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Storm Clouds.

03/01/2024 07:39 PM 

[ Rulez. ]
Current mood:  artistic

1. Do not rush me for messages, comments, or status messages. I have a routine, structured, and scheduled life outside of this site. I don't have time to be online sometimes, and I will just have to ask you to be patient during those times. 2. Do not use netspeak when speaking with me. I would prefer complete sentences, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.3. Don't ask me for layouts or my discord. I will give out neither. 4. Do not send hateful or harassment comments/messages as I will delete and block you. 5. You add  , you talk.6. I might take more time to answer longer posts, but please don't rush, I will get to them in the order they were recieved. 7. Do not steal anything on my page. I have made this layout, the images, and the information myself. If I find it has been stolen you will be blocked AND reported.8. Do not ask me for personal emails, messaging, phone numbers or personal house addresses. I will also never meet any of you in real life. If you must know why, watch the tv series; catfish. 9. If you wish to roleplay with me just send me a message and ask to discuss. I prefer discussion over winging roleplays. 10. I have a zero tolerance for romance roleplays. However, I am a firm believer that romance happens in real life, why shouldn't it in roleplay?11. Pure Smut: Do not approach me with a rushed reply with smut as the focus. I will get burned out quickly.12. This will be a single-ship account and monogomus account until I say otherwise.13. Anyone under the ages of 18 or 21 are not permitted to add me until I say otherwise. 14. No drama. Do not start drama on this page.15. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.16. No stalkers. Perverts. Or Creepos. Don't add me. You'll be deleted and blocked. 

Nightshade Nyx

03/01/2024 02:06 PM 

Hiro Info

Character’s full name: Hiro Akiyama Birth date: 11/12/1991 Marital status: single Physical appearanceAge:32 Weight:140lbs Height:6’ Body build: slender with a bit of muscle  Shape of face: angular  Eye color: black Skin tone: peach Hair color: white fading into black Type of hair: short with a peek a boo bang over his left eye Hairstyle: short slight curl Voice: deep Favorite outfit: black button up shirt with sleeves rolled up, white dress pants, black dress shoes. Jewelry or accessories: a green crystal on a necklace.PersonalityGood personality traits: calm, relaxed, hard working,  Bad personality traits: serious, easily stressed,Enraged when: uses his money or steals from him Priorities: money, food and a place to stay Character’s soft spot: Dahlia and other small cute things/people Biggest accomplishment: established connections with powerful peopleCharacter’s darkest secret: ulterior motives for the group Goals: become wealthy and powerful in the trade PastHometown: the capital City  First memory: first opening his eyes, seeing the look of disgust on his mother’s face. Most important childhood memory: watching his father working with money Childhood hero: his father Dream job: master of the tradePresent Current location: the sewers Currently living with: Nightshade Nyx Pets: none, allergicOccupation: banker/traderFamilyMother: Kina Akiyama Relationship with her: rocky Father: Hiro Sr Akiyama   Relationship with him: idolized Siblings: 3 younger siblings, never met them Favorites Color: white Least favorite color: gold Music: classical and Techno Food: anything ramen Form of entertainment: talking with people, concerts, Most prized possession: an old metal box his father gave him.HabitsSpending habits: not much, kinda stingy with money  Extremely skilled at: math, making deals, saving money Extremely unskilled at: making friends, spending money,  Nervous tics: he grinds his teeth when he’s in deep thought Traits  Introvert or extrovert? Introvert Daredevil or cautious? Cautious Logical or emotional? Logical Prefers working or relaxing? Working Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Unsure Animal lover? NoSelf-perception One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: “a hard worker that has trouble relaxing and making friends.” Relationships with othersPerson character most hates:  Best friend(s):  Love interest(s): Person character goes to for advice: Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Person character feels shy or awkward around: Person character openly admires: Person character secretly admires: 

