stories already within this branch that I am not planning to get invested outside lostbelt 6 arcs for awhile.  So please don't try to push me to far into strange or unfamiliar stories.While I am fine with customizing the lostbelt due to events in the rp, please keep in mind of the overall plot in the rp for the sake of immersion.  I will happily handle the dming for newcomers to the story, or for people who wish to experience it first hand from a blind rp perspective, so feel free to mess around, but don't be mad if something unexpected happens or events turn drastically sour.With that out of the way, I hope we can all get along and write splendid stories.



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