Nightshade Nyx

02/29/2024 07:50 PM 

Grimm Info

Character’s full name: Aiko Endo(human form)/Sabella Grimm(succubus form) Character’s nickname: Grimm Birth date: 7/2/1994 Death Date: 2/14/2013   Marital status: widowed Physical appearanceAge: 29 Weight: 133lbs Height: 5’7 Body build: curvy/slender Shape of face: heart shape Eye color: red iris, black eyeball Skin tone: grayish blue Distinguishing marks: a succubus tattoo below her belly button Hair color: black hair with blue streaks Type of hair: straight with a bit of wave Hairstyle: a low ponytail Voice: smooth Favorite outfit: a white long sleeved button up tucked into black leather shorts, sheer purple pantyhose, black high top boots and a sleeveless vest that goes passed her bottom. Jewelry or accessories: suspenders, leather straps along her thighs, a black choker, a leather garter belt around her right thigh, ruby earrings, and sunglasses sitting upon her head.PersonalityGood personality traits: calm, leadership, intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, independent,  Bad personality traits: morbid, nosy, paranoid, workaholic, worrywort, Sense of humor: darkEnraged when: when someone messes with her family, thinking about her human life, when something goes wrong in a job, Depressed or sad when: when she thinks about her human life Priorities: family, job, freedom, happiness, money, Character’s soft spot: her family and friends Biggest regret: letting the Yakuza use her body. Biggest accomplishment: creating her own mercenary groupCharacter’s darkest secret:  Goals: to make enough money/gold to move her group to a better hideout, strengthen and grow her group,  PastHometown: Osaka, Japan  First memory: playing with other children on the streets as a kid. Most important childhood memory: when her mother used to read her bedtime stories. Childhood hero: a Yakuza member who later became her husband. Dream job: she’s living it Education: graduated from Osaka University, was studying to become a doctor. Present Current location: sewers under the Capital city on the surface world  Currently living with: her family Pets: a hellhound named Taeko meaning BraveOccupation: leader of the Nightshade Nyx mercenary groupFamilyMother: Aimi Endo(deceased) Relationship with her: close Father: never known him Siblings: only child  Spouse: Kenji Mori(deceased) Relationship with him/her: in love Children: wanted some but was to late Favorites Color: blue Least favorite color: yellow Music: mix Food: spicy curry, pasta, salad, souls, Form of entertainment: making money, her job, spending time with family, the occasional trip to the city, reading,  Mode of transportation: a black van/carriage, teleportation magic, horses, Most prized possession: an Uzi her husband gifted her, still being in the Yakuza building where she lived in life.HabitsPlays a musical instrument? Violin Spending habits: loves spending money on sprucing up the sewers.  Drinks: yes, favorite drink is  Extremely skilled at: shooting, violin, leading, planning, Extremely unskilled at: expressing emotions, decorating, lying,  Nervous tics: she taps her fingers when she has to wait for to long, Traits Optimist or pessimist? Optimist Introvert or extrovert? Both Daredevil or cautious? Both Logical or emotional? Logical Disorderly and messy or methodical and neat? Both depending on what she’s doing Prefers working or relaxing? Working Confident or unsure of himself/herself? Confident Animal lover? YesSelf-perception One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: “a cunning and cruel person with a pretty face, has her moments of being kind but only to those she cares for.” Relationships with othersPerson character most hates:  Best friend(s):  Love interest(s): Person character goes to for advice: Person character feels responsible for or takes care of: Person character feels shy or awkward around: Person character openly admires: Person character secretly admires: 

ใ€๏ปฟSerendipitous ฮฉ Encountersใ€‘

02/29/2024 02:25 PM 

Seras - Treasured Oracle

Name: Seras ElysiumNicknames/Titles: The Oracle, Divine One, The Light of the GodsAge: Physically appears 18, is over 500+Race: Half Demi-God | Half AngelGender: Male - Femboy - OmegaHeight: 5'7 Weight: 134 lbs.Eyes: Light blue blended with gold.Hair: Very long, flowing, slightly golden, blond. Voice: Warm, light, friendly. S/O: Gay, submissive. Relationship Status: Single Occupation: Oracle of the Divine Will | Spiritual LeaderScars: None. Piercings: Ears, naval. Tattoos/Birthmarks: Yes, he was born with golden, fire hued birthmarks that span across his body, primarily his leg, waist and chest. The back of his hands bear similarly colored star-like marks.Weapon of Choice: His holy/light magic is his go to, however he is adept with his spear, which doubles as a magic staff to amplify his spells. Outfit/Clothes: See image, dresses in white and gold, usually fairly revealing attire. Figure: Slim, feminine with wide hips. Turn Ons: He absolutely loves when his partner gets rough and manhandles him, grabbing his hair, sitting on his lover’s lap and being presented like some prize, the feel of his lover’s hands on his body.~Likes: Basking out in the sun on his balcony, the scent of rain, light rainfall with a soft mist, exploring old ruins, strawberries and cream are his favorite treats.Dislikes: Greatly dislikes anything bitter, Powers: I won’t list every little thing, there’s far too wide a range of light and holy magic. Besides, it’ll be more interesting to explore what he can do in an rp, no? Personality: Seras is a warm and caring individual, he enjoys helping others and offering them guidance as needed. The natural trusting air that surrounds him and overall friendly demeanor makes it easy for him to get along with others. Or well, perhaps fool, is more accurate. While he genuinely has a good heart, most of the time, he hides a rather devious and depraved side of himself, a cunning mind and lustful heart. He feigns ignorance to his flirtatious habits, playing it off as pure innocence and he plays the part extremely well. In reality, Seras longs to give into sin, to be free to explore his desires, free of his figurative golden shackles. However, he doesn’t want to give in without the proper circumstances, he desires to be corrupted slowly, seductively. He has played this act so well in fact, over the years, this part of him has been buried deep down, waiting to be uncovered. He’s begun to believe his own lies, that he’s just an innocent little Oracle set about the world to help others. Bio: Seras was a very special and treasured being from the moment of his birth, a rare union between a Demi-God and an Archangel, the prophesied being of great power and importance. He was a beautiful, envied creature, the epitome of perfected virtue. He was raised, coddled by his society, the people worshiping him as though he were their very life line. This he grew to rather enjoy, even if it came with its hindrances. The main one being that he must remain pure, untouched, the image of innocence and nothing less. He is not permitted to indulge in sin of any kind, lest he wish to lose his comfortable and luxurious life. Though, that’s what he’s been told, in reality, should one be capable of corrupting him they would gain a powerful weapon at their disposal. Pets: He has a favorite steed, CloudDancer.House/Residence: He lives in a very large and luxurious villa. Theme Songs:[WIP]


02/29/2024 12:24 PM 

๐‚๐Ž๐ƒ๐„ ๐Ž๐… ๐‚๐Ž๐๐ƒ๐”๐‚๐“.

I.} I am selective with who I add. I may not always accept the request of those who add me, nor do I owe any explanation. The same courtesy shall be extended to those who unfriend me as well. No drama, no questions asked. Chances are, if you are under 21, I probably won’t add you.II.} Mun and muse are 21+ in age. Please keep this in mind. Dark themes and mature content are to be expected on this profile. This may include, but not limited to:โ–ช graphic / gory imagery.โ–ช posts involving murder, etc.โ–ช overall unpleasantness.It should also go without saying; mun does NOT equal muse. I am not Kazuya, nor do I condone his actions.III.} I do not engage in callout culture, vague posting, etc.IV.} Combatโ€• I gladly welcome it. Just please do not god-mod/write my character’s actions for me. Similarly, feel free to message me in private if I happen to cross a line while engaging in combat and I shall gladly remedy any errors in my writing.V.} Speaking of writing, I can roleplay in nearly any length. One-liners, paragraph, multi-para, etc. Longer replies tend to take me a bit longer to respond to, however.VI.} If we are friends, you are more than welcome, at any time, to send me random starters, IC banter, message me for plot ideas, etc. Other ways to contact me, such as Discord will not be available upon request though. It’s nothing personal; I just enjoy my privacy.

๐™ฐ๐™ป๐™ป ๐š‚๐™ผ๐™ธ๐™ป๐™ด๐š‚!

02/28/2024 08:32 PM 

แด…แด€ษดแด„แด‡ แด›แด แด›สœแด‡ แด›แดœษดแด‡ แดา“ แด›สœแด‡ ส€แด€แด…ษชแด แด…แด‡แดแดษด

  The power dynamic between the two had a vast and great difference. Vaggie protected the hotel with her heart - intending on others not to intrude when there was danger. Everyone in the hotel were the ones she loved; knowing she wanted to be their 'armor' so to speak.Alastor on the other hand... well, he entered the hotel only wishing for entertainment. He wished to rejoice in sinners failure regarding their attempt at redemption. Oh - he loved the sounds they would make. Still, it helped that he had intentions to get himself out of his deal, but the failure in everyone else certainly helped raise his spirits!His humming could be heard throughout the entirety of the hotel as he walked through it, alongside the music from his radio staff. The hotel was bustling with demons, and Charlie was running around like... she had new plans. Alastor made no comments but regarded her with a raised eyebrow as she gave him an affectionate wave before barreling in the other direction.Husk was manning the bar as usual, Niffty was chasing bugs around, and he noticed Angel Dust was not present. Crimson orbs tried to study the room until they trained on Vaggie who was currently frustrated with... something. While he had no idea what it was, it reminded him of the time she wanted to film that commercial for Charlie, and a sinister grin appeared on his lips."Oh, my dear, whatever could be wrong? You look like you wish to hurt something." He leaned in real close to her face.Vaggie groaned, "Uggh, why are you even here Alastor? You don't do anything but watch everyone else suffering."When she noticed that Alastor looked offended to that, Vaggie straightened herself out. Not that she was afraid or anything, but the man did own her soul. The silence was rather loud as Alastor regarded her with a curious look - clearly thinking. "Tell me my dear, have I not been loyal?" He leaned in and tapped her head with his radio stick. "Am I not a knight, too?"Vaggie stood up, "That's not-""I've been defending this hotel! Just like you!" A deranged laugh escaped through a clenched smile as he snapped his fingers - the entire room shifting and changing colors. Alastor's outfit shifted, as did Vaggie's, the very same that he sang to them in when they first met. Music played from the radio staff that he left unattended, but knew it would remain safe next to the chair as he gently took her hand to pull her to him.His grin deepened, "Now, my dear, we can continue this back and forth, but you and I know that's a battle you wouldn't win,๐ŸŽถ" He twirled her around and made the shadows come through the floor to greet her with jazzy music, "Don't tell me you truly believe in the ones who sin, ๐ŸŽถ" He laughed, "As their doubt is a given, my dear, but I am still here. ๐ŸŽถ""I can be your friend, your pal, the man you go to whenever you're in distress, ๐ŸŽถ" He moved to the beat and tightened his grip on her hand - almost to the point where he was trying to warn her again, "And just like you, I am a knight. I am a protector, an armor for the hotel ~ ๐ŸŽถ" "Have I not been loyal? Am I not a knight, too? I've been defending this hotel, just like you! ๐ŸŽถ" Alastor spun her again, though this time it was out of his arms and a spotlight shined on her as the music shifted. "Now please do tell me my dear, how we can fix the tension ๐ŸŽถ?" Alastor's steps were quiet as he walked towards her - deer antlers growing and radio dials shining in his eyes - "Do I have to have a share in your vision? Or would you rather me be true to my intention? I defend the hotel just like you, my dear, and unfortunately for you, ๐ŸŽถ" He grabbed her hand again and looked closer in her face, "There is no end for me. ๐ŸŽถ"Eventually the music died and the lights returned to normal - as did their clothes. Alastor's radio staff was in his hand again and he grinned at her - almost as if that last minute did not happen. "Don't worry, I am here for you, and the hotel... for as long as I am needed." Alastor laughed and he continued to laugh even as the shadows pulled him away - the echo caressing the lobby walls as he faded.

โฅโ €๐’…๐’†๐’“๐’‚๐’๐’ˆ๐’†๐’… .แŸ

02/28/2024 06:28 PM 

โฅโ €๐’ˆ๐’–๐’Š๐’…๐’†๐’๐’Š๐’๐’†๐’” .แŸ

โ €โŠฑโ €โ €this is a very casual account, so I can't guarantee long, deep stories and a constant flow of activity. I also work full-time and have your typical real life responsibilities. so, having said that, ic banter is highly preferred! you may also see some silly posts or musing on stream; feel free to join in!โ €โŠฑโ €โ €not interested in shipping or erotica. although niffty is technically of age (and a demon), she still looks and behaves like a child, so romantic scenarios — especially in the erotic sense — make me quite uncomfortable. she may comedically obsess over "bad boys", but that's the extent of it! please do not take advantage of this quirk of hers! if you desire a familial bond, however, I am all for it! especially with other residents of the hotel. I don't do "mains", but I would LOVE to have at least one of each connection ‹๐Ÿนโ €โŠฑโ €โ €no drama whatsoever. I fully intend on supporting ALL of my fellow writers, mirrors (of myself and others) included. your personal problems with one person or more are not my own, so I ask that you leave me out of the crossfire and allow me to do what we all joined this site to do: write. if you see me interacting with someone you dislike, ignore it. believe me when I say that I have no reason to plot against people I don't know, with people I also don't know.โ €โŠฑโ €โ €I'm terribly shy and lack confidence in both writing and my portrayal of this muse, so it may take me a little bit to get to some replies. I'm very sorry for that u////u I promise I'm not ignoring anyone! I just have to muster the courage to say words.โ €โŠฑโ €โ €because of niffty's depraved nature, dark themes may apply — such as descriptions of gore, the killing of critters and any other traits you may expect from a psychopath. hazbin hotel has its own trigger warnings anyway, but I just wanted to bring it up myself for good measure! 

๐‘ด๐’”. ๐‘บ๐’•๐’‚๐’Œ๐’†๐’”

02/28/2024 01:20 PM 

The Never Ending Hunt

Trigger Warning: Body Horror, Death, Existentialism, Blood  Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted. and now Nadia was fleeing in the hopes of regrouping and rethinking her plans. The dark woods she was scampering through were stock full of traps pre-laid out for her downfall. The vampire leaped from branch to branch with a strange litheness to her form, she could feel the cold night's air billowing through her black curls, tossing them in front of her face as she took the chance to look back. Were they still chasing her? Were their guns drawn? Were they losing her trail--A grotesque wet slashing noise was heard and her body plummetted to the ground. Kneeling in place as her head slowly rolled right off her shoulders. High above was the thinnest wire, soaked in the black ichor that could only make up as her blood for lack of a better word. She watched momentarily as she rolled away from the rest of her form, seeing how her shoulders slouched before collapsing forward onto the ground--a mess of a body. Nadia watched as her manicured nails twitched, clawing at the old Earth before relaxing and her eyes grew heavy. The darkness was all-encompassing, she felt nothing, but everything all at once. It was like her nerves were set on fire and mercifully burned away, so she could feel nothing as the cold darkness took over her vision. She knew it was coming and there was nothing else to stop Death's cold, chilling gaze back at her.About twenty minutes later, her eyes shot open and she pushed herself up from the pile of leaves she'd faceplanted from. The sun was rising, she could feel it's warmth on her back and she brushed her hand across her neck. Not an incision or mark was left behind. When she looked back, she saw the half-dazed expression on her face in front of her. The light was long gone from her bodyless head, leaves, and forest tangled in the familiar nest of curls.Perhaps one was supposed to feel more devastated or more in panic at seeing their decapitated head. It rolled off Nadia's shoulders, well, like her old head had. Her world had ended plenty of times, countless even, this was no different from what piece she may have left on the other side once she returned. Standing up, flexing her fingers a bit, and kicking--everything seemed to be in working order. Carmine's eyes flashed with mischie, a fanged grin sliding across plush lips.She kneeled grasping the mess of old curls on the head, the jaw going slack as she stood up in her full height. "I'mma beat'em with this..." Grip tightened on the scalp of her old head as she turned on her heel. Fully ready to head back from whence she came--that familiar beat to her cold heart, it was the impossible, it was the challenge, it was the hunt.


02/27/2024 10:11 PM 

Nyeon Bio

Name: NyeonSpecies: NekkosianAppearance:Nyeon is a striking figure with vibrant purple fur, characteristic of her Nekkosian heritage. Her feline features include pointed ears, sharp claws, and piercing yellow eyes that betray both intelligence and a hint of underlying pain. Despite the trauma she has endured, there is a fierce determination reflected in her gaze, a testament to her strength and resilience.Background:Nyeon's past is shrouded in darkness, marked by tragedy and suffering. Once a carefree inhabitant of her homeworld, her life took a devastating turn when her planet was visited by individuals from Arkstead, a distant metropolis steeped in corruption and greed. Captured and trafficked into the sex trade, Nyeon endured years of unspeakable abuse and exploitation at the hands of her captors.Eventually discarded and left to fend for herself on the unforgiving streets, Nyeon found solace in music—a lifeline amidst the chaos and despair that surrounded her. Drawn to the pulsating beats and vibrant energy of the underground rave scene, she sought refuge in the neon-lit clubs and warehouses that dotted the cityscape.It was within the confines of these clandestine gatherings that Nyeon discovered her talent for music, channeling her pain and anguish into electrifying DJ sets that captivated audiences and earned her a devoted following. As her popularity grew, she found herself at the center of Arkstead's thriving nightlife, using her newfound platform not only to entertain but also to seek vengeance against those who had wronged her.Driven by a burning desire for justice, Nyeon embraced her role as a DJ-spy, using her position to gather information and intelligence on the criminal syndicates that had destroyed her life. With each beat and rhythm, she wove a web of intrigue, trading secrets and favors in pursuit of her ultimate goal: to track down and eliminate those responsible for her suffering.Despite the scars that still linger, Nyeon remains a beacon of strength and defiance—a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who refuse to be silenced by the darkness that seeks to consume them. With her music as her weapon and her determination as her guide, she marches forward, one step closer to reclaiming her stolen past and forging a new future on her own terms


02/27/2024 05:17 PM 

Nekkosian Alien Race

Race: Nekkosians Description: Nekkosians are a remarkable race of feline humanoids renowned for their graceful agility, incredible speed, and mystical connection to the concept of having multiple lives. With their cat-like features and unique abilities, they are a captivating and enigmatic addition to the world. Appearance: Nekkosians possess a striking blend of feline and human characteristics, with a distinct elegance and beauty. They typically have humanoid bodies with heightened agility, flexibility, and balance. Their feline traits become apparent in their features, including cat-like eyes that range in color from vibrant greens to captivating golds and blues. They may also have pointed ears, sharp fangs, and a tail that sways with poise. Their fur exhibits a wide range of colors and patterns, mirroring the diversity found in Earth's feline species. From sleek and solid coats to intricate stripes, spots, or even tortoiseshell patterns, Nekkosians' fur is a visual spectacle. Their physical builds vary, with some individuals lean and wiry, while others possess a more muscular physique, each suited to their unique roles within their society. Abilities: The most renowned ability of Nekkosians is their mystical connection to the concept of having multiple lives. This extraordinary trait grants them the ability to survive what would be fatal incidents, effectively possessing nine lives. Each time a Nekkosian falls prey to a dire circumstance, they are granted a new lease on life, fully restored and ready to continue their journey. This unique ability is not without its limits, as Nekkosians must replenish their life force over time. The process occurs naturally through rest, nourishment, and the passage of time. However, the use of multiple lives should not be taken lightly, as it carries a profound toll on their well-being. Consequently, Nekkosians often approach their adventures with calculated precision, strategically conserving their lives while maximizing their impact. Society and Culture: Nekkosian society is built upon principles of agility, adaptability, and the pursuit of personal growth. They embrace their feline instincts, valuing quick thinking, acute senses, and resourcefulness. Nekkosians highly appreciate independence, valuing personal freedom and exploration, while fostering a strong sense of community and loyalty to their kin. Their culture often centers around concepts of reincarnation, embracing the idea of multiple lives as a symbol of resilience and renewal. Ceremonies and rituals mark significant milestones, such as the beginning of each new life or the celebration of pivotal moments in their history. Nekkosians possess a deep appreciation for nature and its cyclical patterns, drawing inspiration from the world around them. Interactions with Other Races: Nekkosians generally maintain peaceful interactions with other races, possessing a curious and amicable nature. They are often regarded as diplomats, mediators, and scholars due to their innate ability to adapt and their deep understanding of the cyclical nature of life. Their exceptional agility and speed make them natural explorers, adept at navigating challenging terrains or swiftly responding to crises. Nekkosians actively seek knowledge and engage in intellectual exchanges, making valuable contributions in various fields such as philosophy, art, and strategic planning. While their remarkable ability to cheat death may initially intrigue other races, it can also instill a sense of caution or skepticism. Some view the Nekkosians' unique gift as a potential imbalance in the natural order, while others see it as an awe-inspiring testament to the mysteries of life and existence. Overall, Nekkosians are a captivating and agile race, imbued with the ability to rise from the ashes and explore the vast complexities of the world. Their nine lives symbolize resilience, renewal, and the eternal pursuit of personal growth. Whether as nimble warriors, wise scholars, or peaceful diplomats, Nekkosians bring a touch of mysticism and fascination to the realms they inhabit.

๐”พ๐• ๐•• ๐•š๐•ค ๐”ป๐•–๐•’๐••

02/27/2024 03:09 PM 

Mirage, The Prettiest Girl In Town

Name: MiragePersonality: Mirage presents herself as confrontational and rude, being aggressive and quick to insult the player. Upon further dialogue her temper recedes, revealing her deeply nihilistic view of the world and herself. She reveals that her ill-mannered behavior is simply the result of her ever present existential dread.Trivia: It has been confirmed by Hakita in a Steam discussion thread that V1 and Mirage are separate beings. Mirage is named so because she is not real.Mirage's design was originally supposed to be her wearing a blue and yellow school dress, but was changed for looking too bland and identical to V1's body.A Mirage body pillow case, which also includes V1 on the reverse side, is available as official ULTRAKILL merchandise on New Blood's merch store.Mirage is one of four characters to say the word "F***", the other three being the Owl, Gabriel, and the author of the terminal entries found in Prime Sanctums.

Ultrakill, Character Information

๐”พ๐• ๐•• ๐•š๐•ค ๐”ป๐•–๐•’๐••

02/27/2024 02:50 PM 

Minos, King of Lust

Name: King MinosTerminal Entry: A prime soul is an incredibly rare occurrence in which a soul amasses so much power that it no longer requires a Husk as a vessel to manifest physically.As manifestations of pure will, prime souls are incredibly powerful, to the point that even the prideful angels see them as a threat and will use any means necessary to stop them from forming.King Minos felt that eternal suffering was an unfair and unreasonable punishment for those whose only sin was loving another. After the Disappearance of God, as angels were lost and Heaven was in chaos, Minos began his efforts to reform the Lust layer.The Lust renaissance was prosperous, as King Minos guided its inhabitants to come together and build a new civilization. The combined efforts of the countless who had been damned to the second layer bore great results as the grand city of Lust grew and grew.However, after the Council took control of Heaven and brought stability to it through their iron fist rule, they saw that Minos had gone against God's will by freeing sinners from the punishment that God had designed for them.Gabriel, the brightest of the angels, was sent to kill Minos. The king, rather than fight back, tried to reason with him, but Gabriel mercilessly struck him down without listening.As Minos' will was strong enough to attempt to stand up to Heaven's rule, the angels chose to imprison his soul in an attempt to stop it from forming into a prime soul and appointed Gabriel as the new Judge of Hell.From the prison inside his own body, Minos helplessly watched as his soulless corpse, now controlled by parasites, tore apart everything he had worked so hard to build, cursing his own weakness for failing to protect his people, vowing to take revenge...Trivia: Minos Prime says "Useless!" after each restart, implying that he knows you have died to him and that any efforts you attempt upon him will be only for naught. The only other characters that imply knowledge of restarts are the Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl) and Minos' ACT II counterpart, Sisyphus Prime.Minos Prime often says "Die!". This is a subtle nod to the fact that he will kill you. This reference is best observed on Violent Difficulty.There is a species of bacteriophage named Minos Phrime, a direct reference to Minos Prime.This bacteriophage is notable for its resistance to high concentrations of alcohol compared to other phages.It is rumored that Gabriel slew Minos due to him spending the entire Lust City budget in bisexual lighting.Minos is allegedly capable of eating a chicken wing whole.Some people call him 'Pinos' for some ungodly reason.Some people even call him 'Pinos Mrime'.Minos is one of the only ULTRAKILL characters to have an official bodypillow, the others being Gabriel, V1, and Mirage. Thy reward is cuddles.Official Merch Image Below:Minos Prime Intro

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Gabriel, The Judge of Hell

Name: GabrielTerminal Entry: One of the most respected and feared archangels, Gabriel earned his reputation through power and efficiency.Regardless of the task given, Gabriel would always perform it quickly and decisively, earning him the title of Judge of Hell after dethroning Minos and ending the Lust renaissance.Despite answering to the Council, he is far more popular and beloved among angels due to his radiant personality and active nature, especially compared to the Council that strictly follows and upholds the dogma of the Faith.Having twice clashed with the machine and lost, Gabriel realized he had been mistaken. The strong fire that burned inside him was not hatred at all, but passion.Gabriel had never before known the joy of a struggle, of coming face-to-face with an opponent of equal or greater measure. Though he had lost twice, each loss only further grew his desire to overcome.Up until now, he had only done what was expected of him, but now for the first time he had found something he himself wanted. Not even the fast encroaching End of Hell mattered to him anymore.Still, having come to realize the horrors he had committed in God's name, he felt a great guilt. Though he could not undo what he had done, Gabriel knew he had to make things right, and headed to Hell for the last time.Trivia: It's possible that Gabriel's weakness to nails is a reference to Christ's death from being nailed to the cross.V1, Mirage, Minos and Gabriel are the only four characters (as of writing) to have body pillows that can be officially bought from New Blood.Gabriel is shown in the corner of the official New Blood Interactive 10th Anniversary art in a white dress on what looks to be a date with V1.Gabriel is one of four characters to say the word "F***", the other three being the Owl, Mirage, and the author of the terminal entries found in Prime Sanctums.Official Artwork Below:Official Merch Image Below:Gabriel Intro

Ultrakill, Character Information

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V2, The Peacekeeper

Name: V2Terminal Entry: V2 was designed to attempt to recuperate the costs of V1's development when the establishment of the New Peace drained all demand for weapons of war. As such, V2 was marketed and designed for peacetime applications such as security, eschewing the V1's blood-absorptive plating for durable standardized plating. However, its complexity and cost made bulk purchases of simpler, specialized machines such as Drones preferable to purchasing a single V2. As a result, the revised model failed to gain traction and only one prototype was produced, being the one we see in game.After humanity's demise, machines ventured into Hell to look for life-giving blood. This was possible due to the mining facility humans established at the gates of hell before their disappearance. Machines started to kill residents of Hell with the intent to harvest blood, which machines use to power themselves. This, in turn, lead to complete depopulation. Among these machines, few reigned supreme. These Supreme Machines were able to destroy entire segments of Hell on their own. This literal blood-lust leading to many eventually fighting each other to reduce competition and gain blood. V2 numbered among these machines.Somewhere around an exit out of the Limbo layer, V2 hoped to ambush V1 and get rid of competition. However, V2 could not keep up with V1, lost the fight and escaped, losing its left arm in the process. Now fueled by disdain, V2 labored to meet with V1 once more, which it planned to be its last encounter with its predecessor. On its way, V2 scavenged parts of other machines and created the mobility tool Whiplash. Whiplash allowed it to catch up to its adversary and eventually meet it in the Greed layer, where the robots fought once more. V2 attempted to escape once more, however V1 gave chase. The two machines fought sliding down the side of the pyramid with V1 emerging victorious. The pool of blood erstwhile known as V2 leaving only the Whiplash for its predecessor.Personality: V2 was machine made for peacekeeping, as such, under normal circumstances it'd be much more friendly and welcoming to humans. Though... Sadly there are no humans anymore.Trivia: The dynamic V1 and V2 share is similar to that of Dante and Vergil from the Devil May Cry series, being rivals with comparable power levels and contrasting color schemes.V2's battle theme is Versus in the first fight and Duel in the second fight. Both of these songs use the same leitmotif.Due to the constant rumors that V2 actually survived the second fight in [ 4-4: CLAIR DE SOLEIL ], Hakita has confirmed that V2 has been destroyed."RECONSTRUCT WHAT!? THERE'S NOTHING LEFT!"Hakita stated once that the only way V2 could come back is if someone were to get a straw, go up to the blood puddle at the end of 4-4, suck all of the blood up then put it in a glass.V2's Fight.

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Largely Irrelevant Character Infoโ„ข๏ธ

Copy + Pasted from my roleplay blog. (And subsequently a bulletin, but those don't last forever, so~)While this profile is primarily for him but several years after trying to kermit sudoku (generally the same time period as his blog), I'm open to playing this ornery bastard from any point in his timeline ๐Ÿ˜ชI'm too lazy to transcribe the chicken scratch I wrote on the images but the additional stuff below mainly covers it anyway. The pun, explained, though it's rather obvious: since he's partly a Ghast on his father's side - yeah I'm not going to bother spelling it out it's just like. Right there. Wights in his world refer to "undead of mixed origin" - his mother's side had enough skeleton for him to look exactly like one until just before the monster equivalent of puberty kicked in. The apothecary he used to study under was a human dude in the little mixed human-monster village he and his family lived in. The guy liked to joke that he was an honorary human because "he has a skeleton inside him, too :)" (Gaster stopped trying to point out that the 'skin' was growing from/into/dissolving/otherwise removing the 'skeletal' part of him after a while; old guy thought it was funny). His parents were in charge of funerary ritual for both monsters and humans until the war and unrest reached their village. It began with a human priest deciding to set up shop and sow suspicion among the people living there. The Royal Archivist was a fluffy old crow, looked kind of like the lovechild of a honchkrow and Pokiehl. They met during some ceremony or another, became good friends, and then had a falling out over something stupid. He ceased incorporating feathers into his wardrobe because it was due to a couple of them getting sucked into an experimental machine that caused it to explode. This explosion had two significant results: 1. he ended up injured to a degree that he could not physically nor metaphysically nor mentally heal from, and 2. a lab tech he had been working with that day died. Until his jump he maintained (even if only to himself) that he should have been the one to die that day, since it had been his fault. That incident led him on a downward spiral which, combined with a few other life events that occurred afterward (like submitting his fallen mother to the DT trials run by Alphys) and some external coaxing by what he assumed at the time to be a hallucinatory influence caused by his own guilt, led him to try killing himself via the CORE. He thought it would be poetic to die via his greatest achievement. Obviously it did not work out.


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